UN Resolution Shows World’s Nations With a Backbone

Not much reported in the MSM was that Bolivia, Belarus, Ecuador, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, the DPRK, and Cuba, joined with Russia and China in voting down on the Saudi penned UN General Assembly resolution. The MSM seems to be attempting at a worldwide brainwashing job into getting everyone into thinking that — only tinfoil hat wearers plus Russia and China would be so foolhardy — as to oppose the GCC, NATO, the Arab League, and the illustrious and all-powerful West, aka the “international community”. And as their typical one-sided reporting effort has, no doubt, cowed many otherwise good, innocent, and well-meaning people into believing.

Russia, of course, has been condemned for its arms selling to Syria, but those like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar — who have been smuggling them in to the opposition — have been left almost entirely out of the analysis/equation. And the opposition has been partaking in suicide bombing, and moreover proffering the unlikely scenario, that it is the Al-Assad regime itself — that has been perpetrating these egregious, wholly condemnable, and exceedingly nefarious activities and actions!

Wouldn’t this fly so well in the Western “mainstream” media, if the situations were the opposite? To suggest that a resistance group in the US or Western Europe, was actually not the party responsible for partaking in terrorism, suicide attacks, and/or other types of inauspicious bombings. It would be Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate, and the denial of the moon landing all over again! And these are the “forces of democracy”, that this “global” hue and cry is ostensibly reaching out for — with great alacrity — and supporting!!?

The US government is now telling us that it is Al-Qaeda in Iraq that is behind these egregious bombings, but this is, of course, the same United States that wove stories of Mansour Arbabsiar, Colonel Muammar Qaddafi — allegedly providing Viagra to his soldiers, to an aid and abet in an ostensible campaign of rape and state terror, and, of course, that triflous and seminal little tale of the murdered Kuwaiti incubator babies. Stratfor — hardly a peacenik or an anti-imperialist site/operation — attributes the Syrian suicide bombing attacks, to the Wahhabi states (Saudi Arabia and Qatar), Turkey, and the West’s fully aided and abundantly supported so-called Free Syrian Army. And additionally, the Arab League has also reported that the Syrian opposition has engaged in the bombing of civilian buses, trains, bridges, pipelines, and even police vehicles.

Some seem to be interpreting the Al-Qaeda in Iraq charge as a strong indictment against the Syrian opposition, but my reading of that situation/claim; however, is that it is just a US government effort to suggest that such attacks are originating from a group outside of Syria — and withal outside of their proxy forces. Whatever one’s take on the situation, I think that it’s clear that the Syrian opposition — are not only far from saints or benevolent and altruistic freedom fighters — but far from those who respect democracy, human rights and human dignity also. And moreover, there are certainly no guarantees with this aggregation, and their morals are, most assuredly, lacking to say the absolute very least about them.

Indeed, many of the non-Sunni Syrian people are, in fact, terrified about the prospect of just the sort of folks (Free Syrian Army) who are resisting Assad — potentially taking over power in their country. And one unavoidably has to ask the question then, I think, of where will all of the Christians who fled Iraq for Syria flee to, if these Western-backed proxy forces — which once again include Al-Qaeda/Islamist elements — “successfully” overthrow the Bashar Al-Assad/Baath Party government? And moreover, Al-Qaeda is no doubt amongst those, who registered a yay vote for the Saudi authored Syrian General Assembly resolution. Machiavellian and wholly unscrupulous geopolitics, of course, are certainly ripe and fertile grounds for the making, and; indeed, machinating of strange, disparate, seemingly unalike, and dissimilar bedfellows.

Those of us who have been assiduous and diligent students of the developments, and the confrontation and contestation in Libya, will, of course, notice similar parallels. The use by opportunistic and myopic imperial powers of Islamists, extremists, and Salafists in taking down a secular, insufficiently neoliberal, and not acceptably pliant and malleable — sovereign Middle Eastern government. Indeed, post-Qaddafi reports currently welling in from Libya have been filled with accounts of an increasingly wild, unstable, and a deeply unsettled (former?) nation-state. With militias and gangs still holding tightly to munitions and power, rather than any sort of centralized authority — and still fervently and resolutely — unwilling to disarm, dissipate, deescalate, or voluntarily disappear into the ether.

Will this be the fate of Syria if the US, and its usual suspect friends and confidants, “have at it” their way again? One can easily see why the armed opponents of the Assad regime, strike fear into the hearts of many of the Syrian people. Indeed, the “expiring” Syrian regime retains, not only a hold on power, but a majority of support from its citizenry. Perhaps because a majority of Syrians are facing this unrest, and remarkably unceremonious attempted destabilization effort, with their eyes, rather uninnocently — fully awake, aware, and even wholly wide open! Conversely, the US, the West, and the Gulf Cooperation Council benighted Sunni kingdoms, seek to pull the wool over the eyes, of any and all; who might be willingly, openly and (at least) ephemerally capable of supporting them.

Sean Fenley is an independent progressive who would like to see the end of the dictatorial duopoly of the so-called two party adversarial system. He would also like to see some sanity brought to the creation and implementation of current and future U.S. military, economic, foreign and domestic policies. Read other articles by Sean.