The Big Distractions

The lesser of two evils is still… evil.

Who decides what the American public focuses its attention upon on a day-to-day basis?

With this nation at war with innumerable countries, with habeas corpus being tossed into the waste bin, with self-confessed torturers having their crimes swept under the carpet, with environmental extremes becoming self-evident; why is anyone in this nation concerned about what moron the Republican Party is dating at the present moment?

When was the last story about the nation’s loss of habeas corpus presented on any of the national media outlets?

Let’s put it into the immediate perspective. Another Republican boob has threatened the choices of women in this country. This happens every time the GOP is allowed the microphone. Suddenly 95% of discussion is taken over by controversy over who pays the premium to a private insurance company. Virtually everyone focuses on this. Thousands of articles are written.

This is a distraction.

It’s the same song played over and over. Screaming about the distribution of pennies while habeas corpus disappears, drones assassinate indiscriminately, torturers conduct coast-to-coast book tours, and more and more this country becomes a 21st Century fascist state.

Barack Obama has shown that the President of the United States can order the torture of defenseless prisoners and never be punished. Democrats have ordered the execution of at least one American citizen with no due process. Drones launched by American forces attack Pakistan citizens on a daily basis.

And yet thousands of articles are written about Rick Santorum? Where the hell are your minds, people?


With an incumbent President who appears to be a pretty good bet of being reelected, why is the focus of the nation on everything except what the President is actually doing? Where are legitimate critics of this administration broadcast in the national media?

What is presented in the media as being legitimate criticism is mostly the babbling of the right wing fringe. Obama’s team inoculates the President by having any and all critics portrayed as nut jobs and/or racists. This is wonderful if all that matters to anyone is having the present Democrat reelected. Habeas corpus can go to hell. Torture can become the rule of the land. American forces can assassinate anyone at will as long as the current President is reelected.


This country has gotten the cart so far in front of the horse it’s ridiculous. Money is a tool. Money is a way to facilitate the transfer of goods. Do any of you seriously believe that if the fools of the Republican or Democratic Parties had all the money in the world that they would actually know what to do about anything?

One of the major failures of the current Democratic Party is their refusal to shape the conversation of America. For the past thirty years Democrats have only responded to Republican attacks. Health care? Let’s use Bob Dole’s plan. War? What does the GOP want to do? Jobs? How can we help Republican donors?

There has been no discussion regarding where this country wants to be two, three, five, ten, one hundred years from now. There has been no discussion on how many drone attacks should there be tomorrow in Pakistan. There has been no discussion on why twenty percent of every dollar spent on health care should go into private pockets which only encourages increasing the price of all medical services.

Is the Democratic Party a strong political voice or does it have the personality of a battered child, only wishing to please its batterer?

Habeas corpus gone. Torture back.

Vote Democratic or Republican?  Only if they start waterboarding voters. Which would probably be O.K. with both parties.