Written For The Human Microphone

The human microphone is a marvelous invention, far more than a clever device to overcome the lack of a PA system.  I am reminded of: the turn of the (previous) century classroom; the power of choral reading; the concentration on and engagement with the speaker; the oneness of becoming part of the speakers words through a community act.

This form needs to be practiced.  Each gathering could, even if they have a PA system, prepare and deliver some of the remarks in this fashion, even in the meeting format.  Imagine the power of a soft-voiced participant presenting a concern to a group, and five or six surrounding people repeating the words as a choral reading for all to hear.

A meeting of 200 and many more people could easily function this way.  Participants would need to frame their ideas as simply and powerfully as possible.  Filibustering would be seriously discouraged.  No electricity would be required, no batteries or ‘technical’ people to set up and maintain equipment.

I have prepared a short address to an Occupy gathering to be delivered in this delightful and deeply human form.  Try to imagine the doubled form of the presentation, the kind of essential cadence of the single voice and the resonating recitation.  Watch for the subtle shift of meaning as the words first go out to the crowd from the presenter and as they are returned and spread far and wide; to wit:

Great to see you here.
[Great to see you here.]

We are here to learn.
[We are here to learn.]

We are here to teach.
[We are here to teach.]

We are here to prove…
[We are here to prove]

to the corporate and political world…
[to the corporate and political world]

that we, the people, matter… and
[that we, the people, matter and]

must have,.. and
[must have, and]

Will have, our natural rights…
[will have, our natural rights]

as human beings.
[as human beings.]

We are not asking for anything;
[We are not asking for anything;]

we are telling
[we are telling]

those in power…
[those in power]

that our many and different needs…
[that our many and different needs]

will be heard… and
[will be heard and]

will be met.
[will be met.]

We are not on bended knee;
[We are not on bended knee;]

we are standing up…
[we are standing up]

for ourselves and our children,…
[for ourselves and our children,]

for the poor…and for the greedy.
[for the poor and for the greedy.]

We are finally standing up for everyone.
[We are finally standing up for everyone.]

We must stand up for everyone.
[We must stand up for everyone.]

We are here to learn…
[We are here to learn]

that real human power is in the people,
[that real human power is in the people,]

not in the greed of a few.
[not in the greed of a few.]

We are here to learn…
[We are here to learn]

that powerless people gathered together
[that powerless people gathered together]

are a powerful force.
[are a powerful force.]

We are here to learn…
[We are here to learn]

that our inalienable rights…
[that our inalienable rights]

to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
[to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness]

are real, tangible…and
[are real, tangible and]

enforceable by our collective action.
[enforceable by our collective action.]

And we are here to teach…
[And we are here to teach]

all that we have learned
[all that we have learned]

to those who believe
[to those who believe]

that they are the power
[that they are the power]

and not us.
[and not us.]

We are what we have been waiting for.
[We are what we have been waiting for.]

Thank you.
[Thank you.]

James Keye is the nom de plume of a biologist and psychologist who after discovering a mismatch between academe and himself went into private business for many years. His whole post-pubescent life has been focused on understanding at both the intellectual and personal levels what it is to be of the human species; he claims some success. Email him at: jkeye1632@gmail.com. Read other articles by James, or visit James's website.