VII Ancient America: The Right vs. Left Finger Puzzle

Right and left are opposing ideologies that have been battling it out eternally. However, there is now a growing understanding and zeitgeist based on the realization that a truly evil force has enveloped our global society. “Right vs. Left” is quickly taking its proper place as an interesting intellectual debate rather than an all-out war. An analogy is of two planets in a perpetual conflict that are all of a sudden threatened by a new extra-solar enemy with vastly greater technology. In a startling a corps perdu imposed agreement, they miraculously find themselves on the same side. Back here on earth, the common man is being faced by a similar force that I affectionately refer to as the Masters of Debt (MOD). This is the centralized banking system coupled with their drooling, doe-eyed lapdog governments around the world.

So far, the enemy has used the right vs. left conflict (RVLC) to its advantage by preying on both sides while inflaming the rhetoric and animosity. The MOD sit and laugh, knowing that both conservative and liberal tactics can be used to loot the real victims — namely, everyone else. It’s almost unanimously believed that democrats and republicans are really just proxy bankers, but it is starting to seep into the collective unconscious that conservatives and liberals also equally make up the evil MOD.

Why is this? If one side were correct, this wouldn’t be the case. The reason is that MOD have no party affiliation and whimsically slither freely between both conservative and liberal ideologies. This is how the dastardly Hank Paulson can condemn socialism with one mouth while espousing TARP with his other. His only concern is his doting master Goldman Sachs. These MOD will shamelessly and seamlessly call for regulation while helping their brethren avoid it. Different factions will claim conservative or liberal affiliation while acting totally against their basic tenets: an obvious point to some.

All of this is becoming clear to the masses. A beautiful moment to behold as confused veterans and soldiers of the RVLC are turning their guns on the real enemy of freedom and liberty. “Occupy Wall Street” is a great example of anarchists and marxists coming together with a common, albeit only semi-corporeal structure of values, aimed squarely between the eyes of the federal reserve, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and their whimpering, slobbering government familiars. Those with their ears to the street are seeing this glorious enlightenment begin to take hold. Wiping the crust from their eyes and rejecting their propaganda injections, the disillusioned and economically viable alike, are setting aside the RVLC, if only for a moment, to join in facilitating the imminent collapse of this toxic economic finger-puzzle that imprisons both conservatives and liberals.

Europe is on the verge of collapse. It will spread globally. This process can last for many months as the monetary system is nothing more than a computer screen made up of data entry points that can be changed and manipulated in any way the global central banks are able to agree. It has no relationship to resources, supply or demand. The deflation we face is all encompassing and reflects not only the mirage that is our currency markets, but also a real scarcity in resources that is exposing the monetary system for the fraud that it is. The result is a new realization that the MOD video game is not efficiently facilitating vital resource transactions. In fact, the two have very little to do with each other and this is at the crux of this realization supernova. MOD feeding troughs and shelter supply warehouses, such as Burger King and Wal-Mart, are beginning to lose their spell-casting abilities as the cheap prices are no longer cheap enough to restrain their zombie minions.

The new story here is that of a tangible union on an ancient battlefield — a positive event in the face of a terrifying collapse. One can definitely begin to feel a sense of calm growing between these former foes as their rage is searching and focusing on an evil so powerful, that defeating it will mean giving up many of the very dreams and comforts that have been the foundations and benchmarks of our lives and society. So, as this collapse begins to take hold and the horrifying deconstruction and deflation becomes undeniable at the cellular level, we should all remember our real enemies and allies.

As awareness grows, so too will anger, and our biggest threat is that of misdirected fury. When the MOD make that big push and the cracks turn into an avalanche, remember: THE MASTERS OF DEBT!!! The central banks, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and their slimy, broken down government mouthpieces. Do not even think for one second about Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Milton Friedman, Hayek, Keynes, Marx, Adam Smith, Capitalism, Socialism, Anarchism, or anything of this sort. They are important to debate. However, to quote a line from “Angels In America,” a brilliant, yet totally politically charged and hopelessly fervent piece of artistic propaganda in the RVLC: “I save my hate for the enemy who counts.” The two characters representing the polar opposites of the RVLC had a moment of reluctant camaraderie regarding the simple truth of that statement.

Josh Hiken, a former stockbroker, is a writer, commentator and musician who lives in Southern California. Read other articles by Josh, or visit Josh's website.