Evil Socialism

The head of the Republican Party in San Francisco, Harmeet Dhillon, just made the following pronouncement: “While birth control, domestic violence counseling, and breastfeeding support are ‘good things,’ the  unfunded mandate  of forcing private employers to pay for these good things is socialism [audible gasp!] – pure and simple.”

By conjuring up Stalinist witch-hunts, and Chinese prison camps, Dhillon openly supports the shameful, abusive distribution of wealth that exists in this country, and upholds the rights of the super rich to hoard their power over the rest of the citizenry. But is there a person alive who feels that the slimy, craven creatures that inhabit the halls of our Congress today are any less despicable than what Dhillon perceives as the bureaucrats who ran the Soviet Union during the 40s and 50s, or China during Mao?

If we’re going to be bullied by corporate oligarchs, Tea Bag idiots, and spineless, opportunistic Democrats, why not say yes to socialism, and enjoy a fairer share of the country’s resources and riches? Look at what capitalism has done to this country: no country in the world imprisons a larger percent of its own population, especially the poor and minorities, for such unconscionable  lengths of time, than the U.S. – not Russia, not China, not any “socialist” country.

Since we are virtually enslaved by the rich, why don’t we opt for a more even distribution of wealth than we currently have? Let’s become a socialist nation, and combat bureaucratic hierarchies, rather than be ruled by sycophant politicians who bow down to the rich, and deprive us of  everything.  Americans have the creative spirit to build a more equitable society and economic system that will meet the needs of our people.  Universal health care, free public education, and a structured, controlled creative economy are certainly preferable to the slavery to which the people of the U.S. are being subjected. If we don’t get a fair shake under vulturistic capitalism, why not accept evil socialism, with its positives, as well as its negatives, as an alternative? Countries that incorporate socialism as part of their agenda provide universal health care to their people, free education to their children and security in old age.

If Dhillon is correct, that providing health care to pregnant women is “socialism – pure and simple,” then let’s take her at her word, and go for it. This nation, as well as the other capitalist nations of Europe, are entering a second decade of economic crisis. It would be preferable to struggle against socialist bureaucrats than against corporate CEOs and their Pentagon  mercenary thugs. The fact that Dhillon equates even the minor regulation of corporate independence with socialism is not surprising given the ignorance  of most Republicans these days.

It should be obvious to Dhillon and her ilk that the majority of the people of the world share our vision over hers. The only question is if the U.S. can build enough drones and prisons to silence the dissenters here and abroad. Across Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia, the U.S. is seen as a unilateral terrorist threat to world peace. Everyone knows that the Oligarchs own the nation outright, and that lapdog politicians, Wall Street and the military/industrial complex control everything from our wealth to our foreign policy.

Dhillon probably has no problem with dictatorships, corporate oligarchies, or apartheid nations, so long as they are anti-socialist and pro-capitalist. She undoubtedly supports the U.S. forcing its definition of capitalistic democracy and nation building upon one country after another. Let the people be damned, she says, kiss up to the rich and get ahead. What a vile value  system she represents!

If socialism is the antidote, the sooner we adopt it, the quicker the cure.

Luke Hiken is an attorney who has engaged in the practice of criminal, immigration, and appellate law. Read other articles by Luke, or visit Luke's website.