Wake Up

The most malicious ideas are borne of fascists
Their leaders are the angriest and the rashest
The Klan, the Panthers, especially the Nazis
They’d succeed if they controlled the paparazzi

They exploit feigned loyalty to recruit supporters
Spreading their poison through corrupt reporters
They excuse hatred as defense for survival
Then brutalize the innocent who may rival

Their basis is an evil which lusts for power
Men’s rights and possessions it must devour
It evolves into forces which imitate good
While fooling the masses, just like Hollywood

Often historically, it’s been exposed and defeated
But, alas! Its villainy is oft repeated
It resurfaces with diverse profile and prism
It now creeps back in the form of Zionism

Zionism – pilfered holy name of the Bible
Founded by those claiming Semitic tribal
Their ethnicity is really Aryan race
They’ve duped true Hebrews into shameful disgrace

Zionism – equipped with agenda and charter
Sustain the false prophet, slay the sainted martyr
Manipulate the infrastructure discreetly
Banks and Law, Schools and Media completely

Zionism – calculating and resolute
Breeding destruction, merciless and absolute
Execute the children along with their mother
Perpetrate the crime and accuse another

Zionism – insane, vain, and sinister
Sly enough to engage the Christian minister
Redefining God’s Word to champion its lies
Wake up, people! Open your hearts and your eyes!

Raji (Roger) Abuzalaf is a Christian Palestinian (Haifa) refugee raised in Houston, now a long-term Honolulu resident and a U.S. citizen. He is a guitarist, singer, composer, and poet. Raji participates in local progressive/activist causes, at present co-producing pro-Palestine filmfare for Oahu’s main cable provider’s public-access TV network. Read other articles by Raji.