France: Racist Butcher of Haiti, Vietnam, Syria, Algeria, First to Bomb Libya.

As French high-tech weapons of destruction take the lives of Libyans in 2011 in selfless inhumanitarianism, we remember the French massacres from 1954 through 1960 in Algeria, just a few kilometers away from where the French have been killing since Saturday.

As the beautiful sleek looking but deadly French Mirage fighter bombers fire missiles to impose an innocuous sounding “No-fly zone” Arabs remember the French use of murderous aircraft against the civilian population of French ‘Protectorate’ of Arab Syria,

As the French proudly bombard ‘protectively’ in a North Africa it once owned and exploited, we remember the triple genocide in French Indochina. First, during the brutal racist occupation of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia; second, as the Vichy French Colonial Army running its colonies for the Japanese Imperial Army aided the confiscation of rice for export to Japan while a million Vietnamese starved to death; third, as fresh French troops, brought back into Vietnam in U.S. ships, murdered Vietnamese for eight years, beginning almost immediately after the joyous street celebrations in Paris as it was liberated from Nazi occupation.

We can also appreciate the past inhumanity of France thinking of the sad history of French genocide in Haiti five times over. Firstly, by the enslavement of Africans; secondly, by working them to death in Haiti to make France rich; thirdly, for the genocidal punishment of the Haitian slave revolution; fourthly, for the cruel life-costing reparations forced on Haiti; lastly, for French refusal to return that huge sum of extorted money even now as Haitians suffer earthquake devastation, poverty, U.S. exploitation and foreign occupation

Opportunist France, CNN and CIA have encouraged and aided rebellion in  eastern Libya, which, until 1951, had a separate history as Cyrenaica*, France has led other paragons of virtuous political hegemony in hailing democracy as the right of those  rebelling in Libya.

But democracy and even more important, freedom, was for centuries denied the non-white population of the world.

The once colonially occupied and still neo-colonially exploited billions of non-white human beings remember that while French and English people proudly practiced parliamentary democracy they denied freedom and democracy to all their millions of colonial subjects at gun point.

It is obvious to just about everyone that It is the petroleum deposits in Libya which are crying for freedom from African control. To free Africa of its wealth has always brought military intervention from  industrialized and dehumanized nations.

Having control of their own oil wealth has enabled Libyans, along with neighboring Algerians, to enjoy the highest standard of living in Africa (South Africa has a wealthier but unevenly available standard),

Few are fooled by the French or any other of today’s now neocolonialist powers (which just happen to be basically white).

It is the oil in Libya which must be free — free from African control. Ergo the pretext of humanitarian goals.

*  In 1934, Italy adopted the name “Libya” (used by the ancient Greeks for all of North Africa, except Egypt) for its colonies of Italian Cyrenaica and Italian Tripolitania, both having been run separately by Italian governors. Italy had conquered both from the Ottoman Turks in 1911. From 1943 to 1951, Tripolitania and Cyrenaica were under British administration, while the French controlled Fezzan and the United States maintained the large Wheelus Air Base.

Jay Janson, spent eight years as Assistant Conductor of the Vietnam Symphony Orchestra in Hanoi and also toured, including with Dan Tai-son, who practiced in a Hanoi bomb shelter. The orchestra was founded by Ho Chi Minh,and it plays most of its concerts in the Opera House, a diminutive copy of the Paris Opera. In 1945, our ally Ho, from a balcony overlooking the large square and flanked by an American Major and a British Colonel, declared Vietnam independent. Everyone in the orchestra lost family, "killed by the Americans" they would mention simply, with Buddhist un-accusing acceptance. Jay can be reached at: Read other articles by Jay.

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  1. MichaelKenny said on March 24th, 2011 at 9:13am #

    This article reflects an absurd form of thinking that is peculiar to Americans and which might be called “eternalism”, that is to say, the world is eternally the same and events just move in a circle, with the same events repeating themselves at regular intervals. The author goes right back to the time before the French Revolution (France ruled Haiti from 1697!), which means that he considers that nothing that has happened in France since that date, at the latest, has made the slightest change in French society. If that were true, it would totally discredit Karl Marx (to name but one!), since he was inspired by the French Revolution! That’s how absurd “eternalism” is!

  2. Jay Janson said on March 24th, 2011 at 12:38pm #

    Michael, murdering people overseas under good guy helping out pretense is only one of many things more absurd than knowing your history. Yes, to dramatize the little difference since the time of slavery, I cited French crimes against humanity in Haiti in stages right up to now.
    Haiti experienced three centuries of French slavery. In the history of the Atlantic slave trade, the French turned four times as many Africans into slaves as the Americans did, they used them far more brutally. Slaver voyages: France, 4,200; British North America/United States, 1,500. Slaves delivered to: French West Indies: 1,600,000, British North America/United States, 500,000.*
    Hugh Thomas, The Slave Trade, Simon & Schuster, 1997.
    Haiti experienced three centuries of slavery. In the history of the Atlantic slave trade, the French turned four times as many Africans into slaves as the Americans did, they used them far more brutally. Slaver voyages: France, 4,200; British North America/United States, 1,500. Slaves delivered to: French West Indies: 1,600,000, British North America/United States, 500,000.*
    Hugh Thomas, The Slave Trade, Simon & Schuster, 1997
    The French colonial slave system was particularly brutal, worse that virtually any other place in the Western world. Slaves were routinely treated with great brutality and inhumanity. Short and Oversimplified History of Haiti by Bob Corbett
    For decades the general policy for plantation owners was to work their slaves to exhaustion, illness and death, for replacements were so cheaply available. Armed guards would abuse and torture for pleasure and to instill fear – bayonets jabbed at the bellies until blood spurted, whereupon the dogs leaped at the men, tore them apart, and devoured them. audience applauded.” Caribbean by James Mitchner
    So great was the wealth produced by slave labor, with losing Haiti, France lost 2/3rds of its world trade income.

    150 thousand out of a population of 465 black slaves died fighting the French for their liberty. 150 thousand out of a population of 465 black slaves died fighting the French for their liberty. (long after the French Revolution). Many gassed with sulphur dioxiede before Napoleon’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Toussaint’s and Dessalines’s armies. Captured, Toussaint L’ouverture captured in a raid was imprisoned in the high Jura mountains, left to freeze to death without blankets.
    An Unbroken Agony by Randall Robinson
    Today, the people of Haiti have joined with their democratically elected government to demand that France restitute to the Haitian people this for the Ransom Paid for its Independence – 21.7 billion dollars in today’s currency. On behalf of the people of Haiti, President Jean Bertrand Artistide has made an official request to France, which has formally recognized slavery to be a crime against humanity; French legislators have verbally recognized the legitimacy Haiti’s request for restitution. Unfortunately, in an echo of the ugly “1825” past, the French government has reacted to this just request by placing Haiti on a list of “undesirable” countries not to be visited; this vindictive and unjustifiable response is being protested by people of conscience, particularly in France and Haiti. Restitution by France to Haiti, Haiti Action
    By 1956 France had committed more than 400,000 troops to Algeria. Foreign Legion bore the brunt of offensive counterinsurgency combat operations, France also sent air force and naval units to the Algerian theater, French forces utilized the helicopter for the first time in a ground attack role in order to pursue and destroy fleeing FLN guerrilla units. The American military would later use the same helicopter combat methods in Vietnam. The French also used napalm,
    Benjamin Stora, “Avoir 20 ans en Kabylie”, in L’Histoire n°324, October 2007, pp.28–29 L’Histoire is a monthly mainstream French magazine dedicated to historical studies, recognized by peers as the most important historical popular magazine (as opposed to specific university journals or less scientific popular historical magazines).
    Druze Revolt of 1925 – 27 and French Air Power
    When the French occupied their Mideast colonies of Lebanon and Syria in 1919, they faced the same sort of nationalist unrest that the British faced in Iraq. Initially, the French sent a larger air contingent to garrison Syria than the British sent to Iraq and by the end of 1919 had built up a force of four squadrons in Syria. French Breguet 14 light bombers, sturdy aircraft from the Great War, played the same role that the RAF’s DH-9s played in British colonial operations. Gen Maxime Weygand, commander of the garrison in Syria, argued that airpower was “indispensable” and requested more air squadrons so that he could withdraw ground troops. In 1924 Weygand issued directives to his air units that closely resembled British air-control doctrine. He intended to use aircraft to bomb tribal groups when incidents occurred as a means of intimidating them into complying with the French regime. The French increased their air presence in Syria and by the end of 1923 had several squadrons organized into the 39th Air Regiment. 39ème RAO.
    Posting on War and Game a huge array of military resource Internet sites assembling factual investigation of details of war from ancient times onward by Mitch Williamson, a technical writer with an interest in military and naval affairs. He has published articles in Cross & Cockade International and Wartime magazines.
    In September 1930, French had realized the seriousness of rural uprising and brought in Foreign Legion troops to suppress the rebellion. On September 9, French planes bombed a column of thousands of peasants headed toward the Nghe An provincial capital. Security forces rounded up all those suspected of being communists or of being involved in the rebellion, staged executions, and conducted punitive raids on rebellious villages. By 1931, the uprisings that had begun with the Yen Bai mutiny had been quelled. On its face, the war had been grotesquely one-sided: 1,000 killed and 50,000 captured (of whom 10,000 subsequently died) at the cost to French forces of a single soldier. History, & pagerankstudioinfo

    Millions starved in a famine that occurred in northern Vietnam from October 1944 to May 1945. the mismanagement of the French administration in Vietnam played a role. The French reformed the economy in order to serve the administration and to meet the needs of war. The Vietnamese Starvation of 1944-45, Bui Minh Dung, U. of Cambridge, U. of Tokyo.

    The 1946 -1954 French Indochina War, (also known as the Dirty War in France) and in contemporary Vietnam, as the French War) was fought between the French Union’s French Far East Expeditionary Corps (brought into Vietnam on U.S. ships) against the Viet Minh led Vo Nguyen Giap. Ho Chi Minh saw the war as an independence struggle against colonialism, and expected the free world to support him. in 1949, the conflict became a conventional war between two armies equipped with modern weapons supplied by the two superpowers.
    French Union forces included colonial troops from the whole former empire (Moroccan, Algerian, Tunisian, African, Laotian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Vietnamese ethnic minorities) and professional troops (European of the French Foreign Legion). The use of metropolitan recruits was forbidden by the governments to prevent the war from becoming even more unpopular at home. It was called the “dirty war” (la sale guerre) by Jean Paul Sartre) during the Henri Martin affair in 1950 because it aimed to perpetuate French imperialism.
    In testimony at Military Tribunal 1953, Martin, a navy mechanic, deplored the atrocities committed by the Foreign Legionnaires who burn and plunder villages. “Why do our planes machine-gun every day defenceless fishermen? Why do our soldiers loot, burn and kill?”
    2003-08-02). “Guerre d’Indochine: Libérez Henri Martin,” l’Humanité.
    By 1954, the United States had supplied 300,000 small arms and spent US$1 billion in support of the French military effort and was shouldering 80 percent of the cost of the war.Vietnam. There were talks between the French and Americans in which the possible use of three tactical nuclear weapons was considered. The Ten Thousand Day War, Thames 1981, Michael Maclear, p. 57

    One version of plan for the proposed Operation Vulture envisioned sending 60 B-29s from U.S. bases in the region, supported by as many as 150 fighters launched from U.S. Seventh Fleet carriers, to bomb Viet Minh commander Vo Nguyen Giap’s positions. The plan included an option to use up to three atomic weapons on the Viet Minh positions. Admiral Arthur W. Radford, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, gave this nuclear option his backing. U.S. B-29s, B-36s, and B-47s could have executed a nuclear strike, as could carrier aircraft from the Seventh Fleet.[Dien Bien Phu, Air Force Magazine 87:8, August 2004.
    U.S. carriers sailed to the Gulf of Tonkin, and reconnaissance flights over Dien Bien Phu were conducted during the negotiations. According to Richard Nixon the plan involved the Joint Chiefs of Staff drawing up plans to use 3 small tactical nuclear weapons in support of the French.
    At the Geneva Conference the French negotiated a ceasefire agreement with the Viet Minh. Independence was granted to Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. The U.S. Navy: a history, Naval Institute Press, 1997, Nathan Mille

  3. 3bancan said on March 24th, 2011 at 1:51pm #

    Thanks for this fine short history of one European “successful ( in jaynot’s sense) culture”. Only the history of the Anglo-Saxon “successful culture” is more barbaric.
    Of all the past European empires there are only the UK and France which have never given up their imperialist appetites…

  4. Keith said on March 24th, 2011 at 3:11pm #

    MichaelKenny said on March 24th, 2011 at 9:13am #

    “That’s how absurd “eternalism” is!”

    Apparently, the longer the history of consistent murderous exploitation, the less valid it is in your eyes.

  5. Virtualburn said on March 25th, 2011 at 6:21am #

    I have to say that I agree with Michael on most counts. I have always considered myself a staunch supporter of Freedom and Expression, True Democracy (if we get there) and progression of our Race to ultimately live with mutual understanding, compassion and the altruistic desire to help our fellow inhabitants of this planet.

    So while I have been struggling to understand the opposing forces of Liberal and Democratic debate against the action being taken in Lybia, nobody has offered an alternative to the action that has so far been taken to immobilise the Military of Qadhafi to prevent him from killing disidents in his own country, or condemn him for the weak propoganda he is blatantly using against his own people.

    In all these online reports and personal blogs it’s History rearing it’s head again, digging up the past about colonisation and imperialism. Most [western] countries as far as I am aware have slowly given what were once colonies their independance and of theones that have stable, progressive Governemnts there have never been any issues.

    I’m not saying the western powers have nothing to gain from this, I think it’s what they would lose if Qadhafi became a loose cannon in Northern Africa, you cannot deny the man is a lunatic.

    So please, we’ve stopped blaming the innocent generations of Germans for the Horrors of the 2nd world war [ for which the guilt is still present for most that weren’t even born ] let’s move on and base our assumptions on previous actions but not paint all actions with the same brush.

    I’ve been very concerned from the beginning about the lives at risk from our forces making more attempts at forced Democracy, but I’ve heard no reports of civilans being klilled in their masses, only by Lybians recounting the actions of the Lybian Military.

    So what was the alternative? Leave the ‘Rebels’ [ who are Lybians lets not forget ] to be slaughtered and say “..well if we’d stepped in it would have looked like we were doing it for the wrong reaosns..sorry..”

    This is why we have had all this crap with the US not wanting responsibilty, everybody apart from France wanting to dump it in the lap of NATO so it will reduce the effects of imnperialistic influence. Maybe france was trying to protect what was once a colony they were responsible for.

    I’ve always tried to be opened minded and always found myslef on the left and critising the government when ever I see it fail, but now I find my views in the current situation being challenge by what I am reading daily in reports and by journalists I respect. I think we need to step back and take a clear look as it seems that Governemnt bashing has gone from constructive debate to the latest online trend.

  6. Virtualburn said on March 25th, 2011 at 8:20am #

    3bancan : So instead of answering my questions or trying to chnage my point of view on the current situation you revert to slanderous name calling. How very intelectual of you.

    It’s not easy to be objective with the limited news you do get that relates to the current situation and you for one I’m sure are pretty biased in your reading judging by your response.

    I know there’s a lot of things I don’t know about the realites of the situation in Lybia or it’s neighbouring countries, and unless you have access to local news and/or reports I doubt you do either. You are influenced by as much as you read or hear in the mainstream as the man on the ground.

    Over the years I’ve become more cynical about these affairs until more facts come to light, unfortunately after the fact. You as much as others seem to jump on the same bandwagon, I’m sure you love your conspiracy theories too.

  7. Jay Janson said on March 26th, 2011 at 9:02am #

    comment discussion should lead to awareness, however anyone claiming an open mind who accepts the editorializing of anchor who have a job to promote and justify war though managing, selecting, slanting, and making claims of facts that have are not proven with corroborating photos or videos when corporate networks have lied since Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Dominican Republic, are dangerously naive unto themselves. Have to realize what a manipulator into war the TV and corporate owned newspaper conglomerates are.

    2. Having control of their own oil wealth has enabled Libyans, along with neighboring Algerians, to enjoy the highest income standard in Africa (South Africa’s has a wealthier but unevenly available standard). The United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Report 2010 ranks Libya the highest ranking of all African nations. #1 (Only three countries were ranked in the “Highest Human Development” category. Libya, Mauritius and Tunisia.)

    3. The worst part of Gadhafi for the finance capital dictatorship of the world, apart from Libya having control over its own oil, is Gadhafi having taken up the leadership for a United Africa from another ‘dictator’ of a at the time prospering African nation, Nkruma of Ghana. Also menacing was Gadhafi previous quasi successful uniting of Arabs. But the worst was Gadhafi;s blistering speech In his first U.N. appearance, when he issued a slashing attack on the Security Council and chastised the world body on Wednesday for failing to intervene or prevent some 65 wars since the U.N. was founded in 1945.
    Gadhafi called for reform of the council — abolishing the veto power of the five permanent members — or expanding the body with additional member states to make it more representative.
    “It should not be called the Security Council, it should be called the ‘terror council,'” he said.
    The veto-wielding Security Council powers — the United States, Britain, China, France and Russia — treat smaller countries as “second class, despised” nations, Gadhafi said.
    “Now, brothers, there is no respect for the United Nations, no regard for the General Assembly,”

    Even more disturbing (Gadhafi address easy for Big Brother media to ridicule, black out what he said), last year
    Libya’s Secretary for African Unity, Ali Treki, was elected President of the 64th UN General Assembly unanimously (replacing Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann of Nicaragua who had also denounced the UN Secretariat dictatorship by U.S.)

    4. Ever since young handsome lowest rank officer Gadhafi overthrew the Western installed King Idris and had Libya nationalize the “Free World’s” oil there, M16, CIA, and French secret service have had an easy time hatching plots for assassination of Gadhafi in the contentious tribal society of this half Berber nation. (Ergo the counter assassinations of agents and media blaming Gadhafi.) Culminating, after decades with the U.S. bombing attempt of assassinate with missiles fired on his compound from planes off an aircraft carrier that killed a hundred Libyans, Gadhafi’s daughter among them, which of course the community of nations had no problem. Conglomerate media went on blaming Gadhafi. Then came a bizarre arrangement of Libya paying a indemnity to families of PamAm flight over Scotland, strangely after a trial which United Nations Special Rapporteur Michael Nowak in attendance was said to have called something like an abomination and miscarriage of justice. All we do know is there was no hard evidence for the conviction. After years of embargo Libya was admitted to the community of nations. One convicted was recently released for being terminally ill and was welcomed home as a hero. All very confusing, except to know that somehow Libya’a oil was somehow playing a part from the time Gadhafi had Libya nationalize it. Early in this month we have:
    Libya: WikiLeaks Cables Warn of Extremist Beliefs By Heidi Blake

    Leaked diplomatic cables obtained by the WikiLeaks disclose fears that eastern Libya is being overrun by extremists intent on overthrowing Colonel Gaddafi’s regime. (For Behgazi being the closes African port to Italy, it has apparently become a crime center for the lucrative human traffic trade with a lot of tough hombres in town.)

    5. With the entire world constantly within the reach of CIA stations and their mega enormous funds, organizations, media and banks, and the Arab revolutions against the many U.S. sponsored dictators, maybe no way Gadhafi prevented this opportunity for successful attack on Libya’s Arab socialist government. The media was ready and more than willing to paint the right picture.
    Easy for provocateur arrangements. CNN and Human Rights Watch of Fifth Ave. immediately reporting a massacre, thousands of dead, air planes bombing cities, mercenaries (Libya’s pan-Africanism has brought non-Libyan born serving) being used. No need to have photo or video of planes bombing civilians, or police firing as in Egypt. Just show videos of people running and the sound of gunfire. For days the same photo of a bomb crater in an area far town. Show the bodies in the hospitals, not necessary to know if any were slain by rebels. (A stray Reuters report weeks later cites many Gadhafi forces killed and 50 African soldiers executed.) Ah, but how quickly everyone demonstrating were armed with heavy weapons.

    6. As the days go by those wild faces against Gadhafi are strikingly dissimilar to the beautiful, noble, charming simpatico look of the faces of Arabs in the streets of Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain demanding better living conditions, jobs, decent wages, schools and health facilities. Libya has the highest life expectancy rate on the continent. Education and health receive special state attention. The cultural level of the population is without a doubt higher. Its problems are of another nature. The population is not in need of food or basic social services. The country requires many foreign workers to implement its ambitious production and social development plans. Therefore it offers employment to hundreds of thousands of workers from Egypt, Tunisia, China and other nations, especially African nations.

    7.American led Finance Capital’s top cabal, controlling all commercial media since end of WW II created civil war in Korea, Greece, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, and tried and failed in Cuba and Iran. Libya was especially easy.

    Cerenaica (Benghazi) and Tripoli had been separate entities until 1934 when Mussolini invented Libya (ancient Greek name for all N. Africa). From 1911 the Italians had governed them separately, as had the Turks, Arab Caliphates, Byzantine and Romans. In the 7th century BC Phoenicians founded what would be Tripoli and the Greeks Cerenaica to its East.

    Apparently the decentralized Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya underwrote this cultural ethnicity, and perhaps fertile ground for what has been arranged since February 19, 2011. ) King Idris I of Libya, put in by the withdrawing British in 1951 was from Cerenaica.)

    Also helpful for any purposefully planned civil war is the fact that recently loosened its strict control over foreign media. CNN has been able to imbed itself and cheerleading the armed rebellion against the long established in media monster of monsters Gadhafi. Quite quickly, if seems defecting politician and army officers in Benghazi form a government recognized first by CNN and then by French President Sarkozy. (After WW II, France had wanted to keep Fezzan, or S. Libya)

    With all of the preposterously slanted in ‘reporting’ from the Networks and NY Times etc., my favorite now is (and just heard from Amy Goodman who must feel obliged to be on the condemn and conflict Gadhafi without evidence bandwagon), “The LIbyan government (It’s usually always ‘The Gadhafi Regime) is CLAIMING that people have been killed by attacking U.S. planes.” Meaning perhaps no one killed, or if people were killed not so many as to make America look bad. Something to see these CNN truthful reporters beside cars full of armed rebels who if we didn’t know better, would look more like thugs than freedom fighters. Of course on the Internet one picks up that Gadhafi has been from the beginning asking for meeting between the sides, asking for the UN to send investigators into the conflict and what has been taking place everywhere, on and on, the last request for meeting with UN officials not even answered apparently.

    8. As to some democracy coming to Libya by kind intervention of Africa’s previous occupiers? We know how good Western capitalist style parliamentary democracy is from the brutal murderous behavior of the imperial armies of the Western democracies over a few centuries. The grandfather of my Kosovo friend told him, Everywhere America comes, corruption and decline follows.”

    9. This spraying of the tenth Muslim nation with American radioactive depleted uranium had been prepared during weeks of media coverage of its pros and cons and only awaited an okay from the Chinese and Russians who had UN Security Council veto power.

    We all watched with bated breath the TV coverage of the long awaited vote on the no fly zone plus all military means to protect Libyan civilians from attack from their government.

    The Chinese delegate, lowered his hand that had been holding the latch closed and the missiles and bombs were release on the Libyans right in front of our eyes.

    Afterward Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations, who was the chair as well explained China’s vote. He spoke of protecting civilians as if what media had be disseminating was factual. Namely, a very clever revolutionary head of the nation with the most advance and democratic social services of any African nation, leader for African and Arab Unity, critic of U.S. imperialism using the UN for its violence, was so impossibly stupid as to provoke all the know world and his own peoples rage and bring down upon him the weapons of destruction of the greatest military the planet has ever seen, by ‘killing his own people.’

    Was the Chinese leadership thinking to again go along with the U.S. war on terror for to gain time to prepare for an eventual attack on China? When according to U.S. Ambassador to Moscow, Davies, the U.S., England and France refuse the united front the Russians were desperately asking for, Stalin signed the
    Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact with Hitler and it gave him the time to build in Eastern Russia the tanks that would defeat the Nazis in the great war which the world financial community led by Rockefeller, Du pont and Ford had prepared by massive investment in cheap labor Nazi Germany and in what would become the #1 military force in the world.?
    If so, bravo China, but too bad for Libya and the rest of us. Curiously, apropos to playing along with imperialism’s game, Gadhafi, once a regional died in the wool revolutionary, gave up his work on an atom bomb (as N. Korea today pointed out), reduced his defenses, recognized the ‘War on Terror’ (read Muslim Terror), and after the demonstrations began in Tunisia and Egypt even is reported to have expressed some backhanded support for the dictators of those two countries, perhaps to please their sponsors in Washington.

    10. jay janson doesn’t pretend to know anything about what occurred in Benghazi if and when entirely peaceful demonstrations broke out against the Libyan government with cry of ‘down with Gadhafi!’ But as an archival research people historian who studied the Green color Revolution for reform that began with post presidential demonstrations in 2009, led by a candidate expected to lose badly even by U.S. media and projected to lose abysmally 2 to 1, even by the Rockefeller Bros. funded polling organization, begun even before the voting results were announced, led by Mousavi a former eight year Prime Minister who had overseen the execution of socialists and union leaders and seen to persecution of Azeri separatists, Mousavi’s cry of having won receiving the backing of two former presidents of Iran, one of which, Mulla Rasfanjani, a Forbes Mag. designated ‘one of the richest men in the world,’ – that this ‘spontaneous’ public disturbance could come to achieve the amazing result of perhaps a million city dwellers in the streets and the President of the U.S. along with other NATO country leaders calling President Ahmadinejad’s reelection fraudulent, even though the near 11 million vote winning margin was the same as when Ahmadinejad was first elected president, and no one complained, ….. then what has happened in Libya could certainly have been much much easier to arrange.

    And if so many people are dying because these ‘compassionate’ CNN anchors convincing millions of viewers of something less than true, they hopefully will someday be tried as the Third Reich’s three media defendants were tried under the first count in Nuremberg, Crimes Against Peace.

    Otherwise, on with the show, by the planes and guns of the selfless humanitarian governments of that imperial trio that once held nearly all of non-white race mankind at gunpoint.

    11. Suggested reading:

    Mar 22, 2011 … Lies, Damn Lies, and Humanitarian Intervention – Masquerading as “humanitarian intervention,” …

    March 23, Western Aggression on Libya

    “Make no mistake. Another Washington-led resource war targets Libya’s riches, besides wanting new US base locations for greater regional dominance.
    (google Stephan Lendman for last five days of article and more on Libya)

    Bombing Libya; 1986-2011
    By Thomas C. Mountain

    The revolt started in Benghazi in eastern Libya. A very important point not mentioned anywhere in the international media is the fact that due to geographic location, being one of the closest point to Europe from the African continent, Benghazi has over the past 15 years or so become the epicenter of African migration to Europe. The human trafficking industry, grew into a billion dollar a year industry in Benghazi. When the first demonstrations took place in Benghazi the loose coalition of terrorist cells and human trafficking gangs immediately took advantage of the turmoil to attack the high security prisons outside of Benghazi where their comrades were locked up

    A Portion of Background

    The rapidly changing Libyan incidents need a closer look to its background. “As opposed to the situation in Egypt and Tunisia, Libya occupies first place in the Human Development Index within Africa and has the highest life expectancy rate on the continent. Education and health receive special state attention. The cultural level of the population is without a doubt higher. Its problems are of another nature. The population is not in need of food or basic social services. The country requires many foreign workers to implement its ambitious production and social development plans. Therefore it offers employment to hundreds of thousands of workers from Egypt, Tunisia, China and other nations. It has an enormous income and hard currency reserves deposited in the banks of rich countries, with which it acquires consumer goods and even sophisticated weapons, supplied by the very countries which now want to invade in the name of human rights. The colossal campaign of lies unleashed by the mass media has created much confusion in world public opinion.” (Fidel Castro, “NATO’s inevitable war”)

    Causes of indignation were there within the Libyan society, which has prepared ground for today’s civil war. Naked Imperialism (title of a book by John Bellamy Foster) could not miss the opportunity to take advantage of Libya’s internal conflict to advance its geostrategy. Libyan oil-industry operators, according to The Economist report, threatened to destroy pipelines, and cut supplies to Europe, if European states fail to intervene to end Gadhafi’s rule.

    In the face of interventionist moves, Chávez, the Bolivarian leader of Venezuela, has taken a bold stand against intervention in Libya. Venezuela has proposed to “set up a Goodwill International Commission for the search for peace in Libya”, which has been accepted by the government of Libya, but has been rejected by the US, France, and the opposition Libyan National Council. Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, and Nicaragua support Venezuela’s initiative to seek a negotiated solution. But, Gadhafi’s Arab brethren have said nothing about the Venezuelan proposal.

    One of the tasks of democratic movements worldwide is to create an international movement that defends democracy, peace, human rights, and territorial integrity so that imperialist powers cannot subvert the movements, and cannot use democratic movements and famous personalities as covers for their intervention and plan for subjugation.

    There is possibility of a long battle with implications on the entire region and the peoples’ journey to democracy there. “[T]he fundamental concern of the United States and NATO”, Fidel wrote, “is not Libya, but the revolutionary wave unleashed in the Arab world, which they wish to prevent at all costs.” (“NATO’s inevitable war”) A failure on the part of democratic forces to oppose intervention will charge a high price as forces standing against people are threatening that the next spring will be theirs. [Libya Lumbers
    By Farooque Chowdhury, 14 March, 2011


    Seeing Libya’s Future In Darfur’s Past
    By Peripheral Revision

    It just so happens that the faction seeking to break off from the existing Sudanese nation, the side the U.S. has allied with, is territorially located on the vast majority of the country’s oil reserves. The goal is not necessarily to successfully dominate the entirety of the country, but to break off pieces from central control, preferably the areas rich in natural resources. The potential end-game of the conflict in Libya is to establish a new, “independent” (meaning from anyone other than the U.S.) state in the resource concentrated region of the north-east. This is where the “rebel” stronghold city of Benghazi is located

    News Porn, Cruise Missiles And Cleavage
    By Dave Fryett

    As ever, the reporting on the air campaign against Libya has been nothing short of disgraceful. It simply could not be worse. The broadcast media have been executing their mission–gin up support for the assault–by surrendering themselves and their airwaves to the same old specious meditations which have been invoked to justify many of the West’s recent acquisitions in the Middle East

    Stop Bombing Libya
    By Marjorie Cohn

    The military action in Libya sets a dangerous precedent of attacking countries where the leadership does not favor the pro-U.S. or pro-European Union countries. What will prevent the United States from stage-managing some protests, magnifying them in the corporate media as mass actions, and then bombing or attacking Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, or North Korea?

    Libya Rebels: Gaddafi Could be Right About al-Qaeda

    Two documents suggest northeast Libya, centre of rebellion, is an al-Qaeda hotspot

    By Alexander Cockburn

    The war on Libya now being waged by the US, Britain and France must surely rank as one of the stupidest martial enterprises, smaller in scale to be sure, since Napoleon took it into his head to invade Russia in 1812.


    The CIA’s Libya Rebels:
    2007 West Point Study Shows Benghazi-Darnah-Tobruk Area was a World Leader in Al Qaeda Suicide Bomber Recruitment

    By Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.

    Many commentators have voiced anxiety because of the mystery which surrounds the anti-Qaddafi transitional government which emerged at the beginning of March in the city of Benghazi.

    Special Comment By Keith Olbermann

    Mr. President. We are not clear why we are fighting, who exactly we are fighting with, who the ‘rebels’ are that we’re fighting for, what a No-Fly Zone accomplishes with a dictator who has ground troops, how long we are to be there, to whom we are to “hand-off,” and

    In case you are interested The Green Book

    An elderly experienced Fidel Castro told Associated Press on Feb. 21 , two days after the violence began that he suspected NATO would use it as a pretext to invade Libya.