The Egyptian Uprising: Facts and Fiction

As hundreds of thousands of Egyptians entered Tahrir Square on Friday, they were welcomed by a human corridor of young men clapping and chanting “keep the faith countrymen – freedom is being born.” The protest was billed as “Yom El Raheel” – a farewell party for Hosni Mubarak.

There was something obviously different about the crowd that showed up to participate in what turned out to be the largest demonstration since the uprising began. For one thing, they came without their children and there were fewer women in the crowd. That was to be expected. Fear of violent attacks by the hired thugs of the Mubarak’s ruling party haunted the event and the square was littered with stones and debris from the battles on Wednesday. Many of the veterans of those attacks were limping or walking around with blood soaked bandages.

The few foreign journalists who came to cover the event were edgy and visibly concerned for their own personal safety. In a desperate effort to reduce coverage of the demonstrations, Mubarak’s goons had attacked them in their hotels and stolen or damaged their equipment. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 114 foreign journalists have been attacked or arrested in the last two days. The government blamed the intimidation campaign on unidentified rogue elements in the security forces but the harassment continues.

Neutering the foreign press was an essential tactic for a propaganda campaign by the organs of the State owned media which has been shameless in distorting the realities on the ground. The employees of Egyptian government newspapers and television stations are nothing more than ruling party hacks but they are not without their talents. While some of the rumors they were circulating were marginally plausible, others were off the wall.

Perhaps the most entertaining rumor was the “Kentucky Fried” allegation. According to one story circulated by the ‘national press,’ the million plus protestors came to the square in expectation of a platter of spicy chicken and 50 Euros. The fictional foreign agents serving the crowd came armed with tons of cash and the Colonel’s secret recipe. Whoever dreamed up that rumor forgot to mention that there is only one Kentucky Fried outlet in Tahrir Square and it’s been closed since the uprising began.

The general theme of the government’s propaganda assault has revolved around foreign agents organizing and deceiving the naïve anti-regime protestors. One concocted report in Al-Akhbar had 300 foreign saboteurs caught red handed in Suez. In government media accounts, alien provocateurs were everywhere to be found. The source of the mischief all depended on which hallucination you were reading. The agitators are apparently Israeli spies sponsored by Americans and Hamas activists financed by Iranians on a joint mission to turn Egypt into a striptease club ruled by a Shiite theocracy.

To give you an idea of how disgraceful Egyptian state journalism can be; it took ten days for Al-Ahram to notice that the demonstrator’s essential demand was for Mubarak to abdicate his throne. Until yesterday, the flagship of the government’s propaganda machine portrayed the demonstrations as rallies against high food prices and unemployment and in support of unspecified ‘reforms.’ The day after the slaughter at Tahrir Square, Al-Ahram boasted this headline “Millions demonstrate in support of Mubarak.” The reporting is so scandalous that many government employed journalists have quit in protest and others are simply refusing to write.

The regime’s efforts at damage control were not ineffective. The campaign hit a chord with the argument that Mubarak had already resigned and was just waiting for his term to expire in September. Egyptians are a sentimental people and the appeal to treat Mubarak as the father of the nation had some resonance. They failed to mention that Mubarak was the kind of father who devours his own children. So far, over 300 hundred have died because of his stubborn refusal to accept early retirement.

To date, the government owned papers have yet to raise or answer questions regarding the virtual disappearance of the police force. On the one hand, their editorials paint the soon to be deposed president as the only man on the planet who can insure internal security and prevent chaos. On the other hand, they can’t explain where or why his police vanished, who gave the orders to disband them or why Egypt even needs a police force. For over a week, the people have managed quite nicely without them and crime stats are probably at an all time low. Thanks to the citizen security committees that were set up to confront the criminal elements, no burglar in his right mind would brave the gauntlet of checkpoints set up on virtually every block. It’s always been safe to walk Cairo’s streets. It’s even safer now. After we toss the dictator out, the costs of Mubarak’s bloated security forces obviously needs to be addressed.

Another part of the propaganda campaign is to portray the uprising as an organized plot by the Muslim Brotherhood. The truth is that the uprising was spontaneous and unorganized. While the fuse was lit by a group of liberal-minded internet-savvy activists, it has evolved into a nationalist movement dominated by citizens unaffiliated with any group or party. They have all rallied around a single cause – bringing down the regime. All you have to do is walk around Tahrir Square and read the home-made signs. “The people demand the removal of the regime,” “He Goes – We Stay” “Go already, Have some self-respect, I’m tired of holding up this sign.” What you won’t find are “Death to America” signs or anyone burning an American flag. When the demonstrators in Tahrir square got the badly translated message that Obama had asked Mubarak to step down – they were ecstatic. Of course, Obama had done nothing of the sort. It’s now clear that the United States has decided to throw its weight behind Mubarak’s regime. With or without Mubarak, America wants a compliant dictator to rule over Egypt.

If history repeats itself in Egypt, it will lead to a new polity in the Turkish mold not a replay of the Iranian Revolution. Unfortunately, Hillary and Obama have apparently fallen victim to the canard that this uprising will lead to a power grab by mullahs. Egypt doesn’t have mullahs and Egyptians don’t do theocracy. Win or lose, the American betrayal of the Egyptian revolt against tyranny will not be soon forgotten.

Another bit of slander against the young rebels is that they are agents of chaos. Nothing could be further from the truth. It wasn’t the rebels who resorted to violence – it was Mubarak’s goons. The rebels didn’t throw open the prison gates – that was a chore left to Mubarak’s security forces who then abandoned their stations and betrayed their duty to maintain law and order. Had the regime allowed peaceful demonstrations, the tourists in Sharm, Luxor and Hurghada would have stayed put.

It wasn’t the rebels who turned off the internet and cell phones. Again, that was Mubarak. It wasn’t the rebels who enforced the curfew that paralyzed economic activity; that was Mubarak. To extend his thirty year dictatorship, the strongman canceled train service, blocked highway travel, closed the banks and brought the country to a virtual standstill. So aside from being a ruthless dictator, the man is an economic arsonist.

The last time Mubarak bothered to speak to his subjects was last Tuesday night – five days ago. To say that he has a tin ear would be the understatement of the year. He’s always treated Egyptians with utter disdain and he’s most likely in a vengeful mood. If he prevails, Egyptians will pay dearly for daring to rise up against his regime.

There is really only one story here and it is ever so uncomplicated. This is an uprising against an octogenarian dictator who could have done us all a favor by retiring two decades ago. After he goes, the remaining 84 million Egyptians can sort things out among themselves. Everything else is fiction.

Keep the faith – freedom is being born.

Ahmed Amr is the author of How to Steal a Billion Dollars – the Confessions of James Li. The initial draft is available free of charge on He can be reached at: Read other articles by Ahmed.

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  1. mary said on February 6th, 2011 at 2:17am #

    This is at the the top of BBC’s running commentary on Egypt at the moment. Couldn’t make it up as they say but par for the course.

    0908: Israeli President Shimon Peres praised his Egyptian counterpart yesterday, saying Hosni Mubarak’s contribution to regional peace “will never be forgotten”. “He (Mr Mubarak) saved lives of Egyptians, of Arabs, of Israelis, by not allowing to renew a war. No matter what is now the criticism against him, his contribution for peace, as far as I’m concerned, will never be forgotten,” Mr Peres told a crowd of European parliamentarians in Jerusalem.

    0900: Meanwhile in Israel, there are fears that Mr Mubarak’s departure would destabilise relations with Egypt. So says Aaron David Miller, who has advised several US secretaries of state on the Middle East peace process. “Israel prides itself on being the Middle East’s only true democracy, so most Israelis may be loath to admit their fear of self-government spreading to Egypt, their most important Arab ally. But by their calculation, freedom in Egypt is bound to morph into venomous anti-Israeli attitudes and actions,” he writes in the Washington Post.

    0850: Jonathan Rugman from Channel 4 News tweets: “He’s tried riot police, army, no mobile/internet, thugs. Latest tactic: BORE them out of Tahrir Sq as rest of Cairo returns to work.”

    0848: “I think President Mubarak needs to be treated as he deserved over the years, because he has been a good friend,” said Mr Cheney, speaking at an event commemorating the centennial of President Ronald Reagan’s birth.

    0843: There was confusion yesterday about US policy towards Mr Mubarak after comments by Frank Wisner, President Obama’s special envoy to Egypt. Further doubts were raised last night when former US Vice President Dick Cheney called Mr Mubarak “a good friend and ally to the United States”.

    0832: The BBC’s Ian Pannell in Cairo says the army are stopping protestors from taking food into Tahrir Square. Angry demonstrators say the army “are trying to starve the people,” our correspondent says.


  2. commoner3 said on February 6th, 2011 at 5:53am #

    Re: mary said on February 6th, 2011 at 2:17am

    You shouldn’t depend on the BBC, other news media or the utterances of Cheney or any other leaders or politicians to get your facts and conclusions. All the above are masters in lying, obfuscating, confusing and misleading their audiences if the need do arise.
    A lot of digging coupled with common sense and comparing to precedences can help to shed light on what is going on.
    I can sense that your are blinded by your emotions and wishful thinking to see what is REALLY going on in Egypt clearly.
    Are you a Muslim Brotherhood sympathiser??!!

  3. Don Hawkins said on February 6th, 2011 at 6:12am #

    commoner3 I have listened to the Muslim Brotherhood the last week or so and there thought’s seem clear also some seem to speak English very well how’s your Egyptian.

  4. mary said on February 6th, 2011 at 6:45am #

    Don’t start on me just because you have had a knocking elsewhere.

    I do NOT rely on the BBC for information on the situation in Egypt or for any other matter apart from the weather or traffic news. That is obvious isn’t it? I was illustrating that its perspective is identical to one as seen from Tel Aviv, hence our nickname for it, ZBC.

    PS Are you a member of ADL or AIPAC or CAMERA or The Israel Project or similar?

    Long live the protesters and may they find a true democracy once they have rid themselves of the cruel and barbaric dictatorship and watch out for the snake-like Suleiman.

  5. Don Hawkins said on February 6th, 2011 at 7:00am #

    Just watching Fox New’s and one of the fair and balanced journalists asked his expert guest if what is happening now in Egypt is really about Democracy the kind we have in the United States. When he said that about 1,000 thought’s went through my mind in less than a second. Suleiman I’ll bet is real fun at a dinner party.

  6. Rehmat said on February 6th, 2011 at 1:42pm #

    Many Egyptians are aware of how the Israelis infiltrated in the the so-called ‘Green Movement’ against the re-election of Dr. Ahmadinejad…..

  7. mary said on February 6th, 2011 at 1:59pm #

    ‘Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times reported:

    The Pentagon is moving U.S. warships and other military assets to make sure it is prepared in case evacuation of U.S. citizens from Egypt becomes necessary, officials said Friday.

    The Kearsarge, an amphibious assault ship carrying 700 to 800 troops from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, and the Ponce have arrived in the Red Sea, putting them off Egypt’s shores in case the situation worsens.

    Pentagon officials emphasized that military intervention in Egypt was not being contemplated and that the warships were being moved only for contingency purposes in case evacuations became necessary.

    In addition to the Marines, the Kearsarge normally carries around four dozen helicopters and harrier jets that would permit evacuations and other humanitarian operations, the officials said. More than 1,000 Marines from the Kearsarge were sent to Afghanistan last month on a temporary deployment, leaving roughly one-third still aboard, officials said. The Kearsarge is an attack vessel.’


    “Rescuing americans in danger” was the pretext for invading Panama on 20th Dec 1989. Operation Just Cause was a full air, land and sea invasion, killing an estimated 2,000 to 4,000 Panamanians. Anyone remember?

  8. mary said on February 6th, 2011 at 2:19pm #

    To the Egyptian army
    6 February 2011

    Christopher King reminds the Egyptian army that the world is watching it, and asks: “Will you choose repression or freedom for your people?”

    La vache qui rit – the laughing cow (?????? ???????) – has betrayed your people.

    [Egyptians deride Mubarak as “La Vache Qui Rit” – after the French processed cheese that appeared in Egypt in the 1970s – because of his rural background and his bonhomie. For a time the image that dominated Mubarak jokes was that of an Egyptian archetype, the greedy and buffoonish peasant. {} ]

    Was it so that La vache qui rit can grovel to America that Gamal Abdel Nasser threw the British out of your country?

    You know that La vache chooses riches for himself and his friends but poverty for your people.

    You know that La vache is America’s torturer.

    You have heard the American president’s ambassador tell the world his message to La vache, that he should stay in power.

    The world is watching the Egyptian army. Will you choose repression or freedom for your people? What did Colonel Nasser choose?

    You know that the armies of Britain and the European Union are killing the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. They have lost their honour to America.

    Soldiers know that honour is not a matter of money or strength of weapons. It is something from the heart.

    Ask the Pashtun of Afghanistan what honour is.

    Show the armies of Europe an example. Show them what honour is.

    The people of Europe need your example.


  9. MichaelKenny said on February 7th, 2011 at 6:36am #

    Christopher King address the Egyptian army. Wow, I’ll bet those poor Egyptian soldiers were just waiting to hear what he thought! Come on, folks! What planet do you live on? Even if you’ve heard of Christopher King or Redress, and I’ve never heard of either, do you seriuosly think anyone in the Egyptian army is going to read this, much less pay the slightest heed to it?

  10. commoner3 said on February 7th, 2011 at 7:21am #

    mary said on February 6th, 2011 at 2:19pm #

    Who is Christopher King??!! Never heard of him! Why dp you think any Egyptian Soldier would ????!!!!!!!!!!

  11. mary said on February 7th, 2011 at 9:39am #

    Don’t burst your blood vessels boys!

  12. Deadbeat said on February 7th, 2011 at 10:42am #

    Ahmed Amr writes …
    Until yesterday, the flagship of the government’s propaganda machine portrayed the demonstrations as rallies against high food prices and unemployment and in support of unspecified ‘reforms.’

    I guess the pseudo-Left is getting their information from the same sources because they’ve been telling us that the Egyptian uprising is solely “economic” having no relationship to Zionist tyranny.

  13. Deadbeat said on February 7th, 2011 at 11:01am #

    Ahmed Amr writes …

    Another part of the propaganda campaign is to portray the uprising as an organized plot by the Muslim Brotherhood. The truth is that the uprising was spontaneous and unorganized. While the fuse was lit by a group of liberal-minded internet-savvy activists, it has evolved into a nationalist movement dominated by citizens unaffiliated with any group or party.

    This pretty much clinched the desperation of the pseudo-Left to spin their diversionary rhetoric. They’ve stated that the basis of the uprising was “economic” however one would correct to assume that internet-savvy activists are far from starving. In other words the movement was triggered by elements of the middle-class not the impoverished as the pseudo-Left would have us believe so that they can continue to scapegoat “corporations”.

    What this means is that Egypt is NOT Ireland or Greece. The basis of the protests in Egypt is POLITICAL. That means analyzing the SOURCE of the poverty in Egypt and the SOURCE of the political repression.

    Mubarak gain his support in the service of helping to secure Israel’s hegemony in the region AT THE EXPENSE of Arab unity and solidarity. This led to the utter HUMILIATION and oppression. Since Zionism is a racist ideology, racists do not tolerate equals. In other words Israel’s raise come at the expense of Arab development. Thus Zionism is the source of Egyptian poverty and political repression.

    As Ahmed says this is “national movement” and this movement is supported across class lines. The attempts by the pseudo-Left to divert attention away from the underlying causes demonstrates the corruption of the “Left” (they are our enemy not our allies) and that there need to be an uprising in the U.S. to free itself from the shackles of Zionism.

  14. Rehmat said on February 7th, 2011 at 11:43am #

    The West is projecting two of its ‘false Moses’ to the Egyptian who are calling for the dismantling of Mubarak-USreal imperialism. Israel and its poodles in Washington, London, Paris and Bonn are hoping for the arrival of their Dajjal, the so-called “New Middle East” project – A strategy to break open the states of the region from Morocco to Afghanistan, as conceived by ‘Israel-First’ Samuel Huntington in his infamous essay, the ‘Clash of Civilizations’.

    One of the West’s ‘false Mose’ is Mubarak’s dreaded secret service chief Gen. Omar Suleiman, a close ally of CIA and Mossad and anti-Hamas. The other is former director-general of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, a secularist who lived most of his life in the West and is out of touch with the Egyptian masses.

    There is another name emerging out of the people’s protests. It’s a26-year-old leader of Egypt’s April 6 Youth Movement, Asmaaa Mahfouz.

    Ben-Obama’s special envoy to Hosni Mubarak, Frank Wisner, spilled the beans by telling the European diplomats meeting in Munich that Hosni Mubarak should remain glued to his chair and steer through reforms (to pre-empt a genuine democratic regime coming into power).

    The true Moses, whom the Egyptian youth are waiting and who could liberate the nation from western bondage and help them to eastablish a true democratic system to live with dignity and justice – would be another Sayyed Qutb (1906-1966) to appear.

  15. commoner3 said on February 7th, 2011 at 5:06pm #

    Deadbeat wrote:
    “I guess the pseudo-Left is getting their information from the same sources because they’ve been telling us that the Egyptian uprising is solely “economic” having no relationship to Zionist tyranny.”

    The Egyptian unrest is due to deep anger and frustration of the people because of the lack of jobs and the sharp rise in food prices in the last couple of years caused by Wall St. speculations in the wheat and rice futures in the commodities markets.
    That anger was channelled by the Muslim Brotherhood which is the only well funded and well organised opposition group Egypt.
    The aim of the Muslim Brotherhood is the establishment of an Islamic Theocracy
    in Egypt. They smile and talk freedom and democracy and free elections, but when they reach power all that will change and there will be repression that will make any previous repression look like a picnic.
    There is nothing in the Koran or the prophet Muhamed teachings about Democracy and elections but the ruler i.e “the Khalif” should be elected by the elite of the nation and his position will be like the Pope and a Head of State in one entity and he will govern until the end of his life
    I read the news media and watch television, and most of the talking heads and the corrospondents in Egypt and that includes the “left”, whether it is “pseudo or not” support the unrest and all that mumbo jumbo about freedom and democracy and give an inaccurate description of the situation making the prostesters look like peaceful angels.
    The protest was not peaceful as the news media in the US is portraying. There was armed gangs that attacked 5 maximum security prisons and released about 10 thousands inmates, some of them were Muslim Brotherhood or terrorists, but most were hard core criminals who fanned “doing their things”. There was the burning and looting of tens of police stations and some stores and shops. There was the burning of the ruilng party headquartes which is a high rise beautiful building on the nile. I am baffled why they burnt it instead of just ransacking it. What a loss.
    I am not defending or sympathising with Mubark who is incompetent short-sighted idiot who followed blindly the neoliberalism “free markets” diktates that increased poverty and hardship on the population and created a new thin obscenely rich and corrupt layer at the top. He should have left a long time ago, however , immediate transition now, will mean that the Muslim Brotherhood will take over, and that will be disaster for Egypt, and I know what I am talking about, and I am not blinded by that mumbo jumbo idealism of “freedom and democracy “from far away sitting comfortably in a recliner nursing a Budwiser or a Samuel Adams???!!!
    A transition period till next September will be enough to find a compotent General from the army or a civilian approved by the army to govern Egypt.
    The participation of the army is essential and crucial, because the army is the only entity that can stand against the Muslim Brotherhood now.
    There is a strange almost carbon copy similarity of the attitude and behaviour of the US government and the news media and the “progressive” talking heads, whether “pseudo left or “real left” toward the events in Egypt and the events during the Iranian revolution with all that talk of mumbo jumbo freedom and democracy and a “new era for Iran”!! Ha Ha, the same thing will happen in Egypt if the Muslim Brotherhood took over.

  16. 3bancan said on February 7th, 2011 at 5:25pm #

    commoner3 said on February 7th, 2011 at 5:06pm #

    commoner3 aka The Voice of Tel Aviv…

  17. commoner3 said on February 7th, 2011 at 5:30pm #

    Re: Rehmat said on February 7th, 2011 at 11:43am #

    The true Moses, whom the Egyptian youth are waiting and who could liberate the nation from western bondage and help them to eastablish a true democratic system to live with dignity and justice – would be another Sayyed Qutb (1906-1966) to appear.

    Sayyed Qutb was a killer and subsersive. He planned to topple Nasser who is one of the true leaders that cared about the Egyptian masses and their progress.
    Sayyed Qutb was a prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Sayyed Qutb authored a book alleging that the Koran allows killing any one who is not “true Muslim” and he proceeded to define who is a “true Muslim or not”.
    That book was refuted by most Muslim scholars, and the history of Islam contradicts that ugly book. Just look at the period in Spain when the Arabs ruled it allowing Muslim, Christians and Jews to live side by side in peace and prosperity. After the Arabs lelf, Spain and the Jews got the inquisition???!!
    The Arabs allowed individuals in conquered nations to keep their religion and did not impose Islam on anyone and about 10% of Egypt are still Christians after almost 1400 from the Arab conquest.
    Sayyed Qutb planned a wide campaign of sabotage and bombing to sow panic and disorder that will help topple Nasser.
    That was Sayyed Qutb and now I know who is that “Rehmat”.

  18. Deadbeat said on February 7th, 2011 at 7:12pm #

    I don’t have time right now to rebut commoner by I would recommend watching today’s Democracy Now. I have my issues with Goodman but today’s interview was conducted by her senior producer who happens to be Egyptian. He’s on the ground in Egypt and today interviewed a human rights worker who spoke honestly about the Brotherhood and its role.

    Also the protests where not started by the Brotherhood. The spark were middle-class students — far from what you would call “starving” and “impoverished”.

  19. commoner3 said on February 7th, 2011 at 7:51pm #

    Deadbeat said on February 7th, 2011 at 7:12pm #

    Cann’t you see all those people of the MSM falling all over themselves praising the “revolution” and now attacking Mubarak. Mubarak with all his faults allowed much freedom of expression and freedom of the press in the last ten years.
    None of that exists in Saudi Arabia or Jordan or the Emirates or even Iraq. So, all of sudden, why that fixation on Mubarak and painting a rosy picture about the unrest in Egypt. You are smart man. Think about it??
    Amy Goodman and all those pseudo left fell all over themselves supporting the attacking dismemberment of Yugoslavia and spreading all these rumors about atrocities committed by the Serbs. Yes there were atrocities committed by all parties, including the Croats, the Bosnians , Albanian Kosovan and Serbs, but the least atrocities were committed by the serbs while the news media and pseudo left concentrated on and exagerated the atrocities committed by the Serbs.
    All Yugoslavia wanted is to keep some state ownership of vital industries and don’t open the door wide open for newliberalism, but they agreed to open the door fairly wide.
    I don’t know how old are you, but if you are old enough to be around during the Iranian revolution, try to remembe what was going on in the US and the attitude and behaviour of the US government and MSM.

  20. Deadbeat said on February 7th, 2011 at 8:33pm #

    Deadbeat, Can’t you see all those people of the MSM falling all over themselves praising the “revolution” and now attacking Mubarak.

    The MSM are not praising the revolution. They are primarily concerned with how the fallout will impact Israel. The pseudo-Left is mainly concern that Egypt doesn’t become “Islamic”. I take that as a code meaning they are primarily concerned with Egypt becoming anti-Zionists.

    What I can speak to is the power of Zionism and its dominance of U.S. foreign policy and the workings of racism. Egypt clearly exhibits the humiliation and economic retardation that accompanies racism and Mubarak would never received the billions over the past 30 years if he was anti-Zionist. That’s a fact.

    His role in pinning Gaza in was cruel and inhumane and is a blight upon Arab unity and solidarity.

    When I have more time I’ll follow up.

  21. commoner3 said on February 7th, 2011 at 11:18pm #

    “The MSM are not praising the revolution.”

    Really! Do you watch television.??! Did you see some of the dispatches from the corrospondents from Egypt praising and praising and praising!!
    Forget about that nonsense of Arab Unity. Why the oil rich Arab countries with little populations want to unite with poor Egypt with its huge population?
    Do you think the rulers of these oil rich countries will just pack and leave??!!
    Nasser tried that and it was one of his big mistakes.
    The ones who are against Arab unity are the oil rich Arab countries.
    I agree with you that Mubarak taking part in the Gaza blockade was despicable disgusting contemptible act and I add very grave political mistake. Remember I said that Mubarak was incompotent short sighted idiot, but that is not an excuse to let the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt.
    Egypt needs a new secular competent government.

  22. Deadbeat said on February 7th, 2011 at 11:47pm #

    commoner maybe you’re confusing Press TV with NBC. I saw Meet The Press on Sunday where David Gregory interviewed El Baradei. I assure there was NO praise. There is no praise coming from the pseudo-Left either. They are more concerned like you about the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt becoming anti-Zionist and most importantly spinning a narrative that diverts attention from Zionist domination of the Middle East.

    Forget about that nonsense of Arab Unity. Why the oil rich Arab countries with little populations want to unite with poor Egypt with its huge population?

    You forget that those other nations have for years oppressed their people in the service of Zionist Imperialism. The “Arab Street” as they are so called are yearning for the opportunity to rid itself of Zionism. If the revolution in Egypt succeeds it will unify Arabs. This is NOT what the Zionist dominated MSM desires.

    What these events reveal to me is how profound and dominant Zionism is THROUGHOUT the Middle East. This is not just limited to Palestine. The uprising in Egypt bears this fact out and why the pseudo-Left is distracting us trying to create false parallels to Greece, Iceland, and Ireland. Neo-liberalism plays a much smaller role in Egypt than the other European-based nations. Zionism is the main feature that is oppressing and suppressing people throughout the region. It also reveal how dominate Zionist interests are as a feature of U.S. foreign policy and how the pseudo-Left misled and continues to mislead her followers.

    Do you think the rulers of these oil rich countries will just pack and leave??!!

    It all depends on her citizens demand and power. Also the Zionist have been trying to break OPEC for decades. But OPEC includes countries from Latin America like Venezuela who claim to have larger oil reserves than the Saudis. My point is that Egypt won’t be isolated should their revolution succeed.

    Remember I said that Mubarak was incompotent short sighted idiot, but that is not an excuse to let the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt.

    I wouldn’t label Mubarak “incompetent”. He remained the ruler of Egypt for 30 years suppressing his people for Zionist benefits and collected billions from the U.S. for his trouble. The incompetent one are the American people who got ripped off because that money was really a back- channel that allowed Israel to develop at the expense of the Arab people.

    Are you Egyptian, commoner? Because if you are not and if you are not in Egypt struggling with the brave citizens there you really have no right to determine who should be in charge of Egypt. If the Egyptian people there choose the Brotherhood then that is their choice. Right now Mubarak is still in power and he has already kill 300 Egyptians. So I really don’t see your point.

    Egypt needs a new secular competent government.

    The Egyptian people need to desire her fate. Not you. Not me. Right now Zionism has retarded the Egyptian people and they need to liberate themselves from that — first and foremost. As far as I can see Mubarak is still in power so all this angst towards the Brotherhood is a bit ass-backward.

  23. mary said on February 8th, 2011 at 2:45am #

    WikiLeaks: Israel’s secret hotline to the man tipped to replace Mubarak

    ‘The new vice-president of Egypt, Omar Suleiman, is a long-standing favourite of Israel’s who spoke daily to the Tel Aviv government via a secret “hotline” to Cairo, leaked documents disclose.’


  24. MichaelKenny said on February 8th, 2011 at 7:37am #

    The reason why the American pseudo-left is trying to create false parallels with Ireland, Greece and Iceland is because they are terrified of the parallel with the overthrow of the one-party regimes in Eastern Europe in 1989 – 1991. Regimes like Egypt and Tunisia were based on the communist dictatorships and the communist regimes were every bit as corrupt as countries like Egypt and Tunisia. The American pseudo-left is composed essentially of elderly, ultra-conservative, middle class pipedreamers born between, say, 1925 and 1945 who failed to grasp that by repressing the Prague Spring in 1968 and by trying to hijack the Portuguese Revolution in 1974, communism had committed suicide inasmuch as it alienated the youth of that era (my generation, born after 1945), and most of all, perhaps, the youth of the communist countries themselves. These elderly Americans cling grimly to their illusion that, by some miracle, communism is going to rise from the dead and they cling to it all the more grimly precisely because it IS an illusion. Hence their terror at the idea that the collapse of the Egyptian regime might be merely the second phase of the collapse of one-party regimes which began in 1989 or “worse” yet, that neo-liberalism and communism might merely be two forms of the same failed ideology (which, of course, is what the Catholic Church argues, for example).

  25. commoner3 said on February 8th, 2011 at 7:52am #

    Re: Deadbeat said on February 7th, 2011 at 11:47pm #


    It seems that we reached an impasse and we are deadlocked. From now on we will be just wasting each other time and energy. But here is a parting post.
    Your last post as your previous posts are full of idealism, hot air, big words and rhetoric but empty of the facts on the ground in Egypt and in the world.
    I watch the television news and watch the correspondents’ dispatches from Egypt and all that is full of praise of the “revolutionaries” and you say you see the opposite. Did you see just one program. I am baffled.
    You wrote: “Neo-liberalism plays a much smaller role in Egypt than the other European-based nations. ”
    With all due respect, you don’t know what you are alking about.
    Many state owned companies and lands were privatised and sold dirt cheap to “investors”, both foreign and locals, resulting on tens of thousands of workers losing their jobs and couple that with the relentless continuous rise in the price of food due to Wall St speculations in the wheat, rice and corn futures in the commodities exchanges. To service the foreign debt the governmetn has to keep salaries low and cut social services and subsidies and that made an already hard lives much harder.
    Large part of the Egyptian people are simple, very religious people who will fall prey vey easily to religious sloganism and rhetoric and they will elect the Muslim Brotherhood and this will be a disaster because that will be the last election and darkness, reactionary thinking and repression will descend on Egypt.
    Adios for now.

  26. mary said on February 8th, 2011 at 8:01am #

    8/2/2011 from an Egyptian friend:

    ‘Cairo University Law School announced its official support to Egypt protestors to be the first institution that announces its official situation. Academic staff will join protestors tomorrow @ Tahrir downtown Cairo; the Dean, VDs, Professors Aysha Rateb, Kamal Abou-Elmagd, Yehia Algamal, Tharwat Badawy, Fathy Fekry…and the rest of academic staff including young lecturers.’


    “”The floods of people are still reaching Maidan at Tahrir for today’s major demonstration in Cairo. The protesters have called this day : The Day for Embellishment of the Square’ where they start cleaning and decorating the place , showing all that they are not here to to create havoc.” (This is today.)

  27. commoner3 said on February 8th, 2011 at 8:01am #

    Re: MichaelKenny said on February 8th, 2011 at 7:37am #

    What are you talking about with all that mumbo jumbo and theorising bullshit?.
    Come on man, come down to the ground and talk about concerete facts!.
    Do you have a first hand knowledge of how neoliberalism impoverished and immiserated the Egyptians who had already very hard life.!! Cut that theoritical bullhistting!. Adios.

  28. MichaelKenny said on February 8th, 2011 at 8:13am #

    Wow, the comparisons with 1989 really DO sacre them! And, of course, the usual diversionary tactic. He’s trying to divert the debate away from my point and on to the question of “how neoliberalism impoverished and immiserated the Egyptians”.