Jewish Power Is Waning

The British ADL watchdog CIF Watch seems to be very unhappy with the Guardian circulating the work of  the genius cartoonist Carlos Latuff

“How low will they (the Guardian) go?” asks the Zionist watchdog.

The Judeo-centric site defines Latuff as “one of the most prolific anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic.” It is also outraged  with Latuff depicting “Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as a sinister looking (gun wielding) Orthodox Jew.”

The Jewish site claims that much of Latuff’s work “expresses anti-Semitic themes. Some of his caricatures seem to suggest that Israel is a unique and immutable evil in the world.” I am afraid to disappoint the Zionist watchdog; the Jewish State is uniquely evil, and this fact has been exposed numerous times in the last years by UN fact finding missions.

The Zionist blog claims that Latuff’s work “includes imagery frequently suggesting a moral equivalence between Israel and Nazi Germany – and he has explicitly acknowledged that this is indeed his political view.” Again this is far from being a revelation. We all see equivalence between the ‘Jews only State’ and Nazi Germany.

The Latuff cartoon above depicts Sharon kissing Hitler. Indeed this is an appropriate representation of  the Sabra and Shatilla mass murderer

The above Latuff cartoon was published by Indymedia on Holocaust Remembrance Day. Indeed the most appropriate way to criticise the transformation of Palestine into a set of isolated concentration camps.

The image above makes sure there is no doubt that the Jewish state has morphed into the new Nazi Germany by showing the tracks of the Israeli tank shaped like swastikas. Not many people realise that Zionism actually predates Nazism.


The cartoon above conveys  the former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert cradling a dead Palestinian baby. It suggests that, not only do Israeli leaders intentionally kill Palestinian children, but also that such child murder is popular among the Israeli public and helps Israeli politicians get elected. Bearing in mind that 94% of the Israeli Jewish population supported IDF murderous tactics along Operation Cast Lead, Latuff seems to be overwhelmingly realistic.

This cartoon, comparing Zionism to the Ku Klux Klan. Indeed a necessary comparison considering the fact that the Jewish state is driven politically and spiritually by racist supremacist ideology.

And, finally, an Israeli so evil as to douse gas on a burning Lebanese child. This cartoon is in fact prophetic. It isn’t just Lebanon, it is the entire region.

Let’s hope that the Guardian will soon also liberate itself of its Zionist and war advocates. We need much  more Latuff and less Nick Cohen.

Gilad Atzmon, now living in London, was born in Israel and served in the Israeli military. He is the author of The Wandering Who and Being in Time and is one of the most accomplished jazz saxophonists in Europe. He can be reached via his website. Read other articles by Gilad, or visit Gilad's website.

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  1. mary said on February 6th, 2011 at 7:02am #

    This is about infighting in the Israeli military. They even fight each other! Apart from supervising the killing of 1,400 Palestinians in Cast Lead and God knows how many others in his time, Galant (a misnomer surely?) is rewarded with the top job.


  2. mary said on February 23rd, 2011 at 6:55am #

    The following is correspondence between my brother and the representative of a presumably ad hoc group of British Jews whose letter reached my brother. It is a good example of how the Jewish lobby comes together in the UK to influence government policy, in this case the apppointment of a new BBC Chairman. I have deleted the names and addresses.

    I see that David agrees with Gilad that Israel is on the wane.
    I do not wish to be copied in by you and your group. Speaking as a human I say your analyses are ill informed and devoid of humanity and justice. Have you had P15 in your eyes and body recently?

    Incidentally, if pro-Israeli partisanship precluded representatives from serving as MPs and peers, at least half would have to vacate their green or red seats. And people like General Lord Guthrie, ex-Chief of Staff, would have to explain why he belongs to the racist JNF and why he lectures on defence matters on behalf of Israel at the Herzliya Conference. In spite of this grotesque partisanship, the Zionist project is failing. Net emigration now exceeds immigration.

    It is spelled Patten by the way.

    For truth, reason and justice

    David Halpin


    On 22/02/11 20:52 ………wrote:
    It is worrying that Lord Patton is being considered for the post of Chairman of the BBC Trust. The gravity of this was brought home to me when I received a copy of a letter sent by an individual in Cheshire who highlighted the inappropriateness of the appointment. I plagiarised his letter (below). Please, If you feel similarly to myself, might I encourage you to plagiarise my letter. It is important that each letter is different, although they make the same point. It’s also a good idea to cc… your MP.

    Subject: Appointment of Chris Paton as Chairman of BBC Trust

    Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP.
    Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport
    2-4 Cockspur Street
    SW1Y 5DH

    Dear Secretary of State,

    I have read reports that Lord Patten is to be appointed Chairman of the BBC Trust and would ask you to take into consideration the following before so doing.

    The BBC as a public service broadcaster with an enormous world wide audience has a duty to be fair and impartial when reporting news and current affairs. The Chairman has the responsibility with his board of ensuring the corporation adheres to the highest standards in this respect.

    Unfortunately Lord Paton has fallen far short of these standards with regard to the Arab-Israel conflict – one of the most complex and incendiary issues any news organisation has to cover. He has advocated a one-sided anti-Israel perspective which, due to its lack of impartiality should preclude him from this highly influential appointment.

    Amongst a number of issues that need to be taken into account are:
    Lord Patten has been a longstanding outspoken critic of the State of Israel
    He is currently President of Medical Aid for Palestinians, an organisation, by its own admission, engaged in political “advocacy work” in support of the Palestinian cause. { }

    As EU Commissioner for External Affairs, he lobbied against an investigation into claims by the US, German, Israeli and other governments, as well as Human Rights Watch, that EU funding was being stolen and/or misused to fund terrorist activities by the Palestinian Authority, during the worst period of Palestinian terrorist violence in 2002/3 2-4.{ }
    More recently Lord Patten demonstrated his clear ideological slant in his Financial Times op-ed, 29 July, 2010.
    Using pejorative language, he described all Israeli (including historic Jewish) areas east of the 1949 Armistice Line as “colonies”.
    He stated that Palestinians are being “squeezed out of Jerusalem” despite authoritative evidence to the contrary (Kimhi I., Arab Building in Jerusalem 1967 – 1997. Camera Monograph Series, Boston 1997.).
    He expressed outrage over Israel’s security barrier, which he described as a “wall” (95% of the barrier is a 3m high fence). However, he omitted any mention of the terrorism which led to the barrier’s construction, and which the barrier has been largely successful in preventing.
    Regarding Gaza, Lord Patten described Israeli sanctions against the Hamas enclave as a “blockade” and, “collective punishment… simply because they [Palestinians] have a Hamas administration.” In fact the sanctions were not placed following the election of Hamas but a year later, in 2007, following Hamas’ violent coup, rocket fire on Israeli towns and the killing and kidnapping of Israeli soldiers in a cross border attack.
    He has demanded that Israel negotiate with Hamas, comparing the Islamist group with Sinn Fein. Lord Patten did not mention, Hamas’ oft repeated goal of eliminating Israel and killing Jews everywhere (Article 7, Hamas Charter).

    The clear implication throughout this and previous articles by Lord Patten, is that Israel and Israel alone, is to blaime for the conflict and the impasse in finding a just solution.

    This reflects an unchanging, partisan political position which should preclude him from the office of Chairman of the BBC Trust.

    I hope you will give this matter your most serious consideration and seek more suitably individuals to fill this appointment.

    Yours sincerely,