Israeli Economy for Beginners

We learn from the press and political analysts that, against all odds and in spite of the global financial turmoil, Israel’s economy is booming. Some even suggest that Israel is one of the strongest economies around.

‘How come?’ you may ask; besides maybe avocado, oranges, and some Dead Sea beauty products, none of us has actually ever seen an Israeli product on the shelves. They don’t make cars; nor do they make electric or electronic appliances, and they hardly manufacture any consumer goods. Israel claims to be advanced in high-tech technologies but somehow, the only Israeli advanced software ever to settle within our computers have been their Sabra Trojan Horses. In the land they grabbed by force from the indigenous Palestinians, they are yet to find any lucrative minerals or oil.

So what is it? How is it that Israel is impervious to the global financial disaster? How can Israel be so rich?

Israel may be rich because, according to the Guardian, “out of the seven oligarchs who controlled 50% of Russia’s economy during the 1990s, six were Jewish.” During the last two decades, many Russian oligarchs have acquired Israeli citizenship. They also secured their dirty money by investing in the kosher financial haven; Wikileaks has revealed lately that “sources in the (Israeli) police estimate that Russian organised crime (Russian Mafia) has laundered as much as US $10 billion through Israeli holdings.” ((For more information about global organized crime connections with Likud or other major Israeli political parties.))

Israel’s economy is booming because mega swindlers such as Bernie Madoff have been channeling their money via Zionists and Israeli institutions for decades. ((Also, it is rumoured that, prior to its collapse, Lehman Brothers transferred 400 billion dollars to Israeli banks. I am not in a position to substantiate any of these theories — but I would strongly suggest that it is of some urgency to find out how truthful these accusations are.))

Israel is ‘doing well’ because it is the leading trader in blood diamonds. Far from being surprising, Israel is also the fourth biggest weapons dealer on this planet. Clearly, blood diamonds and guns are proving to be a great match.

As if this is not enough, Israel is also prosperous because, every so often, it is caught engaged in organ trafficking and organ harvesting.

In short, Israel is doing better than other countries because it runs one of the dirtiest non-ethical economies in the world. In spite of the Zionists’ initial promise to bring about a civilised ethical Jew, Israel has, instead, managed to develop an outstanding level of institutional dismissal of international law and universal values. It operates as a safe haven for money made in some horrendous global criminal activities. And it employs one of the world’s strongest army to defend the wealth of just a few of the wealthiest Jews around.

Increasingly, Israel seems to be nothing more than a humongous money laundering haven for Jewish oligarchs, swindlers, weapons dealers, organ traffickers, organised crime and blood diamond traders.

Such a realization can certainly explain why Israel is totally impervious to social equality within its borders.

Poor Israelis

Since Israel defines itself as the Jewish state, one may expect the Jewish people to be the first to benefit from their country’s booming economy. This seems to be not at all the case. In spite of the economy’s strength, Israel’s record on social justice is appalling. In the Jewish state 18 families control 60% of the equity value of all companies in the land. The Jewish State is shockingly cruel to its poor. As far as the gap between rich and poor is concerned, Israel is listed right at the top of the scale.

The meaning of all of that is pretty devastating; though Israel operates as an ethno-centric racially orientated, tribal setting, it is proving to be totally careless of the members of its own tribe — In fact, in the Jewish state, a few million Jews are serving the darkest possible interests, the fruits of which, are to be enjoyed by just a very few rich villains.

Smoke Screen

But there is a deeper and far more devastating meaning implicit within it all. If my reading of the Israeli economy is correct, and Israel is indeed a monstrous cash haven for the dirtiest money around, then the Israeli Palestinian conflict is , at least, from the Israeli-elite’s perspective , nothing but a smoke screen.

I hope that my readers and friends will forgive me for saying it — I hope that I will forgive myself for saying it — But it seems to me that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Israel’s horrendous crimes against the Palestinian people, actually serves to divert attention away from Israel’s complicity in some colossal and global crimes against vast populations around the world. Instead of addressing the above relentless greed-driven attempt to grab wealth on the expense of the rest of humanity, we are all focusing on a single territorial conflict, that actually brings to light just one devastating criminal side of the Jewish national project.

It is more than likely that the vast majority of Israelis also fail to detect the deceitful role of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The Israelis are indoctrinated to look at every possible issue from a national security perspective. They have failed to realise that along the intensive militarization of their society, their Jewish state has become a money laundering haven and a refuge for villains from all over the world.

But here is some bad news for Israel and its corrupted elite. It is just a question of time before the Russians, Americans, Africans, Europeans, all of humanity, begin to grasp it all — We are all Palestinians and we all share one enemy.

I would even take it further, and argue that it is possible that, not before too long — some deprived Jews and Israelis will also begin to realise how deceptive and sinister Israel and Zionism truly are.

Gilad Atzmon, now living in London, was born in Israel and served in the Israeli military. He is the author of The Wandering Who and Being in Time and is one of the most accomplished jazz saxophonists in Europe. He can be reached via his website. Read other articles by Gilad, or visit Gilad's website.

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  1. 3bancan said on February 7th, 2011 at 1:15pm #

    Noone can doubt the words of a rabbi:


  2. klaatu said on February 7th, 2011 at 6:39pm #

    Gilad could have expanded even further–Israel is the largest “fence” for dirty money, illegal as well as legal armaments, as well as diamonds and organs. The profound “advantage”–since Gentiles are “non-humans”, human values are irrelevant. Everyone is to be used, and there is only one god–bitachon.

  3. kalidasa said on February 7th, 2011 at 8:09pm #

    Well Hell’s bells, when you have usury, who needs alchemy?

  4. MB said on February 8th, 2011 at 4:57am #

    Atzmon’s writing goes from strength to strength — he gets better, day by day.

  5. MichaelKenny said on February 8th, 2011 at 8:02am #

    Of course, the other possibility is that the Israeli economy isn’t booming at all. Israel DOES have a well-established reputation for lying and it’s easy to see why a lie would be useful in this context. With its American bully collapsing, Israel needs to argue that it can survive without being propped up by US funds and military backing. Putting it about that it is being funded by criminal activity which, by definition, is unverifiable, would be a fairly typical piece of “smart-assing”.

  6. mary said on February 8th, 2011 at 8:15am #

    The Dutch Foreign Minister outshines the British twerp Hague.

    Dutch want more exports from Gaza
    Tuesday 08 February 2011

    Foreign affairs minister Uri Rosenthal asked Israel to extend export possibilities from the Gaza Strip during a visit to Jerusalem on Monday.

    At the moment, tomatoes, strawberries and carnations can be exported from the territory but Rosenthal wants this list extended, reports news agency ANP. He also wants the import ban on building material lifted.

    Rosenthal also discussed the peace process during his visit, telling his opposite number Avigdor Lieberman and defence minister Ehud Barak that the Netherlands wants a two-state solution and that Jewish settlements are ‘an obstacle to peace’.

    On Tuesday, Rosenthal is expected to meet Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He will also visit the Palestinian territories.


  7. MichaelKenny said on February 8th, 2011 at 8:25am #

    Is Mary’s comment posted under the right article? This has nothing to do with the Israeli economy. Exports from Gaza are classified internationally as Palestinian goods, not Israeli goods. And the Dutch minister’s statement says nothing about the Israeli economy but is very favourable to the Palestinians from every point of view. Nor is William Hague even mentioned in the article.

  8. mary said on February 8th, 2011 at 8:48am #

    Because I post a report about an exceptionally rare occurence, a pro- Palestinian move and statement of support from a minister of one of the members of Mr Kenny’s precious EU, he d0esn’t like it one bit. Wonder why that is?

    The point of the comparison to Hague is that he is a supporter of the Zionist state and became a Conservative Friend of Israel at the tender age of 15.

  9. mary said on February 8th, 2011 at 9:00am #

    This fascist racist doesn’t like Mr Rosenthal’s actions.

    Wilders back in court for hate speech
    Monday 07 February 2011

    Populist Dutch MP Geert Wilders returned to court today as a second set of judges considered how his trial for alleged hate speech should proceed.

    Last October the trial was abandoned after a review committee upheld defence lawyer Bram Moszkowicz’s contention that one of the judges had engaged in prejudicial behaviour.

    New judges have now been appointed.

    Mr Wilders has risen to a position of power, propping up a minority right-wing administration on a populist platform that calls for an immigration freeze and the imposition of a tax on women who wear the hijab headscarf.

    He faces charges for comparing Islam to nazism and calling for a ban on the “fascist” Koran.

    +++At the weekend Mr Wilders condemned Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal’s planned visit to Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, declaring that he should visit Amman instead, on the basis that Jordan is the “real” Palestinian state.+++

    (Morning star)

  10. MichaelKenny said on February 8th, 2011 at 9:38am #

    Ah ha! Mary fell into the trap! I suspected that the whole point of Mary’s, now three, irrelevant posts was to divert the debate away from my original comment. (They all use the same techniques!) Maybe Israel’s “booming” economy is indeed a huge propaganda fraud.

  11. mary said on February 8th, 2011 at 11:09am #

    I couldn’t care less about Israel’s economy and whether it is booming or otherwise. To hell with them. I only care about the Palestinians and the lives they have under the heel of a cruel occupier supported by the US government and Kenny’s Zionist friends in the EU. His comments are at once ridiculous and bewildering.

  12. MichaelKenny said on February 8th, 2011 at 11:47am #

    Wow, I’ve really rattled them!

  13. mary said on February 9th, 2011 at 4:23am #

    The BBC are able to trivialise the killing and maiming of Palestinians (this is on their entertainment page)

    but fail to report Israeli airstrikes on Gaza although they have a reporter called Jon Donnison supposedly based there.

    Israeli airstrikes in Gaza – PNN – A series of airstrikes at dawn on Wednesday morning injured 11 people throughout the Gaza Strip.

    A local reporter for the state-run Wafa news agency said that nine Palestinians, including two women and four children, were lightly or moderately injured when an F-16 fighter jet struck a metal workshop owned by the al-Hatu family in northeast Gaza City.

    The injured were taken to Kamal Adwan hospital in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip, most with cuts from glass that shattered inside the workshop.

    The airstrike caused serious damage to a number of shops in the area including a carpentry storehouse belonging to the al-Susi family, where a fire broke out, which local authorities put out “with much difficulty.” A Ministry of Health drugstore was also damaged.

    The Jahar al-Deek neighborhood in the southern Gaza Strip and Gaza City’s western coast were also targeted by airstrikes, as was empty land in the northern Strip and farmland in the al-Zeitoun neighborhood southeast of Gaza City.

    Two rockets struck west of Khan Younis, injuring two Palestinians who were taken to the al-Nasser hospital in Khan Younis for treatment.


  14. mary said on February 9th, 2011 at 5:09am #

    My brother sent this. The content of the report is truly appalling.

    The essence is that ‘Professor’ Cesarani sees the killing of masses of Chinese and Egyptians as being of lesser importance than the similar killing of Jews. I always find it difficult to use the word Jew in such a context because I regard all humans as potentially of equal worth. When I say publicly that ‘no mother with a child on her breast should not be harmed in the least way’ I mean it in my marrow and I mean ALL mothers. I must presume that Cesarani is ‘Satanic’ and that his exclusive view of his own very mixed tribe means there are ‘others’ ie goyim. This concept revolts me but I have read it from another pseudo-professor, Geoffrey Alderman of the Sanhedrin Talmud. Their own deaths will be wracked with regret. Mine will not be – not in the least iota.



    copied to Gilad. Mary – please send to our friends. I am revolted and that revulsion includes Matthew Taylor whom we discussed after he had joined another racket in the fascist capital – the ”Royal” Society of ””’Arts””



    A “Holocaust” historian and former Israeli kibbutznik, “Professor David
    Cesarani, floated the idea of there being a Tiananmen Square-style
    massacre in Egypt as a way of quelling potential post-Mubarak anarchy.

    “And there has been no outrage. No Twitterstorm, no blog-based apoplexy,
    no heated radio phone-ins. Perhaps talking about the massacre of
    Egyptians is normal these days.

    “Professor Cesarani was asked by Michael Portillo about the ‘moral
    dilemma’ of how to deal with what comes after Mubarak. What if it’s
    worse than Mubarak? Should it be crushed?

    “Professor Cesarani said that if one takes the ‘wholly pragmatic view,’
    then ‘the outcome of a Tiananmen Square-style crackdown is desirable and
    is predictable.’ Because, he said, ‘if you allow this popular democratic
    movement to run on unchecked, you cannot predict what’s going to happen. But you can predict probably that after a short, sharp, massive
    clampdown at huge human cost, there will be a sullen stability.’

    “Portillo was startled. ‘Quite a lot of people would be quite shocked to
    hear what you said – that a Tiananmen-style outcome would be desirable.’

    “Cesarani responded that, ‘The West is no longer weeping that much over
    Tiananmen Square because we’re doing a lot of business with China. So,
    many business interests would say, quietly, that, perhaps, well the way
    in which the Chinese managed their transition was preferable.’

    “Another panellist, Matthew Taylor, former adviser to Tony Blair and now
    chief executive of the Royal Society of Arts, later described Cesarani’s
    comments on Tiananmen Square as ‘incredibly brave’ and said: ‘In a way,
    I can see his argument.”

    —Brendan O’Neill

    David Cesarani is professor of history at Royal Holloway, University of
    London, England. He advised the British government office responsible
    for “Holocaust” memorial day and was a member of the Foreign and
    Commonwealth Office delegation to the Intergovernmental Taskforce for
    “International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and
    Research.” He is the editor of “The Final Solution: Origins and
    Implementation” (1994) and “Bystanders to the Holocaust: A
    Re-evaluation” (2002), and the author of “Justice Delayed: How Britain
    Became a Refuge for Nazi War Criminals” (1992).

    My PS. The other day Taylor was introducing Cameron who was making one of his Blair-type announcements.

  15. mary said on February 9th, 2011 at 7:20am #

    I have just had another look at the BBC report of the photographic exhibition about Gaza I linked to above.

    The reporter Anna Macnamee uses the phrase “war between Hamas and Israel” which is typical of the vile ZBC framing of the discourse. There is no mention that Israel broke the truce and enacted the planned shoah on Gaza (Cast Lead). She also includes something from the Goldstone report to the effect that ‘crimes were committed against civilians on both sides” missing out the main conclusion.

    Her presentation of the photographer’s work was greatly biased, and she also omitted any of the context of what led to the terrible losses.

    Everything is soiled by the BBC lies. They are very evil.

    She is a presenter on the Radio 4 programme Woman’s Hour (where you neve hear anything a Palestinian woman but plenty on the Holocaust etc) and also on the BBC World Service programme The Strand.

  16. MichaelKenny said on February 9th, 2011 at 8:18am #

    See my point, gentle readers? Mary has smothered all debate on Gilad Atzmon’s subject by “filibustering” with long posts copied from other websites, none of which deal with the role of Israel in international organised crime and the “boom” in the Israeli economy. Logically, a Palestinian “supporter” would be delighted to play up Israel as the crime capital of the world or the idea that the “boom” is a propaganda ploy. But Mary is giving us everything but the weather forecast!

  17. Maien said on February 9th, 2011 at 9:06am #

    Hey MichaelKenny, I guess I am one of those “gentle readers” ..or did you mean gentile readers? I deeply value Marys’ contributions and I look for them. Just as I look for Deadbeats, Mulgas, shabnam,Rehmat etc etc. words. I learn from many contributors to DV.
    Today I am wondering when your writing will reflect some intelligent looking input.
    Otherwise would you please behave a little less like a tiresome boy and get off on something other than harassing Mary who brings real information to many discussions.

  18. Maien said on February 9th, 2011 at 9:09am #

    to clarify: real information adds context and understanding to a discussion.

  19. hayate said on February 9th, 2011 at 10:06am #

    This article is a good introduction to what makes israel tick. The Jewish mafia and israel are are 2 sides of the same coin so naturally israel would be run the same way.

  20. mary said on February 9th, 2011 at 11:28am #

    Thanks for your kind words Maien. I presumed on Gilad’s good nature by posting those items on this article as it is the only one on the site at the moment that deals with Israel. Mr Kenny’s own remarks are of course always totally relevant and on topic!

    This is further on the aftermath of Israel’s latest attack on Gaza. The loss of a medical warehouse and its contents, especially valuable to the people of course, is terrible. The Israelis would have known exactly what they were destroying.


  21. mary said on February 16th, 2011 at 1:01pm #

    Thjs is an excellent letter to the BBC Chairman Lyons, Head of News Boaden, Director General Thompson, Presenter Paxman et al.

    The second programme complained about was Newsnight in which Louise Ellman, a Labour MP and a zealous and fanatical member of Labour Friends of Israel, joined a discussion with Michael Morpurgo the children’s author, who has recently visited Israel and Gaza. The film he made was shown and was the subject of the discussion.

    Ellman’s lies were outrageous especially the one that has children of Gaza taking bombs in body belts into Israel, a sick joke in itself to those who know how tightly the Gaza border is sealed.


    The film, 9 mins {}