WikiLeaks Disrupts US Propaganda Machinery: Israel’s Motor Scooter Bombers in Iran?

Flashback time: The language used to depict Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden as craven life forms has returned for a repeat performance except that this time the target is Julian Assange and his merry band of WikiLeakers. “Execute him” say dozens of US politicians and assorted government officials. “Arrest him and hang him,” say others. OMG! laments the US government over news of critical infrastructure locations revealed worldwide. Never mind that maps of pipelines, cable routes, etc. can be pulled with ease right off the Internet.

So does this mean Assange is on Obama’s hit list? Will US Special Operations Command send a kill-capture team? It all brings to mind Ari Fleischer’s Single Bullet Doctrine of 2002 which stated that one bullet to Saddam Hussein’s head would be cheaper than sending an invading army to topple the former and now very dead Iraqi president. Technically he was correct.

Using this logic, it’d be cheaper to send a US sniper team to take out Assange rather than spend millions of US dollars extraditing, imprisoning and trying the WikiLeaks head.
Perhaps the American people would enjoy — courtesy of the MSM — watching Assange’s hanging/shooting, or staring at his corpse via electronic and print media. They did just that with Saddam Hussein and his family. Hussein was hanged in the stairwell of a building in Iraq and his two boy’s corpses were cheerily shown via the MSM with hearty US government approval. The masses must see some sort of return on war investment whether it is the live-hanging of a dictator and his son’s corpses, or the American gladiator gently holding a child lifted from harm’s way as a palliative to the hanging and dead bodies.

“The United States is a nation at war,” asserted President Barak Obama. In fact, the USA remains in a State of Emergency declared by George Bush II in 2001.

In the USA, perpetuating a constant state of war has taken its toll on language and its usage dangerously diminishing the ability of Americans to depict reality, critically think, and inflict meaning. The use of language (and language itself) has become a matter of national security (Pentagon’s Strategic Communications programs are one example). Imperial thinking and acting has become the norm. The development of a consciousness of national security itself is a vital matter of national security. “The other” threatens at all times. The Empire must be constantly vigilant.

“Peace Enforcement,” “All of Government, All of Society,” “Freedom is Not Free,” remind daily of the war effort. No one is exactly sure what these concepts mean, but they “sound good” said one observer. Torture, KIA, and MIA are banal. “I’ll kill you,” say the American teenagers running down the school hallway. Americans, young and old, rush home to play the most recent video war games. They talk as if they have actually been to war in a distant land. High school football uniforms come now with American flags on them (why?). Collegiate football games in 2011 will be played in Bowl games sponsored by Northrop Grumman and Bell Helicopter. This is all positive if one is pushing war as a way of life.

To get that done, the War State, or any state, must be supported by mainstream media in all its forms (see Reel Power for the role of movies). The MSM serves as interlocutors between the governing elite and the public/masses. Journalists in this scheme interpret events with guidance from media elite (editors, owners) who are quite comfortable in their incestuous relationships with US/Foreign government/corporate officials.

And so this was the standard model of journalism. Turns out that what we all got for news over the years were just scraps. Some meat left on the chicken bone and a few croutons thrown down for consumption. WikiLeaks has busted that model for the moment even catching the New York Times trying to trump up Iran’s ballistic missile capability when dispatches show the opposite.

WikiLeaks is an information broker with the Internet as its platform. It cuts out the middle-man, that being journalists/editors/owners who claim privilege over information and how to use it. It also removes the governing elite who claim privilege over the interpretation of reality.

Special Relationship Between Assassins

An intriguing document found in the WikiLeaks dump is a cable concerning the spread of Israel’s Mafia. At first glance, it seems inconsequential as every country has organized crime rings operating freely. Besides, one never knows when members of the mafia might be useful for national security purposes. At any rate, we learn that a few years back an Israeli mafia don was assassinated by a motor scooter bomber in the same manner as the Iranian physicist recently executed in Tehran.

In November 2008, Israeli crime boss Yaakov Alperon was assassinated in broad daylight in a gruesome attack on the streets of Tel Aviv, only about a mile away from the Embassy. According to several media accounts, a motor scooter pulled up alongside Alperon’s car and the rider attached a sophisticated explosive device with a remote detonator to the car door. The bomb killed Alperon and his driver, and injured two innocent pedestrians. The hit was the latest in a series of violent attacks and reprisals, and indicated a widening crime war in Israel…the old school of Israel OC [Organized Crime] is giving way to a new, more violent, breed of crime… that the new style of crime features knowledge of hi-tech explosives acquired from service in the Israeli Defense Forces, and a willingness to use indiscriminate violence, at least against rival gang leaders. New OC business also includes technology-related crimes, such as stock market and credit card fraud, and operates on a global scale.

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  1. Rehmat said on December 21st, 2010 at 8:47am #

    Talking about Israeli OC – how about the game it’s playing inside STL against Lebanese Hizbullah.

  2. shabnam said on December 21st, 2010 at 5:44pm #

    I believe too that Mossad and other western intelligence services are behind assassination of the Iranian scientists. Mossad also assassinated an Egyptian nuclear scientist in early 1980 in a Hotel in Paris. Why ICC does not go after so many war criminals and assassins sitting in Washington, Tel Aviv and Britain? But goes after Al Bashir who is trying to neutralize the effect of the destabilization project designed and is carrying out by the Jewish “save Darfur”, Jewish “child slavery”, Jewish “holocaust museum’ against Al Bashir and Sudan who are trying to partition the Southern Sudan from the rest of the country by ‘referendum’ taking place in early January of 2011.
    The Black ‘activists’ in the US including like Bruce Dixon, Glen Ford, Chomskyte, are silent like Zmag and CPD.
    That’s why the world is waiting for the demise of the Evil Empire with its managers, Judeofascists, the sooner, the better.

    {So does this mean Assange is on Obama’s hit list?}

    Assange is not on anyone’s hit list. On the contrary, he is doing his service for the war criminals, the Zionists. He has been elevated to a ‘celebrity’ status to capture minds and hearts of the ‘face book’ users by ‘leaked’ information that can be spinned by zionist media like NYT. They are building a ‘global media center’ to intensify the war plan.

    The 9/11 was carried out to frame Muslims so it can be used, although illegally, to invade the Islamic countries where were viewed an obstacle against the Zionist expansionist policy. The judeofascists are carrying out “greater Israel” through destabilization, war and partition. They want to destabilize and partition many countries including Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Afghanistan, Turkey in the region. This Zionist plan is based on ‘Oded Yinon Strategy’ and ‘A Clean Break’ where American resources and stooges, known as politicians, are used to implement Israel’s agenda. Israel never had an intention to allow a Palestinian state to be formed on Palestinian land, rather wants to steal all of the historical Palestine through ‘peace process industry’ which buys them more time in order to to change facts on the ground to EXPAND. Therefore, the ‘greater Israel’ project goes from Mauritania to Afghanistan. The Iraq war was pushed by the neocons in the United States using an illiterate President and his Zionist assistants in the process. US president is nothing but a Zionist puppet selected by the Israel lobby, funded by the Wall Street, and promoted by think tanks, the Zionist media and the phony ‘left’ led by the closet Zionists.
    Now, one of the warmongers from WINEP, an Israeli think tank, David Pollock, is using the ‘leaked’ infromation by the WikiLeaks to push for war against Iran.

    He writes:
    {Recent WikiLeaks revelations about the discrepancy between the public and private views on Iran voiced by Gulf Arab leaders have been widely covered by the pan-Arab media without provoking policy shifts or internal tensions in Gulf Arab states. U.S. officials should therefore be encouraged in their policy of pressing for a robust regional coalition to curb Iran’s ambitions.}
    He concludes:

    {Whatever the legal future is for WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, further leaks seem inevitable. The affair represents an embarrassment to the confidentiality of American diplomatic relationships and a communications security disaster. But as far as the Gulf Arabs are concerned, it is also AN OPPORTUNITY for U.S. policy to reinforce their opposition to Iran — an opportunity that Washington needs to pursue with urgency.}

    No wonder so many Zionist Jews are supporting the WikiLeaks and its agent, Julian Assange.


  3. shabnam said on December 21st, 2010 at 6:28pm #

    ‘leaked’ information that can be spinned by zionist media …
    should read: ‘leaked’ information for spinning later by the zionist media..

  4. shabnam said on December 21st, 2010 at 11:06pm #


    The following link is very comic, I suggest to read it to understand how the zionist 5th column in the United States spend your Tax $$$ on wars to topple foreign government to help Israel, where in many countries is considered an act of TREASON , punishable by DEATH.


    The Ziofascists, Gerecht and Bill Krystol, like other Zionists have collected manyIranians as their petty servants, Mohsen Sazegara and son of a Mullah, Mehdi Khalaji, to mention few here. Khalaji is at the spy network, WINEP, giving them ‘consultation’ on situation of the Iranian state and ‘Green movement” which is hilarious. They tell the Zionist Jews what they should do if they want to have ‘regime change’ to help Israel. These Zionist stooges are nothing but liars and they intentionally exaggerate to keep their petty jobs as traitors to feed themselves.

    This ‘dialogue’ is very comic and I urge you to go through it, not only to understand how Zionist lobby push for the war on your expense, but also what kind of fools have been recruited to help, not your interest, but an apartheid and illegitimate state of Israel.

    The person, who has written this post, obviously not familiar with Iranian names and unable to differentiate Khomeini from the leader Khamanie, as a result some part of the text becomes comic.

    Mehdi Khalaji does not have enough confidence about himself, therefore, he send the Judeofascist in the business of ‘regime change’ after whoever write about his job at the WINEP. The WINEP is considered a notorious place by many Arabs and Iranians. Thus, whoever works for this place is like working for Mossad.


    The Zionist lobby goes after whomever exposes Khalaji. The WINEP is condemned by many, and those who choose to be in the service of WINEP, must accept the consequences.
    Soraya Sepahpour, an Iranian-American Journalist has recently written a Post regarding Khalaji at the following link.


    It is very interesting to know that Ms. Sepahpour was attacked by the judeofascists fifth column in the business of ‘regime change’ on behalf of Mr. Khalaji. Now, they want to expand the Iraq script to Iran using petty servants like Khalaji and Sasegara, the fools, to substitute for Ahmed Chalabi and Kenan Makiya.
    Sepahpour writes:

    An article I posted on Huffington Post (the backlash caused Huffington to reject future articles) in response to Mehdi Khalaji, a native Iranian at the pro-Israel think tank, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), drew unprecedented fire from neocons of all stripes. Given that this was not the first time I had gone after the neocons and their lackeys , I was left wondering what was so special about the mullah’s son?
    The most prominent of the neocons who attacked me had been strong supporters of Chalabi, the man who was instrumental in helping America engage in an illegal war against Iraq – a war which took hundreds of thousand of innocent lives and bankrupted America morally and fiscally. Oddly, these same neocons were feigning compassion for a single Iranian – Mr. Khalaji senior — the mullah.
    How quickly they rushed to Khalaji’s defense — John Hannah, while Dick Cheney’s national security advisor, showed little sign of compassion for 70 million Iranians as he ‘conducted high-level, strategic meetings with Israeli officials regarding the Iranian government’s refusal to capitulate (State Department, November 29, 2005).
    Danielle Pletka, the other well-known defender of Khalaji, insisted that she had sympathy for his father, Khalaji senior. One has to wonder why the rest of the Iranians did not deserve her ‘compassion’. Pletka has made it clear that she would support military action against Iran to prevent a nuclear-capable Iran (AEI, September 7, 2006). “We have seen that engagement with the current leadership of Iran would not achieve policy change; all it would do is buy an evil regime the time it needs to perfect its nuclear weapons and to build a network of terrorists to deliver them” (Los Angeles Times, July 23, 2004). Her reeling empathy towards the Iranian people has been ongoing. In October 2009, she was a moderator at a policy meeting at the American Enterprise Institute discussing Should Israel Attack Iran?
    Other noteworthy neocons such as Michael Ladeen and Ali Alfoneh joined the chorus of Khalaji. defenders. Surely then, Khalaji is someone to reckon with?
    What the obscure four, and all the other wannabes neglect to understand is that Khalaji has left them all in the dust. Khalaji works with the outfit that is set on destroying Iran’s nuclear program, killing the scientists, undermining the people, and overthrowing the regime.

  5. Deadbeat said on December 22nd, 2010 at 4:50am #

    Shabnam writes …

    The Black ‘activists’ in the US including like Bruce Dixon, Glen Ford, Chomskyte, are silent like Zmag and CPD.

    I did have a quick look at Black Agenda Report and searched and found a link on their site to the following story on the Sudan…

    Ten Reasons Why “Save Darfur” is a PR Scam to Justify the Next US Oil and Resource Wars in Africa Tue, 11/27/2007 – 13:52 — Bruce A. Dixon

    I also found the book Savior And Survivors advertised on their site with the following synopsis…

    African scholar Mahmood Mamdani challenges the fabricatedSaviors and Survivors by Mahmood Mamdani stats and fraudelent history popularized by the Save Darfur Coalition and the advocates of robust U.S. military intervention in Sudan. The Save Darfur Coalition, he argues is not a peace movement but a war dance, blocking a peaceful settlement by spreading falsified casualty figures, groundless charges of genocide, and offering the U.S. public an appealing but misleading case for military intervention.

    Perhaps they could do more but it seem that BAR has raised questions about the motives of “Save Darfur”.

  6. shabnam said on December 22nd, 2010 at 8:12am #

    Deadbeat writes:
    {I did have a quick look at Black Agenda Report and searched and found a link on their site to the following story on the Sudan…}

    This is nothing deadbeat. I don’t know if people understand what is going on in the horn of Africa. As matter of fact dissidentvoice have posted far more articles on Sudan and Darfur than BAR. The articles you refer to is a book review of Mahmud Mamdani’s work which established GENOCIDE in Sudan was HOAX.

    The other one perhaps is by Bruce Dixon which was posted at dissidentvoice too, “Is there a Save Darfur Industrial Complex?
    The Zionist lobby is running Sudan foreign policy according to Oded Yinon Strategy. The black elite works closely with the Zionist lobby as enabler. Now, what we have seen from BAR to inform the public especially black people about Sudan is close to NOTHING. Sudan is going to be partitioned into many pieces. Susan Rice has been cooperating with the Zionist lobby for a long time and Obama joined the crowd since his election. Obama and Hillary Clinton are pushing for partition of Sudan and have done anything to support it including bribe. We have seen no critics of Obama policy on Sudan from BAR so far. am worried about Sudan because I know there will be more bloodshed for Sudanese people in the near future.

    We used to receive good articles by Keith Harmon Snow at this site. I don’t know what has happened to him?