G-d’s Little Air Force

Air Force Academy "Brainwashing Cadets"

Mickey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation have been fighting the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs for a very long time. Weinstein’s group is working to restore normal constitutional rights and practices in a military organization that has been hijacked by Christian Zionists who call themselves “Evangelicals.” The idea is simple. To get into the Academy or to remain there, un-raped, unbeaten, you have to attend regular “bible study” groups and continually mumble prayers.

No Jews allowed. No homosexuals allowed. No Muslims allowed. It doesn’t stop there. Reports received today tell us that women attending the Air Force Academy are being told they are “second class citizens” and subject to “male domination.” How can someone serve as an officer in our armed forces and see themselves as a “sheep to be shepherded” by male “protectors.” This is what the Air Force Academy is teaching. Members who refuse to go along are threatened, attacks are reported. We are told it is safer to announce you are a gay communist than to let fellow classmates know you are not an “Evangelical.”

The controversy over religion is mostly just a front. The real issue is politics, not just any politics but extremist right wing politics and making sure that properly indoctrinated officers command our strategic nuclear forces. Why do they want that? We can’t say, but we are certain that serving a “higher power” or protecting the United States from enemies, particularly “domestic,” is not on the agenda.

There have long been religious controversies in the military. The Marine Corps is famous for attempting to build a religion out of tradition, alcohol and bar fights. Evening prayers were simple: “Goodnight Chesty Puller, wherever you are.” Puller’s attempts to have beer vending machines put into barracks and whore houses opened on bases was resisted by Congress but not by many Marines.

There are clear constitutional prohibitions that make it illegal for the military to advocate any religion whatsoever. Simply put, if it is unconstitutional, it’s unAmerican. You might just as well call it communist. Disrespect for the constitution, the law of the land, is disrespect for the United States, the Founding Fathers and every American that has given their lives to keep America free.

These are the most basic tenets of American citizenship, the first things any child is taught and, not only that, violating these rights is not only unconstitutional, it is dishonorable. It involves violating an oath. It involves lying, it is a form of cheating and deception, and it is also a crime.

Why does the Air Force believe it can act as though it is not only above the law, but frankly, not American at all?

The Air Force is at war, as is the United States. In fact, 21% of those serving overseas are Air Force personnel. However, some members of the Air Force feel that, for some reason, they should follow different laws than the rest of the military services. First, a reminder to the Air Force. Those other services, in particular, the Army and Marines, are the “tip of the spear” in our current wars.

21% of those in the war zone suffered only 1% of casualties. The Marine Corps has only 10% of those in the war zone but suffered 24% of the casualties. Army casualties are similar.

A reality check for those who demand special treatment outside the laws of the United States: A Marine is 48 times more likely to be killed or wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan than a member of the Air Force.

48 to 1.

Were the numbers the other way around and the Marines were asking for special dispensation from constitutional law, something they have never asked for, some could see why. Do we want to bring up the fact that Army and Marine troops are regularly outnumbered in battle, often faced with nasty and even superior firepower?

For those of you in the Air Force Academy, the officers, the leadership, perhaps you should remember that the Air Force has not faced a combat challenge since Vietnam, 40 years ago. Not one single officer at the Academy has faced a likelihood of those challenges that the Army and Marines see every day.

The actions of the Air Force, actions inconsistent with American values, are disrespectful to every American who has faced combat.

The shameful part of this is that the Air Force is an excellent organization, highly trained, highly professional and a vital part of the defense of the United States. We cannot allow an organization like this to be shamed by a few bad apples. We know that only a few dozen are responsible for this travesty, a few dozen that must be rooted out like the cancer they are.


Are we supposed to trust our safety and the welfare of the United States to people whose loyalties are to a religious sect that seeks a nuclear apocalypse? When nuclear weapons disappeared at Minot Air Force Base, some of us began to ask some hard questions. We began to wonder why there was no fighter response on 9/11. Any religious agenda that overrules an officer’s oath to the constitution will also overrule loyalty to the United States of America. What is an officer to do, an officer trained, not trained by “brainwashed” to obey a “back woods preacher” and not his commander in chief when ordered to steal a nuclear weapon or fire an ICBM?

Anyone who doesn’t think that this is the risk isn’t paying attention.

This is exactly what things are about.

A Threat To Command Authority

Members of the military should be allowed to attend any religious services they wish or none at all. This is the law. However, this isn’t the problem. It isn’t about a religion or morality but rather about command authority. The religious affiliations being foisted upon our officer candidates at the Air Force Academy directly contradict the nature and intent of military discipline, the system of honor at the Academy and the command structure that is represented in American law as expressed in the Constitution of the United States of America.

Article II, Section II of the Constitution states:

The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States.

No mention is made of a certain set of religious beliefs, rapture, biblical prophesy, socialism, homosexuality, prayer groups or nuclear apocalypse. What is clear is that the group within the Air Force that is challenging the constitution is also directly tied to political movements inside the United States that are also challenging the authority of the President of the United States. These aren’t “Evangelicals” at all but rather extremists. Were one to survey, it would be easy to discover the truth.

Leadership within the Air Force Academy that advocates “Evangelicalism” by force also espouses political beliefs inconsistent with the “good order and discipline” of the military services of the United States, beliefs, some privately expressed, some publicly, that make honorable service impossible. Thus, such individuals are serving with intent to deceive.

One reason for rules is simple – national security. It should never be an issue for someone in the military as to whether they serve “g-d or country.” They had always been one and the same.  They had been until members of the Air Force took it upon themselves to define who g-d is. The g-d at the Air Force Academy is clearly a creation of man and man alone.

It isn’t just that the Academy has taken upon itself to teach candidates that they have a higher duty than to their country. They have gone further, so much further than that. They have created their own religion and used their positions of trust and authority given them by the people of the United States to anoint themselves prophets.

I am not sure any of us are safe when the most hideous weapons known to man are in the hands of, well, is there a reason we can’t call them “fanatics?”

Gordon Duff is the senior editor of Veterans Today. Read other articles by Gordon, or visit Gordon's website.

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  1. AirForceOfficer said on October 1st, 2010 at 8:49am #

    This is the worst article I’ve ever read. I’m serious. By far the worst. Let’s go over how ridiculous this article is.
    – You’re right to state that the actions of a few are damaging the reputation of many. However, you apparently forget your moment of sensibility and paint the Academy as an institution of fanatics throughout the article.
    – Fighters were scrambled on 9/11. Flight 93 would not have made it to the White House.
    – nothing get’s me more fired up then this,
    ” the Air Force has not faced a combat challenge since Vietnam, 40 years ago. Not one single officer at the Academy has faced a likelihood of those challenges that the Army and Marines see every day.”
    Are you kidding me?? Of course we haven’t seen the casualty numbers of the Army or Marines. But don’t you dare discount the sacrifices this Air Force has made. Don’t you dare discredit the sacrifices of Air Force PJ’s, Security Forces, Convoy leaders, OSI agents, Air Liason Officers, Explosive Ordinance personnel, and Pilots, to name a few. All have given their lives in this fight, working as the tip of the spear in this war, just as the Army and Marines do. Your remarks are offensive to every Airman in uniform and their families. Your statistics add nothing to your argument, as they only seek to discredit the Air Force.
    – Before you make wild accusations, use some common sense and actually talk to someone in the Air Force or a USAFA grad. I am both, and completely disagree with the whistle-blower’s suggestions. I am not an evangelical, although I have evangelical friends. I never encountered, let alone heard of anything resembling this cadet’s claims. I’ve actually talked to Cadets still at USAFA, and they don’t believe the claims either.
    – Once again, don’t ever attempt to lessen the Air Force’s sacrifice and expect to be taken seriously. This article is a complete joke.

  2. bozh said on October 1st, 2010 at 9:17am #

    Damn it, folks, sioux, kiowas, zunis never had an army. And look what happened to them? But they had no jails, taxes, ‘laws’, governance and thus govt, police, whores, etc.
    Actually they had not only free education [known to them as tutoring-guiding-teaching and free heath care they also had free sex care.
    That’s what US soldiers need: free sex care and free education, but before joining the army.
    But even the priests had free sex care long before they got free health care that they were against at one time and in US even now and forever!

    It appears odder that an udder that in freest, greatest country ever, every thing cost money– nothing is free. No,folks, not even freedoms and goodies like sex therapy.

    One even has to pay for laughter, listening to a song. About money? Well, it is ok, to me. Just make sure everybody share equally of what of it is and then u choose to spend on ur wife or girls for sale or on sale.
    Ha ha ha, sharing more equally??? Oh were are those bolsheviks now when
    Did uze guyz know even chomsky hated them? Ha ha,ha he too is a leftist. tnx

  3. kalidas said on October 1st, 2010 at 3:57pm #

    War? What war?

    Do you mean war as in one side has an air force and the other side doesn’t?

    War as in one side drops death on the other side from an untouchable height and then heads home for a cold one.

    Why don’t you know these so-called wars are illegal?
    Illegal by man’s law and immoral by your saviour’s law?
    Isn’t mass murder immoral?
    Isn’t killing women and children from sight unseen criminal?
    Isn’t poisoning the water and land purposely immoral and illegal?

    Why even pussy foot around with you miscreants?
    Screw you Mr. USAF officer.
    If you were a gentleman you’d quit and help others to quit.

    Aim your bombs and bullets where they belong.

    Oh the suffering, the sacrifice.
    What? Your beer isn’t cold enough?

  4. Rehmat said on October 1st, 2010 at 5:31pm #

    According to Canadian Jewish records – in the 19th century, the top hotels in Toronto and Calgary used have signs posted on front on the main entrance: “No Jew Allowed, No Dog Allowed”. Luckily, during those day, there was no Muslim in Canada, so the Canadian Jewish Congress could not pick on them for criticizing the State of Israel.

    Mickey Weinstein is no biblical Messiah. When it comes to the rights of Palestinians, he is much a bigot as Abraham Foxman of ADL.

    Professor John Esposito wrote on August 4, 2010 – that thanks to these Judo-Christian facists:”Muslims and Islam don’t have equal rights in the US.


  5. hayate said on October 1st, 2010 at 7:49pm #

    “Oh the suffering, the sacrifice.
    What? Your beer isn’t cold enough?”

    It’s much worse than that. New regs say no more pet goats in the barracks….


    Back too the article:

    “No homosexuals allowed.”

    Homophobes are always saying how gays should be excluded from this or that, yet what usually happens? Those very same homophobes turn out to be closet gays who have a habit of exploiting young people on the sly. Look at all those Christian homophobic preachers who’ve been caught recently. I suspect these homophobic closet cases affect that anti-gay attitude so they can more easily get away with their favourite pastime – homosexual rape.

  6. bozh said on October 1st, 2010 at 9:05pm #

    Has anyone noticed that when one gets a govt job it is called service to the country. One often hears s/he will serve govt. And none of these people ever self serve first of all??
    Actually none of these people serve anything but selves. In no way does a fisher or tiller serve her/his country?
    Of course there is no county. There is only people.What these public servants serve is selves and people like them.
    So when one serves hisher country, it elicits the notion that they are sacrificing s’mthing when i fact they are gaining a lot. Even soldiers serve their country, but not housepeople.
    Soldiers, tho, are servnats only when they do battling; when home tehy becoem pariahs.
    So people are obviously people but not all serve their country. In other words, not all people are people: Some are and some are not.
    This can happen only in a democracy and authoritarian societies; in which a king or prez is a human and some others are monkeys or a subspecie. Welcome back to tsarist russia or royal UK! tnx

  7. Hue Longer said on October 2nd, 2010 at 6:26am #

    Thanks for making sense, Kalidas (I’m imagining a passerby reading these comments and being sufficiently confused into never reading DV again)

    The exclusion ruse gets used all the time in MSM as well as “progressive” outlets. It’s a way of legitimizing the indefensible.

    When women were in the trenches of the labor union wars, a neat trick in breaking solidarity was “giving them the vote”. Hard to battle the innate inhumanity of your system when everyone’s singing the anthem

  8. bozh said on October 2nd, 2010 at 7:56am #

    Organization [thousand and one? or more?] are allowed; ergo, of some use to the people who wage poverty and ignorance.
    One cannot wage wars, poverty, and ignorance unless one first renders 98% of people semanitcly blind.
    Books have the same purpose: spread lies and assist the rulers in some way.
    I now know that reading chomsky’s books was just a waste of time.
    For one thing he never ever said what he’s for– only what he was against. thatwas the salient point that cuaght my eye and i wondered how he stood on most important issues.
    At least in one book he spoke against socialists of the SU. From that time on i stopped reading anything he had to say.
    He had been smart not to condemn builders of socialism in vietnam but yes socialism builders in korea [i reject the label “N. Korea”]
    But some people appear enchanted by these books; most of which by now entertain people from doing s’mthing—anything, but reading books designed to mislead and disinform.
    Yes, the funni uncle allows books and orgs, but, seems, will not allow building mosques in some areas. And why? Because, folks, it wld have annoyed his most loyal supporters– the ones that cry at seeing the flag or shout USA USA,USA. That’s the capital one cld not let go! tnx

  9. bozh said on October 2nd, 2010 at 8:04am #

    The above post was prodded by jacobs but s’mhow ended on this p. i had written one on jacob’s p. but erased it by mistake and i thought i was still on this p.
    But i spent 15 minutes on this post making thousand and one typos and then correcting some but still missing some, i decided to send it anyway. tnx