Obama’s Inner Eisenhower

Is Barack Obama waking up to the agenda of those who produced his political career? Was his “Inner Eisenhower” on display last week in his televised speech to the U.N. General Assembly?

Did listeners detect a distraught commander-in-chief seeking to bypass Congress and appeal directly to the international community for help in containing Israel’s expansionist goals?

In 1948, the Joint Chiefs cautioned Harry Truman about the “fanatical concepts” of a Jewish-Zionist elite that sought recognition as a legitimate state. U.S. military leaders warned Truman that this elite wanted “military and economic hegemony over the entire Middle East.”

Albert Einstein and other prominent Jews were even more critical. They cautioned Americans about the Zionist political party that produced Menachem Begin, Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu, calling it a “terrorist party” with “the unmistakable stamp of a Fascist party.”

Eight years later, President Eisenhower experienced how they advance their agenda when, during the last days of his November 1956 presidential campaign, Israel, France and Britain sought to induce a war with Egypt over control of the Suez Canal.

Though Ike was distracted by presidential politics, London and Paris were quickly persuaded to abandon their efforts. Not Tel Aviv. Then as now, Jewish fanatics were not inclined to listen to a U.S. commander-in-chief regardless of the impact of their behavior on our national interests.

When this Republican leader sought Congressional support to counter the Zionists’ agenda, he found none. That’s when this former five-star general turned in desperation to a televised address to counter Israeli Congressional influence that has grown far stronger over the past 54 years.

In April 2010, a bipartisan 363 members of Congress committed themselves to an “unbreakable bond” with Israel — regardless of its behavior. No one dared even whisper the word treason.

That same Israel-first agenda was addressed to the commander-in-chief over the signatures of 76 Senators led by Democrat Barbara Boxer of California. GOP Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia and New York Senator Charles Schumer, a Democrat, launched a bipartisan pro-Israel assault on the commander-in-chief that sounded less like the Congress than the Knesset.

Obama’s Inner Ike

Could this be why Obama made an appeal to the international community to halt Israeli expansionism? Like Ike, did he wake-up to the fact of Israeli dominance in the Congress?

Has this young president — with no military experience — been forced to face the reality of an enemy within? If so, we may yet have an opportunity to restore representative government. If so, those who deceived the U.S. to invade Iraq for a Zionist agenda may yet be held accountable.

However, this past week also saw Congressman Barney Frank join others circulating a petition to free Israeli Master Spy Jonathan Pollard. A dual-citizen operative, Pollard did more damage to our national security than anyone in U.S. history. When he stole more than one million classified documents and Tel Aviv sold them to Moscow, our “special friend” gutted Cold War defenses on which American taxpayers spent more than $20 Trillion (in 2010 dollars) from 1948-1989.

Is Barney Frank committing treason? Or is he circulating that petition so that our national security apparatus has a list of those complicit in the treason that induced us to war in the Middle East on false pretenses? Was Obama’s speech to the U.N. a cry for help by a president whose advisory corps is dominated by pro-Israelis and Israeli-Americans?

Few Americans realize that Obama is a political product of the Chicago Outfit, commencing with Penny Pritzker, his top fundraiser, according to his April 2007 filing with the Federal Elections Commission. Pritzker’s grandfather and great-grandfather were mob lawyers.

His second-ranked fundraiser was Chicago’s affluent Crown clan (né Krinsky) whose dominant ownership stake in General Dynamics ensured additional riches both from waging the “war on terror” and from Homeland Security. The third-ranked financier active in producing the Obama phenomenon was financial manipulator George Soros, recently rebranded a “progressive.”

Chicagoan Abner Mikva, White House counsel to Bill Clinton, captured the essence of the challenge Americans now face — regardless of party. A former Congressman, Mikva describes Obama as “our first Jewish president.” He should know.

Americans have been deceived for so long, we may be unable to discern the truth even when confessed by those who know it best. Did this eloquent young community organizer realize just this past week that his political success was produced by descendants of organized crime and those loyal to a foreign nation?

Chosen by The Chosen

America finds itself torn between two competing narratives. The first remains loyal to our founding principles in defense of our core freedoms. The second group now grasps that those who induced us to war with phony intelligence misused those freedoms to advance their agenda. How does our commander in chief expose those who befriended us in order to betray us?

With the all-pervasive Congressional influence wielded by Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians, what is a commander-in-chief to do? Is that why Barack Obama turned to television to make an appeal for help from the international community? Or is that just my wishful thinking?

With representative government in the U.S. now dominated by those who share beliefs contrary to our core principles, what is the head of our executive branch to do?

Americans have long been oblivious to Zionist influence. Did Barack Obama just awaken from a self-induced slumber and recall to whom his oath of office obliges him? Perhaps.

Two days ago, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas echoed the same cautionary words as Albert Einstein and the Joint Chiefs when describing Israel’s “mentality of expansion and domination.”

Little has changed over six decades except the faces on this perilous fascism. Obama may yet become part of the solution. Or, unlike Ike, he may succumb to the pressures of mid-term elections and again support the induced fanaticism now playing out as The Clash of Civilizations.

Jeff Gates is author of Guilt By Association, Democracy at Risk, and The Ownership Solution. Read other articles by Jeff, or visit Jeff's website.

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  1. bozh said on September 28th, 2010 at 9:03am #

    The greatest criminal minds [more about why i use that label] dominating other greatest criminal minds????
    No such case had ever been documented— merely said! Perhaps, nudge-prod a great criminal mind like a congressperson; using the right [rather, wrong tools] may fit reality or fit it better.

    Of course, drug dealers, pimps, wife beaters, burglars, muggers are small criminal minds. People who approbate or commit A-bombings, wage wars, etc., always have been and are also now the greatest criminals.

    Sorry, folks, i see no difference between uncle sam and other uncles like milton berle, jerry lewis, schumer, eugene robinson, our Great White Father O, clinton,
    By all means, list them, but all of them or at least the salient ones. And, please don’t read their minds! Just look, wilya?
    And don’t u quote eisenhower, nyt, or even me! tnx

  2. Joe Mowrey said on September 28th, 2010 at 11:14am #

    Hey Jeff, what’s up with the Obomberkin apologist rhetoric? Mr. O has been fully on board with the Zionist agenda from the git go. He sold any principles he may have had a long time ago (though I would argue that sociopaths are incapable of true principled beliefs) and clearly has no intention of turning back now . There’s no “inner” anything operative in this con man other than a desire to float his own boat and fill his pockets. And besides, Eisenhower? With an “inner” like that (just another shepherd of U.S. Empire) who needs to criticize the outer O?

  3. teafoe2 said on September 28th, 2010 at 12:06pm #

    Hey Bozh, you forgot Uncle Tom;) But I get your drift: I have no use for all this Liberal ESP speculation. Professionally employed “journalists” are under pressure to produce a certain number of column inches between one payday and the next, so sometimes when they really have nothing to say they resort to pure imagination.

    Gary you nailed it.

  4. Ismail Zayid said on September 28th, 2010 at 1:14pm #

    I think Jeff Gates is being over optimistic and generous towards President Obama. Obama is a well-versed political leader and needs to be re-elected, and he knows that to achieve that he has to comply with the Israel lobby, no matter what his inner thinking may be. The address to the UN merely offers vague phraseology that is adjustible, as the political needs demand.

  5. hayate said on September 28th, 2010 at 5:56pm #

    From the article:

    “Or is that just my wishful thinking?”

    Yeah, I think so….but I hope not. Though there are changes afoot in the obama regime. Just saw an article about rahm emanuel leaving his obama regime job to run for mayor of chicago. Why? Differences with obama, or something the zionists need to glue back together in chicago? Or maybe it was a lover’s spat? ;D Apparently this move was not a planned one, but rather a sudden decision.

    Note: differences among zionists frequently look like opposition to zionists, when in fact it’s a squabble over tactics, even if those differences are real and not staged for some duplicitous purpose.

  6. hayate said on September 28th, 2010 at 6:09pm #


    teafoe2 said on September 28th, 2010 at 12:06pm

    I suspect obama is completely loyal to the zio-cause and pretty much agree. But there are others who are not prof. journos who have speculated that obama has real potential to go rogue from the zio-project. Blankfort is one. Last spring he authored a piece at mondoweiss speculating obama might break with the zionists and could do what bush sr. did towards the end of his regime. I was going to sign up up at mondo back then and see if I could get him to expand on those thoughts, but by the time I did get around to signing up, the article was too old by then. I don’t think obama has that sort of independence in him, but I’m intrigued Blankfort thought he might since Blankfort’s views are usually quite reliable. I’m keeping an open mind on this.

  7. Ellen Lau said on September 28th, 2010 at 9:08pm #

    It looks like you and this fellow Blankfort must be some kind of hasbara to continue to front for the notion that Obama might ‘rogue’ from the zionists.
    He’s more of a slug for them in fact.

  8. Gary S. Corseri said on September 28th, 2010 at 9:33pm #

    Barack O. has finally realized the true power of the Israel lobby and he’s now… what?… channeling Ike to warn the world?

    Barack O., groomed for decades to be front-man for the Corporate State, the military-industrial-academic-media complex, selected to carry out, and follow through with, the Middle East war policies and Wall Street financial policies of Republican and Democratic President-predecessors, suddenly has a revelation about the way the world really works? Is it Ike he is channeling, or E.T.?

    The U.N. is where the US delegation leads a walk-out when the Iranian president, Ahmadinijead, asks some tough (and sensible) questions about 9/11. So… that’s where Barack O.chooses to code his messages to the hurting world?

    Is this what is meant by “change we can believe in”? For his next tricks, expect to see Barack O. talking in tongues, handling snakes, fire-walking, singing show tunes–and coming in first–on “American Idol.”

  9. hayate said on September 28th, 2010 at 11:28pm #

    Ellen Lau said on September 28th, 2010 at 9:08pm

    Weren’t you one of the defenders of the chomsky view on the israel lobby and zionist 9/11 propaganda? Or am I confusing you with another?

  10. demize said on September 28th, 2010 at 11:38pm #

    @EllenLau Hayate is no hasbara agent, he is extremely uncompromising in his Anti-Zionism although I disagree with him here. But you need to do a bit more research before calling someone like Blankfort a hasbara agent, thats just talking out of the crack of your ass. The man was under ADL surveillance for Christ sakes. Now I think this article is assanine. Barack insane Obama doesnt have an inner Ike, he doesnt have an inner anything. He is a complete tabula rasa. He is a human marketing campaign. Nothing more, nothing less. His only desire is to maintain his own power and privledge. He is a sociopath like most individuals that aspire to be emperors or warlords.

  11. Deadbeat said on September 29th, 2010 at 2:17am #

    If anyone is a hasbara agent it’s Ms. Lau. Just follow her arguments here on DV and on Palestine Think Tank and you’ll see why I say that.

  12. Mulga Mumblebrain said on September 29th, 2010 at 4:29am #

    Obama break from the Zionazis?! Please allow me to re-adjust my surgical device, it’s come loose from too much riotous guffawing.
    Obama is Judeofascist property, groomed for years to serve the Master Race.If he turned against them he would be impeached or suffer a ‘Dallas Moment’. Face facts, comrades. The US, like the rest of the West,is controlled by Judeofascist money power, to an almost embarrassing extent. These creatures prefer complete unanimity in the adulation of the two-legged animals, hence the total control of Congress.They do not fear the public awaking from its stuporose condition either, because they control the media entirely, as well. And, safe in their Holy Redoubt, the money just keeps pouring in. Billions from the sucker tax-payers of the US. Billions from arms sales, financial crime, human trafficking, drug running, human organ trade, blood diamonds, pornography -you name it, if there is a dirty buck in it, they’ll be there.
    These crimes are the work of an evil Judeofascist elite, in league with non-Jews, but clearly in charge.Decent Jews,probably the same percentage as decent non-Jews in the West, close their eyes, ears and souls to the truth, out of tribal solidarity. And a few brave and honourable Jews actively oppose their tribe’s evil machinations. But, when the edifice collapses, when they ‘go too far’ in the project to rule the world, either when they cause a US collapse,or a losing global religious war against Islam, or foment war with China, that power which they cannot subvert with their money and influence, it will be all Jews who will be held responsible. I used to think that the decent fraction of Jewry would assert itself, but now I am convinced that we, and the Jews, are heading for disaster.At least the Christian Zionists, who pretend to love the Jews but not so secretly loathe them, and yearn for their destruction, along with all us other ‘non-believers’, in ‘the Apocalypse’, will be happy.

  13. hayate said on September 29th, 2010 at 7:56am #


    Thanks. I actually don’t agree with the article about obama, which I didn’t really make that clear. I don’t think obama is going to go against his zionist owners, even if he has significant support from the other capitalist fascists, the “old time” paleo-cons. But I do think there has been an internal “adjustment” in the obama regime, the outward sign is rahm leaving. What sort of change, I don’t know, or even if it’s a change for the better. The one thing certain about zionists, and their quislings, is once you think they’ve hit the bottom of their depravity, they always seem to manage to keep going lower.

  14. hayate said on September 29th, 2010 at 7:58am #


    Thanks, for clearing that up. I’ve seen the ellen lau nick before, but wasn’t sure of the context.

  15. teafoe2 said on September 29th, 2010 at 11:08am #

    good morning all, nice to see so many in church today:)
    It WAS really gratifying to open DV this morning and find posts by so many minds who’ve figured a lot of it out.
    you can’t hold me accountable if I seem to be rambling, digressing,lapsing into inkohairenst at times, because I’ve been taking the Percocet again. Ah yes, Percocet, or if you prefer, Oxycodone? Greatest creative act since… since… well, since the composing of the Sani-Flush song?

    Demize, welcome! uh, well, really I’m not the host here, that would be Kim most of the time? Or maybe Angie? Truth is I’m just a troll like everbody elst. Probably a bit older than most so I tend to give myself airs:) but I liked most what you wrote. Even the unconsciously hilaritive reasonable & courteous letter to “Ellen Lau”:)
    After you’ve had a chance to peruse a few more of her offerings, you’ll begin to appreciate the humor of it:)
    She’s a crackup, and I don’t mean the one she/he/it talks out of. Undoubtly the sickest, stupidest hasbarat-manque whose nick has appeared on DV since I’ve been addicted to it. A hypothesis has been advanced that she/he/it is really an agent-provovateur hired by the PFLP to pull off “dirty tricks” that will tend to discredit the zionists. But I don’t buy it: the PFLP is not imaginative enough to come up with such a stupid brand of absurdity. Check this out:

    >Ellen Lau said on September 24th, 2010 at 8:14pm #

    >I’ve watched these people for a while now, Miles. They have long histories in Democratic Party type formations like Peace and Freedom and the like, managed electoral campaigsn there..and in all those places no criticism of Israel was ever allowed for long.

    >Clearly this is some sort of a ‘cover’ operation for the zionists, trying to pose as ultra anti zionists in order to..??? attack Noam Chomsky, front for zionists within any new movement.???

    >I don’t know, but it stinks like last week’s fish. These people are Demo Party type ‘liberal’ zionists trying to pass as Palestinians, that much is clear.
    I remember when the Demo party types were trying to be ghetto blacks. Remember the Panther days? Jimmy JOnes?

    >Anyone have any idea what the target of this little false flag media operation might be?’

    Don’t feel bad Miles. They WANT to push out all the reasonable people. It’s a deliberate strategy.///

    teafoe2 said on September 25th, 2010 at 11:43am #

    Well, MM, aren’t you going to repudiate your supporter Ellen’s ridiculous nonsense? If people can be judged by the company they keep, you’ve got a problem:)

    >I’ve watched these people for a while now, Miles. They have long histories in Democratic Party type formations like Peace and Freedom and the like, managed electoral campaigsn there..and in all those places no criticism of Israel was ever allowed for long.<

    Anybody with the slightest acquaintance with CA electoral politics, which is the only jurisdiction in which the Peace & Freedom party operates, knows that the Democratic Party has for decades tried everything they could to keep P&F off the ballot. They succeeded in doing just that a few years ago, but P&F was able to recruit enough new registrants to have the ballot status reinstated.

    And of course, if you go to the CA BDS Initiative page, you will see that BDS is endorsed by a long list of P&F candidates, including R Becker and G La Riva of the PSL. UFPJ is also represented, as is SEIU. Near the top of the list is the name of Noam Chomsky, followed by that of Naomi Klein. SNIP////////\
    I would venture a guess that the fishy aroma Ms Lau complaines of is probably emanating from the selfsame orafice whence her voice seems to come?

    Obama: I'm usually categorized as wyt, but IMO the late Rafael Garret nailed it: "man you aint black, you aint wyt. you… JAZZ! an it won't come off! …hahhahaha!" I said that to say what?

    As preliminary to explaining why for a long time I used to tail whatever Black Leadership or reasonable facsimile thereof I could find in whatever context I was trying to activize in.

    Anyway I spent a lot of time the Randall Robinson changes. Marched from Davis to the CA State Capitol one fine April morning to Free Mandela. Used to attend BAPAC banquets & be entertained by the Willibrown, aka Mr Speaker, later Da Mayer.

    Well cutting to the chase, making a long story shorter, I have spent a lot of time hanging around with and supporting political activity of Progressive Black Leaders. A lot of them started out real radical, wore BPP haircuts, leather coats. Couple were even members of Marxist Leninist democratic centralist outfits. One was the first Chairman of the Nov 29 Coalition branch in our fair city. Hehe, last time I saw him he was fresh out of a job as Chief of Staff for some typical Demo phony from LA who is now Ex-Assemblyman X; but my friend wasn't worried, he was on his way back to Monrovia to run a voter reg drive for Obama & Co.

    So I think I understand the Obama type of fellow maybe a bit more than some observers. Obama is the epitome of a type. Democratic Party and Labor circles are full of these guys. Obama may be a touch smarter than most of them, but his advantage doesn't stem from his superior education. It stems from his magnificent Presentability.

    Who can account for these strange characters, like that guy Jessie Jackoff thought was cool and let down his hair verbally with this kid in the room who promply sped over to JCRC HQ & reported JJ's every word which ZAP appeared in evry paper, TV. All the NAACP types, fearing for their Major Donors hotfooted it over to JCRC, Bnai Brith, the Fed etc to disoshate theirselfs from Mr Mispoke.
    Digressing again. Point is, Obama is a classic politician type. He's a Prince, as in Machievelli. He has no "loyalty", except maybe, & emphasize maybe his kids. But he has one sterling quality, and that is the capacity to sense where the Wind of Power is coming from.
    However he's so involved with these zionazicons that even if somebody, some other quarter gave evidence of possessing more Juice than the Jiuse, he wouldn't be able to extricate hisself, & like somebody said above, they'd Kennedy the motherfucker before they'd put up with apostasy on that level. Which is moot anyway, because even if some money-orentated capitaliss got it together enough to start being a threat it won't be anything significant until long after Obama slides seamlessly into the Elder Statesman hustle:)

    I better get off here, BPH is escalating again. What a bummerooni, eagle flew early this AM, and here i am Do Not Drive or Operate Machinery. Lawn needs mow too. Oh well, enough whining, you got it, over &