Turkish Military Deep State Defies Civilian Rule

On July 24, an Istanbul Court ordered the arrest of 102 current and former high ranking Turkish military officers. The military responded by shielding the officers in locations that made arrests difficult, if not impossible. This provoked the current conflict between Turkey’s constitutionally independent judiciary and the military.

The officers charged were allegedly part of Sledgehammer, the latest plan in a series of military plots and coups by the Turkish high command. The military and its allies were to blow up mosques, churches, and synagogues; then blame these acts on terrorists, Kurdish separatists, for example. In addition, the military planned to provoke the shoot down a Turkish aircraft by the Greek military and down a civilian airliner blaming it on terrorists.

In the midst of the chaos, the military planned to assume total control of the government, chase off the ruling AK Party, and end democracy in Turkey. The Turkish Constitution gives the military the option to step in to restore order if the civilian government fails in this regard. The elaborate Sledgehammer false flag operation was designed to make the ruling AK Party government look “weak” and promote public acceptance for military rule. The full plot was to be hatched in 2003, shortly after the refusal of the Turkish parliament to provide a launching area for the United States invasion of Iraq.

The conflict in Turkey is not between the military, supposed guardians of secular democracy, and the government of the AK Party. It is a conflict between the Turkish people and their independent judiciary versus what is widely regarded as the Turkish deep state. The secret arm of the Turkish state was acknowledged by various factions in Turkey. It consists of elements of the military, media, and civil government that conduct terror in behalf of their vision of the Turkish state. Over 14,000 individual were murdered through 1998 by deep state operations.

In addition to Sledgehammer prosecutions, there are over 150 senior military officials and civilians under indictment for the Ergenekon coup plot dating back to 1980. Operation Cage was exposed after Sledgehammer. Hatched in 2009 by the military, this plot involved attacks on citizens by the military posing as Kurdish or other “radical” elements. The main goal of “Cage” was outlined in the planning document:

To increase pressure by both local and foreign communities on AKP Government, to keep the public opinion pre-occupied and change the agenda, particularly Ergenekon Case. Operation Cage Action Plan

There are three elements of this crisis that are coming to a head right now.

The military is preventing arrests by allowing the accused Sledgehammer plotters refuge on military bases where they are shielded from arrest. This defies the civil authority represented by Turkish prosecutors and courts.

The military is proposing to promote officers, many of whom are among the 102 subject to arrest, in defiance of tradition and law preventing promotions of those accused of committing crimes against the state. Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan is refusing to ratify the promotions if made.

Finally, on September 12, the nation will vote on a constitutional amendment that will strip the military of their previously granted right to intervene with coups when, in their opinion, the state is threatened.

The outcome of this most recent crisis will determine the direction that Turkey takes in the quest for full democracy absent the shadow of the military deep state.

The virtual silence of Western governments and media regarding the crisis in democracy in Turkey betrays a casual indifference, perhaps even endorsement, of the various crimes planned for and inflicted upon the Turkish people.

Michael Collins writes for Scoop Independent News and a variety of other web publications on election fraud and other corruptions of the new millennium. He is one of few to report on the ongoing struggles of Susan Lindauer, an activist accused of being a foreign agent, who was the subject of a government request for forced psychiatric medication. This article may be reproduced in whole or in part with attribution of authorship, a link to this article, and acknowledgment of images. Read other articles by Michael, or visit Michael's website.

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  1. hayate said on August 7th, 2010 at 5:59pm #

    Looks like what everybody has been expecting since the israeli war criminal assault on the Gaza convoy is happening. The ziofascists are in the early stages of a coup attempt on Turkey (or trying to keep the plotters from being pre-empted). This is an israeloamerica at work trying to recapture Turkey as a subservient colony. These military quislings are their puppets. They are israeloamerican agents surely as the bumplugs of the Honduran coup last year are. These israeloamerican military quislings are itching to coup Turkey. They’ve been the israeloamerican enforcer wing in Turkey for decades.

    These are war criminals, common criminals and traitors, they need to stand trial for their crimes.

  2. Michael Collins said on August 7th, 2010 at 8:19pm #

    The acts charged in Ergenekon and Sledgehammer are clearly crimes and crimes against the people.

    The silence in the United States is predictable and distressing. Turkey is a NATO member, it has the second largest force in the alliance. It is a major nation. If the government were concerned about human rights and democracy, it would be forthright in supporting the civilian authorities and democracy. If the press cared about a great story, it would cover this immediately and ongoing. But the truth is out. Democracy for Muslims is not a real concern, it appears by the absence of any support.

    The Turks fighting for their rights do so at great risk. This shows their bravery. When will that be acknowledged?

  3. livingbridge said on August 8th, 2010 at 4:31am #

    This has been going on for decades, now, to the detriment not only of the Turkish people but to the region as a whole.

    Thank you very much for the heads-up. This is vital information. May the Turks be successful in overthrowing the diabolical military / financial order, which is fully supported by [if not the brain child of] the US / NATO / EU.

    The Turks should rid themselves immediately of every last bloody US atomic weapon on their soil, return them to their owner, and pursue their nascent economic overtures to Russia and Central Asia, particularly with regard to energy.

    If the Turks were to be successful in this respect, the EU would be forced to rethink its ‘unquestionable’ allegiance to the US.

    The financial string-pullers of the Anglo-American Empire know full well that Turkish economic and foreign policy could make or break Europe’s strict adherence to their plans for global corporate / financial dominance.

    The Turkish people are fighting an exceedingly important battle, one which could place a breach in the oh-so remunerative, Orwellian stand-off between East and West.

  4. Rehmat said on August 8th, 2010 at 4:39am #

    The Kemalist military has overthrown four semi-independent governments since 1960. It has very close links with Israeli army and some of its high-ranking officers are suspected of having links to the Crypto-Jewish community. The appointment of an Islamist as the new chief of Turkey’s intelligence services, Dr. Hakan Fidan has irked the Zionist regime. Ehud Barak has mentioned his fears that Fidan could pass-on vital Turkey-Israel secrets to Tehran.

    Erdogan’s government is against the promotions of the indicted officers but the final decision will be made by the military council. However, military council decision needs Turkish President’s consent. President Abdullah Gul has warned the coucil that the promotion of officers under investigation would send a wrong message.

    According to Wayne Madsen report, Israel Mossad was squarely behind all the military coups, Ergenekon, Sledgehammer and Cage.


  5. Michael Collins said on August 8th, 2010 at 4:00pm #

    livingbridge, You’re welcome.

    I agree with your take on the strategic significance of this situation. Ending military dominance and punishing those who conspire and act against the people would be a first. It would be the equivalent of our Justice Department prosecuting, in a serious way, the Wall Street crooks.

    It’s no secret that NATO knew about much of this and did nothing and painfully obvious that the current regime here is standing by and offering no support.

    rehmat2, I’ll take a look at Madsen’s article. If you have not already, download the Cage pdf. It is simply shocking what was proposed very recently by the “secularists,” who, as the true democrats point out, are anti democracy. Thanks for the link.

    The two great struggles for democracy right now are in Turkey and Pakistan. They are struggles of the people, fed up with corruption and failure. I think that Turkey will succeed and that the Pakistani people have a very good chance.

  6. Leyla said on August 9th, 2010 at 7:16am #

    Interesting to note that all the respondents here are not Turkish. You have absolutely no idea about how much the Turkish spirit has been broken by this relentless illegal attack on not only retired military commanders but also actual serving military commanders. Also anyone who speaks against the government. I wonder how any of you would have taken it if it were your government that tried to imprison your military commanders?

    It is also interesting to note; all those that are supposedly for democrasy are very quiet where human rights of those imprisoned are concerned. What is happening in Turkey right now is illegal. If the Turkish army – which is already extremely weakened – is completely defeated and our people are left to fend for themselves against the hungry wolves then there is no hope for us. Our army is our defender, our soul, our life. None of you will ever have any idea about how important our military is for us. We are struggling for our lives now as we did during WW1, and again, the dogs are attacking us not only from all sides outside but also from the inside.

    Most of those that are currently imprisoned were warning the world against Ergenekon for years. You are all looking at the wrong group my friends. Ergenekon was never created by the army, maybe you should look at who is making the most noise about all of this – Gladyo would be a good start.

    I suspect none of you would be happy until Turkey is completely under America’s or Israel’s rule. Is it not bad enough that we have had such pro-American and pro-European leaders for soooo very long, now we have a government that would happily sell everything worth selling to the rest of the world.

    Ergenekon is just a diversion and a spirit-breaking tactic by the government. Once the government has full rule over the legal system then we can see Turkey turning into another Iran, only not as honourable. I guess Fettullah Gulen can come back to Turkey much like Humeyni did. Then everybody could be happy.

  7. Michael Collins said on August 9th, 2010 at 12:11pm #

    Layla, are these the military saviors?

    “Sledgehammer selected terrorists for bloody attacks

    from Today’s Zaman, Aug 9

    The additional folders of evidence related to the Sledgehammer coup plan suggest that coup plotters selected 843 people to carry out the bloody plans. More than 180 of them are member of different terrorist groups. The folders were distributed to the suspects’ lawyers in early August. A recently prepared indictment against the Sledgehammer coup plan mentions 196 suspects and names Gen. Do?an as its prime suspect.

    According to the folders, 183 of the large group of people who were expected to perpetrate the bloody plans devised by Sledgehammer instigators are member of al-Qaeda, the Turkish Hizbullah and Hizb ut-Tahrir. The terrorists were supposed to carry out bombings and murders to foment chaos in society that would place the AK Party in a difficult position. The chaos would urge the military to stage a coup d’etat. In the past, coup planners used chaos — such as unrest before of the March 12, 1971, memorandum and the Sept. 12, 1980 coup — as a precedent for their actions. Social unrest in the country preceding other military interventions is thought to have aided the military in seizing control of the country.”

  8. hayate said on August 9th, 2010 at 10:15pm #

    Leyla said on August 9th, 2010 at 7:16am #

    “Interesting to note that all the respondents here are not Turkish. You have absolutely no idea about how much the Turkish spirit has been broken by this relentless illegal attack on not only retired military commanders but also actual serving military commanders.”

    I’m going to make an educated guess that leyla is a zionist.

    “I wonder how any of you would have taken it if it were your government that tried to imprison your military commanders?”

    I’d be ecstatic with joy. 😀

    Didn’t your supervisor explain to you that DV is not a Jewish israeli site? The only people you will find here defending war criminals are sayanim/hasbarats, such as yourself. If you want to impress people here with your propaganda, you’ll have to stop framing it for israelis.