Media Distortions And “Real” Climate Scandals

Since November last year, the public has been bombarded with the story of stolen emails from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, revealing a supposed “scandal” of scientific malpractice, stupidly and lazily named “climategate”. Further media frenzy erupted over an erroneous Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change statement that 80 per cent of Himalayan glacier area would very likely be gone by 2035. Other climate-related storms in a teacup have been appearing in the corporate media almost on a daily basis. This nonsense is distracting attention from a mountain of evidence that human-induced climate change is accelerating and poses a deadly threat to civilisation.

James Hansen, the leading NASA climate scientist who first warned the US Congress of the dangers of global warming in 1988, gave us his view of media performance on “climategate”:

The media have done a great disservice to the public. This mess should be cleared up in the next year or so, although the damage may linger a while, because some people who paid attention to sensationalism may not bother with accurate explanations of the truth.

The impression left from this affair is that there are some parts of the media that care less about responsible reporting than about selling newspapers or other ware. Some of the problem may be honest ignorance, as the quality of science reporting has declined in recent decades. And of course some media are controlled by people who have a political axe to grind. ((Hansen, email to Media Lens, February 18, 2010.))

Misleading the Debate on Climate

The excellent Realclimate website, run by authoritative climate scientists, has been diligently issuing rebuttals of the relentless barrage of disinformation churned out by the Daily Mail, the Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph and, yes, even the Guardian, the self-proclaimed flagship newspaper of the environment. ((See Realclimate, ‘Whatevergate,’ February 16, 2010.))

A persistent source of skewed journalism during this period has been Jonathan Leake, science and environment editor of the Sunday Times. Serious charges have been made by a number of critics, including climate scientists, about errors and distortions in his reporting. ((Realclimate, ’IPCC errors: facts and spin,’ February 14, 2010.))

In particular:

  • On January 31, Leake asserted that an IPCC finding that up to 40 per cent of the Amazon rainforest is vulnerable to even small reductions in rainfall was “based on an unsubstantiated claim”. ((Leake, ‘The UN climate panel and the rainforest claim,’ Sunday Times, January 31, 2010.)) Leake’s article was based on “research” by Richard North. North is a well-known climate sceptic and contributor to the Bruges Group, a right-wing think tank.

Leake drew heavily from North’s blog in which the sceptic was keen to promote what he dubbed “Amazongate”, suggesting a major scandal. But scientists allege that Leake “ignored or misrepresented explanatory information” given to him by two climate experts and that he “published [an] incorrect story anyway”. Realclimate noted that the issue Leake raised is “completely without merit”. ((Realclimate, ‘IPCC errors: facts and spin,’ February 14, 2010.))

Journalist Andrew Rowell, who co-authored the WWF Amazon report that was criticised by Leake, wrote to the Sunday Times:

Not only did you fail to contact me, but you ignored credible evidence that the [40 per cent] figure was correct. You also ignored evidence that the figure had been backed up by peer-reviewed research both before and after our publication.

You spoke to Dr Dan Nepstad, one of the world’s leading authorities on fire in the Amazon. You ignored the fact he told you he had published an even higher figure in Nature in 1994 and that subsequent research validated our figure. What you published was demonstrably false and has seriously misled the debate on climate change. ((Rowell, letter, ‘Real threat to Amazon,’ Sunday Times, February 7, 2010.))

Although the Sunday Times did publish Rowell’s short letter, and one from David Nussbaum of WWF, this certainly does not compensate for journalism which is wrong and misleading.

  • Leake has also attacked work done on sea level rise by the respected climate scientist Stefan Rahmstorf ((Leake, ‘Climate change experts clash over sea-rise “apocalypse”,’ Sunday Times, January 10, 2010.)) Rahmstorf stated that Leake’s “biased” article contained factual errors and asked for these to be corrected. The researcher received no response and the Sunday Times made no corrections. Two British scientists cited by Leake said that “they had been badly misquoted.” One of them even said that his experience with Leake had made him “reluctant to speak to any journalist about any subject at all”. ((Realclimate, ‘IPCC errors: facts and spin,’ February 14, 2010.))
  • Climate scientists writing for the Realclimate website have cautioned that “there are well-organized lobby forces with proper PR skills that make sure these journalists are being told the ‘right’ story. That explains why some media stories about what is supposedly said in the IPCC reports can easily be falsified simply by opening the [relevant] report and reading [it]. Unfortunately, as a broad-based volunteer effort with only minimal organizational structure the IPCC is not in a good position to rapidly counter misinformation.” ((Realclimate, ‘IPCC errors: facts and spin,’ February 14, 2010.))
  • As Realclimate observes: “the IPCC assessment reports reflect the state of scientific knowledge very well”. The researchers then continue:

What is seriously amiss is something else: the public perception of the IPCC, and of climate science in general, has been massively distorted by the recent media storm. All of these various ‘gates’ – Climategate, Amazongate, Seagate, Africagate, etc., do not represent scandals of the IPCC or of climate science. Rather, they are the embarrassing battle-cries of a media scandal, in which a few journalists have misled the public with grossly overblown or entirely fabricated pseudogates, and many others have naively and willingly followed along without seeing through the scam.

Realclimate calls for the media to issue formal corrections of mistaken reporting, but questions “whether the media world has the professional and moral integrity to correct its own errors. ((Realclimate, ‘IPCC errors: facts and spin,’ February 14, 2010.))

We wrote to Leake on February 16, asking for his response to the above points. He emailed back the following day to defend his reporting, but he was unwilling for his reply to be made public.

Concluding Remarks

Journalistic scrutiny of genuine errors in climate science, and of the reluctance of besieged climate scientists to release data to notorious climate sceptics, is reasonable enough. But the media’s misinformation and distortion, and its failure to respond to criticism, suggests there is something seriously awry with journalism.

Worse still is media silence on the powerful forces that are obstructing real action on climate. Truly responsible and accountable media would be:

  • Exposing the numerous corporate-funded think tanks, mainstream media and websites cynically pushing climate scepticism in an attempt to prevent action on climate change that would hurt short-term corporate profits.
  • Exposing the long, wretched history of big business campaigns to manipulate and control the public mind to protect short-term profits. The record is fully documented, almost beyond belief, and virtually ignored. Media bias on this issue is so extreme that many members of the public perceive climate science, rather than climate scepticism, as the cynical product of greed for funding. Thanks to corporate media silence on these corporate machinations, the truth has been exactly reversed!
  • Challenging corporate media for taking huge sums in advertising revenue to promote climate-wrecking products and services.
  • Exposing the oil giants who use propaganda to falsely promote themselves as ‘green’.
  • Highlighting the inherently biocidal logic of corporate capitalism, structurally locked into generating maximised revenues in minimum time at minimum cost to powerful private interests.

James Hansen puts it all in perspective in his recent book:

The gap between public perception and scientific reality is now enormous. While some of the public is just becoming aware of the existence of global warming, the relevant scientists — those who know what they are talking about — realize that the climate system is on the verge of tipping points. If the world does not make a dramatic shift in energy policies over the next few years, we may well pass the point of no return. ((Hansen, The Storms of my Grandchildren, Bloomsbury, London, 2009, p.171.))

Media Lens is a UK-based media watchdog group headed by David Edwards and David Cromwell. The most recent Media Lens book, Propaganda Blitz by David Edwards and David Cromwell, was published in 2018 by Pluto Press. Read other articles by Media Lens, or visit Media Lens's website.

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  1. Hue Longer said on February 22nd, 2010 at 11:56am #

    I disagree with Hansen that there’s much concern to sell newspapers but as anyone reading Media Lens or FAIR should know, he’s right (however unwilling to discuss further)about “other wares”.

    I remember once hearing Gore Vidal talking to the notion that TV news shows were about ratings and he used his example as a guest on (forgot the show). According to Vidal that show had the highest rating it ever had but he was not invited back because he said (something to the affect of) political news should instead of talking about this or that just discuss who is funding the politician.

  2. bozh said on February 22nd, 2010 at 1:39pm #

    That’s the nature of hell-on-earth people: fear of their wicked powers diminishing.
    Actually, going more green may not even curtail their mastership over us.A mere suspicion that going green may weaken their military prowess and voices of authority suffices to condemn scientists for their findings.
    If greenings is controled by hell-on-earth people, then i don’t care if they do or don’t go green. Who wants to live as a a third of fourth class citizen on this planet?
    i do not! tnx

  3. bozh said on February 23rd, 2010 at 9:14am #

    Well, the system of rule or its structure in US or saudi arabia, jordan, israel; just to mention a few of the asocialistic and iniquitous rules, must be guarded even from nicks to it, let alone alone dents or cracks.

    Natch, once amers wld be granted their right to breethe clean air, eat food for a change, drink pristine water, get medical treatmnet, this wld not only seriously crack the structure but also tear it asunder.

    And it wld cost money- or they think so- to provide clean water and air. Providing good food wld, experts say, save oodles of money for the ‘low’ life, but wld not be of any use for the pols since there wld be not much profit in providing beans, peas, fruits, millet, oats.

    As we can see, the judiciary is silent on the right or wrong to obtain medical treatment. That is its usual assigned role: speak [give a ruling on health care] only when told to speak- by the system, of course.

    On health care, MSM had played handsomely its assigned role:protect the system and u might get a raise even.
    Judiciary is also silent on US aggressions. No one, as far as i know, had to date asked supreme court’s ruling whether any US aggression was legal let alone morally right.

    So, old judges are left alone to doze their old age away. To render a ruling on torture, it took seven yrs to wake’em up. They did murmur s’mthing. But the system once again prevailed with torture being now done with more finesse. tnx

    That’s the greatness of america: the wagons are always circled and the ‘indians’ and neoindians are eating their hearts out, drininking bad water, breething smog, etc. tnx

  4. MichaelKenny said on February 23rd, 2010 at 9:23am #

    There is nothing “seriously awry with journalism”. He who pays the piper, calls the tune. All media outlets reflect the views of those who fund them and distort, suppress, or even invent, stories as suits their financial backers, whether public or private. Barefaced lying is par for the course in journalism and none of this is new. It is not therefore for Mr Media nad Mr Lens to seek to substitute their censorship for that of those they disagree with by dictating what sort of coverage is “reasonable” or what [t]ruly responsible and accountable media” would do. That’s just the kettle calling the pot black!

  5. bozh said on February 23rd, 2010 at 10:04am #

    It seems that most people in US do not know that the MSM lies a lot. In talking to one person ab israeli crimes, one person suggested i watch CNN.
    i I know my wife has no clue ab MSM. I wld dare say that at least 70% of canadians think that MSM is reporting accurately-adequately.

    In US, % may go up to 97. So, we need to say this over and over again as we acquire new readers who may have never heard this before.

    i am often writing having in mind new readers. tnx

  6. Mulga Mumblebrain said on February 23rd, 2010 at 10:27am #

    The dimension of this scandal that seems,in my opinion,always absent, is the spiritual and psychological. I believe that the anthropogenic climate change denial industry is merely the most grievous example ever of the inherent wickedness of capitalism. We have seen numerous examples in the past of capitalist evil, from slavery and the genocide of non-Europeans by Western colonialism, to the wars of aggression launched in recent years to control global hydrocarbons. And who can forget the episodes like the sale of baby killing infant formula in the poor world,or the use of asbestos when its dangers were well known, then the furious effort to avoid paying compensation. I could go on for the rest of human history, as new infamies are committed every day.All to one end, greed, and all committed with little or no concern for the fate of humanity.
    It might be trite, but the explanation of this consistent picture is simplicity itself. The capitalist is a psychopath, and the capitalist system promotes psychopaths and fosters psychopathy. Moreover it is a system that is clearly evolving into more and more malignant forms. Once a capitalist could be a promoter of some social goods, but these days the maximisation of profit and the ‘race to the bottom’ have seen massive outsourcing to cheap labour regimes, and the stagnation of wages and the ripping off of conditions throughout the West, the Anglosphere in particular. The greed of the bosses has waxed, with CEOs, once ‘only’ stealing twenty times their serfs’ wages,now grabbing 100 or more times as much. Global inequality has never been greater, and the economic collapse caused by elite financial plunder and manipulation is being used to destroy social welfare and loot the remaining scraps of common property held by governments ‘in trust’.
    Yet we know that this elite greed is overshadowed in wickedness by one overwhelming calamity-the destruction of the biosphere by capitalist exploitation. Capitalism,having no morality but insatiable greed, and being radically uninterested in anything but money and deeply antipathetic to anything not yet turned into money, will destroy everything on this planet if left to its own devices.Capitalism is a lowest common denominator force. Some ecosystem protected because the current crop of would-be exploiters hold some residual scruples over destroying nature, will inevitably be lost when the ‘Right’ type of unscrupulous ‘entrepreneur’ meets the correct type of corrupt politician, aided by the ubiquitous extreme Right mainstream media,itself marching further and further Right into the vast deserts,morally intellectually and spiritually,of Murdochism.
    The current lunatic, hysterical,vicious, mendacious(of course!) and generally putrid eruption of anthropogenic climate change denialism tells us a number of things.That in a market capitalist society,no actions are so perverse, wicked and contemptible but that they will not be massively financed if money is at stake.And as fossil fuels represent trillions in money, the denialist industry will NEVER be silent. If they can save a day’s profits, that is billions of dollars, -besides which, what, after all, are reefs,rain-forests or useless species?-they will lie and lie again, forever. Moreover the carefully contrived media complicity, extending,as noted, even to the previously relatively decent and sane The Guardian,shows us yet again that the mainstream media is uniformly of the Right, and that the global elites have decided that climate change will not be addressed, so the media must fall into line. Later on The Guardian can consign its revelation of its true features to Orwell’s ‘memory-hole’ and go back to posing as ‘liberals’,or,if they feel the need for a giggle, ‘Leftists’.
    And the last,and I think hardest, realisation is that there exists a powerful segment of Western societies, overwhelmingly on the Rightwing extreme, who are malignantly ignorant, risibly arrogant, fundamentally stupid, but too stupid to realise just how stupid they really are, wretchedly paranoid and boundlessly vicious. You can see from the blogs that the same bigoted morons are denialists, racists, lovers of the US and Israel, deniers of all other ecological crises, fawningly obsequious to wealth and power, and generally scabrous.And real monsters,like the denizens of Murdoch’s bedlam, are fanning the fires of ignorance and stupidity ever higher. The Rightwing rat-bag of today is an even more ghastly specimen than that of thirty years ago,looking more and more like that type of murderous fascist we have seen empowered, generally by US patronage, in the poor world,Latin America in particular.As it is, the ecological crises have clearly passed various tipping-points,if not points of no return (we will know for sure in a decade,or less).To avert the greatest,if not final, catastrophe in human history will be hard enough,but in a world ruled by violent, greedy psychopaths, who have mobilised an army of gibbering,imbecilic,paranoid psychopaths,with absolute contempt for truth, science and the fate of humanity, to their suicidal cause, it looks frankly unlikely,in my opinion. Even a few years ago I thought that rationality and self-interest would triumph, and that the love of life and our descendants would come to our rescue.Now I fear that we are comprehensively showing ourselves to be a mad, bad species, dangerous to know,particularly for ourselves.

  7. Don Hawkins said on February 23rd, 2010 at 6:09pm #

    Slowdown you move to fast you got to make the moring last. A new way of thinking

  8. farmereweness said on February 23rd, 2010 at 11:14pm #

    I wonder how many of the ardent followers of the climate change theories currently vogue ever bother to follow weather in real time? So far this winter, most countries across the globe have experienced record breaking cold temperatures, levels of snow that have shattered 100 year old records and produced very real conditions that threaten global food supplies. While intellectuals love to pursue arguments about the validity of theories which are based upon inaccurate models, I have chosen to follow weather patterns. The current El Nino conditions which have produced a very mild and relatively warm winter for my immediate area of the banana belt area of Montana have created a wild weather pattern for much of the rest of the nation, but follow the pattern of a well-known phenomena, which has never been previously considered due to “climate change” or “global warming.”
    Since I actually studied climatology in college 40 years ago, before it was infected with politically based global warming jargon and idiotology, I have not been persuaded by arguments that could easily be refuted by a third grader with a real (legitimate) science course. Back then, they taught the sun was the driver of the weather, not someone steering an SUV. Incidentally, news has leaked out that about 15 or so supertankers carrying tons of cargo from the far east to the western nations greedy for mass produced plastic crap are actually far more polluting than all the millions of buses, cars and trucks puffing away on land. They use a really low grade of fuel which spews out millions of tons of sulfur gases, far more deadly than mere carbon gases.

    I am very weary of all the distortion about climate and find it very sad that the educational system of the western world has produced so many people ignorant about basic science…and they have been as a result, quite easily convinced by a very persistant media, hell bent on creating guilt. Since the concept of sin has now shifted from moral to environmental issues, we can all throw our donations into the coffers of global governance, standing in the wings with their plates, quite happy to accept our carbon taxes.

    Carbon vapor, not the tiny amounts of CO2 drives the weather, along with solar energy, which waxes and wanes, according the the solar cycles. Do you homework folks and stop parroting a bunch of babbling scientists who have become global whores for grant money to support their egos as they churn out junk science papers that support a massive energy industry eager to keep us forever in their clutches as they work in concert with the bankers and money managers to control everything we need for existence–all food, clothing and shelter.

    An independent mind is a terrible threat. Since it has been admitted that global temperatures actually haven’t increased since 1995, and now there is increasing evidence of a trend toward global cooling, the media story now claims that cooling is actually caused by global warming. This is the biggest yarn of all and a very funny one at that!

  9. Mulga Mumblebrain said on February 24th, 2010 at 3:43am #

    Well done Farmereweness! A thorough exposition of denialist imbecility,ignorance and (possibly, if it rises that high) mendacity. In the real world of facts, while various parts of the world have been cold (it happens every winter, don’t you know?) in the UK it has been the coldest for all of thirty years, but the global temperature anomalies for January were in the majority on the side of higher than average temperatures. But a denialist never lets the facts get in the way, do they? After all the denialist cult is a pseudo-religion for the Right, with its revealed truths, reliance on faith rather than rationality and its increasingly hysterical demonology.
    I see you claim to have studied climatology forty years ago.I’ve got bad news-the science has advanced since those days. Even then you appear to have learned nothing, because NO-ONE says that greenhouse gases are the sole driver of climate. Of course the Sun is the primary source of the weather, but it has been known since the mid 19th century that greenhouse gases warm the atmosphere and make life possible on this planet, and that increasing their concentrations will have measurable effects. Can you really be this dense? Is this some sort of posture to impress your peers? Your rantings about ‘carbon vapour’ not CO2 driving the weather is pure gibberish. Your observation about an ‘independent mind’ is so laughably lacking in self awareness as to be beyond parody. An independent but ignorant and palpably stupid mind is an embarrassment not a threat, and a real danger when millions of such inferior intellects and twisted psyches put humanity’s fate at risk. And you end, as you begin, with incoherent and false rubbish. The world has not cooled since 1995 (you do not even get the date for this denialist lie correct) and we have not entered a cooling trend. The decade 2000 to 2010 was the hottest, globally, ever recorded.

  10. Don Hawkins said on February 24th, 2010 at 3:49am #

    My computer crashed we had it 12 years so I got out the old compaq 5360 wow it has AOL 7.0 and no spel check. The letters are big and the colors red green yellow there butifful. The label on the outside of the box reads an unbeatable combination, powerful tools for simple internet access, customized service and support come on put on that thinking cap and last but not least equipped for the future. Hum this computer has 64 bits of memory and kind of an old way of thinking do we see that in anyother places it takes 30 minutes to just get on line. Will I get another computer oh yes already on the way 8.0 memory and I have been using dial up now for 15 years so heck broadban let’s try it. Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler. That’s not simpler stuck on stupid is not the answer. Equipped for the future are we I think not as the illusion of nonsense marches on and strangeness spreads through out the land. Knowledge memory the truth could be helpful.

  11. Don Hawkins said on February 24th, 2010 at 4:14am #

    Oh I forgot these old thinkers we see have a little addicktion called money/debt and power and it has played with there minds if you can call it a mind. Think of this as kind of a war calm at peace the truth the knowledge there worst enemy and yes there still in control of the media, bank’s, policy and our thoughts sort of easy this will not be as thery seem to like this old way of thinking and there nut’s. Ok how do we get started? Using this old computer is hard to use the parts are old they have seen better day’s time to move on and fast and yes part of fast is slowdown and think. Last night on CNN Larry King asked the question can Palin or Obama who can fix this brken goverment? It’s not one person but a new way of thinking how we think of ourselves and others but not simpler.

  12. Hue Longer said on February 24th, 2010 at 6:36am #


    Sorry to say, you are either lying or conflating when you appeal to authority with your claim of having “actually studied climatology in college 40 years ago”…I’ll assume the latter for polite discourse and point out that anyone who understands science would never say, “Do you homework folks and stop parroting a bunch of babbling scientists who have become global whores for grant money to support their egos as they churn out junk science papers that support a massive energy industry eager to keep us forever in their clutches as they work in concert with the bankers and money managers to control everything we need for existence–all food, clothing and shelter”…It doesn’t work this way because it can’t work this way


  13. farmereweness said on February 24th, 2010 at 9:35pm #

    I was rather expecting the usual bashing that the so called climate realists generally resort to as a way of defending their position. Since I have been farming for over 20 years, I have always watched the weather perhaps with more interest than urban apartment dwellers to whom trends in climate mostly affect their pocket books as supply and demand for produce drives up prices. Just tonight the evening news reported Florida tomato crops to be 80% destroyed by the unusual cold temps–do you remember it even snowed in Florida not very long ago? During the over ten year period I lived in Florida during the 1980s, there was usually one or two killing frost usually in January (Palm Beach county) but the only real threat to vegetation was the occasional hurricane…Nobody said the frosts were the product of global warming back then, and Mr. Gore’s great understanding of climate had yet to be revealed.
    The huffing and puffing of climate realists ( a misnomer if there ever was) is taking place despite the current political climate of throwing the cult heroes like Michael Mann and IPCC members under the bus…
    Oceans are also warmed by deep volcanic eruptions–the center of our earth is rather hot (although not the million degrees as reported by Al Gore.) A tremendous amount of factors act together to create climate and they are not completely understood even by the most expert climate scientists.

    Here in Montana the temperatures dropped to zero at the beginning of October–in neighboring Idaho and Washington state potatoes froze in the ground before they could be harvested; many orchard owners are unsure if their trees will survive after having been shocked with temperatures far below normal for several days—a phenomena that hasn’t happened here for decades. Global cooling can take place when temperatures drop as little as 5 degrees below normal…
    Although we had a warmer winter (as predicted due to El Nino) I certainly wouldn’t attribute the phenomena to global warming. There is amazing short sightedness amongst the ardent climate realists who fail to note the very extreme cold temps that have affected Asia and continue to plague the US and Europe.
    Since the British Met office failed miserably to predict the winter’s brutal cold and record breaking snows—which were quite accurately predicted by Piers Corbyn of Weather Action –it is pretty hard to place much stock in the belief system held so sacred by the climate realists who were thoroughly convinced vineyards would soon dot the countryside in England–as they did back in the Middle Ages during the warming period which has been denied by their climate modeling heroes.
    And I was rather amused when flying back to the US last fall (after a brief visit to an old climate realist friend of mine who lives in the Midlands) and looked down when over the Arctic to see that yes, it was still covered a layer of ice several miles thick. Ditto for Greenland.

    Keep your boots handy, and don’t put away those woolen mittens and gloves. I have lived through blizzards, tornadoes and hurricanes and never was in fear or dread of climate change. There is nothing like the sound of thunder and the wonderful electrical discharge of a massive bolt of lightning to bring to an awareness that mother nature is in charge.

  14. scott said on February 25th, 2010 at 7:26am #

    The Farmer is right. I am a gardener in Dallas, and I’ve been watching the weather closer than you as Farmer said. This year we had a return of the weather patterns we saw in 1978. I remember snow drifts and inches and inches of snow. It got a bit colder here in subsequent years, but that snow fall hadn’t returned.

    There are many factors that influence our weather. I dare say there are more influences than we know. Sun spots and cycles are vital, there are many actors and we don’t know to what degree each influences the other.

    There is no doubt that our cities are vastly cleaner than they were a few 20 yrs ago. Dallas has doubled in size in that time, yet the sky is clearer. This alone would raise temps in cities, which experience a heat island anyway thanks to all the concrete. So, even our urban temperatures are not accurate as urban sprawl, cleaner cars and factories have made the sun shine brighter and hotter on a greater expanse of concrete.

    While the temperatures at DFW airport, the official reporting station for our region, have shown an increase. That same increase is not seen in the rural towns. These little cities will get 10 degrees cooler than the city at night. I know, I’ve been going camping in the hinterlands all my life.

    I am an organic landscape designer. I maintain many yards and install a lot of native landscapes. I use organic fertilizers exclusively, and will use only the most sparing use of chemical treatments, and only when other methods have proven unworkable.

    I was a boy scout and still feel a strong affiliation with the notion of leaving your campsite cleaner than you found it. Avoid fires if you can manage it. Take out more trash than your own. Be Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent.

    We should pursue efficiency for it’s own ends. We should try to minimize pollution and to protect the natural cycles as much as we can. We should expand use of organic fertilizers, which enrich the soil; and curtail the use of chemical fertilizers which deplete the soil. We should diversify our farms crops. We should install “brown water” systems in cities for the sake of cleaning our water. We need to explore the use of chemicals in our food and water supply.

    But, when you can’t predict the future with your climate models, nor can you demonstrate your theories from historical evidence, your model isn’t worth squat. Further, it’s been shown that CO2 is a fertilizer for plants. So, the consequence of increased CO2 is unforeseeable. There has been no temperature increase for 15 yrs, since 1995. The hottest temperatures of the century date to the 1930s. There are many cycles that influence the weather, we don’t yet understand all of these influences. There are also irregular influences from volcanoes to sunspots. I am not a climate denier. Fully 20% of climate scientists disagree with your (the popular) narrative, and 45% now say the science is far from settled.

    We’ve really just begun to investigate the influences on our weather. Arguably, not until we made it to space did we even gain an objective perspective. We didn’t even have RADAR until WW2. For you to be so dismissive sounds to me like many party line Zionists. Don’t shut out your inquiry so fast.

  15. Mulga Mumblebrain said on February 25th, 2010 at 12:03pm #

    Scott,alas, you are staggeringly, but typically for denialists,ignorant. Global temperatures have not been falling since 1995.You even get the date for that denialist lie wrong.That particular denialist lie says that temperatures have been falling since 1998, the year of a strong El Nino and the hottest year in one of main the temperature records, although one other temperature record finds 2005 the hottest year. The decade 2000 -2010 was the hottest ever recorded. The hottest temperatures you refer to in the 1930s were only in the US.I know you Yanks see yourself as the centre of the Universe, but the globe is not the US alone. Your figure of 20% of climate scientists disagreeing with anthropogenic climate change is pure bulldust,as are your observations regarding computer models of the climate future. I suggest you visit some of the many climate science sites, rather than the lie-factories of the denialist industry, and learn a few things from scratch. Above all go to the sites that document the financing of denialism, and the role of the fossil fuel industry and Rightwing ideologues. For God’s sake, open your mind, use some commonsense and jump off this suicidal Rightwing juggernaut. We are all heading for disaster.

  16. Don Hawkins said on February 26th, 2010 at 6:42am #


    Eerie resemblance to the communist witch hunts  

    So what will happen? Well, it’s bound to involve a lot of pomp and circumstance, a lot of blustery finger pointing, complete with McCarthyite trappings. Fox News will cover it. Then, it will likely (hopefully) be dismissed for the foolishness that it is. That’s the best case scenario–given our nation’s current aversion to science, I shudder to think of the worst.  Treehugger

  17. Don Hawkins said on February 26th, 2010 at 9:15am #

    Now as this is happening a new energy souce that can be made from sand. Solar and we have about five years not for profit but to save the human race not all to late. The time is now.

  18. Don Hawkins said on February 26th, 2010 at 9:29am #

    Same story a better look. Read the first comment on this artical.

  19. Don Hawkins said on February 27th, 2010 at 4:56am #

    Both natural cycles and man-made climate change contribute to the collapse of ice shelves and glaciers.