The Holocaust Backfires

Ynet reports:

Peres in Berlin, Netanyahu in Auschwitz, Lieberman in Budapest and Edelstein at the UN headquarters in New York all plan to attack the Goldstone report into the Gaza war on International Holocaust Day this Wednesday.

Israel’s political echelon will once again try to divert attention from the fact that the Israeli crime is beyond comparison.

Israeli Propaganda Minister Edelstein told Ynet before leaving for New York. “The connection between the Goldstone Report and the international Holocaust memorial day is not an easy thing”. He is indeed correct. The true interpretation of the Goldstone report is that Israelis are the Nazis of our time. “We must learn the lessons from what happened” Says Edelstein, “then too, those who yelled out were told that Hitler is a clown and that all the gloomy predictions of the 1930s were nonsense.”

Someone should advise the Israeli Propaganda man that by now no one regards mass murderer Barak, Nuclear enthusiast Peres, warmonger Livni or ultra racist Lieberman as clowns. We respect them for what they are. Yet, we prefer to see them locked behind bars.

In fact, those world leaders around the world who bowed to Jewish pressure and made the Holocaust into an international memorial day must have been convinced that the Holocaust carries a universal message against oppression and racism. They were actually correct, if the holocaust has any universal and ethical meaning, stopping the ‘Jews only state’ and bringing its criminal political and military leaders to justice is the true interpretation of the lesson of the Holocaust.

Propaganda Minister Edelstein added “on the Holocaust memorial day of all days, which also marks the battle against global anti-Semitism, we must discuss this connection, because today the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces are accused of harvesting organs and murdering children”. The Israelis better internalise that the truth of Israeli brutality is now common knowledge. IDF mass murder of children, elders and women is part of our collective memory. The Israeli institutional involvement in organ harvesting is also well documented and an accepted fact.

Minister Edelstein is wrong when he argues that “After World War II and the establishment of the State of Israel, anti-Semitism is not directed at Jews but at Israel and the Israelis. The Goldstone Report, the publications in Sweden about organ harvesting and similar reports, are simply a type of anti-Semitism.” Edelstein is wrong because all the accusations against Israel are well grounded. Furthermore, the opposition to Israel, its Jewish lobbies and Jewish power in general is politically orientated rather than racially motivated.

In the wake of the ‘International Holocaust Memorial Day’ I will say it loudly and openly. To oppose the Jewish state and Jewish nationalism is the true meaning of the memory of the Holocaust. To say NO to Israel is to say NO to racism. This is what ethics and universalism are all about.

Gilad Atzmon, now living in London, was born in Israel and served in the Israeli military. He is the author of The Wandering Who and Being in Time and is one of the most accomplished jazz saxophonists in Europe. He can be reached via his website. Read other articles by Gilad, or visit Gilad's website.

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  1. bozh said on January 27th, 2010 at 11:23am #

    But no state for ‘jews’ only yet. And no de facto or de jure an israel yet. Obviously the west is on fence ab it. If it had been up to world jewry and israelis, surely they wld have an defacto israel.
    It may not be legal but the law being nato/US wishes, it doesn’t matter that such an entity wld not be legal.tnx

  2. Mulga Mumblebrain said on January 27th, 2010 at 11:59pm #

    Mr Atzmon is correct. The use of the Nazi crimes as a crude and viciously hypocritical weapon to attempt to justify Israeli crimes is an insult, not just to the world today, but to the memory of the victims of Nazism. To equate the resistance to Israeli barbarity to Nazism is perhaps as foul a cynical hypocrisy and as Big a Big Lie as one could imagine.And the appropriation,by racist, supremacist Jews, of the status of sole victims of the Nazis, and the deliberate and coldly calculated refusal to acknowledge equally the suffering of the Roma, the Poles, the Serbs, the Soviet citizens, the homosexuals, the Jehovah’sWitnesses and the mentally and physically incapacitated and all the other victims of Nazism,let alone the tens of millions victims of other genocides over history, is, if possible, even more disgraceful. There is not a shadow of a doubt, in my mind, that Zionism and the Israeli state, its psychopathic terror elite and the equally venomous Judaic Lobbies who control the West are the greatest evil since Nazism, leaving aside their Yankee employees. This, of course, is emphatically not true of all Jews, as many are opposed to Israel’s crimes, and see themselves, not as the supernatural ubermenschen of the ‘Chosen People’ myth, but as human beings like the rest of us. However, as I said, the use of the unimaginable horror of the Nazi Judeocide as a means to vilify those opposed to pitiless Jewish crimes against humanity committed by the Zionist terror state is one of the profound moral evils of our time. And the sad fact that there is no-one in the Western power elite prepared to state that truth openly just illustrates the soul-destroying grip of death Israel has over the West.

  3. Maryb said on January 28th, 2010 at 1:42am #

    I have just read that Howard Zinn has died aged 87. He looks a happy man
    ( Does speaking the truth sustain youth?

    He once said

    ‘The Holocaust might serve a powerful purpose if it led us to think of the world today as wartime Germany—where millions die while the rest of the population obediently goes about its business.’

    A larger consciousness
    By Howard Zinn, ZNet Commentary, 10 October 1999

    Some years ago, when I was teaching at Boston University, I was asked by a Jewish group to give a talk on the Holocaust. I spoke that evening, but not about the Holocaust of World War II, not about the genocide of six million Jews. It was the mid-Eighties, and the United States government was supporting death squad governments in Central America, so I spoke of the deaths of hundreds of thousands of peasants in Guatemala and El Salvador, victims of American policy. My point was that the memory of the Jewish Holocaust should not be encircled by barbed wire, morally ghettoized, kept isolated from other genocides in history. It seemed to me that to remember what happened to Jews served no important purpose unless it aroused indignation, anger, action against all atrocities, anywhere in the world. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    The Holocaust might serve a powerful purpose if it led us to think of the world today as wartime Germany—where millions die while the rest of the population obediently goes about its business. It is a frightening thought that the Nazis, in defeat, were victorious: today Germany, tomorrow the world. That is, until we withdraw our obedience.

  4. Rehmat said on January 28th, 2010 at 4:31am #

    Personally, I tends to agree with Dr. Norman Finkelstein mother’s interpretation of Holocaust: “Jews or anyone else doesn’t has the monopoly over Holocaust.”

    Jewish religious text mention two Jewish Holocausts carried out by Romans. According to Jewish holy book Talmud (Gittin 57b): “Four billion Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar – While Gittin 58a claims that sixteen million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans. The Book of Esther tells the story behind Jewish festive holiday of Purim, which is based on the slaughter of 75,000 non-Jewish Persians on the order of King Ahasueros (Xerxes) on the advice of his Jewish Queen Esther and Jewish prime minister Mordecai.

    After entering Jerusalem on July 15, 1099 – the Christian Franks under the command of Godfrey of Bouilion slaughtered the entire Muslim and Jewish population (over 70,000) during the next three days.

    Between 15th – 17th century, European settlers killed between 100 to 180 million Natives in Americana. Later, Europeans killed more than 80 million Africans in process of their Black slave trade.

    In 1492, when Crusaders captured the last Muslim state in Spain, Garanada – they killed 3-5 million Muslims and 173,000 Jews as part of Inquisition.

    Between 1891 and 1911 – some 10 million Africans perished in the course of Europe’s exploitation of Congolese ivory and rubber resources.

    “The same Europe that we are now trumpeting as a model of pacifism has been built by wars, down to the last stone. The two World Wars, only recently fought – caused 100 million deaths including 60 million civilians. The Russian and Chinese Revolutions caused at least 50 million more deaths; actually, historians have recently revised it upward to 100 million. As far the 146 little wars since 1945, they have discreetly exterminated close to 30 million people – 75% of them civilians in the name of world power….” – Phillipe Delmas writing in “The Rosy Future of War”.

  5. Maryb said on January 29th, 2010 at 2:23am #

    The day after we woke to the words of the Chief Rabbi on BBC Radio 4 reminding us that it was Holocaust Memorial Day, we had Sir Martin Gilbert being interviewed on Today. He is one of the four ‘Knights of the Realm’ on the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq was, a historian who has written extensively on Churchill, the Holocaust and Zionist Israel. One other of the four Knights is Jewish incidentally.

    He is complaining of anti-semitism. This good article explains and has links to the Israeli radio station on which he aired his grievances and to which the BBC have given airtime. The station is based in an illegal settlement but that probably is of no matter to Sir Martin.

    SYNOPSIS – Britain inquiry into the Iraq war has been dealt severe blow by a pro-Israel activist on the inquiry committee who has given an interview to a Jewish settlers’ radio accusing his critics of “anti-Semitism”.

    Why did he make these complaints the day before Bliar appears before him and the others at the Inquiry?

  6. Mulga Mumblebrain said on January 29th, 2010 at 4:51am #

    Yes, Maryb, I heard Gilbert too,hissing and spitting vitriol that any dare question half of the whitewash committee’s active membership being Zionist Jews, and demanding that something be done to silence such criticism. The Zionists’ incomparable arrogance will be their downfall one hopes, before they cause a gigantic religious war, clearly their firm, deranged,intent. The criticisms of this clear fix by Miles and Ingram did not mention the most salient feature of the reality that Zionist Jews were the force behind the destruction of Iraq. Neither mentioned Oded Yinon’s ‘Zionist Plan for the Middle East’ or Netanyahu et flunkies ‘A Clean Break’, both of which outline the Zionist plan to smash all the Islamic states of the Middle East along ethnic and sectarian lines, into powerless statelets at the mercy of the Chosen People in their Holy Land (of yet undetermined eventual extent).
    Without understanding the central Zionist role in the destruction of Iraq, or for those of us who read papers and journals, retaining one’s memory of those events seven years ago, the Zionists will not only escape censure, but they will destroy Iran, and probably Pakistan as well.Already we see the same Zionist liars who were at the forefront of the avalanche of lies and distortion regarding Iraq, back to their genocidal tricks concerning Iran. If we bear in mind the ‘religious’ significance of genocide and murder for Judaic extremists, the sanctification of massacres (most, thankfully, purely mythical)in the so-called ‘Holy’ Torah, and the history of massacres performed by the Zionists since 1947 (the Nakbah, Qibya, Sabra, Shatilla,Qana, Lebanon, the USS Liberty,Gaza etc)we can plainly see that Zionism represents a truly dreadful racist evil. That it is armed to the teeth with thermonuclear weapons is chilling, that it totally controls the corrupt Western elites through crude money power and that its acolytes are simply slavering at the prospect of inflicting ‘shock and awe’ on Iran, signals, I believe,the unhappy truth that this tiny, fanatic, tribe, the Zionist Jews, are about to plunge us into the hell of a new world war.For,if Iran is attacked, the radicalisation and resistance that act is certain to bring will surely reduce all previous Islamic resistance to Western state terror to mere insignificance. And egged on by the Zionists, their political employees will not only slaughter with gusto in Moslem lands, but will, I fear,crush resistance, even dissent, at home,on the grounds that it represents ‘anti-Semitism’.