Walled in by Myth and Deceit

Ben Gurion “…realized that the holy book could be made into a secular national text, serve as a central repository of ancient collective imagery, help forge the hundreds of thousands of new immigrants into a unified people, and tie the younger generation to the land.”

— Shlomo Sand, The Invention of the Jewish People, 108)

Of what possible significance has Sand’s comment today as America watches in utter disbelief and dismay the demise of the President of Change and Hope into an obsequious and obedient Golem of Israel, subservient to Netanyahu and Lieberman? The great Golem of Prague in the 16th century, a mythological creature created of mud by incantations of the ancient Rabbi Loew to protect the walled ghetto of the Jews, lived without a soul but at the service of the Rabbi. So now, we watch in disbelief Obama bow before the scorn of Bibi and Avigdor as they mock the great agent of change, the bringer of peace to the world, and the savior of America from the ravages of Bush.

The answer lies in a study of mythistory and deception. Mythistory is the creation of historical fact out of ancient stories placing the accuracies of these stories before the evidence of scientific investigation or epistemological study. In 1936, Yitzhak Baer published Galut (exile) stating conclusively, “The Jewish revival of the present day is in its essence not determined by the national movements of Europe; it harks back to the ancient national consciousness of the Jews, which existed before the history of Europe and is the original sacred model for all the national ideas of Europe.” For Baer, the Biblical myth that told of the giving of the land of Palestine to the chosen people gave them proprietary claim to it; indeed, Jewish history “was to be studied in isolation from the history of the gentiles, because the principles, tools, concepts and time frame of these studies were completely different” (Sand 102).

Ben Gurion ignored scientific evidence when it faulted the story of the Bible that recounted “the promise of the Land of Canaan to the seed of Abraham and Sarah.” A necessity, since Ben Gurion was not of that seed, as Shlomo Sand’s evidence demonstrates. Ben Gurion would not allow any external source to challenge the biblical author’s “divine” source. Not even the logic of Thomas Paine, who noted that Abraham’s visit with God in the bush, should it have happened in fact, could determine the existence of that promise since it was a revelation to Moses alone and only hearsay to those who followed him. But Ben Gurion’s efforts prevailed throughout Israel as the Bible became the national textbook and “the creation of a common ‘ethnic’ origin for the religious communities scattered throughout the world, and (a means to) self-persuasion in the claiming of proprietary rights over the country” (Sand 111).

Unfortunately for Ben Gurion’s protestation to the contrary, archeological and scientific evidence demonstrates that the genocide at Canaan never occurred, the Exodus never happened and the kingdoms of David and Solomon were and are but myths. One need only read The Bible Unearthed by Finkelstein and Silberman and The Historicity of the Patriarchal Narratives by Thompson, and the latest work by Dr. Sand among many to understand the reality. Unfortunately for the Palestinians and for the people of the mid-east, Ben Gurion’s lies and deceptions have insulated Israel from censure for stealing the land of Palestine from its rightful indigenous population. As Sand puts it, “The book (Bible) was transferred from the shelf of theological tracts to the history section, and adherents of Jewish nationalism began to read it as if it were reliable testimony to processes and events” (127).

On May 14th of 1948, President Harry S. Truman received a letter from the Jewish Agency in Mandate Palestine seeking his support, indeed his recognition, of the newly declared State of Israel. In that letter the Jewish Agency declared in no uncertain terms that their government of the new state would bring peace to the area since it would abide by and uphold the United Nations Partition Plan that provided for two states in Palestine, one for the Palestinians and one for the Jews. What the letter did not say was that Jewish forces had been invading and destroying Palestinian villages and towns for the preceding months, most notably, and only a month before the letter, the village of Deir Yassin where a brutal massacre had been inflicted on its inhabitants. The consequence of this deception was the eradication and razing of 418 towns and villages by the combined Jewish forces, the ethnic cleansing of approximately 750,000 natives to refugee camps and to neighboring lands, and the annexation of their lands and homes to the new Israeli state. Yet another form of mythistory created by deception.

All of which brings us to Ben Gurion’s “forging” of the hundreds of thousands of new immigrants into a unified people by means of a Mafia-like control over the masses of Jews brought to Palestine before 1947. The absoluteness of this control as established in documents seized by the Mandate Police and kept by Sir Richard Catling in the Rhodes House Archives at Oxford, included forced taxation to support the military arm of the Agency, the violence used to control “laggards,” the availability of jobs once in Palestine, the network of Zionists in Europe and England to maintain control of desirable immigrants versus undesirable, as well as the control of politicians to enable the Zionist terror against the Mandate forces to continue unhindered, the means of communication within the Jewish community and of all external communication about the Jewish community especially in England and America, and the education of all youth followed by forced enlistment in the Jewish armed forces. Ilan Pappe’s The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine corroborates the documents secured by Catling.

Today that ethnic cleansing continues because the Mafia-like controls imposed on the Jews immigrating to Palestine in those early years still exists through the almost total control of the people of Israel by the Israeli military and by the Zionist government’s control of the United States Congress through the coercion of the Jewish lobbies as noted by Mearsheimer and Walt as evidenced in the Congress’ acquiescence to the dictates of AIPAC. One need only look at the most recent capitulation to Israel’s demands by our Congress as it lobbied against the Goldstone Report.

Why should we care that Ben Gurion’s deception became the fodder of the Jews brought to Palestine during the Mandate period? The answer is clear enough. The Zionists controlled all Jews entering Palestine as noted above including the molding of their minds to a religion that was a lie and rights to land that did not exist. That same mythistory was conveyed to the west in numerous books based on interpretations of the Bible as historically accurate renderings of a race of people that do not exist as a race but who believe in truths dependent on hearsay, the mythological flight of a people from Egypt and their wandering in the desert for forty years, an exodus that never happened, the conquering of the Canaanites that did not occur, and the existence of ancient kingdoms for which there is no evidence. Indoctrinated with those beliefs, the Jews under Ben Gurion’s oligarchy believed that they were coming home to a land they had an historical right to regardless of the reality that it was inhabited by others for centuries. That belief allowed for no acceptance of others as neighbors on a land for believers alone, a strange definition of a democracy.

The horror of this deception cuts two ways: the innocent Jews fleeing Nazi Europe were commandeered for the Zionist cause which used their faith for both political and economic ends and the sympathetic allies of the west, conscious of the devastation wrought on the Jewish people by the Nazi regime and feeling guilt for allowing it to happen became innocent accomplices of those willing to manipulate truth to gain power, land, armaments, and wealth. As a result of this baptism in deceit, the Jewish state now grapples with hordes of fanatical “settlers” that firmly believe they have a right not only to the land of Palestine but to the killing of Palestinians because they live on the land given only to the Jews by G-d Himself. Even more horribly, the United States and the United Kingdom have been seized by the Zionist forces through the manipulations of the lobbies that control our representatives thus providing the means to sustain the brutality of the Israeli States’ subjugation of the indigenous people of Palestine against the will of the citizens of these alleged democratic countries.

And this brings us to the Wall that has been built around Barak Obama. Obama is a captive of the Zionist forces that control America’s representatives, its corporations and its mass communications. No one disputes the intent of the American people when they elected Obama as President. He was the man to bring change – to end the wars, to bring health care to all Americans, to fight for the environment, to expand educational opportunities for all – all promises that require the support of the Congress. Yet despite his overwhelming victory at the polls, he is a virtual lame duck President. Why?

Early in his Presidency, Obama made overtures to the Arab world and to Russia and the European Union asserting that America was no longer the pre-eminent world power that thirsted for world domination. His Cairo speech appeared to open a dialogue that suggested the possibility for peace through a return to the Saudi Prince’s Plan based on the 1967 UN resolution, a plan that provided full recognition of the State of Israel by all Arab nations. Almost immediately, Israel reacted, questioning his faithfulness to the Jewish State. From that time to this, Obama’s mid-east policies have towed the line even though he has had to bow before the likes of Netanyahu and Lieberman. Why?

The answer is simple enough. With the Congress controlled by AIPAC and its affiliates, Obama can do nothing requiring Congress’ action if he opposes or even seems to oppose what the Zionists dictate. Perhaps the most blatant decision by the Obama administration that confirms this perspective is the decision to object to the Goldstone Report that condemns Israel for crimes against humanity, crimes identified and confirmed by B’Tselem in Jerusalem, the Jewish states’ Human Rights organization, the International Red Cross, and Amnesty International.

Now we know what Obama must have known these past few months, that the United Nations Human Rights Council has proposed a Resolution on “The Human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.” This resolution endorses unqualifiedly the “recommendations contained in the report, and calls upon all concerned parties including UN bodies, to ensure their immediate implementation in accordance with their respective mandates.” But the Obama administration and our Congress has opposed what the world understands to be a valid and true account of the brutal actions of the Zionist government of Israel.

There is a wall around this President, a wall he did not know existed when he made his famous speech in Berlin when still a candidate; a wall he did not know he could not tear down even if he became President; a wall that has been built by powers that control America not by the people of America; a wall that uses fear as its mortar, bigotry and racism as its buttress, coercion as its cement, and money as its allurement to maintain control. It is a wall created out of myth twisted into history, taught repetitively as truth till it becomes truth, deceptively designed to drag this once free nation into the depths of darkness and despair that allow the few to control the multitude and in the process to enslave the minds that would be repulsed by what they support if they knew the truth behind the myths.

William A. Cook is a Professor of English at the University of La Verne in southern California. He edited The Plight of the Palestinians: A Long History of Destruction (2010). He can be reached at: wcook@laverne.edu. Read other articles by William, or visit William's website.