The Blood Oath

“Mr. President, will you take a call from Prime Minister Netanyahu in five minutes? He says it’s urgent, very urgent.”

“Rahm, I can tell from the tone of your voice that you’re not asking me a question. You’re giving me an order.”

Rahm Emanuel smiled.

President Obama did his best to match it and then said, “There are times when I don’t know who is doing most to screw me, you or Netanyahu.”

“Mr. President, we work as a team.”

“I take it you mean you and Netanyahu, not you and me.”

Rahm’s only response was another smile.

“Okay, I’ll take the call.”

Rahm pressed a button on the President’s desk and said to the operator, “Put him straight through when he calls.”

Obama drew on an imaginary cigarette. “Rahm, there’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask you for a long time…. Do you think I’d be sitting in this chair if I had not agreed to have you as my chief of staff?”

Rahm thought about saying “No” but settled for: “Probably not”.

“Yes, Prime Minister. What can I do for you today?”

“Mr. President, I need you to understand that I have a very serious problem on my hands because of my commitment to assist you to advance the peace process. As you know, my government has ordered building inspectors to enforce a 10-month freeze on the construction of new buildings in Judea and Samaria. But our inspectors are being blocked by some of the settlers. It’s not yet turned seriously violent but I fear it will if we proceed with enforcement.”

“You must decide, prime minister, who rules, you or the settlers. I’m sure the IDF can handle them.”

“Mr. President, there’s some background to this problem that you may not be aware of. Back in 1980, General Sharon signed an oath with his blood. He did it at a meeting with very many senior IDF officers. They all signed the oath with their blood. Down the years since then, the same oath has been signed by many others with their blood. In the event of a government of Israel seeking to withdraw from Judea and Samaria for peace with the Palestinians, the oath commits those who signed it to make common cause with the settlers and fight that government to the death. Mr. President, I am frightened. If I do what you ask – we both know that a temporary freeze will be the overture to a full withdrawal – I could trigger a Jewish civil war, and that could be the end of Israel.”

Rahm Emanuel was about to speak. The President silenced him with a gesture.

“Binyamin, I am aware of the blood oath. Perhaps none of my predecessors were, but I am. I’m also aware that when Prime Minister Begin started to stuff the occupied West bank with settlers, it was for the purpose of creating the civil war scenario you now fear. He calculated that no Israeli prime minister would want to go down in history as the one who gave the order to the Jewish army to shoot Jews out of occupation for the sake of peace with the Palestinians.”

The President paused to debate briefly with himself what he should say next.

“Binyamin, it’s time for all of us to face the truth. The dangerous mess that you Israelis are now in is entirely of your own making. You should not have settled the occupied territories. Very soon after the 1967 war the government of Israel was advised by its own legal experts that settlement would be illegal. That was also the opinion of the governments of the organised international community, all of them, and you Israelis told them to go to hell.”

“Mr. President, I’ll be the first Israeli prime minister to say there’s some truth in what you’ve just said. But it’s only a small part of the whole truth. The settlements went ahead only because the governments of the major powers failed to give us a red light. Security Council Resolution 242 ought to have contained clauses emphasizing that settlement of the newly occupied territory would be illegal and would not be tolerated. Before you press me further, Mr. President, think about that and then ask yourself who, really, is most to blame for the dangerous mess we are all in.”

The line went dead.

The conversation above is imaginary but the blood oath is not. I tell the true story of it in Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews. My source was Ezer Weizman when he was Israel’s minister of defense.

I had an appointment with him at 1.30pm in his office at the defense ministry in Tel Aviv. At the reception desk of a strangely unbusy ministry, I was told that he was out and had left a message asking for me to be shown into his outer office and to make myself comfortable until he arrived.

Nearly half an hour later I heard the sound of heavy, weary footsteps coming up the stone stairs. When Ezer filled the frame of the doorway to the outer office of his inner sanctum, it was obvious that he was not his usual energetic, breezy self. He had the look of a haunted man. He managed a smile and said “Shalom.” Then, without another word, he put an arm around my shoulder and walked me into his office. He closed the door, nodded me to a seat on the other side of his ministerial desk and flopped into his own chair. He pushed it back and plonked his feet on the desk. He was looking straight at me but through me, to something only visible in his imagination.

I let the silence run and then, eventually, I said: “Ezer, you’ve obviously got a major problem on your mind. Shall I make an appointment for another day?”

Eventually he spoke. On refection I was sure he told me what he did only because I was there. He needed to tell somebody and it happened by chance to be me.

He said slowly and with quiet emphasis:

“This lunchtime Sharon convened a secret meeting of some of our generals and other top military and security people. They signed a blood oath which commits them to fight to the death to prevent any government of Israel withdrawing from the West Bank.” Pause. “I know that’s what happened at the meeting because I’ve checked it out, and that’s why I was late.”

Alan Hart has been engaged with events in the Middle East and globally as a researcher, author, and a correspondent for ITN and the BBC. Read other articles by Alan, or visit Alan's website.

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  1. bozh said on December 5th, 2009 at 12:08pm #

    Well, alan might be pulling our leg. But it does not matter if yes or not.
    What matters is that what was taken by theft;i.e., war can be taken back only by a war.
    And everybody knows that. U don’t need to go to schools or read corporate media to find that that.
    Actually, one cldn’t ever find this fact from privately owned media. tnx

  2. Ismail Zayid said on December 5th, 2009 at 12:23pm #

    This conversation, though imaginery, reflects the real power that conducts U.S. policy in the Middle East, which, as corroborated by many authorities, emanates from Tel Aviv and not Washington.

  3. Jeffersonian-Maoist said on December 5th, 2009 at 12:46pm #






  4. Shabnam said on December 5th, 2009 at 2:32pm #


    You are absolutely right. I have warned people at this site about Juan Cole who along with other closet Zionists you have mentioned, Noam Chomsky and Soloman, are supporting the Zionist opposition group in Iran, Green, where trying to stage a Coup against elected President Ahmadi nejad with more than 63% of the votes and place a petty agent connected to corrupt business man with turbine , Rafsanjani who can work with the zionist agents to hand over a totally privatized Iran, including the oil industry, to these thieves.

    You have to understand that Juan Cole is a Bahia and majority of Bahia are ally of state of Israel because their spiritual leader, Bahaullah, is rested in Haifa, the occupied Palestine. Majority of Baha’i in Iran are Jews who have converted to Baha’ism. Number of Baha’i psychologists are working hand in hand with Zionist murderers in Quam and other military bases helping them in their torture activities against innocent Muslims who were kidnapped from the streets in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries.

    A Zionist Baha’i, by the name of Payam Akhavan, a lawyer, has been active in collecting ‘documents’ against Arab leaders like Al Bashir to convict him as a ‘war criminals’ at the ICC to remove Arab strong leaders for regime change and partition of Sudan which is part of the ‘greater Israel’ project, but he is silent against all zionist war criminals. He has said nothing about Bush, Sharon, Olmert, Blair, Obama, and other war criminals. He is an active member of the Jewish organization against Bashir “Save Darfur.” Payam Akhavan with other Zionist Jews like Roya Hakkakian and her Husband, who has been invited to Zionist program such as NOW with David Brancaccio and NPR, connected to military, as a poet and Journalist to spread lies about victimization as a Jew in Iran, has established “Document center” in New Haven funded by CIA to collect ‘documents’ where can be used against Iranian leaders especially Khamenaie and Ahmadinejad to be sent to ICC, like Al Bashir, as war criminals to bring their own puppet into power. No one should pay any attention to these Zionist agents including Campaign for peace and Democracy, CPD and HOPI all are part of the zionist camp.

    I have to warn people that the closet Zionists and their agents in the ‘progressive’ camp are preparing a women by the name of Malalai Joya as the future leader of Afghanistan. The readers of this site must know that Afghanistan is part of the Zionist war to squeeze Iran from the borders of Iraq and Afghanistan with more than 120000 troops on each border, in the northeast and the southwest part of Iran to stage an military attack against Iran to serve the interest of Israel and to place a racist Pashtun anti Tajik Persian speaking people in Afghanistan like Taliban. Mallalai Joya is a Pashtun woman who was kicked out of the parliament due to her stupidity insulting members of the parliament. There are number of articles in Persian where do not consider this woman as Afghani due to her birth in Pakistan in the refugee camp. Number of people believe she is an agent of Pakistan. She does not attack Taliban as much as she attacks Iran to frighten Afghani people. She has been given numerous AWARDS in the western countries friendly to Israel and has appeared numerous times on Voice of America, a CIA platform. In any case, she like Israel is very much against the northern alliances, who are mainly Tajik Persian speaking people and Hezareh, the Shia’ts in Afghanistan. She brings a lot of hatred against Tajik. She like the Zionist is trying to get attention by making Tajik as escape goat. Mallalai Joya a racist anti Persian, has been favored by the Zmag, Counterpunch, Globalreseach and other Trotskyite groups. Be aware of it. Malalai Joya is supported by the phony anti war activist, Joanne Landy from CPD along with Noam Chomsky and Zionist agents who are working for UNITED 4 Iran, funded by NED, Hamid Dabashi, a zionist clown from Columbia University. I have no idea how Dabashi could support a racist pashtun who has made many speeches against Tajik and Iranian people, unless Dabashi is secretly working with an separatist movement in Iran who are under zionist direction. Dabashi is from Ahwaz, the capital of province of Khuzestan.

  5. kalidas said on December 5th, 2009 at 4:12pm #

    “If you want to control the opposition, then lead it!

  6. Rehmat said on December 5th, 2009 at 9:34pm #

    Shabnam your point of view is very close to the reality. Zionist entity see Islamic Iran as the only regional threat to its long unchallenged supramacy. The West is also affraid that a stable Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq may fall under the spell of Iran’s revolutionary governance.

    Since its first-ever military humiliation at the hands of a few thousands of Hizbollah fighters during 34-day war in Summer 2006, Israeli leadership and its Zionist supporters around the world are in panic.

    The result of a POLL taken amongst Israeli military officers, reported by Major Dr. Ruby Sandman in the “Israeli” military magazine, giving the impression within the Israel Occupation Force (IOF) is that the performance of IOF was inferior to that of Hizb’Allah.

    Poll: Israel vs Hizb’Allah

  7. Sam Bolivar said on December 7th, 2009 at 9:34am #

    @ Jeffersonian-Maoist & Shabnam:
    First, J-M, please take your finger off the CAPS LOCK button, OK? Thanks. 🙂

    Second, your accusations against Juan Cole are quite strong – in fact, I’d even consider them libelous. What proof do you have for your claims? (URLs, please)

    FYI, Mr. Cole has publicly criticized the warmongers who’ve been threatening Iran:
    October 01, 2009
    Top Things you Think You Know about Iran that are not True
    “Folks, We Are Being Set Up Again!”
    Iran’s Nuclear “Threat”
    08/25/06 “Counterpunch”
    by Juan Cole

    Mr. Cole was mentioned in the following article, which advocates a calmer, less-belligerent approach with Iran:
    Lost in translation
    Experts confirm that Iran’s president did not call for Israel to be ‘wiped off the map’. Reports that he did serve to strengthen western hawks.
    By Jonathan Steele
    06/14/06 “The Guardian”

    Cole also publicly criticized the Zionist warmonger Jonah Goldberg.

    Oh, and he also wrote the following:
    Juan Cole: A Million Palestinians Threatened with Starvation by Israel

    —> So you can take back your misleading, false claims about Mr. Cole, and issue an apology to him on this site – if you are honorable enough.

    Thank you.


    On the other hand, I can believe that Noam Chomsky is a ‘gatekeeper’, because I’ve yet to see him publicly criticize Israel and its numerous crimes against humanity anywhere near as strongly as he has criticized the U.S. Also, he has not (so far as I know) joined the 9/11 Truth movement, and apparently still professes to believe in the thoroughly discredited OCT (Official Conspiracy Theory) – which is of course supported by the US and Israeli governments, as well as most MSM outlets in the West. (If I am mistaken, then I will also of course apologize to Mr. Chomsky on this site.)

    Let’s keep trying to spread truth…

    Sam Bolivar

  8. Leslie Ann Jones said on December 7th, 2009 at 9:46am #

    I find this hilarious in a sad way.

    It’s funny because it’s so ‘true’.

    Imaginary, but what might come out of their mouths if someone relaced their tea/coffee with truth serum.

  9. Charlie Bell said on December 7th, 2009 at 11:42am #

    There are radicals in every country on earth. Why is the Jewish situation so epidemic to world views? Their Zionist movement is not very different than our manifest destiny. The exception is that we never had claim on America before. We were never conquered and exiled. I am not saying that they should push the Palestinian people out. However, if someone was lobbing bombs over our borders, at our people, or for that matter in any other nation in the world, there would be serious consequences.

  10. Suthiano said on December 7th, 2009 at 3:44pm #

    Thanks Shabnam.

    I’ve heard Juan Cole in person dismiss the “Israel Lobby”: “How could only 2% of the population be that powerful?” He is a full out zionist and would gladly work with neocons and warmongers of all sorts.

  11. Shabnam said on December 7th, 2009 at 5:53pm #

    Juan Cole follows the same line as Zmag. He writes:

    [President Obama is slowly putting Iran in a box. His cancellation of the useless and expensive so-called “missile shield” program in Eastern Europe, which had needlessly antagonized Russia, has been rewarded with greater Russian cooperativeness on Iran. But in fact his move was shrewd and gutsy, since he predisposed Russia to increased cooperation with the US in regard to Iran’s nuclear research program. Obama’s full court press for a United Nations Security Council resolution on nuclear disarmament also pulled the rug out from under Iran’s previous grandstanding tactics, whereby it accused the US and its allies of only wanting nuclear dominance, not the abolition of nukes.]

    He does not tell the readers ISRAELI was influencial for such a foreign policy because Israel is working to bring Russia on board. Russia always has worked with Israel to advance her interest in the region and the world. Israel is using Obama and her influence on American foreign policy to direct Obama to give more concessions to Russia to bring Russia on board. Russia and Israel have IDENTICAL POLICY against Iran and use Iran card, Bushehr reactor construction and vote against Iran at the UN to get more concession. Iran views Russia far more dangerous than the United States, but the Zionist policy have forced Iran into Russian hand where Iranians view as an enemy due to Russia/Iran histroy for the past, at least three centuries. Israel has a win, win situation since she has one leg on foreign policy of the United States and a foot in Russia’s court. Majority of the closet Zionist circle view Russia as a friend and push for more concessions to Russia against Iran. Russia after Israel is the most pro Zionist policy in the world.
    Juan Cole criticizes policies of Israel but he hardly, like Chomsky, exposes the hand of Jewish Lobby in US foreign policy regarding Muslim countries and waging wars one after the other. It is interesting that you accept Chomsky as a gatekeeper but not Juan Cole. Juan Cole is NOT ANTI ZIONISM per say. He criticizes Israel policies but he is a REALIST like Stephen Walt and Joan Mearsheimer. Both consider Israel a vibrant ‘democracy.’ Juan Cole is NOT against establishment of state of Israel, like Stephen Walt and his co author, and I have never read he is for one state for all. All closest Zionists, like Chomsky, Soloman and others, are against one state for all and are seeking a ‘Jewish state.’
    Cole is a ‘democrat’ and could not openly side with neocons, however he said the following:
    “Iraq never has been as close as two decades from having nuclear weapons.” And
    “I am an Arabist and happen to know something serious about Baathist Iraq, which paralyzes me from opposing a war for regime change in that country (Milosevic did not kill nearly as many people). If it is true that Chirac thinks the Baath party can be reformed from without, he is simply wrong.”
    And the month after that: “I remain convinced that, for all the concerns one might have about the aftermath, the removal of Saddam Hussein and the murderous Baath regime from power will be worth the sacrifices that are about to be made on all sides.”
    He like Noam Chomsky has his own style to let people in certain direction to reduce opposition to certain Government policies so to help stability to keep fools on board. Both Chomsky and Juan Cole have supported a LIE that Iranian election in June 2009 was ‘fraud’ and they site the Chatham House report, close to MI6, as evidence which is unfortunate.
    Now, he is fully on Board with Obama and supporting his policies on every direction including the recent ‘Green revolution’ in Iran. Juan Cole gives grad A to Obama, a zionist puppet, for his policy towards Iran: As Edward Herman and David Petersen wrote:

    Juan Cole’s very positive report card for President Barack Obama’s foreign policy is a bit shocking, given his knowledge and frequent enlightening comments. (”Obama’s Foreign Policy Report Card,” Salon, October 27, 2009.1) “[Obama] receives his lowest grade for his failure to force America’s chattering classes to take notice,” Cole judges — policy issues resolve into matters of perception, and can be remedied by better PR, or fewer negative attacks from the right. But on his accomplishments, it’s another story. Obama “has already set in motion significant change on several [foreign policy] fronts,” Cole avers, so much so that Cole believes we are now living in a “different world.”
    Cole gives Obama the grade of “B” for his policy toward Iraq, “A” for Iran, and “B” for Pakistan. Cole writes that “[Obama] can be faulted for not working closely enough with the Nouri al-Malaki government [in Iraq] to ease the transition, hence a grade of B instead of A.”

    Herman and Petersen continue:
    On Israel-Palestine, Cole speaks of “little progress,” when in fact there has been no progress whatsoever, and humiliating backtracking as the Obama administration has been unable or unwilling to halt Israeli settlement growth and aggressive ethnic cleansing actions in East Jerusalem,18 has reaffirmed Israel’s rogue status as a nuclear weapons state beyond the reach of the Non-Proliferation Treaty,19 and has even rejected the findings of the Goldstone Commission as “unbalanced” and “deeply flawed.”20 Admittedly, with the entire Democratic Party establishment and the U.S. media groveling before the pro-Israel lobby, there was not much Obama could do, but he has not fought back very hard and has failed to do anything useful. Another failing grade.
    Cole also lauds Obama’s movement on Iran policy, where Obama is willing to “jawbone,” which helped get an IAEA inspection team visiting the newly announced enrichment facility at Qom.22 But Cole fails to mention that Obama announced the “discovery” of the Qom facility in a dishonest and fear-mongering way, hijacking the attention focused on the Group of 20 summit in Pittsburgh to stage the announcement at the very outset of the summit,23 and that his administration has put enormous weight on containing Iran’s non-existent “threat” and continues to keep all options “on the table” to meet it. Cole doesn’t suggest that the threat is phony or mention that Israel and the United States are the real nuclear threats, already wreaking havoc with their massive conventional forces, while leaning on their nuclear supremacy as backups. Obama flunks again here, and so does Cole.

    Juan Cole is fully on board with the Zionist administration of Obama on domestic and foreign policy directed by the Jewish Lobby pro Israel against interest of the American people.