What is Israel’s Role in the Destabilization of Pakistan?

When waging war “by way of deception,” the motto of the Israeli Mossad, well-timed crises play a critical agenda-setting role by displacing facts with what a target population can be deceived to believe. Thus the force-multiplier effect when staged crises are reinforced with pre-staged intelligence. In combination, the two often prove persuasive.

That duplicity was on display when U.S. lawmakers were induced to invade Iraq in response to the mass murder of 9-11. That crisis alone, however, was insufficient. Military mobilization required a “consensus” belief in Iraqi WMD, Iraqi ties to Al Qaeda, Iraqi mobile biological weapons, Iraqi meetings in Prague, and so forth. Though all were false, those “facts” proved sufficient to induce an invasion of Iraq.

Such agent provocateur operations typically include collateral incidents as pre-staging for the intended main event. Ongoing incidents suggest a follow-on operation is underway. Recent history suggests we’ll see an orgy of evidence that plausibly indicts a pre-staged Evil Doer. Though Iran is an obvious candidate, Pakistan is also a possibility where outside forces have been destabilizing this nuclear Islamic nation with a series of violent incidents.

Will it be coincidence if the next war—like the last—is consistent with the expansive goals of Jewish nationalists?

The Indo-Israel Alliance

December 2007 saw the murder of former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Mark Siegel, her Ashkenazim biographer and lobbyist, assured U.S. diplomats that her return was “the only possible way that we could guarantee stability and keep the presidency of Musharraf intact.”

President Pervez Musharraf had announced that resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict was essential to the resolution of conflicts in Iraq and neighboring Afghanistan. That comment made him a target for Tel Aviv.

During Bhutto’s two terms as prime minister, Pakistani support for the Taliban—then celebrated as the freedom-fighting Mujahadin—enabled her to wield influence in Afghanistan while also catalyzing conflicts in Kashmir. By fueling tension with India, she also fueled an Indo-Israel alliance as Tel Aviv provided New Delhi an emergency shipment of artillery shells during a conflict over the Kirpal region of Kashmir.

In January 2009, Israel delivered to India the first of three Phalcon Airborne Warning & Control Systems (AWACS) shifting the balance of conventional weapons in the region. That sale confirmed what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had earlier announced: “Our ties with India don’t have any limitation….” That became apparent in April when Israel signed a $1.1 billion agreement to provide India an advanced tactical air defense system developed by Raytheon, a U.S. defense contractor.

In August 2008, Ashkenazim General David Kezerashvili returned to Georgia from Tel Aviv to lead an assault on separatists in South Ossetia with the support of Israeli arms and training. That crisis ignited Cold War tensions between the U.S. and Russia, key members of the Quartet (along with the EU and the UN) pledged to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Little was said about the Israeli interest in a pipeline across Georgia meant to move Caspian oil through Turkey and on to Eurasia, using Israel as an intermediary while undermining Russia’s oil industry.

More Game Theory Warfare?

Bhutto’s murder ensured a crisis that replaced Musharaff with Asif Ali Zardari, her notoriously corrupt husband. By Washington’s alliance with Zardari, the U.S. could be portrayed as extending its corrupting influence in the region.

On August 7, 2008, the Zadari-led ruling coalition called for a no-confidence vote in Parliament against Musharraf just as he was departing for the Summer Olympics in Beijing. On August 8, heavy fighting erupted overnight in South Ossetia. As with many of the recent incidents in Pakistan, this violent event involved armed separatists.

But for pro-Israeli influence inside the U.S. government, would our State Department have installed in office the corrupt Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan, leading to record-level poppy production? Is the heroin epidemic presently eroding Russian society traceable to Israel’s infamous game theory war-planners? (See “How Israel Wages Game Theory Warfare” and “Israel and 9-11.”)

In late November 2008, a terrorist attack in Mumbai, India’s financial center, renewed fears of nuclear tension between India and Pakistan. When the attackers struck a hostel managed by Chabad Lubavitch, an ultra-orthodox Jewish sect from New York, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni announced from Tel Aviv: “Our world is under attack.” By early December, Israeli journalists urged that we “fortify the security of Jewish institutions worldwide.”

Soon after “India’s 9-11” was found to include operatives from Pakistan’s western tribal region, Zardari announced an agreement with the Taliban to allow Sharia law to govern a swath of the North West Frontier Province where Al Qaeda members reportedly reside.

Pakistani cooperation with “Islamic extremists” created the impression of enhanced insecurity and vulnerability for the U.S. and its allies. That perceived threat was marketed by mainstream media as proof of the perils of “militant Islam.”

With the Taliban and Al Qaeda portrayed as operating freely in a nuclear-armed Islamic state, Tel Aviv gained traction for its claim that a nuclear Tehran posed an “existential threat” to the Jewish state. Meanwhile Israel’s election of an ultra-nationalist/ultra-orthodox coalition further delayed resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

More delay is destined to evoke more extremism and gain more traction for those marketing the “global war on terrorism.” Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni argued after the assault in Mumbai: “Israel, India and the rest of the free world are positioned in the forefront of the battle against terrorists and extremism.”

In announcing that list, Islamabad was indicted by its exclusion even though Pakistan is dominantly Sunni and, unlike Iran’s Shi’a, abhors theocratic rule. The fact patterns suggest that Pakistan, not India, was the target of the murderous terrorism in Mumbai.

Advised by legions of Ashkenazim, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent mission to Islamabad was a diplomatic disaster. Abrasive and arrogant, America’s top diplomat reinforced Pakistani concerns that it is surrounded by hostile forces and that the nation is being set up to fail by Jewish nationalist advisers to a nation it considered an ally.

In a climate of heightened tensions, Clinton undermined U.S. interests, boosted the Israeli case for a global war on “Islamo-fascism” and lent credence to the Clash of Civilizations.

Destabilization as a Prequel to Domination

As Afghanistan and Pakistan join other nations being destabilized by outside forces, key questions must be answered:

· Was India’s 9-11 a form of geopolitical misdirection meant to serve both the tactical goals of Muslim extremists and the strategic goals of Jewish nationalists? Who benefits—within Pakistan—from humiliation at the hands of India and the U.S.?

· With Bhutto’s murder and Musharraf’s departure, the crisis in Mumbai drew Pakistani forces to the Indian border and away from the western tribal region. Was that the geostrategic goal of these well-timed crises? What role, if any, did Israel play?

· Is delay in ending the occupation of Palestine part of an agent provocateur strategy? Was the latest assault on Gaza part of this strategy?

Each of these crises incrementally advanced the expansionist agenda of Colonial Zionists. Do these collateral incidents trace their origin to a common source? Is that source again using serial events to pre-stage a main event?

The public has an intuitive grasp of the source of this oft-recurring behavior. An October 2003 poll of 7,500 respondents in member nations of the European Union found that Israel was considered the greatest threat to world peace.

Is terrorism limited to “Islamo-fascists”? Are mass murders also deployed—from the shadows—as a strategy of geopolitical manipulation by those who Ashkenazim philosopher Hannah Arendt described as “Jewish fascists”?

Jeff Gates is author of Guilt By Association, Democracy at Risk, and The Ownership Solution. Read other articles by Jeff, or visit Jeff's website.

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  1. bozh said on November 12th, 2009 at 2:27pm #

    Cia and mossad appear as two branches of US governance. But even most EU’s spy agencies may be considered as twigs and branches of the same governance.
    These closeknit agencies have, ithinks, two distinct roles: commit terrorist acts or even permit acts of terror by their enemies.
    But with a telos in mind; i.e., provided the echelons of these terrorist groups want know of have been informed of the final solutions for each evil empire or land.
    We do not know how well obama self is informed ab the vast terrorist group or if he has time and inclination to know what they plan to do in future.
    But it probably makes no difference whatever what obama knows or doesn’t know- the terror wld go on anyway.
    Syria, pak’n and afgh’n must be destabilized; later invaded and puppetized and under nato/US thumb. tnx

  2. liz burbank said on November 12th, 2009 at 5:04pm #

    Cui bono? People like Gates, Mearsheimer, Walt & James Petras who twist historical facts into the absurd lie that world dominator US is controlled by its proxy ‘israel’, which could not survive without US support, objectively serve as agents of US imperialism. Such apologists pretend that the US is not zionist for its own global domination agenda – in synch with its state terrorist proxy & partner/s ‘eretz israel’ agenda.
    ‘Israel’s behind-the-scenes role from central europe to africa and the middleeast illustrates its crucial importance to the US agenda — whose rewards keep their fascist game going.
    For DV and other ‘anti-imperialists’ to promote this big lie puts another nail in the already neoliberal democratic party-owned ‘anti-war’ movement – clearly in hindsight, an ‘anti-bush’ movement.

    We can’t hide the hand behind ‘israel’ if we are to fight its #1 world enemy state terrorist controller as well as collaborator.

  3. bozh said on November 12th, 2009 at 5:29pm #

    i am sure that israel is a total dependency on christian world and is being used. perhaps the ruling class in US is quite happy to take ‘jewish’ money and have people blame ‘jews’. tnx

  4. dan e said on November 12th, 2009 at 5:56pm #

    Liz B has it backwards. This is the same old Chomsky/Zunes/Plitnick/Juhacz crap we’ve heard a thousand times.

    I’ve yet to read any statement by any of the above “soft zionists” which provides one fact which contradicts anything James Petras has written on this subject.

    So I invite you, Miz Liz, to post one statement by Petras in which he has twisted the facts, together with your evidence that he has done so.

    Okay everybody, hold your breath:)

  5. Rehmat said on November 12th, 2009 at 7:32pm #

    Like 9/11 for Israel – the US occupation of Afghanistan provided a fantastic opportunity for the two Muslim-hating nuclear states – Hindu India and Zionist Israel – to give practical shape to their common evil agenda of disarming the only Muslim country with a nuclear deterrent. Pakistan’s tragedy is that it has no Ahmadinejad to stand up to USrael bully. Pakistan’s four most powerful individuals: COAS General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani (US Admiral Mike Mullen is proud to call him ‘a personal friend and US ally’), President Asif Zardar is a well known crook with the title “Mr. 10%”, Zardari’s security adviser, Rehman Malik, who reportedly had ties with MOSSAD and MI6 in the past, and Hussain Haqqani, Pakistan’s ambassador in Washington, who is very close to America’s pro-Israel neoconservative mafia.

    Since the fall of Taliban regime in Afghanistan (2001) – India’s spying/terrorist agency (RAW) has re-established itself in Afghanistan through India’s countless consulates, military advisers and local rich Hindu and Sikh minorities. On the other hand, CIA, MOSSAD and MI6 has easy acess to carry-on their anti-Muslim terrorist agenda through US, British, Canadian and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

    Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (US National War Academy), a military analyst at the Pentagon, proposed the Balkanization of the Middle East in his article titled Blood Borders – advocated the incorporation of the NWFP into Afghanistan and the creation of a sovereign Free Baluchistan, carved out of Baluch areas of Pakistan and Islamic Iran. Pakistani Baluchistan is estimated to hold 25.1 trillion cubic feet of gas and 6 trillion barrels of oil……..


  6. Mary said on November 13th, 2009 at 3:09am #

    Don’t supose that there will be much about this in the Jewish controlled MSM. From the Raw Story. I was serving my God. A charmer.

    Jewish settler charged with murdering Palestinians
    Published: Thursday November 12, 2009

    A US-born Jewish settler was indicted on murder and other charges in a Jerusalem court on Thursday for allegedly killing two Palestinians and carrying out a string of bomb attacks.

    Jack Teitel, a 37-year-old immigrant from the United States, was arrested in October on suspicion of murdering the men in 1997 while visiting Israel as a tourist. He is also suspected of being behind a string of bomb attacks since 2006.

    “It’s been a pleasure and an honour to serve my god,” Teitel told reporters as he arrived at court.

    “No regrets,” said the settler who has been dubbed “the Jewish terrorist.”

    Teitel was indicted on a total of 14 charges, including two of premeditated murder and three of attempted murder, local media reported.

    Police say Teitel has confessed to the murder of a Palestinian taxi-driver in east Jerusalem and a shepherd in the West Bank, saying the murders were to avenge Palestinian suicide bombings in Israel.

    Teitel is also alleged to have placed a bomb near a convent outside Beit Shemesh, west of Jerusalem, two years ago, wounding a Palestinian.

    In another bomb attack, a 15-year-old boy was seriously wounded when a device was concealed in a parcel sent to his parents, members of a Jewish sect which embraces Jesus.

    Another bomb wounded a leading left-wing Israeli professor, Zeev Sternhell, while two other attacks targeted police stations, police say.

    He was arrested in October while putting up “Death to sodomites” posters and confessed to bombing the police stations “to divert police from protecting gay pride parades,” according to police.

    The father of four is a resident of the Shvut Rachel settlement in the occupied West Bank.

  7. bozh said on November 13th, 2009 at 8:02am #

    The label “Balkanization” was probably coined by bismark and accepeted as a valid label for waht went on in balkans.
    The label is pejorative. It also speaks loudly against the right of self determination of not only slovenes, macedonians, croats but also pashtuns, baluchis, waziris, kashmiris, uigurs, palestinians, chechens, assamis, kurds, azeris, irish, basque, kosovars, et al.

    And the people who ran dwn people like slovenes have built empires for selves. So, imperialism was quite ok but nationalism was not! go figure! tnx