Walls of Shame

On November 2nd many western leaders gathered at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, to celebrate the downing of the notorious Berlin Wall. These hypocrite leaders; German Chancellor Merkel, French President Sarkozy, Russian President Medvedev, British Prime Minister Brown, US Secretary of State Clinton, and US President Obama, praised those who tore down the wall, emphasized the need to “overcome the walls of our time,” “keep fighting for freedom … so people get to live their dreams,” and emphasized that “all men are created equal … have the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness,” yet none of them recognized the rights of Palestinians and Iraqis to their freedom, and none of them condemned the uglier Israeli separation and imprisoning wall that cuts the West Bank into smaller Bantustans, or the Baghdad wall that divides the city into smaller sections.

Contrary to their cajoling speeches the foreign policies of these leaders have encouraged the erection of these walls. Their political support and their citizens’ tax money had encouraged rogue Israel to violate international laws and to keep constructing its separation wall. The erection of the Baghdad concrete wall, similar to Berlin Wall, exposes the hollow rhetoric of Obama and Hillary

In 2004 the International Court of Justice (ICJ) had ruled the Israeli wall as a flagrant violation of international laws. Fourteen out of the fifteen judges in the ICJ voted against the Israeli wall. The sole backer of the wall was US judge Thomas Buerghenthal, who echoed the sentiments of then US president Bush and the presidential candidate John Kerry.

Occupational governments, who erect such walls, claim that walls are needed to ensure security. One should notice that these walls are built to divide countries and cities into halves, to separate members of same family in order to disintegrate their social structure, to separate people from their farmland in order to destroy their economy, and to separate people, who had shared same culture and history for thousands of years, in order to destroy a nation.

The separation walls are symbols that show how governments can separate and alienate people in order to create misunderstanding and hatred. History shows us how governments had divided same people; e.g., Germany was divided into east and west; Korea was divided into south and north; great India was divided into Pakistan, Kashmir, and India; Yugoslavia was divided into many segments such as Kosovo, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina; the Arab world was divided into 22 separate countries; and lately Iraq was divided into three separate segments: Kurdish, Shiites, and Sunnis.

The Israeli separation and imprisoning wall is a unique phenomenon and is unlike all other walls. It cuts down a whole country and extends from one end to its other end. In the West Bank the wall extends 730km and 8-9 meters high. This is five times longer and three times higher than the Berlin Wall. It has armed watchtowers with snipers every 400 meters, and a military buffer zone 30-100 meters wide in many areas. In other areas it consists of electric fences, trace paths, barbed wires, cameras and deep trenches. In yet other areas it cuts through the hearts of Palestinian towns separating families from their very neighbors.

While Berlin Wall was only in Berlin City, the Israeli wall is all over the West Bank of Palestine encircling many major cities such as Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Tulkarem, Qalqiliya and Nablus. Some of these cities are completely surrounded by the wall on all directions with a single military checkpoint serving as the only exit/entrance gate to the city.

The whole Gaza Strip is surrounded with the wall on all three directions, while the fourth is faced with a sea patrolled by Israeli torpedo boats. The Gaza economical siege and the last December Israeli military onslaught demonstrate the devastating effects of the wall on the people.

Israel is building its separation wall not for security reasons as its leaders keep claiming. In reality it is an isolation wall erected with the hidden agenda of creating an atmosphere of silent “voluntary” transfer of Palestinians out of their communities. Its purpose is to imprison whole Palestinian communities in a large open prison within a wall disrupting peoples’ lives and separating them from their farm land, from schools, from hospitals, from jobs and from all the social services in the neighboring cities, thus exacerbating poverty and unemployment that would, Israelis hope, drive Palestinians out of their home towns to search for better livelihoods.

The wall is a massive land grab that has annexed 47% of the West Bank, which constitutes 22% of the whole Palestine proper leaving even smaller disconnected patches of land for the proposed Palestinian state. Its construction is a great crime against mother earth herself since Israel has razed the fertile layer of the confiscated farm land, and has uprooted hundreds of thousands of fruit trees especially one-thousand-years old olive trees. Many of these trees are protected under international cultural heritage laws.

The wall has also cut off all Palestinian cities from Jerusalem, the proposed capital of Palestinian state, and has destroyed the city’s historical and cultural characters. It has thus encroached on and violated Palestinians’ religious rights since they are cut off from their Christian and Islamic religious sites in the city.

Palestinians opposed the construction of the wall since its beginning in 2002. They have organized peaceful demonstrations and rallies against the wall. Weekly peaceful demonstrations are carried in the path of the wall, the most known are carried in the villages of Bi’lin and Ni’lin, where Palestinians are joined by many international and even Israeli peace activists. These demonstrations are usually faced violently by Israeli soldiers shooting live bullets, rubber-coated bullets, tear gas and sound grenades, arrests and savage beatings.

Palestinians had also taken the issue to the streets of major American and European cities leading to the establishment of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) with western peace activists, who expressed solidarity with the Palestinians verbally and actively. Many ISM members traveled to Palestine to help Palestinian farmers harvest their crops peacefully, to protect Palestinian homes from demolition, and to join in demonstrations against Israeli separation wall.

Israeli war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes against mother earth, and violations of international laws have shocked even the average western citizen. An anti-Israeli apartheid movement has begun to take shape and is gaining momentum. Boycott campaigns against Israel have been launched worldwide. Israeli goods are being boycotted in many European countries. Academic and sports boycotts are also gaining ground. Divestment campaigns are spreading within university campuses, churches, city councils, and many other organizations.

In the 20th anniversary of the dismantling of Berlin Wall Palestinians, with the help of international peace activists, have planned ten days (Nov. 9-18) of demonstrations, meetings, discussion groups, and information centers to bring people’s attention to Israeli crimes and to the inhumane Israeli separation wall. Demonstrations against the wall are planned in many countries such as Argentina, Australia, Austria, Basque Country, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Quebec, Scotland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States and Venezuela.

In the occupied West Bank Palestinians led demonstrations against the wall. In a symbolic gesture and despite Israeli tear gas and rubber bullets, Palestinians with international activists in the village of Ni’lin and Qalandia refugee camp had toppled down one of the concrete slabs of the wall.

It took twenty years to topple down the Berlin Wall. But with such Palestinian resolve and international support the Israeli separation wall would, definitely, take shorter time to fall.

Dr. Elias Akleh is an Arab writer of Palestinian descent, born in the town of Beit-Jala and now living in the US. He can be reached at: eakleh@ca.rr.com. Read other articles by Elias.

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  1. Michael Kenny said on November 19th, 2009 at 10:56am #

    When dealing with Europe, the best strategy is not to start screeching hysterically about hypocrites. That just plays the Israelis’ game. The best strategy is to be cool and rational and to do what the Iranians have been doing so skillfully for quite a few years now, namely, drive a wedge between EU/Russia, on the one side, and US/Israel on the other. After a century of wars (of which the Berlin Wall was a major symbol)and millions dead, the “European street” simply wants to keep out of war. Europe doesn’t give a damn about Israel. Europe doesn’t give a damn about Palestine. It just wants the Israel problem to go away. It doesn’t give a damn how. The Palestinians need to learn from the Iranians, who’ve being playing international power politics for several thousand years and are one of the few peoples who never fell victim to European colonialism. The Palestinians simply need to build a political and diplomatic wall between Europe and Israel so that it is the Israelis, not the Palestinians, who are trying to drag an unwilling Europe into the fight. Small point: Yugoslavia was never divided like Germany and its inhabitants never considered themselves one people.

  2. Shabnam said on November 19th, 2009 at 10:12pm #


    By Yitzhak Laor
    And the left? In this spiritual context no left – which can only exist in a discourse of equality – can have air to breathe. So when the ethos “shut your mouth because we’ll punish you” rules everywhere, Peace Now was bound to disappear and be reduced to paid ads in the newspaper, with no foot soldiers. Meretz was bound to evaporate, and Labor’s doves were bound to crumble. This left insisted on clinging to the consensus, treating the conflict with the Palestinians as a war in defense of the state rather than as a massive policing of an occupied nation with tanks and F-16s.
    In short, this left vanished because it was afraid to call a spade a spade – a colonial war. Gradually, tens of thousands of left-wingers altered their positions. They continued to sing ” Song for Peace,” came to terms with “large settlement blocs” and said “no more violence.” Their government plundered water and land, and they knew nothing about it. They told the Palestinians to “lay down your arms” and denounced soldiers who refused to serve in the territories as though they had betrayed them.

    Throughout the 42 years of occupation, those moderate peace movements hardly made any contacts with the Palestinians. The Palestinians, for their part, did not always help, at least not during the first two decades of the occupation. But in that estrangement and in the peace camp’s clear preference to be on “the Israeli people’s side,” the left vaporized between one military operation and the next. It supported the IDF, sighed over the situation and waited for the Americans to make order in the region.

    Every now and then dovish Israeli leaders cooperated a little with the Palestinian leaders in the territories; the Geneva Initiative, for example. But it was always accompanied by derision and moral preaching. Yossi Sarid’s “look for me” was the most concise summary of this connection. It said, you need us, we don’t need you.

    There was one difference between the left-wingers hiding at home (they don’t even come to the Yitzhak Rabin memorial rally anymore) and the Barak-Netanyahu consensus. The first believed in the two-state solution, while Israel’s leaders always thought in terms of subordination – the Jordanian option, autonomy, or turning the Palestinian state into a dummy state, a subordinate in the shekel zone, existing precariously among Israeli-ruled settlements. A state with no economy or sovereignty.

    This is why right-wing leaders who suddenly discover the need for “two states” – Ariel Sharon, Tzipi Livni, Shaul Mofaz and of course Netanyahu – haven’t really come a long way. Their aim was and remains to fritter away Palestinian independence into something doomed to continuous crisis, one that the IDF could easily solve. “Two states” was intended mainly for Israel’s image in the world.

    But Israel, as the Israeli left sees it, now needs the Palestinians’ obstinacy more than anything. It needs their readiness to mark borders between the occupied territories and the State of Israel and to fight for those borders with protests, demonstrations, passive resistance and appeals to the international community.

    Like the heroic stand of many South African whites in support of the African National Congress, a unilateral declaration of Palestinian independence gives the Israeli left a chance to finally launch a struggle with the Palestinians against Israel’s politics of force, for the sake of our normal life.

    ONE STATE FOR ALL IS THE ONLY SOLUTION LEFT. THE ZIONISTS ARE FRIGHTENED TO LOSE IT ALL. THUS, THEY ARE TRYING TO FOOL THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY WITH 2 state solution. The zionist puppet, Saudis, are sending messages through their media that 2 state solution is not feasible any longer. ONE STATE FOR ALL IS THE ONLY SOLUTION.

    stop the racist zionists today not tomorrow. Stop the racists now.
    now. now . now. now. now. now.now. now . now. now. now. now.


  3. B99 said on November 21st, 2009 at 7:48am #

    Note to Dizzy:

    ‘Abd al-Aziz Rantisi, the Hamas spokesman in Gaza and arguably the key political leader in the organisation before his assassination, said in an interview in January 1998: “We have announced our readiness for a truce in which there would be a withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza in return for a ceasefire.”
    The late senior Hamas leader Ismail Abu Shanab (former deputy to Yassin, Hamas’s observer to the PLO and its representative to the National and Islamic Forces, the coordination body for the intifada) went furthest in seemingly accepting a peace settlement based on a return to the 1967 borders.
    In 1997, he said in an interview: “If US President Bill Clinton said this conflict should be solved by dividing the land, he could succeed. Although it is not fair, most Palestinians will accept it.”
    In April 2002, he declared, on behalf of Hamas, his acceptance of the Saudi-initiated Arab peace proposal, which called for full recognition of Israel in return for a full Israeli withdrawal from occupied Arab land. He said Hamas will “cease all military activities” if Israel withdrew to its 1967 borders, and spoke of his desire to have a “good neighborhood with Israelis.” Israel rejected the proposal, and Abu Shanab was assassinated months later.
    Hamas has often offered ceasefires or an end to suicide bombings on the condition of the end of the occupation. In one recent example from July 2002, a day before a scheduled Hamas re-publicisation of this offer, Israel assassinated one of its founding members – a move that has been credited to Israeli attempts to forestall Hamas’s moves to a ceasefire, and thus preserve the state of war that allows it to justify the perpetuation of the occupation. Since then, Israel has assassinated several key Hamas figures, including Yassin in his wheelchair.
    Hamas leaders have opposed according legitimacy to Israel prior to a stated Israeli intention to withdraw from the occupied territories. This may seem unwise to some, good tactics to others. However, for the media to portray a Palestinian faction that has gained widespread support in the occupied territories, particularly since its strong election triumph in January 2006, as unwilling to compromise with Israel, would be to invite an unwillingness on Israel’s part to compromise with the Palestinians.
    One Hamas leader has posed the apt question: “Is Palestine destroying Israel, or is Israel destroying Palestine?”
    Official statements
    Since their rise to power, Hamas officials have made the following statements, according to newswires:
    23 May 2006 – Ismail Haniya told Israel’s Ha’Aretz newspaper that the Islamist movement would institute a long-term ceasefire, or hudna, if Israel pulled out of the whole of the West Bank and east Jerusalem, captured in the 1967 Middle East war.
    “If Israel withdraws to the 1967 borders, peace will prevail and we will implement a hudna for many years,” Haniya said during an interview in Gaza.
    “Our government is prepared to maintain a long-term ceasefire with Israel.”
    12 May 2006 – In a speech to commemorate the 58th anniversary of the Palestinian nakbah – when over 750,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homeland – Ismail Haniya said:
    “The government will not make concessions on the principles and rights of the Palestinians, but that does not mean we are calling for war or that we want disorder in the region … If Israel recognises a Palestinian state, accepts the right of return of refugees and the release of prisoners, that will be our position [i.e. they would recognise Israel]”.
    26 April 2006 – A statement posted on Hamas’s website said it was willing to end the Middle East conflict. Deputy Prime Minister Nasseridin al-Shaer was quoted as saying:
    “We are not afraid to pay a political price for it [peace], but this must be done in coordination collectively with all Arab countries and on a legal basis.”
    25 April 2006 – Prime Minister Ismail Haniya condemned the triple bombings in Dahab, Egypt:
    “We condemn this odious crime which has taken place in Dahab and which undermines the national security of Egypt … We stand by Egypt and in solidarity with the Egyptian people.”
    21 April 2006 – Hamas leader Khaled Meshal said in an interview with the German TV channel ZDF:
    “Israel must withdraw from territories occupied since 1967. This includes the capital of Jerusalem.”
    Other conditions include “the right of refugees to return as well as the dismantlement of Jewish settlements, the destruction of the separation barrier and the release of all [Palestinian] detainees … If and only if Israel does this, then Hamas, Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims will be ready for true peace.”
    In effect, Hamas is only asking for Israel to comply with international law before it will recognise it, a reasonable proposition.
    20 April 2006 – The Hamas-led government welcomed comments made by French President Jacques Chirac in support of continuing foreign aid to the Palestinians. Hamas spokesman Ghazi Hamad told AFP:
    “We believe this is a good position that reflects a positive trend … We hope this vision will translate into a change in Europe’s position of cutting aid to the Palestinian people and political relations with the government … We appreciate this position from France, which has always had positive relations with regard to the Palestinian cause.”
    19 April 2006 – Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya spoke to Romano Prodi to congratulate him on winning the Italian elections. He told Prodi that Hamas was committed “to calm and stability in the region and the implementation of a just peace which would put an end to the Israeli occupation and restore the Palestinian people’s rights.”
    18 April 2006 – Prime Minister Ismail Haniya told reporters: “Peace and security in the region will flow from the end of the occupation and the recovery of all our rights.”
    11 April 2006 – In response to an EU decision to suspend aid payments to the Palestinian people, Ismail Haniyeh said:
    “We can see that this decision as a green light for Israel to continue its aggressions and as a collective punishment on the Palestinian people over its democratic choice … The Palestinian government reiterates its commitment to the rights and principles of the Palestinian people. We will show our ability to stand up to these efforts to isolate the Palestinian people, both regionally and internationally.”
    7 April 2006 – According to Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, Hamas has offered Israel an unofficial truce as long as it is reciprocated.
    5 April 2006 – Prime Minister Ismail Haniya authorised government ministers to have contact with Israel in order to ease Palestinian daily life:
    “Nothing stops ministers from having contacts with the Israelis to deal with matters connected to daily life, business and the economy …
    “When it comes to political negotiations, that poses a problem because they subscribe to a political vision. We are waiting on what is proposed to us, we will study it and decide on our position …
    “What is important is that the next Israeli government takes courageous decisions about issues which concern the rights of our people and not imposed unilateral measures …”
    4 April 2006 – According to a letter from Foreign Minister Mahmud al-Zahar to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the new Hamas government said:
    “We look forward to living in peace and security, as all countries in the world, and that our people enjoy freedom and independence side-by-side with all our neighbours in this holy place …
    “Our government is serious about working with the quartet …
    “Our government is ready for serious discussions and to work with the United Nations and with the entire international community to strengthen security, sovereignty, peace and independence in our region based on just resolutions.”
    31 March 2006 – In an interview in the Guardian, Prime Minister Ismail Haniya wrote:
    “We in Hamas are ready for peace and want to put an end to bloodshed. We have been observing a unilateral truce for more than a year without reciprocity from the Israeli side …
    “The message from Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to the world powers is this: talk to us no more about recognising Israel’s ‘right to exist’ or ending resistance until you obtain a commitment from the Israelis to withdraw from our land and recognise our rights …
    “Though we are the victims, we offer our hands in peace, but only a peace that is based on justice …”
    18 June 2007 – Haniya said: “We want the creation of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, that is Gaza and the West Bank, with East Jerusalem as its capital. The PLO is in charge of negotiations on this point. We have agreed to respect all the past agreements signed by the PA.”
    The question of recognition
    It is well known that Hamas has refused to recognise Israel’s right to exist. This, however, does not mean that Hamas does not recognise that Israel exists. Hamas is only questioning its right to exist because Israel was created on Palestinian land cleansed of its indigenous population. It is therefore illogical to expect the Palestinians to recognise that this is “right,” or that Israel had a “right” to do this. As renwoened Argentinean-Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim told the Austrian weekly magazine Profil:
    “We must recognise that the creation of Israel entailed the expulsion of Palestinians. So we cannot ask the Palestinians to accept Israel’s right to exist. (But) we can ask them to recognise that Israel does exist.”
    The PLO’s recognition of Israel’s “right to exist in peace and security” in 1993 is widely seen by Palestinians as a catastrophic blunder, because Israel never reciprocated by recognising that the Palestinians have a right to exist or form a state of their own.
    Were Israel to withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories, allow the Palestinians to create their own viable, sovereign, independent state, and allow refugees the option of choosing whether to return, all in line with international law, then Hamas could, in principle, recognise Israel.
    As it stands, Israel is doing all it can on the ground, through its occupation, settlement activity and barrier construction, to deny the possibility of a viable, sovereign, independent Palestinian state. It thus cannot be said that Israel has accepted Palestine’s right to exist. Surely recognition should be mutual.

  4. deceschi said on November 21st, 2009 at 5:19pm #

    Bullshy, I appreciate the more “reasonable” tone of your discourse, but in fact you are saying nothing that I don’t know. Hamas position is actually well-known, its charter speaks a very clear language about Israel, seen as a impersonal extraneous “Zionist entity”, and about the Zionist Jews, seen as a kind of modern colonialist demons whose sole purpose is to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates. Furthermore, their vision of the Jews is based on the bogus anti-Semitic pamphlet “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” in which they are considered as the major calimity of the world.

    As for your many quotes of Hamas’ statements which should demonstrate the alleged goodwill toward Israel, it appears firtly clear that Hamas is not interested in a durable pace with Israel but in “hudnas”, periots of calm. Actually Islam commandes that at the most a “hudna” (but never a lasting peace) are possible if the armies of Allah can momentarily not defeat the enemy. The period of the hudna that last at most ten years is needed years is needed to ream on a new and peahaps decisive battle. This is what has happened repeatedly between Hamas and Israel until the outbreak of the war in Gaza. And this is the reason why Israel doesn’t trust Hamas and is not willing to accept this false period of calm.
    Secondly, I can bring you some other quotes by Hamas leaders that say exactly the opposite of your messages:
    Hamas “must lay the foundation for a tomorrow without Zionists.” (Hamas leader Mahmoud a-Zahar, Al-Aqsa TV, January 4, 2009)
    “This is the time for the third uprising… Resistance will continue through suicide missions.”
    (Hamas leader-in-exile Khaled Mashaal, Damascus, Syria, December 27, 2008)
    “This is Islam, that was ahead of its time with regards to human rights in the treatment of prisoners, but our nation was tested by the cancerous lump, that is the Jews, in the heart of the Arab nation… Be certain that America is on its way to utter destruction, America is wallowing [in blood] today in Iraq and Afghanistan, America is defeated and Israel is defeated, and was defeated in Lebanon and Palestine… Make us victorious over the community of infidels… Allah, take the Jews and their allies, Allah, take the Americans and their allies… Allah, annihilate them completely and do not leave anyone of them.”
    (Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Bahar, acting Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, April 20, 2007).
    “We do not recognize the Israeli enemy, nor his right to be our neighbor, nor to stay (on the land), nor his ownership of any inch of land…. We are interested in restoring our full rights to return all the people of Palestine to the land of Palestine. Our principles are clear: Palestine is a land of Waqf (Islamic trust), which can not be given up.”
    (Mahmoud Zahar, Hamas leader and candidate to the Palestinian legislative council, Palestinian TV, January 17, 2006, Newsday)

    I think Palestinians should finally understand that the only way to reach indipendence and freedom is the recognition of Jewish Israel as their fully legitimate neighbor, that means they should choose the path of peace. That was possible for Egypt and for Jordan, why not for Palestinians too? There is in Israel still a majority of peaople for the end of the occupation, yet what is lacking is on the other side the guarantee that the end of the occupation will be also the end of the war against Israel. To convince this majority must be the interest and the aim of any honest and courageous Palestinian leader, before the majority above will not effectively become a minority (the right-wing Netanyahu government should in this sense be considered the direct consequence of the Gaza war and the dangerous appeasement policies of the previous Kadima government; but Netanyahu himself isn’t a fool, he knows well that a lasting peace with the Palestinians and the Arab world is in Israel’s own interest).

    Or shall I believe what my father, who fought for Israel’s survival in 1952-53, told me this evening; regrettably there will be no peace between Israelis and Palestinians even when both you and me are already dead, too different the two peoples, too big the gap between them …

  5. B99 said on November 21st, 2009 at 6:00pm #

    Dizzy – There is no tone of discourse – this is a dry accounting of Hamas position. Now you should understand that it is irrelevant if Hamas recognizes Israel or not. Israel ILLEGALLY occupies 22% of historic Palestine – and must remove its troops and settlers regardless of the Hamas position. IT”S THE LAW! So, do you or do you not recognize international law – and if you don’t then there is no reason that Israel should not be subject to the same procedures that removed Iraq from Kuwait or Indonesia from East Timor. And there is not reason that Palestinians should continue to pursue a two-state solution since Israel does not recognize that a state of Palestine must be created on all of Occupied Palestine.

    You are of course bullshitting on the Protocols crap – who cares about that? You occupy Palestine so Israel can be larger – not because Jew-haters invented the protocols. You do realize I would think that the flag of Herut DID indicate an Egypt from the Nile to the Euphrates – and Herut was part of Likud.

    The hudnas are a way of saving face. They are a cave-in to the reality of Israel. A ten year truce or 50 year truce is a way to get by the impasse. It an be extended indefinately or abandoned as the situation evolves. The trouble with the hudna is that Israel does not a truce, but wants more land instead. No one gives a shit if Israel trusts Hamas – Israel’s legal duty is to remove itself from occupied Palestine.

    There can be no recognition of an Israeli state – let alone a Jewish state – only a recognition that Israel exists. No self-respecting people will lick the feet of those who cleansed them of their country.
    Egypt reached a peace agreement with Israel based on Israel leaving its ill-gotten gains. It is not a peace the people of Egypt are happy with – and Israel will never enjoy normal relations in the region until they make amends to the people they abused. Same applies to Jordan. In both instances, it is only the government – the blackmailed and bribed governments of these countries that have made peace. This will change.

    Rightwing governments are the only governments Israelis elect – it is only the degree of fascism that differs. It is under Labor governments that all Arab lands have been attacked and conquered.

    You have 22 states plus Fatah and Hamas offering peace. You reject it. You ask for war instead – and you only have to lose one war. That time will come.

  6. deceschi said on November 22nd, 2009 at 2:10am #

    “You have 22 states plus Fatah and Hamas offering peace. You reject it. You ask for war instead – and you only have to lose one war. That time will come.”

    So you agree with my father, isn’t ist?

    Poor deluded bullshy, I fear you are not credible as interlocutor, let alone as peace partner if you are a Arab Palestinian, you are simply a hidden warmonger and of course an incorrigible anti-Semite with anti-Zionist camouflage. Don’t be too much consumed by your rage …

  7. sid wright said on November 22nd, 2009 at 4:34am #

    which law did you have in mind;who made the law

  8. deceschi said on November 22nd, 2009 at 4:46am #

    By th way, your statement: “There can be no recognition of an Israeli state – let alone a Jewish state – only a recognition that Israel exists.”, is it not the clear admission that this recognition hasn’t any worth since it appears only as a acceptance of a present situation that can reversed in the future, actually in accordance with the concept of hudna and with your above warmongering sentences.

    A tiger doesn’t change its stripes, nor a leopard its spots.

  9. Mary said on November 22nd, 2009 at 4:56am #

    This might be the ‘little shoah’ promised by Chief of Staff Ashkenazi. It was spoken of it last weekend at Alternative View 3 by David Halpin when he was introducing Cynthia McKinney as the main speaker.

    From the dark side of another planet and supported to the hilt by our fascist junta.

    *Breaking News from **Gaza (via Greta Berlin of Free Gaza) (No word on ZBC)

    (1:20 am) Sunday 22 Nov 2009*

    TWO Palestinians have been injured in the north of the Gaza Strip, Jabalia camp. The Israeli F16 warplane has targeted a factory with one rocket, this attack has created great fear on the people of north of the Gaza.

    FOUR Palestinians have been injured due to the attack on the tunnel area between Rafah City and Egypt. This addition to the clear voice of the F16 warplane in different districts of the Gaza Strip.

    Another Israeli air raid in middle of the Gaza Strip, near Deir Al Balah causing no wounded people.

  10. Mary said on November 22nd, 2009 at 5:21am #

    A good mural on the Wall of Shame


  11. sid wright said on November 22nd, 2009 at 6:03am #

    mary–tell greta what really happened last night

    After reacting with little enthusiasm to reports Saturday that Hamas had reached an agreement with other Gaza terror groups to stop firing rockets at the western Negev, Israel bombed targets belonging to the Islamist organization overnight Saturday in response to a Kassam attack.

    Masked Palestinian terrorists from Islamic Jihad place Kassam rockets before later firing them towards Israel on the outskirts of Gaza City.

    Two weapons-manufacturing facilities in the northern and central Gaza, and one smuggling tunnel in the Rafah border area, were hit in the IAF raid, the army said.

    Palestinian sources said six people were wounded in the attack.

    According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Office, the attack was in response to a Kassam launched at an Israeli civilian area earlier Saturday. The rocket hit the Sha’ar Hanegev region, causing no casualties or damage.

    The IDF said it would not tolerate any attacks by terror organizations against Israel and its citizens, adding that nearly 270 rockets and mortar shells had been fired at the South since the end of Operation Cast Lead on January 18, in comparison to over 3300 rockets and mortars fired in the year before the operation. The last month had seen approximately 15 rockets and mortar shells fired at Israel from Gaza, said the army.

    Hamas’s interior minister, Fathi Hamad, had told reporters Saturday that the agreement to stop attacks from Gaza had been made to avoid IDF reactions, according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

    Hamad added, however, that if Israel sent soldiers into the Strip, the armed groups would be given “free rein to respond.”

    In response, an official in the Prime Minister’s Office said Hamas would “be judged by its actions, not its words.”

    Under the agreement, rockets will only be fired in retaliation for Israeli aggression, Hamad said.

    The Hamas official also told reporters that the aim of the agreement was to “enable people to rebuild” after Operation Cast Lead last winter.

    Nevertheless, as if to validate Israel’s pessimism regarding the reported deal, the Islamic Jihad denied such an agreement had been reached, saying Sunday that it reserved the right to continue its “legitimate resistance.”

  12. Mary said on November 22nd, 2009 at 8:49am #


    If these things were happening to you or your loved ones, what would you do? Sit there and be killed or injured?

    Latest news
    Saturday, 21 November 2009
    Israeli soldiers beat up 9-year-old boy and 2 women at annexation-Wall protest
    Israeli gunboats open fire on Palestinian fishing boats
    Settler road rage: 9-year-old girl admitted to hospital
    Annexation Wall protesters overcome by Israeli tear gas
    Night peace disruption and/or home invasions in refugee camp and 16 towns and villages
    6 attacks – 52 raids – 3 beaten – 5 injured
    9 taken prisoner – 31 detained – 80 restrictions of movement
    International law and Israeli propaganda

    “Another winter is now approaching, and neither the Israelis nor the international community has taken steps to alleviate the Gazans’ plight.”

    “The cries of homeless and freezing people demand relief.”

    – Jimmy Carter
    From Berlin to Bil’in: “Ich bin ein Bil’iner”
    Goldstone: Why I Investigated Israel’s Conduct in Gaza
    Obama’s Chicago Zionist connections
    Dividing war spoils (Israel’s robbery of Palestinian land and property)

    Why the Goldstone report matters
    “As Uri Avnery observes, however much Israel may attack the commission report as one-sided and unfair, the only plausible explanation of its refusal to co-operate with fact-finding and taking the opportunity to tell its side of the story was that it had nothing to tell that could hope to overcome the overwhelming evidence of the Israeli failure to carry out its attacks on Gaza last winter in accordance with the international law of war.” – Richard A. Falk

    and so on ad infinitum on


  13. balkas b b said on November 22nd, 2009 at 9:13am #

    Both US and israel assasinate protectors of poor and occupied people. US constitution allows-commands all US crimes against humanities.
    And, nevertheless, US gets nobel prize for peace.
    With the pretence that US wld change its, oops, obama’s spot’s?
    It appears more realistic that US wld wage another 50 wars in decades to come and use wmd. tnx

  14. balkas b b said on November 22nd, 2009 at 9:58am #

    Probabilty does exist that arabs and world wld one day accept israel. But not having one yet, there is nothing to accept and formally recognize.

    Dismemberment of any land or region wrought by any or many evil empires world cannot ever accept.
    USSR, eastern and western european lands and empires are once again guilty of crimes against darkies, mostly.
    In add’n, as befits evil empires, more than 60% of world pop had been excluded in the decision making.
    And now, it is even worse. Now, at least 80% of world pop is excluded from helping pal’s obtain their freedoms and land.

  15. sid wright said on November 22nd, 2009 at 12:55pm #

    A democratically elected puppet?

    It would seem that Syria suffered a major defeat last week with the formation of a Lebanese national unity government.

    Syria has for years fought long and hard to keep Lebanon under its thumb, but in 2004, with the assassination of former prime minister Rafik Hariri, its influence took a big hit. At the time, the murder was attributed to pro-Syrian elements, and subsequent universal condemnation from Western and Arab powers alike forced Damascus to pull its troops from Lebanese soil.

    Five years later, on June 7, 2009, Saad Hariri, the son of the slain prime minister, won a clear victory in the Lebanese elections.

    And now, five months after that success, Hariri was finally able to form a “national unity government,” albeit only after intense international pressure and lengthy negotiations succeeded in bringing together representatives of the majority and opposition parties.

    Is Beirut slipping away from Damascus? The truth is not that simple and not that rosy.

    Opposition parties will have 10 ministers in the new government, or a third of the total. Two of these ministers belong to Hizbullah, an organization taking its orders from Iran. Though the organization is legal, per se, its militia is not, and should have been disbanded long ago as demanded by the Taef agreements which put an end to the Lebanese civil war…

  16. Down with zionism said on November 22nd, 2009 at 1:34pm #

    Saad Hariri is a zionist puppet, everyone knows that. This site has been taken by the criminal zionists. Do not engage these criminas. They go to many site and with the help of gate keepers at each site they manage to divert attention from the world zionism. Do not pay attention to these criminasl. They must know they can not fool anyone at this site. American must stop being screwed by the zionist jews and bring down the WH and zionist jews who are 5th column and are involved in policy making decisions to free America from these agents. How long do you want to pretent that America is not occupied by zionist fifth column? How long do you want to liston to lies spread around by the gatekeepers that Israel is a client state? All these sh*t are wrong to keep you where you are. stupid as hell

  17. Mary said on November 23rd, 2009 at 1:08am #

    “NATO had better steer clear of Israel.”


    SYNOPSIS – As a senior NATO official visits Israel to learn tricks of the
    killing trade to employ in Afghanistan, Gilad Atzmon warns that all the
    Israelis can offer NATO is the art of murdering civilians, and all NATO can look forward to in consequence is the prospect of war crimes charges.

  18. sid wright said on November 23rd, 2009 at 10:06am #

    is that the psychopath gilad atzmon of whom his own mother is ashamed ?
    well a warning from him is well worth listening to!!!!!!!!!

  19. Shabnam said on November 23rd, 2009 at 10:27am #




  20. b99 said on November 23rd, 2009 at 10:48am #

    Sid – Hazballa does not take order from Iran. Iran supports the efforts of Hazballa and exerts influence but Hazballa is an indigenous Lebanese movement without which armed forces Israel could invade and occupy their country without paying a price. Thus they cannot andmust not disband.

  21. Mary said on November 24th, 2009 at 6:07am #

    A particularly insidious piece from Benny Morris of Ben Gurion University, fearmongering and warmongering.


    Obama’s nuclear spring
    24 Nov 2009: Benny Morris: An Israeli attack on Iran’s atomic weapons plants rests on one thing – the US president’s approval

  22. Shabnam said on November 24th, 2009 at 3:07pm #

    Thank you very much for your information on Benny Morris, a zionist liar, who is looking for nuclear holocaust of Iran. People should post comments everywhere to expose this Zionist racist who is pushing the United States to go into another Zionist war against a Muslim country for the interest of Israel, an apartheid state.
    Benny Morris, a Zionist liar, has forgotten Israel 300 nuclear bombs built illegally where has refused to sign NPT, and goes after LEGAL NUCLEAR ENRISHMENT PROGRAM OF IRAN where is Iran’s right to enrich under the NPT where Iran is a signatory.
    Shame on Obama, a Zionist puppet, who has not only given a green light to Netanyahu to build 900 more houses on Palestinian land in East Jerusalem which IS ILLEGAL ACCORDING TO INTERNATIONAL LAW, but he also dares to go after Iran to please the 5th column, Jewish Lobby, and has threaten Iran with more illegal sanctions if Iran does not capitulate to Zionist will like himself.
    Makhmalbaf, an Iranian traitor, is a FRENCH CITIZEN and lives in France, dares to claim that he is representing ‘Green’ abroad, was in Washington last week, making connections with the Zionist criminals to push for ‘regime change’ so they can come to power to please the Zionist criminals. He has been widely attacked by the Iranians inside and outside the country including those who support Mousavi and told him MAKHMALBAF, YOU ARE NOT OUR SPOKEPERSON and go to hell.
    The problem is that Mousavi, close to Rafsanjani a corrupt businessman with turban has close ties with Zionist agents abroad, has never refuted Makhmalbaf’ claim, where caused many Iranians turn against Mousavi due to his silence against a traitor like Makhmalf who has close ties with ZIONIST CAMP including an IMPOSTER, Bernard Henri Levy.


  23. Mary said on November 26th, 2009 at 12:31am #

    The latest from Netanhayu is a freeze on settlement building excepting in E Jerusalem. When have we heard that before?

    Meanwhile the real freezing is happening in Gaza as the people sleep in tents amongst the rubble. This is an appeal from the Gaza Freedom March, symbolic as it is a year since the shoah was launched upon the people of Gaza.
    We will announce the Gaza Freedom March in the special December issue of The Nation, a magazine with a readership of over 200,000 and, funding permitted, in several regional and Jewish newspapers. Please join Alice Walker, Oliver Stone, Howard Zinn, Gore Vidal, John Berger, Ali Abunimah, Christopher Hedges, George Galloway, Arun Gandhi, Naomi Klein, Tariq Ali, Mairead Maguire, and many others as supporters of The Gaza Freedom March. If you can send a tax-deductible contribution of $100 or more by Sunday, Nov. 29, we will list you as a signer on the ads (see text below). Click here to donate as generously as you can.

    Thank you so much for your generosity and support.
    The Gaza Freedom March Organizing Committee

    The Ad itself will read:
    On December 27, just one year after Israel launched its brutal attack on Gaza, one thousand people from all over the world will meet in Cairo on their way to Gaza for The Gaza Freedom March.

    On December 31 they will walk arm-in-arm with tens of thousands of Palestinians in a non-violent march demanding an end to the siege of Gaza.

    A year since the attack and no homes have been rebuilt…
    A year since the attack and no schools have been rebuilt…
    A year since the attack and most children have no textbooks, no school supplies…
    A year since the attack and the water and sewage systems have not been repaired…
    A year since the attack and people are still dying for lack of medical care…

    How long must 1.5 million people wait before they can begin to reconstruct their lives? The time is now. The siege must end. The borders must be opened.

    Governments have failed to act. We must act instead.
    Please go to this link to endorse the march, to support actions on December 31 around the world, and to donate to bringing school supplies for the children of Gaza.


    It is also a year since the Israeli navy tried to kill my brother in the Free Gaza boat, Dignity. David has just spoken to a meeting of medical students in the SW of England who belong to Medsin. His notes and slides are here. Man Made Disease in Gaza http://tiny.cc/UXooE