Deception Has Always Been the Name of Zionism’s Game

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu described his offer to temporarily restrict construction of all-new Jewish settlements on the West Bank excluding Arab East Jerusalem as a “far-reaching and painful step”, which was part of a policy he hoped would give a new impetus to peace talks.

Netanyahu is not stupid. He knows that some of us know he is not remotely interested in peace on terms the Palestinians could accept. So what then is his real game plan of the moment? Simple. He is seeking to make peace with the Obama administration. And its response suggests that with the help of the Zionist lobby and its stooges in Congress he’s got that matter firmly under control.

On 18 November President Obama himself expressed his dismay at Israel’s decision to approve 900 more housing units in East Jerusalem. He said it could lead to a “dangerous situation” because it made it harder for Israel to make peace in the region and “embitters the Palestinians.”

Eight days later the Obama administration says Netanyahu’s new offer, which stresses that there will be no restrictions, not even temporary ones, on new settlement development in East Jerusalem, will help “move forward” peace efforts.

What nonsense. It seems to me that the Obama administration doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going on the matter of how to deal with Netanyahu.

The response of senior Palestinian legislator Mustafa Barghouti was much more in tune with reality. “What Netanyahu announced today is one of his biggest attempts at deception in his history.”

It is, of course, a deception but nobody should be surprised. Not only has deception always been the name of Zionism’s game, it knows no other.

Its very first mission statement way back in 1897 was a deception. The previous year Zionism’s founding father, Theodore Herzl, had written and published Der Judenstaat, The Jewish State. It opened with these words: “The Jews who will it shall have a state of their own.” But as all of Zionism’s founding fathers gathered for their first Congress at Basel in Switzerland, Herzl was among the first to appreciate the need to drop the word state from all public policy pronouncements.

Thus it was that the first Congress of the World Zionist Organisation ended with a public statement that declared Zionism’s mission to be the striving “to create for the Jewish people a home in Palestine secured by public law.”

The difference between “home” and “state” was great.

State would have signalled that what Zionism wanted (and was ruthlessly determined to get) was a sovereign entity, by definition one with full state powers backed by its own military. In other words, a sovereign, fully independent Jewish state would be one that could pose a threat to the rights and possibly even the existence of the Arabs of Palestine. At the time Zionism didn’t want the world, including most Jews of the world, to know that.

Home was a much softer, less disturbing term. It implied, and for propaganda purposes could be asserted to mean, that Zionism would be prepared to settle for an entity without sovereign powers and which therefore would not and could pose any kind of threat to the Arabs.

The proof that Zionism’s founding father knew the substitution of “home” for “state” in the first mission statement was a deception is in his diary, which was not published (was kept secret) for 63 years. Herzl’s entry for 3 September 1897, as published in 1960, included this:

Were I to sum up the Basel Congress in a word – which I shall guard against pronouncing publicly – it would be this: At Basel I founded the Jewish state… Perhaps in five years, and certainly 50, everyone will know it… At Basel then, I created this abstraction which, as such, is invisible to the vast majority of people.

It wasn’t only the Arabs and the major powers Zionism didn’t want to scare by using the term state. All of its founding fathers were fully aware that most informed and thoughtful Jews everywhere were opposed to the idea of creating a sovereign Jewish state in the Arab heartland. They believed it to be morally wrong. They feared it would lead to unending conflict. And most of all they feared that if Zionism was allowed by the major powers to have its way, it would one day provoke anti-Semitism.

As it happened, that Jewish concern and those Jewish fears were washed away by the obscenity of the Nazi holocaust, without which Zionism almost certainly would not have triumphed.

After its unilateral declaration of independence, the Zionist (not Jewish) state’s policy was to advance by creating facts on the ground. In effect its message to the world was, as it still is: “We know we should not have done this, but we’ve done it. And there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Alan Hart has been engaged with events in the Middle East and globally as a researcher, author, and a correspondent for ITN and the BBC. Read other articles by Alan, or visit Alan's website.

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  1. bozh said on November 27th, 2009 at 10:03am #

    Facts show or prove that palestinians were not deceieved by the word “home”. Palestinians, lebanese, iraqis, syrians, and jordanians were occupied by christian lands. Thus were not allowed to have armies!
    And thus these lands cldn’t do anything against the plans to destroy palestine.
    Jews cld only because they were better armed and were allowed to imigrate illegally into palestine.
    So, it had always been much simpler than what other christians had been told by pols, editors, and clergy. tnx

  2. b99 said on November 27th, 2009 at 11:50am #

    One sort of important note about Herzl’s ‘Der Judenstaat.’ To this day the term is mistranslated into English as “The Jewish State.” That’s not quite precise. The actual term is “The Jew’s State.” (”The Jewish State’ would have translated as ‘Judischen Staat.”)

    Herzl, unlike those who followed, was quite direct and precise about his desires.

  3. Rehmat said on November 27th, 2009 at 6:07pm #

    Bibi like other Zionist leaders – ia con-man. He is playing with words to fool the US public until Jewish lobby tighten the rope around Obama’s neck a little more. What he meant by “settlement freeze” is that no new construction permits will be issued for the time-being – while the old permits for over 9000 housing units will be carried out.

    Hamas government in Gaza is not powerful as its counterpart Hizbollah in Lebanon – which just told USrael the other day that the Reisistance is there to stay and it would be good for Obama’s Zionist administration to live with reality.

    Hariri: Hizbollah has its weight in Lebanon

  4. kalidas said on November 27th, 2009 at 6:32pm #

    Starting with the Polish David Grun, whoops… I mean Green, whoops, I mean the “Hebrew” David Ben-Gurion.
    (chuckle chuckle)

  5. brian said on November 27th, 2009 at 11:51pm #

    Next time you hear of a car bombing in lebanon or Iraq, ask yourself: was the bomber trained in Israel?
    Israel police ‘arrest Mossad spy on training exercise’

    Mossad does not give uniformed police advance notice of training sessions
    A trainee spy for Israel’s secret service agency Mossad was arrested by Tel Aviv police while taking part in a training operation, media reports say.

    The young trainee was spotted by a female passer-by as he planted a fake bomb under a vehicle in the city.

    He was only able to persuade police he was a spy after being taken in by an officer for questioning on Monday.

    The authorities have refused to comment on the story although Israeli media outlets have expressed their surprise.

    ‘Just a drill’

    Mossad does not tell local uniformed police about its training exercises.

  6. Shabnam said on November 27th, 2009 at 11:51pm #


    For Syrians who choose to marry a resident of the Golan Heights, occupied by Israel since 1967, their wedding is a happy occasion as much it is a sad one. Once married, they can never return to their homeland, meaning that their wedding day might be the last time they see their family and friends.

    Syria and Israel have been technically at war since 1948. Citizens from both countries are therefore prohibited from travelling between the two. Residents from the Golan Heights, seized during the Six Day War by Israel and annexed from Syria in 1981 – despite condemnation from the United Nations Security Council – find themselves on the Israeli side of the fence.

    It’s a one-way-ticket in either direction. For Golan Heights residents who want to join a future spouse in Syria, they too must sign on their honour to never return to the other side. Once they’ve crossed the border, they’re given a Syrian residency card which specifies that they’ve renounced their Israeli nationality. For spouses going in the other direction, they receive a renewable one-year residency permit for Israel.

  7. Autumn said on November 28th, 2009 at 12:23am #

    Mr. Hart, are you a real journalist? Or a paid propagandist? Your article is

  8. Autumn said on November 28th, 2009 at 12:24am #

    pitifully one-sided.

  9. Mary said on November 28th, 2009 at 3:36am #

    You are not worthy to insult the likes of Alan Hart who is a highly respected journalist of long standing.

    Maybe you are discomforted by his speaking of the truth and perhaps you could also get out a thesaurus and find some other versions of ‘one sided’ which seems to be the most oft used word in your vocabulary.

  10. Synic3 said on November 28th, 2009 at 8:04am #

    bozh wrote:
    “Palestinians, lebanese, iraqis, syrians, and jordanians were occupied by christian lands.”

    Using religion as an identifying description in your statement is utterly wrong.
    Those Arab countries you mentioned were not occupied by “Chritian lands”, but were occupied by colonial powers.
    Many of those Arab countries you mentioned are secular and have sizeablle Christian minorities and bringing religion in the picture is not wise and desirable.
    This way, you will be playing in the hands of those who want to divide and conquer.
    Also, if you use religion as a country descriptive, then you will be agreeing with those who are saying why the jews don’t have a jewish country??!!

  11. bozh said on November 28th, 2009 at 9:11am #

    It wld have been better to have said that france, italy, and UK had occupied the lands i enumerated.
    However, it wld not be utterly wrong to tell people that these empires were also chritians and in relation to destruction of palestine it wld be, imo, wrong not to metion that these evil empires and land were christian.

    Chritianity, islam, and talmudism not only cause division amongs them but also them and us. For one thing, the three cults always side with ruling classes.

    ‘Jews’ don’t yet have a country nor a ‘jewish’ state. An dit is likely that the world wld never allow a monocultish state.
    I think u need to rethink ab. what u’r saying. tnx

  12. kalidas said on November 29th, 2009 at 3:55pm #

    And there it is…
    Nazi, Nazi, Nazi, Holocaust, Holocaust , Holocaust, etc., etc., etc.

    Some people think there’s a much more insidious deception at foot.
    At play even here, in this very article.

    The idea that Zionism is in any way anything but part and parcel of Judaism itself.
    With its injerent racism, psychosis and the omnipresent sense of “the other.”

    What do these “Zionists” call each other?
    Just who do they think they are..

    Even a child could see this.
    In fact many do.
    Too often it’s the last thing they ever see.

  13. Mulga Mumblebrain said on November 30th, 2009 at 12:14am #

    mary, Zionazis like ‘autumn’ always hiss that an article is ‘one-sided’ whenever the truth is displayed. They far prefer the Judaic controlled Western media propaganda system, which, in Australia at least, is 95% plus biased, with extraordinary bigotry and no little racism, towards Israel and against its victims. Indeed in recent months I cannot recall a single article highlighting the continuing blockade of Gaza, but several wailing ,with the usual narcissistic self-pity, over rocket attacks on Sderot, which, in the world of reality, do not any longer occur.

  14. moshe kerr said on November 30th, 2009 at 2:16am #

    Hart writes: “the help of the Zionist lobby and its stooges”, in his opening thesis. Clearly this biased person, who probably has never stepped foot in Israel in his entire life (why should he? He’s neither Jewish or Arab). This alien goy who has made a dispute in foreign lands his passion. Poor puppy, why are you so boored with your life that you feel the need to joust with windmills?

  15. Mary said on November 30th, 2009 at 2:25am #

    It’s good to see you back Mulga and to know that you hadn’t jumped overboard.

    This in the Morning Star on the Zionist lobby in the UK and the stooges.
    Do keep up Moshe. Find a link to the Channel 4 programme Dispatches The Israel Lobby ( on You Tube).

    Tories under fire over donation from Israel lobbyist

    Thursday 26 November 2009
    Paddy McGuffin

    David Cameron’s party has received £100,000 in the last three months from property magnate Poju Zabludowicz.

    The Tory Party is under fire after it emerged that it accepted six-figure donations from a key lobbyist for the Israeli regime with links to the illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

    Latest records on party donations published by the Electoral Commission yesterday showed that the Tories received two donations totalling £100,000 in the last three months from London-based property magnate Poju Zabludowicz.

    Mr Zabludowicz is the largest funder and chairman of the British Israel Communication and Research Centre (BICOM), which describes itself as “an independent organisation devoted to creating a more supportive environment for Israel in the UK.”

    The organisation lobbies on behalf of the Israeli invaders of Palestine, using Mr Zabludowicz to fly journalists to Israel and providing them access to senior governmental figures.

    In 2008 the Jerusalem Post listed Mr Zabludowicz as being one of those who “wield the greatest influence on British Jewry.”

    The billionaire property magnate founded his vast fortune on the success of his father Shlomo’s arms company Soltam. On his father’s death, he inherited the firm and sold off most of the arms interests, establishing the Tamares Group.

    The Tamares Group holds huge property portfolios in Israel and Las Vegas.

    An investigation by Channel Four’s Dispatches recently revealed that Mr Zabludowicz also owns properties in the highly contentious illegal settlements in the West Bank, including a stake in a Ma’ale Adumim shopping centre.

    As well as his largesse in funding the party, Mr Zabludowicz is also reported to have made donations to the Conservative Friends of Israel.

    Commenting on the donations, Jewish Socialist Group spokesman Ivor Dembina said: “This comes as no surprise to the growing number of Jews who see the zionist project as a business opportunity for a bunch of land thieves and a bullying exercise for a crew of war criminals.”

    Jeremy Corbyn MP said he believed the money should be returned by the Tories.

    “Given that the illegal settlements are one of the biggest obstacles to the peace process, no political party should be accepting money from anyone with any kind of stake in them.”

    Palestine Solidarity Campaign campaigns director Sarah Colborne said the fact that the Tories were receiving such funding was deeply worrying.

    “The British political system and British government policy need to be working towards peace and justice,” she said.

    “Anyone who is involved in the supporting or construction and establishment of illegal settlements should not have anything to do with British politics. It is inconceivable that someone going against international law and involved in the commission of war crimes, which the settlements are, should be donating to a British political party.”

    When the Star contacted Conservative central office to question them about the donation and the potential moral implications, a spokesman said that the donation had been made “in accordance with electoral commission rules.”

    Asked whether the Conservative Party considered that receiving funds from an individual with interests in the illegal settlements was appropriate, the spokesman invited the Star to submit the question in writing. By time of press, there had been no response.

  16. Alan Hart said on November 30th, 2009 at 3:38am #

    TO MOSHE KERR. Suggest you read my bio and then see a man in a white coat. A’ole.

  17. sid wright said on November 30th, 2009 at 5:02am #

    mary—how can you quote the morning star as a serious paper.
    20 years ago when i lived in britain it had died. it is the paper of the british communist party–
    well get real

  18. Mulga Mumblebrain said on November 30th, 2009 at 5:48am #

    Mary, ain’t it a treat to see how the Cherished Ones never change their spots. When in doubt, buy the goys’ loyalty, or rather, obedience. The history of Judaic purchase of the US political system is pretty transparent, but, naturally, banned from polite discourse or the mass media. I remember years ago seeing the author Kenneally, the writer of Schindler’s Ark, being interviewed on daytime TV. He said that the gigantic tragedy and crime of the Nazi Judeocide occured because, for once, the Jews were unable to buy their way out of trouble. The interview was immediately terminated and, after an ad break, Kenneally had disappeared. The Judaic Lobby has journalists everywhere shit-scared that a second’s inadvertance will end their careers in a tirade of abuse as an ‘anti-Semite’. Note the sneering dismissal of the Morning Star by Sid Vicious, a Zionist fundie. No attempt to answer the facts, just inchoate abuse. The Zionists never debate facts, never acknowledge the justice of the Palestinians’ case, just endlessly reiterate the lies, abuse and humbug that their media dominance indoctrinates Western publics with, every day. It must be a real burden to be perfect, to have even those acts , like child murder,that, when committed by lesser types are seen, rightly, as abominations, sanctified by your race and religion and mysteriously transmuted into ‘mitzvahs’, or good deeds, if not religious obligations. How nobly they bear up under this unique responsibility!

  19. Mary said on December 4th, 2009 at 1:38am #

    I smiled wryly this morning when the Chief Rabbi quoted Leviticus in his Thought for The Day on BBC Radio 4 (he is a regular of course) as an early example of an ecological directive – ‘not to cause needless destruction when waging war’. He was talking about Copenhagen and how we can save the world. Such hypocrisy.

    They are at their tricks again Mulga. Britain’s Jewish Chronicle carried an article by Martin Bright yesterday attacking authors who write about Zionism (Gilad Atzmon and Stuart Littlewood are cited in particular) and a website called Middle East Online. (

    Redress respond.

    ARTICLE – “British pro-israel Jewish newspaper launches attack on Middle East news website. Attack by Zionist Jewish Chronicle could be start of Israeli smear campaign.”

    SYNOPSIS – Redress Information & Analysis calls on its readers to support the Middle East Online website, which is facing a smear campaign led by the British pro-Israel newspaper, the Jewish Chronicle.

  20. Mary said on December 4th, 2009 at 4:52am #

    I was going to put this on Alan Hart’s other article President Clinton and Obama…. but comments seem to be closed.

    I came across this tongue-in-cheek piece about Chelsea Clinton’s engagement. Just hope that her intended doesn’t turn out to be as crooked as his father.

    Chelsea’s future mother-in-law will be a useful granny. She has looked after 11 children!

    ‘It’s a lot to handle for a woman with a combined family of 11 kids. A modern-day Brady Bunch only more so, Margolies-Mezvinsky, who had already adopted two children, married former congressman Ed Mezvinsky, who had four girls from a previous marriage—they then had two boys together and raised another three children as legal guardians. Mezvinsky later served time in prison from 2003 to 2008 for bank, mail, and wire fraud, leaving her to take care of the children on her own before his release last year.’