Scary Isn’t a Kid in a Halloween Costume

One of the joys of Halloween is to dress in scary costumes and pretend to frighten others, who pretend to be frightened. But with less than two weeks until an evening of trick-or-treating, it’s possible there won’t be anything scarier than what’s already happened in the country.

We are being told to fear the swine flu virus, and then learn that the vaccine, which was supposed to be available in mid-October, won’t be ready for awhile.

It makes little difference anyhow, since about fifty million Americans don’t have health insurance and couldn’t afford the cost of vaccinations or treatment.

The ogres of health reform, also known as Republicans and the insurance industry, have already frightened Americans by spewing lies and hatreds no costumed kid could ever top.

The teabaggers, thousands of Americans dressed in work clothes but who seem to despise the working class, disgorge even more lies, half-truths, fear, and hatred, along with spurts of poisonous doses of racism and bigotry, since they have to blame someone for their own problems.

The minority party has long since ceased being the loyal opposition and are now just bitter and venomous cogs in the progress of society. These pseudo-patriot reptiles who have taken over the Republican party have further shown just how disloyal they truly are when they hissed at the President of the United States for winning the Nobel Prize and then cheered that Chicago lost the Olympics bid to Rio de Janiero. The increase of hate isn’t likely to level off soon.

Also not leveling off are unemployment, bankruptcies, housing foreclosures, and the problems caused by increased homelessness, all of which began increasing more than two years before Barack Obama became president. As long as the Party of No, with the assistance of Blue Dog Democrats, can block reform, don’t look for an eight-year-old wearing a devil’s costume to be the scariest thing around.

American taxpayers have doled out billions to banks, which have figured out new ways to scam their customers and clients. The taxpayers have also bailed out auto manufacturers who had frivolously spent more than a fleet of drunken sailors while not being able to figure out how to get their own operations in ship-shape competition.

Americans, who are struggling just to survive, are being tricked by banking, insurance, and investment portfolio executives who are wearing Cheshire cat grins while they continue to reap in millions in taxpayer-provided bonuses for being incompetent and inefficient.

The fear instilled by the 9/11 attacks led Americans to willingly yield some of their Constitutional rights, while pretending that such laws as the PATRIOT Act would protect them from further harm. The fear of the past eight years that has led to the theft of six Constitutional amendments is scarier than any costumed pirate.

Frightening is also having a mass media that prefer to do play-by-play reporting on the latest celebrity break-up or coupling, real or imagined, rather than looking into critical social issues.

Indeed, ghosts, goblins, and things that go bump in the night don’t stand a chance of competing on Halloween with the fear that now exists in our country.

[Rosemary Brasch before retirement was a secretary, Red Cross family services national disaster specialist, and university instructor in labor studies. Walter Brasch is an award-winning social issues journalist, patriot, and professor emeritus of mass communications from Bloomsburg University, who refused to sign a loyalty oath to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. His latest book is Fracking America: Sacrificing Health and the Environment for Short-Term Economic Benefit. Read other articles by Rosemary, or visit Rosemary's website.

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  1. Annie Ladysmith said on October 20th, 2009 at 10:30pm #

    Rosemary and Walt, you are the ones spewing lies and hatred, just listen to yourselves. Are you complete DIMWITS, or are you willfully ignorant of where the truth lies. How can you be so dumb, so blind, so American??

    Obama will be the one who sinks the WHOLE country. Do you really not see that there is no difference between Obama and BoyBush?? They are working for the SAME people you ship of FOOLS.

  2. kris said on October 21st, 2009 at 7:22am #

    When Obama got elected i postulated that he would be good for the world only because of one thing: he would /seem/ to be good to the world and that would trickle down with a few real effects.

    Idk if that was true but with the Honduran coup, something historic happened: The american president actually SUPPORTED the democratically elected president Manuel Zelaya.

    Here one would think that, yes, Obama really is the right stuff but on further inquiry one would see elsewise, for example; why hasn’t obama ended all aid to the coup government? Why does Hillary clinton go around saying the things she does about Hondura? Why hasn’t Obama gagged her, put her in her place? There are lots of other arguments too just search google for obama honduras coup. But the fact of the matter is that Obama has shown his true face.

  3. Max Shields said on October 21st, 2009 at 7:36am #

    Kris, what you’ve identified is Democratic rule. It offers a “on the one hand, and than on the other” which is allows the US empire program to move forward, a slight correction, not in objectives, but in salemanship.

    In the end, the policies are the same as the less subtle George W. It is a style most clearly symbolized by Bill Clinton and executed now by Obama.

  4. bozhidar balkas vancouver said on October 21st, 2009 at 9:45am #

    While privelege-opportunity-right to vote is in voters hands, constitution, law making/interpreting , education, disinformation, ‘promise making’, etc., is not !

    Interpretative constitution is by far more important structural member of any governance. Followed by control of the army, banks, cia, fbia, owners of disinformation, determiners of curricula.

    Right to vote appears of little importance. It appears as one of least important structural members of whatever system of rule.
    Calling this structure “democracy” appears just a namecall which not only does not enlighten but merely roils the muddy waters.

    I do not want to ban namecalling; i want people to be aware that name calling of any phenomenon does nopt explain anything.
    Because of prevalence of name calling on DV, i usually skip reading such posts and avoid any communications with such people.