Have to Be Upside Down

Have you heard the one about how now resigned environmentalist Van Jones told Obama he had to move the dreaded “Welcome Back to School” speech from the original Wed. Sept. 9th date, because of concerns about the environmental impact of the massive cleaning bills necessary to mop up after all those evangelicals crap a brick sweating out the Rapture because the Devil himself will be speaking directly to their children on 9/9/9, WHICH upside down is 666, or the mark of the beast, which proves Obama is the anti-Christ just like they’d been warning us about? And who was going to take care of their pets when they were gone?

Yeah, I didn’t think it was funny either.

But at least one atheist group did, as Tara Lohan reported 9/02/09 on Alternet.org, an organization calling itself Earthbound Pets has offered to take care of Raptured Christians’ pets if the second coming came to past. With this being the day that so many the hard core Evangelical Christians have been looking forward to, to have their literally “holier-than the-rest of our” behinds raptured on out of here up to heaven to sit among the chosen 144,000 who sit on the right hand of God and get to hang with the J-man himself while the whole world roils in the torments brought by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and so on.

Insignificant, comic, glorious or absolutely terrifying depending on where you stand in the sliding scale from seriously Christian to seriously non-Christian, today, 9/09/09 is one of the most horrifying days for some true believers, certainly the worst since 6/06/06, when the gods unleashed that horror of horrors, the remake of The Omen and it was so scary it was in fact a bomb.

I’m not surprised if you haven’t kept up on the latest Revelationist lore; but some people do. Some folks take this more seriously than the Super Bowl and are expecting a hell of a light show. Maybe you personally are not a Revelationist, but you shouldn’t ignore the fact that hundreds of millions of people around the world are living their lives expecting that the Beast, the anti-Christ and the Whore of Babylon are soon to be their future dominatrix. Talk about making it hurt so good.

So, if you are not one of the true believers who thinks that today is the day that Obama is going to detonate the world and your little pumpkin patch is among the 144,000 most earnest, then joke lightly on your Christian brethren today, my fellow Americans, you will have no idea of the terror some of our fellow citizens might be feeling all day today. There are so many things to fear.

Like the number 144,000, a darn small eye of a needle to shove a rich man through. Once upon a time, i.e. 1st century AD Judea, 144,000 of the most devout Christians was somewhat selective but a fairly encompassing number of the number of potentially anointed. You could probably even get away with being somewhat of a slack-tivist martyr and still find a ticket in coach. Nowadays, there are something like two point two billion folks around the world who claim to be Christians all competing for a berth in steerage when the Rapture Express lifts off. The math breaks down to only one out of every 15,277.8 Christians will get a golden ticket. It’s enough to have kept the fans of LaHaye and Jenkins up all night planning how to decorate their little piece of heaven when their kingdom comes. And, apparently wondering who will take care of their pets.

Some people will say, ‘why do I pick on these poor people, just trying to practice their religion? Why make it about religion?’ My answer is, of course, I never would want to tease about somebody’s religion. Except, of course, when that religion wants me dead.

But like other vengeful gods throughout history, the Christian god has been used to brutalize the multitudes and the god of Revelations intends to throw a whole bunch of us into a lake of fire. This is how he will show his brotherly love for mankind. Percentage wise, none of us have more than a .0000020571% chance of making it to heaven. That’s some pretty slim odds even for Vegas casinos, even when the fix is in. Sounds like the kind of guy our US government leaders should work against if they were indeed looking out for the people. But sad to say that is rarely the case.

Every since the founding deists created the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution; some Christians have been working on tweaking the rules so they can gain more power. It must be the ones unfamiliar with the passage about the meek inheriting the earth.

In recent history, many of our American Christian religious and political leaders have been openly Revelationist, believing that god’s will is that they should do all in their power to bring about the biblical Armageddon. Two of the most notable would be Billy Graham and his acolyte George Bush. In comparison to destroying the entire planet for the sake of a population the size of Gilbert (though perhaps with better malls), it makes Jeremiah Wright’s little “Goddamn America” dance seem downright silly.

Unless of course you believe you are one of the chosen, one of the very, very few to be chosen. If you are one of those elite then everyone else is expendable, right? In America alone that’s something like three hundred million eight hundred and fifty-six thousands Americans killed, making their fantasized for 9/09/09 something like 102,285.333 times worse than the real world 9/11. So many terrifying thoughts shredding the nerves of poor Christians as they try making their way through 9/09/09 today, which is indeed 666 … if your sense of the whole world is upside down. Like:

What if they’re the ones driving when the Rapture hits and their cars wreck and kill others or even their family. Can lawyers get a hold of the area code for heaven? What if you get Raptured, but your honey does not? Can you borrow one of a Moslem martyrs’ forty-nine virgins? What if you get to heaven and the only other family member that gets there is that one uncle you always hated and he wants to pal around? What if the rest of your family goes, or that annoyingly overfriendly Buddhist down the street is actually the good soul that gets Raptured and it turns out you weren’t nearly as holy as you thought?

And don’t forget the ever pressing issues of whose going to feed Fido and clean the cat box?

But most of all the question that will torment some Christians today is the thought that has terrified Christians for Millennia: what if the whole thing’s just wrong and you and all you devout ancestors have been duped and used as tools? As another foretold date comes (and hopefully) goes unfulfilled, many Christians may have their entire worldview shaken today and have to face up to a different Revelation: the Copernican one—that they and their god are not the center of the universe.

Which makes them only about five hundred years behind the times.

Let’s pray they hurry and catch up.

Mikel Weisser teaches social studies and poetry on the left coast of Arizona. He can be reached at weisser@frontiernet.net. Read other articles by Mikel.

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  1. j.f. mamjja said on September 9th, 2009 at 9:56am #

    If you believe anything else in the old & new testaments after reading through the discrepancies of Genesis 1 & 2, you’ll believe anything.

    That explains a lot in America today.

  2. Annie Ladysmith said on September 9th, 2009 at 10:00am #

    But Weisser, there isn’t going to be a ‘rapture’, you have that wrong– what else might you have wrong? Yeah! silly, stupid, Christain idiots. You’re goin’ to be stuck with us right up to the bitter END. O! boo-hoo for you. What will all you pissy commies do? Cut off our heads?? Yeah! Freedom in America, what a joke it is. Your lack of civil liberties is obscene, thought control next?
    P.S. You may be craping a big brick of your own eventually! Your redemption DOES NOT draw nigh!

  3. mikel weisser said on September 9th, 2009 at 9:30pm #

    Ah Ms Ladysmith, glad to see i have so angered you with this one. It means it was effective. Any time someone reflexively whips out the C-word (“commie”), you know they are not thinking. There was nothing in this piece about communism. It’s just a smear to distract from my assertions. Probably useful on Fox or at the tea parties (note i did not use the term “teabag,” it’s the left wing equivilent of the right -wing calling “commie” a slur only meant to barb, not parry), but it doesn’t move me. EXCEPT to the point, the one, i’m taking here, of belittling your childish behavior, which you expect others to treat as responsible. No wonder you guys are losing these days, despite all the proper doses of propaganda proliferated these days. We claim to spend uddles of time and money teaching Americans to grow up, now it’s you guys turn to joy the fold and stop acting like petulant brats who aren’t getting with they wanted. Why don’t you think about the country as a whole and not your selfish selves. It would be the more Christian thing to do.

    –mikel weisser is a pantheist, which by definition, includes Christianity

  4. United-Socialist-Front said on September 9th, 2009 at 9:46pm #

    Beware of Annie: she is an ultra-right winger from the Tea Party terrroists who want to stage a coup de etat against the Democratic elected Obama. I rebel against the Republican Nazis !!

    Obama should ban Fox news, and accuse Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin for stimulating violence against the US government.


  5. United-Socialist-Front said on September 9th, 2009 at 9:47pm #



    by Amy Goodman

    Glenn Beck was mad. He’s the right-wing talk radio host who has a television program on the Fox News Channel. Advertisers were fleeing his Fox program en masse after the civil rights group Color of Change mounted a campaign urging advertisers to boycott Beck, who labeled President Barack Obama a “racist.” As the campaign progressed, Beck began his attacks against Van Jones. Jones was appointed by Obama in March to be special adviser for green jobs. He co-founded Color of Change four years ago. After weeks of attacks from Beck, Jones resigned his position at the White House last Sunday.

    Beck said on “Fox & Friends,” the network’s morning show, July 28: “This president I think has exposed himself as a guy over and over and over again who has a deep-seated hatred for white people. … This guy is, I believe, a racist.” This inspired colorofchange.org to launch its campaign urging advertisers to drop their sponsorship of Beck’s Fox program. The campaign had a powerful impact, with companies like Progressive Insurance, Geico and Procter & Gamble immediately pulling their advertising. Since then, more than 50 companies have joined, including Best Buy, Capital One, CVS, Discover, GMAC Financial Services, HSBC, Mercedes-Benz, Travelocity and Wal-Mart…

  6. United-Socialist-Front said on September 9th, 2009 at 9:51pm #

    Beck/Fascism claim a moderate vistory, Obama apparently sucks (this will cost him the re-election), Jones’ true worth will never be known to most Americans and our country slides another inch closer to a totalitarian, corporate-owned slave state. The war goes on. But all is not lost. The primary issue Beck cited in his attack was that Jones had apparently signed onto a 911Truth.com petition, thereby allying himself with the notion (suspicion), that the attacks of September 11th were planned by a sinister, power-grabbing cabal with high-ranking members deep within our own government, including former President Bush himself.

    With the anniversary of 9/11 looming, national attention will once again be focused on the disastrous events of that day, and the many still-unanswered questions about who actually did what. Beck, and FOX were simply doing their paid black PR duties to color the “news” with their own fantastic version of things, just prior to the airing of their special “Timeline to Terror”, a supposed documentary look at the causes of the tragedy. Certainly there will be millions who will buy into it, which is sad. But the silver lining–and this is actually a MAJOR victory for truth–is that you have a prominent FOX News figure outlining in DETAIL some of the allegations of the 911 Truth movement…to an audience of Millions! Though it was presented as something “controversial”, even outrageous, the very core of the message has just been exposed to a huge audience, most of whom would never have had the gumption to look into it on their own volition. It would likely cost far more than all of the donations 911 Truth receives annually to get this kind of exposure.

    As far as Beck goes, it’s apparent to me that he, whether wittingly or not, has patterned his racist, self-righteous style–his very personality for that matter!–after the Clayton Townley character from the 1988 film “Mississippi Burning”. In the film, Townley is the big-shot businessman that spearheads most of the local Ku Klux Klan activity–and the assassination of the 3 Civil Rights workers. He is an almost worshipped figure, a true opinion leader for all of the other small-minded rednecks in the backward little town. Watch the scene where Townley addresses a large outdoor public gathering of fellow racists. Then watch Glenn Beck and see if you don’t notice the uncanny, amazing resemblance between these two “patriots”.

    If Obama actually does have any genuine Freedom Fighter’s blood coursing through him (I doubt it), then the only possible motive he could have had for axing Jones would be to not draw too much attention to the uncomfortable facts of 9/11…before he and his team are ready to make the case for conspiracy. But now I guess I’m the one trying to polish a turd!

  7. United-Socialist-Front said on September 9th, 2009 at 9:55pm #

    Annie Ladysmith: you are so obsolete, so anti-scientific, and so anti-reality. Look the whole world is heading toward socialism. Socialism will not come because people like socialism but because it is the natural trend in the evolution of political systems. If you study history you will see that political-systems fade away and give way toward more advanced systems. You gotta suck it up. Free market ideology, the ideology of the US founding fathers which was libertarian free market is collapsing. You just have to accept that reality.

    Well you have an option of buying a Time Machine to take you back to the 1700s, when free-market Ron Paul, Mitt Romni, Sarah Palin’ and Glenn Beck’s prefered system was in fashion.

    But we are not in 1700s, we are in 2009, a time when most nations of the world are heading toward statism and socialism, and divorcing themselves from the free-market recipes of the 1980s and 1990s (The lost decades)


  8. United-Socialist-Front said on September 9th, 2009 at 10:11pm #

    Annie: Only communism can save mankind. for state-socialism to be state-less communism the businesses of the rich people will have be nationalized under workers-control, after ALL businesses of rich families are nationalized and passed to be owned by workers, then we can see a communism in America

  9. Mulga Mumblebrain said on September 10th, 2009 at 12:01am #

    I saw Beck on Fox/News yesterday, and I sure hope Van Jones has good protection. The atmosphere of unrestrained hatred is deeply troubling. The fat, dyspeptic, ‘White trash’ losers are being brainwashed into seeing Obama, the despised black man, and his cabal of coloured Communists as responsible for their economic distress. The real culprits, the insatiably greedy plutocrats, use the media, particularly the sewer cum madhouse end like FoxNews, to set working people against one another. The presence of blacks and Hispanics in the US had been a God-send for the Right, who can rip off the suckers then blame the ‘varmint Carmnist niggrahs and wet-backs’.
    The spectacle of ambulatory plaques of saturated fat, their microvasculature, particularly the cerebral, further impaired by the toxic effects of corn-derived fructose, screeching in rage, bewilderment and imbecility while dangling their beloved firearms before the cameras, seems like some nightmare from the last moments of a lynch victim. Still all the pictures of lynchings usually portray a carnival atmosphere, and this is something darker. Goethe said that there was nothing more terrifying than ignorance in action, but what he would have made of ignorance deliberately fomented and set loose as a tool of social control, only the All High could say. If I was a Yank I’d quickly investigate the possibilities of moving to a civilised, stable country, like Albania or Somalia, because the omens for the crumbling Yankee Reich, going into another Depression without any discernible social cohesion, with politics a pulsating riot of hatred and vituperation, losing two wars abroad and itching for more, being led by the nose by Israel and its all-powerful Lobby and rapidly approaching banana republic status through stratospheric indebtedness, look grim indeed. But there is a silver lining. The rest of the world, save for Israel and the legions of Yankee supported despots and their hangers-on, will celebrate your fall, and have less reason to hate you, and if you don’t destroy yourself in the coming civil war, you may get a second chance at establishing a decent republic, rather than a brutal and omnicidal empire.

  10. Don Hawkins said on September 10th, 2009 at 4:14am #

    Mulga it is getting very easy to see now just what these so called leaders are all about not much. The President here in the States gave a good speech last night and now the headlines are about one thing lying. During his speech the camera went to the right side and there they were little men in fancy suits siting on there ass. Every situation has it’s own set of rules and regulations. When looking at the Universe things are not always’ what they seem and when looking at these so called leaders things are never what they seem. Health care is one situation and doesn’t mean the end of the human race as we know it as a start. Climate change does. I have noticed on Fox Glenn Beck and now Bill O’Reilly are with second grade level thinking both talking about climate change. All that money and last night O’Reilly basically said people are falling for this climate change stuff. The best minds we have now on planet Earth that you don’t see much on TV unless you watch the History Channel know how much trouble we are all in and it still is hard to get the word out. We are out of time to start to try and I guess the next 5 months will tell the story of the human race. I could be wrong as the best minds we have and that’s not little men in fancy suits will not stay silent even after 5 months and more lies and just old fashion bullshit. This is the big one as all we have to do is somewhat change the way industrial civilization work’s or as we know now how it doesn’t work. Get ready for a whole lot more lying and to set working people against one another that they feel is a good way to go. To face the problem work together use the knowledge the real thing imagination hard work but oh no just little man in fancy suits lying like dogs and how does the story end not well on the third planet from the Sun. I wonder could they agree we are the third planet from the Sun?

  11. Don Hawkins said on September 10th, 2009 at 4:58am #

    WWF-Turkey: Flooding sign of global warming

    Following devastating flooding in ?stanbul and Thrace that killed tens early this week and left dozens more missing, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Turkey) released a statement saying that the floods were a result of global warming, calling on municipal administrators to take swift and lasting action to prevent further tragedy.

    According to WWF-Turkey, four times the amount of rain recorded in an average month fell in ?stanbul and Thrace in only two days, which the group says is one of the many unexpected natural events that global warming paves the way to. WWF-Turkey decried the lack of mention of global warming in press coverage and government statements on the flooding, saying, “Despite the fact that we [Turkey] are among the countries most affected by climate change, the relevant authorities are not taking the necessary precautions precipitated by this change onto their agendas.”
    Flooding that reached even central ?stanbul districts indicates first and foremost infrastructural problems, the WWF-Turkey statement noted. “Due to irregular and unplanned building and insufficient infrastructural investment, rain is unable to reach the sea through its natural flowing canals and turns into flooding.

    Now an Indian might call this another sign and of course could keep witting for two hours on signs. The you know what is going to hit the fan yes it is.

  12. kalidas said on September 10th, 2009 at 7:30am #

    “The Indian air surrounds us, the original thoughts of kindred
    spirits…..And O! how the mind is here washed clean of all its early
    ingrafted Jewish superstition! It is the most profitable and most
    elevating reading which is possible in the world.”

    Arthur Schopenhauer

  13. United-Socialist-Front said on September 10th, 2009 at 7:38am #

    Mulga: indeed, if Glenn Beck was socialist and could use his anger against the capitalist system. Man how wrong Glenn Beck and his followers are by supporting corporate-oligarchic capitalism. Because that’s what Glenn Beck, The Tea Party and the so called lovers of a “pure free market” are really supporting. They think that a “pure free market” would be like a Socialist system with wealth for all. How wrong they are. Their pure free market, is even more oligarchical and more unfair than Bush and Obama’s economic model. It’s even more power for Wal Mart, Exxon, Lockheed, Boeing, Sears, Mcdonalds and less power for people.

    In a pure free market the rulers of a nation won’t be the burocrats from the government, neither the american citizens. But the Wal Mart, Shell, and Blackwater owners.

    It would be a very scary system indeed, like a Mad Max Feudalist worst case scenario of the movie Mad Max with Mel Gibson.


  14. United-Socialist-Front said on September 10th, 2009 at 7:43am #

    Don Hawkins: You also gotta know, that the ultra-right wing conspiracy-theory movement that became very powerful after 9-11, is also anti-global warming theory. These people are: Jeff Rense, Michael Rivero, Alex Jones, and other leaders of the ultra-right wing, libertarian conspiracy-theory movement of USA. I don’t really understand why these far-right conspiracists deny with a passion Global Warming, and they even post articles on their websites supposedly backed by scientists, stating that Global Warming is a lie.


  15. United-Socialist-Front said on September 10th, 2009 at 7:48am #

    911 = Inside Job ….and anybody that has any common sense knows it.

    The NeoConservatives and their masters…the Israeli’s are the evil doers that perpetrated the crime.

    Shouldn’t we investigate that and then hold the criminals responsible?

    I believe we will…and sooner rather than later.


  16. United-Socialist-Front said on September 10th, 2009 at 7:50am #



    9/11 was a master plot, concocted by a handfull of Israelis and dual passport Americans and carried out by the resources of the Mossad.

    Larry Silverstein leases a nearly worthless dinosaur WTC building complex (worthless due to the asbestos the buildings were stuffed with and needed to be cleaned up, the cost of which may have rivaled the value of the buildings themselves) weeks before 9/11, makes sure it is over insured against terrorist acts and hires an Israeli security firm. From that moment on the coast is clear to let a team of demolition experts from the Israeli army led by Peer Segalovitz into the WTC buildings. These charges plus detonators had been prepared at the premises of the Urban Moving Systems company, a Mossad front. During the weeks before 9/11 these prepared charges were loaded into vans, driven into the basements of WTC Twin Towers next to the elevator shaft, unloaded into the elevator, and lifted onto the roof of the elevator through the opening in the elevator ceiling. Next the elevator moved from floor to floor while charges where being attached to the columns as displayed in this video from 0:22 onwards. The detonators of these charges were radiographic controlled and finally detonated from WTC7 on the day of 9/11.

    Fast backward, Hamburg 54 Marienstrasse, july 2000, 22:40. Mohamed Atta, Al Shehhi and Jarrah (who were later blamed of being the pilots of flight 11, 175 and 93 respectively), who share the apartment hear the ringing of the door bell. Jarrah opens the door, 5 masked men make their way into the apartment with drawn pistols. The 3 Arabs are forced to lay on the ground. Their passports are confiscated, next the 3 men are made unconscious with some liquid and strangled to death afterwards. The bodies are carried out of the apartment into a van and driven off towards a desolate spot at the boarding of the Elbe river outside Hamburg, 1 kilometer north of Borstel and disposed of into the river with a bag filled with stones tied to their feet. The 3 passports are now in the possession of the agents of the Mossad, who carried out the raid on the apartment and 3 Arabs have vanished without anybody knowing that they are dead. Not long after the raid the 3 passports are given to 3 Israeli agents who were selected on having some resemblance with the 3 Arabs just killed. They make for America soon afterwards in the summer of 2000 and start laying a trail at flight schools, posing with the stolen identities from the 3 Arabs killed.

    Years earlier the israeli Michael Goff working for PTech, an Arab owned software company that develops key enterprise software for many government institutions like NORAD and FAA, using his secure channel with another israeli Amit Yoran, somehow manages to give Israeli army computer programmers access to this critical computer code. It was due to this manipulation that the hijackings on 9/11 remained unnoticed by the flight controller of NORAD. Once this was in place the planes could be taken over by remote control and flown into the World Trade Center.

    The hijacking of airliners by remote control had been tested as a dress rehearsal for 9/11 on the Egypt Air flight 990 that crashed into the Atlantic on October 31, 1999.

    Now everything was in place to commit the crime of the century. On the day of 9/11 the Israeli stand-ins for the ‘Arab hijackers’ showed up at the predestined departure airports to make sure they were captured on surveillance camera’s. The crucial point here is that the security at both the departure airports was in hands of an Israeli firm Huntleigh-USA, a subsidiary of the Dutch based but Israeli owned ICTS led by a fellow named Menahem Atzmon. And this is crucial: Atzmon used to be a colleague of Olmert in 1998. So there you have the link between the 9/11 operative level (an airport security firm) and the highest level of Israeli politics. What happened on the morning of 9/11 was that after the Israeli stand-ins were captured on camera, they left the airport via a side entrance and the show could begin. Minutes after the planes became air born somebody somehow was able to send a signal to the planes, causing the control panels to be disabled and the flight destination altered. What happened was that an anti-hijack system was activated (code word ‘home run’) and the regular pilot was put out of control. This pilot will probably have tried frantically to regain control of his aircraft. It is not very likely he will have told his passengers about the new situation since that would only cause panic. The passengers probably suspected nothing and hence had no reason to make any phone calls to their relatives (which were not possible anyway). And while the 9/11 passengers unsuspecting travel towards their immanent deaths, on the ground from a war room Israeli agents carry out phone calls to relatives of the passengers that were still in the air, using voice morphing technology and caller-ID spoofing and thus planted the Arabs-did-it-deception in the public consciousness. The sound samples necessary to carry out the fake telephone calls had been obtained via the israeli infiltration of American telephone networks by Israeli firms like Amdocs and Verint. By the time that the passengers were puzzled as they discerned the New York sky line it was already too late.

    Meanwhile on the other side of the Hudson river the members of the Israeli team that planted the demolition charges were waiting for things to happen. And while the rest of New York experienced in horror the events that were unfolding that day, the demolition experts were celebrating and high-fiving. The plot had worked out magnificently.

    Core Argument

    Ok, I admit. Some elements in this story are speculative. I do not know for instance if Atta was killed in Germany or in America. But the story is an coherent educated speculation. It is an attempt to reconstruct the events of 9/11. Myriads of web sites exist that expose the inconsistencies in the official story, that obviously is a fraud. This story offers an integral explanation of what could have happened and in all likelihood more or less did happen at 9/11 as there can be hardly any doubt about who was behind 9/11 if one rejects the official story. Some elements remain vague, like what happened exactly to WTC7, flight77, flight93 or Mohamed Atta. But these questions are of academic interest only. It’s clear who was behind 9/11 and what happened in detail with WTC-1/2 and the planes. That is enough. Here’s where most people got killed. The rest of the plot can be uncovered by a tribunal.

    In order to prevent that you get swallowed up by yet another 10 meters of screen text here is the core of the argument. The story is based on 2 broadly accepted postulates:

    1) WTC was brought down by controlled demolition
    2) The ‘dancing Israelis’ on the morning of 9/11 had foreknowledge of things to come

    These 2 premises are enough to put the Official Conspiracy Theory (Arabs did it) out of business.

    Premise 2 leads to the preliminary conclusion that the Israelis had foreknowledge because they organized the attacks themselves. Since Israelis are not known to commit suicide attacks we have to assume that the airplanes that crashed into their destinations were remote controlled. If one accepts this as a working hypothesis than there is a lot, I mean really a lot, of material that supports this Israeli Conspiracy Theory that replaces the official Arab Conspiracy Theory. We have the dedicated Zionist Silverstein who leases the WTC complex and over insures it against terrorism (leading to a hansom profit); we know that security at all departure airports and ‘arrival airports’ (WTC) was in Israeli hands (Huntleigh-USA and Kroll Associates, resp.); we know that the owner of Huntleigh-USA, Menachem Atzmon, a convicted criminal, had strong ties to Ehud Olmert, that is the highest level of Israeli politics; we also know that the Israeli secret service can eavesdrop on virtually everybody in the USA via Israeli owned companies like Amdocs and Verint which gave the Mossad the possibility to obtain sound samples of future 9/11 passengers to apply voice morphing to in order to make the fake phone calls on 9/11. And of course there is Dov Zakheim, the real mastermind of 9/11 who was CEO of SPC for 4 years prior to 9/11, a company that produces systems for remote control of airplanes. The same Zakheim that was a member of the Zionist dominated PNAC group, that more or less plotted for a global American empire, and suggested that a ‘New Pearl Harbor’ (page 51) could speed things up a bit; and finally the same Zakheim that 6 months before 9/11 became supervisor of a group of Pentagon comptrollers that had to sort out what had happened to the 2.3 trillion dollars that were missing from the Pentagon books; many of these comptrollers conveniently got killed on 9/11 and much of the financial data went with them. This is the core of the story.

    Note: I am not claiming that 9/11 is solved. Of this however we can be certain: WTC controlled demolition, Israelis carried out the operation, no Arab hijackers, mastermind Zakheim, motive PNAC & Clean Break and remote control. I do not care about flight77 or 93, those are details to be solved by crime investigators. The most pressing question is that of remote control: how was that done? Were the original flights 11 and 175 remote controlled themselves or was there a plane swap as some have suggested, including Bollyn?

    Disclaimer: nobody is guilty until convicted by a court of law. This blog’s intent is to stimulate thinking about 9/11 from a different angle than the official one. From day one the blame has been put at bin Laden a

  17. United-Socialist-Front said on September 10th, 2009 at 8:32am #



    President Obama intensified his push for healthcare reform Wednesday with a nationally televised address before a joint session of Congress. Obama urged lawmakers to overcome partisan differences and pass long-awaited changes to the nation’s healthcare system. But what would reform actually look like? We speak with Dr. Quentin Young, a longtime friend of Obama and the national coordinator for Physicians for a National Health Program, as well as the Reverend Jesse Jackson, founder of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition.

  18. Don Hawkins said on September 10th, 2009 at 10:47am #

    USF in a time of universal deceit the moon is made of green cheese.

  19. Don Hawkins said on September 10th, 2009 at 11:08am #

    COPENHAGEN — European ministers warned that December’s landmark UN climate talks could fail, as the EU Commission urged rich nations Thursday to stump up tens of billions of euros to help the developing world combat global warming.

    “The Copenhagen deal is hanging in the balance,” British Foreign Secretary David Miliband told reporters.

    “It’s a real danger that the world will not come together in the way that is necessary to agree on an ambitious and comprehensive deal in December,” warned Miliband, in Denmark to meet with his Danish, Finnish, French and Swedish counterparts on the issue.

    The December 7-18 talks in Copenhagen, under the 192-nation UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), aim to craft a post-2012 pact for curbing the heat-trapping gases that drive perilous global warming.

    French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner told AFP that Copenhagen would be judged as a success if there is the willingness from rich countries to help poorer ones deal with the effects of global warming.

    “It is the richest who must share most of the burden with developing countries,” Kouchner said.

    Danger danger danger———Warning warning warning

  20. kalidas said on September 10th, 2009 at 12:05pm #

    Don’t look now, here they come. (what IS that around the “priest’s” neck?)


  21. kalidas said on September 10th, 2009 at 12:14pm #

    Maybe he’s related to this superior chosen moron.


  22. MEBOSA RITCHIE said on September 10th, 2009 at 3:51pm #

    thanks kalidas
    i just realise hamas people are all jews .that must be why they are bringing suffering to the pallies in gaza