Walrus Bulls Bellowing on a Beach

I am disappointed with the view of some knowledgeable commentators over Scotland’s release of the dying man who was convicted of the Lockerbie-airline bombing.

From a purely power-politics point of view, of course, they are right: judging by the ugly noises echoing across the oceans from America, Scotland has done itself no favor.

But if all affairs are to be carried on in every country from that point of view, it seems to me that it is acceptance of America’s right to dictate every matter over the planet, including such intimate matters as how individual countries interpret justice and the government of laws.

This is the acceptance of a de facto aristocracy running the world since American voters — and only about half of eligible Americans bother to vote — represent only a percent or so of the planet’s population. It is remarkable how many Americans do not understand the basic point that not everything a democracy does is democratic or decent or even acceptable, especially things done outside its borders.

Democracies abuse power just as surely as any other form of government, and a democracy with the immense military power of the United States — a power virtually cancerous to genuine democratic values — provides a case study in the inexorable workings of Lord Acton’s dictum.

It would also represent a repression of all the better motives from which individuals and societies act now and then, surprising us and raising the standard of human behavior from the violent-chimpanzee standard that tends to hold for much of humanity and is especially notable in America’s international affairs.

That is unacceptable to most people who are not Americans or who are not dedicated flatterers of America seeking leftovers being dropped from its groaning table.

You only have to ask yourself how Americans themselves would react to others telling them how they should run their court system. The sound would be deafening, like the bellowing of walrus bulls on a stony beach in mating season, which is actually pretty close to the sound of some of America’s professional-victim families today.

Mercy is never misplaced, and I think Scottish justice has reached an admirable decision despite the bellowing of the unthinking American families we have heard from for years.

Apart from that, and a very important consideration, it is almost certain that al-Megrahi is innocent, having been fitted up by American intelligence desperate for a scapegoat with the relentless political pressure of the walrus-bull families.

I have to say, also, I always find it troubling to read the press repeating the lines about 270 victims for the thousandth time. It is an American mantra, emphasizing the special and precious nature of American lives over all others, at least, that is, the lives of upper middle-class Americans.

Rarely do we read an accurate perspective on the Lockerbie event.

The United States Navy stupidly shot down an Iranian airliner with 300 souls aboard as it observed the devastation of the Iran-Iraq War, a devastation America had an important hand in extending.

Those 300 innocent men, women, and children received no mercy, and their horrible deaths certainly never saw any justice. Their families never received compensation. And no apology was even offered by Americans, a disgusting set of behaviors, entirely.

Lockerbie was absolutely clearly revenge, but no one knows who actually committed the act of revenge.

I might offer the observation, too, that it is the same bellowing Americans always ready to use capital punishment or torture and assassinate opponents or, indeed, to invade the lands of those with whom they disagree, bombing and killing countless innocents — three million just in Vietnam, another million or so in the Cambodia they de-stabilized, and another million or so in Iraq.

The whole pattern of the two acts of wanton destruction explains the basis for the so-called War on Terror. It is simply America’s saying, “I can do to you, but you can’t do to me.”

John Chuckman lives in Canada and is former chief economist for a large Canadian oil company. Copyright © by John Chuckman. Read other articles by John, or visit John's website.

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  1. Jeff said on August 22nd, 2009 at 9:44am #

    Attn Author:

    No, it is not America saying this. It is Zionist Israel. Get with the program.

  2. Mulga Mumblebrain said on August 22nd, 2009 at 4:00pm #

    John, the exact chain of events was known quite soon after the Lockerbie atrocity. It was so well established that it was published in various UK ‘papers as plain fact. The Iranians, incensed by the deliberate, not ‘accidental’ destruction of the Iranian air-bus, a signal sent to the Iranians that they would be punished if they sought to overthrow the US ally of the time, Saddam Hussein, arranged for a revenge attack. They contracted the work to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, based in Syria. A bomb, hidden in a radio, was given to a patsy, himself a drug mule in a US Drug Enforcement Agency ‘sting’ operation to catch heroin importers in the US, hence the ‘special treatment’ his luggage received.
    This was pretty well all understood within months, and remained the official version for 18 months. Then, when Iran and Syria were needed to co-operate in the destruction of Iraq, the official version was suddenly dropped. It disappeared, overnight, without trace, truly amazing testimony to the moral insanity of the Western media and the dead souls that populate it. And in its place a new story was confected, with new patsies. The evil Libyans were not yet tamed, so they were the obvious targets.
    After a show trial with faked evidence, a dominating, overbearing US presence in court, a shocking verdict, a disgrace to Scottish jurisprudence, was brought down. Two Libyans having been charged, having been accused of working together to effect this great crime, only one was guilty. It doesn’t even pass the laugh test. Scottish legal observers expressed their shock and dismay at a clear travesty.
    So al-Megrahi has spent eight years as a political prisoner, a fall-guy. He’s been released now for several reasons, I would imagine, and humanity is the least believable. First, he has been required to drop his appeals. That lessens the chance that the truth will come out, so embarassing to the authorities with the proof of Western intelligence lying, faking and planting evidence and suppressing evidence helpful to the defence. In fact it sounds just like a trial in the US, particularly when the defendant is black, or even worse, Islamic. We must remember that, despite several promises, that there has never been any official investigation into Lockerbie by UK authorities, which, given their audacity at producing phoney inquests when nedded, as with Hutton, must mean that the cover-story does not stand much hope of surviving any honest examination.
    Second, it allows an opportunity, after a decent interval, say a week or two, for the real course of events, the real ‘truth’, to be resurrected, dragged back from the ‘memory-hole’ and mobilised to demonise Iran, Syria and the Palestinians. This will require yet more immediate and selective memory-loss from the Western media, yet greater intellectual, casuistic, triple back-flips, but for these practiced liars and cynical hypocrites, no moral abasement is too great when one is serving one’s masters. Demonising Iran to set the scene for its ‘obliteration’ as Hilarious Clinton termed it, is priority number one for Israel and its swarming hordes, so even so great an hypocrisy as this is not out of the question.
    And the third motivation must be simply to allow the slavering, homicidal, deranged Right yet another opportunity to vent their psychotic rage. I caught a little FoxNews on this topic last night, and even by their standards this was, in my opinion, hysterical, barking viciousness, completely unhinged. And, while not for a second wishing to belittle the pain of those who lost their loved ones, is it not interesting that the US families are far more hate-filled than the UK ones, and that the US families trotted out to ventilate their feeklings are preponderantly Jewish? Am I the only person ( I hope not) sick to the heart of Judaic rage and hatred for Arabs and Moslems being shoved down our throats with the demand that we join them in their crusade of vilification, demonisation and destruction against the Arab world?

  3. Michael Kenny said on August 23rd, 2009 at 6:09am #

    Mr Chuckman’s basic point, namely that Americans’ presumption of their right to dictate to every country on Earth (except one!) is unacceptable to the other 95% of mankind, is the elephant in the American room. If you read the articles on this and other sites, regardless of their political ideology, the only disagreement seems to be what the US should ram down whose throat!
    To take a recent example, the very same people who are screaming because the democratically-elected President of Honduras has been overthrown (by the US, needless to say!) are also screaming to have the democratically-elected President of Colombia overthrown. And because the latter is deemed, in US political mythology, to be “pro-American”, his election is deemed to be somehow illegitimate and/or fraudulent. Equally, the same people who denounced the Iranian election as fraudulent a few montha ago, will be praising Afghanistan’s wonderful exercie of democracy tomorrow, and vice versa!
    There is an inherent hyprocrisy in American thinking born of a colonial master race delusion, which itself is a form of racism. The idea of “superior races v inferior races” was classic in Europe until the end of WWII and really only died out in the late 1960s. Europe has now turned the page and moved on from those dark ideologies. The US (and, from what I read on this site, Canada too!) needs to do likewise.

  4. mary said on August 23rd, 2009 at 8:14am #

    The state broadcaster here, the BBC, won’t leave it alone, neither will Murdoch’s Sky. The latter have just had a slavering Bolton on making that ridiculous statement that Mr Al Megrahi served so many days per each dead passenger on the Pan Am Flight. The topic has been at the top of the news bulletins for three days now and today Mueller’s statement has been endlessly featured. What do the walruses want – Mr Al Megrahi returned? More blood? It will be interesting to watch the developments and to hear the truth if and when it finally emerges.

    Chrissie Grahame of the Scottish government party, the SNP, says that Brown and Mandelson (who had a prostate operation yesterday) must be hiding under their duvets wondering what they can think up to say. We haven’t heard the end of this.

  5. Mulga Mumblebrain said on August 24th, 2009 at 2:34am #

    mary, the al-Megrahi release is cynicism exemplified. He is, as everybody with the least interest in the case knows, entirely innocent. But, as he is a Moslem and an Arab, and the Rightwing racists, xenophobes and general haters led by the Zionazis abhor these people with a bloodthirstiness and fervour that recall Nazi attitudes (and all colonial settler society attitudes to the untermenschen who get in the way of the various Western Herenvolken)he is liable to ferocious abuse. This collective hate ventilating reminds one of the ‘group hate’ sessions from 1984. The examples I’ve seen on FoxNews are, in my opinion, indicative of evil, deranged, bloodthirsty minds in extremis-people I imagine who would gladly ‘push the button’ to obliterate Moslems in even greater numbers.
    al-Megrahi had to surrender his appeal rights, which, if, for once, the process had been ‘just’, would have exonerated him. So Scottish ‘justice’ is spared that embarassment. The UK gets to stick its snout back into Libya’s hydrocarbon wealth. And, although the sheer cynical hypocrisy and contempt for the truth and the public’s intellect required is absolutely fantastic, I fully expect the truth, that Iran commissioned this atrocity, the story that was the accepted truth throughout the Western media for 18 months until it vanished in a trice, to be resurrected. In order to further demonise Iran, to prepare the Western public for the murder of another million or two ‘camel-jockeys’. From my experience of the moral insanity and ethical insufficiency of the Western media sewer and its complement of turds in (semi-)human form, I expect the previous blaming of Libya, the unjust incarceration of al-Megrahi, and the original atrocity, the downing of the Iranian airbus by the USS Vincennes, all to be ignored as if they never existed.

  6. Shabnam said on August 25th, 2009 at 7:41am #

    Mr. John Chuckman:

    Nice try to inject the zionist lies with no proof here to form public opinion against Iran to benefit Israel and then talking about JUSTICE and finding:
    { Al-Megrahi is innocent, having been fitted up by American intelligence desperate for a scapegoat with the relentless political pressure of the walrus-bull families.}

    Of course any one with more than 2 brain cells knows that Al Megrahi is innocent of charges and Libya had nothing to do with this bombing. Libya had to pay billions of dollar to let Libya to breath. However, you cleverly prepare the readers of this site with the following:
    {The United States Navy stupidly shot down an Iranian airliner with 300 souls aboard as it observed the devastation of the Iran-Iraq War, a devastation America had an important hand in extending.}

    You with no documentation to back your hinted phony charge, you write:
    {Lockerbie was absolutely clearly revenge, but no one knows who actually committed the act of revenge.}

    Why do you do that? Let me tell you this kind of deception is pretty much known to us and no one is going to be fooled by your manipulation of information to help Israel by bringing Iran into the scene to form public opinion. This kind of trick is used repeatedly by the zionist ‘left.’ I must tell you that charging Iran for the crime that US and Israel have committed is nothing new. However, your clear hint at Iran has been tried in the past, in case you have forgot to review, and failed to materialize.
    On June 4, 2000, the CBS program “60 Minutes” aired claims that Iranian intelligence services organized the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 in December 1988. The broadcast contained an Interview with “60 Minutes” associate producer Roya Hakakian who infiltrated the camp in Turkey, where this Iranian defector, Ahmad Behbahani, was contained, in which he claimed the bombing was related to the shooting down of an Iran Air airbus five months previously by the US. He exactly repeated the words of his zionist backers to obtain accommodation to obtain a visa or Green Card to travel the West. This kind of ‘confessions’ is not unusual for Iranian traitors. Other people have obtained VISA claiming, they are ‘guy’, or ‘Christian’ or have a ‘lap top’ which shows Iran is making bomb, and other wired charges to fool different governments.

    I should say that Zionists are spreading lies and deception using their agents, like Roya Hakakian, an Iranian Jew, who spread lies throughout the zionist media in the US including NPR and ‘NOW’ at PBS with David Brancaccio at ease. Hakakian, who predicted the downfall of Iranian government in June with Leslie Stahl, with her husband, Ramin Ahmadi, and Payam Akhavan – Born in Iran, a Bahia who is stationed in Canada and is known as zionofascist among Canadian – have established “Iran Human Rights Documentation Center” in New Haven funded by NED (CIA) to ‘document’ war crime activities of Iranian government. At the same time the zionist trio has given full support to Israel genocide of Palestinian toddlers and war criminal activities of US in different countries around the world. Payam Akhavan, who is on the board of ‘Rights and Democracy’ a Canadian version of NED, aligned himself with ICC against Al Bashir, president of Sudan, in Darfur, claiming that he has committed, ‘genocide’ in Darfur and recommended him as ‘war criminal’ but he, a law professor, not only has left all the war criminals in Washington, Israel, London and other western countries but he openly works as an AGENT to label the zionist enemies as ‘war criminals’ to expand the influence of western powers.

    The CIA, FBI and the Iranian intelligence service have since disputed Behbahani’s identity and claims of Ahmad Behbahani who was introduced by MEK (Mujahedeen) where have close relations with Israel and the Jewish Lobby.
    This PHONY charge has been publicized once before by Mujahedeen on June 6, 2000 when neocon, Jewsh lobby, came to power. This organization, a zionist puppet, put forward the following information at the request of its zionist backers. As Richard Curtiss from ‘Washington Report on Middle East Affairs’ reports:
    {The NCR press release charged that Brig. Gen. Ahmad Beladi Behbahani, a relative of former Iranian President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and Iran’s deputy intelligence minister for counterintelligence, a man who coordinated all of Iran’s terrorist activities abroad, “is in Turkey,” and it called upon “the government of Turkey to put [him] under immediate arrest.” What was most sensational from the American viewpoint was the NCR allegation that Behbahani had been “President Rafsanjani’s liaison with the Intelligence Ministry and also had detailed information about the Lockerbie bombing.”}

    Richard Curtiss continues:
    {At the same time CIA and FBI investigators who debriefed the defector in Turkey dismissed him as an imposter who lacks basic knowledge of Iran’s intelligence apparatus and “has been lying about lots of stuff,” according to a senior U.S. official in Washington. However, U.S. officials said that even if the defector is a fraud, some of his claims could be true. Turkish officials were even more dismissive, describing the defector as “not a person of great significance.”}

    Now, the zionist camp is active more than ever to present the same phony charge in the more progressive website to help Israel achieve establishing ‘greater Israel.’ We have already seen how ‘left’ at Zmag, CPD have been discredited and discarded as US government front in alliance with the state department preaching the Iranian election as ‘fraud’ and helping the reactionary opposition groups, Dash Aghlou, and stooges such as Hamid Dabashi and Makhmalbaf in their propaganda campaign against an elected president confirmed by an independent American poll to create chaos and bloodshed in Iran to form public opinion against Iran around the world to be used for a military action that Israel desperately wants. We never forget these Zionists and Bahia, historically Bahia is the Zionist ally, like Juan Cole, Payam Akhavan and Ahmad Ziad Abadi, are launching propaganda campaign against Iranian people.

    On August 24, 2009 Jerusalem Post took the time to bring this phony charge to the front for propaganda purposes to advice Obama how he can win the war in Afghanistan and save American Empire. The JP writes:

    {If patience is running thin on Afghanistan, and there is no stomach to stop Iran, the reasons are obvious. From Lockerbie to Afghanistan, Western decision-makers have compartmentalized Islamist violence – rather than defined it as a strategic menace to the Western values of tolerance and liberty. The lesson of Vietnam is that wars become unwinnable when leaders fail to identify their true enemies, leaving their societies unmobilized, confused and lacking in motivation. }

    In fact JP is talking about Israel’s victory and not American interest. They know they have fooled American people into waging a war against Iraq having a zionist puppet in place, George Bush, where let to destruction of Iraq with its civilization and creation of a spy network in the North, Kurds as zionist’s pawn in the region, why not pushing for another military strike against Iran since we have the ‘left’ fully on board with the jewish president, Barak Obama the weakest president ever Washington has seen, to take action against Iran. American people must be aware of the thread and expose the zionost fifth column including the phony ‘left’ more than ever.
    They are other phony charges like the bombing at Jewish cultural center in Argentina and Khobar bombing in Saudi Arabia where have tried to stick it on Iran but have failed many times in the past. However, the Iraqi government has identify Saudi Arabia behind the resent terror where has taken hundreds of Iraqi lives. Of course Iraqi government is afraid to tell that all these killing are taking place on behalf of American war criminals and Zionists terrorists.


  7. Shabnam said on August 26th, 2009 at 6:21am #

    I have forgotten to write that NCR is National Council of Resistance of Iran, where established long time ago by Mujahedin, a terrorist organization at the service of the Zionists, Jewish Lobby, presenting itself as a ‘parliament’-in-exile of the Iranian resistance. NCR is in fact Mujahedin.

    Israel is getting desperate that its 5th Colum, jewish lobby, has not been able to bring American people and the puppet administration to stage a military attack on Iran. Israel and her closet zionists who are residing mainly in the ‘leftist’ organizations in different ‘anti war’ ‘movement’ and different Trotskyite groups are injecting charges for the different bombing around the world.

    Iran was accused for the 1994 bombing of the Argentine Jewish Mutual Association, AMIA, a Jewish charities association headquarters in Buenos Aires where created a lot of problems for Iran around the world. Argentina’s Jewish Community, the largest in Latin American, like the United States has a lot of influence on president of the country, Christina Kirchner, wife of the former president Nestor Kirchner, a Jew, accusing Tehran of having masterminded the attack at the request of Israel to gain money from Jewish financial resources.
    Iran’s former ambassador to Argentina, Hadi Soleimanpour was detained at the request of the zionists on August 21, 2003 in Durham, Britain, where he was studying to try him for AMIA in court. A British court held a 51-minute hearing on November 13, 2003 and issued a final verdict acquitting Soleimanpour and declaring the case officially closed.
    Following a complaint filed two years later by Iran against the British court for libel and damages, the British government paid 180,000 pounds sterling to cover the costs of the trial.

    Now, the zionists are taking these phony charges to manufacture CRISIS to form public opinion against Iran in the US and around the world.
    Now, in view of the western hysteria against the nomination of Ahmad Vahidi as the Defense Minister in the Ahmadinejad’s administration, are trying to bring, at the request of the racist and terrorist entity Israel, the AMIA charge again to manufacture CRISIS to serve the interest of Zionism where RULES THE WORLD. As Gareth Porter writes:

    {The Iranian defector who was the source of Argentina’s allegation that Iranian officials began planning the Jul. 18, 1994 terror bombing of a Jewish community center at a meeting nearly a year earlier had been dismissed as unreliable by US officials, according to the FBI agent who led the US team assisting the investigation in 1997-98.
    The FBI agent, James Bernazzani, also says Argentine investigators had no real leads on an Iranian link to the bombing when his team was in Argentina. Three top officials in the US Embassy in Buenos Aires at the time – including Ambassador James Cheek – have confirmed the absence of evidence linking Iran to the bombing, which killed 85 people and wounded another 300.}

    Please prepare to be bombard with more phony charges against Iran.
    On the other hand most of these bombing are linked to CIA and Mossad where commit these kind of crimes to achieve certain political objective by framing others. The 1986 bombing of a disco in Berlin, as German Public Television has made a compelling case, linked to CIA and MOSAD to PROVIDE A RATIONALE FOR ATTACKING LIBYA.


  8. Shabnam said on August 26th, 2009 at 7:53am #

    SHAME ON OBAMA, A ZIONIST BLACK PUPPET. This petty man whose presidency was supported by zionism due to his services to jewish lobby and Israel where is hated by all the population of the region and beyond has strike a deal with a zionist racist and a war criminal like himself, Netanyahu, to force another illegal sanction to starve Iranian children to death similar to those zionist puppets earlier, Clinton and Bush, who are responsible for millions of death in Iraq. We hold American people as responsible as these war criminal who occupy the fucking WH to kill more Muslim for the interest of zionist bast*rds and not the interest of humanity. We will hold every single American as a war criminal responsible for millions of death in Sudan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and elsewhere.


  9. b99 said on August 26th, 2009 at 9:40am #

    Just one comment, Shabnam – According to Wikipedia Argentina’s Nestor Kirchner is a Swiss/Croatian Roman Catholic.

    Anything else you may have not fact-checked?

  10. Shabnam said on August 26th, 2009 at 9:51am #


    I got this information from an article when I was writing another post long time ago. I never write something without checking. Why you are so fixed on this issue. I have to do research again and as soon as I found the source I will send to you.


  11. b99 said on August 26th, 2009 at 10:23am #

    I’m not so much fixed on this issue, but I have never been given to understand that Kirchner is Jewish. So I’m just mentioning it. But that ‘fact’ is apparently important to your analysis otherwise you would not have stated his ancestry. If it is true that he is a Jew then it’s a peice of the puzzle as to the takeover of the world by Zionists. If not, we’ll proceed without it!

  12. Shabnam said on August 26th, 2009 at 10:54am #


    I can’t find the article that identified Nestor Kirchner as a jew but I am pretty sure I got this information from an article. Anyway, I did look at the background of the name itself and it tells me Kirchner has many variations. The mediaeval form of the name, ‘Kirchner’ meant literally ‘priest’ or ‘servant of the church’ that still is used.
    Thanks for pointing that out to me.

  13. Shabnam said on August 26th, 2009 at 2:13pm #

    Mr. John Chuckman:

    You should answer the following question:
    Why do you present Iran as a candidate for a terror that has been linked to CIA? Majority of the terrorist activities in the world are linked to CIA and Mossad. There are bodies of evidence that 9/11 is linked to Bush administration and Israel, yet you have chosen to put Iran on the map for Lockerbie bombing knowing that Jewish lobby is pushing for a military strike on Iran.
    The zionist puppet in the WH, senate, congress are under a lot of pressure to deliver, so the zionist ‘left.’

    There are bodies of evidence that link CIA to this terror, yet you have chosen a country that has no means to carry out this kind of crime. If Iran wanted to revenge for 300 dead, many children, why not for one million of Iranian youth who lost their lives in the war where forced upon a nation by the US puppet, Saddam, earlier?

    Next time, you should remove your veil of ignorance on this issue to see all the available evidence not to accuse Iran at this sensitive moment as other people have done.

    As Marcello Mega has written:
    A former Scottish police chief has given lawyers a signed statement claiming that key evidence in the Lockerbie bombing trial was fabricated.
    The retired officer – of assistant chief constable rank or higher – has testified that the CIA planted the tiny fragment of circuit board crucial in convicting a Libyan for the 1989 mass murder of 270 people. The officer, who was a member of the Association of Chief Police Officers Scotland, is supporting earlier claims by a former CIA agent that his bosses “wrote the script” to incriminate Libya.
    Then, in 2003, a retired CIA officer gave a statement to Megrahi’s lawyers in which he alleged evidence had been planted.
    The decision of a former Scottish police chief to back this claim could add enormous weight to what has previously been dismissed as a wild conspiracy theory. It has long been rumored the fragment was planted to implicate Libya for political reasons.