Silence is Complicity

We’re All War Criminals Now

In response to the current brutal assault on Gaza by Israel a well-known long distance service provider has sponsored a petition for their customers to sign urging a cease fire. On the face of it, this seems like a noble endeavor. The company in question caters to the progressive community and donates a portion of its fees to a wide array of progressive organizations. One could take issue with the fact that this company aligns itself with a notorious international banking cartel to provide credit card services to its customers. But what is interesting to note is how the language in the email which introduces the petition, whether intentionally or not, promotes the usual pro-Zionist narrative about the situation.

First there is the all too familiar contention that “the political and historical conflict causing this violence is centuries old and far too complicated to address….” We are supposed to believe that the situation is so complex the average person can’t be bothered to try and understand it. So the only reasonable thing to do is to accept the sound bite version offered to us by the media. This is usually some form of pro-Zionist rhetoric centered around an Israeli perspective.

In reality, the conflict causing this violence is not centuries old. Nor is it too complex to address. Prior to 1900, Jews and Palestinians lived together in Palestine for generations without the extreme levels of hatred and violence which now exist. With the advent of Zionism, the political movement to establish a Jewish state in all of historic Palestine, tensions began to escalate. The leaders of the Zionist movement sought to control more and more of what they considered to be land promised to them by God. In 1947-48, the violent ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homeland by Zionist militias and the creation of the Jewish state of Israel began the conflict in earnest.

Since then, Israel’s continued seizure of Palestinian land through the establishment of illegal settlements in the West Bank has accelerated the aggression. In addition, Israel has refused to abide by UN resolution 194 which guarantees Palestinians the right of return to or compensation for lands taken from them during the war in 1947-48. As a result of that war and the 1967 war Israel expanded well beyond the borders allotted to it by the original partition of Palestine and has been in violation of the Geneva Conventions as well as the terms of the original United Nations partition plan since its inception.

Though rarely if ever spoken about in any media source, the real reason for the conflict in Palestine is not Jews or Palestinians, it is the Zionist colonization of Palestine. Zionism, a virulent form of ethnic nationalism, fosters a culture of exclusivity and entitlement within Israeli society. Jews are “The Chosen People” living in “The Promised Land.” These inherently racist attitudes create an atmosphere which legitimizes collective punishment and human rights abuses against Palestinians simply because they are not Jews. Jewish lives are valued more than Palestinian lives. This attitude was epitomized by the statement of extreme right wing Israeli Rabbi, Eliyah, in April of 2008. “The life of one yeshiva boy is worth more than the lives of 1,000 Arabs.”

The stated goal of Zionism has always been and continues to be the expulsion of the Palestinians and the colonization of all of Palestine, not just the area which currently is Israel. This is a fact, not idle supposition. In his book, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, Ilan Pappe, an Israeli Jewish historian, gives a well-documented account of the brutally orchestrated removal of Palestinians from their lands and the systematic plan for the ongoing colonization of Palestine. Pappe uses Israel’s own archives to support these facts. For those pro-Zionists who consider Pappe to be too much of a “self-hating Jew,” a term often used to slander any Jewish scholar who attempts to expose the dark underbelly of the Zionist movement, they can read essentially the same history in Benny Morris’s writings. Morris is a fervent Zionist historian who has fully acknowledged the facts of Zionist history. But he sums up his findings by saying, in effect, the ethnic cleansing was a necessary evil and his only regret is that Israel did not complete the job back in 1948.

The second and more subtle misconception reinforced by the promoters of the petition calling for a ceasefire in Gaza is contained in the statement, “All sides of the conflict will continue to act as they have in the past if they believe the world will stand by and allow them to do so.” Indeed, the world has stood by for the last 60 years and allowed Israel to aggressively colonize Palestinian lands in violation of international law and the Geneva Conventions. But the implication of the statement is that somehow the Palestinian people need the approval of the international community to engage in resistance to Israel’s illegal actions. This is like suggesting that if a family were to move into your home and occupy your living room, you would need to ask permission to take any action against them.

The Zionist narrative attempts to portray Israel as a victim of unprovoked Palestinian violence. But Palestinian resistance to the colonization of their land is recognized as a right under international law. The widely accepted and vociferous contention that “Israel has a right to defend itself,” is a bizarre transposition of the rule of law. It is like saying the family that occupied your home has a right to defend itself from your actions to remove them. Israel does not have any right under international law to “defend” its ethnic cleansing and illegal occupation of Palestine. The attack on Gaza, and indeed, any Israeli action taken against Palestinian resistance, whether that resistance be violent or nonviolent, is not an act of self defense. It is an act of aggression against a legitimate resistance movement. Israel is not defending itself, it is defending its illegal colonization of Palestinian lands.

From a purely moral perspective, it is absurd to suggest that the monstrous assault being unleashed against the captive and defenseless people of Gaza by the world’s fourth largest military is in any way justified by the firing of crude homemade rockets into Israel. There are 1.5 million people in Gaza. They have no army, no navy, no air force. More than two thirds of the population is comprised of women and children. After having the nerve to conduct democratic elections in January, 2006, the Palestinians have had their elected officials imprisoned and assassinated. Their government has been removed in an administrative coup and replaced by the quisling Fatah party in the West Bank. When Hamas resisted this coup and reclaimed control of the government they were freely and fairly elected to lead, it was Hamas who was considered the aggressor, not those who removed them from power in the first place. Again, the rule of law was transposed and used to justify the demonization of Hamas.

To make matters worse, in an attempt to coerce the Palestinians in Gaza to abandon their legitimately elected representatives, Israel, with the help of the international community, has kept Gaza under siege for most of the last three years. Gazans have been denied many of the basic necessities of life, including such things as paper and pencils, school books and even sanitary napkins. Israel recently added shoes and clothing to the list of forbidden imports. They claim Hamas might use them to make military uniforms. This, despite the fact that Israel often justifies its killing of civilians in Gaza by asserting that the Hamas militia can’t be distinguished from civilians because, yes, you guessed it, they don’t wear military uniforms.

The main power plant in Gaza has also been bombed, severely limiting the amount of electricity available. This electricity is necessary for water and sewage treatment along with the more obvious aspects of normal daily life. Fuel supplies have been restricted. Importation of cement has been curtailed preventing necessary repairs to civilian infrastructure. The Israeli Air Force has used F-16 Fighter Jets, supplied by the U.S., to make frequent low level super sonic flights over Gaza creating massive sonic booms which, according to the Gaza Community Mental Health Program and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, “are having serious effects on children in Gaza, including anxiety, panic, fear, poor concentration and low academic success.” The sonic events are also suspected of inducing miscarriages in Palestinian women.

These are just a few examples of the war of collective punishment and terror being waged against the civilian population in Gaza. These tactics have increased in intensity over the last three years, culminating these last six weeks in the nearly complete denial of food, medicine, electricity and fuel to the million and a half people living in Gaza. So why would Hamas be engaging in resistance to Israel, anyway? One can only imagine.

This back story to the devastation in Gaza is completely ignored by our corporate media and by most so-called progressive media. It’s as if history began just a few months ago. Out of the blue, those crazy terrorists started firing rockets into Israel for no reason at all. How dare they? And this assumption goes largely unchallenged. There is much angst and hand wringing in the so-called alternative media about how disproportionate Israel’s response has been. Outrage is expressed at the suffering of the Palestinian people. But there is little discussion of the fact that Palestinian militants actually have a reason to be firing rockets at Israel.

Over the last 60 years, there has never been a sincere effort on the part of Israel to avert conflict with the Palestinians. On the contrary, conflict has been continuously inflamed in order to facilitate and legitimize the colonization of Palestine. Regardless of the repeated empty rhetoric on the part of Israel about wanting a partner in peace, since 1967, when the illegal settlement campaign was begun, there has not been a single Israeli administration which has not expanded the settlements in the West Bank. This is in direct violation of the Geneva conventions, not to mention the many so-called agreements Israel has entered into over the years promising to halt the expansion of settlements.

Simply put, Israel is colonizing Palestine. Its Zionist founders always intended to achieve this end, and the current regime has no intention of sidelining that plan. Any other claim made by the government of Israel is pure guile. And this deception has been perpetrated with funding and encouragement from successive United States administrations since 1947. Indeed, none of Israel’s current illegal aggression would be taking place without the approval of the United States along with the massive amounts of military aid we provide. This is the history of the current conflict which we are not allowed to hear. Not because it is too complicated for us to understand, but because it is too offensive to the sensibilities of those who blindly support Israel.

As the horrors unfold in Gaza, how should we respond? Other than giving direct physical and emotional support to the people in Gaza by donating money to relief organizations and speaking out against the war crimes being committed there, not much can be done in the short term to rectify the situation. We know from attempts to derail the war in Iraq that no matter how many voices are raised in protest, the international stage is set and the usual actors will play out this disaster as they see fit regardless of our efforts to stop them.

And what about over the long term? The situation is dire. Our public discourse is a cornucopia of lies, obfuscation and denial. Facts are considered irrelevant. Reality is turned upside down and language has become meaningless. Imperial and colonial violence is defined as righteous self defense. Resistance to that violence is defined as terrorism. The United States and Israel, two of the world’s most celebrated so-called democracies, are in reality rogue militarized nations engaging in collective punishment, torture, wars of aggression and criminal foreign policies which flagrantly disregard even the most basic concepts of fairness and human decency.

The so-called Left in the United States decries each successive atrocity either committed or supported by our government. Israel assaults Gaza using our money and weapons, so we sign petitions calling for an end to the violence. We engage in a flurry of political activism every four years and vote in sham elections which only legitimize the actions of the ruling elite. What we should do instead is boycott these fraudulent elections and engage in direct action in order to facilitate a popular uprising against the existing structure of our government. We need a nonviolent social revolution to create a new political paradigm. Under the current system, the perpetuation of empire is institutionally preordained. We are permitted to reshuffle the cards and deal a new hand now and then, but always from the same stacked deck.

The situation in Palestine, along with many of the violent conflicts in the world, is nothing more than a symptom of the disease that is U.S. Empire. Gaza is just one more bloody scene in an ongoing imperial nightmare of death and destruction. If we want to stop the senseless killing taking place in Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan and so many the other places, we must stand up and say no. Not just to the acts themselves, but to the fetid imperialist juggernaut which exports and cultivates them. Until we disrupt this cycle of corporate power mongering and violent militarism by refusing to participate in it, we have only ourselves to blame for the deaths of the innocent men, women and children who are the targets of our bombs. The blood is on your hands and mine. We are all war criminals now.

Joe Mowrey is an anti-war activist and an advocate for Palestinian rights. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his spouse and their three radical canines as well as the fifteen-year old anarchist cat, Mackabee who now has an antithetical feline roommate, Misha, the Velvet Fog. He can be reached at: Read other articles by Joe.

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  1. Paul Meyer said on January 5th, 2009 at 9:15am #

    The author is almost correct, only off by about 50 years; the immigration of Zionist-inspired Jews from eastern Europe began between 1850 and 1875 (in slow dribbles) and accelerated in the last quarter of that century. The problem is simple: colonial theft of the land of an indigenous people. Herzl knew this and discusses it in his diary. Only contemporary Zionist apologists do not “know” it.

  2. mebosa ritchie said on January 5th, 2009 at 9:25am #

    zionists BOUGHTthe land from ARAB landowners quite happy to sell it for big bucks because it was desert.
    jews+hard work produce fertile land
    arabs want the land back for nothing


  3. mebosa ritchie said on January 5th, 2009 at 9:34am #

    everyone a civilian of course

    IDF troops have taken dozens of Hamas operatives prisoner since the start of the ground offensive phase of Operation Cast Lead, Israel Radio reported on Monday.

    Day Two of IDF ground op in Gaza

    Details regarding how the gunmen were captured and when were not released.

    Also Monday afternoon, the IAF bombed at least 40 smuggling tunnels along the Philadelphi Corridor on Gaza’s southern border with Egypt. There were no immediate reports of casualties in the strikes.

  4. bozh said on January 5th, 2009 at 11:14am #

    bit more ab ‘jewish’ immigration to palestine. during 1882-1903, 25000 russian ‘jews’ reached palestine, or ab 2% of russian emigrees.
    the 98% of them settled in UK, US, and s. america.
    that period is known as first aliyah.

    however, even then the goal was the same as now: to oust palestinians and rob them of their land in which they, as descendants of canaanitic people, dwealt for millennia.
    most ‘jews’, now as then, didn’t knwo that they had no connection with canaan.

    they had been convinced by mad priests that they are chosen and descendants of hebews or judeans.

    but it’ll come to pass that nearly all people wld recognize the fact that they are mostly europeans w. a cult. thnx

  5. Michael Dawson said on January 5th, 2009 at 11:28am #

    Why this obsession with arguing that “we are all war criminals”? We are NOT all war criminals. Saying that belittles the reality of war crimes and the still mostly unenforced Nuremberg Principles for punishing them.

    If you really oppose war crimes, stop turning the concept into a plaything!

    The US public has little access to making foreign policy and even less access to the basic information needed to make it properly.

    And blaming whole nations for the acts of the rich and powerful within them is a cardinal intellectual hallmark of terrorism.

    Joe Mowrey and DV, knock it off!

    If you want to stop this shit, get active, but retain your brain and your care for the facts and the situation.

  6. Michael Hureaux said on January 5th, 2009 at 11:54am #

    Israel “BOUGHT” the land from feudal warlords who made up outposts within the disintegrating Ottoman Empire, warlords many of whom were descendents of the emirates of this day, from families who were just as venal then as they are now. To argue that Israel is legitamate because it was stolen from the Palestinians by Arab renegades who sold it to imperialist renegades is to talk shit, but then, the argument most often comes from people who say that U.s. land barons “bought” the land from Indian tribes. Total capitalist bullshit.

  7. Recifense said on January 5th, 2009 at 12:29pm #

    We all know how the whites bought Manhattan from the Indians for 24 dollars, no? So, by the logic I’m reading here, those natives who resisted the whites in the New World were just as unjustified as the natives of Palestine who resist the Zionists. I guess when you’ve got the money and can buy something, the tenants lose all rights to stay. Invading Ottomans owned the land and had the right to sell it, just like the Dutch bought Manhattan and then turned over North America to the English and their successors. By this logic, if some rich fold buy up the area around Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, the Orthodox Jews living there now will have to right to stay in Brooklyn.

  8. bozh said on January 5th, 2009 at 1:05pm #

    some of the land in palestine had been bought by wealthy ‘jews’ and the land given to ‘jewish’ immigrants.
    ottoman empire allowed immigration to its empire. some of the land that was bought was swampy; causing malaria of which lotsof ‘jews’ died.
    often more people left than came in. so, immigration up to 1922 was not of any significance to the establishment of israel.
    what was of much importance was the fact that UK allowed illegal immigration into palestine. thnx

  9. Stephen Langford said on January 5th, 2009 at 2:18pm #

    Thanks for what you wrote… summed it up well. But still vote in elections, even if they are 90% sham. And be active. We are not all war criminals, but if we have a conscience, we feel complicit in the atrocities that our taxes make possible. Here in Australia, Jewish people are getting together and voicing their real disgust at what is going on. Peter Slezak is one of them, although better known is Antony Loewenstein, with his brilliant MY ISRAEL QUESTION. They have a letter printed today (6 Jan ’09) in some of the papers here, with over 100 signatures. For Jewish people the only answer to this disgrace, is solidarity and activism. Jewish people, like my father, have surely seen enough persecution in their history. Now is the time to get out of this rotten situation and work with Palestinians for real peace, based on real justice, with recognition of the dispossession and violence visited on Palestinians, and the work that has been done by Zionists to undermine Palestinian society. Again, thanks for your article.

  10. Tree said on January 5th, 2009 at 2:37pm #

    …and this is why the world is so f*cked up.

  11. Suthiano said on January 5th, 2009 at 2:48pm #

    mebozo richie rich,

    Israel is in no way a “great nation”. It is nation that spends time tearing out olive trees and building walls. It is nation built on unsustainable structures and systems. Water is already running out… Dead Sea “refill” plan is foolish. Desalianation is costly to people and environment. Israel is forced to launch wars of agression to try to get better access to water:

    it was in 1949 that then President Ben-Gurion dreamed up his “fantastic plan” of a “Greater Israel”, which was to include the Egyptian Sinai, all of Jordan west of Jordan river, all Lebanese territory south of Litani River, partially to address these issues of water supply. This plan began being implemented in 1953 when Ben-Gurion, with the help of Moshe Dayan orders a policy of forcible removal of Arab inhabitants from the DMZ, installing Israeli troops disguised as settlers. Also begins construction project to divert the flow of the Jordan River to the Negev region of Israel. Syria, which has already offered to give up 70% of its interest in the DMZ to resolve the issue, protests to the UN. The U.S. then brokers an arrangement wherein Israel abandons its water diversion project in exchange for virtually total control over the DMZ.

    By 1959 Israel was stealing water from Lake Kinneret (Syria). By 1963 Israel has undertaken a “”policy of escalation” with Syria. According to Moshe Dayan “80 percent” of all the clashes between Israel and Syria during this period are “deliberately provoked” by Isreal.

    This all matches official Zionist doctrine: As Israeli General Ezer Weizman (later president), stated in 1972: “political settlement without expansion would mean that Israel could not ‘exist according to the scale, spirit, and quality she now embodies’”.

    Your country must fight racist, expansionist wars to have a functioning economy. That is first sign of stupidity/pathology/irresponsibility, not greatness.

    Such is problem with elitism. no one on earth is good enough to give elitists elite level of respect the feel they deserve. As result elitists project own crimes onto other peoples… common psychological coping method.

  12. Suthiano said on January 5th, 2009 at 3:08pm #

    Thanks mebosa.

    We do know a lot here… maybe you should talk to your zionist friends and let them know we aren’t stooopid terrorists. it is good lesson to learn that we are smart people, not racists.

    We open our arms to anyone who has had enough of war… and we say help us fight for justice. Open your mind to peace. Come out of your isolation/fortress mentality. Recognize that state and individual are good comparisons, and that anyone doing what Israel has been doing since inception would be arrested… later he would feel very guilty or else be sent to death (if in U.S.) or many many years in jail. You know what happens in jail to bullies and child killers? not good things.

  13. mebosa ritchie said on January 5th, 2009 at 3:21pm #

    you’re right. i’ve seen what happens to bullies and child killers
    god bless america

    BAGHDAD, Dec. 30 — Former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was hanged in the predawn hours of Saturday for crimes against humanity in the mass murder of Shiite men and boys in the 1980s, sent to the gallows by a government backed by the United States and led by Shiite Muslims who had been oppressed during his rule, Iraqi and American officials said.

    In the early morning, Hussein, 69, was escorted from his U.S. military prison cell at Camp Cropper, near the Baghdad airport, and handed over to Iraqi officials. He was executed on the day Sunni Muslims, of which he was one, were to begin celebrating the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha.

  14. giorgio said on January 5th, 2009 at 5:58pm #

    mebosa ritchie,

    You quite a treat around here…keep posting and keep us amused….
    We need a clown around with sludge (Made in Israel) between the ears…

    Happy New Year (the Christian one of course) and may it be FREE from the likes of Bernie Madoffs….

  15. Douglas Smith said on January 5th, 2009 at 8:11pm #

    It’s good to encounter in this journal an oasis of dissidence in an otherwise howling media desert. If those self-righteous mainstream journalists took even one minute to see things from the Palestinian point of view, I doubt they would retain their ‘lazy loftiness” for very long at all.

    The other day I myself wrote someone sympathetic to Israel under the head, “Silence is Consent.” Her reply? It was all very well for me to work away at the material level, where conflict is perpetual; but she herself preferred to operate on the spiritual plane, la-de-da, where strife is but a passing illusion that simply gains power the more you dwell upon it.

    Those of us who can lift a pen should contact the president and boards of directors at our local universities and colleges, urging them to protest the barbarous bombing of Palestinian universities, which outrageously insults the enlightenment ideals of learning and tolerance.

    In the current crisis another strategy for me has been to copy and forward progressive articles such as the above to a circle of email recipients, in the hope that they will do likewise.

    I also urge fairminded people to join the international boycott-divest-sanction movement. There is genuine engagement in asking your local retailer whether a commodity may or may not have originated in Israel. Also, there is real solidarity in circulating information internationally about the commercial dodges which Israel uses to disguise products manufactured in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

    And in contrast to the South African apartheid boycott, we have no reason to regret the embargo on red wine!

    Below is the Notification of Boycott which I recently sent to the Israeli ambassador in Ottawa, Canada. Please use it as a template if you wish:

    “This is to inform you that I shall henceforth boycott any and all commodities, services, cultural events and academic engagements that have originated in Israel or have benefited from Israeli funding. My decision, which is aligned with that of the Global BDS Movement, will not be reversed until the Israeli government recognizes the right of Palesinian people to self-determination; until Israel puts an end to military assaults, blockades and other acts of violence; and until Israel fully complies with international law, including a wide range of UN resolutions.
    Though I have no illusion that the actions of a single individual will influence your apartheid policies, I am confident that if millions of citizens choose like myself to express their repugnance economically, then Israel will eventually have to accept moral responsibility for the suffering it has inflicted on the Palestinian people.
    Perhaps that day is closer than many think. It was not so long ago that Canadians avoided criticizing Israel for fear they would be branded as anti-Semite. Today, we openly compare the slaughter in Gaza to the Nazi extermination campaign in Warsaw.
    Towards peace with justice,”

  16. The Angry Peasant said on January 5th, 2009 at 8:38pm #

    I’d say at this point the best solution to the whole Palestinian situation is to get these people the hell out of there. Call it a rescue operation. Indeed, that’s what it would be. After reading enough interviews with the Gazans in their prison camp, I can tell you none of these people would object to just getting out of that hell. The Israelis want them gone? Fine. They’ll be gone. At least they’d be saved, and the Zionist pigs can revel in their desert shithole. Don’t be surprised if Ahmadinejad decides to bomb their asses, though. And bravo if he does. I’m all for peace, but honestly, the zionistic Israelis are the biggest blight on Earth, and have been for too long. Too many have suffered and died at their hands. We accepted that the Nazis had to be destroyed; I think srael’s in the same ball park.

  17. MG said on January 5th, 2009 at 10:26pm #

    This is very bad for Israeli. Why do they think they can get away with this? Isn’t what the Israeli Army did in Lebanon bad enough? Oct. 2006–“Israel has for the first time admitted it used controversial phosphorus shells during fighting against Hezbollah in Lebanon in July and August.”

    “The Geneva Conventions ban the use of white phosphorus as an incendiary weapon against civilian populations and in air attacks against military forces in civilian areas. ” from BBC reports 10/2006

    Shutter to think why the civilian casualties are so high. This is unacceptable.

  18. Douglas Smith said on January 6th, 2009 at 2:36am #

    This morning I wake up, realizing that it could be my own family that is under attack.

    If those despicable leaders of ours – Obama, Harper, Brown, Sarkozy – refuse to take action against the slaughter in Gaza, that means they are colluding in it.

    And if that is so, what is to prevent them from turning on us, their irksome constitutents? Sometime in the future, if we refuse to do their bidding – go to war, build a pyramid – what will prevent them from ordering the military to break down our doors with weapons blazing?

    These craven grandees had every means to stop the slaughter within a few days. Day one, expel the Israeli ambassador. Day two, cut off trade relations. Day three, encircle Israel with a lockdown blockade, calling upon adjacent Arab nations to help with the task.

    By now we should be well into stage three. So what is the problem? Why simper and talk foolish while those psychopaths in Tel Aviv run amuck?

    The details may never be known, but I am sure of one thing. The government does not function on my behalf. As a peace-loving person, I no longer feel safe from its excesses, even here in the lawful dominion of Gazanada.

  19. Grace said on January 6th, 2009 at 10:53pm #

    I had felt bad for being sick and not even able to send money to the Gaza victims. Now I feel good about not going to work and not paying more share of war tax.

  20. Shabnam said on January 6th, 2009 at 11:03pm #

    Israel is a Zionist state where has committed war crimes many times. ISRAEL HAS NO RIGHT TO EXIST. THESE ZIONIST MURDERERS, 95% of Israelis support the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. They have to leave our region. We cannot allow these war criminals to destroy the rest of the Middle East through manufactured ‘crises to PARTITION AND CREATE FUCKING ALLY FOR THESE MASS MURDERERS.
    The fucking Zionists want to establish ‘world government’ according to “ the protocol of Zion” with its center at Jerusalem, the stolen land, on slaughtered bodies of Palestinian toddlers and through divide and rule of the whole Middle East region from Pakistan to North Africa.
    Down with the Zionist mass murderers. Down with their western supporters. People of the Middle East, Asia and Africa must leave their differences aside and be united against the enemy of humanity, Zionism and their supporters. The following Q and A is just a piece of shit which we usually read many times but in reality is misleading:
    “SI: What type of change is needed in our collective consciousness to bring about true and honest freedom and justice, which are needed to secure lasting peace?
    HZ: Change in our thinking would consist of a rejection of nationalism, a rejection of the idea of national borders, boundaries, visas, passports and immigration quotas. A rejection of the idea that the world can be divided up into 100 or 200 different places, each with its own kind of fierce resentment of other people – a rejection of nationalism, a spirit of world solidarity. That is a fundamental change in our thinking.
    The other change in our thinking is a rejection of violence as a solution to problems and the insistence that whatever problem there is in the world, even if it’s a tyrant somewhere oppressing people, the answer to tyranny, or whatever injustice is going on in the world, cannot be force, violence or war. We must seek imaginative, non-violent solutions to the problems that exist.
    If Palestinian were in possession of weapons of mass destruction, like the war criminals, they would not have received this kind of destruction. We would have seen Zionist mass murderers cut in pieces instead of Palestinian toddlers. The fucking Zionists deserve to be wiped off the Palestinian land and our region to be sent back to where they came from. The worse than Nazis, have no right to stay in our region.


  21. Shabnam said on January 7th, 2009 at 12:34am #

    Craig Murray, writer and broadcaster, was Britain Ambassador to the Central Asian Republic of Uzbekistan helped expose vicious human rights abuses by the Us-funded regime of Islam Karimove. He is now a prominent critic of Western Policy in the region. He observed how bias is the western mass media in order to form public opinion against victims of Gaza:
    He watched BBC World News for a timed hour yesterday. In that time he saw:
    Pro-Israeli (including US government) speakers – 17
    Pro-Palestinian speakers – 2
    Mentions of Hamas Rockets as reason for war – 37
    Mentions of illegal Israeli settlements – 0
    Mentions of Palestinians killed by Israel during “ceasefire” – 2
    Mentions of Sderot – 12
    Mentions Sderot used to be Palestinian – 0

    This shows how populations of the west are kept in the dark to keep them ignorant and uninformed about the root causes of Palestinian genocide by the Zionist mass murderers. The western mass media plays a powerful role in keeping western population SILENT. Thus the media keeps majority of people to cooperate with officials, therefore, they are accomplice in the war crimes of the empire.

  22. mary said on January 7th, 2009 at 4:26am #

    The UK Israeli-supporting government is shutting down dissent, or trying to. Last Saturday 75,000 marched along the Embankment to Trafalgar Square. (The police estimate of the number was 20,000 of course). A section of these same police, the Riot Squad in full riot gear, trapped an MP George Galloway and others in an underpass under Hyde Park and charged at them from both ends. Injuries were caused.

    Now one of Brown’s minions, Burnham, is trying to use some of NuLabour’s anti-democratic legislation to stop a protest next Saturday.

    Stop the War Coalition
    Press Release
    Saturday 3 January 2009
    Andrew Burgin: 07939 242 229


    Ministers are obstructing the holding of a national demonstration on Saturday to protest against the Israeli invasion of Gaza, march organisers said today.

    Officials of the Royal Parks Agency, acting under the authority of Culture Secretary Andy Burnham, have blocked a plan to hold a rally in Kensington Palace Gardens near the Israeli Embassy in London.

    The demonstration, organised by the Stop the War Coalition, Palestine
    Solidarity Campaign and British Muslim Initiative, is expected to attract tens of thousands of people from across the country, outraged at the massacre of Palestinians taking place in Gaza.

    “The arrangements for our march and rally were notified to the police days ago,” Stop the War Coalition chair Andrew Murray said today. “We have now found that they are being blocked by the Parks authorities, in consultation with ministers, on the spurious pretext of a lack of precedent.

    “This nonsensical argument recalls government attempts to stop the rally against the Iraq war in February 2003 on the grounds that the grass in Hyde Park might be damaged.

    “Ministers should understand that the anger against Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people is also without precedent. We are determined to exercise our democratic right to express that outrage in a public space near the Israeli Embassy.

    “Attempting to block our plans – which have been drawn up with a view to ensuring a peaceful and orderly protest on Saturday – risks making thousands of people angrier still.

    “We are therefore seeking an urgent meeting with Mr Burnham to ensure that he removes these bureaucratic obstructions and allows our protest to proceed as planned.”

    Andrew Burgin: 07939 242 229
    Press Office
    Stop the War Coalition
    27 Britannia Street
    London WC1X 9JP

    I vouch for what Shabnam reports above on the Israeli bias in the British media notably the BBC, whom we now call ZBC. If you want chapter and verse, consult

    Watching Them, Watching Us is an excellent monitor of the legislation being passed through a supine Parliament, most members of which are incidentally members of Friends of Israel lobbies including the PM Gordon Brown who is President of the UK Jewish National Fund.

    The pathetic ex public schoolboy Leader of the Opposition, David Cameron said ‘I am a Zionist and I’m proud of the fact’ in 2007.

  23. Shabnam said on January 7th, 2009 at 1:06pm #

    Thank you for your efforts to inform people about palestinian holocaust. We do appreciate it. Your information is important.

    I also want to inform people about a Zionist liar, pose as historian – Benny Morris – who has struck again, this time at Sunday Times in an article “Israel has no choice but to be tough on Hamas – and Iran” on January 4, 2009 to spread lies around to form pro Israel public opinion, anti palestinian and Muslim in general to keep the western population silent on Israel genocidal policy.

    This Zionist liar who publicized his extermination plan to use using nuclear holocaust to remove the Iranian ‘problem,’ at New York Time last fall, now he has extended his extermination plan to Palestinian as well as those who are obstacle to Zionist expansionist policy Palestine and beyond using manufactured crisis and phony threat against ‘little’ Israel. He warns the international community again:
    “In the next year or so, if the world community does not force the Iranians through diplomacy and economic sanctions to halt their nuclear programme, then either the US or Israel will have to attack and destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities.”

    This Zionist exterminator thinks that Israel should continue its genocidal policy to eliminate the ‘problem’ relying on Israel’s fifth column in the US and generous American and western financial and military supports, in billions, to expand its influence throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Conducting sea piracy, Israel has struck at Arab sovereignty of the Red Sea and Bab al Mandab for his expansionist policy towards final goal of WORLD DOMINATION.
    This Zionist liar is trying to deceive ignorant western population by distortion of the facts on the ground talking about ‘Arab Strength’ which does not exist. Arab puppet head of States are presented by the Zionists as ‘Arab Moderate States’ which really means Arab head of states who are in the Zionist’s pocket like Kurdish ‘leaders.’

  24. Shabnam said on January 7th, 2009 at 1:35pm #


  25. mary said on January 7th, 2009 at 1:55pm #

    They can EXIT as well Shabnam as far as I’m concerned, off the world stage and off the illegally occupied land that once was the Palestinians.

    This is an eye witness account of the police attack in the Hyde Park underpass from Stop the War Coalition.

  26. mary said on January 7th, 2009 at 4:03pm #

    There is an article on Redress by Stuart Littlewood which gives the history of Sderot and its Palestinian origins. It is well worth reading.
    ‘Israel’s propaganda mainstay, Sderot, is a lie (like everything else)’ .

    Independently, a contributor on Medialens tells of his attempts to correct information on the Wikipedia page about Sderot and how it has been contorted by the Zionists. They really are vile people.
    Posted by George_HK on January 7, 2009, 9:26 pm,
    On the wikipedia page about Sderot ( I added to the history section that until 1948 the area was the village of Najd and on whose remains Sderot was built.

    I put the facts in and deliberately didn’t use words like ethnic cleansed as the facts alone don’t need any hyperbole.

    In fact, the words I did use (having just checked) were “In the place it now occupies stood the Arab village of Najd whose inhabitants were driven out by zionist forces in 1948, three years before the village was destroyed and rebuilt as Sderot. The first inhabitants of Sderot arrived in 1951 to what was then known as the Gevim-Dorot transit camp” The word Zionist was accurate.

    These were removed and put back to “The first inhabitants of Sderot arrived in 1951 to what was then known as…..”

    They just “arrived”…

    I wrote in the reason for the edit to explain, “This change is FACTUAL. I doubt this will prevent the censors trying to re-write history though” This ONLY appears in the history file not in the article itself which most people read.

    Within 6 minutes it was deleted and I was sent a message from an “administrator” threatening I would be banned from editing if I added personal comments to the reasons page for “violating Wikipedia’s neutral point of view policy”.

    I checked out this “administrator” ‘Ynhockey'(see and in their “about me” section wrote that they “serve in the IDF’s Military Police Corps”

    Completely impartial arbiter then huh?

    These people are the crudest kind of censor who complain and bombard media outlets like the BBC. On the other “side” are people like me, individuals who are appalled by the bias on the BBC and complain and furnish them with facts to challenge the lies and we are lumped together as “a lobby group” with some kind of equal validity.

    I am incredibly grateful for this board these last few days knowing that there are people challenging the lies being broadcast and keeping me (relatively) sane 😉

    Replying to previous message:
    : The b*llsh*t broadcasting corporation always
    : acquit themselves. The zionist lobby has its
    : trolls in a frenzy especially on the BBC and
    : other bulletin boards defending mass murder
    : and state terrorism. It’s always the same
    : trolls too; they appear to have no other job
    : than to defend Israel all day.


  27. Ramsefall said on January 8th, 2009 at 9:06am #

    I’m siding with Tree on this one.

    And, I’d say God help the human race overcome its perpetual stupidity and heartlessness but God doesn’t operate on a personal level as such…and besides, why would the human race even be deserving of His/Her mercy? It’s apparent that we have very little mercy amongst ourselves to spread around, but there’s plenty of violence, aggression, greed, hate, racism, superiority complexes…I can’t even comprehend how we’ve made it this far…damn near miraculous.

    Best to all.