Gaza Voices, American Silence

[Author’s note: Just after this article was written, it became evident that Israel is likely to launch at least a limited attack on Gaza, which only heightens the sense of urgency for action that is advocated here.]

The baby is crying again. You wake up. Cold. There is no electricity in the house; it went off during the night. For the last week — weeks, months — it has been on only sporadically. You throw on a coat and go to check on the baby. It seems listless. There is no milk in the house, and very little food. The UN shipments have stopped again, and you are not sure when they will resume.

In the other room, you hear your husband coughing. He has been sick for weeks and lately he has been spitting up blood. He has tried to get permission to get to a hospital in Israel, but every time he has been denied permission to leave.

You go outside to see if a neighbor can give you any milk. The first thing that hits you is the stench. The garbage has not been collected for weeks, and the sewage problem, because of the recent rains, has become even worse. No wonder so many people are sick. You are living in a cesspool. And you, and everyone else, is trapped inside this prison because the borders are sealed. This has been going on now for a year and half, and there is no telling when it will be over. And with the end of the truce, such as it was, there is a renewed threat of violence from the Israelis. Even now, you see an Israeli drone overhead and know that a missile could be launched from it at any time.

An old man in Gaza after the rains.

An old man in Gaza after the rains.

This is ordinary life these days in Gaza, the thin strip of land along the southern Mediterranean coast, 25 miles long and 6 miles wide at its maximum into which about one and half million inhabitants, most of them originally refugees, are packed. Gaza has one of the highest population densities in the world, and most of its population, about 56%, is 16 or younger. Many are malnourished — some estimates put the figure as high as 75%. According to a recent study cited by the noted author, Chris Hedges, 46% of Gazan children are afflicted with acute anemia, and 30% suffer from stunted growth as a result of chronic malnutrition. About a tenth of these children have permanent brain damage. Eighty-two percent are afflicted with post-traumatic stress disorder; the great majority of them have witnessed death first-hand. Eighty percent of the population as a whole is dependent on food. Unemployment is rampant — upwards of 60%. Most Gazans subsist on less than $2 a day.

According to a recent report by Andrea Becker in an article entitled “The Slow Death of Gaza,” the effects of the siege, which has been imposed on Gaza by Israel, ever since Hamas took control of this territory in June, 2007, have been devastating, and the situation is, if anything, only growing worse. Many on-the-spot observers and prominent international spokesmen have not hesitated to call Israel’s actions genocidal both in intent and effect. The U.N. special rapporteur for human rights in the Occupied Territories, Richard Falk, for example, has condemned the Israeli siege of Gaza as “a crime against humanity” and “a prelude to genocide.” It’s easy to understand why when you read such reports as Becker’s where she recounts the various forms of misery and deprivation from which Gazans suffer daily:

In practice, Israel’s blockade means the denial of a broad range of items – food, industrial, educational, medical — deemed “non-essential” for a population largely unable to be self-sufficient at the end of decades of occupation. It means that industrial, cooking and diesel fuel, normally scarce, are virtually absent now. There are no queues at petrol stations; they are simply shut. The lack of fuel in turn means that sewage and treatment stations cannot function properly, resulting in decreased potable water and tens of millions of litres of untreated or partly treated sewage being dumped into the sea every day. Electricity cuts — previously around eight hours a day, now up to 16 hours a day in many areas — affect all homes and hospitals. Those lucky enough to have generators struggle to find the fuel to make them work, or spare parts to repair them when they break from overuse. Even candles are running out.

Articles such as Becker’s are easily found on the Internet and even occasionally in the American press; there is no dearth of damning statistics that can be cited to illustrate the immensity of the problems Gazans face in coping with the challenges of this siege, seemingly without end. But my purpose here is not merely to provide another such recitation of numbers, percentages and other quantitative indices of this situation. Instead, I would merely like to present to you some voices from Gaza that speak directly of what their own lives are like and how they have come to feel as this siege continues.

The people whose stories I will cite are friends of mine – though I have never met them. Although I spent most of November in Palestine myself, I was never able to get into Gaza since the walls of a prison exclude visitors as well as those they incarcerate. But they have become friends of mine through correspondence, and all of them will be contributing to a book I’m writing about life under the occupation. Here, however, I will just let them speak for themselves, quoting from the letters they have sent or otherwise made available to me.

One man, a professor, in writing about the siege, sent me this summary several months ago, although conditions have not really changed significantly from the time of his letter:

Sorry to disappoint you and tell you that Israel, in fact, is still preventing us from having fuel. They only allowed the only electricity station we have here to have some industrial diesel. But that was not enough at all. I spent the whole night in total darkness.

The severe shortages in fuel have affected our teaching program. Our students and lecturers cannot attend their classes. Yesterday, I had only three students out of 80! Those who can walk long distances try their luck. But yesterday we had a heat wave and many of those who tried to walk to school had dehydration. Mind you that most of our students already suffer from malnutrition. To add insult to injury, UNRWA has halted all its activities yesterday, for the first time in 60 years. 80 per cent of Gazans depend on food handouts provided by UNRWA. So you can imagine the situation now.

Israel’s continued tightened siege on the Gaza Strip has a catastrophic effect on all of us here. In addition to the chronic shortages of fuel, we also have shortages in medicine and some basic food stuffs. The situation is simply disastrous. I’ve just heard that patient number 138 has passed away. He is one of thousands of terminally ill patients who need urgent treatment outside Gaza, in Israeli, Jordanian, Egyptian, or even West Bank hospitals, but Israel is refusing to give them the necessary permits. Two days ago I visited Al-Shifa hospital and was told that almost all major surgical operations have been suspended due to regular power cuts and the absence of fuel to run their generator!

In addition to the dangerous shortage of electricity that threatens the lives of critically ill patients in all of Gaza’s hospitals, and the chronic shortages of petrol and diesel and gas for domestic use, we are also suffering widespread shortages of bread, due to lack of electricity to run the ovens at bakeries across Gaza.

Another friend, this one a college student, who wrote me only two weeks ago, after alluding to similar conditions that were affecting her personally, summed up her feelings this way:

My dear, I don’t want to break your heart with the awful news of the late Gaza, peace be upon that place of earth, I am sure you follow the news wherever available, yet media can not and will never be able to honestly describe the truth of our reality. People here have reached a point in which they feel as if they are isolated from the rest of the world (which the are). I have personally heard some saying: “This is not a life, we are dead, we have been for along time but lying to ourselves saying that we are alive, we’re just some moving dead people.”

Believe me, it is worse than that, but there are still many people who truly believe that the salvation is very close. I am not sure which one of them I am…

And. finally, a letter that was written a year ago showing that even then, only five months into the siege, the situation was just as grim as today and the feelings of hopelessness and abandonment fully as pronounced. As you’ll see, this woman’s remarks foreshadow and articulate even more powerfully the same sentiments my college student friend expressed in her recent letter.

I’m sorry for not being in touch and for not writing sooner, but words are failing me, and I cannot articulate what Gaza feels like right now. A hopeless prison with a dark gloomy cloud over it. It’s been raining for three days now and its starting to get cold. Unfortunately with rainstorms come power outages, so that means there is no water or electric heaters. Gas heaters are not operational either because of the high gas price, that’s when gas is even available. But also because most people are saving their gas for cooking food, rather than using it for heaters, especially with a possible invasion coming in two weeks and the possible cutoff of gas. I feel for people without access to heat. I also feel for people like my aunt whose house was demolished and is living in a half-built house with no windows that UNRWA stopped building because they ran out of cement and other building materials. It’s the beginning of the winter. It’s only going to get colder.

I also can’t help but think of Gaza’s sick and dying… in their frailty, lying there helpless… wishing…hoping… praying that by God’s mercy they would be allowed a permit to leave Gaza, or by some sort of miracle someone will save them. But most are denied access… and most die a slow agonizing death, and only then are their bodies free.

And the world reads about it, but its just another story, another one of Gaza’s tragedies. But I wish the world would realize how real this is and how real these sick people are. Some of these sick patients are my uncle who has heart disease, or my little cousin with a tumor, and now unfortunately my aunt’s husband who one day was walking, and the next day woke up crippled from a brain tumor. And when you see people you care about so sick and unable to leave Gaza, you first get angry for having such shitty luck, and for the injustice of the world… the type of anger that turns into fury and consumes you, until it becomes exhausting. You then resign yourself to the reality of Gaza’s fate…which finally sinks in. But with that reality comes hopelessness and the crippling feeling of helplessness. And so my uncle, my cousin and my aunt’s husband lie in a hospital, waiting for their permits, and none of us can do a thing other than pray or chase around people who may know someone who knows someone who can help us with a permit. But we know full well how real death is, and that most just die while waiting. And then a human rights organization issues a statement, yet again, another Palestinian dies because they were denied access to medical care. And their only crime was being born Palestinian in Gaza and falling ill. Nowhere else will you see this but in Gaza. And no place else will the world remain silent at the obscenity of Israel’s inhumane acts, except in Gaza.

It’s hard to not feel like we’re in a large concentration camp as I see Gaza’s empty streets, and the hopeless feeling in the air… and just the gloominess that has covered Gaza. I think most people feel abandoned as we are literally locked up in this small, concentrated space and we don’t know what the world plans for us, or what to expect next. It’s hard to imagine what being in Gaza does to someone’s will until you’ve come here. You no longer feel alive, in fact, you’re not living; you’re just killing time until some sort of change happens. Sadly, Gaza has become desensitized to the rest of the world, as it feels like the international community has turned a blind eye to the reality that is Gaza, and as long as Israel is allowing some food in and hasn’t completely cut off electricity or gas…and as long as we are kept alive, no one will ask about us.

But just because we are breathing, that doesn’t mean we’re alive.

Again, like the statistics I cited at the beginning of this article, these despairing Gazan voices could be multiplied ad infinitum, but redundancy would not strengthen my case that the people of Gaza have been suffering, and continue to suffer, grievously from this terrible siege that has been imposed on them collectively because of the actions of a few. Of this, you are probably already convinced, whatever you may think of the justifications — or lack of it — for Israel’s actions. The point is that more than a million people are experiencing a calamitous humanitarian crisis, which has been made even worse by so many American voices remaining silent in the face of this ongoing and, in the view of many, obscene strangulation of Gaza. Of course, you could say, “well, there are many people who are suffering throughout the world — look at Darfur, the Congo, Kenya, India, etc., etc.” True enough, but Americans must remember this: It is our unremitting financial support of Israel, amounting to about 3 billion dollars every year,Some analyses suggest that the actual amount may be closer to 5 billion dollars per annum, but whichever figure is used, the thesis is not affected. making it the recipient of more of our foreign aid that any other country, that makes this siege possible. We are paying for all those planes and missiles, for all those bulldozers that demolish the houses of Gazans (and other Palestinians), and for the salaries for all those guards who are keeping the Gazan people locked up in their fetid open-air prison. Yes, these are your tax dollars at work. Do you really want to continue to see them spent in this way? If not, then please, as the Obama administration is about to take office, write to the incoming president, to your senators and congressmen, and even to the government officials in Israel, which is holding its own election soon, to protest as vigorously as possible against the continuation of the siege and to call for its cessation. American have a special responsibility here, and by adding our voices to those around the world who have already condemned in the strongest way the siege of Gaza, perhaps we can help to create a wave of irresistible pressure against the walls of Gaza that will finally bring them down. The people of Gaza, resilient as many of them doubtless are, are counting on us not to forget them. Listening to their voices, we must use ours not to fail them.

Kenneth Ring, Ph.D., is a professor emeritus of psychology, University of Connecticut, who currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. His e-mail is: Read other articles by Kenneth, or visit Kenneth's website.

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  1. bozh said on December 27th, 2008 at 8:34am #

    irs’s intent can be compared w. nazi intent. what effect will be, we don’t know at this time.
    after 60 yrs of unprecendented terror (some aspects comparable to nazi crimes) pals love and stay in their palestine.
    likely, that these people will not be defeated for deacades if ever.
    it may turn out that the canaanitic/shemitic land for a noncanaanitic/nonshemitic volk w.o. a land is a pipe dream.
    world is watching/remembering. thnx

  2. Joe.. said on December 27th, 2008 at 9:47am #

    hey, here is an idea, maybe they should rise up and kick Hamas out of their land… or maybe they like Hamas just a little too much?

    Tell me Personally that your friends did not see these same people in Gaza dancing IN THOSE NOW SEWAGE FILLED STREETS after terrorist flew planes into the World Trade Center, LONG BEFORE HAMAS was in control, then i’ll tell you if Americans or any MENTALLY STABLE person should care about them walking around in sewage after Hamas came into power?

    why did you not mention the “dancing in the streets” part? are you focused on their plight so much that you don’t know what is causing their plight? is it really Americans and Israel that is causing their plight?

    Maybe they didn’t like Americans for 50 years or even 200 years. but here is an idea, stop fighting a war they won and lost for 2500 years, live and worship how they want, and not care who is in charge, and maybe they can walk in fresh water for once. It is not Israel or Americans who are telling them to not go to Mosque and worship the way they want. It is Palestinians, killing Palestinians about whether Fatah or Hamas is in control or just Killing who EVER is in control. if they aren’t killing each other, they are killing their neighbors… the Palestinians are the only ones who think they are still at war, and they are only at war with themselves most of the time.

    Tell me how, if they stopped Killing each other and everyone around them, how Israel would do the same things they are doing now, really tell me how that is your opinion?

    do you really think Israel likes to go in with troops and bull doze houses every time another missile is launched that mistakenly kills yet another couple Palestinian girls, instead of killing two innocent Israeli girls? seriously tell us.

    where is your report on those missiles? or the real cause of the Gaza plight? You mention at least twice about Israeli missiles that have yet to be fired, rather than actual launched missiles, yet not a single mention of Palestinian missiles that are actually being fired and actually killing people… what kind of person are you that forgets to mention those? which is the real reason that people are walking around in sewage.

  3. Michael Kenny said on December 27th, 2008 at 10:00am #

    Never lose sight of the silver lining to all this. The Israelis are over-reacting because they are in total panic and are thereby shooting themselves in the foot. Worldwide support for Israel rested on memories of the Holocaust. People saw skinny Jews in striped pyjamas and strutting German generals. Now, they see dead and straving Palestinian children and strutting Israeli generals. The world has not changed. People still side with the victims of the strutting generals. The Isrealis have turned themselves into the “new nazis” and the Palestinians into the “new Jews”!

  4. Matthew said on December 27th, 2008 at 10:11am #

    It appears there is nothing redeemable about Israel. Such are its sins against humankind. The State is pure malevolence. Wherever it intrudes, it destroys and desecrates. And it is all made possible by means of the never ending support Israel get from the US.

  5. Elaine Meinel Supkis said on December 27th, 2008 at 10:22am #

    For years, I have been writing about the Gaza Ghetto. It is obviously a perfect repeat of the Warsaw Ghetto. People forget that the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto fought the Nazis desperately while no one came in to save them.

    So it is in this perfect repeat: the Gazan refugees have a right to fight invaders. All people, if they are not saved by outsiders, have the right to resist invaders. The US is invading Afghanistan and Iraq. So the resistance in both places is perfectly legal according to the Nuremberg Trials. Suppressing civilian populations via concentrations camps…perfected, incidentally, by the US and England in the 19th century…is illegal according to modern international laws written by the victors of WWII.

    Since both Israel and the US are openly violating our own Nuremberg Trial principal points, both country’s leaders should be put on trial for war crimes. After all, African leaders are being put on war crimes trials. Serbian leaders: ditto. So why not the biggest and more hypocritical leaders of them all, the ‘we are bringing democracy’ US liars and the ‘poor Holocaust Jews’ Israeli leaders.

    Israel is having an election and the fascist far right wing is getting stronger as the crimes accumulate!

  6. sk said on December 27th, 2008 at 11:52am #

    Gilad Atzmon makes an interesting point in an interview about how Zionist trolls get their kicks:

    I read your site and follow the Zionist verbal abuse. It is clear that those Zionists, who stand behind those provocations, enjoy the public contempt they manage to generate. They enjoy being ugly.

  7. Rahb said on December 27th, 2008 at 12:42pm #

    Michael Kenny – Re. the world view on Israel. Hasn’t changed much. With over 200 dead the BBC reports that “US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice accused Hamas of having triggered the new bout of violence. “

  8. bozh said on December 27th, 2008 at 3:07pm #

    hebrews have been killing hebrews for ab. 2oo yrs or until isralites had been extirpated ca 28oo yrs ago.
    german ‘jews’ have been killing russians ‘jew’ in ww1. hebrews, if torah is correct, have utterly slain many canaanitic peoples.
    and jahweh had mightily punished them as disappearance of israelites and near total extinction of the judeans testify.
    now a new nation, neither canaanitic nor hebraic, is doing in palstn what hebrews may have done against hivvites, amelekites, jebusites, amorites, amonites, hitites, et al.
    and jahweh will surely punish the new barbarians. thnx

  9. Danny Ray said on December 27th, 2008 at 3:11pm #

    Joe, Joe, joe, Don’t you understand it dosn’t count when the por pitifl arabs shoot rockets at the jews. they are only trying to keep their minds off being hungry. And if now and again the Hamas kills a few children its not their fault

  10. kahar said on December 27th, 2008 at 4:07pm #

    Danny, I find your sarcastic remark racist and moronic. Oh God forbid a rocket should disturb a hair on any Israeli enjoying their stolen land. In any case if someone was to starve you, bash you about and put you in a concentration camp denying you all outside efforts to bring you food or medicine, you Danny, would have the right under International Law to do all you can to defend yourself. Also, Israelis couldn’t care less about any child since they irradiated the brains of 100,000 jewish children killing or disabling all of them, something that was done as a continuation of Hitler’s eugenics program.

  11. kahar said on December 27th, 2008 at 4:13pm #

    There is only on reason for the bloody unprovoked attacks on Gaza today. Israel recruits for “Alqaida”= Mossad (eg., google Zev Barkan) and they require the context and reason to frame the coming “Alqaida” false flag terror attack which they will orchestrate…

  12. kahar said on December 27th, 2008 at 4:26pm #

    Joe, your mental illness is deep as are the holes in your memory. 200 Israeli spies were arrested in the US following the trade centre attacks. We never got to see the video those 5 Dancing Israeli Mossad agents took of the planes hitting the buildings. These jews who danced and celebrated and filmed the Trade center attacks I suppose you think are your friends. Well they are friends with the CIA as they quickly sent them back to Israel. And when they get back they tell the world on tv that they went to the US “to document the event”!

  13. Suthiano said on December 27th, 2008 at 5:07pm #

    “What we’ve got to see is Hamas stop firing rockets into Israel, that’s what precipitated this,” said White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe, calling the Islamic group “thugs.”

    So Mr. Johndroe touches on the great chain of precipitation… blessed is he who knows the causes of things.

    Those who would apologize for Israeli crimes against Palestinians are adept at isolating “causes” for their actions. These causes (the fear felt by Israeli’s under threat from kassam rockets, for example), always – as a rule – justify the reactions. On the other hand, these apologists are not so good at asking why rockets were being fired from Gaza (or listening to the reasons being given for that matter), perhaps because Palestinians and other irrational untermenschen are simply “thugs” who operate outside of the realm of “cause and effect”.

    The trick is to deny human qualities to the “thugs”; to turn them into barbarians. One cannot talk sense with a barbarian, precisely because a barbarian uses a language that is “nonsensical” (the word itself derives from the Greeks’ description of foreign languages as sounding like “bababa”).

    Shame on the apologists for Israeli terror. May their twisted souls cause them great loneliness.

  14. kalidas said on December 27th, 2008 at 5:52pm #

    Mukasey, our zionist atty. general was instrumental in the expedited return of those “five dancing schlomos” and the other 160+ criminal “Israelis” back to that crime syndicate known as Israel.

    Notice how, whenever a provocation is needed by the so-called “Israelis” to initiate an attack, the rockets start flying in from Gaza, etc.? Right on schedule.
    Think maybe the squatters, IDF, etc. are the ones firing these rockets which never seem to hit anyone?

  15. chris said on December 27th, 2008 at 9:17pm #

    Only in America do we have a secretry of state (an inexpierenced niave amatuer who was asleep allowing 9/11 to happen) blame the victims (i.e. the 200 dead palestinians) for have 2000 pound bombs dropped on civilians. That is zionism for ya……very 1984 orwelian where the aggressor (zionism) is the victiim and the 200 dead victims caused this to happen. Just how stupid do zionist think non-zionist are?

  16. Dennis Brasky said on December 27th, 2008 at 10:15pm #

    To hell with Zionist dogs and their smokescreens – the issue in Gaza is NOT who danced in the streets after 9-11, but the absolute refusal of Israel/US to recognize the winners of a fair and free election in January ’06 – Hamas. From the minute that those election results were released, there have been all kinds of schemes, from closing off Gaza to paying, arming and encouraging Fatah to serve as a Judenrat. International law grants the victims of an occupation the right to resist, even violently. Until yesterday, NOT ONE Israeli died or was wounded by the firing of primitive rockets – the pitiful equivalent of sling shots! But how many Gazans have died at the hands of US weaponry and the lack of fuel, medicines and food in the sequel to the Warsaw ghetto?

    Hopefully, the shameful treachery and complicity of the Arab governments in granting the green light this past week to Israel’s murderous intentions will be the last straw for the Arab people who need to rise up and overthrow these Quislings. Anti Israel/US governments in Egypt, Jordan and elsewhere are the only obstacle to the completion of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, the goal right from the start of a racist movement sharing the same goals of the Nazis – elimination of an unwanted human element.

  17. The Angry Peasant said on December 27th, 2008 at 10:36pm #

    This Joe guy is a moron. I hate it when right-wing Rush Limbaugh listeners find their way in here. Of course many Palestinians danced in the streets on 9/11. Wouldn’t you? We are their enemy, supporting and encouraging Israel’s slow genocide of these people for decades! Of course they hate us! They should! I hate us! America is an imperialist monster, and Israel is its snot-nosed little brother. The entire civilized world should intervene on behalf of Palestine and pressure the United States to cease its support of a neo-nazi state.

  18. DavidG. said on December 27th, 2008 at 11:11pm #

    All fanatical religious believers are deranged! They live in a world of unreality.

    Look at what’s happening in the Gaza. One group of religious fanatics who see themselves as God’s Chosen Children, a group armed to the teeth by America, is engaged in the genocide and collective punishment of another group of believers of another race who have little or no support or defense.

    Religion turns people into savages, zombies. It lobotomizes their brains. It makes them do unspeakable things while believing their cause is just.

    Religion is a divisive curse.

  19. Hue Longer said on December 28th, 2008 at 12:24am #


    The cops in Greece were just caught attacking store windows while dressed as anarchists…it’s a good trick

  20. Afzal said on December 28th, 2008 at 6:10am #

    Ther needs t b n outpouring’v luv. rabbi hillel goes: don’t du t uthers whot u wudn’t wont utherz t du t u. but the bomz’l get mor powrful, the destrucshn totalr. much like that take off ‘v tom&jerry in the Simpsnz.
    why can’t u just hav wun state (call it ‘israel’ or ‘jaffacakeland’ – duzn’t matr). wun pursn wun vote. everywun creatid equal.

  21. Shabnam said on December 28th, 2008 at 8:52am #

    It is shameful to see George Bush supporting the Israeli war criminal again against defenseless of Gaza. Obama, who is cooperating with his master, Zionists, in Palestinian massacre, gave a stupid response when he was asked to give his opinion about the Palestinian massacre. He said: no comment because he believes ‘one president at a time.’ Obama can fool no one except himself. He did not give the same stupid answer when he was deeply involved in transferring more than 800 billion dollars of American tax payers to the thieves of Wall Street but to hide his true face he cowardly gives this kind of respond to hide his dependency on enemy of humanity, the Zionists. Everyone know s refusing to give a comment on crime against humanity means he has given his support to the enemy of American people’s interest, the Zionists, who will run his presidency. It is the time for American people to shorten their trip to the mall and pour into the street to demand for a foreign policy to protect American peoples’ interest not the ZIONISTS’ interest who have bought them nothing but world hatred using their resources. OBAMA like BUSH IS A ZIONIST PUPPET.

  22. Shabnam said on December 28th, 2008 at 9:00am #

    It is shameful to see George Bush supporting the Israeli war criminal again against defenseless of Gaza. Obama, who is cooperating with his master, Zionists, in Palestinian massacre, gave a stupid response when he was asked to give his opinion about the Palestinian massacre. He said: no comment because he believes ‘one president at a time.’ Obama can fool no one except himself. He did not give the same stupid answer when he was deeply involved in transferring more than 800 billion dollars of American tax payers to the thieves of Wall Street but to hide his true face he cowardly gives this kind of respond to hide his dependency on enemy of humanity, the Zionists. Everyone know s refusing to give a comment on crime against humanity means he has given his support to the enemy of American people’s interest, the Zionists, who will run his presidency. It is the time for American people to shorten their trip to the mall and pour into the street to demand for a foreign policy to protect American peoples’ interest not the ZIONISTS’ interest who have bought them nothing but world hatred using their resources. OBAMA like BUSH IS A ZIONIST PUPPET.

  23. mary said on December 28th, 2008 at 12:17pm #

    Brown our PM (I am a Zionist), Miliband our Foreign Secretary, and Obama, the President Elect showing off his pectoral muscles in Hawaii, are all SILENT other than muttering words like ‘restraint’.

    3,000 of us were not silent in London this afternoon about the massacre that Israel is perpetrating on the people of Gaza as collective punishment.

    I don’t expect there will be anything on the ‘News’ but we brought Kensington High Street to a halt this afternoon for two hours. This is one of the main roads into London. Initially we were in a sort of compound up a side alley facing the gated road to the Israeli Embassy where the gates were locked. We had half an hour’s chanting 1234 ‘Occu pay tion no more’ 6789 ‘Free ee Palestine’ etc and flag and placard waving. Many professional cameras were being used and there were many different organisations’ placards. Suddenly there was a surge and the barriers came down and the crowd rushed across, blocking the street to buses, cars and taxis for nearly two hours. More and more police were arriving, some with dogs, and there was a police helicopter overhead. You could see the contempt in the some of the police constables’ eyes for the majority Arabic crowd. Ambulances were then arriving as if trouble was expected and there was the sound of sirens wailing. People I spoke to were incensed at the Israeli massacre and also at the lack of condemnations from any of our politicians and at BBC and Sky for their biased reporting of these horrific events.

    Similar protests have been held in European capitals and in Tel Aviv. The oppressed Palestinian people are not alone.

  24. kahar said on December 28th, 2008 at 4:24pm #

    It is interesting how at the soft Zionist Op-ed News, Rob Kall, the Zionist, lead article attempts to draw a parallel with current events in Gaza by asking Americans to imagine being attacked by rockets from Mexico. (Rob has been consistent in regularly censoring op-ed news and peppering it with subtle (soft) zionist articles and insane commentry.) Rob, in this lead piece, then uses his faulty analogy to draw the logical judgment that Hamas are bad and that it is just plain wrong to say they have the right to defend themselves and yeah ok (because Rob has to keep up the pretence that he’s really fair and perfect) so is israel. He, like all mentally sick zionists, cannot and will not mention or acknowledge the fact that is screaming blood in his malicious pathetic racist fascist face that the people in Gaza are living in a concentration camp being denied humanitarian aid (just recently a Libyan ship laiden with food was turned away from Gaza by the Israelis). I think in time Rob will come out with analogies to justify why we must keep bombing Iraq and Afghanistan, keep plundering Africa, keep expanding military bases and so on. He has subtle ways, and I’m sure he’ll get there. Rob, Israel is proud of you because you are a f****g b****d.

  25. bozh said on December 28th, 2008 at 5:02pm #

    rich people everywhere r very desperate; latest attack om gaza city and a people w.o. tanks, subs, artillery, army, jets proves that.
    its sheer desperation to slay 200 people.
    the world plutos, tho united like never before, is more fearful than ever.
    they became rich from scientific labors and scientists r telling them the planet is getting poorer and warmer.

    they r looking to US to secure for them the remnants of our wealth, tho much diminished, and the choicest parts of the planet.
    what they fear more than anything else is losing ‘their’ wealth and will do anything to keep or augment it.
    surely, events in palestine, afgh’n, iq, syr, leb, iran, korea shows it or even proves it.
    conquest, conquest; we’v had much, too much of it for at least 5td yrs.
    and there is no end in sight. lucky india, pak’n, russia, and china for having bombs.

    so, there r those bombs; by now considered sacred by some people. and there r mad plutos, ever more scared; want the planet.
    and tensions rise.
    how long will that last and how far can plutos go before s’mone snaps, nobody knows.
    in any case, a nclr war is an ergodic event; meaning, having zero chance of not occuring. thnx

  26. kahar said on December 28th, 2008 at 5:30pm #

    not 200, over 280 dead now.

  27. Don Hawkins said on December 28th, 2008 at 5:59pm #

    what they fear more than anything else is losing ‘their’ wealth and will do anything to keep or augment it.

    Now when you say rich people that is one hell of a group. I think most rich people don’t know there ass from a hole in the ground. There are the one’s of course who not only have money but power and look at the World in there way and what you said is true Bozh as they are relentless in there pursuit of happiness. I am sure on the relentless part but not the happiness. A nice game of checkers.

  28. Shabnam said on December 28th, 2008 at 7:25pm #

    What is the purpose of these fu**ing comment here? This article is talking about massacre of Gazans that you support it with your tax money. Who cares about ‘PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS’ of rich people? Learn from people of Iraq where you have occupied for the last 6 years and killed more than 1.3 millions of them. Enough is enough. You should move your behind and set fire to your fucking white house and bring these war criminals down. You should learn from people in, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, London, Cyprus, Spain, Denmark, France, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen and other places demanding to stop the holocaust in Gaza and immediate arrest of the Zionist war criminals.
    Where is your voice? Where is your action? People of the world are disgusted with millions of dead under phony ‘the war on terror’ where majority of terror come from your government that you support with your tax money. Why don’t you do something and organize a protest to stop the massacre if YOU ARE AGAINST IT. Are you? In Iraq people under the occupation of war criminals did the following:
    “In war-torn Iraq, protestors burned Israeli flags and fired AK-47s into the air, demanding a stronger response from Arab nations to the Israeli assault of Gaza.”
    Why don’t you show your support? Is this too much to ask?

  29. mary said on December 28th, 2008 at 10:58pm #

    A friend of mine is saying this Shabnam – never a truer word.

    ‘The only peaceful means of achieving a lasting peace is for Western leaders to pull the plug on Israel until the regime conforms to international law and the will of the United Nations (without whose misguided generosity there would never have been a state of Israel), pulls back behind the 1967 border and strictly observes the principles of universal human rights.

    If they don’t shoulder their responsibility, they risk a mighty moral backlash from ordinary people, who are beginning to learn the awful truth. ‘

  30. kahar said on December 29th, 2008 at 5:03am #

    There are no Western leaders, no UK, US, EU government representatives, that do not bow down like dogs to Israel. If you find any let me know. Israel has no right to exist, it is not a country, it is an occupied land seized by british barbarians where the indigenous people have been wiped of the map. Many Israelis have second nationalities and homes outside israel, best thing they can do is to f**k off out. Israel’s only function is to create chaos, conflict and Holocaust on the Middle East. That was the reason it was set up by the british and that has always been its reason for existence. The jews were used because they had the necessary qualifications of supremacist beliefs and all that comes with that. There is no point saying Israel should be made to go back to ’67 borders, that has already been rejected outright by israel and the west. How do you negotiate with someone who considers you as equivalent to a flea? A hundred years ago we had the barbarian british army drawing borders across mesopotamia because of the oil they wanted to plunder, and, shortly following that these same barbarians draw up plans for the formation of a “jewish state” in Palestine (1917). Not a coincidence. Jews will have you know there was no country called Palestine, and that Palestinians are ignorant peasant goyim, as if in the definition of “country” we have respectability and identity, as if people working the land for thousands of years are invisible without the british fascists coming to draw borders for them and civilise them EEUGH!!

  31. kahar said on December 29th, 2008 at 5:33am #

    I should strongly add that israel’s formation by the british was not just about oil riches, but very much to do with destroying Arab culture, way of life, dignity, beauty, heritage and to divide and conquer them (as was also done in Africa). Beyond greed and lust, I wonder what motivates the british elite, perhaps it is because they are so shallow they fear the spiritual growth of humanity.

  32. Lloyd Rowsey said on December 29th, 2008 at 7:24am #

    There is a short article (500 words?) and a long discussion (over 160 comments) on this issue over at OpEdNews. There is open commenting there, too; but there is no “Recent Discussion” Headline.

    The article is by Editor-Owner Rob Kall, and is titled: Gaza and Tijuana; What if Rocket Bombs Were Launched from Mexico Into California?

  33. bozh said on December 29th, 2008 at 7:29am #

    one of the factors in euro’s belittlement and conquest of arab world is definitely the attitude that arabs r inferior.

    christianity also looks dwn on islam because it doesn’t have ‘saints’ as it does.
    thus, how a religion that doesn’t have socalled sainst, can be a religion that’s equal to judaic and christian religions.

    judaists don’t have ‘saints’; instead they have ‘prophets’ who do not predict anything. thnx

  34. bozh said on December 29th, 2008 at 7:42am #

    in canada, there r people who know the truth. i do not knwo how many of these people, nevertheless vote for liberals/conservatives who r staunch supporters of all isr’s crimes.

    isr has no right to exist. these criminals shld not be rewarded as they have been by league of nations and later by christian UN.
    if jushits r rewarded for thie crimes, it likely wld enbolden others to do likewise against other weaklings. thnx

    it’s our duty to protect the weakest among us.

  35. Lloyd Rowsey said on December 29th, 2008 at 7:44am #

    [tiny url]

    The article is by Editor-Owner Rob Kall, and is titled: Gaza and Tijuana; What if Rocket Bombs Were Launched from Mexico Into California?

  36. bozh said on December 29th, 2008 at 7:53am #

    don, thnx for ur input,
    word “rich” is overgeneralized; how many people it may include, i do not know.

    perhaps even 80% of amers r rich and want to increase their wealth.
    this factor may throw a light why they keep voting for one party.

    but by rich i meant multimillionairs and bnnrs. thnx