Guardian Held Hostage by Islamophobic Pressure Group

In what can only be described as a shocking glimpse into Zionist lobbying at the heart of British media, the Guardian last week dismissed an Iranian contributor after a group of pro-war, Islamophobic Neocons accused her of anti-Semitism.

Soraya Terani, an Iranian mother who lives and works in London at a children’s charity, was commissioned to write 2 pieces to Comment Is Free (CIF) chronicling the routine horrors endured by Arab women whose lives have been ravaged by the US and Israeli invasion. But then, due to mounting pressure from Zionist “watchdogs” and blogs her pieces were dropped. Seemingly, Terani also posted comments on an open blog forum which, according to editor Matt Seaton, betrayed all the hallmarks of ‘anti-Semetic racist discourse’. However, on reading both her editorial contributions and comments one is struck by Terani’s sharp, eloquent political criticism that is totally devoid of any racial, ethnic or religious reference whatsoever.

Yet, Guardian Editor Seaton promptly banned Terani from CIF and sent an apologetic letter to notorious pro-war Zionist smear campaigner David Toube promising to improve the Guardian’s ‘moderation policy’ and work on curtailing anti-Semitism from leaking into the Guardian’s blog sphere.

As if it is not enough that a Guardian editor was sending an apologetic letter to Islamophobe Toube, a few days later editor Seaton took part in an interview with the Jewish Chronicle assuring its Jewish readers that he would not tolerate ‘racism’ or ‘hate speech’ in any form.

Let’s see what Editor Seaton regards as racism and hate speech. Here is one of Terani’s most offensive ‘anti-Semitic’ comments:

The republicans have killed millions across the Middle East and elsewhere to please their darling Israelis, what more are you moaning about??? What else the American-Israeli gov’t in Washington can do to please their SUPER-masters in Tel Aviv??? More killings, may be this time they are after Persian bloods??? Who knows, these gods always get what they want…mindless, selfish, arrogant lot….

Where is the anti-Semitism here? To admit that recent American wars were serving Israeli interests is nothing but telling the truth. It is hard to understand how blaming Washington for war crimes in the Middle East is an ‘anti-Jewish’ racist slur. Clearly, the issue of race or ethnicity was not mentioned once by the woman who, thanks to the Liberal media, has found her political voice temporarily struck dumb.

In another deleted comment, she said, “Star of David has been flying inside number 10 since Thatcher days”.

The Star of David has, unfortunately, been transformed into a Jewish nationalist symbol. It is depicted on Israel’s flag, airplanes and tanks. As long as Israel is dropping bombs on civilians from airplanes decorated with such a Star, any reference to the given symbol must be realized as a legitimate political criticism.

However, bearing in mind the fact that Labor’s number one fundraiser is no other than Lord “Cashpoint” Levy who is described by the The Times as “a pillar of British Judaism and a leading international Zionist,” the ties between the Star of David and Downing are clearly established.

Regrettably, due to Israel’s genocidal policies and practices, the Star of David is a reference to a murderous expansionist ideology. Yet, far more concerning is the fact that a ‘leading international Zionist’ star was financing the Labour Government at the time Britain was taken to an illegal war.

Terani, however, does not divulge the substantial list of Zionist Jews (Wolfowitz, Libby, Levy, proxy donation masters, etc.) working within the fabric of the US and British governments to champion the Israeli cause. Instead, she refers merely to ‘Republicans’, ‘Israelis’ and to a national symbol.

As people who fight for the Palestinian cause confronting Zionist racism on a daily basis, we are eager to learn from the Guardian and its editors what are Muslims and Palestinian supporters entitled to say? What is permissible? Can we not even criticize the Republican Party or the Zionist Genocidal policies? What is really left for us to do except lay down and allow ourselves to be killed by the tanks and cluster bombs decorated with the ‘Star of David’?

It has to be said, it is both frightening and amusing to witness this bastion of ‘Liberal media’ yield to a Neocon pressure group that not only supports the Iraq war, but witch hunts humanist activists. As it seems, the Guardian is happy to employ an Iranian contributor but shun her the second she fails to love Israel. Sadly, the Guardian has deteriorated into a silencing tool on behalf a devastating murderous ideology carried by a Zionist pressure group.

Mr Seaton has been contacted telephonically and by email on numerous occasions in the past two days. We would like him to justify his policy of censorship and labelling a person as one who writes material that is Anti-Semitic. We would like him to clearly analyse the writing that is quoted and to state how this can be used to smear a person and to silence her.

He has not yet gotten back to us.

Mary Rizzo is a translator, art restorer and especially Pro-Palestinian activist who runs the blog Peacepalestine. She is a founding member of Tlaxcala, a vibrant network of (proudly) radical activist translators that publishes a wide range of articles by anti-imperialist writers and thinkers from around the world in a dozen languages. Read other articles by Mary, or visit Mary's website. Read other articles by Mary, or visit Mary's website.

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  1. Ron Horn said on October 8th, 2008 at 9:14am #

    I think that we all should send an email to Matt Seaton to protest this cowardly act of censorship. Send to ku.oc.naidraugnull@srettel.

  2. William said on October 8th, 2008 at 11:14am #

    its an absolute disgrace and shame on the so-called “liberal-left” Guardian. Everyone should boycott this paper and tell everyone they know to stop buying and selling this paper!

  3. Giorgio said on October 8th, 2008 at 4:48pm #

    Thank you Ron, I’ll certainly send this moral dwarf, Matt Seaton, an email giving him a piece of my mind…thx

  4. Hugh said on October 8th, 2008 at 5:40pm #

    What she said sounds like the Protocols of Zion, that’s why.

  5. nahida said on October 8th, 2008 at 5:51pm #

    As one of the very few Palestinians who try to comment on CIF, of the Guardian, I have experienced severe censorship;

    Many of my poems and comments were deleted (especially the ones which contains links to PICTURES that they don’t want the world to see.

    I was even blocked from being able to post anything and it wasn’t until people complained that I was able to post again

    Please visit my webpage and have a look at the zionists’ crimes, and share them with everyone you know:

  6. Deadbeat said on October 9th, 2008 at 8:22am #


    Thanks again for another great article. These acts of censorship are extremely troubling. Thanks for bringing attention to issues like this and enabling the Left to confront these issues head on.

    Please keep up the great writing!


  7. Clap Hammer said on October 9th, 2008 at 8:49am #

    I think that it is truly dreadful.

    Banning a wonderful anti semitic anti zionist tosser from CI(F) is a true tragedy.

    It is simply not to be tolerated.

    Whatever will CI(F) do next? Stop Bungle posting his bile?

  8. Michael Kenny said on October 9th, 2008 at 9:12am #

    Bear in mind a few points.
    1. We don’t have “neocons” here in Europe. Indeed, the word “conservative” doesn’t mean exactly the same thing over here.
    2. The word “liberal” means “conservative” in Europe. Thus, describing the Guardian as “liberal media” reveals laughable ignorance of Europe. That discredits the entire article.
    3. What is and what is not free speech in Britain is a matter for the British and if Ms Rizzo doesn’t like the European way of doing things, she should stay out of Europe. She should also abstain from following George Bush’s lead and asserting the right of Americans to dictate to others how to run their countries.
    4. The passage she quotes, due to its virulent tone (it’s also full of mistakes of English!), certainly violates the canons of European journalism and could well violate Europe’s very strict hate speech laws, thereby exposing not merely Ms Terani but Mr Seaton and the paper itself to prosecution. I would guess that the paper’s lawyers insisted, just to be on the safe side, that the articles be withdrawn and an apology issued.
    5. It is perfectly possible to express the same ideas in polite and respectful language, in full accordance with Europe’s cultural tradition. Like Ms Rizzo, if Ms Terani doesn’t like the way European civilisation works, she should leave. If she chooses to play in our yard, she must play by our rules.
    6. I would also guess that the lawyers have told Mr Seaton not to make any further comment or get into any discussion with any person on this matter. I doubt therefore if Ms Rizzo will ever get an answer from him, particularly if the tone of the e-mail she sent was as virulent and polemical as this article.
    7. All of these various antics by extremist Jewish groups reflect their growing sense of defeat. Israel rests entirely on American brute force and America is collapsing. That they are lashing out wildly is actually a good sign. Since they assert the right to say about Muslims the very same things that they object to when said about Israel, they actually shoot themselves in the foot every time they make a fuss.

    My advice to Ms Rizzo: Yankee stay home!