Ron Paul: Anti-War, Anti-Veteran Opportunist Hypocrite

Iraq Veteran Against the War member Adam Kokesh, who briefly interrupted McCain’s acceptance speech, is a big supporter of the anti-war Republican Ron Paul. Paul participated in the Republican debates and ripped his fellow Republicans for supporting wars and expanding the American empire. He also called for more deregulation of just about everything — the airline industry, health care, and even went so far as to oppose mandatory immunization for children.

Sadly, Paul won a large amount of support from young people, progressives, and anti-war activists who were fed up with the two parties that are both pro-war, pro-corporate, and anti-civil liberties.

The fact that someone who opposes the minimum wage, has made racist remarks past and present, hates unions, opposes immigrant rights, and doesn’t believe in evolution could gain the support of many progressives says a lot about how politically weak and organizationally almost non-existent the American left is these days.

I don’t know Kokesh personally, but I see his endorsement as another example of someone who was pulled to Paul’s campaign for lack of anything else. Paul, for the record, voted against expanding education benefits for returning GIs and against providing housing assistance to very low-income veterans. As a result, Paul has earned himself a dismal 41% rating from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. When your candidate’s rating on vets issues matches Bush’s IQ, you have a problem.

Not only has he voted against veterans, he’s also an opportunist. In his announcement that he would not endorse McCain, he said that “the strongest message can be sent by rejecting the two party system. This can be accomplished by voting for one of the non-establishment, principled candidates.” Funny that he calls on voters to reject the two party system, because is part of it — he’s a Republican.

Then there’s the fact that his congressional district gets its fair share of federal dough. There’s a word for this. It’s called hypocrisy.

Pham Binh is an activist and recent graduate of Hunter College in NYC. His articles have been published at Znet, Asia Times Online, Dissident Voice, and Monthly Review Online. He can be reached at: Read other articles by Pham, or visit Pham's website.

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  1. libertynow said on September 20th, 2008 at 6:40am #

    His districts fair share of federal dough? There is not “Federal Dough” it is all stolen from the people. Ron Paul just tries to get some of it back by DOING HIS JOB and putting in requests from tax payers who have been robbed by the Feds. He later votes against the budgets every time so this old hat smear has been washed months ago. Meanwhile McCain cries about earmarks but would spend even more money on the empire and bailouts (the big sucking earmark no one talks about) national ID cards, and giving welfare and amnesty to illegals so taxpayers would get none of it back for their home state.
    I would not call Dr. Paul anti vet. He in fact is a vet and has done large amounts to help vets get their money. But Paul is a principled man and never votes for any kind of expansion of government even if it gives turds like you a chance to take things out of context and try to smear him as anti vet or anti Jew or anti anything else….. See Ron Paul is pro freedom. And that means he has to resist expansion of government at all levels. He was the only member of congress who votes against congressional medals of honor for non military people. why not say he is anti honor??? The fact is you are blind and have not done your homework on Mr. Paul or the entire bills you sight as reasons for being against vets. I am a 70% disabled US MARINE and Dr. Paul has my support 100% because he is the only person in the congress who really understands the constitution and is willing to speak out for Vets and their right NOT TO DIE IN USELESS ILLEGAL WARS.

  2. Donna M. Rode said on September 20th, 2008 at 7:19am #

    Pham, you just don’t get it. Your article is nothing more than a tunnel vision approach to the problems that plague our country. I am a senior citizen, and I consider Dr. Ron Paul to be the only MAN in this country who could lead this nation back to sanity in foreign policy, the economy, and restore our liberties that have gradually been wrested away from the American citizens through the Patriot Act, the HR 1955 Radicalization Act, FISA. He would stop the formation of the North American Union, the destruction of our currency to implement the Amero, etc, etc. He is the only true statesman I have seen on the political horizon in my lifetime. I would suggest that you take off your blinders to see the perilous state in which the New World Order elitists have plunged our beloved Republic.

  3. Robo said on September 20th, 2008 at 7:28am #

    So you like to bash the one honest man in Washington? You obviously don’t understand politics. Ron Paul will vote no on a bill, if it has any kind of legislation packed in it to make it a “poison pill”. A lot of these so-called veterans bills, also contains funding for things like expanding military bases.

    The so-called racist ad you cite, may not be “libertarian” in position, but it definitely is republican. I recall he was running for the republican nomination, not the libertarian.

    You obviously need to get your head checked, if out all the politicians there are to criticize, you want to gun for Ron Paul. Wake up.

  4. Anonymous said on September 20th, 2008 at 7:42am #

    While I’m not necessarily against providing GI educational benefits and housing, funding both via the federal government is unconstitutional, which is likely why Paul voted against them.

    Your assertion about his approval rating is baseless (citation please?). In fact, the military supports Paul more than any other candidate because of his anti-war stance.

  5. Cleaner44 said on September 20th, 2008 at 8:10am #

    I am a 40 year old veteran, I support Ron Paul and I find your column very poor. Your probably know that your are inncorrect when you say that Ron Paul has made rascist comments or maybe you don’t research anything.

    I can only guess that when you say that Ron Paul opposes immigrant rights, that you mean he does not support law breakers. I follow Ron Paul closely and have never heard of him being against legal immigrants.

    It is true that Ron Paul is against welfare in all forms and he lives by this code by refusing to accept Medicare in his medical practice. Instead, he treats low income patients for free.

    There is a good reason that Ron Paul received more campaign contributions from military members, during the primaries, than all other candidates. Active duty and veterans know that Ron Paul is the one politician looking out for them and actually adheres to the Constitution. You see, when enlisting in the military, a person takes an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. I took my oath seriously and Ron Paul does too. Unfortunately that puts Ron Paul in the minority in Congress. Our Founding Fathers would be disgusted I think.

  6. Darel said on September 20th, 2008 at 8:18am #


    You miss the whole point regarding Ron Paul. The fact is he will not support any bill in congress unless it supports the law of the land, end of story.

    Yes, Paul has become very popular among many political circles including my own the GOP.

    His historical record of opposition to big gov and his prediciton if we don’t make major changes have only proved the value of his vision.

    A friend of mine who worked at one of the firms which the Fed basically purchaesd is now a supporter of Paul. Why? I noticed a an old article regarding Paul’s warning of the failed Fred and Fannie which he stated clearly it would fail if major changes were not made. Paul, warned congress in Sept 2003 regarding Freddie and Fannie.

    In closing you need to do your homework before you look like a fool before veterns. Did you know that Paul obtained the highest dontions during the primary and even greater then Obama or McCain before he suspended his run for the president? Did y0u know that citizens form other distrists turn to Paul’s office to help obtain vetern benefits whereas other sources never follow-up or return pleas from veterns….

    Pham, I realize you simply lack the information but now you are aware. may I suggest if you really want to understand Paul that you visit the following links:

    Pham, may I invite you to join the campaign for liberty email updates this way you will be informed with updates and begin to understad why progressives support Paul?

    I wish you my best.

  7. ellen said on September 20th, 2008 at 8:36am #

    Mr. Binh,

    To understand, as Ron Paul does, that it is unjust for large influxes of illegal immigrants to overwhelm the existing systems, cause taxes on legal residents to rise, and break in line ahead of those patiently going the legal route, to the effect that their applications are endlessly delayed, is not racist.

    Greed USES illegal immigrants in order to avoid paying decent, standard wages. The illegals form a subclass of workers in our midst who are willing to accept less than the normal market value of their labor, because they have to. THAT illegal system is racist, in my opinion. They have no realistic option of “making it” financially, and have been hardest hit by the recent housing collapse. Their illegal group houses have been foreclosed, and are now typically listed as having “3 bedrooms and 6 baths”. Where are they staying now, and what are they eating? Your guess is as good as mine.

    Your attack of Ron Paul leads you to oversimplify complicated, serious issues–such as illegal immigration– by simply labeling your target “racist”.

    I assure you, he is not.

  8. don said on September 20th, 2008 at 8:47am #

    Ron Paul is not against people nor veterans nor blacks nor gays etc…
    What he is, is for the constitution. Regardless of what he thinks is right or wrong, he believes that a president must function within the constraints of the constitution. That in fact is the purpose of the constitution: to limit the powers of the federal government.

    Everybody is racist and sexist and all those other things to one degree or another. But what does that have to do with his ability to lead?

    Again, his personal opinions about what’s what don’t matter. He is convinced that a president – who swears on a bible – is bound to function within the limits of the constitution.

    Only those of you who don’t understand the constitution and have come to accept presidents doing whatever they want, whenever they want like King George, take personal social positions into consideration when voting because you expect the president to act on them as they have for decades.

    As for his earmarks for his district: he doesn’t believe the citizens of this country should be committed to paying so much in income taxes for constitutionally illegal federal agencies that he tries to get as much of it back for them as possible.

    You should know the man before you critisize the man. And I don’t mean from a mainstream media outlet.

  9. Carol said on September 20th, 2008 at 8:56am #

    You seem to think the right of the government to operate outside the constitution is self-evident. You seem to think the right of government to coerce citizens is self-evident — for you cite no evidence for the superioity of your stances on issues.

    Now, I not opposed to vaccinations, and I suspect that most parents would freely choose to vaccinate their children, but you seem to worship at the altar of coercion — though I suspect you are all for choice when it comes to abortion. Suddenly choice will be sacred to you…. Since you are writing an article that expresses opposition to a US Congressman and a presidential candidate, I suspect you also think you should be free to write what you want and say what you want. So if it happens to suits you, freedom is noble. But if it doesn’t suit your particular agenda, freedom is quaint. Now that is opportunistic. That is hypocrisy.

    Go back to your community college and try again. All the positions you think Ron Paul is an intellectual weakling for are NON-constitutional. They all involve coercing OTHER people to do the things YOU want.

  10. Paul said on September 20th, 2008 at 9:06am #

    Wow, Pham Binh is completely clueless.

    Since when did Ron Paul hate unions, and not believe in evolution? Ron Paul has said that illegal immigrants are the scapegoats of a failed system. I could go on and on, but the point is that you have no idea what you’re writing about.

    Ron Paul’s positions and philosophies may just be over your head, but do your research, and try again.

  11. Tom said on September 20th, 2008 at 9:07am #

    I bet Pham would argue that if the Government thinks people are too fat, they should make a law requiring all fat people to go on a diet.

    I bet that Pham thinks we need to bail out the investment banks, despite how much money they made while they were buying and selling worthless assets, when things are tough the America people have to pay for it. This is Socialism, so Pham is going nuts today. He’s probably sending E-vites for his “Finally Socialism” party he’s been planning.

    Pham wants a bigger government so all the vaccines can be mandatory! Well congratulations Pham, the government is so big we can no longer afford it! Thanks to people like you, we now own the biggest mortgage, investment and insurance companies in the country! Pretty soon we’ll own the car companies, and maybe even this awful socialist blog.

  12. wylde bill said on September 20th, 2008 at 10:16am #

    “Progressives” suck and are idiots. They want to centralize all power in one place so any corrupt asshole (like say, Nixon, GW Bush, Hitler, Stalin, etc.) can grab everything in one go- and spend all their time trying to get the government to force everyone to jump onto whatever bandwagon they happen to be riding at that moment. If they spent half as much effort trying to get all the things they want done with private non-profit organizations as they do trying to influence that herd of imbeciles on capitol hill, they’d have already solved things like healthcare (like, HELLO, morons, if innumerable for-profit insurance companies can stay in buisness as long as they have, couldn’t we have a non-profit that could do all the things the for-profit ones do for less- and on a sliding scale- and still take care of indigents?). Plus, no-one could use the money for bombs…

    And fuck the government forcing anybody to partake of any kind of treatment they don’t want.

    “Progressives” are suck-holes of totalitarianism.

  13. Sean Tracy said on September 20th, 2008 at 10:28am #

    This is great!

    I was going to comment on how misguided your article is, and how little you understand about Ron Paul and why people support him. I decided not to waste my breath, but after reading all the comments I think it has been fairly well summed up.

    Freedom is a strong message, the r3volution will continue.

  14. Joe Lawson said on September 20th, 2008 at 10:56am #

    Pham, I don’t think you get it. The government should not the answer. As you can see with Fanniemae and and Freddymac, both government controlled businesses that failed.

    You said, “The fact that someone who opposes the minimum wage, has made racist remarks past and present, hates unions, opposes immigrant rights, and doesn’t believe in evolution could gain the support of many progressives says a lot about how politically weak and organizationally almost non-existent the American left is these days.”

    Lets breakdown your propaganda here.

    Ron Paul has never made racist comments or is a racist – unless you mean his newsletter which has totally been debunked. But why don’t you talk about Obama’s anti-white racists comments he made in his first book? As a matter a fact I think its kinda racist for 95% of blacks to vote for Obama just because he is half black. But you are too weak to talk about that.

    The minimum wage – are you kidding me. That is the biggest joke I have ever heard. Unemployment among teenagers has skyrocketed because of the minimum wage increase – which really are the only ones it was good for. A minimum wage is for beginners, not experienced workers.

    Not sure where you got that Ron Paul is anti-union, he has said many times unions have their place, but thought Union leadership as bought and paid and could care less about the rank and file.

    Ron Paul does not oppose immigrant rights, what he does oppose is illegal immigration and illegal immigrants sucking off the American Tax Payer. I think your heart is in the wrong place, that you are too weak to go to Mexico and demand that the Mexican goverment do something to give their citizens a better life rather than putting the burden on hard working people in the United States that are already having a hard time. But you love the corrupt goverment of Mexico, because you really don’t care about people, only your political agenda.

    I don’t think Ron Paul ever said he does not believe in evolution, nice try. But are you scared to allow those with a different opinion to bring their ideas into the mainstream? That is truly close minded and that is what you are.

  15. cg said on September 20th, 2008 at 10:58am #

    The Liberals have many tails, and chase them all.

  16. Mitch said on September 20th, 2008 at 11:02am #

    Struggling for “Peace and Social Justice”, huh?

    Why oppose the only Republican who has those ideas in mind? I’m not trying to attack you for the reasons you don’t like Ron Paul. Socialism and Libertarianism are very distinct, different philosophies so I wouldn’t expect you to support Paul, but what does it hurt to have at least one peace-loving candidate on the other side of aisle?

    In a hypothetical situation where your candidate lost and we have another Republican in office, couldn’t you at least consider it a partial win if we were able to pull our troops out of all 130 countries we have bases in? Ron Paul certainly isn’t an ideal candidate for an anti-war socialist to support but you have to admit that he would do more to promote peace than any Republican and even more than any of the Democratic choices for this year would have.

  17. chad said on September 20th, 2008 at 11:17am #

    Pham, please wake up. Your attack that Ron Paul is a hypocrite b/c he’s a republican endorsing third parties is naive. He is making a larger point, that although the power resides in the party system, in order to change that we have to show support outside the system, even if that change isn’t imminent. That being said, how is going to continue to have his influence if he can’t get elected outside the two party system?

    Regarding the racist allegations…you obviously don’t know Paul very well. “Racism is an ugly form of collectivism” Paul believes that all people should be treated as individuals, therefore policy should not benefit a group of individuals based on race, creed, sex, etc… The real racist are those who propagate a system that classifies people by such groups.

    I could go on and on about your simplifications and misunderstanding of Paul’s philosophy. I just ask that you research the man more closely and actually understand his philosophy, and how his political views make a lot more common sense that your superficial reactionary opinions.

  18. Jim said on September 20th, 2008 at 11:18am #

    Read section 8 and section 9 of the Constitution.

    Here is a link for your convenience

    Then back check your so called points of contention and slanderous remarks you worthless hack!

  19. Vince said on September 20th, 2008 at 11:27am #

    Minimum wage laws are fascist; the governmet is intervening in the economy and controlling businesses, telling them what to do. They’re also unconstitutional; you will find NO PLACE in the constitution that gives Congress the authority to impose federal wage laws. You are supporting a fascist, unconstitutional act.

    First, Ron Paul didn’t write the things that you linked to in the past. That’s old news. The fact that you don’t cite the truth shows how you haven’t done your research. Second, you’re confusing racism with national security. Ron Paul didn’t say that we should deport all of the Muslims/Arabs. He said we should stop authorizing visas for people that are coming from terrorist nations because of the very serious terrorist threat in our nation’s history.

    How about the other 190 countries in he world? Can the students go there to study? The answer is: of course they can. America is not the only country in the world to study, sorry to break it to you.

    Ron Paul doesn’t hate unions. That is a blatant lie. Go take a second look (or probably first look for you) at the CNBC debate. Ron Paul said they’re a natural consequence of the free-market, something that Ron Paul is a champion of. He said if businesses don’t want unions to form, they should treat their employees better. Example: As long as they stay the same, Google will never have unions.

    Ron Paul doesn’t oppose immigrant rights, he opposes ILLEGAL imigrant rights! You’re lying once again. Ron Paul is completely in favor of people coming to this country legally. You’re supporting something that’s illegal.

    What does Ron Paul not believing in evolution have to do with politics? The answer: nothing. You are suggesting that we should look down on somebody because of their religious beliefs. That’s low, very low.

    As for the federal dough, I agree with “libertynow”. They said it just right. You said it exactly wrong.

    When he said “rejecting the two party system”, what he’s saying is that other parties aren’t given equal opportunity by the media and the election system. As a member of one of the two parties that are responsible for thwarting democracy in America, by speaking out against his own party’s roll in this, Ron Paul is not a hypocrit, he’s a hero.

  20. bile said on September 20th, 2008 at 12:01pm #

    This article is mainly ad hominid attacks and distortions with little research done or at least presented as to WHY those positions are held or were taken.

    Airline regulation is both inefficient and unconstitutional.
    Healthcare regulation is detrimental to the public, inefficient and unconstitutional.
    Mandatory immunizations are unconstitutional and an affront to freedom.
    You do know that Paul is a medical doctor?
    Minimum wage: unconstitutional and increases unemployment. Anti freedom.
    Racist remarks have been covered many times over.
    Doesn’t hate unions. Doesn’t want government to regulate unions or anything related to them. Unconstitutional too boot.
    Oppose immigrant rights: false. He’s against giving them benefits of social programs. But he’s also against all government run social programs and wants to allow individuals to opt out and phase them out.
    Doesn’t believe in evolution: your point? What does that believe have to do with any position he’s in. The government should be in no position where that belief should matter.
    Spending money on the houses and education: did you contact Paul’s office to find out why? Tom Tancredo voted against it too as well as several others.
    If he’s so anti-military why is it that he received more from the different branches of the military than all other candidates combined?
    Being an opportunist? He clearly says he’s only able to be elected as a Republican. His constituents seem to vote for parties instead of people. Why wouldn’t he take advantage of it? Besides, he espouses libertarian Republican beliefs that a decent selection of the party beliefs in. Why shouldn’t he be a Republican? If he were to endorse McCain just because of his party affiliation he’d going against his beliefs. What’s the point of that?

  21. Chuck said on September 20th, 2008 at 12:22pm #

    Well…I guess the people don’t agree with you! Thanks for keeping The Revolution on it’s toes. And remember Vote Third Party! PEACE!

  22. XYZ said on September 20th, 2008 at 12:33pm #

    “Libertarians” are so deluded it’s criminal.

    Not only is Ron Paul a hypocrite he’s the worst kind: a lying hypocrite.

    Let’s look at some fun facts:

    This Ron Paul campaign ad shows hat he, at the very least, has neocon tendencies: (lool at “terrorist nations”)

    Ron Paul doesn’t support the separation of church and state. Proof from one of his speeches:

    Plenty has been has been written on who really authored racist articles in his magazine (hint: he did). Since his supporters deny this fact, I would like to know what say about his keeping a white supremest entourage .

    Whether the paultards accept it or not, all the facts point to Ron Paul being a racist fundie and a closet neocon.

  23. Jason Smith said on September 20th, 2008 at 1:18pm #

    I respect your belief that the (federal) government has an obligation to do more for its citizens than just police them, but such a discussion can not be divorced from the cost/benefit analysis of taking such action and the legal nature of the action (as determined by the U.S. Constitution).

    Regarding education, 80-90% of the funding for public education in this country is provided by state and local governments. They don’t need funding from the federal government to perform their duties. They don’t need unfunded mandates from the federal government telling them how to educate their kids. Why shouldn’t they control the education of their children? … Are you saying that parents are somehow incompetent to make those decisions?

    Ron Paul advocates abolishing the federal income tax. In the near term, we probably can’t abolish the income tax without partially replacing it with an alternative tax, but virtually anything would be better than the current income tax, which requires us to relinquish our privacy and our 5th Amendment rights not to be compelled to be a witness against ourselves. This is what makes the federal income tax such as odious tax.

    In addition, a superb documentary produced in 2005 (see below), clearly shows that the IRS can not show you the law that makes you or anyone else liable for income tax on your wages!

    No candidate is perfect. You can find flaws in all the candidates, but I doubt that you can find an individual who has “walked the talk” and lived the principles that (s)he espouses more impressively than Ron Paul. He has rejected his lucrative congressional pension and returns a portion the his House office budget every year to the U.S. treasury. He is an OBYGN who has years of experience with our health care system up close. Who among all the presidential candidates could be more qualified to speak about health care?

    As commander in chief of the military, the president can pull back our military expansion around the world (do we really need 700+ military bases in 130 of 195 foreign countries just to protect us?) … Isn’t it inevitable that our presence in these foreign countries would be considered unwelcome by the people of those countries? … Wouldn’t we feel the same with foreign bases on our soil?

    Ron Paul is a most incredible and courageouos person in this day and age and is surely worthy of our admiration and serious consideration as a candidate for president of the United States. If you believe that we are truly a nation of laws, you should support Ron Paul. He is the only one stepping forward and supporting our nation’s “supreme law of the land” — the U.S. Constitution. Isn’t it better to have someone leading the nation like Dr. Paul, who believes in the rule of law, than any of the other candidates that make like the U.S. Constitution does not exist?

    To UNDERSTAND the totality and urgency of Ron Paul’s message, EVERYONE should watch the extraordinary documentary called “America:Freedom to Fascism” which was produced in 2005 by Aaron Russo, the producer of such classic movies as “Trading Places” starring Eddie Murphy and “The Rose” starring Bette Midler.

    You will rarely find a more honest and easy-to-understand presentation about how our federal government has evolved over the past 100 years. Aaron Russo passed away in August 2007 after a six-year battle with cancer. This documentary is a truly precious departing gift to all freedom-loving Americans.

    Watch “America: Freedom to Fascism” FREE at:

    Thanks for your article. From what I read I know you are a “Government takes care of people” kind of guy. I am more like a “people take care of people” kind of guy. I don’t believe in forced contributions, as it is essentially slavery in the name of doing something “good.”

    I also think you are under the impression that the Government is supposed to do a lot more than it actually is. If all of those programs, healthcare, welfare, education etc were envisioned to be part of the Federal Government why did they not impose them for over a hundred years? The reason is simple. Because they were NOT part of what this Government was supposed to do.

    Second, I assume you are for forced contributions, i.e. forcing people to pay for other people benefits. I am NOT. To me that is insanity to expect a system that forces people to pay for others.

    Ron Paul positions are not easily understood because it takes some education and understanding to really know why he says what he says. The same way you can’t teach American history in 1 hour, Paul’s positions cannot be taught in 10 minutes on a talk show where they want him to cover 10 different issues and interrupt him while he is doing it. Even a few hours wouldn’t explain it.

    For example, the whole money is can’t be explained so easily, but I will do my best in a limited forum.

    1. Money is used as a medium of exchange as operation of commerce

    2. One instrumental part of the Federal Government is to issue money to operate commerce.

    3. Money has to be issues equal value to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), i.e the value of combined product and service of the people.

    4. If more money is issues than the value of the GDP you have inflation, the less money you have deflation (recession/depression).

    5. Government has the sole power to issue money WITHOUT charging interest of course, but for some odd reason they have decided to borrow the money issued from the private Federal Reserve Bank who charges interest.

    6. The problem with interest is that it is money we have to pay the FED that was never issued and therefore cannot be paid back. As a result the FED tally that interest into a National Debt. The more money Gov borrows the more interest we need to pay, thus the reason for over 9 trillion national debt.

    Obviously this cannot be discussed in a short time here or on the “news’ where there is little time. But I hope you get the point.

    The main reason I am supporting Dr. Paul over the other candidates is economics. He is the only one that apparently and truly understands the ticking time bomb we are holding as a country. If we don’t solve this issue first and foremost; I believe the rest of the issues will end up being totally irrelevant!

  24. Orwellian Bob said on September 20th, 2008 at 1:30pm #

    You Sir are a nobody, you think insulting and slandering a Great Statesman one of the only statesmen we have will bring you recognition? Well I do recognize you for what you are congratulations YOUR A DOUCHE BAG!!! Honestly who paid this guy to write this crap.

  25. jb said on September 20th, 2008 at 1:43pm #

    Ron Paul is actually well-liked among veterans in his district. He routinely votes in favor of benefits for veterans and spoke out about Walter Reed as far back ago as 2005, before WaPo broke the national scandal story.

  26. Pinkboy said on September 20th, 2008 at 1:47pm #

    These people are all wrong Pham. They just don’t understand the beauty of complete totalitarian control that we could all enjoy if only everyone would turn to socialism. Keep up the struggle mate!

  27. gobo said on September 20th, 2008 at 1:51pm #

    Pham Bihn, you’re the man! More unconstitutional spending by congress, fuck, it’s only the tax-payers money. If they’re stupid enough to elect corrupt politician, then they deserve to be swindled. As for immunizing kids, forget the parents’ rights, it’s up to the GOV to plug and drug everyone… so kiddies, get in line. More hidden war spending in the guise of GI education/funding, hell, with all the senseless wars and repeat tours, the only soldiers learning post-trauma, will either be retarded or physically useless.
    As for minimum wage, isn’t America a free-market? Ok, so let’s regulate it to the hilt… force everyone to make the same wages, drive up inflation and prices, and instead of calling it communism, we’ll pretend it’s progress. Ya, Lenin was real progressive.
    Dr. Paul also supports free assembly, umm, sounds like a union to me. He’s so ‘radical’ on that position, that he applies it to fairies [gays] as well.
    As for Dr. Paul’s racism, that’s what free speech is all about. As a mexican, and a progressive free-thinker, I may not agree with him, but I’ll defend his right to personal opinion. Of course you shouldn’t… regulation and forced consent is what tyranny is all about. Choke on it!
    Dr. Paul doesn’t accept evolution, he believes there’s science to back it up, he just hasn’t been convinced. Talk about a critical-thinker, if only he’d accept everything he was told, then we could have another weasely politician like Obama+Mccain.
    As for endorsing 3rd party candidates, he endorses free-choice… I thought pro-choice was progressive? This two-party system has become corrupt, with the left aiding the right & vice-versa, leaving America with either coke or pepsi…. don’t even think about asking for water! The Republicrats will rot your teeth and call it progress. He represents true conservatism, whose core lies in liberty, as such, stands as a proud Republican. The GOP though, left him long ago with the DNC in hand. 2party fascism ain’t progressive, it’s old-school tyranny. You’re just too niave to realize it.
    Nice try though Bihn, faggot.

  28. J707 said on September 20th, 2008 at 2:50pm #

    – “He also called for more deregulation of just about everything — the airline industry, health care, and even went so far as to oppose mandatory immunization for children. ”

    Do you even have any clue at all what kind of “deregulation” he proposes and why? Paul supports the sort of deregulation that will allow smaller competing companies to enter the marketplace and break down the stranglehold of govt/big-business sponsored oligopoly that has driven healthcare costs through the roof and made the airline industry the one big inept only-game-in-town. You are reacting to a 1-word cue of “deregulation” vs. “regulation” like a pavlovian dog without bothering to look at the specifics behind what has been proposed or why.

    As for the supposedly “shocking an unconscionable” position of not having the govt. force injections on anybody…we’ll just have to agree to disagree. But you might want to check the statistics on cancer rates and other diseases and how they coincide with mass immunizations.

    – “Sadly, Paul won a large amount of support from young people, progressives, and anti-war activists who were fed up with the two parties that are both pro-war, pro-corporate, and anti-civil liberties. ”

    Yeah…gee, how “sad” that someone would rally all these people together under the cause of reducing an over-bloated and increasingly intrusive, criminal, and financially/morally-bankrupt government.

    – “The fact that someone who opposes the minimum wage, has made racist remarks past and present, hates unions, opposes immigrant rights, and doesn’t believe in evolution could gain the support of many progressives says a lot about how politically weak and organizationally almost non-existent the American left is these days. ”

    First off, to hell with “right vs. left.” People like you really need to snap out of these predictable modes of thought and start worrying about “right vs. wrong.” There’s a reason truthful and honorable people like Paul and Kucinich get roundly ridiculed and downplayed by each of their own party’s respective establishments.

    The “minimum wage” squabble goes nowhere. It makes just as little sense in the long run as “trickledown economics” and ignores the real problem behind America’s monetary policy and- for example- recent economic crisis. You act as if those PAYING the wages wont hike their own pay up as well and/or FIRE employees when they have to pay higher wages.

    “Racist remarks?” Bald-faced lie. Cite ONE QUOTE from Ron Paul wherein he makes racist remarks. And the newsletter thing has long been debunked…unlike, for example, Hillary Clinton throwing former Klansman Robert Byrd a birthday party in Fredrick Douglass’ former home or John McCain claiming to “hate the gooks,” or Obama’s anti-white statements.

    When has Paul EVER opposed the rights of American immigrants? Unless you are purposefully and dishonestly distorting the argument by terming illegal immigrants as indistinguishable from legal immigrants, which you apparently are. Paul has even said when questioned on ILLEGAL immigration that these people are scapegoated for a larger problem they do not cause. People like you, however, seem to take the side of corrupt government and big-business, who are in obvious collusion to maintain a steady stream of desperate people who can easily be exploited for criminally-low wages and later likely imprisonment…while LEGAL immigrants along with other taxpayers foot the bill for their housing, medical care, and education.

    I dont care what my President thinks about evolution- because I believe, as Paul does, that the government should not be “educating” us. I for one will never have my children learning what the government decides they should learn.

    If you think Paul is “anti-veteran” then you are tragically-ignorant not only of who he is, but also to whom active and retired military personnel and veterans sent- BY FAR- the most money during the presidential campaign. Really, what is it that you know that all these men and women were just so ignorant of?

    And if you think Ron Paul is just part of the politics-as-usual 2-party establishment he has been trying to undermine then thats just hilarious. You even noted yourself that he suggested everyone vote for third party candidates and not continue the lockstep devotion to the cheerleaders of the Republican and Democrat parties (which is obviously the same party holding up two marginally-different puppets)…this is not called “hypocrisy,” its called “principle over party.”

  29. krs said on September 20th, 2008 at 2:53pm #

    I haven’t heard too much from Ron Paul lately. Unregulated free-market fundamentalists are finding fewer and fewer rocks to crawl under. Clearly, all of their rocks were leveraged against credit default swaps and money market accounts.

  30. J707 said on September 20th, 2008 at 2:57pm #


    You havent?

    Odd…because he’s been appearing on news-stations and giving private addresses every day now for the past week. It seems everyone is curious how it is that this kooky “unregulated free-market fundamentalist” was able to predict the fall of these specific financial institutions over 5 years ago.

  31. Chris said on September 20th, 2008 at 3:25pm #

    krs, Try to learn something while you are here. There is no unregulated free market in this country! However there is an over regulated overbearing statist communistic tyrannical nationalist market system that just went belly up because market should be free of government interaction. You haven’t heard from Ron Paul lately because you don’t watch news ( a good thing actually) but whenever they are having trouble figuring out what’s going wrong they give him a call and that’s been plenty lately. Pay attention!
    From last two days:

    I wish they asked the same questions from McBama.

  32. footballhero said on September 20th, 2008 at 3:43pm #

    I’m no fan of Ron Paul, and I think the idea that the market can operate unregulated is literally insane, but it’s probably better to try and find the minimal common ground than to focus fire on him.

    That said, reading these comments is pretty disturbing. Only in America can you find any interest for individualist forms of libertarianism. It really says something about the political culture and, quite sadly, shows how those who wish to shrink the state in a ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’ fashion are actually infested with a core facet of American state ideology: American exceptionalism. Only in a state founded at such a distinct stage of human development could the free market be seen as the cure-all for social ills. It reminds me of the British idea of ‘merry old England’ – that time before industrialisation characterised by sunny, green communities full of laughing children and chattering locals. I suppose each state has their collective myths.

    Though the supporters of Ron Paul may have their hearts in the right place, I share the sentiments of this article’s author – this really does show the weakness of the left in the USA. It also shows perhaps the most extreme stage of the erosion of political trust; very sad indeed.

    On a more conspiratorial note, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ron Paul was merely a way of sopping up anti-war sentiment and preventing the rise of any serious leftist opposition movement. The fact he’s still a Republican does mean something beyond a willingness to remain in politics. What better way to disorient anti-war support than to put such a spanner in the works?

  33. MrSynec3 said on September 20th, 2008 at 4:42pm #

    Ron Paul rant against government regulations means that big business/Money will run amock and unrestrained, exploiting workers,
    stealing their pensions and health-care, abusing the environment selling shoddy products and cheating the public.
    Does anyone likes what is happening in Wall St. right now. How about
    Enron, World Com and tyco …etc etc. Does anyone likes the obscene and untaxed profits of the oil companies??!! Please do not tell me about self policing. That will be joke

  34. Deadbeat said on September 20th, 2008 at 5:07pm #

    The Reaganomics ideology may have died this week but the wealth transfer from the people to the rich continues.

  35. Jeff W said on September 20th, 2008 at 5:19pm #

    Well, I guess they told you . The problem is that, while you can fix ignorance with a little education, you can’t fix stupid. For one thing if you think we should let all these ILLEGALS in to suck off the tit of the welfare state while real Americans suffer you are just plain stupid!

  36. Elena C said on September 20th, 2008 at 5:28pm #

    Oh Dear, Pham. You have some serious learning to do. This is a good start: “Debt as Money” Google it. The video will pop right up for you. Our monetary system is a non-sustainable system of credit and money creation that benefits international bankers who are non-productive drains on our productive capacity. But, the current monetary system’s time is about up. Dr. Paul has been warning us for three decades. Our govt, on both sides of the aisle, has been acting as proxy for the big boys for our life times, unless you were born before 1913. Big government, no matter if you choose to call it socialism, fascism, communism, marxism, or whatever, resides firmly on the left of the political spectrum. Here’s another great one that puts this stuff in a nutshell: Google the video, “Overview of America.” All of these forms of political systems represent BIG government benefiting just a few. I won’t belabor the other excellent points made already. Take Care.

  37. Sophie said on September 20th, 2008 at 5:50pm #

    Mr. Binh,

    Every public servant takes the oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Ron Paul took that oath when he enlisted in the USAF during the Vietnam War, and again when his conscience prodded him to serve in Congress. He has voted to the best of his ability to preserve that most important document that our Founding Fathers entrusted to us. That includes voting for deregulation, less federal spending, and no to undeclared wars and no to fleecing the American people of their hard-earned money — actions which, sadly, seems so distasteful to you.

    And MrSynec3 and krs: please educate yourselves. The United States does not have a free market when it has a secretive central bank with total control of the money supply. It is not a free market when government makes laws that benefit big businesses and uses regulations as a way to control the markets. Ron Paul has been asking people for *decades* to pay attention and realize that the fundamentals of the economy is not sound. He’s warned us about the current financial meltdown which has taken the talking heads and most everyone else in Washington by surprise and even explained the what, the why, and the how. Please listen. You don’t have to like Dr. Paul personally (feel free to believe the smears about him being racist/heartless/hypocritical despite the contrary). But at least open your eyes to what is truly happening in this moment in time — it affects your life as greatly as it affects mine.

  38. Matt Wolfgang said on September 20th, 2008 at 6:00pm #

    I saw this great analogy for what’s been happening to our country:

    Imagine a long narrow beach, evenly crowded with holiday makers. Two ice-cream sellers decide to set up stalls. The ice-cream is the same and the price is the same, everyone on the beach is going to buy one ice cream that afternoon, they will simply buy the ice-cream from the nearest seller. So where do they set up stall?
    If they set up equidistant from the ends and each other then the holiday makers have the least distance to walk and they both get half the business. But if our ice-cream seller on the right of the beach moves a bit to the left he then captures some of the other guy’s customers. In the end the only stable strategy is for both of them to be in the middle of the beach with half the customers each and sod the poor sunbathers at the end of the beach who now have to walk further – they have nowhere else to go if they want an ice-cream.
    Some of you may remember that The League of Women Voters used to sponsor all of the Presidential debates. Have you ever wondered why they don’t anymore?
    In 1988 the Republican and Democratic parties put demands on the League of Women Voters regarding the debates. They wanted to select the venue, the moderator, the questioners and the questions.
    This was The League of Women Voters response:

    “The League of Women Voters is withdrawing sponsorship of the presidential debates … because the demands of the two campaign organizations would perpetrate a fraud on the American voter. It has become clear to us that the candidates’ organizations aim to add debates to their list of campaign-trail charades devoid of substance, spontaneity and answers to tough questions. The League has no intention of becoming an accessory to the hoodwinking of the American public.”

    So, the two parties got together and formed The Commission on Presidential Debates. The net effect is that the debates we see over the next few months will be nothing more than a charade. I like the way the LWV termed it: A Fraud on the American Voter. Keep that in mind when watching.
    So who runs the Commission on Presidential Debates?
    Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr. – Former Chairman of The Republican National Committee from 1983 to 1989
    Paul G. Kirk, Jr. – Former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1985 to 1989
    It’s become apparent over the last several years that the Republicans and Democrats are becoming more and more similar. We all knew that the Democrats would vote for this, but since Bush rescinded his veto threat 45 Republicans (1/4 of congressional Republicans) voted for the FM bailout. What happened to the Republican Ideal of small government?
    How exactly are McCain and Obama so different?
    • They both support expanding stem cell research
    • They have similar stances on Immigration
    • They both support expanding government authority for wiretapping
    • They both support Faith-based social initiatives
    • Neither one support getting the troops home from Iraq in any timely manner (Obama originally said 16 months, but now has backed off of that stance. McCain says by 2013)
    • Both campaigns have been in contact with the Bush White House regarding maintaining the expanded executive powers enacted by Bush.
    • They both support the National ID.
    • Both voted for the border fence. (If you support this I suggest you talk to ranchers who live on the border and have to drive their cattle miles to a gate (For which they are given a key!?! Some security!), and then miles back to graze on the other part of their property that’s only yards away.)
    • McCain argues for a 35% top tax bracket, Obama likes 38%. (Woohoo 3%!! Who’s for reigning in spending and tax cuts? Republicans say they are, but their actions say something else.)
    Our dollar is in rapid decline, and not only are the major party candidates and elected representatives unwilling to discuss a solution, they are making the problem worse by voting to devalue the dollar by bailing out the FMs.

    • How is exactly is our society supposed to function when every time a large corporation has financial issues your reps take money from you to bail them out? Do you know of any individuals in bankruptcy that the government has stepped in and handed $50k?
    • When a company is in a position that it needs a bailout, it’s a certain sign that the company has not been run properly. Therefore it should run it’s life cycle by either being sold or going away.
    • When the feds bailed out the airlines, I didn’t see Herb Kelleher with his hand out. Why, because he ran Southwest in a solvent way, preparing for the future, and working with his employees and suppliers instead of against them.
    • GM is in rapid decline. It took them years to adopt an 18 month design turn around that was adopted by most of the industry years ago. They were very reluctant to get rid of money losing brands. They have only over the last several years gotten rid of the massive number of duplicate vehicles across their brands. They have suffered for many years because of poor relationships with their employees and unions. Mark my words; if we don’t send a strong message to Washington this election season, you’ll be paying for GM’s poor management over the last 20 years.
    • We are playing police of the world, and paying little attention to the civil war erupting just a few hundred miles south of here. What was the Republicrats answer to the situation in Mexico? They sent even more of your money south of the border, most of which will undoubtedly end up in the pockets of corrupt Mexican politicians and law enforcement.

    We need to see real solutions to the following problems:

    1. Balancing the Federal Budget
    2. Protecting Civil Liberties (This is unlikely being that both parties support most freedom robbing bills across the board.)
    3. Sensible foreign Policy (This is an obvious prerequisite to balancing the budget. There is no way we can support empire building and balance the budget.)
    4. Looking into the Federal Reserve’s effect on the value of the dollar, and whether allowing private corporations to control our money supply is constitutional or even necessary.

    We don’t have an endless supply of money to help bail out poorly run businesses and ill-conceived foreign policies. Why do our representatives feel like we do?

  39. MrSynec3 said on September 20th, 2008 at 6:41pm #

    Just because I am against excessive deregulation and letting big businesses run amock without any control or paying taxes that means I am against everything Ron Paul says. I support his position against illegal immigration. I do not know what he is saying about the Federal Reserve System which is privately owned by private bankers. That system should be abolished and replaced by central bank run by the
    government to serve the people and not to make money for the bankers by piling debt on the people. In short, I am a populist and not a libertanian or a liberal.

  40. Mike said on September 20th, 2008 at 7:02pm #

    I love anti-Ron Paul articles with a comments board. The smartest and politically in tune folks come here and post some amazing and very well thought out comments! I learn so much from you good people.

    I am so proud that I am still part of this rEVOLution and The Campaign For Liberty! Ron Paul and so many of his supporters have taught me much and opened my eyes! I am no longer a Fox News sheep and have dropped my Republican Party badge and have become a pround Independant!

    Thank you all and keep up the fight!

  41. MrSynec3 said on September 20th, 2008 at 7:07pm #

    This is supposed to be a left of center website and most respondents are
    attacking mostly a good article. That is sickening and prove my suspesion that there is no true left in this country. Where are you who wrote attacking Mr. Binh are living? In a different planet. Are you all fat cats. Again, do you like what is happening in Wall St. right now.?
    It is the result of abolishing the banking and financial market regulations put in place after 1929. Do you like the exporting of jobs and the decline of the middle class. Can you all afford getting hit with a serious illness??!! Would like to work 10 hours/day for 6 days/week for
    almost nothing without any benefits??!!
    What is the matter with you people ? ! Are you deaf, blind and stoned??!!

  42. Matthew Miller said on September 20th, 2008 at 7:23pm #

    There is no doubt That Ron Paul has a different view on numerous issues, I my self questioned some of his opinions numerous times, I have studied this man’s philosophies extensively, and can only conclude that he is a pure genius, please people take the time to study this man, it will change how you think about alot of things!!
    Matthew Miller

  43. Tom deSabla said on September 20th, 2008 at 7:27pm #

    “Dissident Voice” hunh?

    I don’t think so. “Mainstream Statist Voice” is more like it.

    Many people believe in the contradictory values of “peace” and government-enforced “social justice” just like you do; and just like you, they don’t even realize that they are contradictory.

    First off, you absolutely CANNOT have peace with a government as big as what we have, and certainly not as big as the one you seem to want.

    As for social justice, I can only assume that means you want everyone to have the same things, the same size house, the same pay for whatever their job is, and the same amount of money.

    Well, given the fact that all humans are different, the only way your “justice” could be created is through the use of force.

    Massive force.

    The only way to use such massive force is through an all-powerful government.

    All-powerful governments are NEVER peaceful.

    You are not dissidents; you don’t want peace, and you don’t want justice – what you want is a totalitarian state where everyone is a slave.

    Of course, like all such people, you don’t even know you want it.

    That’s worse than hypocrisy, that’s ignorance of the highest order.

    You obviously do not understand anything about real people and how they interact in the real world – truly sad. Now go on with your little “progressive” fantasies if they make you feel good about yourself.

    Because that’s what it’s really all about for you people, isn’t it?

  44. blakmira said on September 20th, 2008 at 8:07pm #

    I suggest you look up the word “hypocrite” in the dictionary. Noun definition: “a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives.”

    Hmmm. That certainly doesn’t sound like Dr. Ron Paul, who is one of the only Congressmen who speaks the truth and has never changed his ideals nor his support of the Constitution, as evidenced in his perfect voting record for the past 30 years.

    Then look up the phrase “Supremely absurd ignorance based on blind, unresearched prejudicial ass-umptions” and it will say “Please see article entitled ‘Dissident Voice.’ “

  45. Deadbeat said on September 20th, 2008 at 9:17pm #

    This is supposed to be a left of center website and most respondents are attacking mostly a good article.

    I consider DV not just a left of center site but a very left wing site. It actually permit an honest discussion of Zionism which on many so-called “left” sites would get you kicked off. In fact I got kicked off of DailyKos just for a writing a single blog about Ralph Nader 2008 bid.

    While I do not support Ron Paul and his brand of capitalist libertarianism (and all its deregulation mantra) I agree with Binh that progressives like Joshua Frank who supported Paul’s run demonstrated the weakness of the American Left. That there was no alternative on the left IMO led Frank to support Paul. What I found ironic about Frank’s support of Paul is that Frank four years ago wrote a book entitled Left Out!: How Liberals Helped Reelect George W. Bush. It wasn’t just “Liberals” but “Progressives” who crippled the anti-war movement and sabotaged Ralph Nader’s 2004 bid.

    I disagree with Binh over this remark …
    [Paul] even went so far as to oppose mandatory immunization for children.

    I am against mandatory immunization especially since the U.S. has a for-profit medical system that is in the pocket of Big Pharma. A lot of these vaccines have mercury in it and some has been linked to causing autism in children. In addition the pharmaceutical companies has been legally immunized form being sued for selling these poisons.

    I think good health can be achieved in other ways without vaccines but essentially I agree with Binh that Ron Paul’s brand of economics is very harmful.

    This is not to say that all government programs are good but it is up to the people to make these program better.

    The main problem with Ron Paul economics is that he considers capitalism to be benign which it is definitely not. The dynamic of Capitalism itself is why it is so unsustainable and always in crisis.

  46. doug said on September 20th, 2008 at 9:39pm #

    is this for real? or a sick joke? This is the Argument from Intimidation, and it is a cheap shot, not explaining or realizing any facts, but smearing Ron Paul with blatant lies. Please learn about the philosophy of Objectivism, it’s the only way you will learn how to make a valid judgement of anything in life.

  47. Scott Haron said on September 20th, 2008 at 10:01pm #

    You may have arguments with methods and actions, but please try to think about the philosophy. If a man brings you money, do you not question the reason for doing so? Do you not wonder, what do I owe? Do you not question the motive?

    In real life, apart from politics, for some reason, we are suspicious of strangers who want to give us something for nothing. Yet, we have acceded to these gifts from the government, willingly, as if no strings are attached. We have signed up for ridiculous mortgage contracts that we cannot afford, entered the military for GI Bill rights that we may not see, entered jobs where we don’t like “clauses” that restrict our freedoms, entered military health care systems which do not provide the care we need, and bought into a stock market (based on economic freedom) which is well beyond our control and far apart from economic freedom.

    You may start from the point of view that the advertised “substance ” of an issue is the primary point, but it is the philosophy and meaning behind the issue that are most important. While the receipt of money may be of primary interest, it is much more important to understand WHY the money is given, WHAT is owed in return, and WHETHER the money will be collected.

    Many, many people have fallen prey to scams which promise much, but deliver nothing. Why? Because the receivers don’t understand the ideology (or the capacity) behind the giver. The receiver doesn’t know the motive of the giver. If the motives are discovered to be false or unethical, what good is the promise?

    It would serve you well to look into Paul’s arguments about his various decisions on the programs you mention. As we are finding out daily, now, a promise is only as good as the ability of the promiser to deliver.

    In your research, I recommend you investigate the various allegations of character assassination that you provide. If you are an honest or intellectually curious person, then you will probably find little merit in the racist claims you argue. You may find smoking guns, but will you find the one who pulled the trigger? Let’s not indict without the proper evidence and the intellectual honesty to assess it.

  48. Paul said on September 20th, 2008 at 10:36pm #

    “I do not know what he is saying about the Federal Reserve System which is privately owned by private bankers. ”

    MrSyn3, you really need to study up on Ron Paul. Go to Youtube etc.

    Ron Paul has been speaking of the evils of the Federal Reserve and our fiat currency, both of which are unconstitutional, his entire political career. In fact, he recently authored some congressional bills to abolish the Fed and to “re-legalize” precious metals as legal tender. According to our constitution, only gold and silver are legal tender. The founding fathers knew of the inflation and instability cause by worthless fiat currency.

    To Deadbeat. Though we call our system this, we do not have anything that resembles capitalism. We have a twisted form of socialism for the wealthy, at the expense of the poor and middle class, or “reverse socialism”. It is also called corporatism or fascism when big business and government are in collusion as they are in our country.

    To all the others who have difficulty understanding Ron Paul’s philosophies, just read the United Sates constitution, and it should become clear to you.

  49. Stephen said on September 20th, 2008 at 10:50pm #

    Pham Binh,
    The only reason you even cover Ron Paul is to receive clicks! Your boss doesn’t care how you get clicks just as long as you get clicks, period. You are in need of hits so you write nonsense that you do not even believe yourself in hopes that your article will fly around the blogesphere and attract negative comments from the millions of Ron Paul supporters or more accurately, lovers of freedom, liberty and the old Republican platform, IE: small government, personal liberty, free markets you remember the Barry Goldwater types don’t ya?
    Well are you happy now? did you get enough clicks to make your boss happy? I certainly hope your boss understands why you received clicks for this article, because it most assuredly is not your political insight or vast understanding of economics. A cruel joke indeed. You are merely a tool, another uninformed individual pretending to know what it is he speaks of in order to seem relevant. Plain and simple sir, you ought not to consider yourself a very good journalist. You have not performed your due diligence and have embarrassed yourself and the rag that employs you. So screen this comment from the forum if you must, but know that we have a complete understanding on the limitations of your knowledge on the character of Dr. Ron Paul or the most important issues that face your fellow countrymen at which you have betrayed us all with your harmful uninformed views. I think Samuel Adams said it best when he spoke these words.
    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, — go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!” Go away from us in peace Mr Binh, go away.

  50. Deadbeat said on September 20th, 2008 at 10:55pm #

    Paul says…

    To Deadbeat. Though we call our system this, we do not have anything that resembles capitalism. We have a twisted form of socialism for the wealthy, at the expense of the poor and middle class, or “reverse socialism”. It is also called corporatism or fascism when big business and government are in collusion as they are in our country.

    So Paul when did the United States have anything that “resembles capitialism”? Was it during…

    [1] Prior to 1863 when the U.S. had slavery?
    [2] During the Industrial Revolution and before the rise of union and the struggle for the 40 hour work week.
    [3] During the Robber Baron era?
    [4] Before the Income Tax was instituted in 1913?
    [5] Before the Fed was created also in 1913?
    [6] During the neoliberal deregulation era starting with Jimmy Carter and ending this week?
    [7] During the Jim Crow era?
    [8] During the Eisenhower years when the top tax rate was 92%?
    [9] During the Roaring 20’s?
    [10] During the Prohibition Era?
    [11] After Nixon dismantled Brenton Woods?

    I cannot seem to find an epoch when there was an economy “resembling” capitalism and that is because capitalism functioned throughout all of these epochs.

    Also what we have now is not “socialism for the rich”. What we have is plutocracy. Socialism is when the PEOPLE, the MAJORITY, are in control. In other words DEMOCRACY. The U.S. is not a democracy it is a plutocracy.

  51. dave said on September 20th, 2008 at 11:18pm #

    God, you are ignorant. It would take years for you gain the knowledge to understand that your article is clueless. Who did you blow to get this job?

  52. Adam Kokesh said on September 21st, 2008 at 12:05am #


    As previous posters have demonstrated unequivocally, you have no idea what you are talking about. For the record, I have been a libertarian since I knew the meaning of the word and was a Ron Paul supporter before I even went to Iraq, long before I joined Iraq Veterans Against the War. Maybe when you shed your socialist delusions about the nature of government and the immorality of the initiation of the use of force, you too can embrace the philosophy of liberty on which this country was founded.


    Adam Kokesh

  53. Paul said on September 21st, 2008 at 12:14am #

    Deadbeat, how would you define “reverse socialism”, which is the term I used to clarify “socialism for the wealthy”? And is not giving billions of dollars of taxpayer money to failed financial institutions just that?

    It’s arguable that we have never really had capitalism in this country certainly not free market capitalism. I suggest that you take a few minutes to research capitalism and free market capitalism.

    Deadbeat, you mean well, but you have it confused. We could argue semantics till the cows come home, but it won’t make any difference.

    Sure we have a plutocracy, along with facets of many other things, but plutocracy is anathema to free market capitalism, and is related to what I mentioned before. Corporatism <—- look this word up. When big business is in bed with a giant central government, or when big business and government become one in the same (think Cheney – Haliburton and Bush – Carlyle Group, all of the lobbyists and special interest groups etc.) you have corporatism or fascism. And sure, you can have plutocracy, oligarchy and much more happening as well. All of this is anathema to free market capitalism and democracy. (By the way, our founding fathers intended the US to be a republic, not a democracy, which is also known as “mob rule” where 51% of the people can vote to trample the other 49%. Democracy is almost always a intermediary step between a free republic and totalitarianism. )

    Pretty much throughout the history of this country, we have had some amounts of monopolies and cartels, plutocracy, corporatism etc. Again, all of this is anti-free market capitalism and anti-free republic.

    I urge you and all others to read one or more of Ron Paul’s books on economics and monetary policy. You’ll soon find out that the Austrian free market economics that he espouses has NOTHING to do with the outrageously convoluted, sick, twisted government intervention mess that we are currently (not) enjoying.

  54. Paul said on September 21st, 2008 at 12:50am #

    Ron Paul Discusses Financial Turmoil and the Fed 9/18/08

  55. Garett Reppenhagen said on September 21st, 2008 at 2:15am #

    Despite the fact that there are IVAW members who support Ron Paul the majority does not. As a 501c3 non-profit organization we run the gambit of political views and what unifies us is our goals of ending the occupations, providing care to veterans and supplying aid to the middle-east. Many of our membership is weary toward the two primary parties and extreme parties such as Socialists and Libertarians. Just for the record, Adam Kokesh does not represent the majority of IVAW’s membership, and we remain opponents against any politician who goes against our points of unity.

  56. MrSynec3 said on September 21st, 2008 at 3:14am #

    No one of the repondents answered my main objection to Ron Paul which is that abolishing government regulations all together will let big business/Money run amock without any retraints abusing and exploiting the workers, abusing and polluting the environment and
    selling unsafe and shoddy products to the public.
    A good example of the ills of deregulation is the current disaster at
    Wall St. and the housing market.

  57. Robo said on September 21st, 2008 at 3:59am #

    Big business is a creation of the government. Free markets will regulate all the ills you described MrSynec3. The current disaster is the result of government interference.

  58. Submarine Veteran said on September 21st, 2008 at 4:59am #

    Well done! You wanted to get this website visited and you did. It is clear from the tone of your article that this was your only objective as it shows a complete lack of understanding of the country’s issues, the political process, and the Good Doctor.

  59. Submarine Veteran said on September 21st, 2008 at 5:03am #


    When real rights are restored in this country and our judicial branch is really separated from the remainder, things will change for the better. Corporations can be sued if they cause damage to you or your property.

    A free market will allow you to select the products that you like and not only the products that are available. We are currently heading down the same path as the Soviets. When there’s only one automobile to buy, it really doesn’t matter how well it’s made. When there’s only one newspaper, you won’t be given the truth.

    Freedom does come with responsibility. Something that we’ve failed to recognize. AIG made foolish decisions and now our children will pay for their mistakes.

  60. Chris said on September 21st, 2008 at 5:43am #

    Dissent voice my ars… I can read crap like this at any MSM outlet… How is this a dissent voice is beyond me…
    Mr Been, the communists are all jealous of you right now. Progressives gave us the income tax among other “wonderful” things, actually Stalin is rolling in his grave beating his skull with his shinbone that he didn’t think of this, a two party-system where both party is the same. Congratulations for you to become the mouth piece of tyranny. Coward!

  61. Gmartine said on September 21st, 2008 at 6:29am #

    Ron Paul received more donations than all other presidential candidates from both parties combined.

    Maybe you should do more research and see that some of the only times Ron Paul has voted “yay” was to help the veterans and he almost always votes no in order to keep them at home with their families.

    This article was terrible and completely off base.

  62. AngelaTC said on September 21st, 2008 at 6:30am #

    “No one of the repondents answered my main objection to Ron Paul which is that abolishing government regulations all together will let big business/Money run amock without any retraints abusing and exploiting the workers, abusing and polluting the environment and selling unsafe and shoddy products to the public. A good example of the ills of deregulation is the current disaster at Wall St. and the housing market.”

    You’re a funny guy. Are you really implying that there was no government involvement in the current economic fiasco? The government borrows the money, they loan the money, they print the money, they control interest rates (keeping them artificially low in this instance), they dictate unfavorable loan conditions, they guarantee the money, but we didn’t have enough regulation?

    Actually, the current Wall St disaster is a direct result of too much intervention, and debt-based spending habits, that start at the federal level. Congressman Paul started warning people in the ’70’s that this was going to happen, and in fact it was the very reason he entered politics. (I suspect you, on the other hand, just woke up in the past week or two.)

    There is certainly a place for the government to provide a framework for businesses to operate, but that place is simply not on a federal level.

  63. John said on September 21st, 2008 at 7:35am #

    get real Ron Paul served as a flight surgeon and patched up the war monger profiteers of the Vietnam era. More active duty service men supported Paul than anyone. You are taking a very dangerous position supporting McCain. Here is a guy who engages in reckless behavior. Lost 5 planes knocked down power lines, may have hot started his jet and may have caused the Forrestal fire. Now I don’t like Obama but I just cannot vote for McCain. When you see Georgia solders armed with M16’s and our fatigues and body armor. The separatist in Georgia republic are 90% Russian. How would you feel if Russia armed the Quebec separatist movement? Now the surge? You Know that the policy armed Saddam’s Sunis. I am voting for Ron and I have not even talked about the economy.. Patriots should vote for Paul the “evil of two lessers”

  64. DrPaul Supporter said on September 21st, 2008 at 7:57am #

    The writer of this article needs to worry less about what entitlements the government can give, and more about where the money comes from. It sounds like he doesn’t know that the government is 9 trillion dollars in debt, and must print the money out of thin air, borrow it from other nations, or tax us more to fund those entitlements. The government is engaging in the kind of spending that ruins everyone else. If I am 1,000 dollars in the red, I am not going to keep writing checks to family and friends by overdrafting my account. If I did, it wouldn’t be long before I was destitute, and hopelessly in debt. That is what the government is doing.

    Ron Paul has not made racist comments. A columnist in a news letter bearing Paul’s name made those comments, which although Ron Paul did not author, he took responsibility for. Maybe this author wasn’t aware, but Ron Paul was an internet fund raising phenomenon, who was heavily supported by veterans.

    Pham, stop thinking that the government exists to provide for us. It doesn’t, but when it does act paternally, you and I pay for it.

  65. bozhidar bob balkas said on September 21st, 2008 at 7:57am #

    folks! at least, please, consider the probability/actuality that no one can understand any constitution; one can only interprete it.
    look at this one, “pursuit of happiness…..”. and while that was in constitution, intepretation of the constitution by amer ruling class allowed it to own slaves, country, schooling, media.
    the phrase also reifies “happiness” ; ie, its a thing that one can run after and catch it.
    in fact, happines, like any other state of being, consists of thousands upon thousands of interrelated processes which may include even eating, sitting, breathing, talking properly.

    about big government in US.
    it is indeed big but largely because so much of US governance is privatised.
    and to me, private governance is the worse type of rule.
    in US, u still have bounty hunting. now u have private armies, spies, schooling, etc,
    and people who decry big governance generally demand more privatization of the same governance so as to look small or smaller while in actuality it is getting bigger and bigger. thank u

  66. Paul said on September 21st, 2008 at 9:19am #

    Check out The Money Masters.

  67. Roy Rogers said on September 21st, 2008 at 9:28am #

    Ron Paul is the only man of honor running in this election that had the guts to call Americas Imperial march on the world exactly what it was and that is the spread of big business and fortune 500 around the world. Our military should not be the policeman of big business they have sworn to protect the United States of America and the constitution not BIG BUSINESS. I have personally talked with soldiers that were insulted in Iraq by the KBR Haliburton private contractors driving around in over $100,000 missile proof vehicles while their asses were hanging in the wind. Being for this war is no more patriotic then hanging an American Flag in your back yard. Its time we wake up America we have allowed this dictator take over this country, change our constitution and made the US image around the world imperialistic. This is not our military fault what has happened they are heroes it is the power hungry government that wants to force its will on the world. This election join me and many millions who are sick of the Federal Reserve Private Banking system and their many clergy who are selling this country out to big business and their many international Banker friends. Lets send a clear message NO McCAin NO OBAMA YES RON PAUL, YES Chuck BALDWIN, YES RALPH NADER YES to freedom and humble foreign policy in the world. We need Sound money again money created by congress backed by gold. Abolish the private Federal Reserve empire.

  68. MrSynec3 said on September 21st, 2008 at 9:32am #

    You all misguided repondents who adore Ron Paul, you do not get it and will never get it.
    Corporations and Wall St. without regulations and restraints will accumulate tremendous power and will use it to control everything
    even the government as is happening right now. That is the human
    nature which is selfish and greedy and has to be watched and restrained.
    The solution is to limit the size of the beasts and put them under watch
    and control.
    Do you want Black Waters to come to your neighbourhood oppressing
    your asses. Do you people read history??!! Do you know anything
    about the crash of 19229 or the robber barons of the gilded age??!!

  69. John K said on September 21st, 2008 at 9:34am #

    I’m an Iraq War veteran (2 tours), and Afghanistan War veteran (one tour) and have served and continue to serve our country proudly in support and defense of our Constitution. Ron Paul is one of the only candidates who respects and supports the feelings of the troops at large. He is NOT against veterans. He happens to be a VETERAN. He is against big government who is crippling this nation. Our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves over what we’ve done to the nation they fought and died for. Anyway, I am one voice who speaks for many like mine. Ron Paul has the U.S. Marines’ support and thanks. The majority of Americans are not stupid, just misled. The mainstream media has been the most hypocritical of all, censoring everything that might conflict with their beliefs. If you don’t know that by now you need to turn off your television and research some issues on your on…starting with Economics, Foreign Policy, American History, and the Constitution. Then maybe you won’t be calling one of the only politicians who stood up for us in a presidential debate a racist (who has openly said over the last 30 years that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man he has always respected and looked up to!)

    Sgt John K., USMC, proudly serving our nation.

  70. Paul said on September 21st, 2008 at 9:59am #

    No MrSysenc3, it is you who does not get it. But if you will not research the things posted for you, there’s not much that can be done for you.

    “Corporations and Wall St. without regulations and restraints will accumulate tremendous power and will use it to control everything
    even the government as is happening right now.”

    LOL Yes, sadly this is exactly what we already have. And it is not from a true free market system, it has come about from extreme collusion of grossly huge government with big business, with the government intervening in everything, enacting laws and imposing regulations that favor big business or their businesses (see crony capitalism) at the expense of a fair market place, wiping out genuine competition that would allow smaller business to prosper and benefit all of us.

    “The solution is to limit the size of the beasts and put them under watch
    and control.”

    Yes, the most destructive beast of all, the beast that is at the root of almost all evils is HUGE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT. It is what enables the huge destructive world corporations, banks and other institutions to run wild at our expense, including Blackwater.

    “Do you people read history??!! Do you know anything
    about the crash of 19229 or the robber barons of the gilded age??!!”

    Yes. See what I wrote immediately above. Again, Ron Paul is the about the only person in DC who is trying to get rid of the Federal Reserve, and get the country back to using sound money.

    It was government collusion with world bankers that brought us the unconstitutional Federal Reserve, which brought on the crash in 1929 and the current financial collapse.

    MrSynec3, please do yourself a favor and study up on Ron Paul, Austrian free market economics, hard asset based currency, and the US Constitution. You have the concepts in general, but are still thinking within the box that the establishment wants to keep your mind in.

    Think outside the box, outside the bogus two party system and the right vs. left false paradigm. Both parties have morphed into the same thing with different facades. We need to drop that BS and get back to the constitution.

  71. Teflon ron said on September 21st, 2008 at 12:10pm #

    I’m like rubber your like glue…

    Teflon Ron, baby the smears just never seem to stick.

    Vote 3rd Party, tell a freind.

  72. Nader Paul McKinney said on September 21st, 2008 at 1:38pm #

    Pham + DNC?
    – from USN vet x 2

    Ron and Ralph Fool’s Overture. History recalls how great the fall can be, while everybody’s sleeping the boats put out to sea. Borne on the wings of time, it seemed the answers were so easy to find. “Too late” the prophets cry, the island’s sinking let’s take to the sky. Called the man a fool, stripped him of his pride, everyone was laughing up until the day he died. And though the wound went deep, still he’s calling us out of our sleep.

    Apocalypse Now…

  73. MrSynec3 said on September 21st, 2008 at 3:09pm #

    To Paul,

    You wrote:”it has come about from extreme collusion of grossly huge government with big business, with the government intervening in everything, enacting laws and imposing regulations that favor big business “.
    But that is my point. Without regulations and restraining, big business will get bigger and powerful and control the government for its advantage. What we have now is a government from big business by big business for big business. We have almost no regulations right now
    but business is behaving opposite to your wishful thinking. Or you are
    thinking that Social Security and Midicare is what is holding this country back??!! And by the way I am not either a Democrat or a Republican. My leaning is toward populism.

  74. Deadbeat said on September 21st, 2008 at 3:20pm #

    The problem with the Paul faction is that they see “government” as the enemy rather than an entity that needs to be taken control over by the people. However that is “socialism” and repugnant to them. What they want to a return to the post-WWII economy when the government appeased the [white] working class. It was a small window of time that the nation will never return to.

    Income Tax and the Federal Reserve system was a response to the Progressive Era. The problem is that people are so ignorant of their history that is not the programs but their administration and the public lack of awareness. For example the Income Tax was instituted against the Robber Barrons. Over the years the Income Tax was morphed to tax the income of ordinary workers rather than act as a regulation on masses wage and wealth concentration. For example Ralph Nader proposes to tax stock transactions and eliminate all income taxes for everyone making less than 100K.

    However will the Ron Paul folks support Ralph Nader? I don’t think so.

  75. Ben Straub said on September 21st, 2008 at 3:58pm #

    Ron Paul has opened my eyes to so many things. I have recently looked into many of the economic issues through the Treasury Department website and the GAO website. My conclusion is that Ron Paul is correct in what he is saying. How can we get this guy in the White House?

  76. Paul said on September 21st, 2008 at 5:08pm #

    Here’s a blast from the recent past. I can’t believe FOX let him speak so much in this debate.

  77. Brian said on September 21st, 2008 at 5:57pm #

    I am a lifelong Democrat ( Voted for Clinton once, Gore once, and Kerry once), and I support Ron Paul as the only HONEST politician left. I am appalled by this year’s choices for president even more than I was disgusted by the last choices for president. Our entire infrastructure from the top on down has been tainted with collusion and back-door deals that is not in the interest of “WE THE PEOPLE” . The reason no one on Capitol Hill can come up with a cogent response to this systemic economic collapse is because all of our Corporate bought politicians have something to hide with all of this. 700 Billion Dollars of taxpayer money to cover up the most Corrupt Government in our history (except Ron Paul), and there is no hearings , no oversight, no transparency? There is a reason. When the real reasons for this crisis are exposed, there will be a furious people to say the least.
    I have been to Vietnam(many times), I see their economic structure. I know the conversations about politics in Vietnam(there is none). A Vietnamese man commenting on Politics is like taking diet tips from Oprah, Monique, Rosie Odonnell, etc.(fill in your fat woman here). PLEASE WRITE IN RON PAUL’S NAME FOR PRESIDENT, THAT IS WHERE THIS LIFELONG LIBERAL’S VOTE IS GOING.

  78. Paul said on September 21st, 2008 at 5:57pm #

    Deadbeat, you’re dead wrong. MrSynec3, there’s hope for you yet.

    We can waste time going in circles over minutia, and that’s what they want us to do as the economy and the country for that matter, circles the drain.

    We need to drop the petty crap, and get together on the big issues. You guys saw the press conference with Ron Paul, Nader, McKinney, and Baldwin? (Barr ducked out, but he’s a CIA stooge anyway) I believe they put aside their differences and spoke of the 4 major issues that they were concerned about and concerned that the 2 major candidates were avoiding. This is what we Americans need to do. Not fight over minutia or semantics, but agree that things are a mess, and we want them fixed.

    Ron Paul’s been my man since 2003, but I’d take McKinney, Nader, Baldwin, Kucinich etc. over McBama any day. I’d definitely take all those folks working together to fix this GIANT mess the Republicans and Democrats have gotten us into.

    Keep your ears to the ground and hold on tight. Lots to take in, and it’s going to be a very bumpy ride.

  79. Trevor said on September 21st, 2008 at 6:42pm #

    Ever wonder why your e-mail address is moc.oohaynull@boj_atina? Perhaps because you lack the ability to reason.

    If you had applied logic to your writing effort above, instead of emotion, you might not have so many critical comments rebutting your indefensible position.

    As an armed services member I hope you realize that when the fit hits the shan nothing is going to save us from 100 years of uncontrolled big government. None of those social programs will hold up worth a damn when bullets become the nation’s currency. We’ve been meddling for far too long and Ron Paul understands this. It’s a pity so few are willing to listen.

  80. Deadbeat said on September 21st, 2008 at 7:50pm #


    I agree with you that there need to be cohesion around the big issues. I support those who are for policies and programs that helps the little guy. However let’s be honest. 3rd parties are just not in the position. Actually since you are a Ron Paul supporter perhaps you can help explain why the Libertarian Party is not in a much stronger position. I clearly know why the Green Party collapsed in 2004 and weaken themselves for this election cycle. But I thought the Libertarian Party was more cohesive. Why aren’t they more out in front? Barr is polling the same as Nader at 2%. Nader was forced out of the Green Party and has no institutional support. But Barr IMO should be doing better. I’d be interested in your perspective.


  81. greg said on September 21st, 2008 at 11:08pm #

    American’s are so psycho/schizophrenic that they muddy up any inkling of the educations they so willing cling to and claim. people with Doctorates and degrees are to blame for the economic master F’ up. and still carry on with the meandering fruitless/witless spin on the way down the tubes. I t just doesn’t make sense that the educated could be so subliminally manipulated by a media structure, carrying on with division and grouping clans as if we are at internal war and by happenstance, while at the same time we, (well not me) consider and conduct external war.
    well, be conscious when you blog. maybe you are. playing psychology, again? manipulating to get some Ron Paul activity? I don’t mind, if that is your intent

  82. bozhidar bob balkas said on September 22nd, 2008 at 2:55am #

    let’s leave aside the discussion of so-called big gov’t. in present oneparty system, only this party has the say what affairs will be governed openly and what affairs of the people will be governed semiopenly or secretely.
    we can indeed keep namecalling enormously complex affairs of a people such as big gov’t, small gov’t, capitalism, imperialism, socialism, banking, etc., and no one will ever get an elucidation of what is going on .
    we can perhaps picture in our minds how large a gov’t we need and what affairs to govern and by whom.
    so let us talk about this. bandying around labels does not elucidate; in fact, because a lot of people evaluate labels as things/facts, labels further obnubilate the sit’n.
    but first and foremost, we need everywhere at least a two-party governance.
    let’s also forget about ever understanding constitution. it’s mere words; dead words written by dead people.
    constitution will mean whatever uncle sam says it means. it’s the living men w. live words that decide.
    and that will never change. thx

  83. Binh said on September 22nd, 2008 at 6:21am #

    Anonymous asked “Your assertion about his approval rating is baseless (citation please?). In fact, the military supports Paul more than any other candidate because of his anti-war stance.”

    The citation is embedded in the article, but since you are lazy, here it is: Click on the “votes” tab to see the amazing 41% rating.

    And to Mr. Kokesh, one of the few respectful respondents with something intelligent to say, what’s your take on the bills that Paul voted against? Do you too oppose increasing the benefits veterans receive because that would be “big government”?

  84. Paul said on September 22nd, 2008 at 3:59pm #


    I think Barr shot himself in the ass when he failed to show for Ron Paul’s press conference when the other 3rd party candidates attended. Then Barr showed his ass when his campaign disrespected Ron Paul afterward.

    Barr is done.

    Ron Paul discusses it here, and his endorsement for Chuck Baldwin.

  85. Deadbeat said on September 22nd, 2008 at 6:31pm #

    Thanks Paul,

    Barr’s no-show was a huge political mistake. His lack of embrace of Ron Paul and especially Ron Paul supporters hurts building up the Libertarians.

    I saw the Libertarian Party convention and I got the impression that Barr was not the party’s activists favorite’s choice. I hope Barr is not playing the Trojan Horse role on the Libertarian Party side that David Cobb played in 2004 on the Green Party side. Cobb’s campaign was deliberately set up to confound Nader and the result of the Green Party’s poor showing in 2004 is a loss of ballot lines for this election cycle.

  86. lichen said on September 22nd, 2008 at 7:33pm #

    The free market ideology, like communism, is in the path, not the mythical destination; the current financial crisis is caused by the free marketeers, who are also the people that propped up murderous dictatorships in Latin America, who are also the people that, vastly, populate the WTO and IMF.

    Now, the racist, homophobic, evangelical christian, anti-poor, anti-environment conservative trash politics of wrong paul are pitifull; they have no base, but, as is evident from this thread, are populated by many upper middle class internet trolls who wish to impoverish the country.

  87. Paul said on September 22nd, 2008 at 10:47pm #

    To lichen,

    The “free market” label for the sick, murderous disciples of the disgusting Milton Friedman is an extreme misnomer to say the least. They are no more “free market” than the neocons are “conservative”.

    There is nothing “free market” about them. Overthrowing elected governments, to install horrible dictators who allow a select few to rape and pillage a country with monopolies and cartels would be more accurately termed fascism or crony capitalism, and I’m sure a few more terms, but it is the antithesis of genuine free market capitalism.

    Haven’t you figured out by now that these evil people always give their horrid philosophies and methods nice sounding names? Think: “Patriot Act” and the “Security and Prosperity Partnership”.

    Your second paragraph only goes to show that you know nothing about Ron Paul. And in case you haven’t noticed, the country is already impoverished, and getting worse every day. This is in no way the fault of Ron Paul’s policies and philosophies. It’s quite the opposite. It’s because the establishment Dems and Reps do NOT implement his policies and philosophies.

  88. Paul said on September 22nd, 2008 at 10:56pm #

    To Deadbeat,

    I think you’re right. Barr is a Trojan horse. Check this out.

    I first became leery of Barr when I noticed the cable news shows were giving him the VIP treatment. After their torturing of Ron Paul when he was running, and giving almost no air time at all to the other 3rd party candidates, this was a big red flag.

    Then I learned of all of his 180s on the issues, and that he was former CIA. That was enough for me.

  89. Paul said on September 23rd, 2008 at 7:46am #


    Looks like Kokesh may not get back to you.

    I don’t know the particulars of the bills that you are asking about, but understanding Ron Paul’s actions is pretty simple. If he feels that anything about a bill is unconstitutional, he votes against it. As we all know, congress is notorious for inserting some pretty “unsavory” things in bills that might seem otherwise innocuous. If a bill has something like that in it, Ron Paul votes no.

    For example, wags like to point out that Ron Paul voted against giving the congressional medal of honor to Rosa Parks. Of course they claim this as proof that he’s a racist. When you dig into it, you’ll find he also voted against giving the medal to Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagen as well. Why? He feels that the medals are an unconstitutional use of taxpayer money, and offered as an alternative that members of congress chip in from their own pockets to purchase the medals, and offered to do so himself.

  90. Patrick Shields said on September 23rd, 2008 at 8:28am #

    Boo… You’re the hypocrite, acknowledging that people support Paul for his views on deregulation and then attacking him for being against minimum wage, a blatant regulation.

  91. David Harrison said on September 25th, 2008 at 5:22pm #

    Pham Binh … your dangerously scary to level headed thinkers. Some people have the ability to seek the cause of a problem and treat it properly although the road may not be easy or attractive. Others have to run to the end of the rope and take down large numbers of bystanders with them. There is no convincing a small thinker with a written or spoken utterance. You will only understand by falling and likely hard. My hope for all of us is that there are fewer cattle like you and more courageous folks that understand thinkers like Ron Paul to help guide you and others towards a national … and global homeostasis.

  92. Adam Kokesh said on October 1st, 2008 at 11:08pm #

    I understand Ron Paul isn’t great on vets’ issues, but he’s not nearly as bad as McCain. I think the explanation from “Paul,” three posts up explains it well. The important thing about Ron Paul is that he recognizes that taking care of veterans is a legitimate function of government. I am not a single issue voter, and he is the only honest politician with the courage to point out that being used to pander for votes is not a legitimate function of our government under the Constitution I swore to support and defend.