When Will the Indiscriminate Attacks on Tamils Stop?

The Defence Secretary of Sri Lanka, Gothabaya Rajapakse, has taken a high moral stand and detected, in his words, the winning point:

Ultimately, we all have to learn to be Sri Lankans. The day we are able to think as Sri Lankans first, and later as Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims and Burghers, that is the day we will win. That will be the winning point.Learn to be Lankans, that is the winning point, says Defence Secretary,” LankaNewspapers.com, 15 August 2008.

The sad reality, however is, the Government forces are not winning. When they are indiscriminately targeting and attacking Tamil civilians they are indeed loosing. The war for the hearts and minds of the Tamil nation is not won. The ground is lost. There are more internally displaced people (IDP) created by this state-sponsored human catastrophe.

The government is fighting a losing battle.

It is reported that a government agent from the town of Killinochi has said: “As of August 8, a total of 113,397 people have sought IDP status inside the district.”From the Peace Secretariat of Tamil Eelam website.

Reports from on-the-ground reveal:

Civilians are also continuing to be killed and injured by the indiscriminate attacks. Since the attack of the Mulliathivu hospital complex at 1.00am on 9 August, five civilians were killed and more than 25 have been injured by shelling and bombing. A large number of schools as well as hospitals were displaced adding to the chaos created in civilian life.”Ibid.

Tamils, no doubt, appreciate the sentiments expressed by the Defense secretary. However, the suffering Tamils are acutely aware that comment is free, while fact is sacred. The fact of the matter is: action speaks louder than words, and the actions of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksha regime’s speak loudly.

How can the Defense Secretary hypocritically expound on peace when he has innocent blood in his hands?

Chandi Sinnathurai is a peasant priest who believes life is beautiful and divine, hence no one, including one's enemies, should be denied fundamental human rights. He leads Conscience Appeal. Read other articles by Chandi, or visit Chandi's website.

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  1. Sen said on August 17th, 2008 at 6:48am #

    Best solution is to hold a referendum or ask the Tamil People what they want ..Eelam or with Srilanka ?

    Let the Tamil People vote

    I Am sure, the Tamils does not support or stand along with Srilankank Govt.

    what is use of winning LTTE when tamils not support the sinhala govt. ?

  2. ilaya seran senguttuvan said on July 9th, 2009 at 5:19pm #

    Some of my thoughts converge with those of Fr. Chandi Sinnathurai.
    May I have his e-mail details, pls.