How Obama and the Democrats May Grab Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

A recent article by Robert Parry in Consortium News argues that, contrary to most expectations, John McCain “may well win” the election in November. By way of explanation Parry places a great deal of responsibility on an alleged news media bias against Obama and in favor of McCain. I beg to disagree.

I’ve been saying for at least 6 months that we need to get used to saying “President McCain” because I’ve thought and continue to think that, unfortunately, this is going to happen—but not really for the reason of media bias that Mr. Parry emphasizes. Rather, I’ve seen the demise of any opportunity for a Democratic victory going back into the Democratic primaries, when the party abandoned its supposed progressive “base” by doing its quadrennial swan dive toward the political center, as Kucinich, Gravel and even the semi-progressive Edwards were eliminated (albeit with a lot of media-bias assistance) from contention and the primary became an essentially issue-less contest of popularity and social identity between the “woman” and the “black.” With his nomination and subsequent panderings toward a daunting line-up of conservative elements, Obama and the Party have set themselves up for the very focus on “personal” questions of patriotism, competence, etc. that are always the last refuge of campaigns where there is no real substantive difference between the opponents. In this contest McCain “may well” and probably will win. The GOP demonstrated for all to see, by its efficient “swift boating” of John Kerry in the 2004 election, that the Democrats are no match for them in the game of personal invective.

Is this contest salvageable for Obama? Yes, if he took the necessary route for success, which is the essence of simplicity but is a route which he and the party are apparently not willing or able to follow. He wins by becoming the true champion of the interests of “the people” over those of “the corporation,” the proponent of peace and international harmony advocates over those of war and empire. These are the issues of the majority of the American people, and it should not take that much courage to stand up to the power of AIPAC and Goldman Sachs and say: “This is where I stand, with the people, and no amount of derision heaped on me as a ‘radical’ or as ‘un-patriotic’ and no degree of threat of losing this election is going to deter me, as ‘I’d rather be right than President.’” By being willing to lose the election by standing on principle, he can win. Given his and the party’s long-time and immediate dependence on these powers, I doubt this will happen, especially if people in the peace/progressive movement join his ranks as the “best deal available” among the only “viable” candidates.

Given the likelihood that Obama won’t, or can’t, make this trip back to the political left from which the party of the people supposedly derived, the people have no choice but to abandon the party that has abandoned them and support a third party candidate like Nader or McKinney. I can even see the possibility that Obama will reach such a degraded state of support from the people that he will be the “unelectable” candidate and that we, who support McKinney, would be able to say in truth that voting for Obama rather than for her as President is tantamount to a “vote for McCain.” How about them particular apples?

Jerry D. Rose is a retired professor of sociology from State University of New York at Fredonia, now living in Gainesville Florida. He may be contacted at: Read other articles by Jerry, or visit Jerry's website.

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  1. 30yrdem-not any more said on August 11th, 2008 at 7:48am #

    Why would people vote for a third party candidate? They are just as unknown as Obama. McCain knows more about how this country is run plus he knows more about the world, take Russia for instance. With the war breaking out between Russia and Georgia, I trust McCain and his opinion of how things should be handled but not Obama…did we even hear anything out of the third party candidates?

    McCain has been in contact with the leaders involved in these places for many, many years.

  2. Rich Griffin said on August 11th, 2008 at 8:50am #

    I simply will vote for Cynthia McKinney – and will be happy that others are voting for Ralph Nader – and that’s that. I don’t care about Obama; while it is lousy that we will be stuck with a “President McCain” and even lousier that we will have a Vice-President Romney (YIKES!!), I can’t in good conscience vote for Obama, who truly only cares about personal achievement, and being “smart”, then doing the right things for all of us, not only here in the U.S., but elsewhere. Both R and D candidates advocate more murders, just in different countries, destroying others’ lives. I won’t support their aggressive policies with a vote for them. Nobody should.

  3. Socialist-Marxist said on August 11th, 2008 at 9:48am #

    Shit what a pessimistic article, if Mccain wins i will be the first to rise up and bear arms. USA cannot endure 4 more years of Republican Brownshirts

  4. Michael Dawson said on August 11th, 2008 at 10:16am #

    I think you may be right. The Obama Phenomenon is merely the logical evolution of the Clinton Strategy — to out-fundraise the right and buy the election via huge ad spends. People see through the Clintons now, so it takes somebody who looks “alternative” to keep it alive for another tour of duty.

    Several problems with this, though:

    1. The first time it “worked” was entirely a product of H. Ross Perot running. No Perot, no Clinton victory.

    2. The second time it “worked” was for an incumbent president running in an economic upswing.

    3. It’s actually older than Clinton, who merely honed it. It (running hard to the right after the primaries) goes back to Mondale’s pathetic effort. That means the strategy is 2-4 — and 0-4 when there is no Perot or incumbency to aid the candidate.

    4. It hands the Republicans the ideological upper hand, hence the basis for good attack ads. Witness the latest “Family” piece by McCain, which claims that new taxes and government spending mean “fewer jobs.” As I wrote in my own blog yesterday, a real liberal candidate would absolutely shred McCain on this howler, but Obama has taken the Clinton road, so McCain’s handlers know they’re safe.

    Personally, I think Obama simply IS a center-right social-climber ala Killiam and Killary Klinton. He has no principles, only ambitions. His attendance at Reverend Wright’s church was always pure exploitation and Illinois resume building.

  5. KR said on August 11th, 2008 at 10:20am #

    I have a hard time understanding why anyone one the left still believes that significant change will occur at the ballot box. The election is for for the President of the capitalist, imperialist United States, remember?
    Why is anyone the least bit surprised or even perturbed about the center-right positions of Democrats?

    And I’m sorry to say it, but the majority of US voters don’t want to see a weakening of US empire. Obama appeals to the great mass of people who are perfectly content with extracting wealth from the poorest people in the world in order to prop up our standard of living. They just want MORE of it, and may be slightly more progressive in that they feel that the extracted wealth should be spread more evenly among people in the US. Our political analysis on the radical left has very little exposure or traction at this point.

    In my opinion, we should set aside five minutes in November to get the chore of voting over with, then get back to the real work of organizing, resisting and engaging in popular education in order to hopefully expand the reach of a radical message.

  6. Deadbeat said on August 11th, 2008 at 10:28am #

    The Left is in a very pathetic condition and with solidarity clearly taking a back seat. Cynthia McKinney is being elevated by the Left as paragon of virtue yet those same supporters never mention her vote for the invasion of Afghanistan. So McKinney who voted to get the U.S mired in Afghanistan is OK and Obama who didn’t vote to get the U.S in any war is evil. (Yeah, Yeah I know Obama votes for the funding but the realpolitik is the initial vote getting into war of which McKinney participated).

    So what is going on here? Using The Dark Knight analogy, Obama is “The Joker”. That’s right, Obama is the Left’s worst nightmare and is the “agent of chaos” for the Left caused by the void it created. Obama was not part of the Left’s plan. The PLAN was for Hillary to win the Democratic nomination so that the Left could easily convince people that there is REALLY NO difference between her and McCain. The Left is firstly for one is too lazy and secondly too duplicitous.

    Obama throws a monkey-wrench in the Left’s “lesser evil” scenario and Machiavellian desire for social/political upheaval to increase its ranks.

    Case in point Mr. Griffin prefers a McCain victory because he cannot “in good conscience vote for Obama”. So why McKinney who herself voted for WAR. Because McKinney represents a “protest” vote. There’s nothing wrong with a protest vote or “none of the above” voting. However I question when I hear someone from the left say they are “supporting” McKinney when she in fact voted for war. The consistent position would lead by default to support for Ralph Nader who has maintained a consistent position on issues of war and peace.

    Unfortunately Nader’s independent run will not leave behind any institutional framework from which to build. It is unfortunate that the Left abandoned Nader in 2004 for John Kerry who ran his campaign to the right of GWB and that the Left deliberately diffused the anti-war movement in order to obscure questions and challenges about Zionism influence.

    The Green Party shift away from Nader and the David Cobb fiasco severed Nader’s institutional connections. Therefore what is missing is a real analysis of the condition of the Left in 2008 and what that portends. Unfortunately, the left this year is only offering a “protest” vote and no constructive path towards the future.

  7. Richard Estes said on August 11th, 2008 at 11:22am #

    While I am not certain that the US electorate is as far to the left as suggested by Rose, I do believe that it is more to the left on economic issues, and it is perilous for Obama to be doing what he is doing, catering to the neoliberal elite within the media and the financial sector, while becoming wishy-washy on the war in Iraq. McCain could very easily win if Obama ends up being characterized as a black neoliberal, thus bringing racist and blue collar votes to the McCain candidacy.

  8. Rich Griffin said on August 11th, 2008 at 11:28am #

    I resent it when people put words in my mouth. I do NOT prefer a McCain victory!! I simply don’t want EITHER major party candidate to win!

    As for McKinney: I don’t look for a perfect candidate, just the best one, and she & I agree on 99% of all issues. Therefore, I will vote for her. If I had two votes, I’d vote for Ralph Nader (who I have voted for 3 times in a row). Her positions are NOT war-mongering policies. AND I want to support the Green party, too.

  9. Max Shields said on August 11th, 2008 at 12:34pm #

    Deadbeat, I think it’s become, even for those who drank the Obama coolaid during the latter days of the primaries, that Obama IS Hillary Clinton.

    There is no “worst nightmare” here. I suspect Rose and others on this topic are right – DLC strategy has been and is a losing formula for the Dems.

    One of Kerry’s most cogent thoughts about framing the “war on terrorism” was that it wasn’t a war because terrorism is a tactic used by non-nation-states. He proscribed the mix of undercover police work, cross-border collaboration and a changes in ME policies (he wasn’t altogether clear on that). That is still a cogent approach with a strong dose of demilitarizing this whole bloody empire.

    So, what has the Obama campaigned gathered: Kerry lost, not because he took on the DLC strategy but because he was not pushing the War on Terror.

    That frame is a frame of judgement which condemns Obama as a Clintonian wannabe par excellence!

    Obama is a fraud; and as such he will lose regardless of where he shifts at this point.

    Nader will be on the ballot in my state and if I vote it will most certainly be for him.

  10. Jerry D. Rose said on August 11th, 2008 at 1:09pm #

    Deadbeat, you’re right of course on McKinney’s vote to authorize the Afghanistan invasion, a mistake to be sure but one made by all but one of the over 500 members of the two Houses of Congress. The lone dissenter was Rep Barbara Lee of CA and, for this and other reasons, she would be my personal first choice for President but she is not running and is, I believe, supporting Obama. Like Rich Griffin, she’s 99% to my liking and in this world of imperfection, that ain’t bad.

  11. Socialist-Marxist said on August 11th, 2008 at 9:13pm #

    HELLO ALL: I think you are blaiming Obama too much and the Democrat Party too much. I think that the blame should go to the US voters. You guys have to remember that America has been a country which is founded on the ideals of right-wing libertarianism, racism, militarism and nazism (That’s right, this country has always been very nazi). USA is almost a copycat of Adolf Hitler’s Germany, with the rampamt worship of the US government (The state), the hatred for other human beings, the violence, the pro-gun, pro-death attitude of most americans. And Mccain fits the model of what an american is. Mccain looks a lot more like an american, than Obama. Because Mccain loves to kill and bomb people which is what America was founded on. So you guys gotta study what is going on inside the brain of the US voters who are nazis in their majority

  12. Brian Koontz said on August 12th, 2008 at 2:39am #

    Americans don’t hate other human beings, they just hold them in absolute disregard. They treat them like ants, or worse than ants in many cases. The lives of others are put into a machine that produces the dream of “pimp my life” that most Americans share. Human bodies are literally grist for the “way of life” of Americans, as Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and many other workers literally attest to, and are dying for every day.

    Every time an American buys a luxury item, it’s like buying a degraded human being. Yet Americans when they buy such items seem to be 100% conscience-free. This is a mark of a monster.

    The first thing to be lost in times of war is not truth, but the conscience. The first thing to be gained after a loss of human spirit is war.

    All imperial societies fight perpetual war, and thus must perpetually renew their utter lack of spirit.

  13. STOP OBAMA said on August 12th, 2008 at 4:54am #

    Obama is an empty suit. From the day he was sworn in to the Senate to the date he declared his run for the presidency, is only 145 days on the job. He has literally no experience. (Not figuratively, literally!) He’s not qualified to run a Dairy Queen.

    Proven Obama has most liberal voting record in the U.S. Senate. Obama is to the left of Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, Pat Leahy and Barbara Boxer. That’s extremely difficult to do. Obama is a textbook big-government, tax-and-spend liberal. He plans to raise income tax rates, capital gains tax rates, Social Security taxes (by virtue of eliminating the cap), dividend taxes, inheritance taxes, and introduce a slew of new taxes. His plan will destroy this country

    To ALL the obamakins and of course the bias CNN & MSNBC I have one simple request. Please spare me the hope and the change bull, and the Bush’s third term, McSame etc… Please just tell American voters what qualifies Barack Obama to run this country. What qualifies him to oversee our $14 trillion economy, the largest on earth? What qualifies him to be commander-in-chief of the U.S. armed forces in a time of war? Please just give me one single solid qualification. And race does not qualify!! That would be one more than anyone including cable media has provided to date. WE ALL HAVE GROWN EXTREMLY TIRED OF MEDIA SAINTED OBAMA….

    Obama keeps reaching back to Chicago political past for policy advisers, and pulling one despicable, vile, and even evil “rabbit” after another out of his hat.

    The list of Barack Obama’s radical associations is long and it keeps getting longer. Some are now well-known, but many are not. They need to be.

    23 years at TUCC with Jeremiah Wright and James Meeks. racist sermons on Youtube.

    He chose the most radical church in the country; chose to immerse himself in hard-core ideological radicalism. Never before has this country considered such a radical leftist for its chief executive.

    Michael Pfleger and his hateful and race-hating ramblings, Obama met while carrying out his own radical social activism as community organizer at ACORN, (radical organization)

    Penny Pritzker, heads Obama camp National Finance Committee was president of Superior Bank – massively failed and she literally bought her way out of jail paying $460 MILLION fine; was the very epicenter of subprime loan scandal” that would come to eat this nation’s financial system alive.

    Fannie Mae CEO Jim Johnson, former head of Obama’s vice presidential selection committee, discovered he benefited from sweetheart loans from subprime king Countrywide.

    Tony Rezko certainly and his federal indictments and financial dealing with Obamas of course and William Ayers, US terrorist bomber, Obama-co-lecturer, fellow board member, neighbor, and friend.

    Communist Frank Marshall Davis, obama mentor; Saul Alinsky and Gerald Kellman (Kellman’s Woods Fund is how Obama hooked up with terrorist William Ayers)

    Chicago lawyer Mazen Asbahi, appointed as Obama camp national coord for Muslim n affairs also stepped down after news about his stint on the fund’s board – which includes fundamentalist imam – prompting The Wall Street Journal inquiries about relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood and his long personal relationship with Hamas Jamal Said.

    Obama desperately needs voters to forget hes the son of a Muslim father who served an incredibly brutal and corrupt Kenyan government; to forget he attended a madrassa in Indonesia and practiced Islam; forget that he campaigned in Kenya on behalf of Raila Odinga, who relied upon chaos, corruption, and violence in his campaign; numerous associations with radical Muslims; forget the photographs of Obama in traditional Muslim clothes, hanging with Muslim radicals such as Mazen Asbahi and anti-Semite Rashid Khalidi.

    The mainstream media has frankly put the security of our great country at risk with an Obama coronation media like CNN & MSNBC is the only way Obama managed to steal the Dem nom. It’s extremely concerning that so many Americans could care less about who their candidate really is?? simply amazing and frankly scarey.


  14. MUST SEE said on August 12th, 2008 at 4:56am #

    I don’t know how everyone is voting but this is worth the time to listen to what this man says..This is serious, serious, business…….

  15. Jerry D. Rose said on August 12th, 2008 at 6:07am #

    Socialist-Marxist and Brian Koontz:

    Actually I agree very strongly with the perspective on “blame” for our political malaise that both of you are articulating. For my money, one of the best essays of recent times on this topic was Robert Jensen’s “sermon” on prophetic political discourse, published last week on this site and picked up later by z net probably among others:

    Old testament prophets like Jeremiah ( pardon the coincidence) issued condemnations not so much of leaders as of whole societies of people whose sinful ways were the targets of their righteous wraths. As a sociologist, I’m quite attuned to the “political culture” which equates political prowess of leaders with their appeal in the celebrity culture of the times and their involvement in the same scramble to “get ahead” in the rat-race of competition for consumer products, including celebrity itself. So maybe I did overstate my case with the insistence that Obama’s only chance to win is for him to align himself with “the people,” since as Koontz says, most of the American people are something like political idiots or worse. But one thing that today’s people do share with those in biblical times is their fear of the wrath of God (or nuclear annihilation, global warming, whatever). A prophet that stands up, goes to Israel and says to both Palestinians and Jews “this shit has got to stop, else you destroy your prized possessions and most of the world with you”—that prophet can command a following that could propel him into political leadership. So what I’m saying, I guess, is that the Obama-style rhetoric of “hope” without any specified “change” that really is a change from our “sinful” ways, is not going to strike the necessary chord of public appeal. Maybe BO needs to pull Jeremiah Wright from under that bus and make HIM his campaign manager! When that ever happens, I’ll change my assessment that he’ll “probably” lose this election.

  16. Michael Dawson said on August 12th, 2008 at 9:52am #

    God, how depressing. “Socialist-Marxist” and “KR” and Brian Koontz — you guys are shockingly ignorant about the preferences of the US population. Read Noam Chomsky’s _Failed States_, for God’s sake! Check out the mountain of evidence and sources he covers about the actual wants of the masses.

    Meanwhile, how does one think of oneself as being on the political left while spewing such crude, uninformed elite-excusing bullshit? Why bother, if everybody sucks?

    You’re not only blaming the victims, but assuming that the lack of political choice is the fault of the masses rather than the corporate overclass.

  17. Max Shields said on August 12th, 2008 at 1:32pm #

    The “American People” has and will always be an abstraction.

    Western empires have always been aloof and kept the kingdom’s citizenry at arms length in terms of what it takes to run an empire and subdue the global natives.

    But it is hard to blame an abstraction for the harm done by the imperial empire that plunders and kills in its name. The reason is rather simple. The killing is of an equal abstraction, a distant family multiplied by millions.

    I don’t know how you can find absolution or justice, or pentance under these conditions by blaming the so-called “American people”.

    What is beyond wicked is that we have two, flesh and blood, non-abstract candidates willing to make the world cry rivers of blood. That is the problem with the American system – we make candidates who do not hold life sacred. Talk of war is no different then it’s execution because talk is what fuels and makes war possible. Both these candidates are already guilty of war-making.

  18. evie said on August 12th, 2008 at 2:57pm #

    Personally, I don’t believe it matters who you vote for or if you vote at all – we the people will get the president the ruling class gives us – even if they have to tweak a few last minute vote counts.

    It is the day after election, when I see the “who” installed, that I can predict the “what” that’s going to be perpetrated on the people.

    Odd that so many folk keep voting even as they believe they have no political choice.

    (As for How-To author Gnoam Chomsky, his claim that the US system “is becoming a failed state” is typical of many white folk sitting quite comfortably on their proceeds from capitalism, while merely repeating what has happened throughout history since man first crawled from the mud – the rise and fall of States, who/what to blame it on, and how to save us from ourselves.)

  19. Jerry D. Rose said on August 12th, 2008 at 3:44pm #

    Max Shields 1:32 pm

    “I don’t know how you can find absolution or justice, or pentance under these conditions by blaming the so-called “American people” and…

    “That is the problem with the American system – we make candidates who do not hold life sacred.”

    Speaking in the attitude of the prophet, I wouldn’t seek absolution or penance by blaming the “American people” but I would seek the embodied action of this “abstraction” as the route royale to justice, since the demand for fair and moral treatment always lies within the heart of that “abstraction,” waiting to be activated by prophetic indictments on the injustice of a social system. This is the difference between a nagger’s discomfiting of people for their sins, and an inciter’s call for revolution against the sin: so yes, my (the prophet’s) audience for his/her indictments is alway the incitement of “the people.”

    On the second quote I couldn’t agree more. We’ll always have bad leaders so like as we have a bad system for their selection, and the reform of that system (and I don’t mean just externals like fair elections but a broader revolution in the political culture and the culture more generally) should be the vocation of a progressive political movement. How do you change culture? It isn’t easy, but my own career has been as an educator and I have an educator’s faith, hopefully not too misguided, that the problem of our time is the political “idiocy” of the masses: idiotic in the sense of uninformed and unable to think clearly about our public issues and our strategies for dealing with them. Clearly we won’t do much educating in the few weeks left before the current presidential election, but education is what goes on between the periodic outbreaks of civic passion called elections. We can get some “teaching moments” on idiotic things that happen during this campaign, but we have to take those moments back to continuous teaching and learning about how to be human beings in a humane world.

  20. Michael Dawson said on August 13th, 2008 at 10:34am #

    Evie, once again, you exceed your own standard of illogic. “White people” are the pampered beneficiaries of capitalism? You obviously haven’t visited too many super-white states like Oregon. It’s true that the overclass is super-white; but that does not mean that all white people are comfortable capitalists. Far — very far — from it. This is a pyramid-shaped world, and the great majority of whites, especially here in the USA, are nowhere near the top.

    Meanwhile, if all the corruption and trouble is wired into human existence, why do you waste your time reading stuff like this website? Why even think about trying to change the timeless and unchangeable?

    P.S. Have you ever read a Chomsky book? I’d wager you haven’t. Give it a try. You’ll find it rather more refreshing than your assumptions suggest.

  21. evie said on August 13th, 2008 at 2:30pm #

    You miss the point. If you so choose you can trust the “anti-capitalists” profiting from a lifetime of capitalism, but I prefer folks who put their money where their mouth is.

    We had years of being bombarded with articles on vote fraud – yet here we are again being told to vote. Why? Will this election be honest when the last 2 were stolen?

    Euro-Amerikan proletariat and the so-called intelligentsia, whether they know it or not or admit it or not, have entrenched interest in keeping the status quo.

    And don’t assume I haven’t read Chomsky – after 40 years of his polemics repeated over and over, it’s unavoidable. Gnoam’s dogma is nothing more than a fig leaf for progressive/liberal authoritarianism, or in his words “libertarian anarchism.” Chomsky is nigh a religion to some folks – but I’m a godless heathen.

    I don’t consider reading sites like DV a waste of my time, it’s enlightenment – to determine why the American “left” has consistently failed.

  22. Jeremy Wells said on August 14th, 2008 at 10:25pm #

    Nader has been talking about the corporate take-over (privatization) of all levels of government especially since the Bush/Cheney gang take over and the implementation of the Project for a New American Century in foreign policy.

    The consequences of the PNAC agenda has meant the following exacerbation if not immediate cause of all the major crises now facing this country and the planet. With the USSR collapse, the U.S. was now the sole military super-power. Control of institutions like the WTO, IMF, etc and through various regional treaties such as NAFTA, maximization of U.S.corporate economic profit has been the unifying goal.

    * War(s) for profit. From Afghanistan to Iraq, possibly Iran, and now Georgia(?), the goal is maximium control of the oil and gas resources of the planet. The cost of the PNAC agenda has meant slaughter to vast numbers of humanity. Over one million murdered in Iraq alone.

    * Global Warming, destruction of the enviornment, massive deaths due to starvation, lack of water, medical care. and local wars for resources are all related to the globalization of capitalism. We are witnessing a genocide of the unprofitable. (Bush often remarks that he will do nothing about profit-making polluters if the pollution controls diminish profits. )

    * Domestic destruction of the commonwealth function of government. The destruction of public health facilities(hospitals), the attack on public education, the destruction of the infrastructure, is a class war attack upon all working people.
    These institutions and facilities are essential for the survival of all working people. The destruction of these facilities (privatization) turns them into profit making activites to benefit the owners.

    * No one individual, no matter how “heroic” or “honest” (Kucinich, Obama, Nader, McKinney etc.), is realistically capable of confronting- let alone “reforming” -the corporate capitalist state. Certainly no one individual working inside the corporate controlled Democratic Party, supposedly to “reform” the party.

    * A party organization, involving thousands of “single issue” groups and millions of individuals, is needed to run candidates at every level of government. In California, Schwartzennegger must be replaced and all the complicit Democrats kick out along with him. The new party must be based upon fulfilling the needs of the vast majority of people – that is the working people – by changing the economy. The present economy is now fully subservient to the the wealth accumulation, profit and greed of an ever decreasing ruling elite.

    * The first absolute need of working people, before any other need can be considered, the wars must be ended. The military-industrial complex, based on continuous warfare, must be dismantled. Every social service and public commonwealth function of government, the essential institutions that hold society togethery. is being sacrificed to war.

    * The missing element is now the organized labor movement, now supporting Obama and the Democratic Party. The slavish devotion to it’s role as a “business partner” to corporate capitalism must end if there is any major change. A new mass media to agressively oppose corporate capitalism in presenting the needs of working people is an essential step. Information, education and organization of working people (daily indoctrinated in to the glories of capitalism) is needed.
    The massive economic destruction of the living standards of working people is now extending into the “middle class” in a multitude of economic crises.

    I will probably vote for Cynthia McKinney and the Green Party as it is really the only existing “second” party, given the corporate agenda of Obama and the Democratic Party. What to do after the “election” is over, in face of the multiple crises we now face, is the question.

    Vote no to war! McKinney is not a “lesser evil”, but Obama and the Democratic Party is just that. Help the Green Party (with all it’s problems) get on the ballot with a national 5% and register a PROTEST VOTE at the same time.

    (That is my position at the moment! )

    (Read daily the World Socialist Web Site: for a socialist perspective on current affairs.)

  23. Jeremy Wells said on August 14th, 2008 at 11:40pm #

    P.S. If you have any questions about the corporatization of government,
    check out this article from WSWS:

    US government survey: Most corporations pay no taxes
    By Tom Eley
    15 August 2008

    full article here:

    some quotes :
    “A study released Tuesday by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reveals that the majority of corporations pay no federal taxes on profits accrued through business conducted within the US.”

    “Both Senators John McCain and Barack Obama have proposed lowering the top-end US corporate tax rate if elected. ”

    “The GAO report demonstrates that the tax system provides no means of redistributing social wealth from the corporate oligarchy to the great majority of the population. Just the opposite is the case.”