U.S. Perpetuates Mass Killings In Iraq

The United States is directly responsible for over one million Iraqi deaths since the invasion five and half years ago. In a January 2008 report, a British polling group Opinion Research Business (ORB) reports that, “survey work confirms our earlier estimate that over 1,000,000 Iraqi citizens have died as a result of the conflict which started in 2003…. We now estimate that the death toll between March 2003 and August 2007 is likely to have been of the order of 1,033,000. If one takes into account the margin of error associated with survey data of this nature then the estimated range is between 946,000 and 1,120,000”.

The ORB report comes on the heels of two earlier studies conducted by Johns Hopkins University published in the Lancet medical journal that confirmed the continuing numbers of mass deaths in Iraq. A study done by Dr. Les Roberts from January 1, 2002 to March 18 2003 put the civilian deaths at that time at over 100,000. A second study published in the Lancet in October 2006 documented over 650,000 civilian deaths in Iraq since the start of the US invasion. The 2006 study confirms that US aerial bombing in civilian neighborhoods caused over a third of these deaths and that over half the deaths are directly attributable to US forces.

The now estimated 1.2 million dead, as of July 2008, includes children, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, cab drivers, clerics, schoolteachers, factory workers, policemen, poets, healthcare workers, day care providers, construction workers, babysitters, musicians, bakers, restaurant workers and many more. All manner of ordinary people in Iraq have died because the United States decided to invade their country. These are deaths in excess of the normal civilian death rate under the prior government.

The magnitude of these deaths is undeniable. The continuing occupation by US forces guarantees a mass death rate in excess of 10,000 people per month with half that number dying at the hands of US forces — a carnage so severe and so concentrated at to equate it with the most heinous mass killings in world history. This act has not gone unnoticed.

Recently, Dennis Kucinich introduced a single impeachment article against George W. Bush for lying to Congress and the American people about the reasons for invading Iraq. On July 15, the House forwarded the resolution to the Judiciary Committee with a 238 to 180 vote. That Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction and Iraq’s threat to the US is now beyond doubt. Former US federal prosecutor Elizabeth De La Vega documents the lies most thoroughly in her book U.S. v. Bush, and numerous other researchers have verified Bush’s untrue statements.

The American people are faced with a serious moral dilemma. Murder and war crimes have been conducted in our name. We have allowed the war/occupation to continue in Iraq and offered ourselves little choice within the top two presidential candidates for immediate cessation of the mass killings. McCain would undoubtedly accept the deaths of another million Iraqi civilians in order to save face for America, and Obama’s 18-month timetable for withdrawal would likely result in another 250,000 civilian deaths or more.

We owe our children and ourselves a future without the shame of mass murder on our collective conscience. The only resolution of this dilemma is the immediate withdrawal of all US troops in Iraq and the prosecution and imprisonment of those responsible. Anything less creates a permanent original sin on the soul of the nation for that we will forever suffer.

Peter Phillips is a professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University, and former director of of Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored. He wrote his dissertation on the Bohemian Club in 1994. Read other articles by Peter, or visit Peter's website.

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  1. evie said on July 19th, 2008 at 6:57am #

    I no more believe these “estimates” in Iraq than I do the 6 million Jews in WWII.

    The documented Iraqi civilian death is aprx. 90,000, which may be grossly understated but not to the tune of 1+ million off. At your figure cited above a total of aprx. 700-800 Iraqi PER DAY would be dying since war began in 2003.

    Folks behave as if civilian death toll in Afghanistan is not a dilemma – but then phony heroes like Denny K. voted YES on that invasion. I say we rid congress of all who voted yes on AUMF in Sep.2002, which began these woes – that leaves us 1 lone congress critter – Barbara Lee who voted no.

  2. bozhidar balkas said on July 19th, 2008 at 9:23am #

    i did not know that Kuchinich voted for invasion of afghanistan. did he leave an explanation for his vote?
    did he think that nato wd hunt/kill solely the terrorists? but even if he did think that, he was then very naive in thinking that one can wage wars against individual terrorists.
    best way to hunt for terrorists wd be to use first of all ICC and then specialists.
    this is, i believe, what UK did; it solely hunted/arrested suspected or real terrorists.
    UK did not bomb villages, etc. thank u

  3. Jim Cronin said on July 19th, 2008 at 10:47am #

    I find it hard to explain why, in discussing Iraqi war deaths, the various figures used only begin with 2003. Always. Across the entire spectrum of the “progressive” Internet sites. The US has been attacking and bombing Iraq since 1991. Remember the “first” Gulf War and it’s attendant casualties? Remember the destruction of infrastructure then that with the “sanctions” killed so many and continues to kill Iraqis?

    Remember the famous quote by Clinton’s cowboy-hat-wearing Secretary of State Albright who thought the deaths of at least 500,000 children at that point was “worth it?”

    Get it straight, “progressives:” there’s been one war since 1991, with three phases through three administrations. Let me emphasize that both political parties have been in power since 1991. Did you writers keep the lid on the death toll to help Hillary in the campaign? Will you continue to disguise the war dead for Obama’s sake?

    Ex-Attorney General Ramsey Clark was calling what the US was doing in Iraq genocide back in the Nineties. A good hour spent on Internet research will provide a probable total of 3,000,00 Iraqi deaths since 1991. Want the war to stop? Start bringing the reality of this total to the American people.


  4. rosemarie jackowski said on July 19th, 2008 at 12:27pm #

    Jim…Thanks – I was going to point out the the USA has been bombing Iraq since 1991. You said exactly the same thing that I would have. The estimated total of slaughtered Iraqis is 3 MILLION – most of the deaths occurred during the Clinton Administration.

    Those dems are really something. They know how to hide the bodies much better than the repubs do.

  5. Holy Cow! said on July 19th, 2008 at 1:35pm #

    Cheer up, we are now winning in Iraq…a place that is the size and scope of California! The war against terrorism in Iraq has been won. If U.S. troops are not dying, then we must be winning…right? Based on this past week, THE FOLLOWING THANK US for winning the war against terrorism: Thursday 7 dead, Wednesday 27 dead (including 10 children), Tuesday 54 dead (including 30 young men waiting to join the army), Monday 21 dead, Sunday 17 dead, Saturday July 12 19 dead, Friday July 11 5 dead!

    Not too bad for one week. Mission Accomplished!

  6. Robert B. Livingston said on July 19th, 2008 at 7:14pm #


    I cannot believe what I read in comments sections anymore!

    The Germans and their collaborators killed nearly two out of every three of 9 million European Jews as part of the “Final Solution”– and Eve (who seems anonymous), does not believe it.

    Does she mean to say she thinks 5 million Jews were killed– or 3 million– or one? She doesn’t explain– but saucily declares she doubts Phillips’ figures about Iraq.

    Well folks, believe him. And believe that the holocaust was real– and that the Germans had plenty of collaborators– some whose progeny would be running the United States today.

    (And thanks Rosemarie for reminding us that plenty perished when Clinton was president.)

    How many of these deaths can be justified? I see on a local poster that Madeleine Albright is coming to town. She thinks what Clinton did was justified.

    As for me– I see that the forces of evil have almost completely benighted our land– and all these comments are being made futile.

    Ignorance and darkness rules.

    The 100 Flowers are being plucked from us one by one.

  7. HR said on July 19th, 2008 at 10:59pm #

    The methods used to estimate the excess deaths are statistically sound. And, if you don’t accept statistics as a valid way for estimating population trends, be aware that it is applied to almost every damned thing (and things form populations for statistical purposes) that you come into contact with, from shipments of manufactured goods (quality control) to effectiveness of medical treatments, to TV ratings.

    Reading the comments that appear here, it is clear that people prefer to live in a dream world of conspiracy theories and denial than to wake up and smell the shit. Your military has killed well over one million civilians in Iraq since 2003. Live with it.

  8. hp said on July 19th, 2008 at 11:25pm #

    I’m not talking about Iraq and you know it. Your tactics are as lame as your “proof.”
    Hr, what is it you cannot or will not understand about specific scientific tests done by an expert?
    Excess this, population trends that.
    What does that have to do with testing the walls the structures and the engineering of specific buildings? Absolutely nothing.
    The old hey, nine out of ten of us believe in Santa Clause. Oh, ok, that proves it all right. If you don’t believe in Santa you’re nuts.
    And if the teats are incorrect or “crazy” then why not test again?
    Like that Canadian judge told Ernst Zundel, “truth is no defense.”
    Maybe that makes sense to you?
    Some thing are just common sense blatant nonsense like Treblinka.
    An area the size of two football fields by three fields and 900,000 people are burned and buried there without one tooth, one ring, one trace of one body.
    Scientific tests with high technology equipment (ground mapping radar) PROVES that ground is “undisturbed” for at least 2000,000 years.
    Unless you choose to believe otherwise for some strange reason.
    Take a deep breath, clear your mind and be honest with yourself.
    There is no Santa.

  9. Frank said on July 20th, 2008 at 8:10am #

    Hello Peter,

    Just wondering why didn’t consider the mass killing in Iraq as genocide?


  10. hp said on July 20th, 2008 at 8:48am #

    Like Jaime, I shall now take my leave from this site.
    No doubt many will applaud and that’s ok.
    I’ve made my point(s) and I hope this causes people to think and open their eyes to the root of evil that is growing stronger by the day. Already Europe is totally compromised and next is Canada and the US. Ironically Russia is far freer than Europe now, with the hero Putin wrenching control of Russia back from the Jewish/Zionist/oligarchs who came close to “owning” that great land.

    I’ll leave with one last article which is a perfect example of the of the human spirit powered by truth.

    Also, thanks to Kim and Sunil for not censoring me and allowing free speech in everyone’s best interest. They could have easily stifled me, with the sure approval of many and kept their site “clean” and “correct.”
    They instead chose to allow honest if unpopulat dialogue and for that I salute them.
    Thank you.


  11. hp said on July 20th, 2008 at 10:17am #

    I have more Jewish grandchildren than anyone.”
    This is what America has become. A nation led by Israeli loving fifth columnists who will do ANYTHING to please their masters in Tel Aviv. Like Israeli-firster Speaker of the House Pelosi, who never misses a chance to kiss her Zionist Master’s derrière. Here’s a small sampling of Pelosi’s traitorous activities performed in service to that racist and apartheid Jews only state of Hate, Israel:
    Posted Jul 20, 2008 08:23 AM PST


  12. Calm said on July 20th, 2008 at 10:50am #

    I asked my question here because those that were commenting upon how many Jews died during WWII seemed to be intelligent and did not just resort to calling each other names. Or lay the claims of anti-semetism at the doorstep.

    I’d really like to have a discussion concerning the question I posed. I’d like to learn something. We don’t need to have it here at this site or within the comment section of this post. Maybe somebody can recommend another place to have it?

    I was born in 1948, so I don’t have any guilt about what happened to the Jews during WWII. It makes little difference to me if 1 million died or six million. If the amount of deaths are exagerated, it does not prove anything except the ability of those within the media to manufacture history …. and history has been manufactured since the beginning of time.

    I’m more concerned with why it happened. Why were the European’s so much against the Jewish populations within their countries?

    Perhaps alot of the European anger towards the Jews was because the Jews held a huge majority of government positions within Stalin’s government and when those government departments organized and carried out a holocaust against the Ukranian’s and Poles?

    Perhaps it was because the Jews owned alot of the pawnshops where poor Europeans had to sell their family heirlooms in order to feed their families?

    Perhaps it was because the Jews were causing civil unrest inside Germany and were rioting or inciting unrest in the early 1930’s?

    Perhaps it was because the Jews had declared a “Holy War” against Germany in 1933, and had demanded the world to boycott German made goods?


  13. Calm said on July 20th, 2008 at 11:01am #

    Make no mistake …. I have followed the Iraqi War Deaths quite closely and for quite a long time.

    Here is the information which I collected since 2004 or when the first major report surfaced within the media. Please don’t bother joining or registering. It is just a database which I maintain. Sort of a daily diary of world events.



  14. Calm said on July 20th, 2008 at 1:04pm #

    Hi! Rosemarie Jackowski

    Oh! I’m aware of the Jewish Lobby and the influence they have within American politics …. That is a given.

    I was wondering how the Jews managed to gain such power in almost every country on the planet. There are less than 15 million of them in the whole world and yet they seem to have an inordinate amount of influence within the world. How is that possible? How did they manage to accomplish this? It is not a new phenonomen, it seems have been a fact for centuries. For centuries they never even had a country to call their own and yet they still had alot of wealth and influence. Today, Israel is a barren land without any natural resources (not even any water) and yet they still seem to maintain or accumulate wealth and influence within the world. Is there any other instance of another group of 15 million people living in the universe and having had such luck or circumstance?

    I also have information concerning the holocaust as per the earlier discussions here.


  15. Max Shields said on July 20th, 2008 at 7:57pm #

    Jim Cronin while I agree with your comment about how long this slaughter in Iraq by US military has been going on and the numbers while certainly in excess of 2 million when you include Bush I and Clinton, I don’t think it is DV which is attempting to mis-represent the facts, or the “progressives” under the authorship of the writer on this post.

    But by including the totality of the murder by the US, the horrible slaughter of childern and civilians for almost 2 decades is certainly on par with the likes of Stalin and Hitler you are making an important point.

    There is one Party. It is the War Party. It rules with an iron fist and was born out of the blood of the indigenous tribes and roamed the earth with a vengence, unchecked.

    Now, the American people are feeling the boot. The preditor has come home.

  16. Max Shields said on July 20th, 2008 at 8:12pm #


    What difference does it matter if the US has slaughtered 90,000 Iraqi over the last 6 years or 3 million Iraqi’s over the last nearly 2 decades?

    Why are you quibbling over this? When was the last time the US airforce LITERALLY dropped its load on your neighborhood wiping out your family and most of your neighbors so you couldn’t even recognize the area from where you thought you were the day before?

    When was the last time you out in the street dazed by the rubble and torn bodies as you tried to make your way to safety which was impossible because the constant terror and couldn’t find safe drinking water and food?

    Forget about the metaphors and the nasty mean streets; I’m talking about ghastly terror of a kind NO ONE in this country HAS EVER SEEN.

    Glib talk about numbers, left/right biases will seem pretty damn SILLY if not down right mean and ugly spirited. I suspect had this happened to you, to your family, to your neighborhood, it wouldn’t be a question of numbers because everyone and everything that meant anything was GONE.

  17. evie said on July 21st, 2008 at 8:22am #

    I’m not debating the issue – I’m saying I don’t believe the figure is that high. I think truth is the first casuality.

    The authors of the “document”, ORB? A marketing research “polling” firm whose clients include Hill & Knowlton, Stanley Morgan, Bank of Scotland, etc. The article does not include who the ORB client was that requested and paid for the report, or document.

  18. Max Shields said on July 21st, 2008 at 9:56am #

    Unless you are suggesting we stay in Iraq until the numbers reach some level that you, personally, can verify is what you’re saying, than I think your “belief” that the numbers are higher than “reality” is pretty irrelevent.

    A belief that says the combination of sources and over nearly two decades is not realiable seems a form of denial which is pretty much the kind of thing the Bush administration uses to support its anti-science position. So, you seem to be in some kind of company there.