United by a Bulldozer — And I Think to Myself…

According to Haaretz, the Shin Bet security service, the (IDF) Military Advocate General, the Defence Minister Barak and the Prime Minister Olmert himself are all backing the demolition of terrorists’ homes. Not much can be said; at last, Jews start to agree on something among themselves, not only do they agree, they even compete among themselves to be the most outspoken about it. They all want to lead the current Hebraic belligerence championship. Each of them tries to shape and reshape an authentic image of vengeance. One may have to admit: compassion is not an appreciated feature in the Jewish state.

In fact, it is almost amusing to read Olmert’s statements:

“This is an attack which came from within Israel into Israel,” says the observant Israeli PM. “It creates a string of scenarios we never thought we would have to deal with in the past.” He continues, and I do not know whether to laugh or to cry. Israel invests so much effort in racially based discrimination of its Palestinian citizens (whom they themselves tag as ‘Israeli Arabs’ rather than just fellow Israelis) yet, they somehow fail to predict that one day it all may spark out. I honestly find it hard to believe. However, here Mr. Olmert is almost getting me. “We,” he says, “have invested thousands in the construction of…” Stop right there…. At this stage I really need a break from this crap. I need to drink water. I obviously expect Olmert to follow the Israeli right wing blind mantra:

We have invested thousands in the construction of infrastructure and education and homes for the elderly in all those Palestinian villages and they, instead of thanking us, all those ingrates do is just come and kill us.

But guess what, I am wrong. Olmert doesn’t say it, he instead tells the truth. Here are his words.

We have invested thousands in the construction of a security fence. While it has been very effective, it turns out that a fence cannot give us the answer to the problem of terror which comes from our side.

Yes, this is indeed very sad for the Israelis to find out. Their megalomaniac 12-meter-high reinforced concrete wall — which they call ‘fence’ for some reason, didn’t save them. It didn’t provide them with security. Making Gaza into a concentration camp didn’t save Sderot and Ashkelon from being targeted by Qassam rockets either. It doesn’t take a genius to guess that by the time the ‘fence’ is finished Herzeliya, Ramat Asharon and Tel Aviv will be subject to the same fate. Israel had better be prepared to build a solid concrete roof over its populated areas. Being sensitive to the Israeli poetic usage of words, I can already guess that they will call this roof something like ‘defence cloud’, ‘security ceiling’ or even ‘concrete rainbow’.

However, the truth must be said, some do not agree entirely with Olmert. One as such is convicted rapist as well as Vice Premier Haim Ramon (Kadima) who told Army Radio on Thursday morning that Israel should treat the East Jerusalem neighborhoods of Jabel Mukaber and Zur Baher as Palestinian villages, and revoke the permanent residency status of those who live there.

For those who do not know, Rapist Vice Premier Ramon is the architect behind the so-called ‘security fence’. Seemingly he now wants to modify his original sinister idea. From being just a boring solid concrete security wall, he now suggests to make the wall into an elastic feature in which ‘bad Arabs’ can be locked behind. Once an ‘Arab’ being naughty or even just lives in proximity to a naughty one, we should place an entire village behind the wall or just strip all its inhabitants of their residency.
Indeed, the Jewish state is becoming more and more dynamic and innovative with its newly emerging ghetto walls and wicked measures of racial discrimination.

Here are Ramon’s words:

One of the main reasons that the attack was carried out yesterday with such ease was because there are Palestinian villages that for some reason are called Jerusalem …They need to be treated as we treat Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jenin and Nablus….. These are Palestinian villages that were never part of Jerusalem, they were annexed to the city in 1967. No Israeli has ever been there, and doesn’t go near there.

This says it all: “No Israeli has ever been there, and doesn’t go near there”.

No one can define Judeocentric feeling better than Ramon. The citizenship of a Palestinian who apparently carries an Israeli identity card would be defined by his relevance to an Israeli Jew. According to Ramon, if an ‘Israeli’ does not visit an Arab village, then the village should be put behind walls. One may wonder — what about the Palestinian villages within Israel that are not located in proximity to the wall and yet unvisited by Israeli Jews? If we give it time, the Israelis would either cleanse them or surround them with fences.

The message is clear. The Israelis are indeed united, and it is good that they are so united because it allows us to see what the Jewish state is all about. Sadly, there is no partner for peace in the Israeli society. The two state solution is a wet dream, and the one state is not a solution. It is going to happen by means of facts on the ground, what is known to be the Palestinian ultimate weapon, the so-called demographic bomb.

The Jewish state is on its very last declining phase. Seemingly, its leaders do not try to conceal their sinfulness anymore. The level of evil they perform on a daily basis will consume them before anything else. A culture that strives on hate and retaliation is doomed to crumble. All that is left to do is to keep the pressure and to expose them and their supporters amongst us for what they are.

Unfortunately, and this is indeed a tragedy, the Palestinians are at the forefront of the most crucial battle for a better world. The Palestinians have been captured in a grave encounter with a psychotic, phantasmic, bloodthirsty self-centric Jewish national identity that knows no mercy.

Nowadays, when Israel and its supportive lobbies are manifestly doing whatever they can to drag us all into a third world war, standing up for Palestine is the least we can do. As things stand, a tiny brave deprived nation is facing totally alone what seems to be the world’s greatest enemy of peace: namely Israel. As much as it is heartbreaking to see, this Palestinian battle is our battle. To liberate Palestine is to save humanity.

Second part: And I think to myself…

Here is a little anecdote that has been concerning me in the last two days.

Bearing in mind that not a single Palestinian freedom fighting organisation has claimed responsibility for the bulldozer event two days ago, I wonder why the Israelis are entirely sure that it was an act of terror. It may as well be that the man was slightly mad, he might have had a phone row with his wife or alternatively a soaring dispute with his Israeli boss that made him flip. I would assume that in order to declare an incident to be an act of terror, a terrorist motivation or a scenario must be established first. Without establishing such a motivation we are doomed to admit that we are dealing here with a criminal case that must be investigated. We should as well refrain from jumping to conclusions. However, the Israelis seem to be pretty convinced here. For them, there is not a single doubt that the bulldozer man was nothing less than a murderous terrorist. For the Israelis, an event becomes an act of terror once a Jew has been terrorised (ideally by a gentile but not necessarily).

But, here is the frightening twist.

Since every Jew on this planet can be potentially terrorised by almost everything and everybody, we are doomed to admit that as far as the Jews are concerned, the universe and its inhabitants can be established as a potential act of terror. As much as global warming and cancer may terrify some Jews, all of us are potential terrorists just for being there and yelling the truth.

Learning about Olmert and his house demolition squads, I suggest that we take some measures and be prepared for our dwellings to be demolished. If we are lucky, we just end up with Haim Ramon erecting a ‘security fence’ around us.

Truth must be told. Before Jewish emancipation it was Jews who willingly locked themselves behind walls, thanks to the rise of almighty regional superpower Israel, it is now the Jews (Israelis) who lock Goyim (Palestinians) behind walls against their will. From a Jewish nationalist perspective, this shift is realised as a major achievement.

We better bear in mind that the Israeli arsenal of hundreds of atomic bombs is not set for decoration or for humanitarian aid either. A nuclear weapon that is presented in the first act will be put into action before the very final scene. And in case you fail to see it, they have prepared enough for all of us. They obviously did it for a reason.

Gilad Atzmon, now living in London, was born in Israel and served in the Israeli military. He is the author of The Wandering Who and Being in Time and is one of the most accomplished jazz saxophonists in Europe. He can be reached via his website. Read other articles by Gilad, or visit Gilad's website.

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  1. hp said on July 5th, 2008 at 10:03am #

    To tell the truth, every time I see a reference to a bulldozer, I think of Rachel Corrie.
    I wonder what became of her bulldozer driving murderer.

    “Ironically, Rachel’s killer was granted an honor and privilege few of us will ever know: He looked directly into the eyes of a humanitarian young woman of utter bravery, deep conviction, and selfless courage, a person who, when confronted with violence and hatred, refused to strike back to save herself or those she had pledged to protect, but relied instead on the sheer force of her spirit and her firm belief in the sacred principles of International Humanitarian Law. He saw humanity at its very best. She was a victim of humanity at its very worst. ”


  2. bozhidar balkas said on July 5th, 2008 at 11:49am #

    will live forever.
    is it a given that demographics wd severely mar the jewish state?
    actually it is not mizrahim/sephardim who r the architects of all evils in palestine but christo-ashkenazic soyuz.
    they r the iniators of an evil act and it’s them who keep it going.
    and corrie had a hebraic name. it did not matter.
    the person who killed her was surely under order to kill any nonjew that get’s in the way.
    priests/politicians/ surely have forgiven him/her the crime but i expect his/her nervous system never will.
    oh, how cruel nature can be when injured! try it?! no, no, i just got a stupidity attack. thanx

  3. Giorgio said on July 5th, 2008 at 5:35pm #

    “I wonder what became of her bulldozer driving murderer.”

    He got a Knesset citation for bravery and the Israel’s medal equivalent of the Nazi Iron Cross….

    By the way, anybody attending the Ron Paul’s REVOLUTION MARCH on the 12th of July ?


    If you don’t, then don’t complain about RACHEL CORRIE’s death, for there will be many more deaths coming after hers….

  4. Adam said on July 5th, 2008 at 9:30pm #

    the article is wrong: 3 Palestinian groups claimed the bulldozer attack, including one attached to Fatah
    the perpetrator was a convicted rapist (and thus far, the only convicted rapist of the people mentioned by the article)

  5. mary said on July 6th, 2008 at 9:10am #

    Adam – cease your dissembling.

  6. Adam said on July 6th, 2008 at 10:35am #


    “Three Palestinian groups claimed responsibility for the attack, including the armed wing of Fatah […]”

    “But he did have a criminal record, he spent time in an Israeli prison for rape … “

  7. hp said on July 6th, 2008 at 10:45am #

    Cheer up Adam. Maybe this will help.

    “The pardon of Jonathon Pollard will of course send the message to young Zionists everywhere that it is okay to betray your country. In fact, we have come to expect it from you.”

    “One of the most repulsive expressions of Israeli racism is the firmly-held belief that a Jew is superior to and more important than a non-Jew.
    According to this unholy principle, which most Israeli Jews see as an unquestionable truism, a Jewish life is more important than a non-Jewish life, and a Jewish blood is far more important than a non-Jewish blood.
    Unfortunately, it is upon this manifestly racist concept that the entire Israeli justice system is based.”

  8. hp said on July 6th, 2008 at 11:09am #

    What the Hell, lets tell the truth. Why censor ourselves? For those who don’t want to know, fine, don’t know. Don’t look. Cover your eyes, it will all go away.
    But let’s not pretend these despicable acts from a racist nation of psychopathic settlers (squatters) does not exist or is anti-semitic. Anti-semitic, what a joke. A fucking joke.
    Oh, yes, don’t forget, your tax dollars pay for these inhuman activities.

    A 19-year old Swedish human rights worker had her cheekbone broken by an Israeli settler in Hebron today. Tove Johansson from Stockholm walked through the Tel Rumeida checkpoint with a small group of human rights workers to accompany Palestinian schoolchildren to their homes. They were confronted by about 100 settlers in small groups, who started chanting in Hebrew “We killed Jesus, we’ll kill you too!”, a refrain the settlers had been repeating to internationals in Tel Rumeida all day.


    If this were to be reported by the Zionist media, it would no doubt be reported as… horrible anti-semite ignores pleas for peace and damages Israeli property. (with her face)

  9. hp said on July 6th, 2008 at 2:46pm #

    Here’s the M.O. for these parasitical worms.
    Always deception, lying, cheating, and coveting.
    No wonder they’re despised from one end of the earth to the other.



  10. sk said on July 6th, 2008 at 4:26pm #

    There was more Swedish blood spilled in that region by ancestors of the same people who hit the 19 year old activist in the face. This blood was of a diplomat who had saved 20,000 from Nazi camps, including thousands of Jews. But it wasn’t just the blood of a diplomat that was shed: the great postwar hope for a better world, the United Nations was also crippled with impunity 60 years ago and was seen as impotent by all henceforth. As the first secretary-general, Trygve Lie put it:

    If the Great Powers accepted that this situation in the Middle East could best be settled by leaving the forces concerned to fight it out amongst themselves, it was quite clear that they would be tacitly admitting that the Security Council and the United Nations was a useless instrument in attempting to preserve peace.

  11. Giorgio said on July 6th, 2008 at 4:52pm #

    “most Israeli Jews see as an unquestionable truism, a Jewish life is more important than a non-Jewish life, and a Jewish blood is far more important than a non-Jewish blood.”

    …and who was that psychopathic rabbi who claimed that ‘the blood of a million Arabs is not worth an Israeli Jew’s fingernail?’

    Perhaps the compulsory reading in all Israeli schools of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice would contribute to the humanization of future Israeli generations….especially so Portia’s rendition of ‘the quality of mercy…’ which ought to be learnt by rote by every Israeli child.

  12. Giorgio said on July 6th, 2008 at 5:12pm #

    “Israeli PM vows to punish killer

    About 20 people live in the bulldozer driver’s family home, relatives said [AFP]

    Ehud Olmert, the Israeli prime minister, has said that he wants to destroy the home of the driver who killed three Israelis after he rammed a bulldozer into their vehicles.

    “We must use a punishment that would deter. We have to act with a tough hand, to negate social rights, to immediately destroy the homes of every terrorist from Jerusalem,” a government official quoted Olmert as saying.”

    Good for you Olmert! Keep it up, DumbAss!
    I’m posting to you a copy of the Merchant of Venice’ for your bedside reading…hope you enjoy it, Jerk!

  13. Brian Koontz said on July 6th, 2008 at 6:32pm #

    will live forever.”

    Rachel Corrie was a foolish woman who opposed the Israeli state with her fragile body. Monsters don’t care about their victims (or how many there are) and Corrie became just another victim.

    It’s better to focus on imposing effective strategy against the Israeli state than to call out the names of martyrs.

    If one is going to stand down a bulldozer, bring something tougher than the human body.

  14. Giorgio said on July 6th, 2008 at 6:47pm #

    …and just by the way, I just read this:

    July 3, 2008


    The Globe & Mail

    Dear Sir:

    Re: Carolynne Wheeler’s “Man rams front-end loader into traffic, killing three” July 3, 2008

    I’m curious about why it’s reported that one berzerk Palestinian, believed by Israel to be acting alone, is said to “threaten both renewed peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and fragile attempts at a Gaza ceasefire with Hamas” while official Israel forces, in the past week alone:

    KILLED 2 Palestinian children in the West Bank.

    SHOT 8 Palestinian civilians, including 2 children and a woman; 5 of them were wounded in Ne’lin village near Ramallah.

    conducted 44 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank.

    arrested 42 Palestinian civilians, including 2 children, in the West Bank.

    continued to impose a total siege on the OPT and have isolated the Gaza Strip from the outside world.

    harassed a journalist from Gaza at al-Karama International Crossing Point on the Jordanian Border.

    positioned troops at checkpoints in the West Bank and arrested 5 Palestinian civilians.

    There was also documentation this week, of the torture of a 10 year old Palestinian boy, who lost molars through the abuse he suffered at the hands of Israeli soldiers.

    Even more stunning is the current, genocidal siege of Gaza that Israel continues to maintain in violation of all legal standards of treatment of civilians under its occupation.

    Is there some reason that Israeli actions do not “threaten peace talks”?

    Karin Brothers

    SOURCE: http://www.normanfinkelstein.com

  15. hp said on July 6th, 2008 at 7:07pm #

    Saying Rachel Corrie was “just another victim” is an insult.

    We wouldn’t be talking about her right now, attempting to go to a Jewish censored play about her, remembering the anniversary of her death or have a shrine to honor her if she was “just another victim.”


  16. Giorgio said on July 7th, 2008 at 2:36am #

    “We better bear in mind that the Israeli arsenal of hundreds of atomic bombs is not set for decoration or for humanitarian aid either. A nuclear weapon that is presented in the first act will be put into action before the very final scene. And in case you fail to see it, they have prepared enough for all of us. They obviously did it for a reason.”

    And as shown on a recent TV documentary shown in Europe, the Israelis are building huge bunkers which would most likely accommodate thousands and thousands of people whose COST ( thanks to US aid, mostly) and DEPTH below surface are a closely kept secret.
    They obviously are doing it for that same reason, too!