Top-ranking IDF Sadists

We learn from the Israeli press that a criminal investigation has been launched against the soldier caught on tape firing towards a bound Palestinian. However, there is a detail the Israeli press in English is reluctant to share with us. The shooting soldier was not just an ordinary low-ranking infantry recruit, he was a First Sergeant. But it goes much further, the soldier who is caught on video holding the bound Palestinian detainee is no less than a regiment commander, an IDF Lieutenant Colonel.

In case someone fails to understand, it is a high-ranking Israeli officer who is caught on video holding a handcuffed man as a still target for the merciless vengeance of another IDF soldier. An unavoidable question pops to air. What are these people made of? Do they share any recognised qualities with the rest of humanity? Clearly, cruelty is deeply rooted in Israeli society. It may take two to tango, but apparently it doesn’t take more than two Israeli soldiers to prove to us all what Israel and the Jewish national revival is all about.

Seemingly, barbarism is deeply engraved within Israeli society and the Hebraic culture. It shouldn’t take us by surprise. It was that very barbarism that led to the uprooting of the Palestinian population in 1948. It is a barbarism that is fuelled by a complete dismissal of Otherness that has been maintaining Israel and Zionism since then.

Now when it becomes clear to more and more people that Israel’s days are numbered, some may like to take the opportunity and start to summarise the contribution of the Zionist revival to Jewish history or even history of modernity in general. Though Israel and Jews around the world are always keen to tell us about Israel’s achievements in science, technology, agriculture and the arts, I would bet that not much of it would be remembered as a legacy of the Israeli heritage for future generations.

On the contrary, in the long term, Israel will be remembered as a shameless disaster. Even if we manage to save Israelis from nuking Iran, a sinister mass murder they are really keen upon launching, we would be left with a story of a racist tribal society, an ethnic cleansing ideology, a gigantic wall that shreds the holy land into starving Bantustans, malnutrition in Gaza and the West Bank, torture and lynch practices. As Khalid Amayreh detected recently, Israelis are the Nazis of our time.

Yet, as much as we can see the Israeli crimes that are emerging daily from our TV screens, press outlets and even YouTube, any genuine historical scrutiny of the Nazi era and Nazi crimes is strictly prohibited. Consequently, I believe, Nazi evilness will lose its primacy, and Israeli will eventually grab the crown of absolute evilness.

I am fully aware that Jews, both in the left and the right insist upon telling us about Jewish culture being humanist and universalist. I better admit it, though I am fully aware of many Jewish humanists, I myself have never come across a single text that can be labelled as Jewish humanist or universalist. Instead, rather too often I unfortunately come across some Jewish tribal barbaric teaching and practices, whether it is in the Bible or Zionist preaching and practices.

Zionism was initially there to bring about a humanized Jew, an authentic ethical civilised being that is attached to the land, to the soil — all the while making peace with the rest of humanity. Though it is clear that project was doomed to failure, in the light of Israeli sinister vengeance, the scale of the failure is massive.


Gilad Atzmon, now living in London, was born in Israel and served in the Israeli military. He is the author of The Wandering Who and Being in Time and is one of the most accomplished jazz saxophonists in Europe. He can be reached via his website. Read other articles by Gilad, or visit Gilad's website.

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  1. sk said on July 25th, 2008 at 11:18am #

    …Israelis are the Nazis of our time.

    Anthony Löwstedt made an interesting comment about the origins of Zionism in his online book, Apartheid: Ancient, Past, and Present (PDF) :

    It is no wonder that the Zionist movement, the ‘national revival of the Jewish people in its ancestral home’, was born in Vienna, the city where, only a decade later, Adolf Hitler himself would be influenced to become a judeophobic right-wing extremist….Hitler stated that he ‘discovered’ anti-Semitism in Vienna. I am not saying that Zionism is a version of or a prerequisite to Nazi ideology. It is not. It is an extremist reaction to an extremist threat… [of] powerful European and Christian judeophobia. But the two movements appeared at roughly the same time, in the very same place. They grew out of the same poisoned, ideological, ethnicist, Euromaniac soil.

    Because of the wild ideologies that took root in turn of the century Vienna, it was described by Karl Kraus as “research laboratory for world destruction”. In his book The Founding Myths of Israel, Ze’ev Sternhell noted the many obvious parallels between National Socialism of the Nazis and Nationalist Socialism of the Zionists:

    To avoid any misunderstanding or confusion, I have used the term nationalist socialism…But national socialism, which was commonly used at the beginning of the twentieth century, has been contaminated by its association with the Nazis. However, the adjective nationalist, although not traditionally used, in its strict sense describes one of the variants of socialism accurately. There is a nationalist socialism just as there is a democratic or revisionist socialism, often known as social democracy…Nationalist socialism, properly understood, appeared in Europe in the last years of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth as an alternative to both Marxism and liberalism…The uniqueness of European nationalist socialism…lay in one essential point: its acceptance of the principle of the nation’s primacy and its subjection of the values of socialism to the service of the nation. In this way socialism lost its universal significance and became an essential tool in the process of building the nation-state. Thus, the universal values of socialism were subordinated to the particularistic values of nationalism. In practice, this was expressed by a total rejection of the concept of class warfare and by the claim of transcending social contradictions for the benefit of the collectivity as a whole. This form of socialism preached the organic unity of the nation and the mobilization of all classes of society for the achievement of national objectives. According to the theory, this process was to be led by natural elites, whose membership was determined not by class, origin, or educational qualifications but by sentiment, dedication, and a readiness to make sacrifices for all. Nationalist socialism quite naturally disliked people with large fortunes, the spoiled aristocracy, and all those to whom money came easily and who could allow themselves to be idle. It lashed out mercilessly at the bourgeoisie whose money moved from one financial center to another and whose checkbook, close to its heart, served as its identity card. In contrast with all these, nationalist socialism presented the working man with both feet firmly planted on the soil of his native country–the farmer, whose horizons are restricted to the piece of land he tills, the bourgeois, who runs his own enterprise, and the industrial worker: the rich and poor who contribute the sweat of their brow, their talents and their money to increasing the collective wealth…Indeeed, nationalist socialism was based on the idea of the nation as a cultural, historical, and biological unit, or figuratively, an extended family. The industrial worker was regarded as an organic part of the whole, and the whole took precedence over the individual. The blood ties and the cultural ties linking members of the nation, their partnership in the total national effort, took precedence over the position of the individual in the production system.

  2. bozhidar balkas said on July 25th, 2008 at 1:19pm #

    we may rest assured that much of the world will never accept israel. zionism is still much worse than any other ideology save nazism.
    zionism emerged in europe. an admixure of euro-asian peoples latched onto judaism and having no home of their own, used christians to help them to dispossess an indigenous people.
    thus, christians r as bad/guilty as the ashkenazim. ashkenazim r not even semitic. thank u

  3. LanceThruster said on July 25th, 2008 at 9:29pm #

    Disgusting. This is quite interesting additional information on what took place. Obviously this deed is being perpetrated with approval/participation of the upper echelon.

    Just as I have seen torture (enhanced interogation) dismissed as “panties on the head and a little water sprinkled on the face,” I’ve seen this dismissed as “fires a rubber bullet at his toe.”

  4. Elias Davidsson said on July 26th, 2008 at 1:47am #

    The case presented here represents evidently evil acts by people whose view of human beings is thoroughly perverted. To ascribe such acts and such a set of mind to Jews or Israelis in general requires, however, more evidence. This reasoning would have us ascribe to the German nation or to German nationalism the zillions criminal acts committed by the Wehrmacht, not to speak of what was done to human beings in the concentration camps. The same reasoning would have us condemn the whole Serb nation for the policy of rape instituted in the conflict in Bosnia. There are always some people who wish to find in a certain ideology the roots for criminal conduct. Crimes, including terrible torture, were historically committed in the name of Socialism, the Christian religion, Islam and what have you. Should be indict Socialism, Christianiaty and Islam because of crimes committed in the name of such ideas?

    It is evidently true that Israeli education paves the way to the conduct described by Gilad Atzmon. It is also true that Zionism is predicated on the negation and dehumanization of the Palestinian people, in the same way as Nazism did towards Jews, Roma and others. But massive acts of inhumanity were also committed without being attributed to some ideology. A brief review of atrocities committed in African civil wars would dwarf all those acts committed by the IDF in Palestine. While it is necessary to publicize and condemn and prosecute criminal acts committed by the IDF and expose the ideological background to such conduct, let us not forget that such acts are committed around the world, every single day, but without the benefit of cameras recording those acts.

  5. bozhidar balkas said on July 26th, 2008 at 7:35am #

    i condemn collective punishment. that includes pal’n, iraqi’s, afghani’s, et al punishment.
    i base my revolt at mass torture on an apodictic principle that no land has the right to attack another under no known circumstance (s).
    however, if individuals do crime or have been accused of doing crimes against own and other people, then a better, much better way to go wd be for ICC (not ICT) to issue warrants for arrest of alleged criminals; butressed by issuance of ransom of bns on one or more of the alleged criminals’ heads.
    as we now know ( some of us knew that for decades), doing things the easy way and legally, wd have occluded the invasion of iraq.
    and even now, after 5yr-old carnage not a single amer has commented on these facts i just posited.
    some have even called my analyses very stupid.
    even now ab 95 % of amers still oppose the war against iraq because they perceive it as a failure.
    yet, but a perfunctory glance, tell’s us the invasion/occupation is brilliant success for uncle sam.
    wd the funni ucle let this carnage go on unless he’s happy w.the sit’n?
    of course, a housewife is not happy ab. this.
    i forgot to add that
    in case of noncompliance, ICC sends special forces to hunt for or kill the suspects.
    this is what UK did for decades against the irish fighters for freedom.
    it succeeded. thank u