The Israeli Agenda and the Scorecard of the Zionist Power Configuration for 2008

The Israeli Agenda openly defended, publicly practiced and aggressively pursued by the Zionist power configuration (ZPC) has greatly influenced the US Presidential elections and the likely future course of Washington’s Middle East policy.

The strategy of the Jewish state is the complete Zionization of Palestine, the takeover of land, water, offshore gas (estimated to be worth $4 billion dollars) and other economic resources and the total dispossession of the Palestinian people. Tel Aviv’s tactics have included daily military assaults, giant walls ghettoizing entire Palestinian towns, military outposts and controls undermining commerce and production to force bankruptcy, poverty, severe deprivation and population flight. The second priority of the Israeli colonial state is to bolster the Jewish state’s political and military supremacy in the Middle East, using preposterous arguments of
‘survival’ and ‘existential threats’. The key postulate of Israeli Middle East policy is to destroy or intimidate the principle adversaries of its Zionization of Palestine and its expansionist Middle East policy. In pursuit of that policy, it invaded southern Lebanon to destroy Hezbollah, bombing neighborhoods and critical infrastructure in Beirut and other cities, bombed Syria as a provocation. Earlier, the Israeli state played a major role in directing the ZPC in formulating US war policy toward destroying Iraq as a viable nation. Recently Israel, through the ZPC in the US, has engaged in a comprehensive, intense and highly charged political, diplomatic, economic and military campaign to isolate and ultimately destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran as a political counterweight to its ambitions in the Middle East (“Israel: Iran building Nuclear Arms”, Aljazeera February 12, 2008). The principal propaganda tool of the ZPC and its Israeli patrons is to claim Iran represents a ‘military threat’ to Israel, Iraq, the Gulf oil producers and the US. This outlandish charge is repeatedly made by ZPC ideologues. According to the 2008 edition of the International Institute of Strategic Studies Military Balance, Iran’s total defense spending for 2006 was nearly 55% less than Israel despite having ten times the population of the Jewish state and facing hundreds of US-supported terrorist incursions across its borders. Per capita, Israeli military expenditures were 17 times more than Iran ($1,737 per Israeli — not counting US direct military assistance — versus $110 for each Iranian citizen). It is widely acknowledged that Israel has over 200 nuclear weapons capable of striking Iranian population centers while Iran has none. Israel receives over $3 billion US dollars a year in direct US military aid, including the most advanced offensive military technology — while Iran receives no foreign military aid and has little defensive technology. According to US Budgetary Hearings, from 2009 to 2018 Israel will receive a $30 billion dollar package of direct foreign military financing from the US, while Iran will receive nothing from any foreign state.

Contrary to Israeli and ZPC propaganda, the Gulf States, Iraq and many US military commanders do not consider Iran a military threat, but rather a factor in stabilizing the volatile situation. The Gulf States invited Iran to their annual meetings; Iraqi government leaders meet with Iranian officials on trade and security and Saudi Arabia is following a similar course by inviting Iranian leaders to Mecca for the Hadj.

After the destruction of the secular republic of Iraq, the job of the ZPC has been to push for greater US military aggressin against Israel’s perceived adversaries — Iran being the prime target — by massive falsification of the actual correlation of military forces between Israel and Iran.

Israeli and ZPC Intervention in the US Presidential Elections and Economic Policy

The second task of the ZPC in pursuit of Israel’s agenda is to ensure no major political candidate debates or questions Israeli genocidal policies toward the Palestinians and its military ambitions in the Middle East. In the US Presidential election of 2008, the ZPC’s role is to ensure that all major candidates endorse, support and promote the Israeli political agenda, despite its genocidal policies (see Gideon Levy, “The Lights have been turned off”, Haaretz February 4, 2008) and repudiation of international law. The ZPC has imposed on all presidential candidates Israel’s bellicose posture toward Iran, and its explicit policy of liquidating Hamas political leaders. According to Israeli Minister of Housing and construction, Zeev Boim, “all members of Hamas political leadership are involved in terrorist acts against Israel … so they must be liquidated.” (Israeli Army Radio-Galei Tzahal, February 9, 2008 cited in Haaretz).

The third task of the ZPC is to use their strategic positions in the White House, Treasury, Pentagon and State Department to undermine Iran’s economy, politically isolate it and provoke internal and external confrontations.

Israel 2008: The Theory and Practice of Genocide

Israel has totally shredded any and all verbal commitments made at the Bush-organized Annapolis Middle East Conference in November 2007. The Jewish state is building 1000 new housing units in “Palestinian” East Jerusalem. It allows 100 new settler posts to occupy Palestinian land. It has attacked and killed Palestinian civilians, police and supporters of its ‘negotiating partner’ Abbas throughout the West Bank. Israel retains its 300 checkpoints throughout the West Bank, undermining travel, transport, trade and medical treatment. Jewish colonial settlements expand, further encroaching on Palestinian land, under the flimsy pretext that the peace process only precludes whatever the Jewish officials designate as ‘new settlements’, in effect isolating and reducing Palestinian East Jerusalem into a walled enclave.

Israeli leaders have intensified their military assaults on Gaza, killing nearly 800 and wounding over 1,000 Palestinians since the democratically elected Hamas government took effective control over Gaza in 2007 (‘IDF to step up Gaza Assassinations’ Haaretz February 13, 2008). Worse still they have imposed the genocidal strategy of starving 1.4 million residents of Gaza into submission, practicing the internationally outlawed practice of collective punishment against civilians in order to incite them into overthrowing their elected government. Israeli officials have publicly embraced and defended their totalitarian policies of cutting off electricity generation in the Gaza Strip, thus drastically reducing or eliminating the supply of safe water, halting all sewage treatment, electricity for hospitals, refrigerators, food and vaccine storage, home, school and business lighting. The Israeli Supreme Court has approved this policy of mass, brutal collective punishment of over 1.4 million civilians. (Haaretz February 2, 2008). They have imposed a tight blockade on food and medical supplies resulting in what the United Nations officials and international human rights groups have called a humanitarian disaster of unprecedented magnitude with widespread disease and famine becoming a reality. The Israeli Army blocks even the movement of sick and critically injured children. The Israeli judicial system led by its Supreme Court judges has ruled in favor of the power cuts, bombing of generators and water treatment plants and blockage of food, providing an unprecedented ‘legal’ framework for genocide.

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations have publicly defended Israeli genocidal policies and the ZPC has been successful in securing the support of both major US political parties and presidential candidates for Israeli collective punishment against Palestinian civilians.

Deliberate State Genocide in the Service of Colonial Aggrandizement

Israeli policymakers claim that their totalitarian tactics are a ‘response to ‘rocket attacks’ by Palestinian ‘terrorists’. In fact, there are no attacks from the West Bank — not a single rocket attack throughout the past two years. Even more significant, Israel has repeatedly rejected Hamas’ offer to sign a joint comprehensive long-term ceasefire involving an end to rocket fire in exchange for an end to Israeli military air and tank assaults. All Israeli leaders have categorically rejected Hamas cease-fire offers and have refused to even negotiate with or recognize the duly elected Hamas leadership.

The Jewish state has affirmed its policy of political extraterritorial assassinations of democratically elected political leaders irrespective of rocket or other attacks as part of its strategy of practicing international state terrorism against the Palestinian people, in violation of international law.

In summary, genocide and state terror at the service of ethnic dispossession and racial-ethnic colonial settlements is the openly stated, judicially sanctioned practice of the Israeli state. There is no basis for speaking of a Jewish, Zionist or Israeli ‘conspiracy’ against the Palestinians. State terror is practiced openly and publicly defended by the Supreme Court while international law is publicly dismissed as irrelevant to the extent that it infringes on the freedom of action, expansion and ‘security’ of Jewish territorial ambitions, military superiority in the Middle East and Israeli influence over US Middle East policy.

As Israeli policy makers clearly embrace totalitarian policies, engaging and justifying international assassination of adversaries and the collective punishment of over 1.4 million civilians in Gaza, their political, academic and journalistic apologists rely on unadulterated vituperation and paranoid screeds against Israel’s critics in the US. The now deceased super-Zionist Congress-person Tom Lantos (Democrat California), accused ex-President Carter of being filled with ‘venom’ for comparing the oppression of the Palestinians to South African Apartheid. Zionist zealot, Eugene Kontorovich, Professor of Law [sic] at Northwestern University, claims that the Geneva Conventions do not apply to Israel’s violent seizure and settlement of Palestinian lands (Daily Alert February 15, 2008). Alex Safian ‘refutes’ Professors Walt and Mearsheimer’s classic study of the Israel Lobby in the United States as ‘a fraud’. Israeli Ambassador to Canada, Alan Baker, refers to Israel’s privileging of Jews over Palestinians in the Occupied Territories as ‘the poisonous myth of Israel’s Apartheid’ (National Post-Canada cited in the Daily Alert February 15, 2008).

The violent vituperative language follows the deep frustration that Zionist leaders feel in failing to stem the growing rejection of Israel’s totalitarian politics. Their belief that no one should ever attack Israel’s colonial and racist policies leads them to blind rage, blacklisting, censorship and vicious character assassinations. Israel’s expansionist and militarist policies, in violation of international law, are accompanied by a powerful tendency among mainstream Zionist leaders to reject international law, vilifying the United Nations and insulting the International Court of Justice.

Pro-Israel Western leaders adopt Israel’s paranoid style of politics and translate it into the American political discourse. Zionist zealot and head of US Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, engages in widespread internal espionage of US citizens in violation of constitutional protections. Zionist fanatic, US Attorney General Michael Mulkasy, refused to investigate the illegal, but widely acknowledged practice of torturing suspects in US custody, including water-torture (water-boarding), considering this internationally outlawed torture to be ‘acceptable under certain conditions’. The most egregious example of Israel’s political and intellectual degeneration is found in the logic of its chain of enemies. Israeli military targeting starts with attacking the Palestinian armed resistance; then it extends to their family members, neighbors, their homes, schools, workshops, offices and fields. It implicates civilians, ambulances and food distribution outlets. It proceeds to target the entire community, a whole people, with round-ups of all males less than 45 years of ages. Paranoia leads to verbal assaults of overseas European and US critics of Israeli crimes against humanity. Israeli death squads cross borders and assassinate political leaders, train terrorists in Iraq, Iran, Colombia and elsewhere to weaken countries, regimes and groups, which politically support the Palestinian struggle for independence and sovereignty.

Accompanying the Israeli policy of permanent global war and paranoia are the entire leadership of the Zionist Power Configuration in the US. The ZPC’s introduction of the Israeli paranoid style of politics in our country becomes one of the biggest threats to American freedoms and our desire to avoid Israeli entrapment in another brutal war in the Middle East.

The Zionist Power Configuration: 2008

The ZPC is made up of all the major Jewish organizations, pro-Israel plutocrats, media barons and government officials who are Israel Firsters. In the face of the unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe imposed by Israel’s food and energy blockade of Gaza and its thorough repudiation of the terms of the Annapolis peace negotiation, the Zionist power configuration had its work cut out for it in selling the Israeli genocidal agenda as a defensive, justifiable policy of a peace-loving democracy. The second task of the ZPC was to overcome the 2007 US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran which refuted Israeli and White House propaganda painting Iran as a nuclear threat. The Israeli state propaganda machine went on an all out assault of the NIE, claiming to have superior knowledge of hidden Iranian research programs — without providing a shred of reliable evidence. Once the Israeli state defined its position to the NIE, the entire leadership of the Conference of the Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (CPMAJO), all the major Zionist-controlled propaganda centers (‘think tanks’) and an army of Israel-First academics (self-styled ‘intelligence experts’) and ideologues deluged the print and electronic mass media with attacks on the NIE report, echoing and citing the rhetoric and claims of the Israeli state. The White House and Congress (with few exceptions) followed the line of the ZPC, downplaying and distorting the NIE, escalating their bellicose rhetoric and pressure for sanctions on Iran in the UN Security Council and among the EU and NATO countries. The success of the ZPC in sustaining US confrontational policies against Iran, and forcefully selling the Israeli policy to the US political elite even against the findings and report of all the US intelligence agencies is a measure of the decisive power of the ZPC over US Middle East policy. Never in the entire history of the US has a small and economically insignificant foreign power wielded so much influence over Washington in a strategic region through its overseas representatives over and against the advice of America’s entire intelligence establishment.

The key to Zionist power is its ability to leverage and multiply its influence through non-Zionist congressional, media, pension fund managers, state and municipal officials and a host of trade union, academic and other notables and civic organizations. Strategically placed Zionists focused on the single issue of Israel, bring to bear the economic and organizational resources of their 1 million affiliates, supporters and media publicists on targeting policy makers in all relevant fields. The targeted individuals and organizations representing many millions of American Gentiles and non-Zionist Jews usually capitulate to the pressure or payoffs or are persuaded to follow the lead of the aggressive focused Zionist zealots. The propaganda value of having non-Zionists with a mass organizational base carrying out Israeli policies is immense. Leveraging the ‘others’ allows the pro-Israel liberal ideologues to obfuscate, downplay and dilute the real power of Israel and the ZPC in the making of US Middle East policy. As a consequence, we find what I call ‘mish-mash’ analyses which argue that “The Zionist pro-Israel lobby [sic] is only one of many groups and interests influencing US Middle East policy”. In other words, Zionist leveraged politicians are given a degree of autonomy and attributed a set of interests, which effectively hides Zionist initiatives, pressures and tactical leverage.

In 2008, Zionist direct and leveraged power is manifested in several decisively important areas of US politics, especially in foreign policy.

The ZPC and the Presidential Elections

All of the major presidential candidates have slavishly followed the most extreme pro-Israel positions promoted by the presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations. John McCain, the Republican front-runner declares his unconditional support for Israel’s territorial expansion, settlements and genocidal policy toward Gaza. According to the Jewish weekly, The Forward (February 13, 2008), “On Israel, … McCain has been uncharacteristically conventional. He offers unqualified support, expressed in years of public statements…” The same article emphasizes how, in 2006, McCain capitulated to Zionist pressure in a matter of days by recanting his position on Israel returning to its 1967 borders: “I’ve never held the position that Israeli should return to the 1967 lines and that is not my position today.” On February 7, 2008, McCain defined US-Iranian policy on strictly Zionist terms: “Those (Democratic) senators won’t recognize and seriously address the threat posed by an Iran with nuclear ambitions to our ally Israel in the region.” (McCain’s speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference, February 7, 2008, quoted in Haaretz February 10, 2008). In 2007, McCain happily echoed Israeli demands to bomb Iran with the vulgar and sinister new refrain to an old Beach Boys rock song… “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb… Bomb-bomb Iran”.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have supported every major position and demand of the ZPC: Both have pledged unconditional support for Israel; they have backed Israel’s genocidal policies against Gaza and the expansion of settlements and the total takeover of Jerusalem. Hillary Clinton urges recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital — contrary to the United Nations, the European Union and even the Bush Administration’s position. Zionist ideologues are among the top foreign policy and Middle East advisers of all three top contenders for their party’s presidential nomination. The public record reads Zionist decisive influence over the next US President’s Middle Est policy. The only possible deviation is Obama’s statement that he is willing to negotiate with the Iranian government — a policy that the Bush regime, in part, already practices at a lesser official level via meetings in Iraq. For his minor discrepancy from the Zionist war rhetoric toward Iran, Obama was chastised by Malcolm Hoenlein, head of the CPMAJO (Haaretz January 18, 2008). To compensate for talking too much about ‘change’ which worries the paranoid Jewish leaders, like Hoenlein, Obama went out of his way to blame the civilians living in Gaza for the Israeli campaign to starve them into surrender and called on them to revolt against their democratically-elected Hamas government. The ZPC is the only major national political-social apparatus, which engages in a comprehensive, persistent and intensive campaign to direct US foreign policy into a full-scale (diplomatic, military and economic) confrontation with Iran.

Silencing Potential Critics of the ZPC

Almost every major centrist, leftist or progressive journal, weekly magazine, radio and web site has refused to discuss the singular influence of the ZPC over the Presidential candidates’ Middle East policy — a further indication of the reach and influence of the ZPC. The best indication that the ZPC is not ‘just another lobby’ as Mearsheimer and Walt claim, or a simply another bellicose neo-conservative current of opinion, is found in their slavish adherence to the Israeli state’s policies, even when they blatantly defy and repudiate the right-wing policies of President Bush. At Annapolis (November 2007) President Bush called on Israel to cease building new settlements in order to further peace negotiations. Exactly three months later Israel announced plans to build over 1,000 (1,250) new Jews-only homes in Palestinian East Jerusalem (BBC News, February 12, 2008). The Daily Alert propaganda sheet of the CPMAJO immediately endorsed the Israeli position and set in motion its major lobbyists, op-ed ideologues and media ‘experts’ to justify Israel’s crass repudiation of its agreement with President Bush.

Rather than confront this flagrant, highly public, unilateral and shameful Israeli repudiation of its agreement with the White House, President Bush, Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice, and Defense Secretary Gates all played ‘Mickey the Dunce’. White House press secretary, Dana Perino, claimed she had not seen the report about Israel’s plans to build new apartments in East Jerusalem — though it was ‘news’ in all the mass electronic and print media. In fear of the ZPC, Perino responded as if the entire affair was simply a problem for the Palestinians: “But obviously, there is no doubt that an announcement of that sort (building 1,125 new Jews-only segregated apartments) would make the Palestinians concerned” (Santa Barbara News-Press February 12, 2008).

Zionist Power: Treasury Department

Within the government, the principal architect and key operative of the US worldwide campaign to strangle the Iranian economy is a top Treasury Department official, Stuart Levey, a zealous Zionist and key agent of the ZPC in the executive branch. Levey has successfully browbeat the reticent, persuaded the gullible and teamed up with co-thinkers who control state, municipal and private pension funds to withdraw investments from any enterprise which deals with Iran. Levey is a major architect of the Treasury’s economic sanctions policy, which Washington has promoted in the United Nations Security Council. Levey’s policies have succeeded in blocking Iranian private bank transactions. They have received the support of the White House and the National Security Council despite the NIE report, which found that Iran was not engaged in a nuclear weapons program. Mohamed El Baradei and the International Atomic Energy Agency have confirmed the position of the NIE (Associated Press, February 23, 2008). Unlike Levey, the NIE and the IAEA are agencies, which are not influenced by the Zionist power configuration.

Nevertheless, the Israeli demands (pushed by the ZPC) for further sanctions based on unfounded claims of continued nuclear arms programs trumps the NIE and IAEA intelligence findings. The White House, France, England and Germany demand new and harsher sanctions against Iran. Never in the history of Israeli influence over US Middle East policy has the pro-Israel power configuration had so much influence as it has today: The US government (President to Congress to Presidential hopefuls) repudiates its own intelligence agencies in favor of the ‘intelligence’ claims of a foreign power. Never has the US Treasury Department been so influenced by Israel Firsters, like Stuart Levey, Daniel Glaser and their colleagues in putting the interests of Israel above and beyond the interests of the major US and European oil companies.

At every AIPAC meeting since 2004, in every publication of the Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations over the past 5 years, in each and every state and citywide conference of Jewish community councils, every effort has been made to promote US military action or economic sanctions against Iran. In fact, the ZPC escalated its campaign against Iran after the NIE was published and intensified their campaign in favor of Israel’s fabricated ‘intelligence claims’ (Daily Alert, November 2007–February 2008). The dual power position of Israel Firsters in key policy positions and civil society defines their influence over US Middle East policy.

The International Dimension

The US ZPC has been immensely aided in securing its bellicose anti-Iranian agenda by the appointments of prominent Zionists to key foreign policy positions in England and France. David Milliband, the British Foreign Minister, has close family ties with Jewish settlers from Britain colonizing the occupied West Bank. During a visit to Israel, he spent several days with Israeli officials and an evening with his relatives, while totally ignoring the issue of the 1.4 million Palestinians in Gaza suffering from Israel’s genocidal blockade. Milliband has been a fierce defender of keeping the ‘military option on the table’, heightening economic sanctions against Iran and is an unconditional supporter of Israel’s brutal policy preventing the shipment of food and fuel from reaching the suffering people of the Gaza strip.

Bernard Kouchner, the French Foreign Minister is a lifelong zealous Zionist who, upon taking office, pronounced himself in favor of a military attack on Iran ‘if negotiations fail’. As the new Foreign Minister, Kouchner went to US occupied Iraq and praised the occupation and puppet ‘government’ despite the over 1 million civilian deaths and 4 million destitute refugees which has resulted from the invasion and occupation. Kouchner (appointed by French President Sarkozy — under pressure from the Zionists), like president Bush gave strong backing to any Israeli ‘military pre-emptive action’ (offensive military assault), though a strong negative reaction from the French public forced him to tone down his overt support of Israeli military actions.

With such powerful political allies and co-thinkers in the American, French and British governments and the controlling role of the ZPC over US policymakers in the United Nations, it comes as no surprise that Israel received no reprimand for its daily murders and abductions of civilians and Palestinian officials in Gaza and the West Bank. Zionist power prevents the UN from even applying its own basic international principles to prosecute crimes against humanity, including torture and collective punishment. Since its founding in the late 19th century and its spread to the US, especially after WWII, organized Zionism has never been so influential in so many spheres of government and had so much control over US Middle East policy as it possesses today. Most major pro-Israel Jewish leaders in moments of candor have publicly acknowledged that they are at the pinnacle of influence, to the effect that ‘we have never had an administration as favorable to Israel as under President Bush.’ Certainly this is an understatement that speaks to an underlying truth: Never has the US engaged in a very costly Middle Eastern war to benefit a foreign power; never has the US deliberately prevented big oil companies from signing billion dollar oil contracts by imposing economic sanctions on Iran in order to weaken a regional opponent of Israel.

The Show Must Go On

Not only does the ZPC directly influence US policy against Palestine, Iraq and Iran, but it has extended its campaign against ‘third parties’, countries like China which have economic relations with Sudan (a Muslim nation with an independent foreign policy which supports Palestinian rights). To an overwhelming degree, the propaganda campaign behind the so-called “Darfur genocide campaign’ is the Israeli state and its political apparatus in the US, namely the ZPC. Most of the media celebrities, led by prominent Hollywood Zionist director Steven Spielberg, have engaged in an exercise of selective moral indignation — supporting Israel, while ignoring its starvation blockade of Gaza, supporting the US occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq while attacking China for its ‘immoral’ oil contracts with the Sudan. The CPMAJO has focused on the Darfur ‘genocide’ because by doing so it favors the brutal separatists in southern Sudan, armed and advised by Israel, as a means of depriving pro-Palestinian Sudan of a large oil rich region in the south of the country. The Darfur campaign deliberately and systematically excludes any mention of the Israeli Supreme Court’s approval of Israel’s food and fuel blockade and deliberate prevention of the movement of medical personnel in Gaza and the West Bank, its approval of Israel’s practice of torture (‘forceful interrogations’), armed assaults on the vital infrastructure and civilian population centers of Gaza.

Hollywood’s Darfur sideshow is a sham propaganda effort at selective humanitarian concern, which does not deviate a millimeter from the official line promoted by the Israeli state and publicized in the US by the Daily Alert, the principle bulletin of the ZPC.

ZPC: Scorecard for 2008

From January to the middle of February 2008, Israeli had killed, wounded and arrested nearly a thousand Palestinians, mostly but not exclusively from Gaza. Over half of those killed, arrested and wounded were unarmed civilians, the rest include Hamas and PLO security officials, militia members and anti-colonial resistance fighters. Of the 700 primitive rockets and shells launched from Gaza, not a single Israeli Jew was killed and fewer than a dozen suffered serious bodily harm. Only a contract farm laborer from Ecuador died on the Israeli side from the rockets.

In a speech to Jewish-American leaders in mid-February, Prime Minister Olmert spelled out the gist of Israel’s totalitarian strategy. According to the BBC News (February 18, 2008): “Mr Olmert said, ‘Israel had a free hand to respond and attack anyone who has any kind of responsibility. This applied to everyone, first and foremost Hamas,” [my emphasis]. The entire leadership of the major Jewish organizations, whole-heartedly approved the use of unrestrained and unlimited violence (a ‘free hand’) against the entire Palestinian population (‘any kind of responsibility’), which would include individuals who transport, feed, educate, shelter, vote for or interact with Hamas, their family members, friends, neighbors — 99% of the residents of Gaza. Giving priority to targeting ‘first and foremost Hamas’ includes several hundred thousand voters who elected Hamas in free and democratic elections.

The ZPC has succeeded in securing the near unanimous US Congressional support for Israel’s mass arrests and daily assaults on Gaza, even when a few mass media outlets published photos of Israeli colonial soldiers parading eighty arbitrarily arrested Palestinian civilians bound and blindfolded to notorious Israeli interrogation centers (BBC News February 18, 2008) for unlimited detention with no legal guarantees against physical and psychological torture.

The ZPC has swamped the US mass media with praise of Israel’s cross border assassinations, such as the international political murder of Hizbullah leader, Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus, Syria (Daily Alert February 15, 2008). Reproducing articles from the Israeli press (Jerusalem Post, Haaretz) and Zionist think tanks and weeklys (Washington Institute for Near East Policy, New York Jewish Week, YNET News, CAMERA, New York Sun, and Middle East Strategy at Harvard) the Daily Alert has provided legitimacy to international assassinations by official state-directed death squads thereby extending the violence and counter-violence throughout the world. This is a fact recognized by the US FBI and Israeli officials. Heads of the Israeli international secret police, the MOSSAD, openly acknowledge the role of Israeli assassinations in provoking terrorist reprisals by putting a world-wide alert to Jews to avoid Islamic and Arab countries as well as locations where “there is a high concentration of Israelis” (Prime Minister’s Office, reprinted in the Daily Alert February 15, 2008). The Israeli practice of staging international assassinations of opposition leaders in major cities will not only invite retaliation against Israelis and Jews but also endanger sites in the US and EU, for tolerating these acts of state-sponsored terror. In other words, Israeli terror invites terrorist counter attacks like September 11, 2001. Israel, by provoking a new round in the Palestinian ‘war through global terror’ and the US and EU by embracing an Israeli car bomb assassination in Damascus endanger Western lives everywhere. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, their publicists and op-ed ideologues in the mass media are opening the entire Western world to terrorist attacks. By supporting Israeli terror and increasing the chance of Muslim reprisals, the ZPC strengthens the repressive structure of a growing police state in the US. (The ‘professional’ killing by Israeli operatives of a major figure in Damascus, Syria raises the question of the role of Israeli operatives in the as-yet unsolved series of car bomb assassinations in Lebanon — given Israel’s desire to maintain a state of internal tension in that country.) The brilliant and precocious Ivy League academic apologists of each and every act of official Israeli state-sponsored international terror apparently dissociate these acts of assassination from likely reprisals in our country and the consequent further destruction of our remaining precarious democratic freedoms. Could it be that Zionist American intellectuals welcome more US police state agencies and laws in order to prosecute a rising number of Americans who are critical of Zionist influence over the American political process? They might do well to recall that police state structures and laws could be used against them in the future.

Except for a small, courageous and isolated band of Anglo-American- Canadian Jewish intellectuals and academics, all the mainline Jewish organizations raised not a single question, let alone criticism regarding Israel’s role in instigating international terror.

From the beginning of the year, the ZPC has intensified its campaign to strangle the Iranian economy through US-promoted sanctions in the UN. They raised the ante in demonizing Iran as a military-nuclear threat to Israel, the US and the Gulf States. Almost a third of every issue of the Daily Alert (from January 1 to February 20, 2008) is devoted to reproducing propaganda pieces from Israeli officials claiming the Iranians are a nuclear threat and are advancing toward nuclear war. They repeat Israeli propaganda about an ‘existential threat to the survival of Israel’. The CPMAJO never mention that Israel has a current Middle East monopoly of over 200 nuclear weapons and missiles. Since most leading US Zionists believe that they will not have another President as servile to Israeli interests as the current President Bush (a doubtful proposition) they are pushing hard to find a pretext for a US attack or an Israeli strike backed by Washington before Bush leaves office. While the White House has raised its bellicose rhetoric and aggressively pursued new sanctions, Washington and its backers in the ZPC have failed to isolate Iran. In late 2007 and into 2008, Iranian officials met with top Iraqi politicians in Baghdad and Tehran, reached agreements with US military officials to stabilize Iraq, addressed the Gulf Cooperation Council at their annual meeting in Doha. Meanwhile the Saudi monarch invited Iranian President Ahmadinejad to fulfill the Hadj pilgrimage in Mecca in December 2007 ( Al Jazeera, February 16, 2008). In other words, the ZPC’s militarist anti-Iran strategy has succeeded in isolating the US form its conservative Gulf allies, split US civilians and military policymakers and cost major US and EU oil companies over $20 billion dollars in lost Iranian oil contracts. While the ZPC, via its influence in the mass media and contributions to the leading presidential candidates, has shaped elite opinion in defense of Israeli genocide in Gaza and war policy toward Iran, it has failed to ‘turn’ the great majority of the American public opposed to Middle East wars from favoring the prompt withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and condemning the officially acknowledged use of torture in detainee interrogations.

Cracks in the Zionist Monolith

There are even some cracks in the ZPC monolithic control of public debate on the Israeli colonization of Palestine and the disastrous role of the pro-Israel power configuration in formulating US domestic security and war policy. Despite the Daily Alert‘s reproduction of at least a dozen vitriolic, histrionic, ad hominem attacks on professors Mearsheimer and Walt and their book on the Israel Lobby and former President Jimmy Carter’s book on the Israeli apartheid policy against Palestinians, the issues Mearsheimer, Walt, and Carter raise have circulated widely and continue to influence millions of Americans. Jewish critics, both secular and religious, Zionist and anti-Zionist (especially the younger generations), are publicly challenging the pretense of the mainline Jewish organizations’ claim to speak for the Jewish community with regard to Israel and US Middle East policy.

Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, a primarily anti-Zionist Jewish organization, has joined with the province of Ontario’s biggest public sector trade union in denouncing Israeli colonial policy in Palestine and challenging Zionist dominance of the Jewish community and influence over the Canadian trade union movement.

Major protestant denominations in the United States, including the Presbyterians and Methodists are supporting divestment of US companies aiding Israel’s brutal colonial rule in the West Bank and Gaza. In the first week of February, the student government at the London School of Economics voted by an overwhelming majority in favor of divestment campaign against companies supporting Israeli occupation. A growing number of universities organized well-attended teach-ins throughout North America, protesting Israel’s apartheid regime and policy, despite vitriolic attacks from prominent Jewish administrators and Zionist academics.

Top US military commanders, active and retired, have taken initiatives that directly contravene the ZPC dictates on Iran by praising its cooperation in stabilizing Iraq and playing a critical supporting role in overthrowing the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The major intelligence agencies in the US report on Iran’s absence of a nuclear weapon development program, contradicting the propaganda line of the Administration. This has struck a powerful blow against the ZPC warmongers and their Israel-First agents in the Treasury Department (Levey, Glaser), the National Security Council (Elliott Abrams), the White House (Joshua Bolton), State Department (Wolfowitz) and Pentagon (Shumsky).

We are engaged in a life and death struggle against war, terror and genocide — against Imperial and Zionist barbarism. As the ZPC push for a military confrontation with Iran before Bush leaves office; as the ZPC back Israel’s policy of economic blockades to starve the people of Gaza, assassinate its leaders and shred all public order in Gaza; as the ZPC back Israeli state-sponsored extra-territorial murders (likely to provoke new terror retaliatory attacks in the US and EU and the end of democratic freedoms in America); and as the ZPC actively support the shredding of constitutional and judicial liberties of American citizens and residents and the expansion of a repressive security state, we should recognize the following: In the final instance, in fighting the ZPC, we should be aware of powerful enemies in high places, acting against the interests of our country. But we should recognize we also have enormous support among the American people and even tactical allies among some officials in the military and intelligence community. We have a new generation of active dissident Christian, secular and Jewish critics of Israel and the ZPC, as well as billions of supporters among Muslims world wide, among secular Arabs and the majority of citizens in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. Above all, we are defending our own, hard-won democratic freedoms, our own families’ and communities’ security from Israeli-provoked terrorist attacks and, even more important, our right to develop policies in the interest of the American people, free from the dictates of Israel and its agents.

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  1. sk said on February 25th, 2008 at 10:29am #

    This is the nihilism that lies at the end of the road of the Zionist project. Those who’ve allowed themselves to be leveraged into this project had better keep that end in mind. As Eric Hobsbawm, who was a 15 year old schoolboy in Berlin when the Nazis came to power, put it:

    The logical implication of trying to create a continent neatly divided into coherent territorial states, each inhabited by a separate ethnically and linguistically homogeneous population, was the mass expulsion or extermination of minorities. Such was and is the murderous reductio ad absurdum of nationalism in its territorial version, although this was not fully demonstrated until the 1940s. …The homogeneous territorial nation could now be seen as a programme that could be realized only by barbarians, or at least by barbarian means.

  2. Michael Kenny said on February 25th, 2008 at 12:57pm #

    The only real complaint I have is that I wish that Professor Petras would write his articles in ENGLISH, and not is this dreadful 1930s gobbledygook!

    The interesting at the moment is that the Israel Lobby seems to be running out of money, no doubt due to the collapsing US economy. First, an American general wants to change the “everybody pay for themselves” rule in NATO and spread the cost among all members. That won’t fly in Europe but in cold war days, US money was never in short supply.

    At the same time, another US general is prancing around the West Bank with an Israeli colleague, calling for a NATO force to come into the area to save money for the Israelis (English translation: for the US taxpayer). That won’t fly in Europe either!

    Thirdly, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is back in Europe, wandering up and down with her begging bowl looking for someone to pay for her bodyguards. Indeed, her bowl was rattled on this very website a few days ago in the guise of feminism! This woman is employed by the American Enterprise Institute! If an Israel Lobby think tank can’t even afford to hire bodyguards for its staffers …!

    In other words, the US economy is in such an advanced state of collapse that the Israel Lobby is having to beg for money in Europe! Now, isn’t that good news!

  3. Ray Ralph said on February 25th, 2008 at 3:55pm #

    “In fighting the ZPC . . . we are defending our own hard won democratic freedoms, our own families’ and communities’ security from Israeli-provoked terrorist attacks, and . . . our right to develop policies in the interests of the American people, free from the dictates of Israel and its agents.” Freedom versus Zionist and Imperialist Barbarianism!!!

  4. Deadbeat said on February 25th, 2008 at 5:44pm #

    It’s never too “late”. People once thought slavery and racial apartheid would never be defeated. History is not over and Zionism will eventually be defeated.

  5. Joshua Frank said on February 25th, 2008 at 11:36pm #

    I think Petras is on a slippery slope with his ZPC (I too wish he wrote in English, and not 1930s vernacular) analysis.

    When you lump the so-called “Jewish Lobby”, the “Zionist Lobby”, and the “Israel Lobby” together in to one, you are riding on the fragile track to legitimate antisemitism. A review at MRZine noted this awhile ago when they looked at Petras’ book on the subject.

    I tend to side with Norman Finkelstein’s qualm with Petras’ belief that individual “Zionists” alone control US policy in the region:

    “There is this notion that somehow they are managing to distort and deform US policy in a crucial region, on a crucial resource, doesn’t, in my opinion, have any basis in fact. It defies any kind of reason or any kind of common sense reasoning – especially coming from, in my youth, I used to be a student of James Petras at SUNY Binghamton from 1971-74 and he used to be a Marxist and at that time he would tell you how people in power act from interests, which spring from …a basis in which they are the main beneficiaries.

    …Mr. Wolfowitz…, Mr Feith and all the others…their power springs from the American state. If Israel gets stronger, their power does not increase. If the United States gets weaker, their power decreases. So now we are having this weird phenomenon of people, due to their ethnic loyalties, are willing to strengthen another state and thereby weaken the sources of power from which their power comes…that doesn’t sound believable.”

  6. Deadbeat said on February 26th, 2008 at 1:20am #

    …Mr. Wolfowitz…, Mr Feith and all the others…their power springs from the American state. If Israel gets stronger, their power does not increase. If the United States gets weaker, their power decreases.…Mr. Wolfowitz…, Mr Feith and all the others…their power springs from the American state. If Israel gets stronger, their power does not increase. If the United States gets weaker, their power decreases.

    If your premise is correct you are making several unverifiable assumptions about Wolfowitz motives that you do not clearly explain. Wolfowitz, who authored PNAC, clearly conflates American interest with that of Israel. Therefore Wolfowitz could be conflating the expansion of Israeli interests with the expansion of American interests.

    Also, Petras identifies American Zionism. This is an aspect that I find the left refusing to address if not outright ignore. The left seems to believe that Zionism emanates solely from Israel and then dismisses and diverts the dialog using the strawman of Israel controlling U.S. foreign policy.
    Having this strawman allows the Zionist left to cry “antisemitism” when that is not the argument being made but it makes for nice theater.

    Clearly it may be impossible to prove whether Israel is actually controlling U.S. policy and is totally irrelevant.
    What is true and much easier to prove is the prevailing acculturation of Zionism upon the United States especially U.S. Middle East policy and its grip on the political process.
    That problem is the real focus of Dr. Petras when he address the failure of the left and especially the deifying of such leftist Zionist like Noam Chomsky who downplays the influence of Zionism in the Unites States.

    The real battle ground of Zionism is not Israel but WITHIN the United States. The first step is to stop the canard that the war in Iraq was for oil and “imperialism” and to realize the racist aspect of Zionism and it had done and is doing to American society.

  7. Jerry D. Rose said on February 26th, 2008 at 4:58am #

    I head somewhere (whether this is true I don’t know) that Lenin once said he didn’t wear a beard because, in a political debate, an opponent could “tweak your beard” rather than respond to your argument. So with the issue of Professor Petras’ “English.” I understood him well enough and I should have thought that critics would (try to) refute his allegations of fact rather than “tweak” his language. As it stands, I think his is quite a comprehensive (and frightening) description of the real power of the “Israel lobby” which seems to go far beyond what even Walt and Mearsheimer understood about it.

  8. jaime said on February 26th, 2008 at 9:50am #

    “As it stands, I think his is quite a comprehensive (and frightening) description of the real power of the “Israel lobby” which seems to go far beyond what even Walt and Mearsheimer understood about it.”

    I’m with Jerry. The first thing that all of us should do when we get up in the morning is to look under our beds for lurking Zionists and suspected Zionists. Pesky critters them Zionists.

  9. Deadbeat said on February 27th, 2008 at 12:37am #

    Petras describes not an “Isreal lobby” but a structure of power and mindset that advance Zionism. Zionism is no different than what racism was to the United States in during the 1950. It is an ideology that is also part of the culture as well as the political economy. What makes Zionism in the U.S much more insidious is the lack of desire to confront it and openly take a stance against it. The left in particular tends to associate Zionism solely with Israel and not as an ideology that has a great deal of influence upon our society be it culture and politics.

    Jamie ridicule is to personify Zionism (look under our beds). That is not the point. The point is the dispersion among the society and especially the power centers of the racist IDEOLOGY of Zionism. A good example of that was tonight debate when Obama was asked to genuflect to the ideology of Zionism. Hillary Clinton was all to ready to kiss ass.

  10. Mike McNiven said on February 27th, 2008 at 2:24am #

    Thank you Dr.Petras!

    Also, BHO in the same context:

  11. hp said on February 27th, 2008 at 8:41am #

    And in the meantime, the planning for the oil pipeline from Kikurk to Haifa presses on. “It’s not a pipe dream,” says Netanyahu.
    This is what those kids are dying for.
    Not for Saddam’s WMD.
    Not for freedom and democracy.
    But for the phony baloney parasite state’s security and needs. Needs which trump the needs of the USA in the minds and deeds of the traitorous Israeli firster so-called dual citizens and their complicit congress partners.
    People are learning, realizing the more things change, the more they remain the same..

  12. sd said on February 27th, 2008 at 8:02pm #

    Thank you, Dr. Petras

  13. Mulga Mumblebrain said on February 27th, 2008 at 9:56pm #

    Petras outlines the influence of Israel on US politics. Now, surely, this cannot be denied. Apart from stories, true or apocryphal, of Sharon boasting that ‘We, the Jewish people control the US’, the proof of the pudding is surely in the eating. Congress, over 400 representatives or whatever, lacks a single voice to decry Israel’s racism and barbarism. The media, more oligopolistic than ever is controlled by a number of Jewish billionaires, none of whom have a record of being other than fervent Zionists. This media is infamous for the rank bias towards Israel and against the Palestinians, the suppression of facts, the twisting of arguments, the double-standards. All, of course, furiously denied despite the evidence before our eyes, until an occasional brouhaha reveals jack-booted editorial interference to suppress stories not in Israel’s interest.
    Then there is the US role in protecting Israel at the UN. International humanitarian law concerning group punishment, arbitrary arrest, detention without trial, torture, home destruction, use of forbidden weapons, assassinations and murder of bystanders all do not apply to Israel. Fourteen out of fifteen justices of the International Court of Justice find the West Bank concentration camp wall illegal, so the judges are traduced as anti-Semites and ‘friends of terror’, then their judgment goes down the memory hole. On and on, for over forty years, one racist state, where full citizenship is determined solely on racial criteria, where the Arab minority are treated as third-class citizens, barely tolerated, threatened over and over by the extreme Right with eventual expulsion, forced to live in certain villages, with the worst schools, the worst health provisions, with military bases nearby. making them targets in time of war, sits smugly and endlessly self-righteouly above human judgment.
    The Zionists never engage in debate. It’s redundant. They prefer invective, denigration or abuse.They are above the rest. As Kook the Elder said, ‘There is a greater difference between the soul f a Jew and a non-Jew than there is between the soul of a non-Jew and an animal’. Do we think this is some sort of joke? If taken seriously, as those who believe it surely do, the Zionist project become much more sinister. Israel could long ago have had peace, accepted the Saudi scheme of 2002, reiterated since, and lived in peace with its neighbours. But it has no intention of so doing. Not only are the Gazans being starved into submission, not only is Oded Yinon’s ‘Zionist Plan for the Middle East’ unfolding in millions of dead in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and, soon, Iran, but the relentless theft of West Bank land continues day after day. I mean, why do we disbelieve Herzl, Ben-Gurion and all the rest, who spoke of a God-ordained Eretz Yisrael from the Nile to the Euphrates? Why do we pretend that a belligerent, racist state whose ruling fundamentalist ideology lays claim to most of its neighbour’s land, whose priestly caste curses both ‘Western morality’ in its refusal to kill civilians in time of war, and those Jews who would give away one inch or the ‘Land of Israel’, is simply intent on living in peace with its neighbours?
    Zionist control of the US is surely unprecedented in history. That these same Zionists and their allies, through the neo-conservative movement are also intent on establishing US, and hence, in my opinion, Israeli global ‘full-spectrum domination’, perpetually, must be admitted. The plans are transparent, open, boasted about. The only argument is between those who see such a development as heralding a Golden Era of global submission to the racially and culturally superior forces of the West, or those who see it as ushering in a new Dark Age, made all the gloomier by the light of perverted religiosity. I’m in the latter camp.
    Israel’s biggest gamble, its real ‘make or break’ gambit, is the unfolding anti-China campaign. Israel does not, nor can it, control China the way it controls the US. Thus, if the Zionist project is to fulfill its divinely ordained promise, China’s rise must be de-railed. As Petras points out, the unspeakable hypocrisy over Darfur is a straw in the wind. We can expect much more from that quarter in the near future. The dragon may turn out to be one beast even mighty Yahweh and his Earthly forces cannot bring to heel.

  14. jaime said on February 27th, 2008 at 10:51pm #

    7,000,000 people in Israel.
    What do you want to do with them Mulga?
    Gas chambers?
    March them into the sea?

  15. Mulga Mumblebrain said on February 27th, 2008 at 11:37pm #

    You are, in my opinion, clinically bonkers, jaime. You leave them inside the Green Line, armed to the teeth. But then they’ll probably turn on each other, Israel being a radically unequal society as it is. Some may even be allowed by the Palestinians to live inside Palestine, so long as they behave themselves. Just where do you get the lunacy that asking the Israelis to cease destroying the Palestinians amounts to the Israelis extermination? Are you really that barking mad, or is this some sort of grim hypocrisy, somehow meant to tar every comment but groveling boot-licking as ‘anti-Semitism’. It doesn’t impress or persuade anyone. You just demean yourself.

  16. jaime said on February 28th, 2008 at 8:36am #

    Well, me Bucko, you spend so much key board time denouncing the existence Israel and Israelis. that surely you have some kind of end game in mind. As near as we can tell the only satisfactory answer is that you can’t be happy until Israel, and Israelis cease to exist.

    Otherwise why elkse would you be going on like this?
    Of course, you could be mentally ill, too.

  17. hp said on February 28th, 2008 at 12:13pm #

    I have an idea what to do with them, Jaime. Adding another 15 million or so to Israel will pretty much do it. Then the rest of us can get on with the business of living without the, well…., lets just say, distraction.

  18. Mulga Mumblebrain said on February 28th, 2008 at 12:18pm #

    Poor old jaime. I suppose it could be some type of dyslexia, unable to comprehend simple English. Israel inside..the..Green..Line-now there, it’s not so hard is it? Of course your real game is far more sinister, far more vicious. Simply ignore any peace offers, and get on with the real task at hand, creating Eretz Yisrael, ‘from the brook of Egypt to the Euphrates’. And have lots of fun blowing up kids playing in fields, forcing old men at check-points to urinate on each other, bulldoze cripples in their wheel-chairs etc. Not to forget jaime’s own speciality-turning Gaza into a parking lot. Do you ever gaze into the mirror, jaime and imagine that some spooky process of transference has turned you into a little Chosen Nazi? I mean, reveling in the prospect of turning over one million imprisoned people into asphalt can scarcely credibly be tendered as evidence of ‘moral purity’, now can it?

  19. LanceThruster said on February 28th, 2008 at 2:07pm #

    I think Prof. Petras does quite a good job of supporting his contentions. The typical counter is to mock the very notion that individuals operating in concert have any impact. History has shown that the good old boy network of the white male power configuration was very successful in keeping a tight grasp of power even if every single white male was not in on the control. And much as with Zionism, they felt that it was in their interest to support the group, regardless of the level in the ranks that they occupied.

    People with no direct benefit from tribal affiliation still tend to defend it merely through the peer pressure of expectations and group inclusion. Thus, any claim that a particular position is somehow bad for Israel or the Jews morphs into a threat of total annihilation. The memes of fear are far more persuasive than any rational argument. That is how we are wired.

  20. Mulga Mumblebrain said on February 28th, 2008 at 7:34pm #

    I see a new prospect emerging. It does seem that the Zionists are tired of merely pulling the strings from behind the scenes. The election of Mossad asset Sarkozy in France, after the mysterious setting-up and elimination of de Villepin as alternative Right candidate, signals, in my opinion, a more assertive phase of direct Zionist influence. Sarkozy has moved to introduce a system of Holocaust memorialisation into French schools where schoolchildren are to ‘adopt’ the memory of a child killed in the Judeocide. An admirable idea, on the surface, but where will be the Gypsy children, or the children whose lives were destroyed during France’s colonial rule? Nowhere of course! Certain victims are more precious, their lives more precious, their souls more precious, their blood more precious, than other victims of human cruelty.
    In the US McCain seems set to appoint the ubiquitous Joe Lieberman as his Vice-Presidential partner. Whether Lieberman will be satisfied with being McCain’s Cheney, patient enough to wait eight years before having a go at the top prize, or whether McCain had better look out for banana skins, only time will tell. But, can you imagine a US led by President Lieberman? The mind boggles.
    Just to round out the take-over, David Miliband is openly being groomed in the UK to take over from Brown. The same Miliband who takes time out from ‘peace-making’ in the Middle East to visit settler relatives on the West Bank. One suspects the Zionists must shortly o’erreach themselves, with potentially unfortunate consequences. But nothing seems likely to stop them, short of concerted resistance, if that is still possible in societies where any commentary on Israel other than groveling obsequiousness, will be shouted down as ‘anti-Semitism’.

  21. maryb said on February 29th, 2008 at 1:53am #

    In the UK, the BBC is the state funded public service TV and radio broadcaster and Today on Radio 4 is their flagship current affairs programme. The bias that is displayed towards the Israeli agenda is now notorious. This is a post I have just left on a sites called medialens which comments on the distortion in our media. I do not need to say more.
    BBC Radio 4 Today – Prosor propaganda
    Posted by maryb on February 29, 2008, 8:06 am

    The programme’s response to the carnage inflicted on the prisoners of Gaza over the last two days, ie 30 killed including 8 innocent children and a 6 month old baby, was to get Prosor (Israeli ambassador to UK) to hold forth using his usual script (at around 7.35am). No other opinions were sought or given – we could only listen endlessly to phrases such as ‘Israel has to defend itself’. Worse to come promises Mr Prosor.

    As I write, he is given yet more airtime on the 8am bulletin. It is beyond belief.

    Very little in the way of penetrating questions was asked about the IDF’s disproportionate action. The BBC webpage headline is more accurate – ‘Israel forces pound Gaza Strip’.

    My response is this slide show giving the actuality.

    Would anyone here know how to find out the name of the editor responsible for Today’s output this morning.


  22. sk said on February 29th, 2008 at 3:42am #

    maryb, check this out.

  23. jaime said on February 29th, 2008 at 9:40am #

    Do you suppose the 2,000 missiles that the Gazans fired at Israel in February had anything to do with it?

    What’s your address MaryB?

    We’ll arrange for random drive by shootings at your home or apt. . See how you like that.

    The above was offered not as a threat, but as sarcastic humour.

  24. hp said on February 29th, 2008 at 11:03am #

    Just like the Israelis arrange for the firing of those missiles, when needed?

  25. Angie Tibbs said on March 1st, 2008 at 5:17pm #

    This essay by Dr. James Petras is one of the most compelling I’ve read respecting the terrorist state of Israel and its supporters in the US, Canada, the UK, and elsewhere world wide.

    His in-depth knowledge of this often shamefully tiptoed-around topic is immediately evident, is factually correct, straight forward article, well researched (with footnotes or citations for ease of reference), and he has presented same in a no-nonsense manner within a readable format. There is no ambiguity here, no asinine semantics, just the grim, sick, brutal reality of Israeli terrorism.

    This article is of monumental import especially for those who, deliberately or otherwise, are not fully cognizant of the ongoing atrocities of Israel against the Palestinian people, the unprecedented power it wields over the United States (its politicians, media, and all else besides), its global assassinations, sadistic war criminals, terrorists masquadering as an army, and a propaganda machine that churns out one repulsive lie after another after another on a never-ending basis.

    Bravo, Dr. Petras! Bravo, Dissident Voice!

    In the “comments” section I noted one Michael Kenny prattling about Dr. Petras’ inability to write in English, causing me to question MK’s comprehension skills. “1930s gobblygook” yet! With an all encompassing analytical overview of that magnitude who needs . . .

    But wait! What’s this? A spiel from Joshua Frank. In complete disbelief and astonishment I read that Mr. Frank wishes Dr. Petras “wrote in English” (a co-editor of a progressive newsletter expressing agreement with a poster of dubious analytical powers?) Does Mr. Frank also have a comprehension problem? Or has DV taken it upon itself to critique the writing style of other progressives? I note, however, that Mr. Frank’s use of “slippery slope” indicates at least a working knowledge of cliches.

    To suggest, no, to insinuate that Dr. Petras is “riding on the fragile track to legitimate antisemitsm” is so insulting as to be completely unacceptable and unworthy of someone listed as co-editor of a “radical newsletter in the struggle for peace and social justice”. One expects supporters of Israeli terrorism to toss about the much used and abused “anti semitism” and its derivatives. It’s a common tool used to silence criticism of the terrorist state of Israel. But when a co-editor of Dissident Voice starts accusing someone of Dr. Petras’ stature of “legitimate antisemitism”, this is beyond abhorrent.

    Then as if to bolster his anemic analysis of Dr. Petras’ work, Mr. Frank drags Norman Finkelstein into the mix. Which means — what? Are we to believe that Norman Finkelstein is somehow superior to Dr. Petras, akin, perhaps, to God Almighty, himself? And that by quoting him, no further comment is required? He wishes!

    Playing semantics with respect to Jewish power in the United States is a foolish waste of time. In Israel this power is bragged about; gloated over; laughed about. In the US, politicians and the media minimize it, deny it, and simultaneously attack people like Dr. Petras, Jimmy Carter, and all others who speak out. Like it is some kind of major secret that must be kept from the American people at all costs. Hell, not!

    Our prime concern right now should be how many more Palestinian men, women, and children are going to be murdered today by Isreali terrorists while our gutless government leaders watch in silence, held hostage by evil, as the creeping transfer, the extermination of the Palestinian people continues unabated, and what we, as concerned citizens of the world, can do about it.

    Thus, when Dr. Petras and others of his courageous spirit speak out, they should be applauded. Unfortunately, there is always someone attempting to silence them. How tragically unacceptable is that?

  26. hp said on March 1st, 2008 at 8:12pm #

    It’s called having your cake and eating it too. Playing both sides. These guys invented it, among other things..

  27. D.R. Munro said on March 2nd, 2008 at 8:54pm #

    Has anyone yet noticed that Jamie spends all of . . . uhhhh . . . its? time displaying moronic sarcasm, and none of its time actually defending its position?