Defining Israeli Zionist Racism: Part 5

Section 1: Analysis of Israeli Zionist Racism [Continuation]

E: Reports by Israeli Media

Martin Frost’s blog reprinted a comment to an article written by an Israeli journalist, Aviram Zino, who, under the title “Racism on the rise in the Jewish state”, reported on the status of racism in Israel. (The source of Martin Frost was the Israeli Insider, an online Israeli daily news magazine.)

Israel’s Declaration of Independence promises, “Complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants, irrespective of religion, race or sex.”

According to a recent poll, however, the majority of Israelis see racism in the Jewish State as worse than a decade ago.

The Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) recently conducted a poll in honor of Anti-Racism Day, in which 502 adult Jewish Israelis gave their opinions on racism and their Arab neighbors, Ynetnews reported Wednesday.

According to the poll, in fact, thirty-nine percent would prefer not having Arab neighbors, though a majority wouldn’t object to hiring Arabs. Twenty-eight percent flat out objected to hiring Arab employees and 38 percent wouldn’t work for an Arab employer.

In terms of the government, the vast majority of respondents (83%) would not accept an Arab president, only 13 percent considering the possibility. Twenty-one percent accepted having an Arab minister in the Knesset, like first-ever Arab minister Raleb Majadele, whereas 31 percent objected.

When asked the question, “Is the State of Israel more racist now that it was one decade ago?” a significant 37 percent of Israelis asked said yes.

Anat Hoffman, IRAC Executive Director expressed her disappointment of growing racism Tuesday, saying, “displays of racism, and especially those done in the name of Judaism, disgrace the Jewish people.” [italics in original]

Despite the ever-raging Israel-Palestinian conflict, the majority of poll respondents didn’t identify Arab Israelis as the most discriminated minority in Israel, placing them second after Ethiopian immigrants. Russian immigrants came in third.

A vast majority of the respondents (72%) identified the education system as a cause of the growing racism, claiming schools insufficiently acted to ameliorate the situation and stop prejudice. …Racism on the rise in the Jewish state,” Israeli Insider. Available at

But racism, as an unopposed and dominant social ideology of Israel, is easy to gauge if one considers the present sentiments of the descendants of invading Jewish colonizers of Palestine. For instance, commenting on the annual report on racism in Israel, issued by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Zino, on the pages of ynetnews, gives a sober assessment of racism in Israel and point the fingers to official apparatuses of the state of Israel and institutions.

The report becomes even grimmer, citing the ACRI’s racism poll, taken in March of 2007, in which 50% of Israelis taking part said they would not live in the same building as Arabs, will not befriend, or let their children befriend Arabs and would not let Arabs into their homes.

Fifty percent of those polled also said they believed Israel should encourage its Arab citizens to emigrate.

Racism in Israel is on the rise, said the report: in 2006 there was a 26% increase in racist incidents towards Arabs and the general sense of hatred towards them has doubled.

The media, said the ACRI, played a major part in fanning the flame, intensifying the Arab image as negative and terrorizing.

The Knesset was not absent from the report as well, as it allows bills which delegitimize Israel’s Arabs citizens before the plenum, preconditions social rights in IDF or national service and make its Arab MKs swear allegiance to a Jewish State. [italics added]

The report devotes a special section to the recently approves JNF bill, which allows Jewish National Fund land – which make up 13% of all State owned land – to be allocated to Jews only.

According to the report, Israeli Arabs are subject to constant racial proofing, which defines them as a security threat; resulting in demeaning and degrading treatment at airports and public venues.

Furthermore, in the Second Lebanon War, some 40% of the citizens killed were Israeli-Arabs, mostly due to a severe lack of shelters, but still – the rehabilitation and fortification of Arab towns remains, according to the report, ridiculously low.Aviram Zino, “Racism in Israel on the rise,” ynetnews, 8 December 2007.

Remark: despite Zino’s earnestness in exposing Zionist racism, it is categorical to state that such an earnestness coming out of a Zionist is futile and even deceptive because Israeli Zionist racism goes beyond nominal values; hence, it has permeated and fused with the essence of the Zionist structures that constitute Israel.

Beyond that, it is no exaggeration to postulate that excising the Zionist ideological malignancy from Israel society requires generational commitment and enormous battles against ignorance, psychological dependency on racism, abandonment of mythological motives supporting racism, and most importantly the decoupling of Israel from the western imperialist project. Could that happen?

We do not know. But with a quasi conviction, and considering the fraudulent ideological foundations of Israel, this is not going to happen — the lure of profits, hegemonic dominance, lust for territorial expansion, and entrenched superiority complex coupled with violent racism make such a proposition senseless.

We can enforce this by stating that 1) considering the alliance between Zionism and US imperialism, and 2) considering role of the United States in reviving militant colonialism and the subscription of colonial powers (Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, etc.) to the American-Israeli world agenda, predicting any change in the dangerous Israeli mentality is futile. Consequently, and from an evolutionary historical point of view, only future, revolutionary forces of history could resolve, to a certain extent, that existential struggle between imperialist slavery and freedom. None can escape this logic.

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Kim Petersen is an independent writer and can be reached at kimohp at B.J. Sabri is an observer of the politics of modern colonialism, imperialism, Zionism, and of contemporary Arab issues. He can be reached at Read other articles by Kim and B.J..

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  1. jaime said on January 3rd, 2008 at 9:31am #

    “…invading Jewish colonizers of Palestine…”

    Hello! Anybody home?
    The Zionist’s BOUGHT the land to settle on.
    Now I suppose you think they should give it all back and move where?
    And then what would the Arabs do with it?

    This is good too:

    “…Israel society requires … the decoupling of Israel from the western imperialist project.”

    Disconnect itself from the rest of the civilize world, like the Hamas ?
    I don’t think so. And look at Abbas and Fatah and the Palestinians in the West bank. They’re VERY HAPPY to accept Western largess.

    The above is just another pipe dream of Hamas and Islamic Jihad that only takes their people backwards and backwards.

  2. Saad said on January 3rd, 2008 at 11:09am #

    >>The Zionist’s BOUGHT the land to settle on

    Yes, dear Jaime, the first 300 Zionists did buy the lands in Palestine with the help of British occupiers to prepare the military bases needed for committing future genocide and ethnic cleansing so that millions of future Zionists can come in peace and settle the land for free!

    The rest of Zionists not only did not pay a dime, they were paid instead billions of dollars from German, American, and other western taxpayers to enjoy the sun of the Mediterranean in Palestine!

  3. Espresso said on January 3rd, 2008 at 11:55am #

    “The Zionist’s BOUGHT the land to settle on.”

    -Jaime, you poor deluded fool!! They stole the land on which they live.

  4. Saad said on January 3rd, 2008 at 12:13pm #

    To be fair about 1% of the Zionists did buy about 1% of the land early on to build a military base for future genocide and ethnic cleansing. This should teach the world a lesson NEVER to sell an inch to the Zionists or Trust them. Talking about trust: I predict the Zionists will use their first nuclear missile against Europe not the Arabs!

  5. Ralph Ray said on January 3rd, 2008 at 1:15pm #

    This article reports the findings of the March 2007 ACRI poll that 50% of Israelis will not live in the same building as Arabs, befriend or let their children befriend Arabs or let Arabs into their homes. This is indeed a grim and unhappy finding.

  6. jaime said on January 3rd, 2008 at 1:40pm #

    Hey Ralph,
    Did your poll talk about this place?


    Center for Jewish Arab Economic Development

    The Jewish-Arab Center for Economic Development was founded in 1988 by a group of Jewish and Arab businesspeople who believed that Jewish-Arab economic cooperation and the development of a healthy Arab society in Israel are essential conditions for achieving peace, prosperity, and economic stability in Israel and the region. The Center aspires to integrate Israeli Arabs into the Israeli economy and society via socioeconomic development of the Arab population, on the one hand, and promotion of cooperative commercial ventures between Jews and Arabs on the other.

    The Center endeavors to focus public attention on the economic needs of Arab society in Israel in order to create a balance between the two communities and to build a new socioeconomic partnership based on trust, cooperation, and equality.

    NIF supported the Center from its inception until 2002.

    The Center’s activities are focused in four areas:

    1. Encouraging businesses and cooperative business ventures. This involves support for small and medium-sized Arab businesses via a loan fund run in cooperation with the Koret Foundation and Mercantile Discount Bank, and creating investments and opportunities for cooperative ventures and projects involving Jews and Arabs in Israel.
    In concert with the Arab Businesspersons’ Club, the Center set up a technological incubator in Nazareth, the first in the Arab sector, which enjoys government support.
    2. Investments in human resources. This involves bolstering entrepreneurship and management training for young Arab and Jewish businesspeople, Israelis and Palestinians; and notably the Building Business Bridges program (set up in partnership with NIF), which is a MBA program run in collaboration with the Palestinian Center for Communications and Development, that promotes business leadership in the Middle East and commercial cooperation between Israeli and Palestinians, Jews and Arabs.
    3. Women, empowerment, and equality. The Center’s integrated approach combines training, mentoring, creation of business networks, a loan fund, and public activity to support entrepreneurial Arab and Jewish women in all stages of developing a business.
    4. Public policy and planning. This involves developing, implementing, and explaining strategies for creating equal opportunity, directing resources to Arab communities, and reducing the economic disparities between Arab and Jewish communities, such as setting up joint Arab-Jewish industrial zones, along with public education and empowerment. In addition, the Center initiated a program leading to a MA in Public Administration, in cooperation with the Rich Foundation and the University of Haifa, to improve the background of the staff of Jewish and Arab local authorities with regard to economic development.

    The Center is applying to the Palestinian Pool for funding for a project to develop industrial zones


    * Promoting economic development of Palestinian society in Israel;
    * Encouraging commercial cooperation between Jews and Palestinians.



    Center to Support Employment and Commercial Development (Proposed for two years)

    Project Background

    At a time when Israel is continuing its march toward a free-market economy, some sectors are being left behind. The most conspicuous groups that are not being included in the process are residents of the geographic periphery, the rural agricultural sector, and the Palestinian population.

    Israel is investing major resources to encourage development of the periphery by defining national priority areas, encouraging investors, and cutting taxes. But Palestinian society has not received a significant slice of the pie and the number of employed Palestinians remains relatively small. What is more, most of the ventures focus on assistance to employers and investors rather than on potential jobholders.

    Studies to determine why economic development lags in Palestinian society have consistently indicated a deficiency of physical infrastructure, business development, professional training and support for jobholders. Since its establishment, the Center has mainly worked to promote and develop joint Jewish-Arab industrial zones, in light of its overarching goal of creating successful economic integration of the two sectors. In recent years, the organization has set itself the objective of establishing joint industrial zones to enable the local Palestinian population to enjoy the economic development that such zones can facilitate. The organization would now like to develop a model of centers that support employment and business development in joint industrial zones as a tool for integrating the Palestinian residents (the project to be discussed).

    The support centers will develop a focused and suitable regional employment policy and will run and apply a research study about employment patterns in the region. In addition, the centers will help the surrounding communities streamline and improve their employment structure by developing local businesses and directing workers to the new businesses that will be established due to the project.

    The centers will provide the local population with professional tools that will allow it to compete in the labor market on an equal footing and to increase the number of jobholders. This will be implemented through workshops, professional training and guidance, job counseling, placement, and vocational courses. The centers will also function as a business incubator that will offer low rents and integrated business support services, thereby providing a savings on operating costs in the initial stages.

    The first and second stages of the project to set up joint industrial zones were completed in late 2005. After a number of potential sites that suited the criteria were identified, the organization selected three of them, in northern, central, and southern Israel, and signed agreements with the relevant government agencies for two of them, with regard to their willingness to cooperate and establish a special administrative apparatus for the project. The agreements also specified how expenses and profits would be shared among the local authorities involved.

  7. Hue Longer said on January 3rd, 2008 at 3:19pm #

    jaime’s been corrected on purchase before…

    land was purchased from absentee Arab owners who corrupted the real estate laws in their favor to own land worked and lived on by people for generations–It gave early Zionists a SMALL foothold (as it wasn’t much land) but one that was frowned upon by the real locals including Jews.

    That someone could look back on this and claim that Israel purchased the land they live on, get corrected on it, and actually point to the words in the correction mentioning purchase for vindication, is delusion if not something worse

    Can you stop with this one, jaime? It’s silly

  8. Jooish Turd said on January 3rd, 2008 at 3:43pm #

    Hymie is the “voice in the wilderness” crying out against the ceaseless and baseless antisemitism of a few rabblers who, damned if they don’t ignore their conscience. Look at the history of our people being tossed out of one country or the next, many times, throughout the Middle Ages. I find it more of a stretch to believe the rulers of ALL these lands were simply antisemitic, rather than what we did when we got there most likely was the cause of our being shown the door. Again, and again.

    You are behind the tide of history, Hymie. You and your ilk will be looked upon much like Nazi apologists–foolish, bloodthirsty racists only too happy that a state government will institutionalize YOUR hateful prejudices—says much about the mindset of Israelis in general. No wonder why no one sympathizes with their crimes except U.S.

  9. Ralph Ray said on January 3rd, 2008 at 4:29pm #

    Hey Jaime,

    It isn’t MY poll, it is a poll cited in the article above (the one we are supposed to be commenting on; did you read it?). The poll found that 50% of Israeli Jews (as of March 2007) would not live in the same building as an Arab, would not befriend an Arab or let their children befriend an Arab, and would not let an Arab into their homes. In the not so distant past, most American Christians had similar feelings about Jews, and they were correctly called bigots and anti-semites for having such feelings. What should we now call Israeli Jews who hold these feelings toward Arabs? Are they bigots and racists? The answer seems obvious. But if anyone dared to say that they were bigots and racists, you or someone just like you would call them “anti-semitic” for daring to call Israeli bigots by their proper name. On this particular issue, the contemporary universe of discourse is so closed that this is the position we have gotten ourselves into: all bigotry can and must be exposed and denounced except Zionist bigotry. Zionist bigotry must be concealed, minimized, denied, and anyone exposing it must be denounced as an anti-semite and as the real bigot. This has been the situation for quite awhile now.

  10. jaime said on January 4th, 2008 at 9:44am #

    Hey Ralph,

    I wouldn’t give too much credence to isolated or potentially skewed “polls.” You haven’t given us proper documentation on it anyway.

    Sure there’s bigotry of one kind or another in every society. And even institutional bigotry. But at the end of the day, there is a long history of co-existence, intermarriage, and co-venturing between Jews and Arabs in Israel, mainly in the North of the country. And I think that a substantial way out of this current Palestinian disaster is for more co-venturing and co-operation.

    In the terror suicide bombings of 2000-2002 a number of businesses and institutions noted for co-relations between Arabs and Jews were targeted for exactly that reason. Two that come to mind are a Coffee shop in Jaffa co-owned by two Jewish and Arab families and the University of Jerusalem cafeteria, where the attack killed equal numbers of Jews and Arabs.

    Note to: JOOISH TURD per above:


  11. Ralph Ray said on January 4th, 2008 at 11:00am #

    Hey Jaime,

    Why would I give you the documentation for the poll? Let me remind you, for the second time, that the poll, conducted in March 2007 by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) is discussed and fully cited in the article above by Kim Petersen and B.J. Sabri (which is what we are supposed to be discussing here, despite your continual attempts to change the subject by raising diversions). If you have actually read the article you already know whereit is from and would not continue to ask for documentation. Of course, it does divert attention away from the topic at hand, namely zionist racism, which your intention. Are you a GIYUS.ORG volunteer? Or are you merely a “freelance” member of the Israel Lobby? And even as a “free lancer” you probably have checked in at GIYUS.ORG today or recently. Am I right? If your purpose is to prove that the Israel Lobby actually does exist, you are doing a fantastic job. Keep it up!!!

  12. jaime said on January 4th, 2008 at 4:07pm #

    “Why give me (us) documentation for the poll?”

    So don’t, and confirm that you’re talking out of your hat, like every other bigot I’ve ever had contact with. Not a member of GIYUS. But thanks for directing us to their website.

    The Israel lobby exists. So does the Tobacco Lobby, the Orange Growers Lobby, the Toy Manufacturers Lobby and the Internet pornography Lobby.

    Oh I forgot, there’s a Waste Disposal Lobby as well, but unfortunately they haven’t yet taken an interest in this dump.

    Wanna know who I REALLY AM?????????

    Come visit me at work. I’ll save you a towel.

    Hope Steam Baths
    163 Hope Ave
    Passaic, NJ 07055, USA
    (973) 777-3389

  13. Ralph Ray said on January 4th, 2008 at 4:44pm #

    Jaime, You are truly impossible. I have now given you the documentation for the poll three times (it is also given in the above article which you are at least pretending to have read before offering your comment) and you keep insisting that I have not given the citation. These are the kinds of tactics, designed to cloud and confuse the issue, that Israel Lobby trolls specialize in because they don’t have to actually know anything about the topic in order to do it.

    And, by the way, I was not suggesting that you work for GIYUS.ORG. They have very few paid employees. MY suspicion is that you are an unpaid volunteer for either GIYUS.ORG or for CAMERA (yet another Israel Lobby media monitoring group; there are many others as well). If you don’t go to GIYUS.ORG to get material, perhaps you should begin going there. Your arguments and your knowledge base are pretty weak right now if your current posts are any indication (that is apparently why you have to rely on diversionary tactics). If you started getting your material from GIYUS.ORG you would probably start writing more convincing posts. At present you do not persuade anyone, you just try to confuse the issue. You do continue to prove the existence of the Israel Lobby.

  14. Dissident Voice : Defining Israeli Zionist Racism: Part 6 said on January 4th, 2008 at 6:28pm #

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  15. jaime said on January 4th, 2008 at 6:40pm #

    Ralph, your “junk polls” don’t impress me.


    But they fit in well with the usual hate fantasies here about Israel. Lately my favorite one is how Israel is going to invade and take over Iran, Iraq, Mauritania and maybe Somalia.

    And strange as it may seem, I don’t necessarily have to be part of any organization to post here and criticize your bigotry and hypocrisy.

    The fact is that the Israelis, along with the Western countries that support them, are well equipped and prepared to wait the Palestinians out, should they continue to play their terror games. It could go on for a while.

  16. Ralph Ray said on January 4th, 2008 at 7:35pm #

    Jaime, Jaime, Jaime! What an exasperating person you are. Do you never stop with the namecalling? You call me a “bigot” but I defy you to find a single remark that I have made that qualifies as “bigotry.” (Of course, I did say that the 50% of Israelis who would not live in the same building as an Arab or befriend an Arab were bigots; of course my statement also implied that the the other 50% of Israelis were not bigots. I predicted, though that you or someone like you would call me a bigot for daring to speak the truth). There are some bigotted people posting here, but I am not one of them. You call a poll conducted in March 2007 by the highly esteemed Association for Civil Rights in Israel a “junk poll.” You cite no evidence to support you unsupported claim that it is “junk” poll and you don’t seem to care whether your characterization of the poll is actually true or not, you just want to discredit the poll (Isn’t this the kind of tactic the late Senator Joseph McCarthy used to employ? Shame on you!)

    So you work in a Steam Bath in Passaic, New Jersey. Earlier you said that you were a computer programmer. I doubt that there is much computer programming going on at the Hope Steam Baths, however. What do you do, sweep the floors, mop out the showers and pass out towels? I suppose that in between slapping fannies with towels, you are breathlessly glued to your computer screen watching the latest advice from GIYUS.ORG on how to subvert by confusion and name-calling the latest attempt by anti-semite scoundrels and perverts to besmirch and sully the reputation of that absolutely perfect and faultless paragon of nationhood, the saintly state of Israel. Here comes Jaime, employee of the Hope Runs Eternal Steam Baths and volunteer at GIYUS.ORG, to the rescue!!!

  17. jaime said on January 4th, 2008 at 8:03pm #

    Computer programmer? Never posted that.

    Anyway, despite your cockeyed political views, if you’re any kind of a party guy, you really should check out Hope Steam Baths on a Thursday night.

    I’m sure you already know, but I’ll mention it anyway… Bring lots of lube, extra condoms, and maybe some poppers too.

    Circumcision – optional.

  18. Hue Longer said on January 4th, 2008 at 11:08pm #


  19. Deadbeat said on January 4th, 2008 at 11:47pm #

    Israeli Zionism is one thing but U.S. Zionism is the one to be needs to be feared and the one that U.S. citizens must have the courage to confront. This has been the big failure of the “left”.

  20. Dissident Voice : Defining Israeli Zionist Racism: Part 7 said on January 5th, 2008 at 9:10am #

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  21. jaime said on January 5th, 2008 at 10:53am #

    And Hue, you’re welcome too.

    I’ll save you a towel.

    Just check your Jew hatred at the door.


  22. Dissident Voice : Defining Israeli Zionist Racism: Part 10 said on January 8th, 2008 at 9:29am #

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