‘Twas the Fight After Christmas

The nation had been listless, while in the White House
All the shredders were shredding, fed by the Mouse.
The Department of Justice did not have a care,
Full knowing that Congress would never go there.

The Cabinet was smirking, with zero street creed,
While visions of dollarplums danced in their heads,
And Bush in his flight suit, Dick spewing crap,
Called for “the faithful” to cover their back.

When from out on the lawn there arose such a clatter –
‘Twas an army of citizens (as if THEY would matter ! )
Junior and Cheney were up in a flash,
And out the back exit they hustled their trash.

Trucks took the shredding away to a dump.
And Junior was giggling, like a lame frat-boy chump.
When, what to their wondering eyes should appear,
But Statuesque Liberty… and for all to hear

She roared at the duo: that they made her SICK
The scoundrels, they trembled (especially Dick).
And, with her bald eagle, she barked out the blame,
At appointees and annointees, she called them by name.

“Out, Dubya! Out, Cheney! Out, Rice and Mukasey!
Out all you enablers, crooked and lazy.
You’ve ruined our nation, with your greed and your gall!
Now move away! Get away! Run away all ! ”

Junior was frightened. He squealed like a sow.
Cheney repeated “Feets, fail me not now!”
So into the White House, they ran and they hid.
They both called their lawyers. What lies would they bid?

But then, in a twinkling, they saw in the hall
A figure approaching, in red, he stood tall.
He had a white beard, wore a star spangled hat….
And he sneered at the duo… “Now Uncle’s at bat!”

He was dressed in our flag, from his head to his feet,
But our flag was all tattered from lies and deceit.
And he stared at the culprits… “You Boys know who I am?”
They both dumbly nodded. Then said Uncle Sam:

“To the heart of our laws, you have turned a deaf ear.
You’ve squandered our power. You’ve made people fear
For their lives and their families. You’ve tortured the facts.
And innocent people… you Criminal Hacks.”

Then Sam went still further, rolled paper in hand.
“It’s OUR Constitution! OUR law, for OUR land!
This land isn’t your land. This land isn’t mine.
It belongs to the people. And you’re out of line!

“They’ll no longer listen to vows learned by rote.
In next year’s election, they’ll turn out and vote.
They’ll fix up this nation. They’ll bring freedom back.
You’ll no longer torture. We’re out of Iraq!”

Old Dick tried to argue, but as the Veep rose
Sam launched a Left, right upside Cheney’s nose.
While Bush began spinning, and whined in a swirl
Sam opened the window and spoke to the world:

“Mind Yer Old Uncle! Ms. Liberty, too.
We’ll be back in ’08, with OUR wrecking crew.”
And the people all cheered as Sam called through the night:
“Don’t give up on freedom. Don’t give up this fight!”

Army 2LT Morrisseau actively opposed the Vietnam War in uniform in 1967-68, eventually getting arrested for a one-man, uniformed-stand in front of the LBJ Whitehouse on 3/10/68. A week later he was seized and ordered to Vietnam; he refused, and he was again arrested. Morrisseau and his small legal team defeated the resultant court-martial; he resigned his Commission and was released from further military duty Under Honorable Conditions. Read other articles by Dennis, or visit Dennis's website.

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  1. Donald Hawkins said on December 24th, 2007 at 6:35am #

    Now that was very good. Thanks Dennis

  2. decrepitoldfool said on December 25th, 2007 at 4:54pm #

    A bit off-topic, and pardon the expression but happy holidays! I know I don’t comment often here but thanks for your writing this year.