NIEs: Waste of Time?

BushCo and the Fox “News” generation have a long
history of ignoring National Intelligence Estimates
(NIE). I would say that they ignore the NIEs at their
own peril, but BushCo has suffered nothing for its
denial of truth and exploitation of fear. As a matter
of fact, BushCo’s quest to be the global hegemon has
proceeded without any kind of check. Fox “News” seems
to be thriving and the leader of that Empire, Rupert
Murdoch is able to usurp more media outlets in his
quest for unchallenged propaganda power as the ad hoc
Minister of Dis-Information.

Literally millions of people have suffered horribly
for BushCo’s crimes, and that’s just in Iraq and
Afghanistan. Here in our own country (Love it or Leave
it) bulldozers are demolishing low income housing in
the Gulf States that were harmed due to the very
callous incompetence of the Federal Government and to
for immoral profit privatization of everything, even
education. There has always been a war on poor people
in this country, but Hurricane Katrina and its
aftermath only highlighted how deeply racist our
Nation and its policies really still are. The Every
Child Left Behind Act has been designed to transform
our children into a generation of cannon fodder and is
just another example of how everything George touches
turns to rancidi garbage. Our country hovers near the
bottom of the global education barrel and is another
example of how we are allowing BushCo to make an
international laughingstock out of we here in the US.

On August 6th, 2001, exactly 36 days before 9-11,
George was handed an NIE that was actually titled:
“Bin Laden determined to strike in the US.” George
was on yet another vacation in Crawford at the time
and according to Ron Susskind, he told the agent who
handed him the briefing “Okay, you covered your ass,
now.” The date of August 6th is stuck in my mind
forever, because exactly four years later I marched
for the first time down Prairie Chapel road demanding
to meet with George and ask him the question: “What
Noble Cause?” That question is still unanswered and
month upon month only brings more ignobility with no
end in sight.

We all now know that BushCo ignored warnings from the
Clinton Administration about the danger that al-Qaeda
posed and we also know that they ignored intelligence
that Bin Laden was determined to strike. But after we
were attacked on 9-11, we also know that Dick Cheney
and Scooter Libby, in particular, visited the CIA on
numerous times to cherry pick the intelligence that
let to the misguided and disastrous invasion and
occupation of Iraq. Bin Laden is still at large and
two countries have been destroyed for nothing.

Now we have the NIE that says that Iran has no nuclear
weapon program and has not had one since 2003.
Investigative journalist Seymour Hersch claims that
BushCo has known at the highest levels about this
intelligence for over a year, but they have all been
beating their evil drums of war against Iran,

Was anyone really surprised when George ignored the
latest NIE and in fact has spun it for the nefarious
neocon agenda? The NIE did what it was designed to do;
it estimated that even if Iran were to resume their
uranium enrichment program today, they would have one
bomb by 2010 or 2015. This is plenty of time to
enforce the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty and
follow its path of inspections and verifications to
ensure that countries use their nuclear technology for
only peaceful energy purposes. Even though I am
personally opposed to nuclear energy, if Iran, or any
other sovereign country, wants the technology, then
stringent guidelines should be followed. We can also
use this time to disarm all already existing nuclear
weapons: from Isreal to Pakistan, from India to the US
and everywhere in between: such destructive devices
should not be in the hands of any country! It
especially frightens me that someone as fundamentally
irresponsible and dangerous as George Bush has his
finger on the button of our enormous arsenal. If we
should be worried about anyone being the harbinger of
armageddon, it is he.

In no way can we afford another front in George’s
Global War OF Terror. With our federal deficit at
record highs, we can’t afford it monetarily. With our
armed forces past the breaking point, we can’t afford
it militarily. With many internal social systems and
infrastructure systems crumbling, we can’t afford it
as a suffering nation. With babies and other innocents
being killed in our names already, we can’t afford it
in our souls. An invasion of Iran would not be a
“cakewalk” even more profoundly than the invasion of
Iraq was not. We would lose more of our flesh and
blood for the lies of BushCo and to profit the pigs of

It can be very frustrating and infuriating to most
people that the crimes of BushCo go unpunished and
unchecked by Congress, Inc, but it is very personal to

On the day my son, Casey, was killed in Iraq, I fell
on the floor screaming in anguish. That scenario has
been repeated thousands of times here in the US and
hundreds of thousands of times in Iraq and
Afghanistan. So tragic and so unnecessary, but so
unnoticed by many Americans.

There are millions of people who are still alive who
need our support.

To restore the rule of law and order and sanity to
this world, George and Dick must be impeached and
removed from office.

How much more evidence does Congress, Inc need?
Perhaps each and every member needs to be smacked up
one side of the head with a copy of the Constitution
and to follow up, a smack on the other side with a
copy of the Geneva Conventions?

Cindy Sheehan is the mother of Spc. Casey Sheehan who was killed in Bush's war of terror on 04/04/04. Sheehan is a congressional candidate running against Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco. You can visit her campaign website at She is the co-founder and president of Gold Star Families for Peace and The Camp Casey Peace Institute. Read other articles by Cindy, or visit Cindy's website.

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  1. hp said on December 6th, 2007 at 2:21pm #

    Not to mention a reminder of their loyalty oath to this country, not the phony baloney democracy ; Israel.

  2. Mike McNiven said on December 8th, 2007 at 4:54pm #

    NIE or no NIE, the people of Iran who overthrew the puppet shah are asking for social justice with peace: