The People vs. the Establishment: Peace March on September 15th Scares the Powers that Be Because the People Have The Power to End the War

The Washington, DC establishment is coming to a conclusion — we’re staying in Iraq. There is only one thing that can change that conclusion — the power of the people. The March against the war, scheduled for September 15th, is a unique opportunity for anti-war activists to stand in coalition with Iraq Veterans who oppose the war and have taken the lead on this historic march.

If you have not made plans to be in Washington, DC on September 15th make them now. The establishment wants the people to go away, to give up in the midst of the hopelessness of the two-party, corporate government. The Democrats are joining the Republicans to ensure Iraq is the center of U.S. military and political operations until oil runs out in the Middle East.

You can see the fear of the people in the overreaction to efforts to advertise the September 15th event. Last week federal police manhandled Marine Mom Tina Richards and Adam Kokesh, co-chair of Iraq Vets Against the War, arresting them for putting up posters about the demonstration (link to video below). This comes after $35,000 dollars in fines being levied against organizers of the protest. These actions show the establishment fears of the people and should encourage people to turn out and use their power. A big turnout on the 15th is standing in the way of plans to keep U.S. military and corporations in Iraq for the rest of our lives and they are doing their best to suppress the turnout.

They should be afraid. The 15th is going to be a dramatic day that kicks off a week of important anti-war advocacy. At the demonstration Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace will be leading a giant die-in symbolizing the mass deaths caused by the U.S. military action in Iraq. Sign up to participate in this historic die-in.

The 15th is a key date because it comes in a week when Washington, DC will be buzzing over the congressional testimony of General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker on ‘progress’ in Iraq. The establishment political figures in Washington, D.C. are all waiting to hear from Petraeus even though he has shown himself to be a solid Bush Republican. Indeed, before the last presidential election he wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post proclaiming the progress being made in Iraq. At that time he was in charge of training Iraqi troops, a project that has still not been accomplished, despite the rosy picture he painted 3 years ago. Petraeus and Croker will provide the fig leaf that allows the Democrats to join with the Republicans in continuing the occupation.

According to a Washington Post poll, a majority of Americans believe Petraeus will exaggerate the ‘progress’ in Iraq. They read the newspapers and are able to get a glimmer of the truth — a truth very inconsistent then what Petraeus and Crocker will report. They know that civilian deaths are rising, the Green Zone is shelled on a daily basis often multiple times each day, Iraq has not met 13 of 18 benchmarks, U.S. deaths are up compared to a year ago, and Iraqis are without electricity, water, oil, food, medicine and living an unbearable life forcing millions to leave the country and millions more to be internally displaced. But when the Petraeus-Crocker duo sing their rosy tune it will provide Congress with the cover to give Bush another $190 billion to continue the occupation.

The September 15th demonstration is the beginning of a week of actions that will culminate in a major action on the 20th. September 15th and the following week is bringing together a broad coalition of anti-war groups because we all recognize that this is the key time for the peace movement to let elected officials know that continuing the occupation of Iraq is unacceptable.

If you oppose the war, this is the pivotal week to participate. Your voice is needed. Come to Washington, DC and join in these events. The military-corporate establishment has shown it fears the people. Let’s show them they are right to do so. It is time for the majority of Americans to get what they want — a rapid end to the occupation of Iraq.

For more information visit:
September 15th, March on Washington website.

Video of the arrest of Adam Kokesh and Tina Richards.

Kevin Zeese co-directs Popular Resistance and is on the coordinating council for the Maryland Green Party. Read other articles by Kevin, or visit Kevin's website.

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  1. Daniel said on September 12th, 2007 at 11:14pm #

    The lack of comment here fills me with dread. If such a strong exhortation for action is treated with silence, what hope is there for America and the rest of the world?

    America holds the key to the survival of the world. Currently it is being held by a madman. Who will take the key from him before we pass the point of no return?