Attack on Iran: Morality Lost in the Garden of Deceits

Cry “Havoc,” and let slip the dogs of war (Julius Caesar Act III, Scene I). The call for war against Iran was issued by no other than Mr. Bernard Kouchner the foreign minister of France, a country with the motto of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. France the home of Voltaire and Rousseau is now calling for war against a country that has never threatened France or its neighbours. France a nuclear power with illustrious colonial past is urging others to be aware of the dangers that nuclear weapons pose.

From the other side of the Atlantic we hear the same cries for more war, death, and destruction. As though the deaths of 650,000 Iraqis were not enough, we are urged to prepare ourselves for another war. We are told that by killing more civilians, creating more refugees, destroying more bridges, power plants, schools, hospitals and factories we are going to be safer and live better lives.

Recently Mr. Greenspan told us what we already knew: namely that Iraq was invaded because of its oil. This of course was not the first time that we heard this and it certainly will not be the last either. But who cares? Here we see President Bush and his allies illegally attacking and destroying a country, making millions homeless and starting a civil war without a slightest sign of remorse. They went to steal the natural resources of Iraq, and they did it and are doing it. And now they want more. Yesterday it was Iraq; tomorrow it will be Iran, and the day after it will be Venezuela. When the president of the world’s only superpower acts like a thief, what protection is there for the rest of the world? The very same people that brought us the Iraq tragedy are using the same excuses to repeat their misdeeds again.

In late August, “Iran and the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency released a plan laying out a step-by-step timetable of cooperation with the goal of resolving by December issues that have been under investigation for four years. Agency officials have praised the timetable as a breakthrough and Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on Tuesday said the investigation into his country’s nuclear activities was now closed.”New York Times, “Plan Released by Iran and U.N. Atomic Agency Is Faulted”, 19 August 2007.

This agreement was hailed as a success by the IAEA and UN. The problem with this agreement is that it takes away the excuse needed by Bush and Co to implement their strategy of strangling Iran and get their hands on Iran’s oil and gas. Naturally, just like the case in Iraq, they have dismissed the agreement saying that it was not enough. Then the talk of war intensified, with US, Israel and then France talking loudly about an eventual attack on Iran. The main aim of these shrill voices is to take the people’s attention away from the IAEA-Iran agreement and back to some illogical talk of Iran’s threat to the world.

It is said that if you tell a lie big enough and often enough, people will eventually come to believe you. Having used this tactics in Iraq with some success, they believe they can do it again. They believe that people will eventually come to believe that Iran is a serious threat to the world and grudgingly accept another war. And the good thing about this is, so they believe, that this time they don’t even have to produce any evidence of wrongdoing by Iran. They just have to say that they have prevented Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons in the “future”. Very logical, isn’t it?

The fact that these same countries posses lots of nuclear weapons is irrelevant, so we are told. We are to believe that Israel, Pakistan, India, US, UK, France, China and Russia are all exceptions to the rules. Other countries that enrich uranium are also exceptions. It is only Iran with its vast natural resources that is a danger to the world peace and prosperity.

Israel has over 200 nuclear weapons and last year was involved in one of the most savage attacks on Lebanon. She also recently bombed Syria. Yet we hear no protest from the so called “civilized world”. Pakistan, a dictatorship, with its tremendous security problems (Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc.) has nuclear weapons and is awarded F16s. India tested nuclear weapons and was awarded trade and nuclear technology transfer agreements.

What is the moral lesson from all this? There is none; the law of the jungle rules. Those who can steal will steal. Those who can rape will do so with impunity. There is no punishment for the strong; it is the weak that has to pay. Meanwhile we pretend to believe all their lies and keep hoping for cheaper oil and higher share prices; otherwise we have to face our own complicity in their crimes. After all who elected them and who re-elected them? Our very silence makes us an accomplice.

As you read this you should think about all those Iraqis that have been killed, the 2.5 million Iraqis that had to flee the carnage in their country and a similar number of internal Iraqi refugees. You should think about all the lies that you have been told and ask yourself these questions: do I want another incident like Iraq? Can I stay silent and accept more killings and destruction? Is it OK for the powerful to commit armed robbery?

If one finds it difficult to answer these questions, then perhaps one should follow what Bertrand Russell said: “We have, in fact, two kinds of morality side by side: one which we preach but do not practice, and another which we practice but seldom preach”.

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar lives in Norway. He is a management consultant and a contributing writer for many online journals. He's a former associate professor of Nordland University, Norway and can be contacted at: Read other articles by Abbas.

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  1. Myles Hoenig said on September 22nd, 2007 at 6:59am #

    Could the only answer be that the weaker countries simply ban together and take on hegemonic powers of the US and its ‘western’ allies? Shouldn’t every small nation that feels itself threatened (even though its leaders are often bought off by the corporations that have the real power) simply recall all their ambassadors from the US? Shouldn’t there be, even for one day, an international boycott of everything Made in the USA? Shouldn’t every American military base in every country be surrounded like the days of Greenham Common in Britain when cruise missiles were being placed?

    The satirical novel, The Mouse that Roared, 1955 by Leonard Wibberley and made into a movie with Peter Sellers, called for a League of Little Nations. We do have such blocs but unfortunately, the US claims membership in the these regional coalitions, including in continents far from the US mainland.
    We can’t expect the UN to be there to stop this. They can’t or won’t stop Darfur and having almost declared the war in Iraq illegal, have done nothing. Why haven’t they called the US a pariah nation? Does it have to do with the millions of dollars the US owes/pays the UN for dues?

    Never organize a grass roots movement with the the main adversaries. It just doesn’t work. All small and weaker countries ought to pull together and pull its collective weight. Show strength and courage by working together.

    The law of the jungle does apply, but even when small animals pull together to bring down a predator everyone eats!

  2. Michael Kenny said on September 22nd, 2007 at 9:16am #

    Kouchner did NOT, NOT, NOT “call for” war!!! Why do people who pretend to be “dissidents” just swallow whole what the US media serves up to them!!! Kouchner said (in French!) something that was translated, rightly or wrongly, as “prepare for war”. That is NOT the same thing as saying “prepare to go to war”. Kouchner was probably referring to the danger that the US would attack Iran, but carefully avoided saying that France would take part in any such war, or even support it!

    Why on earth do people like Dr Bakhtiar fabricate enemies they do not have?

  3. gerald spezio said on September 22nd, 2007 at 10:27am #

    Michael, I am one who wails that spinshid is everywhere. The omnipresence of spinshid is the overwhelming fact of our lives and politics. The Zionist Israel Lobby is powerful and SUCCESSFUL.

    As an exercise, I completely missed what you are saying. Fell for is more accurate. What little blurbing I read about Kouchner’s alleged statements, I didn’t check out.

    I thought; “Oh shid, there goes France.”

    If you have already done some work here. fill us in. Get Kouchner’s original French, and post it.

  4. hp said on September 22nd, 2007 at 1:31pm #

    Israel! Israel! Israel! Kill! Kill! Kill!

  5. paul said on September 22nd, 2007 at 2:15pm #

    As a Frenchman I can only feel shame at the shift of policy that followed Sarkosy’s election. The man is pro-atlantist, pro-Bush and certainly pro-neocon. He hired Kouchner, a notorious narcissist, doctor and frustrated politician, who gained fame by founding “doctors without borders”, rescuing third-world children (in itself not a bad thing) in front of all the media cameras. Kouchner is notoriously pro-Israël and was about the only one in France in 2003 calling for the invasion of Irak. His boss Sarkozy went so far as to meekly excuse the french and their “arrogance” of that time when he visited his buddy Bush at the White House. The speech of Kouchner followed another one from Sarkozy a few months back when he stated that the alternative was ” an Iran without the bomb or (unfortunatly) the bombing of Iran”. I think that both speeches are to psychologically prepare the french and european opinion for the next attack on Iran, something like “we had warned them but these fanatic bastards did not listen”. Now that Blair is gone and the public opinion in Britain is fed up with the war in Irak, here come Sarko and Kouchner to fill the void. Sarko is not only a follower of Bush in international matters, he dutifully applies the neo-liberal agenda internally, like a tax break favoring the rich that cost the national budget up to 15 billions euros. The poor will pay for it, with less security and wages that can’t keep up with the real cost of living. I personally can’t believe that 53% of the french voters did vote for him, although the french are none too clever, and I think that France has lost forever the little spiritual independence she had managed to retain over the years. The election of Sarkozy will be the death of France as an original cultural and political entity. I suppose this is the 21st century.

  6. Lloyd Rowsey said on September 22nd, 2007 at 7:38pm #

    I think it’s fascinating to hear what’s happening in weaker countries, in Israel, and in France. But I think the doctor’s point is that we in America need to be extremely concerned about being as effective as we can be possibly be in America. Or am I still suffering from geriatric oxygen deprivation, after my extreme walking exercises this morning?

  7. Shabnam said on September 23rd, 2007 at 11:06am #

    Dr. Bakhtiar:
    The war is not only for Oil. If it were then why didn’t they go to Saudi Arabia where one can find the most oil reserves? A country where majority of the hijackers came from, we were told. It is true that Saudi Arabia is a puppet state, but US does not have full control over the oil in order to manipulate and control access of all her competitors to this vital energy source. US history tells us that the country has always sought her interests like Britain and Russia. But one should ask is the war best option for this aim? My answer is NO. Iran has never denied US access to oil. Saudi Arabia has done that in the past. Then why Iran has become a target? Iran actually is the natural ally of the United States in the region and both countries have common interests in the Middle East and Central Asia and they can both be very beneficial to each other’s needs. Why does Bush do not understand this vital point? The Neocon policies has created many obstacles against the interests of the United States, at least, in the Islamic countries and US has lost its credibility beyond the middle east and central Asia which it takes many years to repair. US could have chosen alternative ways to avoid massacre of millions of Muslims all around the world. Do you think Muslims, being secular or religious, will ever forget or forgive these atrocities worse than what fascists have done? Do you think people with conscience ever forget the massacre of people in Iraq on first Saturday after the invasion, more than 3200 in one day? Do you think people of Central Asia ever forget massacre of the Afghani people in thousands, many were children? Do you think people of the central Asia will ever forget or forgive the massacre of civilians who were participating in a marriage ceremony by “Smart Bombs”? Have you ever pictured a day that lives of those who are coming from Islamic civilization background become so cheap? We are witness to more than 1.2 millions dead in Iraq alone. Have you ever imagined that , the “democratic and civilized west” with thousands of nuclear bombs in their storage rooms able to wipe out every single country on planet earth wage war against defenseless Islamic countries through lies and deceit and kill and rape and torture civilians to punish resistance.*
    Did Saddam have any weapons of mass destruction when the “civilized west” claimed?
    Saddam was brought to power by the west, US, to wipe out more than 30,000 Iraqi in name of fighting against Communism, 1960s, on west’s behalf and later was an instrument to be used against Iran by encouraging and assisting Saddam waging a war and killing more than 700,000 of Iranian youth and injured or crippled many thousand more by chemical weapons which were provided to Saddam by the “civilized west” including the United States.
    After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States become the only super power to spread its hegemonic rule. Do you think US with such a power could not have chosen alternative ways to rule? Thus, THE WAR IS NOT ONLY FOR OIL BUT ALSO FOR THE REARRANGEMENT OF THE MIDDLE EAST MAP to eliminate any powerful states in the region and to smooth the path for Israel to become the “superpower” of the region. This is equally important.
    Have you ever imagined after all the liberation movements of sixties and seventies and all the blood shed while entering to “post-colonial” era, some designated wrongly as such, we are facing modern slavery which is called “market economy” where establishes the dictatorship of the millioners and billionaires over the rest of the population on earth? Have you ever imagined a time when all the former colonists, imperialists and their new ally Zionists reserve the right to keep thousands of nuclear weapons and chemical weapons and ….. but wage a war under spurious concept “elimination of weapons of mass destruction” of weaker states to wipe them off the map through a campaign of lies and deceptions by the Zionist control mass media? Have you ever thought that one day Iran which is signatory to NPT will be brought under tremendous pressures by the criminals and their puppets called “international community” to deny Iran of her rights under “international law” which has been written and forced upon the rest of the world by the colonial/ imperial is called the west? UN is nothing but a whore house where promotes the interest of Zionism and imperialism, US and Israel. Last week, Egypt brought a resolution to the floo for a middle east free of nuclear weapons. This nonbinding resolution passed with a 53-2 vote, but 47 abstentions from the
    Western countries, European Union, exposed the nature of the hypocratical West and clearly established the contradiction with the principles it claims to defend regarding nuclear disarmament and the prevention of nuclear proliferation. France after the election of Sarcozy with his foreign minister who are coming from Jewish background, have express their views that “a nuclear Iran is not acceptable” and has warned the world must “prepare for the worst,” namely, “war” with Iran. These Zionists pro Israel representatives of France have ignored the words of Vonuno who spent 18 years in Israel prison for exposing the Israel nuclear weapon program who has not gained support of Noam Chomsky, and have said “Israel nuclear bomb is a threat to world peace not the Iran peaceful nuclear energy program.” Iran has also satisfied Mr. Elbaradei, the chief inspector, about his program which has been criticized by Bush and his associates. Now these Zionists, Sarkozy and Kouchner, ignore the cry of the world population who are against any aggression and destruction including military strike or economic saction but they insist in forcing a “nuclear holocaust” on Iran to protect Israel with nuclear weapon in pursue of its Middle East policy. Newt Gingrich said: ‘Sarcozy has won the election on “clean break”’, which indicates Sarkozy’s support for the Zionist’s agenda.
    Mr. Bakhtiar, this is a Zionist war which is pushed forward promising the super power an empire by making the interests of Israel as the interests of American people through propaganda campaign which is waged by the Israel lobby throughout the nation. This is not the interest of the Americans to massacre and destroy Muslim nations one after the other while they are building and modernizing their own cities. This is not the interest of the American people to kill thousands of Muslim children while they are promoting more Christian babies through reproductive biology.
    Part of the equation is RUSSIA that sees Iran as a competitor in Central Asia since Persian language and culture still plays an important role in the region. Tajikistan, Afghanistan, part of Uzbekistan up to India Persian culture and langue is alive. Russia has a close relationship with Israel and both are extremely pleased with the present situation. Don’t listen to Russian’s lies. Russia is using “Iran Card” against the West to gain more concessions by not completing Bushehr nuclear reactor plant where has obtained billions of dollars so far but has refused to complete the plant which should have been completed a few years ago on West’s demand. On the other hand, Russia has gained economic concessions from Iran. Iranians do not trust Russia due to her imperialist past. Thus Russia is seeking a weaker Iran through the West policies and Israel lobby. Israel and Russia do not want a good relationship between Iran and US because they view a good
    relationship is against their interests in the Middle East and Central Asia. Israel has a fantasy called “greater Israel” which sees areas from Mauritania to Afghanistan as part of this fantasy land. To bring this fantasy closer to reality Israel needs to divide the larger countries of the region into smaller parts to create puppets and allies, that’s why they are trying to establish “Kurdistan” through their servants including Senator Biden. So far Russia and Israel have benefited the most from the present situation and US has lost the most. Chomsky cleverly is helping to establish Israel as the “super power” of the region by calling Israel “super power of the region” to engrave this nonsense on our brain and to avoid attract attention to the name “Israel.”
    Israel in fact is the main obstacle against the interest of the US in the middle east and central Asia and elsewhere. This fact has kept hidden from the Americans by the Zionist lobby through creation of “crisis” one after the other. The slogan “NO BLOOD FOR OIL” is one step towards this goal to fix public opinion on OIL. I am not sure why Mr. Bush does not understand that Iran has been a natural ally of the united state and historically has been the region super power and most likely is going to continue not Israel. I do not understand why Bush does not see the fact that the current situation helps Russia and Israel to achieve their goals on the United States’ expense. I don’t understand why Bush does not see the damages he has done against the interests of the American people and the power of the United States so far all over the world which takes decades to repair.
    I don’t understand why the Iran nuclear enery program is a problem when a nuclear Iran has been accepted by American generals, including Abizaid and William Odum, knowing that Iran is surrounded by nuclear states; then why does the nuclear energy program become so important to Bush and Zionist associates who want a “nuclear holocaust” on Iran.
    This shows that OIL is not the only reason and a very important factor is the rearrangement of the Middle East map by creating smaller states easier to manage. But I’m sure they will take this wish into their graves. To use any tools including murders and rapes does not mean they are going to be successful.
    Therefore, it is necessary, Mr. Bakhtia, that all forces of the region be united against the aggression. Intellectuals and activists of diverse background from the region must be united and seek only the interest of the people of the region and force the invaders out of their countries and the region. We want a relationship based on mutual interests not SLAVERY and we are determined to achieve our goals at any cost.
    We ask Americans to take responsibilities and not to continue the current state of indecisiveness and inactivity against attack on humanity by the fascist occupying the capitals of the western countries, mainly formal colonial and imperial powers. On last Friday, people in the street with their signs “honk to impeach” were asking American drivers to cooperate with them. No one except me was doing so, at least as far as I could hear. Everyone either was talking on their cell phones to kill time while they were waiting in the traffic. They were not paying any attention and thinking about the result of their not standing up and doing something. They simply do not care about other lives as long as it advances their interests. “Honk to impeach” did not require any time or money or usage of their brain for complex ideas. Desperately tried to get attention to the massacre of innocent people around the world and seeking support to remove the fascists out of the power. Americans certainly showed that they are CONFORTABLE in their driving seats to what is happening around the world. Mr. Bakhtiar, don’t you think it is the time that we, people of the Middle East and Central Asia take decisive measures to work together and be united like a rock against those who have shown for the past few centuries are determined to destroy us all. If Americans are so arrogant and ignorant not to realize that people of the plant held them responsible for the massacre of millions so far of the innocent including thousands of children, then they deserve no attention.
    WE HAVE TO STOP FUNDING THE WAR. To do that Americans must STAY AWAY FROM WORK EVERY TUESDAY until US and their associates leave Iraq and the region. American must take responsibilities because it is not acceptable anymore to hide behind a statement like: WE DON’T HAVE POWER. No one is going to give you that kind of power, you have to create it yourself, and especially knowing that phony election in the FAILED STATE, America, is not going to bring any meaningful changes.

  8. Mulga Mumblebrain said on September 23rd, 2007 at 10:28pm #

    Sarkozy’s path to power was smoothed by Mossad who set up de Villepin, less reliably pro-Israel and anti-Arab, over Sarkozy’s alleged involvement in dodgy financial dealings. de Villepin merely did his duty when presented with (?) fraudulent documents, then was labeled a ‘smearer’ of Sarkozy. A clever ploy! Sarkozy is more than just pro-Israel. He has that Zionist essential, a visceral hatred of Moslems. His Israel-first Foreign Minister, who in truth had little to do with Medecin sans Frontieres after the first few years, splitting from it and founding Medecin du Monde which aided and abetted Afghani mujahideen under the pretense of humanitarian work, has begun work in a manner that will please all in Tel Aviv. Another of Sarkozy’s unapologetic Israel-First operatives is Arno Klarsfeld, a Frenchman of Jewish descent who took on Israeli citizenship and joined the Israeli Border Police, infamous for their racist brutality. Klarsfeld is the type of unhinged Arab hater who can, and has, argued for Palestinian complicity in the Nazi Judeocide on the grounds that Palestinian resistance to Jewish colonialism prevented European Jews from escaping the Nazis. He, like Kouchner, was a fervid supporter of the illegal aggression against Iraq. His position on the one million odd deaths that invasion has caused, is unknown to me, although one could easily make an educated guess.Another Zionist of impeccable ‘moral purity’ no doubt about it. So the vista of Israeli induced mass murder and havoc throughout the Middle East and beyond stretches as far as the eye can see. Seemingly totally immune to any moral qualms and inured to the suffering of Arab untermenschen they seem prepared to spill the blood of millions-but to what end? Is it the Pax Americana, where that other Holy State, through control of Middle Eastern oil rules the world in perpetuity? Is it to facilitate the full establishment of Eretz Yisrael on its Biblical borders from the’ Nile to the Euphrates’?Or is it to pursue Yahweh’s admonition to exterminate, to the last individual, Amalek, the mysterious enemy mentioned in scripture, which has been identified at various times by certain Israeli ‘experts’ in an ecstasy of ‘moral purity’, as either the Palestinians or Arabs in general.

  9. Mike McNiven said on September 28th, 2007 at 1:27pm #

    The immorality of imperialist France’s foreign policy is evident, on a daily basis, in its ruthless treatment of Haiti and Chad!

    The immorality of the capitalist ruling mullas of Iran is evident below: