Does Norman Finkelstein Constitute a Security Threat to DePaul University?

You Bet He Does!

On Friday, August 24th, it was learned that DePaul’s University has decided to cancel Professor Norman G. Finkelstein’s classes for the autumn quarter. Finkelstein was scheduled to teach two undergraduate courses in the political science department, one called “Freedom and Empowerment” and the other called “Justice and Social Equality”.

What is the stated reason for the cancellation of Finkelstein’s courses, both of which are filled to capacity? Professor Finkelstein, it seems, in the judgment of DePaul’s administration, constitutes a security threat to DePaul faculty and staff. In a previous article, I documented that Finkelstein simply confronted Dean “Chuck” Suchar outside of 990 Fullerton on June 14th after the special LA&S emergency meeting devoted to discussing the procedural and academic freedom violations in the Finkelstein and Larudee cases. It’s reported that Suchar did, in fact, maintain that the real reasons for Finkelstein’s tenure denial were confidential. Finkelstein was informed by faculty who attended the meeting that Suchar reported that he had secret information on the controversial political science professor. Suchar apparently alleged that he felt harassed by Finkelstein, calling for the administration to issue a restraining order against his colleague.

In an irony sure not to escape Dissident Voice readers, Finkelstein is being barred from teaching courses devoted to examining “Freedom and Empowerment” and “Justice and Social Equality”. In addition, Finkelstein is being thrown out of his office and might not even have access to office space this coming academic year at DePaul. Naturally, DePaul students are outraged and are demanding a serious explanation from Dean Suchar and other DePaul administrative officers. Not expecting a serious answer from the administration, while anticipating wider assaults against critical thinking and dissent, the students are planning an academic freedom conference at the University of Chicago for October 12th. The conference’s keynote speakers are Noam Chomsky (MIT), John Mearsheimer (Univ. of Chicago), Akeel Bilgrami (Columbia), Neve Gordon (Ben-Gurion University, Israel), and Tariq Ali (Verso Books). See here.

The security threat that Norman Finkelstein represents is clear: He opens his students’ minds to the dangers of the propaganda system, as it churns out lies that sustain U.S. support for Israel’s brutal occupation of the Palestinian population, which is living under the most oppressive conditions in Gaza and the West Bank.

That DePaul’s administration was bought off and bullied by the Israel Lobby, subjected to intimidation and threats of political embarrassment if it tenured Finkelstein, is abundantly clear. The only question is: When will President Dennis Holtschneider admit that the DePaul’s Board of Trustees and Rubenstein and Associates made a major miscalculation? When will he and they realize that the hundreds of millions of dollars that will pour in to DePaul’s coffers over the next several years will never make up for the gravity of the injustice that has taken place on his watch?

Norman Finklestein is too strong an intellect, too strong a personality, and too strong a mensch to allow DePaul’s faculty and administrators to prevent him from doing what he does best: exposing spurious scholarship on the Israel-Palestine conflict, while driving U.S. supporters of Israel into utter despair. Norman Finkelstein poses an immense threat to the sense of security and privilege shared by the majority of DePaul professors who wrap themselves in cocoons of irrelevance, while hoping the real world will just disappear so they can go back to reading and theorizing about ‘Vincentian personalism’ and social justice. A security threat, indeed!”

Bill Williams is an independent writer who lives in Toledo, Ohio. He can be reached at Read other articles by Bill, or visit Bill's website.

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  1. Lisa Brown said on August 27th, 2007 at 7:50am #

    But if university would not have the full right to decide which professors to hire and witch not to – then who should be making that decision?

    Isn’t the whole basis for academic freedom is that Universities are free to decide what they teach. E.g. catholic universities have the right not to teach evolution, secular universities have the right not to teach intelligent design. If university finds itself teaching something too out of touch with the people – hopefully they will suffer because of lack of students or funding.

    Also why didn’t you mention that DePaul will abide by it’s contractual obligation and pay Prof. Finkelstein for the entire academic year that he was supposed to tech. They are obligated to pay, but not obligated to let him on campus. They exercise the same rights, that any private employer has.

  2. Kim Petersen said on August 27th, 2007 at 8:04am #

    Dear Lisa,
    Universities don’t teach; it is the professors that teach, and, therefore, academic freedom applies to them.
    The university also has an obligation to serve its students, and as Mr Williams’s article makes clear, there are some upset students at DePaul.

  3. Kathryn Weber said on August 27th, 2007 at 8:10am #

    Also, might I add that the “University” is much more than the number-crunching administrators. The faculty and students, who make up the real university, have made the decision that Professor Finkelstein is valued, welcome, and wanted on campus. The fact that the administration is denying the will of every meaningful member of the university is another piece of the problem.

    “A school requires students and teachers, not administrators.”

  4. Michael Kenny said on August 27th, 2007 at 8:27am #

    The elephant in the room remains why Professor Finkelstein is hanging on. If he is really as good a scholar as he is made out to be, universities should be falling over themselves to recruit him. Logically, he should be stalking out of DePaul with his head high with a plum job in some other university in his pocket, telling the Vincentians to take their university and stick it! Why isn’t he?

  5. Espresso said on August 27th, 2007 at 8:39am #

    If U.S. Senators, Congressmen, and Presidents (the most powerful guy in the country) are afraid to propose a more even-handed approach in the middle east for fear of AIPAC’s wrath, then why does it surprise you to see a lowly professor/author be completely blackballed and villified by those same powers? This is precisely why few dare to speak out against Israeli policies – this kind of Zionist promulgated McCarthyism.

    Many are afraid to have anything to do with the professor for fear of suffering the same fate.

  6. Bill Williams said on August 27th, 2007 at 8:47am #

    Dear Michael Kenny:
    Your comment above suggests that the American academy is a place where the best scholars get the best jobs and are sought out by the best schools. I can assure that the academy, which is less a meritocracy than corporate America, often shuns those like Professor Finkelstein who are trafficking in controversial topics and taboos such as American Jewry’s exploitation of the Holocaust to shield the Holy State, Israel. Millions of dollars were spent to ensure that the Finkelstein would be denied tenure. Your comment, in brief, is absurd.


  7. jaime said on August 27th, 2007 at 10:25am #

    “…American Jewry’s exploitation of the Holocaust to shield the Holy State, Israel….”

    Well done, Mr. Williams!
    Another blow for “peace and justice.”

    Universities like any other corporation have a right to hire, fire and uphold professional standards. Your tactics have produced logical results. Rather than submit to coercion, especially when it comes to extending tenure to failed academics, DePaul acted responsibly and within their rights.

    Maybe you have a job for Finkelstein at an institution of higher learning.

  8. Lisa Brown said on August 27th, 2007 at 10:36am #

    Dear Kim,
    Reportedly there are also some happy students at DePaul. Weather they keep Prof. Finkelstein or not – they are bound to make some students unhappy.

    According to Supreme court Academic freedom includes
    “…universities and schools should have the freedom to make decisions about how and what to teach…”
    Academic Freedom

  9. Bill Williams said on August 27th, 2007 at 10:53am #

    Dear Jaime:
    As I’ve pointed out in a couple of other forums on Dissident Voice, it’s not at all clear that you’ve actually read Professor Finklestein’s work, so I’m afraid it’s difficult to take anything you say on this case seriously. As far as qualifying as an anti-Semite because of my use of the phrase (“…American Jewry’s exploitation of the Holocaust to shield the Holy State, Israel…), I’d suggest you take a look at what figures such as the late Raul Hilberg and University of Chicago historian Peter Novick have written on the issue of the exploitation of the Holocaust for financial and political gain. You truly have no shame.


  10. Espresso said on August 27th, 2007 at 12:45pm #

    I agree with your overall POV.

    However, using the term “American Jewry” does sort of imply all American Jews, which I don’t believe is a fair assessment. George Soros and Professor Finklestein are both Jews, and yet they are both anti-Zionists. They each, through very different means, do more to expose the Zionist / neo-con game than any non-Jew could ever get away with.

    I think a better identifier would be “American Zionists” – that is those Pro-Israeli ideologues who will say whatever, villify whomever, and destroy whomever for disagreeing with Israeli policies or for criticizing the US policy of bankrolling, defending, and circumventing its own interests for those of the apartheid zionist state.

  11. Hatuxka said on August 27th, 2007 at 12:57pm #

    Wow, I count three little baby Dershowitzes up to this point in the discussion. The rationale is merely jr-Dershowitz because it is so transparently crude and distorted parotting or imitation of his kind of BS.

  12. Abu Nurah said on August 27th, 2007 at 1:44pm #

    They’d rather pay the man not to teach?!!? Wow. A university has a responsibility to its students to present a diversity of viewpoints. Prof Finklestein is one voice of truth among many rabid zionists. I have no respect for DePaul or any other university that resorts to such tactics to undermine academic freedom.

    Thanks for this piece.

  13. Espresso said on August 27th, 2007 at 1:45pm #

    Personally, I think Dershowitz should be kicked out of Harvard Law for plagiarism. For those of you who never read the transcript of a debate between Finkelstein and Dershowitz on DemocracyNow, you’ll be shocked at how Dershowitz’s book is picked apart piece by piece by Finkelstein:

    Make sure you click on “Click here to read full transcript” at the bottom. Finkelstein intellectually tears Dershowitz apart. No wonder Dershowitz has been on such a vandetta against him.

  14. Abu Nurah said on August 27th, 2007 at 1:57pm #

    Espresso, I agree re: Dershowitz. The man has no integrity. He will defend torture of detainees and genocide of Palestinians from one side of his mouth and denounce Khartoum for its role the Darfur crisis from the other. Check out this article (warning: keep barfbag close by):

  15. jaime said on August 27th, 2007 at 2:54pm #

    Bill wrote:

    “As I’ve pointed out in a couple of other forums on Dissident Voice, it’s not at all clear that you’ve actually read Professor Finklestein’s work”
    so I’m afraid it’s difficult to take anything you say on this case seriously. ”

    – Actually I have read some of his work. It’s a joke. It amuses me that you take him seriously. Jew haters feed on it because some of his twisted views suit their agenda, and even if I didn’t, I’m not posting here to be judged by you. And regarding Hilberg, Novick or Santa Claus, who really cares other rabid antisemites?

    This issue is about Finkelstein and DePaul University not them.

    Neo-Nazi Ernst Zundel calls Finkelstein the ” Jewish David Irving.” And he means it as a compliment. I guess you’re with Zundel. No surprise there.

    And what am I supposed to be ashamed about???

  16. Bill Williams said on August 27th, 2007 at 3:06pm #

    Dear Jaime:

    Again: Name the titles of the five books Professor has written and briefly identify the thesis of each. If you can’t, we’re right back where we started: You blowing hot air in a deliberate attempt to avoid substantive discussion.


  17. jaime said on August 27th, 2007 at 4:33pm #

    What substantive discussion?

    Finkelstein and his supporters made such a nuisance of themselves that De Paul cancelled his classes and paid him off rather than have him darken their doorstep.

    If you think that’s an academic accomplishment, you have my sympathy!

  18. gerald spezio said on August 27th, 2007 at 5:32pm #

    Even the Lobby is anguished at Dershowitz’s failing and fumbling lawyer act. Dershie’s blundering excesses do more to expose the Lobby’s ever increasing publicity disasters than hiring a Rubenstein whorehouse. The well-orchestrated Darfur Scam by the Lobby is falling on its arse just like Dershie.

    His hopelessly stupid “Case for Israel” was Russian Roulette with bullets in all cylinders. Lawyer Dershie’ figured that his training in legal double talk couldn’t miss, but Finklestein and Michael Neumann had a field day debunking Dershie’s phoney pleas to a disgusted jury. Poor Dershie even wrote a book about how the O. J. Simpson verdict was correct.

    The best thing that Dershie, Frank Gaffney, and Daniel Pipes can do to make the world safe from Israel is what they always do – keep foaming-at-the-mouth.

  19. gerald spezio said on August 27th, 2007 at 5:57pm #

    Let us not forget that it was the comfortable academics, even more than The Catholic Church, who were most distressed by Galileo’s paradigm shifting scholarship. The poseuring, comfortable, and petty professors at DePaul are a perfect analogy to the petty sixteenth century syncophants who loved their tenure more than their principles. Galileo lives forever, and the piss ants are only a footnote.

  20. V said on August 27th, 2007 at 7:27pm #

    I am surprised that there are some who argue here against critical thought and analysis, some amazingly puerile arguments. The only argument that Zionism has and those that support them is “might makes right.” What Israel does today has no legal standing, has no historical foundation, is a minority view in the world at large, has no academic merit, and certainly has no moral basis.

    The positions of Israel in this conflict are directly in conflict with international law, the highest legal court, as well as the conventions. The strange story of a land for a people for a people without a land is almost laughable if it was not so serious and deadly, or that the Palestinians just vacated their land – absolutely ridiculous, it was a brutal ethnic cleansing. Any scholar worth his salt, including in Israel, can come to no other conclusions. If you take world opinion in the rhetorical vote of the UN, there is no contest. Anyone who would argue for the moral soundness of the occupation is a patent reprobate.

    It is only in America you find this snake oil, shoddy, groundless and totally self-serving view of what Israel does to the Palestinians. It is in this artificial crucible, in the United States alone, that we find this nonfactual nonsense. The fact that a professor would teach the truth is what cannot be tolerated, because we have both the admixture of State interest and the self-interest of a powerful lobby. The truth apparently is always subversive, and specifically so in a malaise of lies from all directions. If you will not have dissent in your universities than shut your doors, stop talking about world class education, and consign yourselves to the powers that be without remedy.

  21. Espresso said on August 27th, 2007 at 7:28pm #

    jaime, That’s quite a spin job you’re doing.

  22. jaime said on August 27th, 2007 at 7:42pm #

    “jaime, That’s quite a spin job you’re doing.”

    Ya think so?
    I like revisiting this playpen because it never fails to make me laugh. F”rinstance, your buddy here just compared what’s his name to Galileo.
    So happens he’s not the only nice person Galileo’s been compared to lately :

  23. Hue Longer said on August 28th, 2007 at 6:33am #

    Some of you people have an inability to process what’s being said to you.

    Just to save time next time a story about DePaul comes up…

    Lisa, it was just explained to you what a University consisted of and you repeated your pre corrected mistake as if it were a newer and better argument.

    Michael, you get corrected every time a story concerning this issue appears and you still show up with your “if a=b then c=a” crap somewhere else…That’s a strange suggestion for people whom you think shouldn’t be thinking at all (apologies if you know what you’re doing…but if so, shouldn’t you find dumber grounds to hunt?)

    Jaimie, the people debating you are not bluffing…it’s a terrible assumption you are making in thinking everyone else is as full of shit as you are…an introduction to critical thinking will help—even if it’s just to recognize arguments you should avoid

  24. Kerry said on August 28th, 2007 at 6:42am #

    I can’t believe this. well ok so i can believe it due to the kind of country we currently live in. [it hurts me to type that last sentence]

    If i was registered for those classes i would convince Norman Finkelstein if he would teach the class out of school. Or just do a sit in with the Dean till answers were brought to people.

    I hope my dean doesn’t decide that he wants to keep the war machine running instead of teaching kids how it can be stopped.

  25. Lisa Brown said on August 28th, 2007 at 7:04am #

    Dear Hue,

    I am sure you assume you are very smart. So consider this – don’t you find it too coincidental that the only people you find have “inability to process what’s being said” are the ones that have opposing view…

    Incidentally if you think I am wrong about what “University consisted of” – please immediately contact Supreme Court, because they have the same idea I do (did you even go to my link?!)

    Hue, a word of advice, arrogance impedes dialog.

  26. Hue Longer said on August 28th, 2007 at 7:40am #

    “I am sure you assume you are very smart. So consider this – don’t you find it too coincidental that the only people you find have “inability to process what’s being said” are the ones that have opposing view…”

    An appeal to subjective truth?

    “Incidentally if you think I am wrong about what “University consisted of” – please immediately contact Supreme Court, because they have the same idea I do (did you even go to my link?!)”

    I did not go to your link…you again miss the point that the University is not just admin. When someone tells you this, you cite the “University’s” rights again. I can’t say it any simpler than that.

    “Hue, a word of advice, arrogance impedes dialog”.

    Lisa, I was trying to help, but it seems I may instead have buttressed your cognitive dissonance, I apologize to the author of this piece and to the other’s who’ve invested time with you.

  27. Hue Longer said on August 28th, 2007 at 7:44am #


    gather yourself and consider my suggestion (sorry for getting your name wrong)

  28. Lisa Brown said on August 28th, 2007 at 7:59am #

    Dear Hue,

    LOL – you had me at “I did not go to your link”.

  29. jaime said on August 28th, 2007 at 9:09am #

    Hue, your comments are getting a little cryptic, could you please elucidate further?

    Others Bluffing is not an issue. F’s supporters appear to buy into conspiracy and racist B.S. That’s their priviledge. As for these adventures with De Paul, F. has no one else to blame but himself. Like any other employer/employee situation, he made his “move” and DePaul told him to take a hike. He’s free to “grace” any other institution that will have him, though I doubt many will.

    And if this an open board, why aren’t my comments welcome? Is it because they differ from yours?

  30. Lisa Brown said on August 28th, 2007 at 9:26am #


    you have good points and smart comments. Hue is cryptic because he is trying to sound condescending while having nothing of substance to say.

  31. jaime said on August 28th, 2007 at 10:35am #

    Thank you Lisa.

    I’ve been participating here because a Google or other news search of Norman Finkelstein dependably brings up DV. It’s important that outsiders looking for different viewpoints or clarification of the issue see a variety of voices and decide for themselves who’s B.S. ing who.

    The frightening thing is how many children get sucked into these conspiracy things. Oh well, one hopes that most will eventually figure it out.

    His academic career, however, is now obviously over.

  32. Lisa Brown said on August 28th, 2007 at 11:00am #

    jaime, I agree with you completely.

    “I’ve been participating here because a Google or other news search of Norman Finkelstein dependably brings up DV”
    – same here. I think DV like this topic because it’s one of the few that brings them some eyes to the site (their other stories get virtually no comments)

    as for the kids getting sucked in – it’s a right of passage I guess. When you’re young and impressionable everything is perceived as good or evil, where every power/authoritarian structure is evil and every grass movement is good.

    Luckily radicals, like F’s following, are few and relatively inconsequential.

  33. LanceThruster said on August 28th, 2007 at 1:14pm #

    Among Dr. Finkelstein’s most ‘consequential’ supporters are those who actually know something about the Middle East. If the majority do not value Dr. Finkelstein as a truth-teller, it is based on either ignorance or an agenda rather than substance.

  34. hp said on August 28th, 2007 at 2:36pm #

    Dershy should be fired for impersonating a Semite, which he is not.

  35. jaime said on August 28th, 2007 at 3:15pm #

    Thank you Lisa,

    You wrote:

    “ for the kids getting sucked in – it’s a right of passage I guess. When you’re young and impressionable everything is perceived as good or evil, where every power/authoritarian structure is evil and every grass movement is good…”

    Seems like it’s almost a rite of passage for university students in the Humanities. Almost non-existent in Engineering, Law, Commerce, Medical disciplines. It’s fashionable to “blame it all” on big business and find conspiracies under every rock.

    Then when graduation day comes along and folks are trying to make a living or a career, all of sudden not all business is “evil” anymore. And of course, it’s big businesses that often support institutions of higher learning.

    But over and above the usually left wing stuff, F. & Co. are magnets if not generators of racism, notably antisemitism too. Perhaps it’s a function of the anti-globalist thing which encourages dimwits to hate Jews because Israel is a client state of the U.S., But it also attracts other forms of this dark energy like hp’s sterling comment above.

    Believe me, DePaul management understand that very well, and have washed their hands of F. and all he and his clown show represents.

  36. Espresso said on August 28th, 2007 at 5:26pm #

    Alan Dershowitz has admitted to writing letters to DePaul Administrators and faculty demanding that Finkelstein’s tenure be denied. So there’s an admission of conspiracy – Alan already made it. And I can assure you if Alan did this, Abe Foxman wasn’t far behind, and few want to tangle with the ADL even though Abe publicly admits that he makes no distinction between those who criticize Israel and “anti-semites”.

    Throwing the term “conspiracy” around these days is just a tactic to discredit those you disagree with. Human beings are political creatures and thus conspiracies are par for the course – the world was built on conspiracies.

    I would encourage each of you “naysayers” (the Israel zealots) to read this NYT article on Abe Foxman with regards to Zionist tactics in silencing critics. See how he works:

  37. bunny bampton said on August 28th, 2007 at 5:41pm #

    i think lisa and jaime are the same person!

  38. DEB-Z said on August 28th, 2007 at 6:18pm #

    More important is the question, sorry Professor Finkerstein, not “Does Norman Finkelstein Constitute a Security Threat to DePaul University”
    but “Do the children dying in the Middle East due to this Berlin like Wall Constitute a Security Threat to Israel?” See today’s posting in The Australian at about the infant dying in the heat waiting in line FOUR HOURS to cross the line….
    But we should cover our ears and eyes, ignore this death, like many others on both sides because DEPAUL UNIVERSITY does not want the
    students to be educated about what is taking place in the world!
    Is there a wonder that people hate the USA for sending support for increasing land and treating people worse than dogs in this country.
    Someone mistreating dogs goes to jail. The death of a child…who cares…
    Dr. Finkelstein, your classes were full your students and professional
    peers respected you. I only pray for you to continue your fine research. You are a wonderful role model to the world where
    Radical Ignorant Jews are just like Radical Ignorant Muslims and Christians.
    Respectfully Submitted,
    A Mother for Peace and Equality (Women in Black; Read about their
    efforts for peace from wars, and rape that war creates for women and
    their children.

  39. jaime said on August 28th, 2007 at 6:49pm #

    Yo Espresso,

    Dershowitz was solicited by DePaul University management and asked for his opinion. If that’s a conspiracy to you, then you should change whatever brand of cigarette you’re smoking.

    Oh and that fact happens to be linked from the above article. Click on the underlined words “Utter Dispair” in the final paragraph. That will link you you to this:

    Dear Professor Dershowitz:

    I hope this note finds you well and enjoying your summer.
    I write you about the matter of Norman Finkelstein, who comes up for a tenure decision this autumn. To prepare myself, I am investigating your charges that he is guilty of various forms of intellectual dishonesty.
    I have contacted Professor Peter Novick to follow up on his indictment
    which you quoted in your letter of November 10, 2005, to Father
    Holtschneider and in the manuscript titled “Literary McCarthyism” which you sent me the previous year. I am contacting you, too, to ask your assistance. Could you point me to the clearest and most egregious
    instances of dishonesty on Finkelstein’s part?
    Thank you for your assistance in this matter. If you care to contact me
    via telephone, my office number is 773.325.7338. During the summer I will be working out of my home most of the time; my number there is

    Best regards,

    Patrick Callahan
    Department of Political Science
    DePaul University
    Chicago, IL

  40. Espresso said on August 29th, 2007 at 10:29am #

    [b]Outspoken Political Scientist Denied Tenure at DePaul[/b]

    06.11.2007 | The New York Times

    Norman Finkelstein, the political scientist whose bid for a permanent position at DePaul University stirred up charges of anti-Semitism, personal vendettas and outside interference in the hiring process, was informed Friday that he had been denied tenure by the university.

    Mr. Finkelstein said he clearly “met the publishing standards and the teaching standards required for tenure” and that DePaul’s decision was based on “transparently political grounds” and an “egregious violation” of academic freedom.

    DePaul’s political science department had voted to award Mr. Finkelstein tenure, but the University Board on Promotion and Tenure rejected his bid. DePaul’s president, the Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, upheld that decision. In a letter to Mr. Finkelstein, Father Holtschneider wrote that Mr. Finkelstein is an excellent teacher and a nationally recognized public intellectual but does not “honor the obligation” to “respect and defend the free inquiry of associates.”

    Mr. Finkelstein’s work, accusing Jews of exploiting the Holocaust for monetary gain and attacking Israel for oppressing the Palestinians, has made Mr. Finkelstein many enemies over the years. One of the most dogged has been Alan Dershowitz, the attorney and Harvard law professor whose impassioned defense of Israel has led to frequent and often venomous conflicts with Mr. Finkelstein.

    [b]In a full-court press against Mr. Finkelstein, Mr. Dershowitz lobbied professors, alumni and the administration of DePaul, a Roman Catholic university in Chicago, to deny him tenure. Many faculty members at DePaul and elsewhere decried what they called Mr. Dershowitz’s heavy-handed tactics.[/b]

    Sounding resigned, Mr. Finkelstein said of DePaul, “Rationally, it has to deny me tenure.”

    “Any time I wrote or spoke would evoke another hysterical response and would be costly for them,” he said, referring to the college’s fund-raising efforts.

    In a statement Father Holtschneider said the outside attention paid to Mr. Finkelstein’s bid for tenure “was unwelcome and inappropriate and had no impact on either the process or the outcome of this case.” He added: “Some will consider this decision in the context of academic freedom. In fact academic freedom is alive and well at DePaul.”

    It is no surprise that Mr. Dershowitz was delighted. “It was plainly the right decision,” he said.

    Mr. Finkelstein said he plans to leave Chicago for New York. “Teaching is in my bones. I love to teach,” he said, but he added that as a result of this “blacklisting, I will be barred from ever entering a college classroom again.”

    Nonetheless, any temptation to “indulge in a bout of self-pity,” he said, was halted by thinking of his parents, who survived the Warsaw ghetto and the Nazi death camps while the rest of his relatives were exterminated. “They survived,” he said. “I’ll survive.”


    [b]ADL Reacts to DePaul’s Denial of Tenure to Prof. Norman Finkelstein[/b]

    06.11.2007 | Anti-Defamation League
    Press Release

    Chicago, IL, June 11, 2007 … Lonnie Nasatir, Director of the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) Greater Chicago/Upper Midwest Regional Office, issued the following statement in reaction to DePaul University’s denial of tenure to Professor Norman Finkelstein:
    The Anti-Defamation League has long been troubled by Professor Norman Finkelstein’s vitriolic and mean-spirited rhetoric in his written works and public speaking engagements. His career has been marked by hurtful attacks on those seeking to remember the Holocaust, an obsessive hatred of Zionism and Israel, and a penchant for distorting the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

    To the extent that DePaul’s decision to deny tenure to Prof. Finkelstein is intended as a repudiation of his hateful and bigoted ideas, we applaud the University for its actions in standing up for its principles.

    It should be noted that DePaul accepted Jewish students when other universities had strict quotas, and we look forward to continuing the close relationship between DePaul and the Jewish community that has done so much to benefit Chicago and Catholic-Jewish

  41. Espresso said on August 29th, 2007 at 10:35am #

    Since this blog doesn’t allow bolding text this was the quote from the first article I was trying to focus on:

    “In a full-court press against Mr. Finkelstein, Mr. Dershowitz lobbied professors, alumni and the administration of DePaul, a Roman Catholic university in Chicago, to deny him tenure. Many faculty members at DePaul and elsewhere decried what they called Mr. Dershowitz’s heavy-handed tactics”

    -Sounds like he was a little more involved than just responding to an email from DePaul. He was out using his “McCarthyism” tactics of intimidating faculty.

    And the ADL press release which follows that NYT article shows how this topic was at the forefront of their radar and you know as well as ALL of us that the ADL was involved. They are ALWAYS involved when it comes to education and their historic revisionist agenda.

    And when they get involved it’s a “shakedown” (i.e. “you do as we say, or we’ll pronounce you and your administrators as “anti-semites”).

  42. Lisa Brown said on August 29th, 2007 at 10:59am #

    RE: DEB-Z
    Infant dying is a terrible thing. However it is almost a trademark of F’s supporters to cherry pick the facts they present to you to validate their case and to pray on your emotions at the detriment of critical thought. This is the perfect example. DEB-Z FAILED to mention that the baby had a “heart condition” and they’ve been on their way to Israel’s hospital for treatment. They’ve been issued a permit to enter. And they had to wait so long because Israel tightened it’s border control after Hamas took over Gaza strip.

    “Ibrahim Abu Nahel and his father arrived at the Erez border crossing between Gaza and Israel yesterday morning with the aim of travelling to the Yehelov Hospital near Tel Aviv to get treatment for the baby’s heart condition, medics said yesterday”
    Full Story

    Another trademark of F’s followers – love of conspiracy theories. Why not suggest that all you, the F’s supporters, are the same person?

    “McCarthyism” term is reserved for government oppression of individual for his/her point of view. It does not apply to one private individual disagreeing and acting against another, because, god knows, Finkelstein will be the first one guilty of it.
    Also D’s actions against F, do not make F right – it’s a fallacy to imply that.

    As for the rest of you, here’s a cognitive dissonance for your consideration:

    How do you explain the fact that even Peter Novick who F’s apparently uses as his primary source, denounces F’s “The Holocaust Industry”: “Finkelstein’s rant is not a contribution to such discussions; it is a subtraction from them.”
    Novick’s review

    Here’s a more complete excerpt from Novick’s review:

    “Among his more startling claims is that the treasury of the World Jewish Congress has “amassed no less than ‘roughly $7 billion’ in compensation monies.” Finkelstein’s source for this startling revelation is an article in FAZ which reported the very unstartling fact that the WJC was holding discussions about how such monies might be distributed IF AND WHEN THEY WERE RECEIVED. This is not just carelessness on Finkelstein’s part, since he KNEW when he wrote the book that the WJC had not received ANY such funds: deliberate deception. (Examples could be multiplied. No facts alleged by Finkelstein should be assumed to be really facts, no quotation in his book should be assumed to be accurate, without taking the time to carefully compare his claims with the sources he cites.)”

    “The overall argument of Finkelstein’s book is that “American Jewish elites” conspire only in their private interest: to line their own pockets and to facilitate their “entry into the inner sanctums of American power.” For these elites, he tells us, “the Holocaust performed the same function as Israel: another invaluable chip in a high-stakes power game.” For Finkelstein, it is only by acknowledging this long-standing conspiracy of “Jewish elites” that one can REALLY understand what was involved in reparations and restitution negotiations.

    I had not thought that (apart from the disreputable fringe) there were Germans who would take seriously this twenty-first century updating of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” I was mistaken: last summer the reviewer for the FAZ compared the book’s author to Hannah Arendt; said that reading the book was “like opening a window for a sudden gust of fresh air.””

    “On neither side of the Atlantic should discussion of any of these issues be “impermissible.” Indeed such discussions are highly desirable. But Finkelstein’s rant is not a contribution to such discussions; it is a subtraction from them.”

  43. Lisa Brown said on August 29th, 2007 at 11:02am #

    For some reason links got messed up in my post above so I am pasting them here:

    Full Story on the infant:

    Novick’s review:

  44. jaime said on August 29th, 2007 at 11:14am #

    Espresso, You’re entitled to your opinion.

    However I’d like to suggest that some of your conclusions are misplaced.

    “McCarthy Tactics” is in my view, inappropriate, as are “historic revisionist agenda” and “shakedown.”

    Finkelstein is/was free to act as he wishes. However if he’s to be awarded anything like academic tenure he should meet certain standards. He’s out on his ear because he didn’t. That’s not “McCarthyist.”

    Historic revisionist agenda has nothing to do with this issue, unless you’re playing around using coded language to imply that the Holocaust against the Jews in Europe never happened or something like that, which is either crassly ignorant, pro-genocide and terror or crude bigotry. Take your pick.

    Of course, you could also be mentally ill. That’s another possibility.

  45. Espresso said on August 29th, 2007 at 12:45pm #

    You Wrote:
    “Historic revisionist agenda has nothing to do with this issue, unless you’re playing around using coded language to imply that the Holocaust against the Jews in Europe never happened or something like that, which is either crassly ignorant, pro-genocide and terror or crude bigotry. Take your pick.”

    – Dershowitz’s entire beef with Finkelstein is that Finkelstein disproved Dershowitz’s book “A Case For Israel”. The historic revisionist agenda I speak of is ALL Israel-related, but how convenient for you to suggest I’m speaking of the Holocaust. Finkelstein has NEVER suggested the Holocaust didn’t exist. In fact, Finkelstein’s mother was a Holocaust survivor and “The Holocaust Industry” is all about how the Zionists used the Holocaust to further their ideological agenda and to profit (at the expense of Holocaust survivors, like his mother). I think another poster had it correct: You need to read one of his books before you go on a crusade to discredit him and demonize him.

    As usual in these discussions, pro-Israel zealots strategically try and steer the conversation/debate from Israel to the Holocaust which is the basis of Finkelsteins’ entire point. You are helping to prove his point.

  46. jaime said on August 29th, 2007 at 1:17pm #

    Thank you for your clarification.

    There is a difference between Holocaust denial propaganda and “Israel controls the world” propaganda. But not much of one. They’re both quite similar.

    Finkelstein’s self hatred of his ethnicity and mockery of his parent’s suffering is between him and his therapist(s); his kinky trip fits well into the agenda of your ilk.

    Either way it amounts to a bottom line of “Jews have no right to exist” and “Jews have no right to a majority Jewish country of their own.”

    At least hp and Gerald Spezio are a little more honest about their hatred of Jews and Israel. You could learn from their example.

  47. Espresso said on August 29th, 2007 at 1:42pm #

    You are probably the most intellectually dishonest person I’ve ever encountered. Your rhetoric is laughable. No one has suggested “Israel controls the world”. There are powerful groups in America with deep pockets that are driven by Zionist ideology that are quick to demonize and destroy anyone who disagrees with Israeli policies or against unflinching U.S. support of Israel despite its apartheid government and racist policies.

    Finkelstein doesn’t hate himself as he’s not a Zionist. He’s a Jew who hates Zionist. You are now strategically suggesting there’s no distinction between Zionists and Jews. He doesn’t mock his parents’ suffering – he is furious that her suffering has been used as a tool for Zionist ideologues to push the pro-Israel agenda and to profit at her expense.

    What kind of crap are you insinuating that “Jews have no right to exist”? No one ever said that, but you. Once again you’re proving Finkelsteins’ underlying point: when a Zionist can’t win an argument he/she tries and demonize Israel’s critic is an anti-semite who doesn’t want Jews to exist.

    “Jews have no right to a majority Jewish country of their own.” – you are correct here. Jews do NOT have a right to a majority country of their own, just like Germany didn’t have a right to a German Gentile majority of their own, and just like South Africa didn’t have a right to a white majority of their own. You’re now starting to show your underlying racist/biggotted colors.

    Keep posting as you are the perfect example of what Norman Finkelstein has been putting a spotlight on. Thanks for proving his point over and over again.

  48. jaime said on August 29th, 2007 at 2:24pm #

    Garden Variety antisemitism cont’d.

    Actually there is an inextricable connection between Jews and the Land of Israel, but I would never expect you to understand it.

    Every time formal prayers are done in the Jewish religion, both Israel and Jerusalem are specifically mentioned with great reverence. And Zion or Israel is acknowledged as where the Torah, or basic code of law emanates from.

    Also whenever there is a Jewish burial outside of the Land of Israel, a small quantity of Israeli soil is placed in every casket beneath the person’s body.

    This practice has continued for nearly 2 thousand years and symbolizes the eternal connection between Jews and the Land of Israel.

    Similarly, for practicing Hindus the world over, the River Ganges in India and it’s water have an enormous spiritual significance extending back perhaps 5,000 years. Are you going to tell us that Hindus have no right to a majority country of their own?

    Play racist word games all you want. Those others reading this, who have respect for and knowledge of larger things than you will ever understand know what this means.

    Why doesn’t Germany have a right to a majority in their own country? Please explain.

  49. Espresso said on August 29th, 2007 at 2:48pm #

    “Why doesn’t Germany have a right to a majority in their own country? Please explain.”
    -Germany doesn’t have a right to an all German Gentile majority, because you end up with ethnic cleansing. Ever hear of the Holocaust?

  50. jaime said on August 29th, 2007 at 3:14pm #

    You misquote yourself. Or you’re being disingenuous.

    You wrote: “Germany didn’t have a right to a German Gentile majority.”
    Majority doesn’t mean 100% exclusivity.

    Webster Online:

    MAJORITY : a number or percentage equaling more than half of a total b : the excess of a majority over the remainder of the total

    Anyway to get back to the issue at hand, here’s a quick reference to help others understand the context of why I threw out the antisemitism flag on the “play.”


    There is a strong argument to be made that antisemitism is involved when the belief is articulated that of all the peoples on the globe (including the Palestinians), only the Jews should not have the right to self-determination in a land of their own. Or, to quote noted human rights lawyer David Matas:

    One form of antisemitism denies access of Jews to goods and services because they are Jewish. Another form of antisemitism denies the right of the Jewish people to exist as a people because they are Jewish. Antizionists distinguish between the two, claiming the first is antisemitism, but the second is not. To the antizionist, the Jew can exist as an individual as long as Jews do not exist as a people. Matas correctly terms this distinction “nonsense.”…..Antisemitism is hatred toward Jews because they are Jews and is directed toward the Jewish religion and Jews individually or collectively. More recently, antisemitism has been manifested in the demonization of the State of Israel.

  51. DEB-Z said on August 29th, 2007 at 3:47pm #

    Jaime and people who are extreme racists scare me…
    She is an embarrassment to many Jewish people who want peace…
    Do not mistake her hatred, or word play, as normal Jewish behavior!
    Most Jewish people want world peace; extreme Jewish radicals want
    war and land at any price…blood being the means of payment!

    Jaime, is for sure aware, that many Christian prayers and ceremonies also date back to the same locations and time frames…
    Should this land perhaps become a Christian state?
    Many Christians live in Lebanon, etc., would they like a Christian state in the ME?
    Perhaps they deserve to have Israel as their own state!
    After all it is reported that the Jewish people killed Christ himself!
    If she reads the Koran she will be shocked to learn that it starts in the Garden of Eden, and covers Noah’s Arch, and much of the same time period and lands (old and new testiments)!!! Only involves an additon; Moses, then Christ, then Mohammed!

    The USA is made up of many races and religions, perhaps Israel would benefit from this same “melting pot” instead of a “festering pot” of hatred and predjudice!
    Let us not think we have been the only ones on this planet related
    to the land now called Israel or Palestine.
    Open your eyes Jamie…you are ignorant and a racist…

    You did not address the baby that died in the heat….this summer…
    at a crossing controlled by Israel! Perhaps the UN should control these roads and not Israel, for they might care if a tiny baby is in the sun for FOUR HOURS! If you believe in God….God will judge by the way you treat people not by the dirt one places into coffins….

    Due to the above and so many, many, many more examples I feel:
    Professor Norman Finkelstein deserves to be teaching this year.
    DePaul University has dismissed a wonderful and gifted faculty member. Students and faculty, as well as many academic peers around the globe, supported him and continue to stand behind him.

    He stood up to people who support torture, hatred, and racism.
    Let’s end their attempted control of our government, industries, news,
    and now campuses!!!
    (Remember the same group attacked former President Carter just last year when his book was out. Next, I expect, it will be the faculty members who are about to release the new book on the Jewish Lobby in Sept.. They already had a speaking engagement cancelled!)

    Support Jews, Christians, and Muslims that are NON extremist and NON racist….People like Jaime cause wars and hatred; it is passed down from one generation to the next! Scrutinize your values.
    His education will be carried on in his books and future teachings.
    You go Professor Finkelstein

  52. jaime said on August 29th, 2007 at 4:20pm #

    Jews and blood! Jews killed Jesus! Now there’s some stereotypical racist canards from the Babe in Black.

    Hey Deb, you’re slipping!

    You forgot poisoning wells and bleeding children to make matzos.

  53. Lisa Brown said on August 29th, 2007 at 4:21pm #

    DEB-Z (I responded to you earlier – but you obviously didn’t see it , so here it is again)

    Infant dying is a terrible thing. However it is almost a trademark of F’s supporters to cherry pick the facts they present to you to validate their case and to pray on your emotions at the detriment of critical thought. This is the perfect example. DEB-Z FAILED to mention that the baby had a “heart condition” and they’ve been on their way to Israel’s hospital for treatment. They’ve been issued a permit to enter. And they had to wait so long because Israel tightened it’s border control after Hamas took over Gaza strip. READ THE FULL STORY

    “People like Jaime cause wars and hatred; it is passed down from one generation to the next! Scrutinize your values.”

    I doubt Jaime causes wars and hatred but Finkelstein sure does?
    Here he states his support for Hezbollah!

    Are you with him?

    With regard to

  54. DEB-Z said on August 29th, 2007 at 8:45pm #

    Dear Jaime,
    I have stated before that I am Jewish and just stating “reasons” that others might give as to why they might also want to claim the land of Palestine to be their own!!!
    Not just Jewish but also Christians claim this land as their
    land and state that Jesus was born in that area, as well as killed there, and so the Christian story goes….
    What gives the Jewish people the right to go and take land and create a whole country pretending that other people had no history or rights to this land! Is this based on folk tales passed on for generations.
    We can now get current history that was documented…However, as you know, prior to actual writings it is all hear say!

    Do the American Indians have claim to all of the USA simply because they were here over a couple of hunded of years ago…Should all of the
    white people leave Africa? Should Christians move Palestine/Israel?

    It is by professors studying actual documents of facts that can sort out all of the rumors and let all people and religions that want to settle there or claim land there be allowed to demonstrate just cause.
    The UN has resolutions that have been brought up in relation to this…
    Why can we not have them presented and explore the ME in our schools or discussed in the media without uproar?

    Dr. Finkelstein, as well as other historians, belongs teaching, opening minds to debate and historical education about this ME crisis.

    I have worked as a health care worker and have had experience with
    critical children. Heat and time play a significant role in outcome!
    As you know you do not leave little children in hot cars…Babies heat
    rapidly and can cause an increase in other complications…I read many articles and have read all that is available on this story and the story of most children killed in this conflict on both sides….very sad…People should not let these killings of inocent children continue…Read just this
    week alone about the murders of children in Palestine.

    Like I said I think the UN should be in control of this region…Too many children and citizens of Palestine are being killed by the current government’s policies of “road blocks” and “Berlin Type Walls”.

    How long is the USA government and universities going to let a large group of people be treated like dogs. Then they wonder why there are
    angry people in the ME!!! (Jaime and Lisa are you the same person?)

    Do you have no shame for all the hate in your hearts and the attitude that you are in some way better than any other group of people on this earth!

  55. DEB-Z said on August 29th, 2007 at 9:17pm #

    It is starting again…Ira Stoll’s article in the New York Sun…
    “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy”…a new book for the lobby to attack…
    here we go again….at least Professor Finkelstein might get a rest!!!
    When will this Lobby be replaced for the “Rebuild New Orleans Lobby”, or the “Health Care for ALL Lobby”, or the “Balance the Budget Lobby”,
    or the “Social Security Protection Lobby”, etc….Look out for the citizens of the USA that live in poverty.
    We should not be sending monies to foreign countries with human right violations when we need the support at home!

  56. jaime said on August 29th, 2007 at 10:30pm #

    Dear Deb,

    I agree with you! Little Children in Palestine should not be left in hot cars to die.

    Not sure about the other stuff, tho…

  57. hp said on August 30th, 2007 at 1:06pm #

    I don’t recall saying anything hateful at all. I simply stated facts. I’m not responsible for whether facts are “hateful’ or not.

  58. Mulga Mumblebrain said on August 31st, 2007 at 2:28am #

    It is certainly deeply disturbing to see Jewish chauvinism, exceptionalism and arrogance in full spate. That one tiny group, or to be precise a majority of that group, driven by deep-seated hatred of others and a maniacal religious delusion that they are, in the Dalek’s words, ‘The Supreme Beings of the Universe’, can destroy careers, imprison murder and torture an entire other people, and spit on International Humanitarian Law, is troubling enough. But when you consider that through the persuasive power of their immense wealth, and their utter disinhibition in applying coercion and blackmail to destroy all who oppose them, that they have gained total political control over the global hyperpower, and that they are using this control to launch a war of destruction and mass murder against the Arabs of the Middle East, then we must face the fact that we have been led to the edge of the abyss. I seem to remember Mr Foxman of the ADL alleging that Hitler’s genocide of the Jews was in fact an attempt at deicide, as the Jews and God are in fact one and the same. How can the world deal with a violent, aggressive, racist gangster state, when that state’s supporters believe that it is set up above the rest of humanity? And what are the hundreds of nuclear weapons really for?

  59. jaime said on August 31st, 2007 at 7:50am #

    Thanks Mumblebrain! BTW good choice of name!

    And unlike hp sauce or Miss Wunderful in Black I think we can all understand your headspace. I think you’re spending too much time in your parent’s basement. You should get out more.

    “What the Dalek’s said”

    The Daleks (pronounced “DAH-lecks”; IPA: /’d??l?ks/) are a fictional extraterrestrial race of mutants from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. A Dalek is a grotesque mutated organism integrated with a tank-like mechanical casing made of “dalekanium”.[1][2] The resulting creatures are a powerful race bent on universal conquest and domination, utterly without pity, compassion or remorse (as all of their emotions were removed except hate).[3] They are also, collectively, the greatest alien adversaries of the Time Lord known as the Doctor. Their most famous catchphrase is “EX-TER-MI-NATE!”, with each syllable individually screeched in a frantic electronic voice

  60. DEB-Z said on August 31st, 2007 at 6:29pm #

    It is shameful that one with such a negative spirit can actually
    write with such hatred and venum in your tone.
    For anyone to know the reason why a child was trapped
    in a car for 4 hours and died; when a parent was trying to take his
    baby for medical care. If you can’t be sympathytic discussing this
    horrific circumstance you non human my opinion!
    How can you just brush off the road crossings.
    The UN needs to be involved in Israel or I fear that evil people
    will be responding, as we see here, to humanity in negative ways.
    Perhaps you are a racist, superior to mankind, and think all that you
    do not look like, talk like, pray like, and live like should be killed!
    I hope you are not involved with children, shaping their minds, with
    views like yours, it would be a scary thing.
    We as the USA should examine our relationship with the Lobby and
    Israel and see if that is a culture and people we want to identify with!

  61. jaime said on August 31st, 2007 at 7:14pm #

    Dear Deb,

    Try this recipe for chocolate chip cookies and then eat the whole thing. You’ll feel much better. A little bloated, maybe, but better:

    * 1 cup butter, room temperature
    * 3/4 cup granulated sugar
    * 1 1/4 cups brown sugar, firmly packed
    * 2 eggs
    * 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
    * 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
    * 3/4 teaspoon salt
    * 1 teaspoon baking powder
    * 1 teaspoon baking soda
    * 2 to 3 cups semisweet chocolate chips

    In large mixing bowl cream butter and sugars until light. Beat in the eggs and vanilla.
    Sift together the flour, salt baking powder, and soda; stir into the first mixture, blending well. Stir in chocolate chips.

    Shape into balls about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and place 2 inches apart on an ungreased cookie sheet.
    Bake in a preheated 350° oven for 8 to 10 minutes, or until edges are light brown.

    Makes about 4 to 5 dozen cookies.

  62. DEB-Z said on August 31st, 2007 at 8:36pm #

    Sorry Jamie,
    I do not bake or use my kitchen…I run multi businesses and try to avoid people who advocate violence during the day when I run beauty and wellness to promote relaxation and beautiful surroundings….
    Just finished a huge garden design on the water…You should get
    1. Garden and/or view gardens very peaceful;
    good for the mind and spirit.
    2. Take time to work with others that need wellness and beauty;
    cancer and burn victims are in need of this.
    3. By doing the above you can see balance in the world and
    hopefully promote kindness and compassion for mankind!
    Wishing you and others peace on this Sabbath…Make matzo balls and
    chicken soup…better than cookies at our age!

  63. jaime said on August 31st, 2007 at 9:59pm #

    I prefer paint-by-numbers myself. And other interests are taxidermy, lingerie, soap-box racing and macrame.

  64. jaime said on September 1st, 2007 at 8:00am #

    Oops! Sorry! I also forgot black powder musketry, maze building, lego, model trains and sumo wrestling.

  65. hp said on September 1st, 2007 at 11:43am #

    How about 4.0 – 3.0 = 1.0?

  66. hp said on September 1st, 2007 at 4:53pm #

    Hell, they didn’t even mention the nuclear weapons which the Zionist racist state helped its “special friend,” the apartheid racist state, South Africa, develop and test. Of course when you’re immune to any laws, foreign, domestic or international, and you literally possess the newspapers, T.V. and movies, people forget. Or should I say never remember?

  67. DEB-Z said on September 1st, 2007 at 7:58pm #

    Yes, and next week’s book “The Israel Lobby and US” by Professors Mearsheimer and Walt will be quite the post summer
    It is first on my list…I am sure it will be full of professional
    footnotes and references, such as Professor Norman Finkerstein’s
    books have, esp. “Beyond Chutzpah”.
    If you check under “Google”, Click “News”, then search “Jewish Lobby”
    it is already a hot toppic! We might be seeing a couple of more professors being attacked and their jobs threatened…
    DePaul University caved to the Lobby and now let’s see what other
    universities in the USA follow and deny academic freedom and exploration of world conflicts…
    Also an interesting article in; THE JEWISH POST on Aug 29, 2007;
    It is concerning a second chance given to Mr. Tarsky who was recently fired from the ADL and rehired. “…rare, little victory for everyone who believes truth is more important than politics.”…..
    After reading this I thought of Dr. Findelstein and perhaps DePaul
    should read this article.
    Mr Tarsky stood up for truth and understanding also…they are both men to be admired!
    It takes quite a bit of courage to be in their shoes. Let’s hope they both stand for research, investigation, and communication, especially when they go against the tide of what is believed or fabricated at the time!

  68. DEB-Z said on September 1st, 2007 at 8:58pm #

    Another thing that is a hot topic this week in many Jewish news reportings is a CNN document on extreme religious practices;
    an example of this; ZOA’s article by Mortin Klein;
    Concerning Christiane Arnanpour’s Series; “God’s Warriors”….
    She is another person under attack for writing about the Jewish
    Warriors ….
    “…equating Jewish religious fervor with that of Muslims who endourse suicide bombings and support Jihad…..”
    I strongly feel perhaps there would not be suicide bombings if they had guns, planes, and all the weapons that we supply Israel with to kill Palestinians and other ME people with from the air, land and sea!…
    Then they could have a full blown out way instead of a one sided one.
    If stones and home made bombs are all you can afford to defend your family and your homeland you use what you have…
    I am not advocating that this is right or peaceful….
    However I always say radical Jewish people are like radical Christian and Muslim people…no different…Just that they do not want to be called on it…..THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOO INNOCENT!

  69. DEB-Z said on September 1st, 2007 at 9:02pm #

    Sorry should have read;
    full blown out WAR instead of a one sided….typed wrong in above posting….

  70. DEB-Z said on September 1st, 2007 at 9:20pm #

    Another cancellation…The stories keep coming….Must be the Finkelstein Factor!
    UK Zionist Group Cancels Israeli Reporter’s Talk
    This was about Danny Rubenstein. Written up in the
    Jewish on 8-31-07; a story by Jonny Paul.
    Following Mr. Rubenstein’s addressing the UN stating
    “today Israel is an apartheid state with different status for different communities”. Mr Rubenstein is a member of the Haaretz editorial Board and taught at Hebrew University, etc….

  71. DEB-Z said on September 2nd, 2007 at 8:25am #

    Another story on Danny Rubenstein, apartheid in Israel, and a history of the formation of Israel and general guidelines:
    9/2/07 article in;
    Eileen Flemming’s arthicle THE PROPHETS ON APARTHEID…
    interesting read….
    And the beat goes on…do as I say not as I do…an old expression that has not gone out of vogue…
    Dr. Finkerstein…heads up most people in the world understand what
    is taking place here…have a wonderful and peaceful holiday weekend
    so you can teach these students next week! I truly feel most faculty and students might actually support you…They prob. do not want their names on lists to destroy their educations and careers. It is all about networking to destroy anyone or anything that stops the machine!!!

  72. Chris Fogarty said on September 2nd, 2007 at 9:41am #

    At Friday’s demonstration against Pres. Holtschneider’s decision to side with AIPAC/Dershowitz against truth-teller Finkelstein, I saw members of the Jewish-led group Not In My Name. Returning from Mass at Holy Name Cathedral some years ago, in despair about the nature of man due to the survivors of the Nazi holocaust within one lifetime becoming perpetrators of genocide, we walked past NIMN members demonstrating and leafleting in Water Tower park. From Noon to 1 p.m. each Sunday ever since, my wife and I have participated with them. They, nearly alone, give us hope that Earth might not be doomed.

    Prof. Finkelstein is fully supported by NIMN and by any objective study of his writings against those of Dershowitz/Peters. It is grotesque that plagiarist Dershowitz remains at Harvard while managing to get DePaul Univ. to remove the chief exposer of his academic sins.

    Another sign of the times can be seen in Occupied Ireland.

    There, the Orangemen have long been supported by Britain’s Nazi parties including its largest one, Combat 18, while their Catholic victims have sided with Jews and Israel. About fifteen years ago, in response to events in Palestine, the Palestinian flag sprouted in all Catholic enclaves. This was countered throughout districts of Nazi-supported Orangemen where Israel’s Star of David flag is ubiquitous.

  73. jaime said on September 2nd, 2007 at 7:12pm #

    What did Dershowitz supposedly plagiarize?

    It’s one thing to disagree vehemently with him or what he represents. It’s quite another to slander him without evidence to back your assertion.

    Also let’s see some documentation about the Orangemen and Israeli flags. I’ll bet that’s made up too…

  74. Mulga Mumblebrain said on September 2nd, 2007 at 8:33pm #

    Ah, Jaime.There are none so blind as those who will not see. Finkelstein’s ‘Beyond Chutzpah’ was all about Dershowitz’s inability to deal with facts honestly. Not read it, yet? Or are you frightened of contrary opinions, particularly when backed by extensively footnoted evidence and cogent argument. Better the ‘faith-based science’ of all Fundamentalist bigots, whether Jewish or Gentile.

  75. jaime said on September 2nd, 2007 at 9:09pm #

    That didn’t answer my questions.

  76. Chris Fogarty said on September 2nd, 2007 at 10:45pm #

    To grasp the rightness of Finkelstein one must study at least three books. 1) Finkelstein’s “Beyond Chutzpah,” 2)” Dershowitz’s “The Case For Israel,” and Joan Peters’ “From Time Immemorial…”

    A read of Dershowitz’s book reveals many word-for-word passages
    from Peters’ book. Some Dershowitz has duly attributed to Peters’s book and others he used but failed to attribute.

    Finkelstein’s book is full of such direct quotes from Dershowitz’s book while citing their locations in Peters’ book. Finkelstein also shows that Peters’ book, the source of so many of Dershowitz’s plagiarisms and citations is, itself, a hoax book.

    Disabuse yourself of unsupported opinions by studying these three books. Learn why Finkestein is on the side of the angels. Learn precisely how Dershowitz is so thoroughly and profoundly in the wrong, and learn that Peters’ “work” is merely a pathetic parroting of Israeli “spin.”

    As to Occupied Ireland’s Irish and their shift from being longtime supporters of Jews and Israel to their relatively recent support of Palestine, I have seen the Palestine flags in all of Belfast’s Irish districts and suggest that they can be googled. I didn’t photograph them. Nor did I photograph the many Star of David flags flying throughout Belfast’s Brit districts; but I can dig up the plaintive letter that a Belfast loyalist leader received from Combat 18 (1 for the alphabet’s first letter “A” for Adolph; ditto for 8 and Hitler). In it he asked what he was to make of the many Israeli flags flying throughout loyalist districts seeing that Combat 18 had spent so many years supporting the loyalists against the “Niggers.” (In Nazi lingo, evidently “Nigger” applies to Irish Catholics and Jews as well as to Africans.)

  77. jaime said on September 3rd, 2007 at 8:35am #

    Is the terrorist group Hezbollah also on the “side of the angels?”

    Here’s Fink.: “I am Hezbollah. We are all Hezbollah.”

  78. jaime said on September 3rd, 2007 at 2:10pm #

    “…Peters’ “work” is merely a pathetic parroting of Israeli “spin….”

    From the sources I have seen, the basic gist of Peter’s From Time Immemorial is that substantial Arab immigration to the middle east paralleled Jewish immigration in the early 20th century and that there has been a continuous Jewish presence there for a very long time.

    Finkelstein and his friends disagree vehemently with any of that basically because their views are that Israel has no right to exist, the Jewish people are not entitled to a country. So anything that doesn’t agree with their theories is unacceptable.

    Finkelstein’s pronouncements on history are so tragically out of whack that he’s never seriously cited for those views.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter. His career as anything like an academic is over. Unless he moves to Iran.

  79. DEB-Z said on September 3rd, 2007 at 5:57pm #

    Read the three books…
    and then write back…
    I do not think he needs to move to Iran…
    He already had students and faculty supporting him in the USA,
    his classes were full!!!
    Do not forget to read the Jewish Lobby and USA this week between
    the three other books….

  80. jaime said on September 3rd, 2007 at 9:01pm #

    I read the three books.

    Lady Chatterly’sLover

    Fanny Hill

    The Story of “O”

    Want to hear how they ended? I’ll tell you at Finkelstein’s next lecture…off campus!

  81. Mulga Mumblebrain said on September 4th, 2007 at 4:57am #

    No, Jaime, Hezbollah is not a ‘terrorist group’. Its a bunch of Lebanese Shia freedom fighters who drove out a vicious, racist occupying force, that had invaded their lands. These Israeli racists, deluded by religious faery stories and the belief in their inherent superiority to the rest of creation, murdered, tortured and defiled the land and people of Southern Lebanon for over twenty years. After being driven out they lusted for revenge, to slake their outrage at being bested by Arab untermenschen. Their chance, so they thought, came last July, when, in a carefully planned assault, fully backed by their fellow racists in Washington, they attacked Lebanon. They devastated the whole country, in the usual cowardly manner, from thirty thousand feet, destroying homes, schools, mosques, hospitals even grocery stores. Over 90% of their victims were civilians. Unfortunately, on the ground, the freedom fighters of Hezbollah kicked their arses yet again. Over 90% of Israeli casualties were military. Still, in a show of that ‘moral purity’ for which Israel is legendary, the defeated Chosen People gifted the people of Southern Lebanon four million cluster bomblets, out of sheer generosity of spirit, for which they are so renowned.The real terrorists, perhaps, with their puppet hyper-power buddies in Washington, the very worst terrorists in history, live in Tel Aviv and other parts of ethnically cleansed Palestine. Just to set the facts right, for your edification.

  82. DEB-Z said on September 4th, 2007 at 7:27am #

    Thank you Mulga M.,
    You defined it in a very sad but true way!!!

    The 3 Billion USA monies going to Israel should instead go to
    rebuild the damage to both Lebanon and Palestine.
    Not to mention all of the children with lost limbs and damaged from USA supplied land mines. After all it was with the USA approval and arms that this was possible.

    We should be held, as a nation, accountable.
    We should understand hate in the ME towards USA is a result of
    these policies of arming the Israelis and supporting their wars
    of genecide and manipulation of oil, etc. result in 9/11 and terrorism.

    I am sick of hearing of the Jewish Holocaust when Israel is
    out to exterminate others around them in this century! (Many countries and individuals have suffered now and in the past.) It doesn’t
    mean they have the right to murder and torture people around them
    that are not Jewish and take their land!

    Good old USA participating and supporting wars and wondering why we are a target of people seeking revenge in this country.

    Dr. Finkerstein and others who have moral values to support peace
    find that they have no support from their institutions. This is due to powerful lobbies networking to silence them and others who want to point out these injustices. They all have blood on their hands!

  83. jaime said on September 4th, 2007 at 8:34am #

    Wow! Stormfront has nothing on you nice people.
    How about when Hezbollah blew up that Jewish community centre in Argentina, I suppose you weirdos think those people in South America had it coming too…. Hezbollah truly is a fascist, genocidal terrorist project.

    I guess that’s where you’re coming from. Actually, there’s no guessing.
    You’re pro-terror. End of story.

    Not worth mentioning that the Christian areas of Lebanon were nearly completely unscathed in the 2006 war. Didn’t see that in your rant above. Didn’t see in your rant the terror that the lebanese people have been put through by Hezbollah and their backers in Syria and Iran. All those bombings and assasinations of politicians.

    Your hatred blinds you. You’ve been taught to blame the Joooooos for every ill.. I pity you.

  84. jaime said on September 4th, 2007 at 8:39am #

    And another thing. If you think the USA is so evil then you should leave it.

    You’re free to go.

  85. Mulga Mumblebrain said on September 4th, 2007 at 3:06pm #

    Gosh Jaime! The fact that the Master Race spared Christian areas from the destruction of schools, homes, hospitals, stores, bridges, roads etc, all in the hope of provoking another Lebanese civil war, has turned, in the hands of one who, in my opinion, is an abject apologist for real terrorists, your good self, into another act of Israeli ‘moral purity’. In the twisted mentality of Israel and its apologists its OK to kill Shia children, hell that’s just ‘collateral damage’. It’s OK to litter their homes with cluster-bomblets, pollute it forever with that Satanic weapon depleted uranium and bomb fleeing cars covered with white flags, but you become a moral paragon when you spare Christian children. Not that the concept of collective punishment, a crime against morality and International Law, but an absolute Israeli specialty, could not be applied to Christian children if a malevolent power decided to do so. After all it was ‘Christians’ who did Israel’s dirty work at Sabra and Shatilla, while Israel provided logistic support and the time to slaughter a couple of thousand Palestinian untermenschen. After all it was ‘Christians’ (Israel has such fragrant ‘friends’. God, how they must miss Apartheid South Africa!)who swelled the ranks of one of the vilest death-squads of history, the so-called ‘South Lebanon Army’. Still it’s only Israel and the US and their bootlickers that claim a right to slaughter children, as a matter of course, in revenge for the non-compliance of their parents. I remember the Nazis used similar tactics in the Soviet Union. History is full of nasty, bitter ironies, is it not?

  86. jaime said on September 4th, 2007 at 3:48pm #

    Whoo! Nice history lesson! Too bad your facts aren’t right, but that’s O.K., the “normal” folks who might happen by to review this article and thread can decide for themselves who is foaming at the mouth and who might have missed their meds today.

    Meanwhile, more a propos the topic of this thread: Is Finkelshmidt a security threat to De Paul U?

    Appears so from university memos that were released to the media over the last few days….,1,6160591.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

    DePaul memos tell of run-ins with professor
    By Ron Grossman | Chicago Tribune staff reporter
    September 3, 2007

    “…..Oral and physical confrontations between Finkelstein and university officials began shortly after his tenure denial, according to a memo written by university Provost Helmut Epp.

    The provost’s memo, dated June 26, alleges that Finkelstein “angrily confronted” other faculty and staff and engaged them with “threatening and discourteous behavior” after being denied tenure.

    On three such occasions, campus security officers were called to intervene, according to the provost’s memo. When a dean attempted to escape a confrontation by ducking into an elevator, Finkelstein physically tried to keep the door from closing, according to the provost’s account….”

    What a dork!! Hahaha!

  87. Mulga Mumblebrain said on September 4th, 2007 at 5:30pm #

    Funny, Jaime how much you ubermenschen hate it when your victims fight back. Typical of bullies throughout history,and if there has ever been a greater caste of bullying, psychotically cruel thugs than those that have incarcerated an entire people, the Palestinians, for generations, torturing and killing them, stealing their land, destroying their homes, chopping down or stealing their trees and stealing their water, all the while screeching about their ‘moral purity’, then I don’t know them. Finkelstein’s career has been ruined by underhand, conniving bigots who detest his truth-telling, apologists for infamous racist crimes, and when he gets upset, he gets smeared again. I suppose the Zionazis and Judeofascists hate a truth-telling, non-racist Jew even more than the Gentile variant. Such a creature is a ‘race traitor’, forgetting or denying that God created one race to be above all others on Earth, particularly the likes of Arab untermenschen. Unfortunately cruel and treacherous bullies thrive in an amoral world where money power and thuggery trump humanity and decency every day.

  88. jaime said on September 4th, 2007 at 6:04pm #

    You forgot rape, well poisoning,plague, clipping the coin, and draining children’s blood for matzos.

    I guess it’s been a slow day.

    Whoops, gotta go, they’re playing a rerun of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” with Jack Nicholson. Don’t want to miss it.