Challenging the Vaccination Dogma

A chilling, consistent pattern exists in stories told by parents:

My child was normal, happy, and healthy. He was walking, learning to talk and playing with his siblings. He was on track developmentally, and everything was normal. At his one-year well baby check up, the doctor said it was time for his next round of shots. Unquestioning, the shots were given. Within weeks, he was autistic.

The reports vary slightly in content and timing, but the descriptions of thousands of children who suddenly regress into the isolated world of autism are eerily the same.

What is Dogma?

Webster’s defines dogma as “a doctrine; a positive arrogant assertion of opinion.” Taking off from this definition, medical dogmas certainly abound. Many have survived for decades simply because an assertion was made and then never questioned. Over time, the allegation was assumed to be fact.

An early example of dogma in the vaccine industry occurred in 1913 when Dr. Simon Flexnor held out that polio was a disease caused by a virus entering the body through the nose and mouth. He postulated that paralysis arose when the virus traveled directly from the sinuses to the brain and the spinal cord. Flexnor’s assertions about the mode of paralysis were never reproduced and it is now known that polio is a gastrointestinal virus, not a respiratory virus.

Difficulties in developing a vaccine occurred because he propagated a dogma that the polio virus would only grow in neurological tissue, a culture media that was associated with life-threatening encephalitis in experimental animals.Rogers, Naomi. Dirt and Disease, Polio before FDR (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1996), p. 24.No one attempted to use other types of tissue cultures to grow polioviruses. His solo paper remained unquestioned dogma for 25 years until Dr. John Enders found, serendipitously, that the virus would indeed grow in a variety of different tissues. When Enders’ revolutionary discovery was published in Science, January 28, 1949, the entire virology community immediately accepted the new findings. The polio vaccine was produced within five years. A scientific claim passed off as dogma vanished when challenged by scientific fact.

Present day vaccine dogma is promoted by The Institute of Medicine (IOM), a group of ostensibly impartial physicians, scientists and researchers. After reviewing the industry-funded research papers concluding there is no connection between vaccines and autism, the IOM similarly concludes there is no connection between vaccines and autism. How could they come to any other conclusion?

The phrase, “temporal association does not prove causality” means that even though two events occur at the same time, one event does not cause the other.” The IOM supports the dogma purported by the American Academy of Pediatrics: Since autism occurs chronologically around the same time as the first year vaccinations, angry parents need something to blame.

The medical dogma supporting this position is the assertion that “temporal association does not prove causality.” Simply put, the phase means that even though two events occur at nearly the same time, one event is not the cause of the other. The implication is that regression into autism would have happened anyway. The administration of several vaccines immediately before the appearance of autism had nothing to do with it, a dogma that promotes “the child is to blame, not the vaccine.” Similarly, intense investigations are searching for a genetic cause for autism spectrum disorders.CDC. Epidemiology and Prevention, The Pink Book, 6th Edition, Chapter 6: Pertusus. pg 80. The identification of a corrupted gene will point an incriminating finger at defective parents as the “cause” of their child’s autism.

The following statement was published in the Center for Disease Control’s publication on infection diseases, referred to as The Pink Book:

“There is no distinct syndrome from vaccine administration, and therefore, many temporally associated adverse events probably represent background illness rather than illness caused by the vaccine….the [vaccine] may stimulate or precipitate inevitable symptoms of underlying CNS disorder, such as seizures, infantile spasms, epilepsy or SIDS. By chance alone, some of these cases will seem to be temporally related to [the vaccine].”Genetic cause of autism,” January 18, 2006.

With the rate of autism being one in every 150 children in the U.S and a new high of one in every 58 children in the U.K, an urgent investigation needs to be undertaken to establish if unvaccinated 12 to 18 month old children suddenly become autistic. There has been no answer to this question, in fact, no one has even looked.

Safety Assumptions

The classic example of unquestioned dogma is the long held notion that the sun rotated around the earth. In 1530, Copernicus challenged the assumption with evidence that the earth rotated on its axis once daily and traveled around the sun once yearly. A fantastic concept for the times, the new information was considered heresy. Later, when Galileo supported Copernicus’ conclusions, he was imprisoned, subjected to a trial by Holy Inquisitioners, and forced to withdraw his evidence to save his own life.

Similarly, parents are forced into vaccination decisions by modern day medical inquisitioners. Threats include expulsion from the medical practice and calls to children’s protective services with accusations of medical neglect. Parents are told vaccines are safe and necessary for keeping children healthy. But are they really safe?

Vaccination is a medical treatment. Assumptions regarding the effectiveness of many medical treatments abound. A report published by The Government Accounting Office (GAO) concluded that “only 10-20% of all procedures currently used in medical practice have been shown to be efficacious by controlled trials. Assessing the Efficacy and Safety of Medical Technologies. Washington, D.C. Congress of the United States, Office of Technology Assessment, Publication No. 052003-00593-0. 1978. Government Printing Office, Washington , D.C. 20402. Hence, 80-90% of usual and customary practices are assumed to be effective without proof. Vaccination falls into this category.

Contrary to repeated claims by the government and the pharmaceutical industry, vaccines have never been proven to be safe by the gold standard of medical research: The double-blind, placebo controlled investigation. In a placebo-controlled study, the safety of a medication is determined by comparing it to a neutral substance, such as a sugar pill. In vaccine safety trials, a new vaccine is not compared to an inert compound such as a shot of sterile water. Instead, the “placebo” is another vaccine. If the number of side effects caused by the experimental vaccine is found to be the same as the number of reactions caused by the placebo-vaccine, manufacturers declare the new vaccine to be “as safe as placebo.”

Another trick used by investigators to promote the safety of vaccines is to discount any part of the study’s data that suggests a problem. The following excerpt from a clinical trial demonstrates how a placebo-vaccine is used and the elimination of negative data. The study was designed to determine the safety of Comvax®, a vaccine combining the Haemophilus influenza vaccine (HiB) and the hepatitis B vaccine into one shot.

During the study, 17 children (1.9%) had an event within 14 days of vaccination that met one of the defining criteria of a serious adverse experience. These experiences included seizure, asthma, diarrhea, apnea (stopped breathing) [and many others.] Virtually all of these adverse experiences were classified as serious because they involved a hospitalization. None was judged by the study investigators to be causally related [caused by] Comvax® or the [other two vaccines]. In addition, three deaths among participants in this study were attributed to sudden infant death syndrome that occurred more than 14 days after administration of a dose of vaccine (29, 31, and 38 days, respectively.) Again, none was judged by the investigators to be related to vaccination.West, David., et. al. “Safety and immunogenicity of bivalent H. influenza type b/hepatitis B vaccine in healthy infants.” Ped. Inf. Dis. J 1997;16:593-599.

The placebo in this study was the HiB vaccine and the hepatitis b vaccine given as two separate shots. Because the number of side effects from the single shot was similar to the number of side effects induced by the separate shots, Comvax® was declared to be “as safe as placebo.” Investigators nullified the association between the vaccines and SIDS with a stroke of the pen. Comvax® was declared to be “well-tolerated.”

Defining effective

Researchers define an effective vaccine as one that creates antibodies after being deposited into the bloodstream, a response called “positive seroconversion.” One vaccine is considered to be more effective than another, from a researcher’s perspective, if the first vaccine induces a larger antibody response than the second.CDC. MMWR. “Pertussis Vaccination: Use of Acellular Pertussis Vaccines Among Infants and Young Children.” March 28, 1997/Vol. 46/No. RR-7, p.4.

The medical community and the general public define an effective vaccine as a vaccine that protects a person from the infection they have been vaccinated against. For example, the chickenpox vaccine is considered to be effective by doctors if, in the case of an outbreak, those vaccinated do not contract chickenpox.

The definitions differ substantially and have considerably different ramifications, mostly because the presence of an antibody does not assure the person will be protected from infection. Many outbreaks have occurred in fully vaccinated populations. One example was an out break of measles that occurred in a group where more than 99 percent of the population had been vaccinated.Gustafson, T., 1987;316-771-774. Many outbreaks of chickenpox and mumps have occurred when children were fully

The package insert of the HiBTiter®, a vaccine to protect against an infection by the H. influenza b bacteria, clearly states “the contribution [antibodies make] to clinical protection is unknown.”HibTiter® vaccine package insert. Physician’s Desk Reference, 2002. Vol. 56. pg. 1860. Similar findings have been reported about the pertussis vaccine: “The findings of efficacy studies have not demonstrated a direct correlation between antibody response and protection against pertussis disease.”CDC. MMWR. Pertussis Vaccination: Use of Acellular Pertussis Vaccines Among Infants and Young Children. March 28, 1997/Vol. 46/No. RR-7, p.4. The esteemed medical journal, Vaccine, states clearly, “It is known that, in many instances, antibody titers do not correlate with protection.”Del Giudice G, Podda A, Rappuoli R. What are the limits of adjuvanticity? Vaccine. 2001 Oct 15;20 Suppl 1:S38-41.

The dogma that vaccines are safe and effective has become a medical sacred cow, an icon regarded to be above criticism or attack. Challenges to vaccination have often been written off as conspiracy theories. Parents have learned through experience the difficulties of challenging their pediatrician’s vaccine mandates. Nonetheless, many are resisting the medical profession’s dogmas about vaccines and many are refusing vaccinations for their children.

A benchmark in a civilized society is the absence of infectious diseases, a doctrine that emerged during the pre-antibiotic era. Public health officials attribute low infection rates to mandatory vaccination policies rather than giving credit to improved personal hygiene and modern conveniences such as indoor plumbing. It is time for the truth about vaccines to be widely known. Vaccine safety has not been proven. Vaccines provide false security about protection. Vaccines can cause harm. It is time to dispense with the “safe and effective” dogma before one more person is harmed.

Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny is respected as one of the country’s most knowledgeable and outspoken physicians regarding the negative impacts of vaccines on health. Through her education company, NMA Media Press, she spreads her vision of retaining freedom of choice in healthcare, including the freedom to refuse vaccination. Her three hour DVD, Vaccines: The Risk, The Benefits and The Choices/em>, her new book FOWL! Bird flu: It’s Not What You Think, and many other books, tapes and materials are available here. Contact email is Read other articles by Sherri, or visit Sherri's website.

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  1. Eric Patton said on July 10th, 2007 at 9:32am #

    I don’t understand. Vaccines have been given to children for, what, 80 years? Yet autism is a relatively recent phenomenon, is it not? I mean, it hasn’t been around as long as vaccines, isn’t that correct? So if childhood vaccinations are the cause of autism, why haven’t we seen autism sooner — as in, back in the 50s?

    Logically, there must be something else at work. Perhaps related to vaccines, yes. But I don’t see how vaccines, by themselves, can suddenly be the problem, when no one had even heard of autism in, say, the 70s.

  2. sharon said on July 10th, 2007 at 9:51am #

    This article brings to light quite a a bit of information about vaccinations that is new to me–especially the dishonest and unscientific methods of evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

    It’s been many years since I researched this subject–more than 20 years, in fact. Even then, there was quite a bit of literature questioning the effectiveness of some of the vaccines, as exampled by outbreaks of measles among vaccinated populations.

    I also have to applaud the author for pointing out that several ailments for which children are vaccinated are/were spread by poor sanitation and unsafe drinking water. That is, the epidemics of former times were the result of the open sewers and untreated water supplies of former times.

    I remember the status of public sanitation and public drinking water in the 1950s, in small-town America. During the 50s, many families in small-town America were installing indoor plumbing for the first time–and dismantling the outhouse. The trouble was, they were not necessarily installing septic tanks. Instead, they dug ditches out to the edge of the street, or back to (or towards) the nearest creek. Septic failure was also common–as it still is, in areas that depend on home septic systems.

    Friends in my generations have told me stories of the water in the open sewers (ditches) running red–a sign that they had another body down at the funeral home.

    In the town where I grew up, the problem of open sewers was compounded by a high water table and a water supply that was drawn from individually owned shallow wells. Every household’s water supply came from its own shallow well and home pumping system–which was sometimes just a hand-pump in the kitchen or back yard.

    Outhouses probably didn’t pollute the water table. But home septic systems, which are set quite a bit deeper in the ground than the pit beneath the traditional outhouse, probably did–especially when septic systems failed.

    These are the sanitation arrangements that lend themselves to epidemics of infections diseases. (Duh.) We no longer have these types of conditions in most of the US, and vaccination seems a misguided approach to dealing with diseases caused by poor sanitation and unsafe drinking water–even if the vaccinations were “safe and effective.”

    If we are really concerned about public health, we ought to be addressing environmental pollution, sanitation, and nutrition.

    I can hardly understand why parents continue to submit their children to vaccinations. Most states will allow you to opt out of vaccines, and your kids must still be admitted to school. You may have a battle on your hands in some areas, but the law, which varies from state to state, is probably on your side. Why risk your child’s health because you are afraid to confront the school nurse, or worried that the folks in your tony neighborhoods and PTAs will brand you a nutcase?

    By the way, the tonier the neighborhood and school district, the harder the battle to get your kids in school. My own battle with the schools was quite a dust-up, because we lived in “doctor and lawyer land”–where a large percentage of the residents were pretty invested in preserving the medical establishment’s “sacred cow” status, and deeply disliked having it called into question.

    It’s probably easier to refuse vaccinations and enroll your kids in school today than it was 20 years ago, because of the new information about the connection between vaccinations and autism. But, believe me, the school nurses, the doctors, and the health departments will have their oily counter-arguments ready.

  3. sharon said on July 10th, 2007 at 10:03am #

    Eric Patton–what happened in the past couple of decades was, there was a dramatic increase in the number of required childhood vaccinations. Back when your kid only had to have polio and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, the level of mercury exposure was much lower. Now kids have to have the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine, and the chicken-pox vaccine. I’m a little out of date on this, but I think they are now requiring a hepatitis vaccine as well.

    If you read Kennedy’s article on this, he addresses this issue. Kids are getting doses of thimerosol (mercury) that are higher by multiples, compared to the days when fewer vaccines were required–and when the mercury exposure from all these vaccines is added up, it far exceeds known toxic levels.

    I can’t remember the number on this, and I’m too lazy to look it up. But this is reason for the recent appearance of this problem–or one reason. Another is probably the levels of mercury in fish (and the other environmental toxins). Tuna is apparently loaded with mercury, and pregnant women are advised not to eat much tuna, and moms are advised not to feed much tuna to their kids. This was a surprise to me–I learned about this when my granddaughter came along and my daughter brought me up to date.

  4. Scott V. Shirley said on July 10th, 2007 at 11:31am #

    Dr Sherri, Great Post & Info, But It Seems some Questions still Remain, So, To a Little History;

    1929 – 1930: A Successful Plot

    By October 1929, Lilly recognized that thimerosal had the potential to be a big seller. A decision was made to register thimerosal under the tradename merthiolate; the company had already implemented a strategy for testing and marketing the product.

    In 1928, Dr. G.H.A. Clowes, Director of Research of the Eli Lilly Co., assigned Lilly scientists H.M. Powell and W.A. Jamieson the task of completing animal toxicity studies in anticipation of plans to sell the product for human use as an antiseptic and/or antibacterial agent. Exhibit 4 (Exhibit ELI-392FF). Powell and Jamieson performed a series of short-term experiments on animals to ascertain what acute and immediate toxicity might be observed. They made no effort to determine what injuries would results from longer term or lower level exposures.

    On July 24, 1930, Powell and Jamieson submitted their results for publication to The American Journal of Hygiene, and their article was published in January 1931. Id. In one section of the published paper, Powell and Jamieson noted:

    Toxicity in man.

    Merthiolate has been injected intravenously into 22 persons in doses up to 50 cubic centimeters of 1% solution. . . The toleration of such intravenous doses indicates a very low order of toxicity of merthiolate for man. This information has been supplied through the kindness of Dr. K.C. Smithburn of Indianapolis who has had occasion to use merthiolate in a clinical way. Dr. Smithburn stated in these cases ‘beneficial effect of the drug was not definitely proven. It did not appear, however, to have any deleterious action when used in rather large doses intravenously when all the drug entered the vein.

    Id. at page 306 (emphasis added). As discussed below, Powell and Jamieson’s statements and conclusions were cited repeatedly by Eli Lilly for the proposition that thimerosal/merthiolate had a low potential toxicity if injected into humans. Upon closer inspection, however, it is apparent that Lilly scientists working with Smithburn deliberately manipulated and distorted the scientific process and purposefully corrupted the published scientific literature concerning the toxicity of thimerosal.

    What Powell and Jamieson deliberately failed to include in their published article was the fact that the results of K.C. Smithburn’s “clinical” use of thimerosal were flawed and actually indicated that thimerosal is toxic when injected into humans. Lilly asked Smithburn to conduct research from late 1929 until mid to late 1930 at its clinical research laboratory at the Indianapolis City Hospital, which was a perfect place for the company to test its products, or potential products, on patients. Working closely with Lilly personnel, including Powell, Smithburn was involved with experimental research related to an outbreak of meningococcical meningitis in November 1929. By the time the epidemic ended in April 1930, over 144 persons had been hospitalized, and treated at the Lilly labs, for meningitis. See Exhibit 5 (Exhibit ELI-500).

    During the outbreak, Dr. Smithburn, at the request of Lilly, injected the meningitis patients with thimerosal/merthiolate in a series of experiments to determine if it might serve as a possible treatment for the disease. The experiments also served a second purpose, i.e. as a basis for reaching a conclusion that thimerosal was non-toxic.

    Lilly attempted to disguise its involvement with these human experiments, presumably for two reasons. First, Lilly wanted readers of the Powell and Jamieson study to believe that the subjects were healthy and therefore that conclusions of non-toxicity were accurate. Second, Lilly knew that the series of human experiments were unethical by their very nature. Lilly chose Dr. Smithburn to perform the actual injections, rather than a Lilly doctor, effectively allowing Lilly to distance itself from its use of human guinea pigs.

    Jamieson and Powell clearly recommended the use of merthiolate/thimerosal as a vaccine preservative. This was undoubtedly a way of expanding the market for merthiolate into a new arena, i.e. vaccines. This was done despite the knowledge that the product was toxic and despite knowledge that the Smithburn experimental studies were fatally (albeit secretly) flawed.

    The 1930’s: Confirmation of the Hazards of Thimerosal/Merthiolate and Lilly’s Promotion for Use as a Vaccine Preservative

    On August 18, 1931, Kharasch filed a new patent application in an effort to stabilize merthiolate due to its tendency to acquire “certain burning qualities.” Exhibit 9 (Exhibit ELI-504). Those efforts were apparently unsuccessful, for Kharasch and Lilly later applied for a third patent for “organo-mercuri-sulfur compound.” Exhibit 10 (Exhibit ELI-505) That patent application again noted the problems repeated earlier by Lynn and Smithburn:

    Certain antiseptic and bactericidal . . . compounds, which . . . tend to form disassociation products and thereby both tend to decompose and to lose their effectiveness as antiseptic germicides and tend to develop certain medicinally undesirable properties.”

    The 1940’s: Additional Recognition of Potential Hazards, Especially for Sensitive Persons

    In 1941, the Lilly staff received an article entitled “Chemotherapy of Bacterial Endocarditis.” The article advised Lilly scientists that merthiolate should never be given more frequently than once in 10 days due to its toxicity and potential hazards. Exhibit 12 (Exhibit ELI-392P(2)). Lilly also sold large amounts of merthiolate to the United States government for use in the war effort from 1941-1945. “Merthiolate was an army standard issue and 22 tank cars of the popular antiseptic were dispatched from (the) McCarty Street (plant) during the war.” Due to military regulations, and as a result of the toxicity of the ethylmercury preservative, Lilly was required to label the product “POISON.” The “POISON” language was only added to cartons of products in certain instances, as when required by the government, and Lilly continued to fail to warn about known hazards of the product for its non-military sales and for sales related to vaccines.

    The 1970’s: Lilly Lies to the FDA in a Bid to Avoid Regulation

    In 1972, Lilly received an article that confirmed that its product, used as a preservative in vaccines, caused 6 deaths from mercury poisoning. Exhibit 29 (Exhibit ELI-392K(1)). “The symptoms and clinical course of the 6 patients suggests subacute mercury poisoning.”

    Shortly thereafter, the FDA required Lilly to provide all the information at its disposal concerning the potential toxicity of thimerosal. Lilly reported to the FDA, in a February 14, 1973 letter, that “as with other chemicals of its generation, information relating to safety and efficacy of thimerosal in animal models is sparse.” Exhibit 30 (Exhibit ELI-392). But Lilly went further, advising the FDA that the product was non-toxic and cited the fraudulent Jamieson and Powell study of 1930 as its supporting scientific evidence. Exhibit 31 (Exhibit ELI-392QQ). Despite its knowledge to the contrary, Lilly continued to use the incomplete Powell and Jamieson version of the Lilly/Smithburn experiment to support its conclusions that the product was safe and “non-toxic.”

    ix. 1976: One Example of Lilly’s Efforts to Convince the Public that Thimerosal is Safe.

    On April 27, 1976, Lilly’s Manager of Industrial Sales, W. Orbaugh, responded to a letter from Rexall Drug Company in St. Louis, Missouri. Rexall Drug had been concerned about the potential hazards of merthiolate/thimerosal and had requested, pursuant to the trademark/marketing agreement maintained with Lilly, permission to place the following warning on the product:

    Frequent or prolonged use or application to large areas may cause mercury poisoning.

    Exhibit 32 (Exhibit ELI-412E).

    Lilly responded aggressively, and immediately, ordering Rexall not to add the warning and purposefully misstating the potential hazards of a product it knew to be toxic:

    We object to the connection of our trademark with the unjustified alarm and concern on the part of the user which the statement is likely to cause.

    We are not aware of any instance of ‘mercury poisoning’ after decades of marketing this product. This is because the mercury in the product is organically bound ethylmercury and has a completely non-toxic nature, not methylmercury.

    Exhibit 32 (Exhibit ELI-412E).

    In keeping with its continuing disinformation campaign, Lilly, in the 1980’s Physicians Desk Reference, again claimed that the product was “relatively non-toxic”, a statement that it had known to be a lie for over 45 years. Exhibit 33 (Exhibit ELI-502).

    x. The 1980’s: The FDA Recommends a Ban of Thimerosal

    On January 5, 1982, the Food and Drug Administration published its advance notice of proposed rule making regarding thimerosal. Their scientific panel’s opinions and recommendations were the culmination of 5 years of research concerning the potential hazards and safety of thimerosal. The panel concluded that:

    At the cellular level, thimerosal has been found to be more toxic for human epithelial cells in vitro than mercuric chloride, mercuric nitrate, and merbromim (mercurochrome).

    Exhibit 34 (Exhibit ELI-512). The FDA specifically found that thimerosal was significantly more toxic for living tissue than it was for the bacteria it was supposed to kill:

    It was found to be 35.3 times more toxic for embryonic chick heart tissue than for staphylococcus areus.


    The FDA scientific panel’s conclusions were clear and unequivocal, focusing on thimerosal’s potential for cell damage and its significant toxicity:

    The Panel concludes that thimerosal is not safe for [over-the-counter] topical use because of its potential for cell damage if applied to broken skin and its allergy potential.


    It is worth noting that the FDA’s conclusions were published in the Federal Register. Eli Lilly was specifically identified as a party of interest due to its involvement with thimerosal. Id., 47 FR, at 436.

    75-Years of Conduct Designed to Increase Profits, Without Regard to Safety

    Without Lilly’s funding of the original Kharasch work through its fellowship program in the 1920’s, its successful efforts to corrupt the medical literature and its extensive promotion and marketing of thimerosal as a vaccine preservative, the product would have never been used in that capacity. The actions of Lilly officers, in concert with Morris Kharasch and K.C. Smithburn, and directed by Eli Lilly himself, were all carefully designed to enhance the marketability of its product and promote sales and profits, without any regard whatsoever for the potential health effects and injuries that it knew would probably result.

    As a result, Lilly continues, even at this late date, to profit from its sordid history with a product that it knew it should never have placed in the stream of commerce. Exhibit ELI-501 is an internal memorandum, dated December 16, 1999 that confirms Lilly’s licensing agreements that will earn income from the marketing and sale of thimerosal in 40 nations throughout the third world for many years into the future. Exhibit 35.

    While the product has finally been banned in the United States, Lilly continues to benefit from its malicious and calculated efforts to promote the product that began in the 1920’s.

    To Read This Report in Full visit;

    Now, To Today`s Numbers which the CDC Use a Conservative 1 in 150, The Idea act stats, say 1 in 94 in new Jersey, 1 in 104 in minnisota…
    These are still conservative numbers because alot of these children can never conform to a standard public school setting, such as where the Idea numbers were counted…

    Autism / aka mercury poisoning is on the rise in such numbers in the same time frame as Our Vaccinations went from Three or for, to now Close to 30 shots… The Accumilative affects were never calculated by the FDA Or CDC .. As They approved 1 dtrug after another…
    To Where the Average 2 yr old had recieved up to 35o mcgs of ethyl mercury… With Alunimum, And So many other neurotoxins and Live Virus`s. Such as the MMR Shot That Has Left 98%of our Children Living with this live virus As a ;
    That Leads to Lou Gerigs disease and other such immune disfunctions.
    But in this same time frame that the increase of shot were allowed, autism has went from1 in 10,000 to now Less than 1 in 100 in some states…!!!
    I Urge anyone who Has Questions that they want answered to visit, Safeminds, Generation Resue,, A~Champ, or the Vap Project.. for THE Truth about the Lies…

    Thanx 4 Listening and Please Help Us All in this fight for Our Children`s Lifes… Get To Know Your State And Federal TReps and senate…
    Get them to Know, Understand and Toake action on this , urging transparency, and To Remove conflicts of interest in Our Courts, Our CDC, NIP, IOM, and FDA… And Even those in Congress. Such as Joe Barton, Dennis Haster, and Bill Frist…
    ask that Our States Provide, biomedical Dan Protocol Treatments and tell them how Our Children are recovering at up to a 90% Ratio if Treated, but that it`s so expensive, only the Affluent can afford this urgent clinical recovery…!!!
    That`s all for Now, Please Come visit me, Give Dr. Sherri Credit for all That She Does, She is a Warrior, and An Angel For Autism…
    We Love you here In The Heartland
    Dr. Sherri / you Rock…
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    With over 80% of Sids death Within 72 Hours of Many of Our Vaccines, this is One of The Most dangerous…!!!
    Read on…
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    Permission to Use this Or Any of My Work, is Given thru Written Consent only…
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    I Am Your Baby Boy Or Baby Girl,
    I Am So New To This exciting World.
    My Name is Written in An Open Book
    I open my Eyes to Take my First Look,
    The First thing I Look Up to See,
    My Parents Smiling down at Me.
    In Their eyes I Can Feel Their Love
    What a Wonderful world I`m now Part of.
    Then in Walks a man dressed in white,
    He Grabs My Leg, As I Begin to fight…
    My Parents Telling Me, it will be alright,
    THey all Reach down to Hold Me Tight.
    This is My Gift to Live upon this earth,
    My Parents Love, I Must-Trust From birth.
    I must Be Protected, I Hear The Doctor Say,
    We Will Watch over Her From this Day.
    To Make Sure no harm ever Comes to You,
    I Only Wish , Their Words Could Be True.
    The Doctor Sticks A Needle in my Thigh,
    But I Am Innocent, Can You Tell Me Why,
    An Intense Pain, as I Begin to Cry
    A Teardrop Falls From My Parents Eye.
    Yet In My Heart I Know They Still Care,
    I Begin to Stare, At A Darkness There.
    I feel Their Tears Falling down on me,
    But A Growing darkness is all I Can See
    I Know in my Heart my Parents Aren`t to Blame,
    They Keep on Crying, Calling My Name…
    Yet inside I Feel a Growing Pain,
    My Life May Never Be The Same…
    The Shot I Got, went Straight to My Brain,
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    To Live in This World, You Must Be Insane…
    My DNA, Is Mutating, Changing Many Genes,
    Not even the Doctor Realizes what this Means…
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    Can`t They See, This is Not My Destiny.
    I Was born , with God`s Reasons to be,
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    I Still Cry, Don`t Let another Day Go by,
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    To Keep This From Happening, Never Ever again,
    This is My Life Now, I`ll Live it to The End…
    Copyright © 2007 Scott Shirley

    Autism Speaks Sucks… !!!

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    Those Who Know The Truth, But Yet Hide From It…

    Cause They Knew it all along.

    USB Is a Subsidiary of GE, Bob Wright CEO ~Vice Pres…

    (NBC CEO As Well)~Also Founder Of Autism Speaks;

    When so Many Parent Groups Are Being Robbed;

    Autism Speaks, Keep Getting Bigger, Go Figure…!!!

    Creating Another Smoke Screen Of Cover Up & Lies…

    They Must Be Stopped… Now…!!!

    From a professional that has reviewed many non profit organization’ s
    IRS Form 990s. Autism Speaks Form 990 raises serious red flags.
    Serious. This is all from the official filing for 2006.

    1. Three members of the Board of Directors received $2.5 million for
    their own organizations.

    2. The President Mark Rothmeyer, just received a 5 year contract for
    about $2,000,000 including bonuses with no prior background with

    3. The grants are primarily going to those representing institutions
    that are reviewing the grants. There is no indication that these
    conflicts are independently reviewed

    4. The location of this small and new foundation is in very expensive
    downtown New York facilities rented for $200,000 by the institution
    that is run by the Chairman of Autism Speaks.

    5. A expense of a Private Jet plane for $57,000 was noted. This is
    very unusual for a new non profit groups.

    6. The head of the scientific review received the majority of the
    funds for 2005 for his institution for a data base – almost $3 million

    Since the funding is now from the public – and the advertising and
    promotion tugs at the publics heart strings with images of families in
    need – the funds collected MUST be about those it raises the money

    The following are all taken from the Form 990 filing

    Web Site $830,000
    Software for the computer $514,000
    Lawyers $440,000
    Computers $337,000
    Public relations $285,000
    Office annual rent $200,000
    HR consultant $110,000
    Editorial Consultant $76,000
    Private Jet Plane for someone that entertained $57,000

    Mark Rothmeyer* $360,000
    Peter Bell unknown
    Alison Singer $168,000
    Mr Ringall $150,000
    Andy Shik $110,000

    Remember all the above also gets significant fring benefits that
    probably add.

    Mark Rothmayer also can get $50,000 more with a bonus a year
    benefits ?

    Bob Wright~ GE Pharma, NBC CEO, & Autism Speaks Idiot

    Below are Just a Few connections that Bob Wright has with Many of the Powers to Be, Wonder why Autism Speaks Won`t look to Enviromental Causation~( Namely Vaccine Injury from Thimerosal)
    Ask Bob Wright about His Daughter…

    Please Write everyone in Autism Speaks, and Ask that Bob Wright be Removed from His position at His own org…
    He is a liar and a Player in the Pharmacuetical industry, And was the main reason the enviroment research that passed the senate 100 to 0~ was removed in the House by Joe Barton`s doing… (Vote Him Out in Texas) I Repeat,***VOTE JOE BARTON OUT***
    Please read on , Watch the videos, and
    Take action,
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    And The
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    Be Safe, &
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    MySpace Editor

    Action Alert:
    Repeal Drug Company Immunity Laws!
    (Send A Message Urging Repeal )

  5. Hue Longer said on July 10th, 2007 at 2:56pm #

    Now days especially, most doctors tend to be trained memory machines…engage them in a polite debate and watch the confusion they have that someone not living on their street possesses the audacity to question their training . I mean confusion for real…no critical thinking skills. We were harassed in the middle of labor while my wife was moaning in pain while trying to meditate, threatened with having our daughter kept for observation, told she was jaundiced…all because these fools (again, for real) wouldn’t accept our consent forms (which were filed months in advance–when we had already went through much scrutiny verifying our education and decision) without a dick waving fight (void of rational thought, this is what it amounted to).

    Some choice examples of many?

    Pediatric Doctor: I see you have refused your child vaccinations

    Me: We have signed our paperwork stating that we were educated on the matter and had made our decision…You are also the third Doctor we have explained this to…we are trying to enjoy the birth of our daughter and would appreciate not going through this yet again. The proper debate would take more time than you have and more time than we are willing to give.

    Doctor: It is my job to explain why your baby should be immunized

    Wife: We signed the paper and don’t feel at this time she needs them

    Doctor: The chances may be slim that your baby will get something but are you saying you don’t want to give your baby every chance?

    Wife: Hep B? You are telling us there is a chance for Hep B?!

    Doctor: You may feel bad that you didn’t immunize for it when your son starts playing contact sports

    Me: She’s a girl and won’t be playing contact sports, hide the needle or hide the sausage for quite awhile.

    He left and came back with government study brochures…the fuckwit!

  6. Dr Sherri Tenpenny said on July 10th, 2007 at 8:45pm #

    Additional Thoughts:
    What if a “dirty bomb” exploded over a large segment of U.S. population that simultaneously exposed citizens to Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria, three strains of polio viruses, three strains of influenza, measles, mumps, and rubella viruses, two types of meningitis, four strains of herpes viruses, the chickenpox virus, 7 strains of Streptococcus bacteria, and four strains of rotavirus.

    • We would declare a national emergency.
    • It would be an “extreme act of BIOTERRORISM
    • The public outcry would be immense and our government would react accordingly.

    And yet, those are the very organisms we inject into our babies and our small children in multiple doses, with immature, underdeveloped immune systems, many at the same time with vaccines.

    But instead of bioterrorism, we call it “protection.” Reflect on that irony.

  7. sharon said on July 10th, 2007 at 10:17pm #

    Eric Patton–Here’s the information I was talking about. It was in Scott Shirley’s post above:

    “Autism / aka mercury poisoning is on the rise in such numbers in the same time frame as Our Vaccinations went from Three or for, to now Close to 30 shots… The Accumilative affects were never calculated by the FDA Or CDC .. As They approved 1 dtrug after another…
    To Where the Average 2 yr old had recieved up to 35o mcgs of ethyl mercury… ”

    Scott V. Shirley–Yours is a very informative post. Wonderful!

    My advice to parents or prospective parents is to avoid the medical establishment as much as possible. If you’re up to it, I would even suggest home birth–a good way to avoid confrontations such as were described in Shirley’s post. If you were to do a little research into hospital births, you would be horrified. A planned home birth is far safer for both mother and child.

    One thing I discovered because I opted for home birth for my last three children is that Rh negativity is not an issue in a home birth. I am Rh negative myself, and had always received a rhogam shot subsequent to hospital births. Turns out that the mixing of blood between the mother and child is only an issue in hospital births, and not in natural births, the reason being that a hospital birth is a brutal proceeding.

    Shirley’s post–and much other available literature–should make it abundantly clear that present medical practice does not exactly have your interests at heart, at much of any level, and that the ethical standards of the medical establishment are abysmal.

    We have malpractice masquerading as standard and accepted medical practice in many areas of medical treatment, these days. The whole profession–along with the pharmaceutical industry–is consumed by greed. It’s getting to where it’s critical to your health–and especially your children’s health–to avoid their ministrations as much as possible.

    It seems to be unavoidable to take your kids to the doctor from time to time, unless you can find a good natural practitioner in your area. But it’s got to where doctors are mostly a danger to your health.

  8. Carla Deger said on July 11th, 2007 at 11:36am #

    The reason we don’t recall children being diagnosed with autism 40-50 etc. years ago is becuse children with this condition, and a number of other mental conditions were called retarded. The term retarded has since been branded as too demeaning. It was replaced with autistic. Another, is mentally challenged, or developementally challenged. Yet another condition, I can recall kids cruelly refering to people as retards for, was later termed Down Syndrome. I can’t remember the last time I heard or read the title, “State Board of Mental Retardation”, but at one time it was common. As for vaccines, it would not surprise me to find out that they can both protect and cause great harm.

  9. rosemarie jackowski said on July 11th, 2007 at 2:40pm #

    I have had this discussion with many health care providers. Most disagree with me, but I think that anyone who places trust in the pharmaceutical companies or the US government has not been paying attention.

  10. jonathon said on July 12th, 2007 at 11:52am #

    i am a practicing pediatrician and have patients who do not want vaccines and i continue to treat them. i did find a lot of what you said interesting, but i do feel it is irresponsible as a medical professional to put out misinformation or to scare the general public. To say that vaccines cannot be proven to be medically effective is just untrue. I agree there are issues with safety and even agree that we may be overvaccinating. but when is the last time you saw a child with polio. is that just chance, or possibly b/c the vaccine for polio is effective. its not just the antibody levels in people…its the fact that we dont see new cases of polio in vaccinated people. vaccines do serve a very serious purpose. they prevent very serious diseases.

    another issue which you did not address is thimerosal, the preservative in vaccines that many have linked to autism. this is no longer used in vaccines except the flu shot and in many areas, not in the flu shot. yet the rate of autism continues to rise. part of this (and i acknowledge not all of it) is due to better and more widespread diagnosis. not just calling people retarded but putting a name to it.

    autism is very complex and likely there are both genetic and environmental factors contributing to it. There really is no evidence showing a link with vaccines, but it is true that noone can say with 100
    % certainty that it is not related when we don’t know for sure what causes autism.

    I think a lot of the energy against vaccines should be redirected to finding out what is actually causing autism, and stressing early interventions and treatments.

  11. Deborah Kahn said on July 14th, 2007 at 6:22pm #

    Just wanted to suggest that you correct your statement about Copernicus. He didn’t have problems with the Inquisition, nor did he have to retract any of his statements, because he died pretty soon after the publication of his book (old age). You are probably thinking of Galileo.

    Anyway, it is the sort of minor mistake that hostile folks love to seize on to claim that everything you say is wrong.

    Good article!

  12. Dr Sherri Tenpenny said on July 14th, 2007 at 8:30pm #

    Dear Deborah,
    You’re right… Here’s where the information came from…and it is Galileo. I don’t think that I can correct it in the body of the article, but here is the link to the correct information. Same information; different person. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to correct it!

    Nicolas Copernicus (1473-1543)

    Dr Sherri

  13. Stan said on July 15th, 2007 at 10:10am #

    As an obviously sincere “practising pediatrician” I urge you to keep exploring in this area of accusation. For example, at you will find info about a secret meeting held in June 2000 at Simpsonwood conference center in Georgia where a CDC epidemiologist, Thomas Verstraeten, admitted to a gathering of some 50 public health authorities plus reps of various vaccine-producing drug companies that he had found a statistical correlation between thimerosal-containing vaccines and NDs including autism. The group discussed the matter, and decided to keep it quiet. Basic reason: it was too great a jeopardy of their vaccine programme. Not all were convinced by the stats, and Verstraeten quietly ended up as an employee of one of the drug cos. and came back some years later with redrawn figures – and the public not allowed to see the original VAERS stats. It doesn’t matter; since then many researchers have uncovered the thiomerosal connection with autism, and the increased exposure to mercury over the recent years through the enhanced vaccine program, until it began to be phased out from them (voluntarily, and over a confusing period of time).
    But Hg exposure (not just via thimerosal) is not the only cause of such as ASD: the MMR has its own biochemical pathways to brain damage. Not to go into that in detail here. Or into the likes of the role of aluminum in vaccines in causing such as increased permeability of more Hg into organs (including the brain), and wreaking its own havoc, like an inflammatory myopathy into muscles, and autoimmunity conditions like CFS and MS; and so forth, in a case for the benefits of vaccines NOT ‘far outweighing’ their risks, since the full extent of those risks has not been admitted to. In short: Please do some research into this matter, and realise that you have not been given the full story in your pediatric training.

  14. Dr Sherri Tenpenny said on July 15th, 2007 at 11:06am #

    Jonathan: The “energy against vaccines”, as you describe, is because the problems have begun to surface. They are not anecdotes. Vaccines contribute to the myriad of illnesses experienced by children today, not just autism. Search PubMed; you may be amazed what you find.

    I began my vaccine research in 2000. Since that time, I have committed well over 8,000 hours of personal time including 3-4 hours of reading/research every single day. I commit more than 100 hours per month writing and speaking about what I have found. Problems abound; exposing the truth is not “irresponsible.” Quite the contrary.

    As physicians, we were spoon-fed a bill of goods about vaccines that we swallowed unquestinoningly. Go to and see the more than 3500 articles there documenting problems with vaccines. Read historical documentation, including the book, “Bodily Matters” by Narja Durbach. The paradigm of “safe, effective and protective” falls apart when you look beyond what pharma and Am Acad of Peds wants us to believe.

    There is only so much content that can be cover in a single 1600 word article…and this article was *not* about thimerosal. Even though most of the mercury is gone, autism contines to rise. Why? I have been saying for more than five years: “IT’S NOT JUST THE MERCURY.” The measurable amounts of chemicals and the viral contaminants all contribute to the problems.

    Yes, the environment plays a part in autism; in some, genetics probably play a roll. But how can we blindly assume that the injection of the hepatitis b vaccine at birth and then injecting 60 viral antigens by 6 months of age can be a benign process? It defies logic.

    Pediatricians, unfortunately, have a serious finanical conflict of interest in the area of vaccines. That alone makes most unwilling to examine the connection between vaccines and the MANY illnesses seen in children today, not just the association with autism.

  15. bfg said on January 25th, 2009 at 8:19am #

    Theory: Vaccinations are the primary cause of food allergies. Infant formula, infant vitamins, and antibiotics that contain peanut products directly or indirectly may be secondary causes.

    BACKGROUND: This study began as a “wild idea” that vaccinations or medicine could be causing peanut allergy. It soon turned into a horrible realization. A very small amount of food proteins from many sources are considered inert ingredients that fall under trade secret protection and are not on the vaccine inserts. Various studies have shown that injecting an animal with protein is one method of inducing an allergy. Every study done of food allergy that could be located does not disprove this theory. There was a study done on Indonesian and Thai children that has been frequently quoted as saying that there are no peanut allergies in Thailand or Singapore in spite of the high consumption of peanuts. Evidence was presented that Singapore has a major problem with peanut allergy. The study itself says that many children reacted to peanuts in a skin prick test and that it eliminated a number of children from the study. The “hygiene theory” was examined and found to have no merit. Evidence of a long list of food protein that can be used in vaccine production has been found in various patents on-line. The increased childhood vaccination schedule coincides with the increase in food allergies in industrialized nations. The lower incidence of food allergies in less industrialized nations also coincides with a lower vaccination rate. The lower incidence of food allergies in the Hispanic population of the United States also coincides with a lower vaccination rate. The evidence of food allergy in animals has only been found in vaccinated animals. Evidence of ingredients that can be one of the patented adjuvants with various food oils has been presented. Evidence that “pharmacy grade” peanut oil still contains peanut protein has been presented. Package inserts have been examined and found to have ingredients that do not disclose its actual composition. EVERY SINGLE FOOD ALLERGY THAT I HAVE FOUND, I HAVE ALSO FOUND THAT FOOD LISTED AS AN INGREDIENT IN A VACCINE OR MEDICAL PRODUCT.

    Many of these pages were copied from my blog. The blog grew too big and was too hard to follow. The links listed below link to the article in my blog. Use the buttons to the right to go to the article on this website. If you’d like to leave a comment, you can do so on the blog or you can e-mail me by way of the contact page- bfg

    1. Vaccines are given to create an immune response from the body. It only makes sense that the body treats anything in the vaccine as an invader that needs to have an antibody created to combat it. That is why we give vaccines. But if the vaccine has a trace of food in it such as egg or peanut, it only makes sense that the vaccine can cause a food allergy.

    2. Peanut oil is used in vaccines in adjuvants or as a vaccine carrier. The ingredients of adjuvants or vaccine carriers are not listed individually on the package insert. So the physician would have no way of knowing that there was peanut oil in the vaccine. The ingredients of adjuvants is considered a “trade secret” and has the protection of many governments not to be revealed.

    3. Peanut allergy decreases in populations that have decreased percentage of vaccinated children. There are a number of studies that link vaccinations to allergies.

    4. Peanut allergy is almost unknown in Israel. The population eats lots of peanuts. Israel produces sesame oil. Israel manufactures its own vaccines. Sesame is a major allergy there. Hypothesis: Sesame oil is used instead of peanut oil in the vaccines used in Israel.

    5. Study that is frequently cited saying that Indonesia and Thailand people do not suffer from peanut allergies was erroneous. Many children in the study reacted to peanuts in the skin prick test. The study relied on parents of report food reactions. I found a Thai parent quoted on the Internet saying that her child had a peanut allergy. I also found a physician from Singapore stating that peanut allergy is a major problem there.

    6. The “hygiene” theory points out that there is less food allergy in underdeveloped countries. They speculated that the people and environment is less clean so it is the early exposure to bacteria, etc. that protects against allergies. However, children as young as 8 months have been diagnosed with peanut allergy and it is only since 1990 that peanut allergies have become a huge problem. The populations in the underdeveloped countries are also not as compliant with childhood vaccinations which would account for less peanut allergy.

    7. The United States and China are major producers of peanut oil and vaccinations. There are many patents for products used in vaccines that contain peanut oil.

    8. The secondary causes of peanut allergy are due to young children having a “leaky gut”, immature digestive system. Introducing foods too soon can lead to allergies. Medicines given with traces of peanut protein could lead to an allergy. Also antibiotics kill off good bacteria as well as bad and can lead to an overgrowth of yeast which can cause food allergy type problems. I don’t know if any infant formula in the United States contains peanut oil. One website said it was more of a problem in Europe.

    9. Our vaccinated animals are getting food allergies Dogs are allergic to peanuts. Searching the Internet – I found a wild elephant allergic to wheat; the elephant had been immunized. (Wheat germ oil is used as a carrier of vaccines. Wheat protein is used to manufacture vaccines/medicines.)

    10. The statistics for allergies is appalling!! The allergy epidemic increased with every new mandate for more childhood immunizations.

    11. How pure can we make peanut oil? I assume it is highly refined but it only would take a teeny weeny bit of peanut protein in a vaccine to create a problem. That is, of course, assuming that it is ONLY the peanut protein that causes the allergy. Using my “guessing” math, only 1 shot out of 1680 would need to be contaminated to create a peanut allergy in 1 in 70 people in Great Britain.

    12. Vaccine adjuvants/ vaccine carriers contain many other oils/ingredients. These other ingredients could account for allergies to other foods. Fish oil is used. Shellfish can be mixed in with the fish by-products which are used to make fish oil. Wheat germ oil, corn oil, soy oil are used. Milk and eggs are also used in the production of vaccines. I expect that the oils are mixed in the vaccines so that you might get a vaccine with peanut oil and soy oil in it or any number of other oils.

    I keep looking but so far, I have been unable to DISPROVE my theory. And perhaps that is because VACCINES ARE A MAJOR CAUSE OF FOOD ALLERGIES!!