Brigitte Gabriel on Terrorism? It Takes One to Know One

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With their PR power and their command and control of media and its content, the most oppressive and sadistic war-profiteering regimes in modern times — zionist Israel and neocon U.S. — are making their biggest push yet in an attempt to persuade their “subjects” to support the dragging of the U.S. into the pits of oblivion for the sake of empire. At every turn, and in every facet possible, zioneocon propagandists are in full force, attempting to proselytize the gullible masses, striking fear into those who are willing to buy their spiel, and striking down those who would dare throw facts in their collective face.

One such propagandist is Brigitte Gabriel: a Lebanese-born Maronite Christian who, like her fellow zioneocon-funded Lebanese expatriate, Walid Phares, is well-paid to lend a veneer of credibility (via their “Arabness” or “Mideasternness”) to fraudulent zioneocon propaganda. Ms. Gabriel has made a decadent living over the years, selling herself out to zioneocon “think-tanks,” and commands the highest of fees for her apparent ability to hold unassuming and gullible audiences captive with her well-scripted and well-rehearsed black propaganda and bald-faced lies about Arabs, Muslims and Middle Eastern history and politics.Jewish National Fund Speaker Profile: “Brigitte Gabriel”. It should therefore come as no surprise that she is also a regular contributor on FOX and CNN as a “Middle East expert”.

According to Ms. Gabriel and just about every other neocon propagandist, Islam is a backward religion of hate and a threat to western civilization. She says that we can not trust Muslims who are elected to public office, because Muslims — unlike Jews and Christians — will always choose Islam over country. (Nevermind that the current cabal of “Judeo-Christian” zionist fundamentalists in power are raping the Constitution and committing genocide upon innocent Arab and Muslim civilians and U.S. soldiers for the sake of what many of them, including President Bush, are unashamed to publicly refer to as a calling from God.) She says that the Lebanese Civil War was a battle strictly between Muslims and Christians although anyone who has spent a minute reading about it knows that is not the case. Of course, subtleties such as historical facts don’t help to support the false dichotomies which are so vital to a successful routine of Islamophobic propaganda.

The woman is a shameless shill. Her lies and deception know no bounds. For example, she is prominently displayed as a member of an arm of the Israeli propaganda ministry known as the Hasbara Fellowship Speakers Bureau — right above the pictures of zios Dori Gold and Caroline Glick; yet, during the Q&A section of a recent speaking engagement (at the Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia, no less) she was either too embarrassed to admit to her dubious loyalty, or was afraid to be so easily and thoroughly exposed as the zioneocon shill she is:

Brigitte Gabriel: You can not trust having a Muslim in office when he has to make a decision to either be loyal to the United States or be loyal to Islam.
Audience Member: Ma’am, thank you. I’d like to point out that I’m an American soldier, practicing Muslim, served the U.S. Army for the past 19 years very proudly [a rebuttal to your previous point]. … Two questions. Are you a member of Hasbara Fellowship? [And if you are] does that, uh—
BG: What’s Hasbara Fellowship?
AM: A fellowship in Israel. [An] organization—
BG: No. No.Brigitte Gabriel on BookTV: “Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America.”

That was the defining moment of the session, but there were innumerable other juicy bits of bald-faced hackery. In order to make what she says seem even remotely considerable, people like Brigitte Gabriel must construct false mass perceptions of reality in order to tear them down and build even bigger ones:

We used to think, ‘Al-Qaeda [is] the only problem; Al-Qaeda is the only terrorist organization that is causing problems for the rest of us.’ … that way of thinking needs to be changed. … Al-Qaeda is an umbrella organization where many different organizations come underneath it, such as Hamas, such as Hizballah, such as Fatah … many different people that share the same ideology, and that is Islamofascism [sic], and they have their eyes on the West.

I kid you not. And for extra fear effect, she goes on to spew several typical, scripted, baseless, zioneocon assertions:

I want to point out that as we discuss radicalism and Islamofascism, we are not generalizing against all Muslims [oh, of course not — only those who resist zio tyranny]. We all understand that there are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world today; not all of them are radicals. The radicals are estimated to be between 15 and 25 percent [source???]. Now, 15 to 25 percent translates to 180 to 300 million people who have their eyes against the West, who are willing to become suicide bombers like Muhammed Ata.

Of course the lecture wouldn’t be complete without that malicious MEMRI misquote and the obligatory reminder that Israel, with its 200+ nuclear weapons and superpower military, needs more U.S. servicemen to die in order to protect the apartheid regime from the fantastic threats of a second-world country:

“Today, Iran is saying they want to wipe Israel off the map.”

“[Iran] will attack Israel if we don’t stop them now before it is too late.”

Without providing a source, she goes on to claim that by this December, Iran will have the capability to manufacture hundreds of nuclear missiles per year — some of which will have the range to reach the east coast of the United States — so we must attack Iran before they attack the U.S. You could hardly make this stuff up, but somehow Ms. Gabriel, being the Fascist fear factory she is, managed to.

In true fascistic zio form, she proclaims that Americans should give up liberties in this time of war against Islam, audaciously claiming that non-Muslims are not frustrated by time-consuming, privacy-invading airport screenings; only Muslims are affected by it, because they are the ones doing all the terrorism. Fascist to the bone.

She goes on to say that the U.S. should not allow mosques to be built, and if a new mosque is being built, it should be reported to the FBI. And if a college professor or any other public figure criticizes U.S. policies, we should report their “unAmerican” activity to the dean, or conduct a smear campaign in the press. Typical zionist thought-policing and silencing tactics.

As xenophobic, hateful and fascistic as it is, her neocon-on-crack spiel, alone, isn’t enough to make me feel the need to write this piece. After all, nobody with a mind of their own should give her and her routine a dash of credence.

But the thing that really hacks me about her, Walid Phares, and other neocon sycophants of their mold is not only that they have been loyal to Israel and sold their countrymen down the river; not only that they are pushing self-destructive, unconstitutional, and ideology-driven policies of the US-Israeli zioneocon cabal; not only that they are career quislings who have, for all their adult lives, sold their countrymen out to the zio occupying regime in Israel for wealth and “security”; but that above all that, they have had the ball-busting audacity to stand before audiences of U.S. citizens and conduct lectures wherein they begin sentences with words like “we, as patriotic Americans.” They have the chutzpah to preach patriotism in a U.S. military environment, when in fact they are the very last people who should be lecturing on things like loyalty to one’s country.

If anyone is a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer — if anyone is disloyal to country for religious or ideological reasons — it’s Brigitte Gabriel. It’s not by chance that she and her cohorts are so aggressive with their message of hatred and intolerance. It’s part of their game plan to stifle opposing viewpoints on who is and who isn’t a terrorist, and for damn good (personal) reasons. Brigitte has some skeletons in her closet which she would just as soon brainwash us not to know. Behold…

To those who are familiar with contemporary Lebanese history, the mention of the terms “Phalangist militia” and “South Lebanon Army” (SLA) will bring to mind the massacres of Palestinian refugees inside the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps in 1982 and the detainment, torturing, and murder of anti-Israeli Lebanese and Palestinians at the Khiam Detention Center in South Lebanon between 1985 and 2000. Both tragedies were carried out by militias commanded and staffed by pro-Israeli Maronite Christians, and both were ultimately engineered and funded by the IDF. According to even the loosest of definitions, both tragedies are traitorous acts of terror; according to consensus opinion of the major human rights organizations of the world, they are also crimes against humanity.

It is indisputable that systematic torture occurred in Khiam. And the continuing partnership between Israel and the SLA on matters related to this prison implicates Lebanese and Israelis with legal responsibility for criminal actions. In addition to the periodic visits of GSS [Shin Bet] personnel, the defense ministry’s affidavit admitted that Israel and the SLA “consult each other regarding the arrest and release of people in the Khiam facility” and that “information from the interrogations in Khiam is transferred by the SLA to Israeli security forces.Virginia N. Sherry: “Torture in Khiam Prison: Responsibility and Accountability” HRW

Brigitte Gabriel defends those who committed said atrocities. As a member of the Maronite sect of her erstwhile homeland, she defends her people at every turn, while baselessly claiming that it has been Hizballah and every other anti-Israeli Muslim group in Lebanon that has been doing all the unlawful detentions, torturing, and terrorism.Aaron Klein: “Canada deports Israeli allies, allows strippers” World Net Daily Brigitte always fails to mention that her people were collaborators with a hostile, foreign, occupying state (Israel), and that her fellow Maronites of the Phalange Party and SLA committed crimes against humanity against their own people:

The Maronites form the base community for the quasi-fascist Kata’ib Party, better known in the West as the Phalange Party (see “Hizbullah, Israel, and the Gemayel Assassination“) and have been allies of Israel and the West in Lebanon since at least early 1980s. The Israelis killed tens of thousands of Palestinians and Lebanese in the country from 1982 until 2000 (a point Gabriel seems to neglect) but it was Maronite militias who actually perpetrated the Israeli-sanctioned massacres at Sabra and Shatilla in 1982. Despite this, contrary to Gabriel’s claims, the Maronites not only survive but wield considerable power in Lebanon, including 34 out of 128 seats in the current Lebanese parliament.Gabriel and her family come from Marjayoun in southern Lebanon. Marjayoun was the headquarters of Israeli occupation forces and Israel’s proxy, the South Lebanon Army (SLA). In 2000, Hizbullah drove the Israelis from the country and the SLA collapsed.Peacemonger: “Islam-Basher Brigitte Gabriel to Visit Ann Arbor on 12/4” Zionist Scout

More on Brigitte’s terrorist brothers of the SLA and Phalange Party, the closing of the Khiam prison, and the actual role Hizballah played:

[The SLA] was never fully trusted by the Israeli army which trained, armed and financed it. However, its members were paid salaries of $500 — a handsome sum in an economically depressed area, and many of their families found labouring jobs in Israel. The 2,500-strong force has always been left to do the dirtiest work for Israel. Most notoriously, they were in nominal charge of al-Khiam prison south of Marjayoun. On Tuesday, local villagers broke down the prison door with their bare hands as the SLA fled. Weeping and fainting with emotion, prisoners — some of them captive for more than 10 years — were reunited with their families. Many hundreds of Lebanese prisoners had been held there over the years without trial and without charge, under inhuman conditions with routine torture. … Often the detainees were held merely as hostages, because they had relatives in Hezbollah, or because they refused to collaborate with Israel.BBC Mideast Report: “Bitter retreat for the SLA”.

In May 2000, as the IDF started to withdraw, its proxy force, the SLA, disintegrated rapidly; within hours the whole of the formerly IDF-held strip became a rolling victory carnival for Hizbullah. The SLA men who had guarded and run the notorious prison and torture center at Khiam slipped away from their posts and the people of Khiam, a predominantly Shiite town, rushed in to free their loved ones. Hizballah’s yellow flags flew exuberantly right up to Israel’s northern border. Villagers, who had over the years been forced out of the security zone or the much-damaged areas to its north, crowded back homewards in cavalcades of cars and tractors. Some SLA members fled to Israel. But the bloodbath feared by many Israelis (and some Lebanese) never occurred. The Hizballah leadership issued strict instructions prohibiting acts of vengeance in the liberated areas as well as violations of the international border with Israel. Both orders were obeyed.Helena Cobban: “Hizbullah’s New Face: In search of a Muslim democracy” Boston Review.

So tell me, Brigitte: Who are the terrorists again?


From CIA Terror Bombings, Bob Gates, and The Rise of Hezbollah, by Michael Schwartz:

Today is a banner day for aficionados of the CIA. After a 15-year Freedom of Information Act struggle, the National Security Archive has finally forced the CIA to reveal the “family jewels” — a 702 page treasure trove of documents characterized in The New York Times as a “catalog of domestic wiretapping operations, failed assassination plots, mind-control experiments and spying on journalists.”
Many of us remember that in 1983, during a previous crisis there, an American military barracks was bombed, killing 241 marines who were part of an international peacekeeping force sent there in 1982. That bombing was, as Morris tells the story “itself a bloody reprisal for earlier American acts of intervention and diplomatic betrayal in Lebanon’s civil war” which had been raging since 1975.

No one in the American intelligence community knew for sure (and no one knows to this day) who was actually responsible for the bombing, but CIA director William Casey decided nevertheless to undertake reprisals. He chose as his target a Shia cleric, Muhammad Husain Fadlallah, “because of his reputation for fiery sermons in favor of social justice and national independence — and because allied spy agencies — Israel’s Mossad, Saudi Arabia’s GID, and Phalangist informers — claimed he led a militant Shiite group that bore responsibility for the attack on the Marines.”

Yeah. Just like Brigitte Gabriel & Co. claim that Hizballah and Hamas are part of the fantastic “Al-Qaeda”. Just like they claim that Hamas has “cells” in 40 of the 50 United States. Just like hasbaranik frauds would have us believe that the U.S. and Israel’s interests are mutual via the Hizballah “threat,” the “threat” of a nuclear Iran, and so on. Next!

Dan Alba likes to defend those who defend those who can not defend themselves, and exposing those whose offenses are indefensible. Read other articles by Dan, or visit Dan's website.

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  1. sk said on July 16th, 2007 at 7:31am #

    Let’s not forget that such shills do not represent the views of vast majority of Christian Arabs in the West. In fact, most of the best known defenders of Middle Eastern cultures in the West have been non-Muslim Arabs such as Edward Said, Yvonne Haddad, Philip K. Hitti, Albert Hourani, etc. There was no public incentive for these folks to take up such an unpopular cause in the face of vicious attacks and ridicule. Another Christian American of Middle Eastern origin wrote the following just last week:

    An entire cottage industry of publicity-seeking anti-Muslim writers is at work seeking to confirm the increasingly popular prejudice that Islam is a sick, demented, homicidal faith. These pundits are merely licking the hand that pays them.

  2. Suziq said on July 16th, 2007 at 12:40pm #

    I think if you listen to the Muslim representatives themselves, there is no need to pay any attention to Gabriel or any other outsiders.

    Here’s enough data from the horse’s own mouth:

  3. Leyla said on July 16th, 2007 at 7:28pm #

    That horse looks like it is being fed by the zioneocons… I have a muslim background and cannot believe most of those stories. Can you imagine if there was a site where President Bush was used as an example Christian? Any respect that we have for Christianity would go out the window. And I wouldn’t want to use Bush as an example of the average American either…

    Majority of Muslims are nothing like the ones protrayed in this blog. Please take such sites with a shovel of salt… really…

  4. kenneth said on July 18th, 2007 at 11:33am #

    it’s laughable how the shills as mentioned above, and on the listed blogspot all operate from the same playbook. it’s the same script. these people aren’t even intelligent enough to come up with original material. that explains their lack of understanding between religion and culture. and why i have trouble with their twisted logic. let’s see a young muslim male blows up a crowded marketplace, and himself in israel because of islam. but if given the chance here in the u.s, he would commit the same atrocity because he hates our way of life, freedoms, values, etc… i’m confused.

  5. Mike McNiven said on August 31st, 2007 at 3:54am #

    The view of the Iranian Left:

  6. Sami Abdallah said on September 23rd, 2007 at 11:15am #

    So funny how a Jihadist Oil funded web site attacks the dissidents against the oil producing regimes. No mor eidiots in America. Everyone knows that the Iranian funded intelligence service funds this newsletter and many other propaganda tools and fellows like “Dan Alba.” This is a Terror enabled activity for indoctrination. The “zioidiotophobes” are those who are on the payroll of Ahmedinijad’s SS is’re busted..yallah, al salam aleikum

  7. SAS said on May 2nd, 2008 at 2:33pm #

    Brigette Gabriel has, in the past asserted that Arabs have no souls and that Muslims felt no sorrow for the death of Benazir Bhutto – with statements like that on record, it is clear that she has no credibility.