Who Are These People and Where Did They Come From? Developing Minds Want to Know

Those of us who actually possess developed brains and thus can’t sleep at night contemplating the death-dealing horror this country has become have long been infuriated not only by the naked neocon emperors and their oily collaborators, the Vichy Democrats, but also by the millions of our fellow citizens who think everything’s just ducky with our New American Century of torture, mass murder and looting and thus collectively just sit there, motionless, like a giant rotting carcass unapologetically blocking our path while we desperately clamor to halt the whole hateful hell before it’s too late.

(Whoops: too late.)

Consider: In the latest Gallup poll, thirty-three percent of Americans approve of the job George Bush is doing — whatever the hell it is he’s doing, that is (besides fucking up the country).

Thirty-three percent!

Think about this for a second: One third of the so-called adult population in America still thinks actions taken by Dubya, the wretched creature whose administration has exponentially broadened the parameters for the term “Orwellian,” are A-OK.

One shudders to think what unspeakable atrocity Bushco would have to perpetrate to finally get these Neanderthals’ disapproval. So we don’t waste unnecessary time pondering, here’s the answer: there is none. If the wiping out by Bush, Cheney and the rest of their despicable ilk of 655,000+ human beings (in addition to three thousand Americans x two) solely to pursue more power and wealth won’t convince them, then nothing will.

Yes, I know: the most consolidated, tightly-controlled media in U.S. history are a Goebbels wet dream and have done a bang-up job of dishing disinformation for many years now, thereby brainwashing tens of millions of Americans into endorsing the next purely-for-profit war with constant barrages of patriotic pablum, dulling their already dull minds to the effects of real violence by constant desensitization, assigning the ever-needed enemy brown faces and a false and threatening religion while the entire time conditioning their stunted psyches from day one to pursue the holy grail continuously held high by their fascistic masters: the attainment of self-worth through mindless consumerism.

Even so, ask yourself: Don’t you have an inner alarm, a gut feeling, a sudden jet of hot gas shooting painfully up your esophagus (though that could be the pepperoni pizza you ill-advisedly just had) — an innate something, for crying out loud — that alerts you when there’s trouble afoot?

Well, of course you do, because, being the intelligent, aware and clear-thinking individual you are — one who has extremely good taste in columnists, too, I might add (yes, I am shameless) — you instinctively know when someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

You also have known from the beginning that Bush and crew are so obvious they don’t even bother with the shearing first and just toss the whole damn sheep at you (insert own GOP/ovine joke here).

For that staunch thirty-three percent of Bush lovers, however, it never flockin’ registers. They don’t see it, they don’t hear it, they don’t get it and they never will. The disconnect is breathtaking.

They have drunk the Kool-Aid and vehemently defend the chief executive ogres, as amply demonstrated here in Sacramento recently when about thirty of us protested against the war for an hour in front of the city zoo. (Appropriately symbolic, I thought.) Afterwards, we marched several blocks to Congresswoman Doris Matsui’s house in front of which we stood and sang peace songs, engaged in non-profane chants and displayed signs and banners urging her to vote no against further funding the slaughter.

Not too long into our mini-demo, a truck came down the quiet residential street and stopped briefly, at which point the driver shouted fiercely: “Get out of my neighborhood!” Moments later, eggs came flying from behind the fence of a nearby house, knocking a little girl’s toy from her hand.

Because the truck took off quickly and no one at the egg-throwing house answered the doorbell rung by one very irate mother, I couldn’t ask directly to be sure, but I’ll go out on a limb here and assume that if either (ir)responsible party were asked if he or she is patriotic, the answer would be a resounding: “Of course!”

Yet, numbskulls like these unfailingly demonstrate a profound ignorance of, and deep hostility toward, perhaps the most fundamental right we Americans (arguably) possessed before the Constitution was gleefully torn into tiny little pieces: free speech. Judging by our detractors’ (and attacker’s) irritation at our presence, it’s safe to assume they support the war, apparently caring not a whit that the unmitigated catastrophe has been based on lie after lie. They seem to prefer the stinking status quo just fine and view us, the ones who have been right about all of it — all of it — since its sickening beginning, as troublemakers, while giving the true criminals a free pass to continue their lethal thieving and pursue, unchecked, a long-standing, plainly stated agenda of global corporate domination.

Thus our little gang of protestors, conspicuous by our calls for something so vile as peace and long sneeringly painted by the right as out-of-touch navel-gazers for seeking to take the mega-bazillions stuffed into the military industrialists’ bottomless pockets and use them instead for frivolities like education, universal health care and a clean environment, had encountered two oh-so predictable members of that rock-solid, rock-headed thirty-three percent who, if our crazy notions are to ever outlive this nation’s Age of Endarkenment and ultimately manifest, must be worked around (or plowed through) considering the intractability of their troglodytic logic.

But that’s OK, because now with the fearless leadership of the majority Democrats, it’s only a matter of time before the plug is pulled on the funding of the war(s) and…

Uh, never mind.

I think I feel more sleepless nights coming on.

Mark Drolette writes in Sacramento, California. He can be reached at: mdrolette@comcast.net. Read other articles by Mark, or visit Mark's website.

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  1. Bonethug Iranian said on May 30th, 2007 at 11:53am #

    See the funny Democrats dancing to Israeli tunes. See the funny Republicons on the take and making war. See the funny Congress working treason on America. See the funny president exterminate our world. See the silly military killing indiscriminately everywhere. See the world engulfed in flames and CNN won’t report on that news.

  2. opeluboy said on May 30th, 2007 at 4:26pm #

    Can’t add much to that!

  3. David Alan Smith said on May 30th, 2007 at 5:58pm #

    Entertainingly written, but I have to wonder about the apparent underlying assumption that if it weren’t for Bush and the neocon “movement” that things would be much better. My take on it is just that the real trouble with our society (the trouble that gave rise to Bush and his pals) is much deeper than who happens to control the White House, Congress or the Supreme Court.

    To that 33% who support Bush, add at least another 33% who really don’t see any problem with where we’re at, except that “our boys” are getting killed. These folks don’t really want anything different, they just want the unpleasantness to go away so that American dominance can continue.

  4. Doug D. said on May 30th, 2007 at 6:29pm #

    In response to Mr. Smith, I think the article above clearly doesn’t blame Bush & Co exclusively, as evidenced by the last couple of sentences. We all know the narrative isn’t “Everything was fine and dandy UNTIL…*dun Dun DUN!!*”
    What I’ve witnessed in the past 5 years has been breathtaking, and I agree with Cindy Sheehan that this isn’t the country I love. People don’t really give a damn how many children from Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere else are maimed and killed. This country really has no moral compass, and to the extent that maintenance of such a compass is the responsibility of each individual, our American experience (recently, and for a long time before) begs the question of what drives morality and decency. This question is not confined by the borders of America. Think of any violent, immoral or amoral groups, organizations, and individuals anywhere. Power. Greed. Hatred. I really fear for the future of our species.

  5. bert said on May 31st, 2007 at 1:10am #

    I’m french, and I notice the same troubles in my own country. Despite five years of weird policy and without a single real result, the man who was elected president is called “a man of change” by the mainstream press. Even though he was a top minister and the head of the ruling party since five years…
    His gang is saying that it is time for new values, that is to say, work, family and nation…
    That was the motto of the Vichy gvt of Petain, back in 1940…
    Our own “democrats” (so-called “socialists”) decided to fight back with decisions like “we’ll ask for each french to display a french flag for the 14th of july”…
    There is no more free press in this country, all but a tiny part of the newspapers, Tv and radios are owned by arm dealers and other corporations, friends of the president.
    There is no more political opposition.

    This is the “new world order”…

  6. mm said on May 31st, 2007 at 11:03am #

    Please leave the misanthropy to liberal Democrats. Cynicism is entirely reactionary. It also takes no account of your education and your advantages vs. everyone else. Most people don’t have enough spare time to write on a blog, let alone read one.

    So 3 in 10 people have no problem with Bush.

    The good news is 7 in 10 do.

  7. Fingal said on June 2nd, 2007 at 5:39pm #

    Re: America’s conscience above. When interviewed by Dinah Shore (back in the day, yes), Frank Zappa responded to her suggestion that America has a conscience:

    “I don’t think America *has* a conscience.”

    “You don’t?”

    “No, because if America had a conscience, its conscience would begin to *bother* it, and it would get up and make itself a sandwich.”

  8. Pompeyo Andrade said on June 3rd, 2007 at 6:50am #

    Dear Mr. Mark Drolette:

    Although really amusing, your article makes the same mistake as Noam Chomsky (Hegemony or Survival) – where he exposes a minutious account of the policies of the US evil-empire against the whole of humanity. He blames the latest policies on Bush and the neocons, the same as you do. However, these people are non-entities if taken apart. The real power is the Jewish lobby and the Jewish press. The 33% of the US population that supports Bush and his policies has been brain-washed for decades by religious sects that are financed by Jewish interests. It is said that the US is a country that has been colonized by Israel and whose purpose now is to fight the Israel wars in order to control the Middle East. Republicans and Democrats agree in their support to Israel and the US Congress is totally controlled by the Jewish Lobby. So, ¿Why the insistence is blaming the messengers? It would do no good to make a regime change, for what is needed is a complete revolution that restores power to the American people, starting by eliminating the Jewish control of the media (90%). ¿Can this be called freedom of expression? The American people are now the equivalent of the American Indians that were colonized and subjected to centuries of slavery and indoctrination. Well, what we have now is the enslavement of the American workers to the elite corporations (mostly Jewish) that control the money supply, the war machineries and the world energy sources. We are serving Moloch, only we dont say.

  9. Weed said on July 11th, 2007 at 12:45am #

    Oh my God! Did he really say that?

    Everyone knows the energy is the first thought in every governments mind at this time. That’s why Iraq started this mess in the first place, they wanted the oil. If it wasn’t for the US…….