Sri Lanka : Who is The Organ Grinder?

A week ago, some one in Colombo sent me a note saying that the war has come to a grinding halt. According to him there were two specific reasons. One, the Rajapaksha regime has been baffled by the Tamil Tigers’ below the radar aerial attacks. Two, Rajapaksha brothers’ [Government is run like a family business] popularity is taking a nose dive and the mass support is threatened.

Internationally, Rajapaksha still seem to be the “our kind-a-guy”. There is still considerable covert support for the war machinery. The rhetoric however is, the Tiger terrorism has to be stopped. India is working over time behind the scenes. The UK Labour Government is willing to be a go-between for peace negotiations. But the Sinhala ultra-nationalists have made an uproar of disapproval against the British government’s involvement. ‘This is a national matter; leave it to us to solve the problem’ they protest. In other words, the Sinhala masses want Rajapaksha to continue the war against the Tamils. And win it.

The point is, this is hardly any longer a national matter. International involvement is inevitable. Both the ultra-nationalists and the international globalisers agree on a single point. The latter covertly and the first overtly. Both want war in the name of war against terror. Already, the US has signed up for further arms deals. Put it simply, the idea is, beat the Tamil Tigers to the negotiating table.

The human rights situation in Sri Lanka, particularly among the Tamil territories, is lamentable. A humanitarian worker recently described to me that, the communities are divided by fear and torture and barbed wires. There are visible barbed wires and there are invisible barbed wires, he explained. People’s minds and mouths are gagged. They are neither allowed to think for themselves nor are they permitted to speak for themselves. It is the barrel of the gun that speaks.

The problem is, the difference between the organ grinder and the monkey has blurred. Everyone lurks like a ghost. Fear rules.

Tamils have suffered more than half-a-century. And they want justice, peace and prosperity. REAL peace in which they can live with the dignity of difference.

It is worth quoting here what Simon Hughes (who is a constitutional expert) said on May 2 2007 during the British Parliamentary debate on Sri Lanka:

The Government of Sri Lanka must not run away from the need to accept that there will have to be autonomy and a democratic process. The people must be allowed to vote freely and decide which parts of Sri Lanka should have self-government. If Ukraine , which I respect greatly, can give self-government to Crimea and life can go on, Sri Lanka must give self-government to the Tamils, where they want it.

Of course, that does not mean that all the people in Tamil areas will be Tamils, just as in Northern Ireland communities are not confined to particular areas; Tamils will live in Colombo , just as Sinhalese will live on the east coast and in the north. There must be access. The roads have to be open so that people can travel. There must be no no-go areas. However, we have to make sure that the Government of Sri Lanka understand that they will not make progress unless they accept the principle of self-government.

Tragically in Sri Lanka however, the observation of Karl Marx is hardly ever found to be fallible:

History repeats itself, first as a tragedy, then as a farce.

Chandi Sinnathurai is a peasant priest who believes life is beautiful and divine, hence no one, including one's enemies, should be denied fundamental human rights. He leads Conscience Appeal. Read other articles by Chandi, or visit Chandi's website.

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  1. SLA said on May 16th, 2007 at 4:53am #

    THe Sri lankan government which runs a corrupted society, has no intemite reasons for killing innocent Tamils. Weather there going to school, hosptials, churches, or if they feel like a treat to the Sri Lankan governement the army leaves many families in blood shed.

    THe SRi Lankan government has to know that by them dropping bombs over the Tamils in LTTE held areas there are not getting publishised for that, they are only make a more better place in HELL!! WIth every bomb attack, rape, and other brutal violations they make, they are digging a more deeper hole for themseleves in the ground, and sooner or later it will be too deep and they won’t be able to get out.

    The tamils have faced excortion and many other threats by the Sinhalese government. Many tamils in university’s, businesses, and even news reporters are getting killed, for there money, for the truth they’ve been telling the INternational community.

    As the death toll increases in SRI lanka by the Sri Lankan government, the Tigers are rising and will be independant.


  2. SLA said on May 16th, 2007 at 4:56am #

    The Tamil people are facing the worst crisis in their recorded history, at the hands of the most murderous regime ever to run Sri Lanka. The only ‘force’ that can stop the murderous attempt by the Rajapakse regime to decimate the Tamil people in the North and East of Sri Lanka, is international public opinion. The International Community (IC) has to be targetted urgently. For this to be done, ordinary people across the world will have to be apprised of the critical situation facing the Tamil people. What the Tamils need is not an Air Force or bigger and better military hardware (neither of which are even remotely possible), but the force of international condemnation, especially the violation of human rights and the injustices done to the Tamils by a succession of Sinhala-dominated Governments.

  3. SRI LANKA WILL BURN IN HELL, SOONER OR LATER. said on May 16th, 2007 at 5:01am #




  4. Wasanth said on May 16th, 2007 at 7:07am #

    It is so unfortunate that many Tamil people are suffering from a serious inferiority complex. This seems to be the case not only in Sri Lanka, but worldwide, where Tamils have gathered. They do not realize that the Sinhalese are the majority, and, in a democracy, majority governs. Tamils claim to be discriminated, but all the big shots in Colombo are tamils, and they live better than the Sinhalese. So, where is the discrimination ? This ‘inferiority complex’ seems to be in the tamils’ genes. In a war, there are unjustice killings, rape and murder. The tamils started the war…… The ltte also does the same things: didn’t they hack thousands of innocent SInhalese in their ‘ethnic cleansing’? Didnt they kill all the knowledgeable Tamil politicians who opposed their manic demands?….. Give me a break brother……. Take these tamils who are clamouring for ’cause’ to a mental hospital… or else, the tamil ‘inferiority’ problem will get worse..
    Good luck………….. you’ll need it.

  5. Wasanth said on May 16th, 2007 at 8:18am #

    Guys….. Let peace and prosperity prevail to all…to all humans, whether Tamil or Sinhalese……..
    Please read:

  6. Mahin Ellapera said on May 16th, 2007 at 8:19am #

    Hi Wasanth

    ‘DISCRIMINATION IS DENIAL OF ACCESS TO VALUED RESOURCES’. Valued Resources can be eudcation, employment, housing, health care etc etc. If someone is denied access to any valued resources, it is said to be discrimination.

    A few Tamils living in Colombo do better than Sinhalese is not to deny the existence of discrimination.


  7. Wasanth said on May 16th, 2007 at 8:59am #

    Dr. Mahin,
    Sure, you have a point. I live in the US, and I see discrimination everywhere – the African American people and the Hispanics, especially are still considered by the whites to be ‘inferior’ and the story goes on… Before all this war started in ’83, the Tamil people had a good deal…. access to education and other resources were based on the population ratio (in the South), and the Tamils in the North had complete freedom to live to the fullest and to achive prosperity in any way they wanted…….. Don’t you think that was fair? But Mr. Prabhakaran seems to want total control of almost half of the country. He doesnt accept any rational solution just because he cannot be in power if peace prevails…No Sinhalese politician can give into his kind of insane demands and not be seen as a total disgrace to his ethnicity…. he will be killed by one of his own. There is discrimination amongst the Sinhalese as well: the rich and the ‘english educated’ crowd seems to get a better deal everywhere in the country as far as access to resources are concerned. The JVP rose against this, but they realized that their fight was futile……. just like the fact that true communism cannot be practiced while there are human emotions and desires. It is sad, but where ever humans beings are present, one will eventually feel discriminated against. So, why is this futile war going on? All the brilliant Tamil politicians have been killed, thousands of youngsters are sent to the war front only to be killed…. the country’s economy is ruined…….. Is this the way to fight discrimination?

  8. Jacob said on May 16th, 2007 at 10:08am #


    You seem to be very oblivious of the historical developments that trespassed into the lives of Tamils after independence. The Sinhala only and the racist educational policies (particularly on university entrance) are but some of the numerous policies stacked against the Tamils by the Sinhalese regime against the minority Tamils. The Tamils believed that the approach to their problems should be through negotiations and these were translated into the various pacts, only to be reneged by the Sinhala govt leaders. Surely you would not have forgotten about how Solomon Bandaranaike tore up one of a number of such pacts. With the pressure from the Sinhala clergy and chauvinists, the Sinhala leaders faltered on their promises to the Tamils for political expediency. Today, Mahinda Rajapakse is no different as seen from his proposals which are obviously tuned to the appeasement of the majority Sinhalese.

    Having adopted the Gandhian principles, the early Tamil leaders were intimidated and trampled when they were tried hold peaceful non-vilent dmeonstrations to air their grievances. They were beaten up violently, both by the rowdy thugs and the recalcitrant SLA. It was then, after exhausting all peaceful means, that the Tamils realised that the Sinhalese govt only respects the Tamils when the gun is pointed at them. All what GOSL reluctantly agreed to was because of that gun-taught lessons. During the riots of 1983, the state, army and police actively participated in the massacre of the Tamils.

    The LTTE is facing such a huge army with the assortment of armaments facing them. Just give the LTTE the same number of armaments and planes, and this war will be over in three days.

    Just a point for you to ponder. The GOSL has been trying very desperately to stop the diaspora Tamils from contributing to the cause of Tamils through the LTTE. The Tamils have carried the scars of hurt inflicted on them for years. What Prabhakaran had done (and is still doing) is to soothe those scars by standing up to the Sinhalese regime. The GOSL may find him as a thorn in the flesh but to us Tamils he has given hope and reason to be proud of.

  9. Oswald Bernard said on May 16th, 2007 at 10:09am #

    Yes, discrimination does exist, but right now, those who are most discriminated against are the Tamils in the North and East. They face bombardmemnt every day, there children cannot go to school, children are undernourished, they have no future, kids are been drawn into this murderous war…there is no point in referring back to the past.
    Have the bombs helped curb terrorism? No. Have the constitutional amendments helped resolve the crisis? No. Were the promises made during the peace talks observed by the government? No. Are all these mistakes of the Tamils who are made to suffer. Let us learn from the example of Ireland. Despite years of war, two opposing parties share power today. We still have much to learn. But how many more people have to suffer and die before that.

  10. mahaththaya said on May 16th, 2007 at 10:54am #

    Dear Mahin,
    You raise a very good point, which I never accept.
    1. eudcation : Best schools of Sri Lanka is in North and East funded and maintain by the GOVT. (80% sinhala poor tax payer are helping you to have better education, which is not avalable to most of the sihala dominated areas. Go to statistics of EDU DEPT, you will see , intake for Universities from tamil community is much more higher than the actual population density.
    When the colombo, galle, matara sinhalese require 280+ maks to enter to ENG faculty, mannar, vanni, batti tamils require only 200+ mask to enter to same scheme. Tamil Students who do better in the cause, are offered scholar to forign conuntries for further education by GOVT, even though it is known 90% is not comming back to SL.
    Please prove your point to me!!!!!!

    2. employment
    All the major public sector organization (SLT etc) are recruiting people by proper exams. Every body has equal chances. Normally tamils get better and quick jobs than sinhales. Most of the big firms are own by tamil. You just go to sinahala dominated rural side of sri lanak and find out how poor they are what is their situation.

    3. housing
    Use Gogle Earth and just surf over jaffna and other parts of SL. But I accept that, becase of the LTTE, very minimal development actvities are going on in the East and they becomming porer and poorer.

    4. health care
    Go to heart of the LTTE strong hold and ask the hospitals, who is providing the medicine (most of it looted by ltte) who is maintaining hospitals…
    You will feel shame, if you really get in to the truth

  11. Lanka Puthra said on May 16th, 2007 at 11:58am #

    What specific problems does Tamils in Sri Lanka have which major communities like Muslims, do not have.

    I see the existence of Hindu college in heart of Colombo and other Tamil language schools in other districts and hosts of Kovils in Wellawatte, Bambalapitiya, Mutwal. Nuwaraeliya, Kandy district, Sabaragamuwa, and it functions quite peacefully everyday.

    Surely these are areas where all communities live peacefully. But they are not crying foul or want a separate state or want to go and live in Northern Sri Lanka. No body is preventing them from going anywhere, on the contrary they love to come to Colombo and suburbs and get on with their life. This has been the practice for years since independence.

    I see thousands and thousands of Tamils living in Colombo and its suburbs like Hendala, Wattala, Negombo, Chillaw, Kotahena, Mattakkuliya, Kirulapona, Wellawatte to Mount Lavinia and the districts of Nuwaraeliya, Badulla, Ratnapura, Kalutara….Are they been massacred?????…In fact the Tamils coming from North and East to Colombo has increased over the years. Well why should one leave the traditional homeland and come to other areas, if they are been harassed as some claim to be???? This is clearly baffling indeed!!!

    Surely these are areas where all communities live peacefully.

    Are there any Singhalese or Muslims in Jaffna District?? What happened to them and who chased them out? On the contrary are the Tamils been chased from other districts back to North? Doesn’t seem to happen right!

    I see well educated Tamil men and women who work in the private companies in Colombo. Are they been brutalized?? They also work in government departments too as Muslims do. They love to live in Colombo and its suburbs, where they have relative safety than the North and East.

    I see scores of Tamil businessmen in Colombo’s, wholesale market and other major towns. Their majority customers are surely not Tamils!!!

    But I also see underdeveloped areas where Singhalese, Muslims and Tamils live poor access to healthcare, education and development and the youth from all these communities doesn’t have proper jobs. I see them as a neglected lot in Ampara, Hambantota, Vavuniya, North Central province, Sabaragamuwa, Eastern and Northern Province……surely Muslims, Singhalese, Tamils are all effected due to lack of or comparatively lesser development , compared to the city folks, be they Singhalese, Tamils or Muslims.

    There were human rights violations in 1970’s and throughout during youth up risings in Singhalese areas when a lot people disappeared, but I didn’t here anybody crying foul or refusing to give Aid to the country then!!! Perhaps human rights violations can be conveniently manipulated for once hidden agendas…….Surprise ehhh……ohh what up attacks on border villages of Singhalese and Muslims, and killing of children men and villages…..commuters in buses and trains through bombs? Where were the guardians of human rights then???

    How about attacks on Mosques in Eastern Province and some Temples in other areas and killing of clergy??? Where were the guardians of human rights?

    Yes human rights violations do take place in a war atmosphere as in any modern theaters of war as in any part of the world, be it Afghanistan, Iraq etc…

    If Tamils, Singhalese and Muslims have lived for years in certain parts of the country quite peacefully.

    There are no specific problems that could only affects Tamils by virtue of being Tamils! It is more of a Economic problem which is faced by all communities who happens to live in areas where development has not taken place.

    Economic disparity brings about dissent and some fanatics gives it a racial twist, and there are many stake holders who thrive on misery of others and who takes opportunities to divide countries for strategic and economic objectives, for kick backs and commission out of war, Arms dealers, extortion of money from their brothers and sisters who live in other countries (While their families live in safe heavens), for receiving funds from questionable NGOS with hidden agendas, and those who use the non existent problems to further their bogus refugee claims in foreign soils!!!!

    This is the fundamental and the stark naked truth.

  12. Wasanth said on May 16th, 2007 at 2:23pm #

    Jacob and Ostwald,
    Thanks for bringing up some good points. Yes, SWRD Bandaranaike’s sinhala-only policy was a major mistake. The new proposals do have Tamil and Sinhalese as common national languages. Also, the extreme Sinhala ‘monks’ are a major thorn in the path to peace at present. They act against the very basic principles of Buddhism to influence and ‘mislead’ the majority SInhalese, of whom, unfortunately any politician who wants to come to power or stay in power has to appease. These are common obstacles that any politician be it Tamil, Sinhalese or any other in the world has to face. But the point I am trying to make is that discrimination occurs everywhere. As a good example, I am re-writing below, one paragraph that Jacob has written, replacing the word Tamil with JVP:
    “Having adopted the Gandhian principles, the early JVP (and communist) leaders were intimidated and trampled when they were tried hold peaceful non-vilent dmeonstrations to air their grievances. They were beaten up violently, both by the rowdy thugs and the recalcitrant SLA. It was then, after exhausting all peaceful means, that the JVP realised that the Sinhalese govt only respects the JVP (and the oppressed) when the gun is pointed at them. All what GOSL reluctantly agreed to was because of that gun-taught lessons. During the riots of 1972, the state, army and police actively participated in the massacre of the JVP”.
    JR Jayawardena’s govt massacred tens of thousands of young Sinhalese during the JVP era. They were just innocent youngsters, mostly from the rural areas, who demanded that they be given the same resources and opportunities as the rich in Colombo. Thus, the fight against discrimination is everywhere, and not only by the Tamil people. The JVP realized that the gun was not the way to fight (only after thousands had died) and changed their policies and somehow made their way into the second-highest majority in the parliament. Sure, Tamils can be proud of the way that Prabhakaran built up his army etc., but in the long run, the young Tamil genreation in Sri Lanka is slowly getting wiped out due to the war.
    Just a note for Ostwald: It is not a well known fact that M. Rajapakse spent a whole week in Northern Ireland before he started office, to study the system there. I have not personally read his new offer package, but according to a political analyst, his offers are pretty similar to that offered to the IRA by the British govt. Why, then, did the LTTE outrightly reject this? To me, it further solidifies what many analysts in Sri Lanka believe: that Mr. Prabhakaran cannot afford to have a peaceful solution to this crisis – he will lose his power.

  13. KL said on May 17th, 2007 at 1:05pm #

    Some questions for chandi:

    (i) the sri-lankan governments over the years have offered political solutions from devolution of power to federal solutions for the north, all rejected by the LTTE who repeatedly walked out of peace talks! The LTTE has done this at least four times!

    (ii) the LTTE has recruited thousands of unfortunate child soldiers and sent them to the frontline to die. A generation of young people in the north has been misused, abused, their right to live in peace and to a decent education taken away and their lives destroyed by the LTTE! All the while this is going on, the western countries and their politicians where the LTTE raises most of its funds let the LTTE continue their fund raising (mostly through extortion from the tamil diaspora who lives in the west) which is used to perpetuate violence and war!

    (iii) Hundreds (I really mean hundreds!) of teachers and headteachers in the north and east who tried to stop child soldier recruitment and policemen who kept law and order in the north-east have been murdered by the LTTE over the last two decades!

    (iv) many able, educated tamil politicians, tamil political parties and tamil intellectuals who wanted to negotiate with the sri-lankan government and accept devolution of power and who opposed the LTTE have been murdered by the LTTE so many times that I have lost count! While this is going on the western countries and their politicians who shout from the rooftops about democracy let the LTTE do what it wants in the west! The west in the meantime somehow, accepts the LTTE as the ‘sole representative of the tamil people’ while this is going on! The LTTE and its mad leader is a tyrannical organisation which has destroyed all other tamil voices who are critical of them to the detriment of sri-lanka.

    (v) the once thriving trade between the tamil people in the north and the south in agriculture and fisheries has stopped. Due to the extreme violence as practised by the LTTE, the once prosperous northern sri-lanka has become an economic wasteland which will take decades to recover!

    (vii) the LTTE has thrown all sinhalese and muslims out of the north!

    (vi) civilians whether tamils, sinhalese and muslims have all perished due to this dastardly conflict and combatants of both sides i.e. the sri-lanka army and the LTTE have died in their thousands all tragic, sad and pointless deaths, all due to the despicable violence of the LTTE!

    (vii) when the LTTE uses claymore mines and bombs against the sri-lanka army, it is not only the army which gets caught up but the civilians around get terrorised by these as well!


    It cannot happen by use of extreme violence as practised by the LTTE which is a very destructive organisation.

  14. Tusker said on May 17th, 2007 at 8:26pm #

    Sri Lanka which has seen a succession of progressively more and more abusive presidents has now got a man who doesn’t bother to make even a token excuse for robbing the economy. Between him and his brothers they have ministries that account for around 75% the countries expenditure. Of course one must relate the commissions that are part and parcel of every cent spent to realise the extent to which the Rajapakse brothers corporation are enriching them selves.

    In this light the only criterion is to stay in power for as long as possible in order to become multi billionaires and never have to set foot back into this country or ever be held accountable.

    Who cares about the Tamil people or even the Sinhala or Muslim or anyone in this situation ? If the people are not willing to get out into the streets and enforce change there is no point in writing articles to web sites !

  15. Jacob said on May 18th, 2007 at 9:26am #


    Yes, I cannot agree with you more. I once almost married a Sinhalese girl. There is nothing wrong with the race or religion. But history is scattered with examples that such negotiations led to nought and even massacre. “Trust” should be nourished and nurtured but such trust was betrayed many times over, so much so that it is generally believed that this led to moderates to be sidelined by the more agitated youths.

    This may all seem like history and why bother about history when you and I live “now”? But, as is usually the case, history is being repeated. The mockery of getting the elusive southern consensus even as we discuss now has been the perfect excuse for successive GOSL to deflect the raging issues facing the country. Mind you, the war and its continuation is big business and means political survival for Mahinda Rajapakse. His reign will crumble like a pack of cards if he gives up this insane war.

  16. KL said on May 19th, 2007 at 6:45am #

    Mr Tusker,

    You critisize the present sri-lanka government but does not say what happened at the last general election where the mad leader of the LTTE did not let the tamil people in the north vote!

    The only person who dared to vote in the north got their hand chopped off by the LTTE in order to make an example of him (I don’t know for sure if this story is 100% authentic but it was a widely publicised story which I therefore take as true). Anyway, the people in the north were forced not to vote through fear and intimidation of the guns of the LTTE. The LTTEs excuse was that the people of tamil eelam was unconcerned by elections in the south! By this, does the LTTE mean that the tamil people of the north does not have the right to debate, discuss and INTEREACT with the people of the south?!!! Are they saying the people of the north should not talk with the people of the south?!!! And all this through the absolute fear of the gun!!!

    As I have stated earlier the only way this problem is going to be solved is for people of the north to intereact with the rest of the islanders in peace and harmony and where there is no fear.

    For that to happen the totalitarian and destructive organisation called the LTTE has to down their guns for good and let the tamil people of the north decide freely through debate, discussion and democratic pluralistic politics what the way forward is. It is not for the maniac leader of the LTTE to decide through extreme violence, the gun and the bomb and through fear and intimidation of other tamil opponents and others what is right and wrong for the people in the north or for the rest of the country for that matter!

    Also one more thing, the LTTE should let the children of the north (who are the future of sri-lanka, the same as all the other children in the rest of the country) study and get an education in an atmosphere of peace and not misuse them and destroy them and their future by using them as child soldiers which is a crime!

  17. Saravan said on May 29th, 2007 at 2:45pm #

    Every one is grinding the organ and what we have is a sanguine cacophony! No wonder everyone is lost in the bizarre world of ‘Paradise Lost’. Those who want to see a ‘terrrorist’ see one behind every bush because many people feel terrrorised, most of all being the Tamils. The gross HR violations and crimes against humanity bear ample testimony. And they keep escalating by the day. That is why it is necesssary to bring those responsible to justice under international humanitarian laws because national laws have been rendered defunct in practice since many years.

    Why? Because successive governments failed in providing leadership, good governance, democracy, rule of law, equal citizenry and to lead by example. The facts speak for themselves.

    Deliberately sabotaging the CFA of 2002 was an act of of crass inhumanity towards all the citizens and country. What is being promised and practised is more blood letting of mainly innocent citizens while the war mongers and abetters keep grinding for more warring. The death of another 5000 citizens in the short span of a year seems insufficient to whet such apetites.

  18. Ilanche said on May 23rd, 2008 at 2:18pm #

    Lanka Puthra

    In colombo it’s a different situation compared to the north east. The reason why most tamils in colombo are co-existing with sinhalese is because they are being treated treated better than in the north-east. Now the tamils in the north are being robbed of their lands in the name of developments and are being killed and raped just like that by the armed forces. Even if there is just the slightest doubt that someone is indirectly associated with the ltte they get raped or killed. They are not taken to trial nor is there any evidence needed. There is daily aerial bombing which is primarily aimed at tamil civlian. So how do you expect the tamils to co- exist with the sinhalese in the north. Why can’t the GOSL treat tamils in north the same way the treat them in colombo? The ltte is not to blame because sinhala colonisation happened well before the ltte started. The riots against tamils started also well before the ltte. However the GOSL didn’t see the tamils as equal as sinahlese to save them.

    Just because tamils in colombo aren’t massacred anymore doesn’t mean that tamils in the north aren’t massacred. Tamils are leaving their home land because they are being harassed, bombed and killed by GOSL. Some go ltte areas, some go to colombo and some go abroad.

    Muslim were allowed to come back and live there. It was a mistake to kick them out of jaffna i agree. The government chased many tamils out of their homes in the east. But that doesn’t get reported in sinhala media does it? Colombo did chase out some tamils recently but didn’t do anything to bring them back. They had to come back on their own or with the help of NGOs.

    Human rights organisation condemn all kinds of human right’s violation committed by anybody. They never spoke in support of anyone. Countries do have have hidden agendas even the ltte recognises that. Back in the 70’s and the 80’s the world didn’t give much attention to human rights abuses on tamils either but now they do because the ethnic conflict has been internationalised through CFA. I believe that many western countries want a peaceful atmosphere to advance their interests into sri lanka, but these human rights commited by GOSL are hampering them. However this doesn not mean that human rights abuses should be ignored by you or GOSL.

    I agree that human rights take place in wars but that does not mean the SLA can kidnap, kill or rape tamils who are living under their control. Torturing prisoners shouldn’t be happening either. Even USA who did these wars in iraq and afghanisatan thinks sri lanka has too far. The USA didn’t kill people who were living in their occupied areas.
    The problem is a political problem not an economic problem. The eceonomy has gone up and down, but the problem will still remain.