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Spotting Propaganda, Disinformation, and Fraudulent Arguments on the Aleppo Front

Independent journalist Eva Barlett (fresh from a videotaped exchange in which she skewered a befuddled Norwegian Aftenposten journalist) was invited onto RT Live for a debate with Dilly Hussain, deputy editor of 5PillarsUK, about the situation in Syria, with a focus on Aleppo.

The debate was extraordinary for the professionalism of Bartlett and Hussain’s lack of dignity and professionalism, as well as poor moderation by the unnamed RT personality.

Why is Hussain unprofessional? Because he engaged in ad hominem

Steve Biko at 70

They had to kill him to prolong the life of apartheid.

— Nelson Mandela

Commemorating birthdays in the aftermath of a person’s death tends to be a false exercise. At best, it reminds us about an era that will have, almost certainly, vanished. This goes for whatever that era entailed – brutality, or peace; tranquillity or chaos. Then comes the issue of historical effectiveness: what would that person have actually achieved had he seen the world he fought to change?

The martyr, to that end, bridges the world that needs changing to the change to come.  Many would regard Steve Biko as one …

Is the CIA editing your newspaper?

Here is a great overview by Ed Jones of why corporate media are the arch-exponents of “fake news”. The media are overwhelming owned and controlled by billionaires and gargantuan corporations, who depend on the support of other corporations for ad revenue, and employ journalists from a narrow, privileged class whose careers depend on maintaining access to elite sources. It would be simply astounding in these circumstamces if we had anything resembling a pluralistic media.

The data concerns UK outlets, but the same principles apply in the US.

One section makes especially disturbing reading. It is the little-discussed matter of the …

Unstuck in Time With Billy Pilgrim

Awakened by his presence, I was startled but not frightened. Somehow he seemed familiar and non-threatening.  He stood there in the dim light of a single energy-saving bulb from my reading lamp.  I put aside my dog-eared, yellowed copy of Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughter House Five. A Children’s Crusade, arose from my chair, and approached him for a closer look.

He was tall, gaunt, and had a rather strange shape.  Much like a 6 foot-3 inch Coke bottle.  His age was undeterminable, his hair thin and uncombed, his clothing disheveled, his bespectacled, thin face nearly expressionless, and his discomfort was obvious as he shuffled side …

Private Cars, Socialized Costs

Part 2: The great Toronto toll debate

Part 1.

When are capitalists in favour of public ownership? When it earns them a profit. Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than when looking at car companies.

As auto interests have pocketed stupendous profits over the past century they’ve also pushed to socialize huge amounts of urban land. While this may contradict textbook economics, capitalists often prioritize socialized costs/privatized profits over “free markets”.

Ignorance of the auto industrial complex’ drive to socialize public space was highlighted in a number of leftists’ recent criticism of tolling two Toronto highways. Bemoaning Mayor John Tory’s “neoliberal policies” and “neoliberal lens of public …

“Anti-Trump” New Left Continues Crypto-Identity Politics

Dangerous opportunity

It does not take a Marxian economist to say that capitalism is in its worst shape in history. Not only are the countries of Africa, Southeast Asia and Central America being exploited for their labor and land as usual, but even the original home of capitalism, Europe, is in big trouble. As for the United States, people as different as Michael Hudson, Robert Brenner, David Harvey and Immanuel Wallerstein are far from alone in claiming the United States has been in decline for 45 years. Even Zbigniew Brzezinski admits this. Addtionally, as we know from the now famous Pew …

Rapacious Consumerism and Climate Change

Commercialisation has poisoned all areas of contemporary life, and together with its partner in crime, consumerism, is the principle cause of man-made climate change.

Operating under the suffocating shadow of neo-liberalism, the market forces of commercialisation act blindly and indiscriminately. The presiding deity is money; the goal of endeavour quick profit and limitless growth – no matter what the human or environmental costs may be. And the consequences to both are great, long-term and far-reaching: global climate change, with its numerous effects, and the wholesale destruction of the natural environment being the most significant.

Bleak prospects

The Earth is our home, ‘our sister’, …

Global Call to Stop the Propagation of Adoption’s Altered Birth Certificates


Although the adoption industry celebrates National Adoption Month and World Adoption Day in November, families torn apart will not be rejoicing. This exposé addresses the most insidious legal policy that the multi-billion dollar adoption industry uses to their advantage: identity theft of children. From the 1930s to the present day, adoption re-assigns identities by court order that requires replacing birth certificates of all adopted people, even in socially-open adoption. A brief history of the purpose behind the passage of these laws and explanations as to how they violate adoptees’ civil and human rights will be presented. This piece concludes with …

Clinton’s Defeat and the “Fake News” Conspiracy

There is an astounding double standard being applied to the US presidential election result.

A few weeks ago the corporate media were appalled that Donald Trump demurred on whether he would accept the vote if it went against him. It was proof of his anti-democratic, authoritarian instincts.

But now he has won, the same media outlets are cheerleading the establishment’s full-frontal assault on the legitimacy of a Trump presidency. That campaign is being headed by the failed candidate, Hillary Clinton, after a lengthy softening-up operation by US intelligence agencies, led by the CIA.

According to the prevailing claim, Russian president Vladimir Putin stole the election on …

From White to Black: The Colours of Brexit

While the shattering Brexit vote of June had a deservedly chilling impact in Brussels and other European capitals, the grey suits have been busy pushing various lines on the consequences Britain faces for leaving the European Union. The technocrats in Europe will be making sure they make things as difficult as possible.  Back in London, rhetoric and deflection is in heavy supply.

Various multinational companies find the notion of uncertainty certain economic death.  Japanese and US firms, for instance, have sought clarity on what passporting arrangements will exist in a post-Brexit order.  So far, they have gotten little other than poorly …

Where is this Digital Watergate Propaganda Campaign Going?

The Russians are coming! Once again, the structural bias of the American news media in favor of the ‘official version’ turns them into a propaganda tool. Intelligence sources point out Russian interference in recent elections. However, WikiLeaks-related sources say the Democratic Party’s mail leak was the working of a whistleblower within that institution.

“Experts point out…”, “Specialists agree…”, “There is a consensus among intelligence agencies …” While the plot’s been cooking for several months now, it was the DNC leaks and Hillary Clinton’s subsequent defeat against Donald Trump what finally put the ‘serious’ press, mainly the Washington Post and the New

Starving Yemeni Children, Bloated US Weaponsmakers

While the world is transfixed on the epic tragedy unfolding in Syria, another tragedy—a hidden one—has been consuming the children of Yemen. Battered by the twin evils of war and hunger, every ten minutes a child in Yemen is now dying from malnutrition, diarrhea and respiratory-tract infections. A new UNICEF report shows over 400,000 Yemeni children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. Without immediate medical attention, these children will die. The situation is so dire that over half of the entire nation’s 25 million people lack sufficient food.

Why are so many of Yemen’s children going hungry and dying? Since 2014 Yemen has been …

The Cold War, Continued: Post-Election Russophobia

Corporate TV news anchors including MSNBC’s Chris Hayes are reporting as fact–with fuming indignation–that Russia (and specifically Vladimir Putin) not only sought to influence the U.S. election (and–gosh!–promote “doubt” about the whole legitimacy of the U.S. electoral system) but to throw the vote to Donald Trump.

The main accusation is that the DNC and Podesta emails leaked through WikiLeaks were provided by state-backed Russian hackers (while they did not leak material hacked from the Republicans).  I have my doubts on this. Former U.S. ambassador to Uzbekistan and torture whistle-blower Craig Murray, a friend of Julian Assange, has stated that the DNC …

On Toronto Tolls, Marxists Align with Auto Industrial Complex

What’s left and what’s right? Usually it is obvious, but sometimes you have to take a step back and consider the bigger picture.

For example, the Toronto toll debate has exposed a lack of scrutiny of the leading source of corporate profit over the past century by many supposed leftists. Absent a political economy of the auto industrial complex, many Marxists have objectively allied themselves with the private car’s awesome political, cultural and ideological power.

“There is no progressive argument in favour of road tolls,” bellowed Nora Loreto, author of From Demonized to Organized, Building the New Union Movement, …

How Dominance, Authority, and Control Work in a Zionist Context

Part 2: Readings in the Jewish Zionist control of the United States: Interviews with Francis Boyle, James Petras, and Kim Petersen

From observing the Zionist expressions of power, one stands out above the rest: Dominance. Because it is an umbrella covering various forms of power and influence, dominance is versatile. In the politics of power, dominance is such a force that it can generate authority, adulation, and appeal for association. This phenomenon could happen anywhere and in any society regardless of the personal beliefs of those who acknowledge the Dominance Factor and work within its rules. However, our focus here is Authority. Among all the practical mechanism of Authority, control is the most looked-after commodity because those who possess and employ …

The Professor Watch List

A Racist Violation of Free Speech

Turning Point USA is biased against black faculty and freedom of speech. Turning Pointis  501(c)3 non-profit organization founded on June 5, 2012. They sponsor Professor Watch List, a website meant to expose and document college professors who allegedly discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom. Listed on this watch list are 147 US college professors who have supposedly expressed leftist perspectives. Turning Point accept tips for new additions to the Professor Watch List, but claims to only publish profiles on incidents that have already been reported somewhere else.

Turning Point’s mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of …

From Denver to Dearborn

I just released this new song in solidarity with the Muslim community.  It is called From Denver to Dearborn.

From Denver to Dearborn is produced by Giuseppe.  It is about the rise of neo fascism and how nazism, white supremacy, and patriarchy are being more and more normalized by the media and people bowing down to repression. I wrote this in solidarity with the Muslim population who face discrimination, surveillance, and attacks. During WWII the Grand Mosque of Paris housed the Jewish population from nazis and after Hurricane Katrina
a mosque in the neighborhood of Algiers was converted into a community …

Nixon’s Final Defeat

Nixon’s final defeat, now underway, can only be understood in the context of a future that is currently manifest, as prognosticated by our greatest writers. Today’s circumstances are just as overpowering as “The World State” of Aldous Huxley’s The Brave New World (1932) with its hypnopaedic education of children and discouragement of critical thinking whilst the people bathed in an abundance of material goodies.

A quickie comparison of Orwell to Huxley explains the compelling relevance of Huxley to today:

What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book,

Mainstream Assumptions: The CIA, Presidential Elections, and the Russian Connection

Intent and causation are important features in the course of history.  The former envisages motive and hope, irrespective of outcome; the latter envisages consequence.  Often, these get muddled in the jumbled process of reasoning.  An intervention in the affairs of another state goes awry; a historical incident goes belly up with ferocious consequences.  Suddenly, in the aftermath, we are wise, we knew better, and we can categorise plans as venal and characters as wicked.

In a world of Clinton-Trump machinations, distinctions about intent and causation have fallen into a soup of conjecture. The stakes to win in November were so high …

Vietnam is well, but that angers Western Imperialism

Some fifteen years ago, when I lived in Hanoi, I used to come very often to the rooftop bar at the Meritus Hotel for an evening drink, just to feel the gentle breeze and to spot ancient cargo boats majestically sailing on the surface of the Red River. Sometimes the river could be clearly visible, but often it was covered by fog, like in an old Vietnamese painting.

There were villages on the horizon, consisting mainly of simple ‘tunnel’ houses, and I could also see a few skyscrapers in the center of the city. Far below, the buildings on the shores …