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Once, Most Jews viewed Israel as the Anti-semite’s Best Friend

It was an assessment no one expected from the deputy head of the Israeli military. In his Holocaust Day speech last week, Yair Golan compared current trends in Israel with Germany in the early 1930s, as Nazism took hold.

In today’s Israel, he said, could be recognised “the revolting processes that occurred in Europe … There is nothing easier than hating the stranger, nothing easier than to stir fears and intimidate.”

The furore over Golan’s remarks followed on the heels of a similar outcry in Britain at statements by former London mayor Ken Livingstone. He observed that Hitler had in practice been …

Chilcot Inquiry Publication Delayed to “Avoid Embarrassing Tony Blair”

Nothing justifies killing of innocent people.

— Tony Blair, CNN, January 15th, 2015

The publication of the Chilcot Inquiry which began in 2009 and concluded three years ago, investigating the illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq, so far costing a reported £10,375,000, is to be delayed until after the  June 23rd UK European Union referendum on whether Britain stays in or leaves the EU.

According to the Daily Telegraph Prime Minister David Cameron is “delaying (the) Chilcot Report to avoid embarrassing Tony Blair”, whose government’s “dodgy dossiers”, produced when he was Prime Minister, were such an integral part of America’s excuse to invade, …

Cuba: Strong, Resilient, Determined

I am not sure who has invented those rumors that Cuba is now facing a mortal danger, that it has lost its bearings, and that it could collapse at any moment, after just one lethal visit by US President Barack Obama. The rumors and speculations are snowballing, and in some circles of the North American and European Left, they are already being confused with reality.

I know, admire and love Cuba. It is an exceptionally strong, determined and resilient nation. Reading all the alarming reports, I decided to return and to speak to the Cuban people directly.

I visited Cuba again. This …

Twenty-Four Hour Banality: The Australian Election Campaign Begins

“Big fan of LBJ, me mum,” said Chris Uhlmann, journalist for the ABC’s Twenty-Four hour television news network.  And that, perhaps, was the only thing of any interest in what must be regarded as one of the most boring exhibitions of television in decades.  The topic? Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s journey to seek the Governor General’s permission to dissolve both houses of parliament.  An election looms.

A twenty-four hour news station on a Sunday is bound to be desperate for material, and in a country where nothing much happens of global significance, apart from a desire to intervene in distant …

Du Zhenjun’s Collages: A Critical Voice Against Globalization

Contemporary art has not given us as yet many interesting works criticizing capitalist globalization. This is not because occasions and issues that could attract the attention and the sensitivity of radical artists were missing; on the contrary, globalization, with its large and growing contradictions, gave – and gives – rich material for inspiration. The very historic defeat and retreat of progressive movements and ideas during the last decades, after the dissolution of the USSR in 1990, however, went side by side with a parallel waning of progressive art. The result was a domination of colorless “lifestyle” vogue, all that apolitical …

There Will Be No Lesser Evil

Damned by a corrupt system, it appears voters will be given a choice between Hillary Clinton and her friend Donald Trump this year, with no realistic alternative allowed by corporate media and their establishment patrons.

I say “friend” because the Clintons and Trumps have a relationship going back for years.

Seeing Trump as their enemy, many liberals are opining that Hillary is the lesser evil, saying they will vote for her.

I am not so sure Hilary’s the lesser evil.  I told friends years ago that I thought she would be the next president.  Long before she announced she would run …

The UK Local Elections in Three Paragraphs

National socialism won in Scotland (once again) and for a reason.  If global capitalism is the disease, then national socialism is the remedy.

Labour wasn’t wiped out (as predicted) which suggests that the Jewish siege against Corbyn and Co didn’t dissuade Labour voters. Corbyn may now stand up and clean his party of foreign agents and Zionist oligarchs. Can he do it? Will he do it?  I can only hope.

The fact that Labour didn’t increase in popularity after six years of austerity suggests that working class people in Britain are …

Labour is One Step Away from Book-burning

The British Labour party, it is becoming clear, is now indulging in all-out McCarthyism against the most outspoken critics of Israel in its ranks. And almost no one seems to have the guts to call out this dangerous farce.

It has been widely reported that the Labour party has suspended (at the latest count) 19 activists – a tiny fraction of its more than 400,000 members. But aside from Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone (see my observations about their treatment here) there has been almost no serious coverage of who these people are and what they have supposedly done …

Cold Light of Dawn for Corbyn

As UK Labour is again punished at the polls in England and in melt-down in Scotland

The Party’s performance once more was dismal despite the unpopularity of Cameron’s Conservatives and the irrelevance of the Liberal Democrats. Jeremy Corbyn will be surveying the election wreckage and wondering where he goes from here.

Some will blame the torrent of allegations of antisemitism. Some will say it was the gutless response to those allegations. Others know that Labour has barely laid a glove on the Conservatives and the party needs to understand that it’s there to do a job – holding the government to account – not squabbling among themselves.

Corbyn claims the party managed to “hang on” but The Mirror

American Dreams: Destroyed by Debt and a Constitution Denied

The latest installment of the long-simmering Sagebrush Rebellion erupted early this year in the form an emotionally-charged, armed occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon. Controversial and well publicized, this standoff ended with the tragic death of a Mormon Arizona rancher by the name of Lavoy Finicum and the jailing of the remaining alleged perpetrators.

While extreme in its tactics, this replay of the age-old battle for a “piece of the pie” was, when distilled to its essence, not unlike similar battles being waged across the U.S. At issue are the increasingly complex ways our property ownership rights …

The TTIP Leaks

The monstrous Siamese twin of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), has been in a growing puddle of dispute after 248 pages of its content were leaked.

The organisation behind the measure, Greenpeace Netherlands, had done its best to shed light on a document that remains obscured, clandestine and hidden.  The TTIP leaks were initiated prior to the commencement of the 13th round of TTIP negotiations between the EU and the US held in New York (April 25-29).  According to the organisation, the final document will consist of 25 to 30 chapters with …

The Long Ignoble History of Westerners Exploiting Africans

While publicly professing humanitarian ideals

What do you call people who try to make people believe what they say but ignore the results of what they do? How about spin-sploiters?

After a few years of research I have come to realize that there is a long and ignoble history of Westerners exploiting Africans while touting humanitarian objectives. Unfortunately, this practice is not confined to the distant past.

A leading Canadian NGO official, who then founded Québec’s largest mining company, provides a recent example.

In a 2012 Gold Report interview titled “First, Do Good When Mining for Gold: Benoit La Salle” the President of …

“It is the determined will of people that counts” …

Review of Dr Abu Sitta’s Mapping My Return: A Palestinian Memoir

I spent the rest of my life on a long, winding journey of return, a journey that has taken me to dozens of counties over decades of travel, and turned my black hair to silver. But like a boomerang, I knew the end destination, and that the only way to it was the road of return I had decided to take.

— Salman Abu Sitta

The spirit of Dr Abu Sitta’s Mapping My Return: A Palestinian Memoir mirrors precisely the dynamic quintessence and will of its creator – in a word – sumoud – a compelling steadfastness to his homeland Palestine …

About Bias and Propaganda on Syria

Open Letter to MSF/Doctors without Borders

Dear MSF International President Dr. Joanne Liu,

Your organization is well regarded and influential.  I appreciate that many good people work for and support MSF/Doctors Without Borders.  However, I need to inquire about your independence and the consequences of your work in Syria. I believe an objective look will reveal that while you are helping in some areas, you are causing harm in others.

Following are questions on this important issue:

(1) As you know, Aleppo is a large city with the government forces holding western Aleppo while other parts of the city are dominated by armed opposition groups, primarily Nusra/Al Qaeda.  About …

Why the US Will Not Sign the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea

Critics of American foreign policy love to point out instances where our policy reeks of hypocrisy. No current issue in international affairs affords a better illustration of our inconsistent sanctimoniousness than the dispute over competing claims to insular territories (whether to call them “islands” or “rocks” is of great significance, as we shall see) in the South China Sea.

Symptomatic of our hypocrisy on this issue, we protest Chinese “aggressive” actions in the area by sailing the Seventh Fleet through the territorial waters of atolls turned into landing-strips to demonstrate our commitment to protecting freedom of navigation. Yet we refuse to …

The Left: Business Accommodation and Social Debacle

In 2004 I wrote Brazil and Lula: Year Zero (Edifurb: Blumenau, Sao Paolo 2005), in which I presented my analysis of the Lula-Workers Party (PT) regime in Brazil undergoing a Grand Transformation with the first stage represented by the PT’s incorporation into a government apparatus led by of bankers and exporters (the agro-mineral elite). Two year earlier, my colleague, Henry Veltmeyer, and I had published Cardoso’s Brazil: A Land for Sale (Rowman and Littlefield, Lanham MD 2003) where we described how President Cardoso had sold off the major public resources, banks, petroleum and iron …

The Spirit of Nelson Mandela in Palestine

Is His Real Legacy Being Upheld?

I had mixed feelings when I learned that Palestine has erected a statue of Nelson Mandela, the iconic South African anti-Apartheid leader. On the one hand, I was quite pleased that the unmistakable connection between the struggles of Palestinians and South Africans is cemented more than ever before. On the other hand, I dreaded that rich, corrupt Palestinians in Ramallah are utilizing the image of Mandela to acquire badly-needed political capital.

The six-meter bronze statue now stands in its own Nelson Mandela Square in Al-Tireh neighborhood in Ramallah, where the Palestinian Authority headquarters are based. The PA is known for …

Left Liberals Have No Party: How About Facing the Music?

Lost at Sea

In the periphery of the circles in which I travel, people do not actively defend what it means to be a member of the Democratic Party. They come on much stronger when they say they are against the Republican Party. And why not? The Republican Party is the party of old money, inheritance, white supremacy and fundamentalist Christianity. Republicans and their followers are up front about it and don’t apologize. By implication, a Democrat is supposed to be opposed to such extremes. But what Democrats are for is simply left implied, and dissolves into a mist before the …

The True Anti-semites, Past and Present

We are desperately in need of some sanity as the British political and media establishment seek to generate yet another “new anti-semitism” crisis, on this occasion to undermine a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour party before the upcoming local elections.

Corbyn and his supporters want to revive Labour as a party of social justice, while Britain’s elites hope that – in a period of unpopular austerity – they can turn the Labour leadership’s support for the Palestinians into its Achilles’ heel. This is nothing more than a class war to pave the way for a return of the Blairites to lead Labour.

Israel and its …

My Visit to a Las Vegas Jail

What happened to us was a shakedown by gangsters wearing police uniforms and judges’ robes, not for the sake of justice, but to maintain the civic infrastructure behind the glittering façade of Las Vegas with dollars squeezed out of its poorest citizens.

“The degree of civilization in a society,” wrote the Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky, “can be judged by entering its prisons.” As a frequent visitor to Nevada in recent years, I have often been surprised by the cultural diversity and spiritual richness that can be found in Las Vegas. Still, I think that Dostoyevsky was right. A more accurate assessment …