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Olympics: Tribe Facing “Genocide” Defies Ranchers after Baby’s Death

The Guarani have a deep sense of connection to their land, but have seen most of it stolen and destroyed by intensive agriculture. © Fiona Watson/SurvivalOn the eve of the Olympics, a tribe in Brazil has made a powerful statement to the ranchers who are destroying their land and subjecting them to genocidal violence and racism.

This follows a recent wave …

I’m for “Jill, Not Hill”

When detractors accused the great English economist John Maynard​ Keynes of being inconsistent in his views, he reputedly replied, “When my information changes, I change my mind. What do you do?”

In a June 2015 op-ed, I wrote, “If the race in Pennsylvania or New Jersey is extremely close, I can imagine voting for Clinton for only reason: The Krusty the Clown clone emerging as the GOP candidate will be worse…” I was,​ of course, voicing the by now well-rehearsed “lesser of two evils”​ position, a topic adroitly analyzed by both David Swanson and Mike Albert in recent days.

The Republican clown was an easy call. Trump is a …

The Long Shadow of the Hegemon

There is no place in the world anymore that is immune to the presence of hegemonic forces. Money and technology are the main ingredients that influence our beliefs, our tastes and our perceptions of what social values should mean. In becoming consumers, we are co-opted into cultural norms that validate the dominant ideology. Since being force-fed that praxis of knowledge, better known as neoconservative-ideological-gruel to justify ideological expropriation of wealth, a rancid deceit wrapped in dubious economics has plagued us for decades. We have been sold an economic status …

Come Home to Roost

In this week’s sedition, we take a look at the so-called “War on Cops” in the United Snakes, simmering anti-cop sentiment in the UK and the fallout stemming from Turkey’s recent failed coup.

On the musical break we’ve got Rocky Rivera with Godsteppin.

We follow that up with a retrospective look at the lackluster resistance to the RNC in Cleveland, and end things off with an interview with Cleveland-based anarchist, Tom Nomad.

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50 Years Ago: The Start of America’s Mass School Shooting Epidemic

And the Story of the “Clock Tower Sniper”

It is a fact that 90% of America’s school shooters were on prescription brain-altering psychiatric drugs – drugs that are well known to cause inebriation, intoxication, loss of impulse control, rage, aggression, homicidal ideation, suicidal ideation, and temporary drug-induced mania and/or psychosis.

But the well-documented psychiatric drug connections to school shootings and a host of other widely-publicized episodes of “senseless violence” has been treated as a taboo subject by Big Media, Big Pharma and the medical profession. (For much more on the connections between psych drugs and “irrational” behaviors of many types.)

The first cover-up started rather innocently …

Artificial Intelligence Does Not Think of Buying Sunscreen

Last year, Doctor Stephen Hawking and other esteemed scientists signed a petition stipulating that Artificial Intelligence was the greatest threat to the future of the human species. The argument is that A.I. would evolve to such technological complexity that it would surpass the human species in every domain and discipline, and, in short, render the human species obsolete. A.I. would become an autonomous free thinking entity and would eventually cast off the shackles of humanity and enter a post-human era, one where A.I. would be supreme.

The problem with this post-apocalyptic vision is that A.I., regardless of how technologically …

New York Times Relentlessly Biased Against Trump

Liz Spayd, the new “public editor” reports

An astonishing piece appeared in the New York Times (NYT) recently. It reported a fierce bias in the Times’s coverage of politics and current affairs, most notably when it comes to Donald Trump.  The bias turns up not just in the opinion pages but in the News, reports Liz Spayd, the new “public editor,” a position once called the ombudsman.

But the surprise does not end there.  Spayd’s report is based on letters from liberal readers, which are filling her inbox to overflowing. Here are some examples that she cites:

“You’ve lost a subscriber because of your relentless bias against Trump …

Sorry Bernie, No Hillary: We Are Revolutionaries

The great Fred Hampton, Black Panther leader that was murdered by Chicago police in cahoots with the FBI on December 3,1969, had a refrain he used in his speeches. “I am a revolutionary.” Partly he was killed because of his oratory skills, partly because of his organizing skills. He was in the process of merging the Black Panthers with other activists groups of the day — and J. Edgar Hoover put a stop to all that.

The 1960s were the last time the revolutionary spirit lived in the U.S. It was powerful enough to enable the Equal Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, …

Turkey’s Attempted Coup: Cui Bono??

The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.

— J. Edgar Hoover, Elks Magazine, August 1956.

On May 23rd Sean Adl-Tabatabai wrote what now surely seems a prophetic article: “Erdogan Is Preparing For Military Coup In Turkey.”

The writer warned that: “President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seems to be out of control. He is cracking down on opposition, imprisoning opponents and seizing media outlets … the Turkish leader has threatened to dissolve the Constitutional Court.” This at a time when: “…the security problems have deteriorated amidst a wave of terrorism.

Moreover: “The events make …

Khizr Khan Really Needs to Chill and Contemplate Who is Responsible for His Son’s Death; It Ain’t Trump

Muslim's inflammatory rhetoric promotes the killing and suffering of more Muslims

I have never seen a political convention exploit dead children like this year’s DNC. Sure, we’ve come to expect Joe Biden’s perennial tear-jerking allusions to Beau, but this cycle we’ve also had eight black mothers of kids gunned down by cops, all wearing black except the lady who didn’t get the memo and who wore a gorgeous blue dress, probably not intending it to be a sign of solidarity with the silent blue line. And we’ve got the Mad Muslim from Maryland, Khizr Khan, who has gone mega-viral by turning his hero son’s death into a …

It is Not “Ridiculous” to Reject Hillary; It is Not Undemocratic to Disrupt the DNC

In a post on Aotearoa’s The Daily Blog, a supposedly “leftist” blogger, Chris Trotter, took “Bernie’s die-hard supporters” to task for being “ridiculous”. He was endorsing Sarah Silverman’s words, but after some inconsequential waffle, he took it a bit further: “That makes the ‘Bernie or Bust’ crowd something much more than ridiculous, Sarah, it makes them dangerous.”

Trotter is not alone in this sentiment, but it is highly arrogant to presume to criticise without showing any insight or seeming to know much about the subject at all. Not only is the disruption and protest valid, the circumstances that …

My Response to Bill Clinton: On (My) Liberty and (Your) America

Donald Trump wants to keep us out of the country altogether.  But Bill Clinton, former president and husband of a Democratic presidential nominee, does not mind us staying, as long as we, Muslims, behave ourselves.

Welcome to America where racial profiling is the country’s most popular idea, and where citizenship is now conditioned on blind obedience.

This is what Clinton said at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) on July 26: “If you’re a Muslim and you love America and freedom and you hate terror, stay here and help us win and make a future together, we want you.”

If this is …

Can Jill Carry Bernie’s Baton?

A Look at the Green Candidate’s Radical Funding Solution

Bernie Sanders supporters are flocking to Jill Stein, the presumptive Green Party presidential candidate, with donations to her campaign exploding nearly 1000% after he endorsed Hillary Clinton. Stein salutes Sanders for the progressive populist movement he began and says it is up to her to carry the baton. Can she do it? Critics say her radical policies will not hold up to scrutiny. But supporters say they are just the medicine the economy needs.

Stein goes even further than Sanders on several key issues, and one of them is her economic platform. She has proposed a “Power to the People

Beatrice Lindstrom: Human Rights Lawyer Fighting for Accountability for Cholera in Haiti

Immunity does not mean impunity,” argued social justice lawyer Beatrice Lindstrom before a packed courtroom to three judges of the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  Lindstrom, a 2010 graduate of NYU Law School, has spent most of her career fighting for human rights for and with the people of Haiti.  She appeared before the court as a lawyer with the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH) and Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI).   She argued that the United Nations (UN) must be held accountable for its personnel introducing and spreading cholera in Haiti

The New York Times Outrage at Trump’s Refusal to Demonize Russia

After baseless allegations from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that the Russian government was behind a hack of the DNC’s emails, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump sarcastically quipped that he hoped Russia would find and release the deleted emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server from her time as secretary of state. The New York Times failed to note the sarcasm and treated the comments as evidence of high crimes against the state. It was an example of the modern day red-baiting against Trump, who is portrayed as being in league with Russian President Vladimir Putin to conspire against the United States …

CO2 Donald versus Planet Earth

Donald Trump’s campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton may be a sideshow in comparison to his matter-of-fact campaign to defeat planet Earth. Yes, he is campaigning to defeat all of 195 nations that signed onto the Paris Climate Accord, COP21. He likely thinks they are stupid!

“Global warming is a total and a very expensive hoax!” which is only one of many Trump tweets on the subject of climate change.

He is running for the presidency, and in his first major speech on energy policy (May 2016) in Bismarck, North Dakota, which is smack dab in the heart of fracking country, Trump vowed …

The Biased Report that led to Banning Russians at the Olympics

With the Rio Summer Olympics starting on August 5, there is huge controversy about Russian participation.  On the basis of a report by Canadian lawyer Richard Mclaren (the “Mclaren Report”), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has recommended the banning of all Russian athletes from the Rio Games. Before his report was even issued, Mclaren influenced the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) in their decision to ban all Russian athletes from track and field events, including those who never failed any doping tests, in Russia or elsewhere.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been under media pressure to ban all Russian …

Who Leaked the Damning DNC Emails? What Difference Does It Make?

The Democratic National Committee under Debbie Wasserman Schultz, in fact, served as the Hillary Clinton Coronation Organizing Committee, operating, step by step, to ensure that the front-runner would become the party’s nominee.

Some of us assumed all along that it was all preprogrammed. But then, on the eve of the coronation itself, leaked emails revealed to everyone that, indeed, top DNC officials conspired to defeat the Sanders campaign. Just as the party leaders were lavishing praise on Sanders for bringing in so many new, enthusiastic activists—and stressing how close Clinton and Sanders have become programmatically—somebody released these emails that cannot but …

What does the EU Stand for: Globalization or Universalism?

What is the purpose of the European Union? This question has been on the minds of everyone following the UK vote in favor of Brexit. Yet in the mad scramble to make sense of the United Kingdom’s rejection of the EU, little lucid commentary has been made. European leaders, the fawning media, and UK citizens alike portrayed the vote as either a refusal of EU austerity, or unhappiness with immigrants and open borders.

So which one was it: a rejection of austerity or immigration?  Were UK citizens fed up with austerity measures, and with unreasonable and onerous regulations and taxes paid …

Splashes of “Jill Stein” Afloat a Sea of Context

When it comes to voting red or blue, there is an optimism that compels us to approach presidential elections like a football rivalry between two teams. And, equally as bad, there is a cynicism that makes fueling our two-piston political engine seem logical—not because it is optimal, but simply because it runs. But if neither optimism nor cynicism are on our side at such a critical juncture in the timeline of our democracy, what can we do?

The truth is, our political psychosis is conquerable. We can begin remedying the situation by paying ever more critical attention to candidates outside the …