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The Absolute Necessity to Demand Accountability for Torture

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

— Article 5 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Anthony D. Romero, the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, which bills itself as “the nation’s premier defender of liberty and individual freedom,” wrote a controversial op-ed for the imperialist-touting New York Times. In essence, by specious circumlocution, the ACLU head parlayed to the favor …

Puerto Rico’s Subjugation Prevents Decolonization And Freedom for Oscar López Rivera

With the holiday season underway and Eric Holder on his way out the door as Attorney General, many Puerto Ricans are stepping up their calls for President Barack Obama to pardon 71-year-old political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, who has spent the last 33 years behind bars for seditious conspiracy. The holiday season is a common time for Presidents to use their power to grant clemency, but this does not appear likely in 2014 for the President who has granted the fewest pardons in modern times. For Puerto Ricans, dismissal of their political demands is emblematic of their subjugation as …

Obama Administration Muzzling Its Scientists

In recent years, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has come under fire for disallowing scientists working for the Canadian government to speak directly to the press.

An article published in August by the New Republic said, “Harper’s antagonism toward climate-change experts in his government may sound familiar to Americans,” pointing to similar deeds done by the George W. Bush Administration. That article also said, “Bush’s replacement,” President Barack Obama, “has reversed course” in this area.

Society for Professional Journalists, the largest trade association for professional journalists in the U.S., disagrees with this conclusion.

In a December 1 letter written …

The Real Story on the Senate Torture Report

No One is Going to Jail

(An example of just how redacted the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on CIA detention and torture is. And don’t forget it was the CIA itself who redacted the report, even though they are the ones who are the subject of the report).

While the corporate press focuses on what they perceive to be today’s big story—that the Senate Intelligence Committee finally released a heavily-redacted, 525-page version of their original 6,700-page report on CIA detention and torture post-9/11—I’d rather talk about the real story: that not a single person will …

“I Can’t Breathe”

Racism and War in America and Beyond

America’s ruling elites are blatant in their intentions of maintaining “white privilege” at home and economic dominance by military means abroad.

Their “democracy” in both of these regions is a ruse, and it is yet to deliver any degree of social justice and equality to the millions of disadvantaged Americans which are comprised mostly of black and Latino communities. The unequal distribution of wealth in the United States is simply staggering. In fact, 75.4% of all wealth in the US is owned by the richest 10 percent, according to the authoritative Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook (2013).

This influx of wealth …

The Root of Police Militarization

Truth in Media

Ben Swann takes a look at the root of police militarization and why even if military equipment is removed from police departments across the nation, militarization will not come to an end.

Perdue Farmer Breaks Silence

There is no admittance at Craig Watts’ Perdue contract chicken farm in Fairmont, North Carolina. Nor is Watts allowed to open the barns to admit air or sunlight. But, fed up with the abuse to farmers, consumers and animals he has tolerated for too long, Watts allowed cameras into his barns so the public could see what Perdue calls “humane.” It is “not as advertised” says Watts, an understatement.

There is such a gap between Perdue’s slick marketing and the reality, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof devoted a whole column last week to the video, released this morning by Compassion …

ISIS: The Need to Understand

A good deal has been said about ISIS being a grotesque travesty of Islam and a defiant rejection of all that is commonly held to be moral and humane. Islamic scholars from a variety of denominations have come forward with a single voice to condemn it as a grave wrong, and this is of course vital and timely. However, condemnation alone misses a vital point; it flatly rests on the surface of a much deeper phenomenon.

It is more helpful to engage in an effort to understand because when groups like ISIS emerge, we are warned that something about our collective …

War Zone Berkeley

It was Saturday night (Dec 6th), and I was about to watch a video when a noisy helicopter started whirling overhead where I live in north Berkeley. This is a quiet residential neighborhood; the chopper was really noisy, and it didn’t go away. Finally I went outside to look. It was flashing a bright spotlight downwards. So what might that be about? A robbery in progress? Maybe someone held up a liquor store over on University Avenue; that’s where the spotlight kept pointing.

Four or five police vehicles shot past my house, red …

Why Sharing is a Common Cause that Unites Us All

Given that a call for sharing is already a fundamental (if often unacknowledged) demand of engaged citizens and progressive organisations, there is every reason why we should embrace this common cause that unites us all.
Across the world, millions of campaigners and activists refuse to sit idly by and watch the world’s crises escalate, while our governments fail to provide hope for a more just and sustainable future. The writing is on the wall: climate chaos, escalating conflict over scarce resources, growing impoverishment and marginalisation in the rich world as well as the poor, the looming prospect of another …

Time for Police Accountability

It is time for the federal government to deal with cases of police brutality nationwide. The executive branch of the federal government through the Department of Justice has that authority. I don’t mean to investigate police officers or police departments after the fact, but to provide a reasonable protection of rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, before the fact.

Disclosure through body cameras, local training, and accountability, the latter through totally independent authorities is a start. There is no way that our-do-nothing Congress or even a majority of the states will deal with the problem. Truly accountable cops …

Ralph Nader Dislikes Credit Cards and Likes Checks, for Good Reason

So Can We Bring Check-like Electronic Payments into the Discussion?

In a recent article, consumer advocate Ralph Nader warned consumers about the many problems of using credit cards as a form of payment. Among other things, credit cards require sharing of confidential consumer information, create risk of fraudulent charges, and may involve consumer late payment fees and penalties. Also, credit card networks charge big fees to merchants that get passed on to consumers.

Using cash and checks to pay for consumer purchases is not nearly so problematic.  Paying by check is much less likely to ensnare consumers in such pitfalls, because when paying by check funds are transferred directly …

Sleeping with Goyim in Mandatory Palestine

In a superb video (attached below), Dr. Daniela Reich, an Israeli academic who specialises in ‘Israeli studies’ elaborates on her research into ‘Jewess / Goyim’ relationships within the context of pre 1948 Palestine.

The video points at two conflicting factors within the emerging pre-Israeli Hebraic society:

1.      The Formal and conscious institutionalized utilization of young Jewish women to ‘befriend’ British Mandatory forces to promote the Zionist project and to collect intelligence.

2.     A brutal harassment campaign against young women caught dating British mandatory soldiers and officers.

As usual, the Jewish anti Zionist ‘dissidents’ are very effective in providing juicy historical and factual anecdotes; yet, the nature …

Leaving da Camera On: Word: Harvest Junky

Seed obsession
Blood addiction
Soil possession

Ferguson Redux

In this sedition a special report on the rebellions that have been rocking Turtle Island in the wake of the “no indictment” of racist cop Darren Wilson for his murder of black teen Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri. Also a very special interview with’s Franklin López.


The Most Essential Lesson of History That No One Wants to Admit

Ron Paul wrote an eye opening article recently about some legislation that was just signed in Congress, namely H. Res. 758.  In the article Dr. Paul explains the purpose of the resolution.  It’s not a new law but provides a basis of facts that will be relied on for future action.  So essentially the resolution purports that Russia behaved badly in various ways and by way of signing H. Res. 758 each congressman was indicating their agreement that the propositions contained therein are factual.  Now just because a group of obnoxiously arrogant A-holes stand around in a tax-revenue financed chamber and say “yeah” …

Great Games and the Islamic Renaissance

Canadian journalist Eric Walberg has produced two very impressive works that between them cover most of what is politically relevant today: Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games, the games being those played on the world political chessboard, and From Postmodernism to Postsecularism: Re-Emerging Islamic Civilization, both from Clarity Press.

Walberg admits that the internet made his task easier, but without a very thorough grounding in political theory and history, they could not have been written. Walberg who has a degree in economic from Cambridge and …

“Grievous Censorship” by The Guardian

Israel, Gaza, and the Termination of Nafeez Ahmed’s Blog

In July, regular Guardian contributor Nafeez Ahmed examined claims that Israel is seeking to create a ‘political climate’ conducive to the exploitation of Gaza’s considerable offshore gas reserves – 1.4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, valued at $4 billion – which were discovered off the Gaza coast in 2000.

Ahmed quoted Israeli defence minister, Moshe Ya’alon, to the effect that military efforts to ‘uproot Hamas’ were in part driven by Israel’s determination to prevent Palestinians developing their own energy resources. Ahmed also cited Anais Antreasyan who argued, in the highly-respected University of California’s Journal of Palestine Studies, that this …

The U.S. Seeks the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East

When Condoleeza Rice argued for a U.S. invasion of Iraq by claiming that “we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud,” she touched on a real threat of the nuclear war that could wipe out entire countries and destroy civilization as we know it. Rice and the rest of the Bush administration knew that Iraq didn’t have nuclear weapons and never presented such a threat. They also knew that there was one country in the Middle East who did: a nuclear-armed rogue nation who has proven throughout its history to be possibly the most lawless and bellicose …

Monbiot: A Compromised Critic of Power

I am aware that there is a danger I sound churlish about George Monbiot. Usually when I have referred to him in these posts, it has been to criticise him, even while I agree with most of what he writes and recognise that he is a rare figure indeed in the corporate media: someone writing critically about the power of the corporations.

But the reason for my preoccupation with Monbiot is neatly illustrated in his column in today’s Guardian. Monbiot identifies the biggest democratic deficit facing modern western states: the insidious role of corporations, usurping power in non-accountable and often invisible ways.

Monbiot usefully …