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Fareed Frames the Story

GPS relocates the foreign policy narrative

If you walk through Times Square and try to locate yourself on your mobile GPS, you’ll find it often places you several blocks from where you are. One assumes the massive electricity being pumped through the grid sends GPS technology haywire. Tourists veer to and fro, led astray by their mobile masters. But you don’t need to come to New York to experience a dysfunctional GPS. Just tune in the Fareed Zakaria’s show GPS every Sunday at 10 a.m. on CNN. But prepare for a nauseating ride. Even as Fareed breaks the mould of his grimace of humanitarian concern, smiling …

Corbyn Is Right on Bosses’ Pay

A Maximum of 20 Times The Wage Of Their Lowest-Paid Worker

The Leader of Britain’s Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has proposed that bosses’ pay should be no more than 20 times the wage of the lowest-paid worker in the company. The salaries of top bosses have reached grotesque levels as a multiple of average pay. For example, the  average pay of the CEOs of the FTSE100 companies in Britain has gone up from 47 times average wage in the 1990s to around 180 times today. The disparity in income will be even more shocking if the multiples are related to the minimum wage.

The …

The Establishment Is Trying to Steal the Presidency From Trump

And the Liberal-Left Is Helping

Reuters reports that 2,700 US troops accompanied by tanks are moving across Poland toward the Russian border. Col. Christopher Norrie, commander of the 3rd Armoured Brigade Combat Team, declared: “The main goal of our mission is deterrence and prevention of threats.” Apparently, the colonel is not sufficiently bright to realize that far from preventing threats, the force he is leading presents as a threat. And to no less a military power than Russia.

What is the point of this miniscule force? It would not constitute a threat to Russia if it were 100 times larger, perhaps even one thousand times larger. …

Dossiers, Make Believe and Fantasy

The CIA, Trump and Unverified News

London — Morning breakfast news on the BBC’s Radio Four on Friday was a delightful affair filled with discussions on Russia (when do we not talk about that busy, stirring Bear these days?), Donald Trump, dossiers and the intelligence fraternity. Did it even matter that various sources have been unverified, subject matter lumped together in cumbersome conversations on fake news, sexual frolics and the like?

Discussants on the Beeb who kept listeners company over coffee included former, recently confessed spook Frederick Forsyth, for years the go-to creator of the spy narrative, and the official intelligence historian Sir Christopher Andrew.

For Forsyth, the …

Class Society and Inequality: Debunking the Myth

White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America by Nancy Isenberg is a meticulously documented investigation of the historical roots of class inequality in the US. Despite the warm and fuzzy founding myths all American children are taught in school, the foundation for class inequality was laid during the earliest colonization of North America. The wealthy English elite who financed the colonies viewed the New World as a giant workhouse for England’s surplus poor (following the Enclosure Acts that drove them off the commons). British …

Who to Believe: The CIA and Corporate Media or WikiLeaks?

Without Substantiation, Media Integrity Suffers

We are being assaulted by mass media “news” of alleged hacks by alleged actors, allegations of politicians compromised by financial dealings, and sexual hijinks.

First, governments and media do not belong in the bedrooms of the people.

Second, outside of religion and corporate/state media (let’s rubbish the misnomer of “mainstream” for what is predominately a “propagandic stream”), credible evidence is indispensable.

Imagine if justice were administered mainly on hearsay (ignoring the fact that justice is too often lacking in society). It is a cardinal rule of justice that rendering a decision …

Obama: The War Criminal Butcherer of Women and Children

There is no doubt that US President Barak Obama is a war criminal as are his military and intelligence officials and most of the House and Senate.

Obama is the first president to keep the US at war for the entirety of his eight-year regime. During 2016 alone the US dropped 26,171 bombs on wedding parties, funerals, kid’s soccer games, hospitals, schools, people in their homes and walking their streets, and farmers tilling their fields in seven countries: Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan.

What does the administration have to show for eight years of illegal military interventions in …

Canada’s Household Debt Crisis: Blame Capitalism!

Canadian capitalism is in crisis, with household debt reaching a record high 166.9 per cent of disposable income and about 208 per cent of GDP, and wage stagnation is a primary cause.

Richard Vague told the Globe and Mail “any country whose private-debt-to-GDP ratio goes beyond 150 per cent and that has a five-year growth rate of 18 per cent or greater in that ratio experiences a financial crisis at some point.” The Globe says Canada has already passed both benchmarks in its ongoing borrowing binge.

The headlines get grimmer every week and the causes, outlined by the business press, are surely …

Climate Change: The Potential Impacts of Collective Inaction

In the early 1900s when the idea that industrialisation could potentially result in global warming was first posited, the consensus was that it was unlikely, and in any case, an increase in temperature was to be welcomed. What possible harm could it do?

Well, we are now witnessing the widespread consequences of climate change. Destructive, life-threatening effects, which demand a fundamental shift in the way we are living if we are to preserve the integrity of the planet, and protect the rich abundance of life on Earth.

Warmer year on year

The industrial revolution, beginning in Britain in the late 17th century, then …

Trumping Obamacare

When it comes to healthcare Donald Trump has a two-part plan, repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better.  As with other proposals by the president elect, specifics remain scarce.  Upon meeting President Obama and later Jonathan Gruber, the MIT professor regarded as the architect of The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Donald Trump came to the same realization most Americans do when the law is broken down, he actually liked it.

Reduced to individual components, president Obama’s signature legislation is extremely favorable.  Most, if not all, individuals agree health insurers ought not deny coverage based on preexisting conditions or a costly …

Political Prisoners Remain Behind Bars as Obama’s Term Nears End

In the last full week of Barack Obama’s eight year tenure as President of the United States of America, dozens of political prisoners still sit in cages across the nation’s prisons, rotting away as Obama consciously chooses not to exercise the power to simply free them with the stroke of a pen. Many activists for Puerto Rican independence, Native American and African American rights, and other causes were targeted by the political police’s illegal COINTELPRO program and convicted in sham trials. Now elderly, some in poor health, they may effectively be facing death sentences unless Obama decides within the …

Liquid Modernity: Zygmunt Bauman and the Rootless Condition

It was the rational world of modern civilization that made the Holocaust unthinkable.

— Zygmunt Bauman

Modernity, as the late Zygmunt Bauman noted in his magisterially provocative Modernity and the Holocaust (1989) has not necessarily entailed enlightenment, the liberation from immaturity.  Since the cave dweller existence, humanity has retained traditional forms of savagery.  What mattered was the sheer lethality of it all, driven by a sociopathic rationality: mass murder became industrialised; population control became ever more ruthless.

The zealous could be, essentially, more efficient, thereby doing, as Adolf Eichmann did, a sterling job for his employers in the Nazi death machine.  Hitler may have …

The Trumpocalypse Is Near!

Repent, and Repeal Obamacare!

No, seriously – repeal Obamacare!

Yes, that is what the ideological one-noters among Republicans want to do, so let them do it! Of course it’s not that simple, as even two-note Republicans have begun to acknowledge wanly, since flat-out repeal could make enemies for the party, maybe twenty million of the suddenly uninsured. That’s almost ten times the number of votes Hillary won by. Bring it on.

In reality, Obamacare threatens to become a deadly serious tar baby for Republicans: the more they mess with it, the more it’s going to entangle them in sticky …

Enough Fearmongering: Only One Democratic State is Possible in Palestine and Israel

Long before December 28, when Secretary of State, John Kerry took the podium at the Dean Acheson Auditorium in Washington DC to pontificate on the uncertain future of the two-state solution and the need to save Israel from itself, the subject of a Palestinian state has been paramount.

In fact, unlike common belief, the push to establish a Palestinian and a Jewish state side-by-side goes back years before the passing of United Nations Resolution 181 in November 1947. That infamous resolution had called for the partitioning of Palestine into three entities: a Jewish state, a Palestinian state and an international …

A River for Fish, Kayaks, Swimmers

Health of Spokane's Treasure is Indicator of our Communities' Values

Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.

– Novelist Norman Maclean

Many if not most of the people charged with protecting our river and/or discharging into our river have never been on it. Not a slam against them, just a notable that any connection beyond professional duties is missing. This in and of itself represents the profound disconnection that we have as we work on the river.

– Spokane, WA Riverkeeper, Jerry White, Jr.

Those Falls Once Hosted Salmon as Big As Wolves

The city is known for its falls, known for the Riverfront Park amenities, known for 14,000 acres …

CIA, FBI and NSA produce joint report, jointly prove nothing

The recent hysteria surrounding Russia’s alleged interference with the November presidential elections saw another episode after an intelligence report, jointly elaborated by the CIA, FBI and NSA, was released on Friday, January 6th.

After weeks of bombshell headlines based on statements from anonymous intelligence officials, western media finally had an official intelligence report to support their bombshell headlines. Unsurprisingly, all headlines look very similar, with the Guardian even changing the title of their main story after realising it was not menacing enough.

The problem is that, much like the old stories, the new ones do not …

Which victim are we talking about?

Punditry by other means

Barbed wire along the perimeter and water tanks with Hebrew markings clearly visible to those living either side of the WALL show some of the brutal signs of occupation in Palestine. An Israeli watchtower with soldiers looking directly into the Gaza enclave bristles with guns, while antennas stand ready to demarcate the relationship between the righteous and the unrighteous. The righteous are possessed of a religious fervour dating back millennia to Abraham, who instilled in his followers a disregard for collateral damage because they and they alone, were advised that ethnic cleansing was the way to achieve their ends… feint …

Globalist Leaders Ensure North American Integration Mechanisms Remain in Place

As Donald Trump prepares to become U.S. president on January 20, the future of NAFTA is in doubt. He has promised to either renegotiate or withdraw from the trade agreement. Despite the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, there are still many different existing North American integration mechanisms that remain in place. Over the last year, the globalists have quietly laid the foundation to ensure their continental agenda continues. They are positioning themselves so they can try to better influence the new Trump administration in advancing deeper economic, political and security integration in North America.

At the …

Squeeze and Wiggle: Transport Chaos in London

London —It has the air of being a well minted yet distinctly first world problem: inconvenienced commuters in one of the world’s first true megalopolises, gnashing their teeth as they are pushed and grounded together during the rush hour.  All because of a strike by station workers on the London Underground, which supplies the arterial blood for commuter traffic in the city on a daily basis.

The strike, instigated by the Rail Maritime and Transport union and Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association, had been calculated to cause maximum inconvenience. Their grounds remain traditional: a persistent dislike for the closing of ticket offices, …

The Strange Fruit of Our Cultural Existence

Another lonely man dies of exposure while the world around him shops

Amazing how crass this culture is. I know, the whole slavery DNA and before, expropriation of not just the land and culture, but the body whole of Original Peoples, and all the massacres, the lynchings, the endless firing squads against strikers, workers, the murders by the law, and worse, structural homicide of this land, granted, all pretty disgusting. With these yahoos in office (Obama-to-Trump), who have always been in office, pink donkey or yellow elephant, it’s 24/7 “we beat ’em fair and square, so why not take it all, these effing reservations, all those goddamned countries in the world, stopping …