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A Modest Proposal: Four More Years
(Why We Should Re-Elect The President)

by Mikel Weisser
September 28, 2004

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I am beginning to wonder whether we should not re-elect George Bush and give him a chance to finish what he has started. Certainly there have been few presidents with a clearer vision for American society and our role in the world. Perhaps instead of resisting his re-election we should embrace it for the long term benefits it might bring to our foreign relations and domestic agendas.

Consider the war on terror. True, right now the post-war in Iraq appears to hardly justify the term “post-war” with total US death toll of well over 1000 and more than 800 of those US soldiers dying since Bush donned his flight suit and declared “Mission Accomplished,” I would counter that the mission accomplished was the declaration of an American infrastructure both intellectually and economically equipped to embrace a war economy. This makes sense since Bush after all has proudly identified himself as a “War President.” One can only assume since President Bush wants four more years as president, he also wants four more years of war.

With the war economy plan in mind, Bush’s progress in Iraq makes much more sense. While the situation in Iraq appears to be devolving into mayhem, it actually well serves the purpose of a war economy. If America truly intends to remain the 6% of the world population who consume more than 50% of its resources we will have to remain a war economy and certainly Iraq will only be one of many nations we will eventually have to, hmmm, colonize to maintain hegemony. It will take at least four more years to bring peace to Iraq under most conditions, however rushing the process may thwart our efforts to maintain a war economy, which, as political theorist Eric Blair once explained, requires a perpetual enemy needing and thus justifying perpetual oppression, and military expenses.

With this in mind, Bush’s successes in Iraq at destabilizing any hope for a central government, inciting dissidents into terrorism, privatizing and selling off Iraq’s national resources to multi-national corporations and thus impoverishing and indenturing the Iraqi populace takes on the dimensions of a great accomplishment. With four more years of Bush, one can only imagine Iraq will be the first of several such missions accomplished in the years ahead.

On the domestic front Bush’s leadership has been even clearer. His efforts to reshape America into its rightful image as a plutocratic fundamentalist Christian theocracy have been second to none and made great strides at undoing the damage done to our great Christian heritage by godless liberals like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. A vote for Bush in this election is a vote for the good old days when men such as J. P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller could pursue the American Dream without the hampering government regulations on either their business practices or their environmental impact. In both these areas, Bush has assiduously worked to protect America from the radicals and communists who persist in believing that worker overtime and spotted owls are more important than the impact of corporate profit on the GNP. While many lately have questioned President Bush’s support of outsourcing good paying American jobs for the sake of corporate profits, I for one understand that the more jobs we export overseas, the more national interests we have in countries overseas, the more potential client countries we have to participate in our war economy.

Consider also that it is going to take a couple of years for Bush to have the opportunity to replace enough “activist judges” on the Supreme Court so America can enjoy a truly Christian majority and then they can affect the judicial wisdom to end our yearly genocide of the innocent unborn. As well it may take till the 2006 election cycle to hound what remaining liberals there are out of congressional offices and then President Bush can live up to his promises of addressing the unwarranted and grotesque efforts to expand gay and lesbian influence on American society and finally seek some redress on the egregious state of affirmative action.

So you see President George W. Bush needs another four years in office. He needs another term, because he should finish what he's started. Because, after all, if he has the opportunity to finish what he started, he could very well finish off the Republican Party -- and its allies. That’s if he doesn’t destroy us first.

Mikel Weisser teaches social studies and poetry on the West Coast of Arizona. He can be reached at:

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