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Kerry's Scary Policy on Iraq Offers Iraqis No Hope of Improvement
by Stan Moore
October 5, 2004

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In his recent debate with President George W. Bush, John Kerry used a very good analogy, and then promptly either forgot or ignored its ramifications.

Kerry said that invading Iraq after 9/11 could be compared to invading Mexico after Pearl Harbor. Yet, somehow, after drawing the analogy, which was a good one, he seemed to indicate that had we invaded Mexico after Pearl Harbor, and had the Mexicans resisted our invasion by force of arms, we should have called in Canada and other allies to subdue the Mexicans and stop their "terroristic" resistance.

How is it that Kerry could draw this analogy and then refuse to consider immediate withdrawal from Iraq should he be elected? How could Kerry call for an international summit to draw other nations into the "colossal error of judgment" that he described Bush' war with Iraq as being? What legitimate purpose could possibly be served by enlarging a coalition of foreign participants in the illegal invasion and occupation of an innocent sovereign nation we had invaded on false pretenses?

Kerry's errors in judgment seem no less "colossal" than those of Bush himself! Every step of the way down his path of candidacy for the office of President of the United States of America, John Kerry has ignored principle as a matter of convenience. Kerry, who after Vietnam became an anti-war activist, declaring the Vietnam War immoral and wrong, now wants to be a war hero of that war! He likes to brag about his combat in that war now.

Kerry wants to be the hero of a war he once condemned! And now he condemns President Bush for going to war, but declares that if elected, he will win it!

Poor Iraqis! They must be listening to these matters via Arabic media and wondering which is bad and which is worse -- Bush or Kerry! The Iraqi resistance movement must understand clearly that their battle will not be over and their fight will not be won based on the upcoming U.S. elections, no matter who wins. Patriotic Iraqis know that they must defy both political parties in the U.S. and that neither is their friend.

And the American people must understand that Democrats and Republicans are more alike than different and that Bush and Kerry are connected like skulls and bones. The American public may only resolve this situation when they sufficiently tire of the spilling of American blood, just like happened in the Vietnam War. Presidents of both political parties sent American boys to die in Vietnam, and the same may occur in Iraq. If Kerry continues the assault on Iraq, his name will be reviled in the world just as the name of George W. Bush already is.

Stan Moore lives in San Geronimo, CA., and can be contacted at:

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